Australian Survivor, Season 2: Week 7

Hey mates and Sheilas, sharculese is still having power and internet difficulties, so he can’t recap week 7. Since week 8 is just about to start and is going to be action-packed (six seasons and a movie! three episodes and a merge!), I’m just putting this up as a placeholder so we can discuss these two episodes and THE SEASON’S MOST SHOCKING BLINDSIDE (j/k).

  • Man I hope John Kirhoffer is watching Australian Survivor. The challenge designers are just killing it.
  • Did Peter do the right thing by mutinying, given that the merge is so close? Should Sarah have beaten him to the punch?
  • Going into the merge Samatau has an 8-4 numbers advantage, all of the idols, and tons of intel on Asaga thanks to that messy episode 14 tribal. I’m really worried that we’re headed for a straight Pagonging of Asaga after the merge. Thoughts?
  • What could prevent this? Can Luke and Sarah possibly continue to work together? Would it make sense for Peter and other bottom-feeders at Samatau to break away?
  • Did it make any sense for Asaga to pass on an opportunity to get rid of a big threat (i.e., Luke or Sarah)?
  • Odette: Robbed Goddess or Robbed-est Goddess?
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Assistant Dragon Slayer

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  1. Sarah’s Odette plan made me so nervous. When she was trying to get Odette to work with her to keep her options open I thought she was going to blow it, but she pretty much just turned her into a Christy when she hadn’t been one before which allowed the vote to work out for her. Props to her for pulling it off, and I think it was the right move for Luke because I don’t know if he has many options to get into a majority without Sarah there. Gahh, this season is so good and such a welcome break after Game Changers and BB19.

    1. Loved the classic “kill the flipper” in taking out Odette. If you know you are never going to have to vote in that configuration again, play it safe and get your pairing to the merge, then figure it out.

    2. I honestly didn’t understand the Odette move until after it played out. Looking ahead to the merge, it was nice to see two battling alliances come together solidified at her expense. With the number of tribe shuffles that have taken place this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Asaga 4 use their connections on the other tribe to swing the majority over. But with tension between Sarah & Luke, I feel, even without some of the biggest players this season, we are in for a great and unpredictable post-merge.

  2. Peter totally made the right move. He was the low man on the totem pole and his whole alliance was on the other side. I get the move. I also don’t exactly see the remaining Asaga as the Rotu 4.That said, I don’t think we are going to see a Pagonging. There are some pretty clear cracks on Samatau to exploit and I don’t think they’re going to hold it together to Pagong them. We’ve seen them hold, like when they took Ben, but I think they’ll only make 1-2 votes, if any. I think Sarah and Luke could play up their division that was made clear in front of Samatau to get a bunch of info and maybe use it to flip.

    1. Agreed! Had Asaga not had any mutinies and gone to the next tribal, at the very best, Peter & Sarah would’ve been tied 3-3 with Peter more than likely getting the pre-merge boot. He made the right decision that landed him from the bottom of the totem pole to a majority alliance position.

    2. I actually don’t think it was a very good call. He burned the trust of Sarah (and again Tara) and showed his true loyalties. Odette’s entire game was going with the majority – I have to think she would have flipped to avoid the tie.

      1. He did, but he’s back in a for sure majority now, with an alliance he has voted with for sure rather than a loose one with Sarah and Tara, that he couldn’t be 100% sure in at that point. Even if Odette flips, Peter now enters the merge in a minority after turning down the chance to rejoin his majority. He (likely) doesn’t need Tara and Sarah (watch me eat all this once I see the next episode)

        1. The way I’m imagining the alliances shuffling at the merge leaves Peter in a bad spot, but having only seen 26 minutes of the episode which revealed nothing about merge alliances…who knows?

          1. Yeah, I do easily see the Asaga + Samatau bottom alliance taking out the Samatau majority as a likely possibility. Leaves Peter in a bad spot for sure. But I stand by the safe play in the moment on this one

          2. If he had any idol panic I can stand by the play, especially because Luke seems like someone that would be searching for the idol a lot.

          3. Or just running around wildly in the woods a lot, which a sane person might assume was searching for the idol

          4. It put Peter in a really interesting dilemma. If there was a vote at that tribal, there’s a really good chance he gets voted out (quite a bit below 50%, though, which is still way higher than your average rock-risk), but there’s also a chance he gets immunity in a rock draw scenario and a pretty good chance that his side gains the majority by rock or revote. I don’t think he would do considerable damage to the trust with his Samatau-alliance by not mutineeing. They would see the value in bringing two more probable numbers to the merge and would be aware that they don’t know everything about their tribe dynamics (although they did know from the reward that Pete, Tara and Sarah are people he kind of works with and at least with Sarah would like to continue to work with).

