Australian Survivor, Season 2: Week 8, Episode 18

We interrupt PRP’s coverage of a wedding from 12 years ago for a special report on the best episode of the season and arguably in the entire history of Survivor (OK fine, recency bias may be a real thing).

Episode 18

In the span of two tribal councils, Tessa and Peter have gone from an 8-4 majority to a 2-8 minority. Back at camp they state the obvious, that a) they’re screwed and b) they can’t work with Ziggy anymore. Henry takes full credit for masterminding the events of the previous episode. This seems… like revisionist history. He also boasts about now being in full control of the game. This seems… premature.

It’s true that he’s in great spot. Because of the tribe swaps he has close relations with most of the eight, he has an idol and he knows Ziggy has the other one (I could be wrong, but I don’t think Ziggy knows for sure that Henry has one). He also has an easy-peasy next two boots, first Tessa then Peter.

We go very quickly to a challenge, but actually it’s the good old Survivor Auction. The auction is of course broken in the US game as a result of people hoarding their money and bidding only on advantages. I expected this cast to do the same, but instead they bid wildly, in many cases just going straight to $500 for no reason. Maybe it’s because the auction is happening on Day 39 instead of Day 29 and they’re desperate for food.  First up is a covered item. Luke outbids Ziggy and from an entertainment perspective it’s a good thing he did, because it’s a Table for One reward, which entitles Luke to a match of every other item sold. Luke hams it up and taunts and preens for the remainder of the auction in a way that Ziggy certainly wouldn’t have.

The next sequence really jumps out on a rewatch. In successive auctions, Sarah bids $500 on a covered item only to get a coconut, then Michelle bids $500 on Mexican food, only to have her bid matched by Locky, who proceeds to win the rock draw. Michelle turns to a miserable Sarah and says “Me and you are in the same boat.” Tessa, sitting between the two of them, takes a long look first at Sarah, then Michelle.

Yada yada, eventually everybody wins something except Sarah and Michelle. Tessa wins a night-of-comfort reward and is allowed to take one person with her (and Luke gets to tag along). Her only sensible choices are Peter (her closest ally, who won an advantage but no food), Sarah, and Michelle. She picks Michelle. At the time, I thought this was a mistake, since Sarah is the savvier player, is in a higher position in her alliance, and is manifestly more open to strategizing than Michelle. But as Tessa explains in a confessional later on, Michelle is a highly emotional player, so taking her on reward ensures her gratitude and potentially her jury vote. Except… Sarah seems pretty pissed off.

At the reward, everything goes as Tessa planned. They bond over chocolate, champagne, and disgusting Survivor pizza; Michelle is overjoyed at being pampered and out of the rain; and the three plot to vote out the core of the majority alliance, consisting of Locky, Ziggy, Henry, and Tara (note that by implication this makes Sarah and Jericho the swing votes). Crucially, half-drunk Michelle lets slip the fact that Henry definitely has an idol, meaning that getting him out will require a blindside. Ominously, Luke notes in confessional that while he’s always up for Big Movez, he doesn’t like not being in the driver’s seat. Nevertheless, they dub themselves the #ChampagneAlliance and seal the deal with a pinky-swear.

For those scoring at home, in less than 24 hours Luke has won every single food item at a Survivor Auction, an advantage in the next challenge, a night in a real bed out of the rain, and a huge dinner and breakfast minus whatever two skinny white chicks consume.

Back on the beach, Sarah is absolutely fuming, and Ziggy, Henry, and Locky are taking a page out of the Sarah playbook and doing everything they can to stoke the fire. Hilariously, Peter tries to stick up for Tessa in absentia instead of, you know, searching high and low for Anneliese’s idol. Locky correctly reads the situation and says that Tessa, Luke, and Michelle (plus Peter) will come gunning for the power center of himself, Henry, and Ziggy (plus Tara). Henry dismisses Locky’s “paranoia” and says there’s nothing to worry about. Something to keep in mind the rest of the way.

In confessional, Sarah reveals that her anger at Tessa is all an act. It turns out she’s thinking along exactly the same lines as Tessa, so she needs to make it seem like there’s no possibility of them working together. Also, it turns out that Anneliese told Sarah about the way Henry pulled the wool over Jericho’s eyes with the idol clue. Sarah makes Jericho see the light, and you can actually pinpoint the second where his heart rips in half.

