Australian Survivor season 2, episode 3

Crikey, another episode?

Network Ten has provided charts of the alliances and sub-alliances in each tribe going into episode 3’s tribal council. Given that there are still 22 players to keep track of, this is really helpful. Ben’s totally going to win this season, you guys.

AK did in fact play his idol for Jarrad to regain his trust, although mostly Jarrad seems annoyed that AK is blowing up his plans to fly under the radar.

Somebody better call the Ghostbusters, because Sam and Mark W have been possessed by El and Lee. The two are keeping each other warm at night, nudge nudge wink wink, and tongues on Asaga are a-waggin’.

At Samatau, Locky says that Kate and Tessa are on the outs. Kate got two votes the night before, but its unclear why Tessa in particular is in trouble (and not, for example, Mark H or Ziggy). For her part, Tessa is angry at Tara for flipping. Which makes sense, since if Tara and Kate had stuck to the plan, Adam’s group could have voted out AK (oh wait, they all voted for Anneliese for some damn reason). Locky calls his alliance (with Peter, Jarrad, Anneliese, Aimee, Tara, and AK) the misfit crew. I guess that makes Mark H, Ziggy, Tessa, and Kate the cool kids. “Misfit” must mean something different in Australian English. Kate and Tessa talk to Tara, but they’re torn between wanting to yell at her and trying to reel her back. Tara does her best not to gloat.

At Asaga, Mark W and Sam decide they need to cool it before they become targets. Just kidding, they double down on the lovey-dovey. Michelle is not amused (“Where can I find one of those?”). Neither are Henry and Jacqui, who are thinking of using the idol to blindside Sam.

Reward challenge, for comfort items. The challenge department outdoes itself again. It’s another obstacle course, but this time each tribe has to maneuver a massive, somewhat lopsided ball (about 4 meters in diameter) through a series of even more massive obstacles. These balls are really big. Big, big balls…. However, Jonathan refers to them throughout at “boulders”, and somewhere Jeff Probst is shaking his head at the missed opportunity.

Samatau wins, but an overexcited Mark H (who everybody calls Tarzan now) causes Ziggy to fall off a platform, for which he’s berated by Locky. Back at camp, Tarzan and Locky engage in a bit of a dick-measuring contest. Alphas gonna alpha. It doesn’t really go anywhere, but is something to keep in mind going forward.

At Asaga, paranoia is getting the best of control-freak Sam, and she makes the rounds asking everybody if her name is getting thrown around. Everybody denies and deflects, except for Sarah, who slyly fans the flames without offering specifics.

At Samatau, Kate and Tessa continue to scramble. Kate approaches AK with the hard sell, which seems like exactly the wrong approach. AK ends up gloating in confessional that he’s gone from being on the outs to both sides wanting him.

Back at Asaga, a still-paranoid Sam calls an “emergency core alliance meeting” with Mark W, Henry, and Jacqui and they plot a vote split between Michelle and Ben. But when Henry and Jacqui go to get water together, Sam sends Mark W after them. In confessional, Mark W talks about using his 16 years of special-forces experience in the game. Now I’m sure the Australian special forces is an elite fighting unit, but in this case the surveillance and tracking technique he uses is to run right up to your target and say “whassup!”. Henry decides to throw the immunity challenge to get rid of Sam.

The immunity challenge is a fairly standard water challenge, but with a bamboo house of cards stacking element at the end that I think is new. Henry is pretty blatant in his sabotage, but Asaga is terrible regardless. However, large person/small person combos are needed to get the bamboo stack high enough, and Samatau can only come up with one such combo to Asaga’s two. There’s nothing Henry can do about it short of setting the bamboo on fire. Asaga wins.

Tessa makes a pitch to AK (and later to Jarrad) pointing out that he’s only a number to the others in his group, and that he can’t rely on dastardly flipper Tara. If Tessa can pull in AK (and Jarrad) her group goes from down 4-7 to up 6-5. Once again Kate comes in with the hard sell. AK in confessional says that he doesn’t just want to make moves for the sake of making moves. This is pretty rich from the guy who waved around an obviously fake idol and squandered a real idol just last episode.