            But they knew there wouldn’t be a vote, but that one person had to mutiny. We never learned what would have happened if nobody volunteered (possibly a vote by Samatau sitting in, which would be an obvious opportunity to abduct Luke, throw a challenge and vote him out – or let it be their decision and have them pick you, if they’re not about challenge-throwing, with Ziggy at the helm), but you have to think about all the possible alternatives before committing to an outcome that burns bridges and leaves people behind who could come back to haunt you. Much better to leave that decision to other people, and he knew that Sarah was not budging and Tara was unlikely to do so (It would have been insane for her to jump ship there. If the Samatau-alliance sincerely liked her after the reward, they would no longer if she stood up and left their alliance-member behind in an impossible situation to climb out of. What seems like relative safety by going from an unclear situation in a losing tribe to the low end of the dominating alliance on a winning tribe could have meant her quick demise if Samatau got pissed about Sarah abondoning Peter and threw a challenge to get rid of her). If his tribe ended up picking him, it would mean the same bad outcome for Sarah, but she wouldn’t feel as betrayed by him.

            So while it seems crazy to blame Peter to go the safe route when he was seriously endangered, I think the longterm benefits outweigh the short term risk of not taking the mutiny and would have been the way to go. But that is a lot to take into account when sitting there after 4+ weeks and at the end of a long day on low calories, with your trusted tribemates sitting right there and all you have to do is get up and go over there.

          5. Here’s the other thing about Peter. We knew his odds of being voted out were probably less than 50%, but he had no real reason to believe that Sarah and Luke weren’t just trying to give him a sense of security so he didn’t scramble. For all he knows, he’s about to get voted out 5-1. (I also feel there were BIG pieces to that story we were left in the dark on because there never ended up being a real vote)

          6. No way Sarah could act that well for so long!
            On a more serious note, I guess he couldn’t be absolutely sure, but I have to believe that he at least felt pretty good about Sarah, after all this time and effort she invested. The question is if they could rely on Tara. At the time it seemed so to me, but is this what you think could have been left off, or something bigger?
            She didn’t like Luke’s plan to target Sarah (and leave Jericho in the dark) at all, but I assume that 3-2-1-plan was dead by the time of tribal council. Do you think they got her back by uniting around a Peter-Plan? Not outlandish, but the after-tribal™ scenes in ep15 didn’t look that way.

      2. Prior to Henry jumping ship to Samatau, Odette was loyal to him, Jacqui, and Kent. Once that alliance fell apart, she had to go with the majority in order to stay in the game since she was at the bottom of the totem pole. I wouldn’t necessarily call her a floater, but she did what she had to do in order to survive. Once Sarah caught on to that, she noticed Odette could pull a Kristy, so she put a stop to it. If Peter didn’t commit mutiny, he would’ve been out at one of the next two tribals. So he flipped to reconvene with his true alliance, and set up a more solid future game that should carry him to mid-jury.

        1. I guess I see the boot order being Luke, Odette…and then any one of Jericho, Tara or Peter. I get it in the short term, but not the long term. Sarah was a good connection for him, and now he leaves himself pretty insulated in his alliance of 4.

          1. That is true about Sarah – and a solid 4 doesn’t stand too well against two foursomes banning together. However, the majority of these people seem to be willing to try new things when the short-term doesn’t look to good. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah and Peter mend fences are work together again sometime this season.

          2. Yeah, Sarah did just show she was flexible enough for that and I think Peter could get it done. Tara wanted to work with him again, after all.

  3. In terms of this week – anybody have any idea why I can only find the first 26 mins of today’s episode in all the usual places but not the rest of it?

    1. I noticed that this afternoon. I searched a few links, and did find one host that had the full episode, which I watched (you’ll enjoy the last 40 minutes of this episode). Tried to find it again for you just now, but it’s back down to 26 minutes.

      1. That’s weird. Guess I’ll just keep clicking through and hope for the best. Thanks for checking for me though!

        1. You’re welcome – not sure which site(s) you use. If I find one that has the full episode, I’ll be sure to pass along.

          1. Cool. I don’t think you’d be allowed to post the link straight up here but if you find something, just generally point in the right direction please

          2. Check out “”

            Use the “” link.

