Australian Survivor, Season 2: Week 4

Episode 8

We come back to Asaga after Mark has been voted out. It’s not clear if Jericho and Luke are surprised that their plan didn’t work, although, given the confidence Luke displayed during Tribal Council I assume they have to be. Jericho is certainly puzzled, because he decides he has to get ‘vengeance’ for Mark. Jericho, I know you haven’t developed object permanence yet, so, just to remind you, Mark got voted out for making trouble over something you were part of. You voted for Sam along with everyone else. So… deciding to be his avenging angel rings just a little hollow.

At Samatau, nothing has changed. AK is acting like a big swinging dick and Tara, Locky, and Annelise are still on the outs. More on this to come.

There’s a challenge. Guys, I skipped all the challenges this week. It kind of started with this one because it was taking foreeeeever, and then I realized we weren’t in for another challenge throw and I didn’t have to care. I did cut in just in time to see Kent nail the last target, so good for you Kent, you found a thing you can do. Asaga wins.

Reward this week is the most vertigo-inducing spa visit in Survivor history. I say vertigo-inducing because the first thing I noticed about it was that Michelle was getting a ton of confessionals all of sudden, and all of them were content free, but she certainly was getting them. I want you to let that sentence echo through your head and share my fear.

There’s also a fun bit where Henry and Luke both pocket what they think are idol clues but turn out to be grooming kits. Everyone chuckles. Also, Henry, you know you have your tribe’s idol, right. I mean, I know you do, because you bring it up next episode, but, um… you do have it.

At Samatau, Locky takes another run at Ziggy. While the two of them tend the fire, he stokes her growing resentment over AK’s laziness and sense of entitlement. Ziggy is still the one who’s most likely to flip, and this is a much better approach that “you should make this move because it’s a move you can make.” It’s like Locky has a better social game than Tara or something.

We also see Luke give in and restart Asaga’s fire, followed by a bunch of stuff about how charming Luke is. This is puzzling to me, because the rest of his tribe are human beings (except for Jericho, who is made of felt and has a tag on his neck that says ‘Jim Hensen’s Creature Shop’) and Luke is a semi-sentient herpes sore.

Immunity challenge. Samatau is going to tribal.

The majority plan to split the vote 3-3 on Locky and Tara. This is puzzling, because it presumes they have Annelise, who voted for AK at Samatau’s last tribal council, on their side. No evidence is given that they’ve made any effort to shore up that relationship, and Annelise certainly still seems to think she’s with Locky and Tara.

Said minority trio are still trying to flip Ziggy to their side, which, with a vote split, would give them the numbers to get rid of AK. For a group without a lot of options, this is a solid enough plan.

Tribal council is fairly by the numbers – Tara reminds Jonathan that she and Locky are on the bottom, AK denies he’s the mastermind, we vote. And things start to turn sideways.

The votes come in, 2 for Locky, 3 for Tara, 3 for AK (the plan back at camp was for the men to go Locky and the women to go Tara, but apparently Jarrad voted for Tara. I dunno.) On the revote, everyone piles on Tara. Except, just as she’s about to get her torch snuffed, something clicks in Australian Survivor’s lizard brain and screams “twists!” So Tara gets to sit and wait while Samatau carries out a second, blind vote.

Again, I’m not sure why the majority feels betrayed by Annelise, but they sure act like they are. Although, realistically, this is more about making sure everyone is on the same page than it is about her.

Of course, now that Australian Survivor has some of that sweet sweet twist riding its veins, it can’t give up the high, so this isn’t an elimination, it’s a swap! Tara and Annelise will spend a night in exile and join Asaga tomorrow. I kind of wish I had written this before I watched episode 9, because I can’t divorce my reaction from how much I love what happens at Asaga. I guess, in isolation, it’s fine. AS1’s version of this scheme didn’t really give us much beyond Nick’s hurt feelings, but it’s not stupid or game-breaking like some things I could name.

Episode 9

We come in on exile beach. Tara remembers she’s hasn’t thrown herself a pity party in a couple days, so she sets herself up for a good cry. It starts off being about how she was ready to see her family (does Tara not know about Ponderosa?) before seguing back to her favorite topic –how unfair it is that she’s not allowed to dictate the flow of the game.