At Tribal Council, Tarzan mildly baits Locky, AK says what he thinks people want to hear about getting a fresh start in the game, but mostly Tessa and Tara snipe at each other about what the definition of flipping is. Jonathan forces Kate to speak, and she responds with word salad. Tessa again tells AK to flip before it’s too late, and Peter (he can talk!) points out the irony of criticizing Tara for flipping yet asking AK to flip. The votes come in two for Tara, four for Tessa, and five for Kate. Tessa and Kate voted for Tara, but otherwise all the women voted for Tessa and all the men voted for Kate. Tessa counts votes and realizes that Tarzan and Ziggy must have run for their lives after the previous tribal council, so her plan to flip AK and Jarrad and gain a majority of six was in reality never going to happen.

Assistant Dragon Slayer

Assistant Dragon Slayer

Assistant Dragon Slayer fell in love with Survivor from the very first episode he watched: the Caramoan premiere. He considers any Survivor better than the Caramoan pre-merge to be great Survivor.

Favorite seasons: Pearl Islands, China, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite players: Yul Kwon, Denise Stapley, Cirie Fields, Tony Vlachos, Judd Sergeant, Benjamin Wade (Tocantins and HvV only), Brenda Lowe (fight me!)
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20 thoughts on “Australian Survivor season 2, episode 3

  1. There are too many episodes of this show. From now on, we’ll probably go back to just doing one post per week, and update it as the week goes on.

    1. Yeah, it will probably over 20 episodes as in last season, so the site would be too overloaded with content. Plus I prefer just talking about all the episodes for the week in one post, so I the discussion isn’t as all over the place.

    2. Yeah, I love the coverage, but 3 in 4 days is a lot of posts, and it seems to have kinda scattered the usual commenter activity a bit.

      Also, for the off-season, there is a TON of content happening right now.

    3. Wait, what about my exit interviews, week in review, and edgic posts?

      Actually, I thought we were going to do it the same way as last season, but hey, thanks for letting me take over the front page for a week.

      And you should watch this before the episodes seriously pile up. It’s a genuinely good-to-great season so far, and the cast is very promising.

  2. Tessa counts votes and realizes that Tarzan and Ziggy must have run for their lives after the previous tribal council, so her plan to flip AK and Jarrad and gain a majority of six was in reality never going to happen.

    I think it was pretty clear early on in the episode that Ziggy flipped to the majority straight after first tribal (although she seems to be at the bottom of it) and I think Tessa knew that and was just trying to make a desperate pitch to AK even though she knew it was never really a solid alternative. Tarzan was very much still aligned with Kate and Tessa though and only wrote Kate’s name down to save Tessa because he knew voting with Kate/Tessa wouldn’t have achieved anything.

    I really hope Tarzan/Tessa aren’t the next two boots, I really enjoyed them both this episode.

    1. Ah, that makes sense. It would mean that AK and Jarrad were never really gettable, but it would also make sense of Tarzan’s “sometimes miracles happen” remark. It would also explain why Kate got voted out instead of Tessa.

      I don’t really want to get into edgic thinking, but I don’t think Tarzan, or Tessa in this episode, would have gotten so much screen time if they were going soon.

  3. Wow, the enjoyment factor between the AUS Survivor and NZ Survivor is like night and day. I really loved the first three episodes, and I hope it will keep it up through the rest of the season.

    All the nature shots have been beatiful. The production quality has been through the roof. Plus I liked the challenges they have been doing so far.

    One of the small critiques I have for this season, that it’s hard to keep up with what is going on a lot of times (and the episodes were over an hour long!). It’s probably like this there, but maybe they could simplify a lot of it. Plus I would most likely prefer three eight person tribes, cause it’s easier to keep up with the dynamics of a tribe when there are just eight people, rather than twelve.

    I love the cast. It seems like it’s a cast of gamers, and people who want to win. A lot of people are now underedited, but I see a lot of potential even in them.

    That’s how I see every individual at this moment (I’ll begin with people who were voted out)

    Joan – when I looked at the cast before watching I thought “she has to be really careful to avoid being the first boot, as a minority and a bigger woman”, and my worries were fulfilled unfortunately. She could’ve been fun if she survived, but what can you do.

    Adam – he just didn’t know how to manage being in the ‘leader of the alliance’ role, and people were sketched out by him. I was fine with seeing him go.