            Let me know if this works, and I’ll delete this comment (just in case).

          3. Weird – it had the full episode for me (I used a different link this afternoon). Try a few of the other links on that site. You may run in to a full episode on there like I did. Good luck!

          4. I had the same weird problem yesterday, but now someone by the name of 55days24people1survivor thankfully uploaded the full video (two parts) on DM in good quality.

  4. The producers certainly have improved from last season, which was also great. An incredible cast with people I’d like to see every season, fresh challenges I’ve never seen or new takes on memorable challenges (ie: the group hold the water tank above your head challenge), and excellent twists (ie: the idol canceler). Australian Survivor has found a way to be completely innovative. They have basically become the Big Brother Canada of Survivor – which is a great complement!

      1. Vote canceller would be fine, but an idol canceller is a problem (luckily nobody but Ziggy knows about it at this point, as far as we know. Maybe she’s gone before it ever sees the flaring light of tribal council). I agree with everything but the twist-part, which have been hit-and-miss. The mutiny worked out quite well, but I’d argue that was mostly the case because we had what shaped up to be a 3-3 stand-off going into the tribal, which provided a multitude of interesting dilemmas. I’d imagine the twist wouldn’t have been as well-received if it was a 5-1 situation, even though Mutiny is a tried and tested Survivor twist.

        1. I think my main thing is seeing a Big Move where someone plays an idol, Ziggy plays the idol canceler, and someone else plays an idol for the same person. We’ll see how everything plays out!

    1. We won’t know until after the season, but it looks like they decided to concentrate the twists and non-eliminations in the late merge. IIRC, there wasn’t a single twist until week 5, and if I’m counting right they only need one non-elimination episode to get three people into the finale. That seems like a good decision to me: let the early game play out without interference, put the twists in during a point in the season that could sag, let the post-merge play out without additional interference.

      1. They had little twists like the fire-challenge and the cookie jars early, which I think can help to fill air time. The first bullshit-twist, that actually worked out great, was the whole marooning situation and ensuing race for the rice.
        Agreed that it’s not a bad way to position most of the non elimination episodes the way they did in the middle-to-late pre-merge. Allows the season to gain momentum and also allows for character-development by extra airtime after the cast has wittled down to an overseeable number, and lessens the risk of long dull stretches after the merge. Still,I’m currently leaning towards preferring an even bigger cast of 26-28 people, if they absolutely need to have 26 episodes a season.

        1. That’s one thing I really liked about Australian Survivor. The longer episodes and timeframe (55 days instead of 39) allows us to get a better look into tribal life and character development. It’s a good combination of old school and new school US Survivor. It seems like US Survivor rushes into a strategy, competition, strategy, tribal council format, which doesn’t allow us to see tribal life and true character development.

      2. I’m definitely looking forward to post-merge! Especially now that the Odette spoiler has been debunked (which I never knew until reading the comments here). Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a redemption island twist for members of the jury. This cast is rather unpredictable, and I have absolutely no gauge on a true winner’s edit – which has made for a great viewing/discussing perspective.

  5. Luke’s 3-2-1 plan didn’t seem like a very good idea to me, but it should NOT have blown up the way it did. Tara’s complete failure to understand the plan could have been frustrating, but as a Sarah fan I was happy to see it happen.

    1. I wasn’t sure what to make of this scene and I’m still not certain what exactly happened there. To me it seemed like she was understanding the plan (although not why Luke would think it’s worth it create dissonance when they could just all vote Peter, like the numbers dictate. Tara likes to keep it simple, even if it means getting rid of her Pete), but didn’t like it very much, so she made sure to tell Jericho there’s something amiss, without creating big rifts by actually saying “Luke is purposefully lying to you. Here’s his whole plan…”
      Jericho didn’t pick up on the clues seemingly because he could not imagine a scenario where Luke would lie to him, which wasn’t a great look. In his defense, it appeared to be an out-of-the-blue by Luke and my first guess in his situation would probably be that Tara misunderstood strategy talk as well. In the end Tara succeded in defusing what could have been a disastrous situation for her alliance, but I’m not sure if we can say that it was some idiot-savant shit or if she just got really lucky that it didn’t blow up.