At Asaga we learn that cracks are forming. On one side you have the young people, who are getting fed up with Jacqui and what they see as her bad attitude, and on the other side you have Jacqui, Henry, and Kent, who think the young people are morons. Nobody is wrong here. Jacqui gets a confessional about what a great spot she’s in. That’s… always a good sign.

They’re ferried off to a beach where Jonathan surprises them with the news that there’s a tribe swap in progress. In exchange for Tara and Annelise, they’ll have to give up two people to Samatau. Ben immediately volunteers, which makes sense, since he just had a confessional about how he’s on the bottom, but then… Henry volunteers?

Let’s take a moment to savor how insane this is. He explains in confessional that, now that he’s conquered Asaga, he can take control of Samatau and come into the merge with both tribes in his pocket. Gee, Henry, I’m sure Asaga is gonna sit around and not change at all while you’re gone. And I’m sure that, after they begged you to stay, they’ll be falling all over themselves to forgive you for switching sides with no explanation. This is a very bad plan. It is maybe a top five all-time Survivor bad plans.

But, whatever it means for Henry, it’s wonderful for us, because it puts both of our egomaniacal ultra-strategists on one beach. AK almost immediately sees through Henry’s scheme. The two have a conversation where he does a good job of feeding his new adversary misinformation. This is, of course, immediately undone when he allows Locky and Henry to be alone together. I dunno what can come out of Henry/Locky alliance, but this is just an unforced error on AK’s part.

At Asaga, Jacqui is starting to feel worried. She’s lost her closest ally and her access to the idol and she doesn’t understand why. She starts scrambling, trying to make sure everyone is down for voting off Tara and Annelise. This is probably her only move, but it looks a little desperate. Luke, meanwhile, does a pretty good job of getting Tara and Annelise on his side.

Immunity challenge. Samatau wins.

Back at camp, any notion of staying Asaga strong falls apart almost on contact. Sarah sees this as her chance to move against Jacqui and pitches the ex-Samataus to go with her, Luke, Luke’s sidekick, and Michelle. Jacqui sees something is up and pitches a counter-plan to target Sarah with her, Kent, and Odette. I am not sure why Odette is with them, because this show has no interest in telling us what Odette thinks. This leaves Tara and Annelise in the middle with total control over the vote. Great job, guys.

Tribal council is pretty tense, with everyone pitching competing plans. Tara makes a big show of being done with Samatau, which is probably true. They hurt her feeeeeelings, and you never hurt Tara’s feelings. Never. In the end the young people triumph. There is no twist; Jacqui is gone.

So, I guess I have to address how much credit I’m willing to give Luke. The answer – not fucking much. I will concede he did a good job as an ambassador for Young Asaga, but every step of the way this was presented as Sarah’s plan. Luke can pretend he was behind this all he wants, and he will, but at the end of the day he saw two people who were desperate for allies and let them be his allies. I give as much credit for that as I give Jacqui and Henry for keeping Kent under their thumb. The heavy lifting here, at least as we saw it, was Sarah’s doing.



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58 thoughts on “Australian Survivor, Season 2: Week 4

  1. I was surprisingly okay with the twist. I said (thought?) last year that I would prefer if they were told what was up before voting, but I’m not sure it would make a huge difference. And it paid off dividends here. Its not the worst way to do a tribe swap (see: China). By moving people on the bottom, I think it actually encourages alliance-building and game play (like could have happened if Christine had come back in SoPa OZZY).

    I really think (and hope beyond hope) that the Michelle confessionals were to set her up as a “girly girl” type and not so much the OWM thing from KR, though I understand the flashbacks.

    I was really surprised by that Jacqui confessional, because as soon as I saw it, I was like, “Bye Jacqui” (and only partially because somebody over on Reddit had posted something that was spoiler-y). That was some US-style editing from AUS Survivor that they don’t usually use.

    Loved Sarah’s move here, separating Henry and Jacqui was necessary. Totally baffled by Henry’s plan, but I hope it means we lose either (or both) of Henry or AK pre-merge. I’m also quite ready to lose Tara as well.

    Also, Sharculese, I know you aren’t big on challenges, but these are impressive, original challenges AUS is pulling out, the kind we haven’t seen in US Survivor lately

    1. I was bored stiff 2 minutes into that first reward challenge, which was when it hit me that I don’t actually have to watch them.