The champagne alliance returns not to the beach, but directly to the challenge station. It’s the return of the balance a ball on a bow challenge. It’s perfectly suited to Tessa’s skill set–a doctor’s steady hands and concentration, plus a low center of gravity–and she defeats Locky for possession of the very strange immunity necklace that looks like rancid bacon.

The rest of the episode plays out just like a heist movie. Everybody in the team of thieves and rogues has one task to accomplish, but they don’t fully trust each other, and a mistake or betrayal by a single member will blow it up for everybody. There’s even an Act III complication, with pouring rain preventing anybody from conferring with anybody else in private.

But with nothing left to lose, Tessa and Peter break away from the group, buying Tessa a few minutes to fill Peter in on what happened at the reward. Luke and Michelle smartly don’t try to BS the group excessively about their loyalty or lie about Tessa attempting to flip them at the reward, they simply confirm that they’re supposed to vote Peter. Locky and Henry chase after Tessa and Peter to make sure they don’t find an idol. In addition, Locky (worried about getting bounced in the event Peter does have an idol) wants to talk them out of targeting him, which is an easy sell since that’s not what they’re trying to do at all, dude. Peter floats Sarah’s name, and Locky and Henry agree, but they need time to pull in “the other two” (presumably Tara and Ziggy). Incidentally, the way Tessa bounces up and down this entire sequence (whether because she’s excited or because the rain is freezing cold) is utterly delightful.

They part ways, and Peter wonders whether Locky and Henry realize it’s a ruse. I’m wondering the same thing at this point, because getting rid of Sarah actually would be in everybody’s interest. After a few minutes’ reflection, Locky and Henry do in fact conclude that it is a ruse, but Henry assures Locky that Peter doesn’t have an idol and that they have a rock-solid majority even if Luke and Michelle defect.

It’s five minutes to tribal and nobody in the champagne alliance has been able to talk privately with either Sarah or Jericho. Finally, Michelle pulls Sarah aside under the guise of mending fences about the auction. Meanwhile, Luke tries to mouth “voting Henry” to Jericho in the shelter, and I’m certain this is where somebody else sees it and the plan falls apart.

At tribal, JLP asks about the reward. Tessa confirms the obvious, that she tried to sway Luke and Michelle, but they indicate that it fell on deaf ears. The discussion turns to “unbeatable” players, and Peter and Tessa acknowledge the obvious without naming names, while Locky takes the question incredibly literally and denies it’s possible to be unbeatable unless you win all the immunities. Michelle lets her mouth outrun her brain and unhelpfully names Locky, Henry, and Ziggy as the power players, and also notes that Tessa is winning a bunch of challenges. However, she astutely says that whether someone is “unbeatable” is ultimately up to the jury. Jericho and Sarah talk about the jury respecting Big Movez, but Sarah says there’s a time to just take the easy option, and tonight is one of those times. Big smiles from Locky and Ziggy. Michelle also indicates she’s going to stay the course, and Tessa feigns frustration.

The votes are in, and once again Locky reads the room correctly and implores Henry to play the idol. Henry does not, and it’s six straight votes for Henry. Hilariously, in his boot confessional, Henry notes that, among his other accomplishments in the game, he got away with teaching half a yoga class in 40 days.

Normally, losing powerhouse characters like Anneliese and Henry in consecutive episodes would be really troubling, but except for Tara, I think any of the nine remaining players could very well win it all (even Michelle is showing some sharp jury-management skills), and now there’s a power vacuum. On top of that, there may be two idols back up for grabs, and the super-idol is probably gone for good. Moreover, the Champagne Alliance is clearly a trust cluster rather than a true alliance, so expect the fireworks to continue.

Assistant Dragon Slayer

Assistant Dragon Slayer

Assistant Dragon Slayer fell in love with Survivor from the very first episode he watched: the Caramoan premiere. He considers any Survivor better than the Caramoan pre-merge to be great Survivor.