  6. Before I’ll begin with my thoughts, I just wanted to tell you all that we are officialy free of spoilers for this season. Odette was a ‘spoiled’ winner for this season! I hear that it’s particulary crazy, because the betting site in which spoilers come from, hadn’t had a “false” spoiler in a VERY long time regarding australian reality TV shows. Alas onto my thoughts:
    -like I said MANY times before, I LOVE the challenges this season. They are not groundbreaking, but they are very innovative, and aren’t just the same type of challenges over and over. I hope US Survivor will take notes for seasons 37 and 38.
    -I’m not really sure whether it was good move on Peter’s part to flip or not. In short term definetely, but in the long term I don’t know, but in the end I’m leaning more towards that it was a good move.
    -It could definetely happen, but I think what differentiates this season from last is that the tribe with the numbers is build from SO many suballiances and pairs that I would be REALLY surprised if they wouldn’t take shots at each other sooner rather than later.
    -Luke and Sarah could definetely work together, and I would be LIVING for it if it does happen. Their conversation with only two of them gave me major Adam & Jay vibes, but with a difference that they could actually work with each other later. I will be really rooting for this outcome to come true.
    -Voting out Odette definetely was a good move for all of the tribemates: Sarah could’ve gone home if she wouldn’t do something, plus it continues her game plan of having as many options as possible; Tara works with Sarah; Luke would’ve just pissed off Tara, and his only allies would be Jericho and Michelle, putting him in a major disadvantage; Jericho has both of his allies still in the game, who also are good meat shields for him (btw, especially after this week, I think we really are underrating Jericho).
    -I think Odette’s strategy was sound, especially after Kristie pulled off a similar strategy last season, but she shouldn’t have just lay at the beach, and hope that everything will work out (and her saying “should I flip a coin” was REALLY bad). So in the other words- she’s Middle Tier Robbed-est Goddess.

    And this week instead of my usual power rankings, because they didn’t change much, I will put conterstants in tiers from who I want to see win the most to least:

    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    Tier 4

    Basically, the only person who I wouldn’t be that happy to see win is Tara, and the reason is basically that she was voted out before legmately. I would be happy to see everyone else win, and the only thing that sets people apart is that how much I would be happy to see them win. I’m absolutely still in love with the season, and I hope the post-merge will be at least half as good as the pre-merge has been.

    1. I was so happy Odette got voted out, because of those “spoilers”. I didn’t really believe them because she was getting so little screen time, but its nice to have it confirmed. I will no longer be checking out the #AUSSurvivor hashtag on Twitter.

      1. Odette was the spoiler I saw as well, so it was a relief to see her go, nothing against her personally.

    2. YES! Here’s what I wrote on week 7 behind spoiler tags in response to Max Jets only a few hours before ADS opened this thread:

      Both of them [Luke and Sarah] surviving the week was what made this pair of episodes
      really work for me. The first episode was really exciting but left us
      worried about Sarah. Both sides coming back together to take out the
      swing vote seemed so unlikely and was such a thing of beauty when it
      happened. So satisfying, I can’t imagine a better end for this great and
      very twisty pre-merge.

      If I would have to give a prediction for
      the early post-merge it would probably look very similiar to the
      scenario you laid out there [Max Jets: Merge predictions: I’m thinking Luke, Jericho and Michelle might end up
      being like Kass and her witches or the Michelle group from MvGX where
      Luke will be first picked off and then the remaining players will join
      the majority and take a shot at the Jarrad/Tessa/Peter/Ziggy group.
      ]. I think this or something close to that is
      the most likely, but fortunately there are so many moving parts that
      it’s impossible to say for sure where this thing is going. Even if
      battle-lines are drawn quickly, I trust this cast to not keep things
      static. We should have more than enough movers and shakers left.

      7 and the entire pre-merge has left me pumped enough that I’m almost
      willing to guarantee an exciting second half to the season. Everybody
      should watch it!