      1. I get it, if you don’t like challenges, better challenges isn’t going to be terribly appealing. I just wanted to note it. My one criticism is that the extended show time is definitely encouraging them to spend more time on challenges and they can drag, even if the set ups are awesome

        1. I assumed the extended time would be because there’s so many people, so they’d just spend more time at camp, but it does seem like they spread the time out for different things.

          Without ads it’s 55 minutes, and the US one is 43?
          (With ads on tv it’s an hour and a half.)
          So I guess that works out to an extra few minutes per segment. Though the credits certainly take up several more minutes =p

          1. Definitely most of the time is spent at camp, but I think they’ve been adding a couple minutes onto the challenges as well, as you say, a couple minutes per segment. 22 minutes is a surprising amount of extra time, which becomes painful in the late stages of the season

          2. It’s a livelier cast this season, hopefully the post-merge won’t drag despite the long running time. Not having three episodes a week also helps with the pace.

          3. I hope so. Though even the livliest cast can only fill so much air if, for example, it’s two alliances trying to pull the same swing vote

    2. I agree with you on the challenges. We’re actually seeing multiple unique challenges in a row. Plus one of the challenges involved kicking a football. I’d love to see the US Survivor try using that. (To be honest, it’s not that hard.)

      1. It was a rugby ball I think, which was really cool. It would be a football in the US though. Surely, in a tribal challenge, you would have at least 1-2 players with a decent idea of how to do so

        1. It was an AFL football – the thing AK did when he got it in with pointing his fingers was what goal umpires do, and then they also have flags, which was what the waving was. When I saw that I was like you guys are going to think it’s so weird =p

          If it’s a proper AFL football, they’re actually heavier to kick then it seems like they’d be, which is why the power of the kick came into it for that challege. Kicking it straight would be relatively easy for someone who’s never used one before if it had the laces.

          1. AFL Football? Is that the one that looks kinda like rugby, but isn’t, and I’ve always been really confused by? I just knew the ball didn’t look like an American football and assume it was a rugby ball. I assume the weight is why Jacqui kept kicking it short.

            Also, are you from Australia then?

          2. That’s the one! And every non-Australian is confused by it at first. In my experience it’s the tackling that brings up the most questions. And people complain that you get a point if you miss the main goalposts, but in soccer they applaud people for trying and missing, so who’s weird there?

            I am indeed. My accent isn’t particularly strong (well, it’s more noticeable than usual on the episodes of the podcast I’ve been on because of the comparison with John and Andy) and people in person who have passed comment on my nationality most often say Irish, but my ‘using phrases and references that people are confused by’ game is strong =p

          3. Ah. I have no further questions about this sport, until next time it randomly appears on my TV.

            I didn’t know you’d been on the podcast! I’m a relatively new listener and am only slowly listening to the old ones

          4. Watching the challenge I was thinking that an Aussie-rules football must have some heft to it. At that distance it would be almost impossible to kick an American-football football through a target with an upper bound–the arc would be too sharp.

  2. I started watching partway through episode 8. I do not care for Luke. I didn’t realise Michelle was even a person on this show until Episode Ten. Pete I didn’t see a front on face shot of until like a day or two game time after I discovered the existence of Michelle.

    So they did this twist last season?

    I did find the Henry thing pretty interesting, as while I can see his logic, his idea that he could somehow get control of the tribe with the name like a frat house seems a little far fetched.

    1. “So they did this twist last season?”

      Sort of. Last season started out with 3 tribes. They did a challenge where they were told only 1 tribe would get immunity, and then, after both votes, revealed that the people voted out were actually just swapping tribes.

      1. Yeah, the way they did it this season is unfair in that only one tribe is blindsided by the twist; the other knows they’re sending people to the other tribe. Last season they were equally blindsided. But it’s not a potentially season-derailing twist like the Aganoa tribe dissolve.

        1. To be fair, the fact that the blindsided tribe is the one that lost the immunity challenge, makes it less unfair. Last year two tribes lost and both had no idea what was coming, so that checks out. But they are really disadvantaged by losing that challenge. Just another reason to think twice before throwing one.

    2. Oh, also, if you only came in on episode 8 you missed the extremely creepy moment where Luke saved someone from drowning, then had a confessional where he talked about how he was gonna use it to manipulate her and took the opportunity to show off his biceps. He’s complete trash.