Favorite seasons: Pearl Islands, China, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite players: Yul Kwon, Denise Stapley, Cirie Fields, Tony Vlachos, Judd Sergeant, Benjamin Wade (Tocantins and HvV only), Brenda Lowe (fight me!)
Assistant Dragon Slayer
  • Max_Jets

    Sarah is building her case for being the best Australian Survivor player. I was disappointed when she was so upset about the auction, but she blew my mind when it was all part of her elaborate plan. We’ve seen some flaws in her game, but when she has fumbled in power she was able to fight her way back up to the top. I’m definitely pulling for her the most out of everyone remaining.

  • Maritimer

    This episode is amazing. I just have a couple of quick thoughts since I’m on my way to get drunk:
    1) The editing was just spectacular, especially not letting us in on Sarah’s ploy about being angry immediately and letting us thing she was just being sore
    2) What exactly is the nature of Luke and Jericho’s relationship/alliance? Sometimes they seem like ride-or-die’s but other times Luke leaves Jericho out in the cold
    3) Notice at the TC where Michelle is looking (or at least the edit makes us think she is looking) when JLP asks for an idol: her eyes are squarely on Peter

    • Super duper fan

      1) Yeah, it was fantastic.
      2) I think it’s the type of realtionship, where they ARE each others closest allies and friends, but Luke plays the game his own way, and if he had to choose between his own life in the game and Jericho, he would choose his own game. I think the closest example is Sarah and Zeke in Game Changers, where Luke is Sarah, and Jericho is Zeke.
      3) I didn’t notice it! That whole group played TC perfectly.

      • Maritimer

        You always choose yourself (unless you’re like Brandon) but that makes sense. Luke just seems to me to be needlessly excluding Jericho at times

    • prettyboyprobst

      1) So good.
      2) Mostly ride-or-die imo. I think Luke wasn’t even aware how much damage he could have done to their trust-level by leaving him out of his plans of voting Sarah off. Fortunately Tara got involved, crisis averted.
      3) Henry said he may have played his idol if there was anyone that would look into his eyes, but nobody even looked in his direction, so good job by everyone until the last second.
      (I also didn’t have a problem with Michelle naming Henry, Ziggy and Locky as power players. Who else would she name? It can be important to keep it real enough, so these three don’t pick up that anything funny is going on because people avoid talking about them at all costs.)

      • Maritimer

        They really, really nailed the art of the blindside, right up until the last second, as you say. TC was played so, so perfectly. I actually think that the rain may have benefited them, because they had to do everything so quick, there weren’t separate conversations going on to set off alarm bells for Henry. I’m with you on Michelle naming the power trio.They were the power trio, its the only right answer

  • Super duper fan

    Words can’t describe how much I loved this episode. Definetely the best episode of Australian Survivor, and AT LEAST top 30 in all of Survivor episodes. My thoughts:
    -I really missed the auction. Luke picking that advantage was the best possible scenario in terms of entertainment.
    – Tessa is alongside people like Spencer, who plays much better when they’re on the bottom, and also are much more entertaing. Tessa was SO scrappy, and this, alongside her being a Harry Potter fan, solidified me as a fan.
    – Probably the reason why I loved this episode so much is because they didn’t try to create false suspense. One of the biggest problems Game Changers had is that they tried to blindside us in places, where instead of “wow, that was so awesome”, we went “um, how did it exactly happen?”. Sometimes blindsiding us is great (for example Michaela’s boot in MvGX), but this episode proved that we can see what actually happens on the island, without detractment of entertainment, because the whole move spoke in itself.

    I can’t say how much I love this season. My updated Power Rankings are:

    1. Sarah (0)
    2. Luke (0)
    3. Tessa (+5)
    4. Michelle (-1)
    5. Jericho (+2)
    6. Locky (-1)
    7. Ziggy (-3)
    8. Peter (+1)
    9. Tara (-3)

    And the only change in my “who I’m rooting to win” ranking, is that Tessa jumps up to Tier 1, so everything’s good in my world.

    • prettyboyprobst

      Tessa pizza-jumped her way right into my heart and up the ranks of my favorites-list this episode! (and the powerrankings, which I will try to write out later or tomorrow along with the the ther two)
      Also, she’s a low-key challenge beast! (I’m sure there is a better way of saying that.)

      For now, I join the chants that are praising this episode in unison because it was absolutely amazing. After tribal, the auction, the overnight-stay, the rain – everything.