      What I left out there was the whole spoiler angle, which of course had me extra-pumped. I was still holding out some hope for this to be a false spoiler (mainly because of her non-existent edit, which was far less visible than even Kristie’s, and because some kind soul on reddit warned that the betting odds spoilers may not be as reliable as they seem, that there weren’t big differences to start but one player somehow got in the lead, and that it may have just snowballed from there because sportsbet was so reliable in the past – although I wasn’t convinced I appreciated every theory to #keep hope alive), but realistically I was bracing myself for Odette to somehow bumble her way to victory and take this season down a notch in the process. (That’s the only part where I strongly disagree with your comments on this week, which I am mostly very much on board with: Kristie won in my opinion despite bad strategy, if you can even call it that, last season. Floating is a reasonable strategy in such a long game, but in my book you have to do it skillfully for it to be a recognizable strategy. And I think if Odette had read the room correctly after a little while, she could have seen that it is not a winning strategy among this group of castaways, especially not in the detached way she approached the game with.)
      When the vote shaped up that way at the beach I got a little excited but still wasn’t believing it and expected at least one side to screw over the other. And when the votes finally piled up on Odette I was celebrating like my favorite sports team just made a game winner! Not only does it keep two of my favorites in the game and gets them to the merge over the worst kind of a floater*, but it makes me, this season (and by extension the AU franchise) and everyone who was unfortunate enough to get spoiled unspoiled again and opens the door to a great post-merge. I could hardly be any more excited about this season!

      In keeping with PRP tradition, I’ll offer Odette’s best moments on Survivor: 1) Getting voted off, to the delight of everyone who was spoiled, but had no money riding on her
      2) Being graceful in defeat
      3) Her prominent role in the GIF of the season so far: “Luke pokes a wasp-nest”

      *In exit-interviews she affirmed that she was all about playing an honest and honorable game, to the point that she would tell people she would vote for them or not, if they asked. But even before her post-game comments, I was seriously underwhelmed whenever we heard from her about the game. Like, Spoilers or not, imo there wasn’t a worse option in the whole cast to win this season, especially considering how season one went and what it would mean to the show’s reputation (although I guess a multi-ethnic background winner would have had it’s advantages). Funny aside about the “Kristie-strategy”: Odette didn’t even watch last season (but some Sandra seasons – clearly she took all the wrong lessons).
      In her interviews she also corroborated the vibe I got from her few confessionals (and her reaction to her blindside!) that she is a very lovely lady that is easy to root for, but without even a basic understanding of how to subsist and succeed in the game, they shouldn’t have cast her. It’s the one miss I put on the casting department for this season.

      In PRP tradition, I’ll offer Odette’s best moments on Survivor.

      1. I pretty much agree with everything you said about Odette, but I’m actually open to having one or two recruits who haven’t watched much Survivor but seem generally strong, smart, and social. It opens up the possibility of an Earl Cole, if also the possibility of a Michele Fitzgerald. Also remember Kristie was a superfan so knowledge of the game doesn’t necessarily guarantee great gameplay.

        1. I’m open to recruits with some promise (they don’t necessarily have to have seen the show or be hamming-it-up-types, but I’ve had enough of the “Honest, honorable game, not lying at all costs, strategy makes my head hurt”-crap. I know Kristie was supposedly a big fan and so was Ben. Jimmy Johnson too, iirc.

      2. Fortunately, I only got to know about this spoiler after Odette was voted out, but seeing all the comments in reddit with Odette flairs, and them saying “there is something about her that gives me hope”, should’ve TOTALLY clued me in.

        I’m probably higher on Kristie’s win than most, even though it’s not like I found her game fantastic, plus she was my favourite last season, so that may be why I’m looking at her game through pink glasses. But what I was trying to say was that in some other season her strategy would be sound, but in this season it let her get as far as it could. Plus, in Kristie’s case, I think that strategy was the only one which would work for her, because others wouldn’t ever let her play balls to the wall, or being the one in charge. But in Odette’s case, she could use some other strategy without others batting an eye.

        1. Yeah, people write stuff like that, but I think it wasn’t as bad as last season, and with Odette being this uber-purple character you could at least choose to read them ironically and make sense of the phenomenon that way. Kristie last year had tons of veryI cal, very defensive fans, which didn’t make as much sense if not for the spoilers.

          I was also spoiled last year and I admit that it probably lead to me being extra hard on Kristie at the time and I may still look at her game too harshly. I waited all that time for her not to necessarily make big moves or join the majority, but at least be shown to make good decisions and position herself in a way to make sense of the spoiler. Which in the end she must have done in some way, but imo she made so many head-scratcher decisions along the way up until the final 4 TC, that should have left her with very little reasonable expectation of reaching FTC and also winning the necessary votes. I just refuse to believe that going into a F3 IC against Lee and El and relying on Lee, who most of the jury thought manipulated her to his liking throughout the post-merge, to tank his game at FTC is the best she could have done for herself. Her challenge win was of course very impressive and while I had trouble taking her speeches at FTC seriously, she did gave the jury something to explain her game in a way they liked and ultimately a reason to vote for. I think most of them were only listening because they didn’t like at all what Lee was selling (of course the same can be said for the Coach and Sophie at their FTC, but I’m not willing to take that comparison any further :D).