      1. Ugh.

        At least (and I know this is horrible) that can potentially be used against him. I mean, it’s a pretty easy argument to convince people they don’t want to go to the end with someone who has “I saved someone from drowning” on their resume.

    3. I watched the whole season and its just this last set of episodes that I think I finally have a handle on who everyone is

      1. There’s someone who I realised the existance of, and name of, which was mentioned a few times in a relatively short period, about three hours ago, and I have already forgotten their name. I do not have a firm handle on who everyone is. Lol.

        (Well, I know that person’s alliance, but that’s about it.)

        1. This is the big disadvantage of a big cast, is I cannot commit that many people to memory. I’ve thought this before too, but then all of a sudden someone’s going to appear on my screen and I’ll go “who the hell is that?”

          1. The thing that I’ve done, is just trying to memorize the names and faces of contestants before the season. It certainly helped for me, because I could name everyone by just showing me the picture of them after 3 episodes.

          2. For some reason I have a particularly hard time with white female brunettes of roughly the same age. If they weren’t on separate tribes I might still have trouble telling Sarah and Ziggy apart even though they’ve both gotten a lot of screen time recently. In Kaoh Rong I was having a hard time distinguishing Anna, Liz, and Michele (although obviously that wasn’t a problem for long).

          3. Definitely the younger women that give me issues too. I often can’t even keep different hair colours straight. Sarah and Ziggy cause me issues, Annalise and the girl who got voted out second used to as well. There was one episode early one where I struggled counting votes because I kept forgetting Annalise AND Ziggy

  3. One thing I love is how the editors throw in a bunch of Jacqui confessionals in the early episodes where she talks about her age, and then later include a scene where people comment on how much she mentions it. It’s a simple trick, but it does great work in connecting the feelings of the audience to those of the contestants.

  4. Man, I’m loving this season so much. My thoughts on these few episodes:

    -I’m LOVING the challenges. They are such a breath of fresh, after we didn’t have any good “challenge season” since freaking Heroes vs. Villains! And it’s not like they’re REVOLUTIONARY, and they can sometimes drag a bit, but they are at least creative, and not just the same challenge with different clothing. I hope the US Survivor production will take notes.

    -while I do not like the twist, I can live with it. Someone on osome other site pointed out, that it’s kind of like the Outcasts- yeah, it’s really unfair, but the result it leads to more often than not actually adds to the entertainment value and the season as a whole, rather than detracts it.

    -wow, Ziggy jumped up ten notches for me after what she did in the TC. TBF, I wouldn’t be surprised if either Tessa or AK told he to do it after the twist was announced, but I’m sticking with the version which the show showed us. It allowed her to decide the target, especially when Locky was the secondary target in the split vote, and people could’ve just voted him out because he was the first person on their mind. And I think sticking with AK was a good decision for now, and she has the room to flip to Locky’s side.

    -I actually am giving more credit for ousting Jacqui to Luke than Sarah. I felt like she was just brought along with the plan, rather than the one who was executing it. I actually think that even Michelle was more integral to bringing Anneliese and Tara to their side than her. I DO think it was a right move to go against Jacqui, and the reason that she was even brought to their side is because she had these great relationships, I just think some people are giving her a bit too much credit with this move.

    -Henry’s move was stupid….yeah, that’s all I had to say.

    -as a (probably the only) Luke fan, I like where he put himself right now. Everyone in his tribe likes him, and managed the flip quite well, after the misfire the week before, and is very perceptive in where people are where in the totem pole in his tribe. I think he will get far.

    Like I said, I’m loving the season, and I pray that it will be this good later.

    I didn’t watched the new episodes yet, but that’s my updated Power Rankings for this week:

    1. Sarah (0)
    2. Luke (+6)
    3. Jarrad (-1)
    4. AK (-1)
    5. Michelle (-1)
    6. Ziggy (+2)
    7. Tessa (-2)
    8. Locky (+3)
    9. Kent (+1)
    10. Henry (-4)
    11. Jericho ( +3)
    12. Tara (+1)
    13. Anneliese (+2)
    14. Peter (-5)
    15. Odette (-3)
    16. Ben (0)

    1. The thing is, Luke is never shown doing anything of real substance. He talks a lot to the camera about making moves, but he doesn’t really accomplish things. Using the Samataus to pick off Jacqui is such an obvious strategy that you don’t really get points for thinking of it, and he’s not shown as the one who actually effectuates a plan to do that; that’s all Sarah.