      I will also add that this marks the second time in 3 post-merge episodes that a loose grouping of pairs and individuals comes together to take a swing at the seemingly dominating alliance and connects, which is, again, pretty amazing. Trust-Clusters indeed.
      Compare that to last year where people of questionable standing in the tribe almost always tried to latch on to the majority alliance instead of banding together (although for example Brooke and Flick did their part to keep them together on their tribes pre- and post-merge, so it was not just risk aversion).
      Jarrad seemed to have some kind of Onion alliance going and Henry and Locky clearly thought that they had formed something that would last at least a couple of votes. Both were brought down by a massively outnumbered opposition that picked of the fringes from their alliances.

    • Something Quirky

      Australian Survivor is not great with the hashtags, and IIRC that hashtag came on screen before anyone actually said those words.

      • prettyboyprobst

        I just watched most of the episode again and Michelle said it in a tent scene and it immediately popped on screen. It was the same with #jam-gate, only then she wasn’t even in the frame and we only heard her voice in a camp scene. As far as I can remember, these are the only two hashtags of the season, but I wouldn’t read too much into it, even if that is correct.

        Another thing I did was counting every distinct time Henry assured us in confessionals that he is in control or in a good position or sitting pretty or something to that effect.
        Even though I would only count it once when he said multiple things like that in the same confessional, there were still about 6 different instances of that (although probably cut from the same 2 or 3 interviews), without Tribal Council.
        On first watch I still believed him most of the way, considering how good the previous two episodes went for him (but only because I was lucky in that I already forgot about the tv-promo for the week at that point, which promised “THREE BIG BLINDSIDES”).

    • prettyboyprobst

      Well, there was a lot of movement in my rankings (that existed up until last week only in my head). Even between the episodes there have been some big jumps and falls. Luke made a big leap from his dire position as soon as he survived the first week and continued to climb up the ranks of both lists over the next two episodes. Henry improved his position in both lists in ep16 and was at or near the top of my winner rankings for 1 1/2 episodes following that.
      Anneliese’s merge-episode didn’t go according to plan at all, but by the end of ep16 I still thought it would all work out and wouldn’t have dropped her considerably.

      Peter survived the first strike against his alliance in the merge episode, got to show more of his smarts and personality, doesn’t look as beaten down anymore and all together enabled him to jumped ahead of people bit by bit.
      Tessa had to fall first before she could reach new heights.

      Sole Survivor Power Rankings:
      1) Anneliese — Sarah (+1)
      2) Sarah ——– Michelle (+1)
      3) Michelle —– Jericho (+2)
      4) Henry ——– Luke (+3)
      5) Jericho —— Tessa (+4)
      6) Locky ——– Locky ( – )
      7) Luke ——— Peter (+5)
      8) Ziggy ——– Ziggy ( – )
      9) Tessa ——- Tara (+2)
      10) Jarrad
      11) Tara
      12) Peter

      Safest Place Power Rankings:
      1) Michelle —– Michelle ( – )
      2) Tara ———- Jericho (+8)
      3) Anneliese — Tara (-1)
      4) Locky ——– Sarah (+1)
      5) Sarah ——– Peter (+6)
      6) Henry ——– Luke (+6)
      7) Jarrad ——- Tessa (+1)
      8) Tessa ——– Ziggy (+1)
      9) Ziggy ——– Locky (-5)
      10) Jericho
      11) Peter
      12) Luke

      Updated Favorites Ranking:
      Tier 1
      Tier 2
      Tier 3
      Tier 4
      Tier 5

      Tessa jumped from T3 to T1, Peter from T4 to T2 (He had a lot of good, little smart moments this past week, like being the first one to speak up that Locky was the flipper, the 20$ bid or throwing Sarah’s name into the mix in that scene in the rain in ep18). Michelle climbed from T3 up one rung (after my previous T2 of Jarrad and Henry had been completely wiped out) and Ziggy slipped down one, leaving Jericho all alone in T3. Locky and Tara change places.

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    I forgot to add this to my recap, but if anybody wants to recap an episode and can do so relatively quickly, PM me on Twitter (@AssistantDS).