          1. I wasn’t spoiled last season, and while Kristie was very impressive at the final immunity challenge and I probably would have voted for her given the choice between her and Lee, it would have left an awful taste in my mouth.

            I think the better comparison than Sophie is Natalie White. However, I saw Samoa for the first time relatively recently (like, in the last 2-3 years), and Natalie definitely was following a more deliberate strategy than Kristie.

          2. I was really only referring to the FTC dynamics when I brought up Sophie vs. Coach.

            And I’m far from an Natalie W. apologist, but I can hardly think of anyone who could challenge Kristie for worst winner ever. I think Fabio was not as bad. Maybe Bob?
            But I like Bob!

        2. That’s what caught me on to Odette being the betting spoiler, was all these people talking about her and her “edit” and her “place in the game” when I didn’t know her name until like, last week. I really need to stop using Reddit.

    3. Unspoiled at last, I’m also giving some rankings this week (although I am totally spoiled for ep16 because I already watched it, I’m doing these as if I had not seen it yet so I can leave the spoiler tags and rank the whole merged tribe):
      First power rankings winner-style:
      1) Anneliese
      2) Sarah
      3) Michelle
      4) Henry
      5) Jericho
      6) Locky
      7) Luke
      8) Ziggy
      9) Tessa
      10) Jarrad
      11) Tara
      12) Peter

      Safest place rankings:
      1) Michelle
      2) Tara
      3) Anneliese
      4) Locky
      5) Sarah
      6) Henry
      7) Jarrad
      8) Tessa
      9) Ziggy
      10) Jericho
      11) Peter
      12) Luke

      And finally, I’m going to borrow the tier-system for a personal favorite winner ranking:

      Tier 1a

      Tier 1b
      Tier 2
      Tier 3
      Tier 4
      Tier 5

    4. All these episodes from last week so I’ve already forgotten a lot! So strange that Odette was the favourite to win – I honestly wonder how that happened. Maybe producers let her name slip as the winner on purpose as a fake out to avoid what happened last seasoned. In before an outcasts twist and she rejoins the game and wins.

      I agree that all these sub alliances are really interesting, so many dynamics going on and everyone left on the cast stands out to me as an individual/unique character – I feel like everyone is being included in the edit and I feel like I have an understanding of each person’s narrative/POV. I think. Of course a few people may be slightly under edited but overall I’m pretty happy with it.

      1. Maybe producers let her name slip as the winner on purpose as a fake out to avoid what happened last season.
        In before an outcasts twist and she rejoins the game and wins.

        That crossed my mind as a possibility when I was grasping for straws how this could be a fake spoiler (the deliberate false info-slip – not the second sentence, I didn’t even think of that and now a little doubt has crept back in. Great!). And the way I remember the editing of that episode, it was like this big downfall-arc they are doing for big players before the tribal, not event trying to build suspense and telling us exactly what everyone would be doing (of course there was some suspense in seeing whether both factions would really follow through and vote Odette), almost as if they knew that people who got in some way wind of the spoiler would be sitting on the edge of theit seat or be blindsided regardless, just by Odette being involved in the action (although I assume that not enough viewers knew about the spoiler that it would pay off to build editing strategies around it, which puts a real dent in the theory…).
        Half-way through the episode I was certainly noticing the typical vote-off visibility spike, but listening to what Odette was saying in those confessionals still left me thinking: “Yep, she’s totally going to win this in Kristie manner. They even give her the time now to explain herself, so people will understand later, dammit!”

        Another theory as to what happened, that I caught wind of before this episode, is that there occured a slight difference in odds more or less naturally, but then it snowballed from there because the odds-on favorite brought it home last season and the general knowledge about it.

        1. That seems likely to me. The betting market for the winner of Australian Survivor has to be so thin that a rumored winner could snowball very quickly, particularly give how last season played out.

  7. I’d like to start a drinking game for every time Jericho makes a war analogy, but I definitely don’t own enough alcohol.

  8. Okay, I’ll admit it, having Survivor on Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and Friday night is too much.
    (And I watch it on the website with adblock on, so at least the longest ep is ‘only’ 73 minutes.)

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