      The only evidence we have that Luke is a brilliant strategist is that Luke keeps saying he is.

      1. I can agree that Luke wasn’t the main moving force behind the plan, but I also wouldn’t say that Sarah was the one either. I would actually say that it was mainly thanks to Michelle that the plan worked. And it was not like Sarah was the deciding vote, even without her Jacqui would’ve gone home.

    2. Lol, I definitely see some Lil in Tara, especially when she’s sad…

      It’s been a few days since I watched these episodes, but as much as I like Sarah, I’m with you on who’s least responsible fot the Jacqui vote-off from that side. Jacqui, Kent and Odette apparently thought otherwise, but to me it looked like Sarah was keeping the discussion going for so long because she would have rather voted Tara than Jacqui here. I’d award most credit to Michelle, she did most of the leg work and didn’t she also hatch the plan with Luke?

      I think most people like Luke and like having him on TV. Reddit is full of Luke-fans. AK, Luke and Henry are dominating in confessional counts, fwiw. He’s in a great position now but like Henry, Jericho and even more than AK, I can see him destoy his game within seconds.

      1. Yeah, I would actually give most credit to Michelle actually (and she was the one who exactly pointed out the reason Henry swapped at Tribal, so she knows what’s going on). I just don’t think that Sarah was really the one who “came up with the plan”, because Michelle, Luke and Jericho pretty much knew what they had to do before they even talked to Sarah (plus I don’t recall her actually talking to Tara and Anneliese, but don’t quote me on that). And it’s not like I’m trying to argue that she is some kind of terrible player, far from it, she managed to actually fall in the right side of the vote, but I think people give her sometimes too much credit.

        And to be clear, I didn’t see Luke actually playing some MASTERFUL game as of right now, he definetely could make some kind of hasty move soon to destroy his position. But what I think Luke is best at is actually his social game, and I think his is much better than these other three you mentioned, so that’s why I’m willing to put much more in stock in him than the others.

        1. They’re all different, but I think all of them have a pretty good social games (but not without weaknesses). AK talks to people preoccupied with barfing and doesn’t have a soft pitch to recruit outsiders, but he realizes that, is apparently fun + “chill” to be around and what I noticed, is always the first to run out to teammates who have just lost a challenge to dole out reaffirmation and hugs.
          Henry’s strength and weaknesses have been on full display. To Luke bonding with people (at least superficially) is easy and comes natural, he’s likable and makes you laugh and fluently shifts into that strategic gear. But more than with the other two, I think a lack of perception could become his big problem. He’s not flying completely blind, but I often think that he might be too busy at times with what goes through his mind, his plans and his preconceived notions about the ongoings, to pick up on more subtle, newly developing shifts in the tribe.
          That being said, I’m also #teamLUKE (he’s my #2) and hope he (makes it to and) brings his A game when these powerhouses collide.

    3. I’m a big fan of Luke as well!
      I’ll concede that he talks a big game much more than he actually plays one, but he’s doing pretty well for himself so far and is super entertaining to watch. He’s just such a larrakin that it’s hard to hate him.

      1. And, also watching for the first time too, he hasn’t really had a chance to play the game. That episode 9 was really the first. He’s very entertaining.

  5. Whiny rant time: the episode 8 twist is absolutely game breaking. I haven’t seen episode 9 (I only spoiled myself on the boot because I was so annoyed with the show that I didn’t care at the time) but I’m glad to hear that Henry at least makes the most of it by being ridiculous. Same as last year’s twist, it rewards players who are bad. Fine, whatever, I don’t really care. The problem is the players it punishes. Everyone who voted off Tara has a big dumb target from a ridiculously bad player because they played Survivor better than she did. Jennah-Louise <3 talked on RHAP about how horrified she was that Nick stayed in the game and it made her (and I'm sure many others) play more conservatively because you might get fucked over by the game even when you're crushing it – see also: Phoebe and the revenge of Kristie. Because of this, the ramifications of the twist will move beyond this season. "When will we have one of those dumb votes that allows crappy players come back from the dead and ruin our games?" players will be asking each other in season 3, terrified to make any waves. And things were going so well too!