    Nick pointed this out in the Know-It-Oz with Mike Bloom, but I should have figured it out for myself: The unusual order of the vote-reads in the Anneliese and Henry boots are an indication that production expected both of them to be straight idol plays (i.e., they DIDN’T expect Ziggy to play the super-idol, and they DID expect Henry to play his idol).

    • Something Quirky

      I can’t PM you because we don’t follow each other, but I’m happy to do a recap.
      (I’ve been managing to watch most of the episodes within 24 hours of them airing, and could write immediately after.)

    • Head Architect Sylvia

      Likewise, replied to your other message on another post – don’t have twitter but can potentially use disqus/email as contact if you need any extra help with them. I have faith that Something Quirky would do a really good job though!

      • Something Quirky

        Aw 🙂

    • prettyboyprobst

      Where is Kemper and how is Sharcy doing? For his sake I hope living conditions normalize soon, if they haven’t already, but I support everything that gets these recaps out quicker and I’m glad to see there was no shortage of volunteers.
      I probably like the format of one blog-post per week that gets constantly updated best, to keep the discussion in one place, but I understand that you wanted to give this episode the spotlight of its own recap page.

      I also noticed that those votes were read as if an idol had been played/no superidol was played, but I still think it’s more likely that they decided for some reason that this would add to the suspense or the shock-value of the result to show or edit it this way. Jeffy Probst is always ready to react to such things by having the votes sorted into different stacks (some say there are even different compartments in the urn), and I don’t see why AU production wouldn’t have taken that important lesson from him.
      And it’s not like they’re above editing votes out of the vote-reading: Anneliese, for example, mentioned in her interview with Nick that her vote-out from Samatau also happened in two stages and she only got sent off after a re-vote (that’s two re-votes in one tribal, for those keeping score. Anneliese had Peter and Jarrad voting Locky with her, despite Ziggy’s shouting of her name – or was that only at the second vote? I’d have to listen to that part again…).

    • Super duper fan

      Like others, I also am willing to recap an episode, but I don’t have a twitter.

  • Something Quirky

    It really sucks about Annaliese, because she played the situation correctly.

    I still don’t know what to think of Tessa, to be honest. Sometimes I like and respect her, but sometimes she’ll say or do something super off-putting to me.

    As much as Luke is Luke, he was definitely the person with the most entertainment value in regards to winning everything.

    I was disappointed that there was only one dud item, and it was still an edible item. Where were the bugs and other gross stuff?

    Also, I missed the thing with Henry and yoga. His profession shows as labourer, but he was pretending to be a yoga teacher?

    Jericho’s confessional about Henry being the golden boy did really make me ready for Henry to go.
    I do think Jericho is close to Tara level of not being able to win it, but if he makes some good moves and gets some separation from Luke I do think he has a chance.

    • Head Architect Sylvia

      Tessa can basically do no wrong in my eyes, I love watching her being super scrappy and competing really well in all of the challenges. She seems really down to earth and likeable in my opinion, and I think she’s generally played a really good game, bar that time she told Michelle she was on the bottom of the alliance.

      I mean, I wouldn’t hate Luke winning because it’d be a good thing for the show etc. but I find him so exhausting, the confessionals in particular. Feels like every episode lately starts with “So yesterday, I got [NAME] out. [NAME] thinks they’re pulling the strings, but it’s all me baby! I’m the king!” variations etc. And it’s gotten to the stage where I’m a bit over it. He does have some genuinely funny moments and he’s made some good moves though.

      Yeah, Henry went into the game posing as yoga teacher because apparently he thought that would make everyone like him / it would enable him to fly under the radar because yoga teachers are super zen and don’t care about anything. Or something. I think a lot of people suspected he knew no yoga pretty early on but it didn’t really seem to make or break him. It was all a bit weird. With the knowledge he’s not a yoga teacher, all his scenes leading yoga classes are pretty funny.

      I didn’t think Jericho had much hope but the last few episodes it feels like his edit has really ramped up and most of his confessionals have been about strategy. I actually would rate him about 3rd/4th equal with Tessa and behind Sarah and Luke.

      • Something Quirky

        I can see the theory to that decision. I’d maybe have gone with something like an astrologist so that I could suss out who was the most gullible 😉

        I agree that Tessa has generally played a good game. I don’t dislike her.