    Kate – she wasn’t really in the show first two episodes, and was just unceremonially booted (even though she wasn’t really the target if I’m not mistaken). She seemed as she had some game, but she just didn’t find herself in the right position.

    A.K. – he has been entertaining all these three episodes, but is still in a precarious position. But I do think it was a right decision for him to stay for now in his alliance, especially cause they just saved him, and he would burn a lot of bridges before the coming swap. But he has to keep somewhat good relationship with Tessa and Tarzan.

    Anneliese – her only real content was being targeted by Adam’s alliance, so we didn’t get an real sense. But if I’m not mistaken she is a Survivor fan, so I hope she will turn it up later

    Ben – during these episodes mostly the men were the main focus, but Ben was the one who we didn’t get any real sense of. From the alliance chart it seems he won’t be targeted any time soon, but he seems as he just is there for the experience ala Taylor.

    Henry – he is one of the biggest characters as of right now, and I do think he has some strategic chops. The only thing I’m afraid as of right now about him is that he will get found out by Sam and Mark, so he will be targeted, and I think he could get get found out before his ally Jacqui.

    Jacqui – I really like her! She is one of my favourites as of right now. Like I said about Henry, I worry she will get found out, but I see it being Henry over her, so she’s good for now.

    I will write about others in a reply to this comment, so it won’t be SUPER long.

    1. Jarrad – he is one of the main canditates to be a winner contender. He is in a good position, everyone seems to like him, so he will be good for awhile.

      Jericho – we only really seen him with Luke, so I don’t have much of a sense from him yet. But it seems he will be part of SOME kind of twist, which from the looks of it is just a jar of Angie’s favourite – cookies!, but it maybe is something bigger, so we’ll see.

      Kent – I don’t have really an opinion of him right now. I just worry that he will get cut simply cause he’s a challenge liability.

      Aimee – I once again don’t have much of an opinion, And that’s really it. She won’t be targeted now it seems, so that’s a plus.

      Locky – he seems to be in a good positionn, but he could be targeted as a threat,.

      Luke – he is my favourite from the whole cast. I really like where he is at right now, and he seems as a person who could be major force down the road. But I fear he may flame out, cause it’s such a long season, but we’ll see.

      Mark – he is too much seen as a pair with Sam, and I fear they will be targeted because of that. But I think she will be targeted before him, and I feel he can turn it around if it comes down to it.

      Michelle – we didn’t see much from her, but I do see some potential. She just has to avoid the target which she has from Sam’s alliance and she will be good.

      Odette – she was probably the most invisible from all the women these episodes. But she seems as capable, so we’ll see.

      Peter – we barely saw him, but I really like him from what we did see. He is really likable, and hope he has some strategy in him.

      Sam – she plays too soon, too fast, and in the end I think she will be punished because of it. She seems really smart, but if she wants to survive, she has to tone it down.

      Sarah – I really liked what we’ve seen from her, and I think she is in the best position from her tribe, and she seems really smart.

      Tara – if someone will go from her alliance, it will probably be her. She has to get rid of Tessa, if she wants to survive.

      Tarzan – it’s Paul that doesn’t suck! I really liked him, and he seems smarter than we would thought before. I hope he will get far.

      Tessa – she seems really smart, and think she can get out of the bottom. I was a bit annoyed by her anger at Tara, but I understand she tried to save herself.

      Ziggy – I didn’t get much of a sense from her yet, but I could see her being a larger presence later.

      I really like the season so far, and I hope it will be like this till the end. And I really liked your coverage ASD, and unlike NZ Survivor, I think I will actually stay around till the end.

  4. I’m loving AK’s tribal voting confessional burns: “You were dead to me the moment you said you didn’t eat fast food”
    I hope this becomes a running gag!!

  5. In case anyone’s wondering where this week’s coverage is – I told ASD it was up to him whether he did individual posts or just one for the week. He chose this way, I chose the other.

  6. I just wanted to pop in and see if Jarryd is doing well. It seems he is.

    I did try watching an episode; one where they burst through bamboo and a wall and threw things at other things in the challenge, but it just didn’t hold my attention.

    1. You really need to – Australian Survivor is at par with US Survivor, in my opinion. Plus, this is a solid cast strategically, physically, and entertainingly.

        1. Me three, I’m quite happy with how the season has played out so far. There are not a lot of reasons why it would let up anytime soon and it’s hard to imagine that we’ll get another awful post-merge with this cast.