    1. Not to spoil too much about the next two (or three, for you) epsiodes, but there is another big, original twist on the horizon, that is a terrible idea, as it incentivizes conservative gameplay much in the same way as you were describing the negative effects of this one.

      I’m not up in arms about the ep.8 twist because I understand somewhat that they have to do stuff to keep the non-elimination episodes interesting, even though twists like that can have huge ramifications for the season they appear in and beyond, but unlike this one and last season’s double tribal swap, this upcoming thing seems to me just a big, unforced error.
      [Ok, I realize that if I’m rambling so long about it, I’ll have to name names (episode 11 spoilers ahead): The idol-blocking idol is coming!! From the episode 10 NtoS it almost sounded like they’re bringing the *Medaillon of Power* back, but nope, it’s even worse. ]

      I can see how it may have sounded cool at first in production meetings, but I’m baffled as to how this actually made it into the show, as there is just no way this makes sense as an element of the game and I can only hope this remains the only time they do this and future applicants quickly forget this ever happened.

      That being said, I’m still enjoying this season immensely (ok, episode 11 was pretty boring, but also had its moments) and you totally should keep watching!

      1. I’m sure I’ll catch back up in the next week or so. I usually just need a bit of time to readjust my expectations. That twist does sound like a mess though. I feel like it would just drain all excitement out of an idol play, and the player wouldn’t even have to guess whether they should play it.

      2. FYI, coverage should be a little more timely for Week 5 than for Week 4, so maybe hold off on that discussion, but I will say that I’m willing to see how it plays out. I like that they had to choose a champion, ensuring that the double-secret-probation idol didn’t fall into the hands of, say, Peter. I also like that it both empowers and endangers Ziggy.

        1. I just watched episode 10 and am giving myself a break til tomorrow for episode 11. I’ll have it written up tomorrow evening hopefully.

      3. I barely watched episode 11 once I realized what was going to happen. I paid just enough attention to figure out who was getting the special idol. I’m not even 100% certain what it does (I know it negates an idol, but I also got the impression it can be used as an idol?) I’m also totally opposed to this idea, since its set up to empower the majority

        1. Yes, it’s essentially both halves of the Kaoh Rong super idol, although it’s a little unclear what happens if the two halves are played separately. I’ll wait until week 5 coverage to discuss it at length, but I’ll just note here that the way they’re doing it this time solves a lot of the implementation problems of the KR super idol, and in addition creates a nasty Neutral Box dilemma for Ziggy and her alliance.

          1. But are we really sure that the idol consists of two halves? It certainly sounded like it when JLP announced that there are “two parts to the idol”, but was he maybe just talking about two functions of the same idol? I’m probably just clinging to a faint hope here, but it didn’t become immediately obvious to me what the two halves are and how they split, when they showed close-ups.
            Chances are you’re right, though. I didn’t even pause for a better glance or looked it up online afterwards.

            The Neutral Box dilemma is about the only thing I like about this situation, and from the NtoS-preview it looks like production is doubling down on that aspect. Disagree about the Champion part. As others have already indicated, it’s a tool for the majority assigned to the majority (although they prepared well, to their credit – not that it was necessary…) that makes it incredibly easy to wipe out even the most deep-laid idol plays, even multiple idols when played in the Parvati/Three-Amigos-way. (Had to get this off the chest, now I’ll wait for the blog to catch up for further discussion.)

            If they had only chosen a different “Ultimate Reward” or assigned completely different powers to the idol, I wouldn’t even hate the episode-structure so much for a non-elimination.

        2. I’m not sure either, especially about the two-parts part. Are there physically two halves? No idea.

          Sorry, if I was partially responsible for your dampened excitement for e11, but it was mostly filler, really. Family air parcel (although I have to admit I enjoyed that part, uncharacteristically), not-immunity challenge, speculation “what did we win”, stupid tribal, stupid challenge. Next-time-on-Survivor was good, though.