        It is good when we actually see the other sides to Luke, like entertaining but can also laugh at himself Luke or dad Luke. I certainly don’t want him to win, because that would just validate all his assertions of being the king.

        • Head Architect Sylvia

          Haha I’d probably just stick to my real profession so I wouldn’t run the possibility of getting caught out in a lie. Like most people. Posing as an astrologist could be amusing though.

          Yeah, he totally has some likeable qualities. I’d probably come around to him as a winner, but I agree, would much prefer it to be almost anyone else.

  • Head Architect Sylvia

    Recapping a lot of previous things but:

    – Best episode of the season, hands out. Perfectly edited and the perfect mix of everything. One of my favourite parts was Tessa beating Locky in the challenge, and that totally got overshadowed by literally everything else and wasn’t particularly integral, but I really enjoyed watching her win. She’s my favourite though, so a bit of bias.

    – Luke getting everything at the auction was a really cool twist.

    – I agree, Tessa (and Peter) bopping up and down in the rain was delightful. They both seem so sweet and it was like watching two of the uncool kids getting really excitable about the very real possibility of finally taking down one of the bullies.

    – Was watching pre merge constantly commenting on Michelle being literally one of the biggest deadweights I have ever seen on Survivor, but she somehow made it through and she’s been KILLING it post merge. Her tribal councils are just the best and are a joy to watch. Even outside of them I live for her awkward comments/confessionals. She’s a weird mix of a player, so astute sometimes and so hilariously inept other times. Love her.

    – I agree with what others said below, I don’t think Michelle almost blew it by mentioning Locky/Henry/Ziggy, she’s been making statements like that every tribal since merge no matter what side of the vote she’s been on and I actually think her and Tessa played the tribal perfectly. I saw others comment elsewhere that they “made it so obvious” for Henry to play his idol and gave away too much information, but I disagree 100%. I remember watching and actually thinking a comment Sarah made was way fishier, but can’t remember what that was now. Of course they had less reason to suspect Sarah would flip anyway.

    – Also mentioned in a reply below, but Jericho’s gradually been getting a lot of really positive strategic confessionals over the last few episodes, right? It’s been building up to rival people like Sarah/Luke I think. I mean, I didn’t count but its been feel like he’s really emerging as a real dark horse potential winner to me.

    – Preview for next week with literally everyone taking credit for the Henry blindside is quite amusing. Luke NOT taking credit for it would be severely out of character though.

    • Something Quirky

      If I can spoil something – Luke’s the first person with a confessional taking credit =p

      I do find it interesting people talking about Locky as a threat when he hasn’t won an individual immunity. Sure he was good at team challenges, but these ones are a bit different, and as was pointed out below about this challenge suiting Tessa, individual challenges rely on a lot more than just being a big fit guy.

      I’ve also come around on Michelle. Not a huge fan of her, but I’m liking her gameplay, and she’s certainly exceeded expectations, which she should be proud of.

      • Head Architect Sylvia

        Classic. Of course he was.

        Yeah there has been a lot of balance once and he’s just sheer brute force, really. His ego is so big though so whenever someone says “Locky is the biggest threat” he’s probably just thinking “Yeah I am”.

        Ahah she does come off as super annoying (which I enjoy) she’s like a combination of a Sydney socialite and a soccer mum. Yeah, her gameplay and her performances at tribals have been on point.

        • Something Quirky

          I kind of want someone to be like “Locky’s not a threat” and see how he reacts.

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    Thanks @headarchitectsylvia:disqus and @EmElle:disqus for volunteering to do recaps (and if I missed anybody, let me know). Let’s coordinate in this thread for now. I’d like to recap all three Week 9 episodes in one post and have it up Wednesday morning in the US before the HHH premiere.

    The problem with recapping the first episode then adding the others later is that the commenting gets confused as to what are and aren’t spoilers. The problem with waiting until all the recaps are done is that the post isn’t timely unless the last recap is written quickly. But hopefully with more hands that won’t be a problem.

    The first episode is up on DM now. Who would like to do which day? I’m happy to do any of the three, but it might make more sense for someone in Australia to recap the third one.