          The first week was pretty good, but three hour+-long episodes can be quite a task.
          Since week 2 the schedule is down to 2 episodes a week, though (and apparently Channel 10 intends to keep it that way, so it’ll last about as long as an US season does), and episode 5 was only a tiny bit longer than the USual 43 minutes*.
          (You’d think that would be not half as straining to recap as the first week was, but noooo… @AssistantDragonSlayer:disqus :-b )

          *Possibly related to that: Episode 5 must have been the best AU-Survivor episode yet, right? I never trust my memory enough to flat out say it was, but it certainly was, from start to finish, an all around good episode.
          I mentioned the almost normal runtime. It also had
          – a little after-tribal drama spilling over from last episode, with some good night shots
          – the continuation of a season-long (so far) arc
          – leftover cookies and cookie crumbles shenanigans

          – another amazing Immunity Challenge (ok, that one looked more interesting and had amazing scenery, but watching it play out wasn’t that exciting – but still, challenge-design is definitely a strong point of the Australian production team, although there is some recklessness involved)
          – some really good gameplay (and not just “TG at least Phoebe knows her Survivor and is doing stuff”) and great dialogues. Loved the little talk between AK and Tessa
          – exciting post challenge scenes and some real suspense during tribal council
          – another elimination. I didn’t expect to get through 5 episodes without some weird non-elimination twist. Not sure how I feel about that, because as far as I know these non-elims are coming and I think there are at least four of ’em.

          E5spoilerTCspoilerspoiler: We had seen so little from Aimee, but she was kind of featured in pre-season promos, and so much from AK in every episode, that I was almost shocked that the plan really worked out. I kind of expected Peter to have second thoughts by voting time, or for someone to mess up somehow (who can really say how Ziggy will vote and why?).

          Only when JLP revealed the votes in that weird way I was starting to believe, but even then, you never know what the Oz do. But I would have preferred the traditional 1A, 1B; 2A, 2B; etc. here.

          Anyway, I’m glad it turned out the way it did, even though I could have done with a little more from Plumber Girl.

          Now off to check for ep06. There should be links already…

          1. I got home from vacation at 3am this morning. I’m glad to hear that the show has sustained the high level from Week 1, and I’m very, very glad that they’re only airing two episodes a week. Sharculese has been inundated with work now that the school year is starting up, so I can’t speak for him but I/we should have Week 2 coverage by mid-week and Week 3 coverage by the end of the week.

          2. Sounds good. (except the vacation-aborted, got-home-at-3am part. Appreciate the commitment, but we didn’t need our recaps that bad!)

            I’m a little worried that they’ll keep most of the non-eliminations until much later, when the numbers are more dwindled down, not to shoo away potential new viewers too early in the season, when they’re not yet committed to the whole season. Makes sense in terms of ratings, but I don’t want to sit on them until there are only a handful of people left, who then would have to carry super long episodes without a proper tribal council.
            When did they do the last non-elimiantion last season? I remember the double-tribal and the Kat-non-boot. Was the next Kristie staying in the game? And the “pick-your-own-tribe twist the last one? That’s not that late, but it seems like there were more than that. Maybe that’s just because it got so boring.

          3. No, that was by choice. Staying as long as possible on the last day when you’re on the eastern time zone means getting into SFO at an ungodly hour.

            Is there any word on how many episodes there will be this season? Last season was 26 episodes in 10 weeks, necessitating the four non-elimination episodes. I really think non-eliminations violate the spirit of the show even worse than Redemption Island, and they made the pacing issues of last season even worse. If they stick to two episodes a week this season, that would mean 21 episodes total and hopefully no non-eliminations.

          4. I think I heard it’s the same format as last year and thought that equals 26 episodes again, but now that you bring it up, maybe there is grounds for hope and that pertains only to the number of contestants.
            I do know that there will be a reunion show this time.

          5. I just finished episode 5. You make some really good observations here and of course there’s plenty more to discuss. Hopefully there’ll be a recap post up in a couple days. Very disappointed that Tarzan wasn’t a better player. Why give the idol to Tessa instead of playing it for her? Why is writing her name down a “vote of confidence”? I was surprised about Aimee for the same reason you were: even Purple Kelly was more visible in her boot episode!

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