          1. You weren’t at all, I didn’t read any of the ep 11 stuff here until I had seen it. But it was pretty clear from the preview and then like 5 mins into the episode that it was going to be mostly filler and a non-elimination episode. And they’re track record for building new story in non-elim episodes is weak, it tends just to expand on existing narratives but not add anything new, so I kind of just had it on in the background while talking to my roommate so I could pay attention if anything important happened

    2. Yeah, this is my feeling too. I’m not totally opposed to the concept, and it worked out here to shake up the Luke/Sarah tribe, but I wish they told them at least at the start of the tribal that this is the plan, rather than after the fact. I think that’s where the big issue lies

  6. Can we talk about how Locky shamed Tessa for ACCEPTING TARZAN’S IDOL?? You’re playing Survivor, dipshit! I’m not sure if even Sam from last season would do something so dumb. Ugh. I really like Annelise, but I was so ready for Locky and Tara to be taken down again.

    1. Yeah, that didn’t make a lot of sense, but was very Locky. Btw, the strange sounds following Tessa’s “Get your own Tarzan, Locky!”-response, which I found to be faintly reminiscent of air raid sirenes, were actually not part of dramatic TC music or sound effects, but Peter laughing. He self-describes it as “screams of a dying walrus”, or something similiar.

      Agreed, as much as I was happy to see Anneliese enter stage and work the vote (and by doing so starting to confirm herself to be the kind of player that I hoped she could be from the start), I would have been content had she stopped at becoming No.6 for now (Sharcy must have missed that scene). Not just because Locky and Tara can be annoying (they can), I also was less than excited to lose AK so early. But even if she did, they still could have kept Locky over her in the second vote for his strength and we would have missed out on some great stuff from ALi in that tribal.

      1. “Get your own Tarzan, Locky!” was also the moment I maybe fell in love with Tessa a little bit.

        Thanks for bringing up the first vote. The show yadda-yadda’ed that vote, and in so doing overlook d a fairly brilliant move, I’m just not sure by who. The vote was supposed to be boys (AK, Jarrad, Peter) vote Locky. and girls (Annalise, Tessa, Ziggy) vote Tara, with outsiders Locky and Tara voting AK. Assuming Wikipedia is correct, the actual vote was (AK, Peter) Locky, (Jarrad, Tessa, Ziggy) Tara, and (Annalise, Locky, Tara) AK. So either a) Jarred realized Annalise wasn’t going to flip and switched his s vote to prevent a AK-Locky revoke (this seems unlikely), or b) AK realized it and had Jarrad switch his vote inst ad of doing it himself (this also seems unlikely given the stakes for AK).

        1. I think the theory they realized Annalise wasn’t switching and rearranged the votes is probably true. This way they were getting either 4-2-2 or 3-3-2 and hopefully their intended target of Tara out. My guess is that Ziggy and/or AK masterminded it

        2. That was probably an easy call though, after Ziggy brought the intel about Anneliese’s intent to vote AK, which she surely did. That whole alliance seems to be fairly competent strategically (or so I assume. We actually still don’t know much about Ziggy and haven’t heard from Jarrad and Peter in a while, or much at all). But you’re right that it’s weird, that it ended up being Jarrad switching his vote, if that’s what happened. Maybe AK still feels the need to prove to Jarrad and the rest of his tribe how much he trusts them, trusting Jarrad to not screw up and the others to vote out Locky before him, if it comes down to it.

          By the way, the show wasn’t even sloppy in yadda-yadda’ing the votes for that tribal. Usually they release a video of the voting confessionals online and I just checked for the first time to watch the one for episode 8, but of course that video is one of only three missing where I’d normally find them, so we have to rely on Wikipedia.

          As for Ziggy, I’m not sure she did herself any favors by stringing the outsiders along and giving them hope (and not just because of the twist, there would have been two in-game casualties regardless). Maybe she was genuinely torn for a while and made the best of the situation by ratting them out before tribal? But even then she could have told the three before tribal…unless she wanted to make sure to set up Anneliese as next in line and eliminate her because she sees her as direct competition? But that also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, as in my mind ALi would still have been in a worse position than even Locky, even after voting with them, while Ziggy is probably the alliance’s tribe’s best challenge asset anyway.

          Tessa I don’t mind, but for some reason I’m also just slowly warming up to her. I was happy to see her survive for a while (although maybe not over Mark and maybe that’s the problem) and team up with AK, but that’s it.

  7. What I wanna know is why everyone is pronouncing the tribe name ‘Asanga’ (with an N in it) when the onscreen chyron is spelling it Asaga? What a mystery!

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