    FYI, sharc dropped out for personal reasons but I suspect he was also burned out by the volume of AU Survivor, especially now that it’s back to 3 episodes/week. Kemper Boyd fell behind in watching the episodes the past couple of weeks and today she got sick.

    • Assistant Dragon Slayer

      And thank you @superduperfan:disqus (what time zone are you in?)

      • Super duper fan

        Central European Summer Time, so there is a six hour gap between the Eastern timezone.

    • Head Architect Sylvia

      Yeah, it’s only natural things will come up in peoples lives, it’s impossible to commit to recapping over such a long time period so it’s totally understandable that they had to drop out.

      I am in Aus and usually watch the episode live (and obviously could rewatch the same night) so I could do the third one. Can’t promise it’ll be high quality but hopefully it’s better than nothing! Should I go ahead and make an email address for this account to potentially send things to you through? Anyway let me know what you want to do in terms of collating them all together.

    • Something Quirky

      I’m cool to defer to Head Architect Sylvia, but if you guys need a backup for any reason I’m in.

      (I’ll also be watching tonight and tomorrow night’s episodes shortly after they air, so could have a recap done by Wednesday morning Australian time.)

      • Head Architect Sylvia

        I think the idea is he does one, I do one, and you (or Super duper fan) potentially do another so we’re all recapping one episode each.

        • Something Quirky

          I’m happy to do the second one 🙂

          (And I’m in WA, so you’ll see the third one before me =p)

          • Head Architect Sylvia

            Alright, you have the second one, I’ll tackle the third episode and ADS you can do the first one if that suits. We’re all set. Hope we have some more good episodes this week!

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Sounds like a plan. You and @EmElle:disqus can send them to vanguard87 at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!

          • Something Quirky

            Sending it now 🙂

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Can you write up episode 21 today/tonight in Australia? Don’t knock yourself out if you cant, it would just be nice to post this weeks recaps before the HHH premiere.

          • Head Architect Sylvia

            I just got home and I’ve already written two thirds of it so hopefully will be done in say 2 hours or so, just need to sort a few things before I get stuck into it again.

          • Head Architect Sylvia


          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Thanks so much!

        • Assistant Dragon Slayer

          Yes, one episode each. It doesn’t matter to me who does which.

    • Something Quirky

      I followed you on twitter, so you can DM me where to send recap.

    • prettyboyprobst

      Another problem I see with posting all three at once is that I think discussion usually will focus on the latest episode and going forward, leaving the first two episodes and the potential fall-out from them underdiscussed. I say ‘usually’ because for specific reasons I don’ expect this to be a big problem this week, but we’ll see how it turns out.
      Next week it won’t be a big deal either, because there will only be two episodes (Mon & Tue), but maybe we can re-evaluate ahead of finale week?

      Thanks for the updates, for their own sake I hope both can catch up eventually. Anyway, thanks to all who wrote and/or write the recaps and special thanks to you for keeping it together and organizing a timely post for this week!

  • Neutral Username

    I’m really having a good time with this season. Sarah and Tessa going against each other almost broke my heart so I was overjoyed that it was all a ruse. I am also enjoying watching Tara continually be shocked at tribal and Locky thinking he is good at challenges despite not being good at challenges. Makes me smile every time.

    • prettyboyprobst

      week9 reaction: Simpler times…

  • Kemper Boyd

    I really hate Locky. It’s all about him. He’s such a self centred prick. The way he speaks to people, he’s smug if it’s going his way and petulant if it’s not. At least I can’t see him winning over this jury.

    • Something Quirky

      I can’t see him talking his way to winning at all.

  • Something Quirky

    Silly Quirky over here spoiled herself on tonight’s vote, just before watching the episode, because she couldn’t leave a facebook comment alone. Earlier this evening, facebook showed me that a friend had commented on the Aus Survivor facebook page, and since the episode hadn’t aired yet, I had a look at the comments to see what they were like. Someone used the phrase “Stupidest move in Survivor history.”

    I didn’t reply, but over the following hours my self-control disappeared, so I went to find the comment.
    I covered the page on my phone with my hand and only clicked on that post. Even though there were newer posts, people were commenting on that post about who went home. Whoops.

    After watching the episode, you can be damn sure I’ll waste my time finding that original comment and replying to it!