Australian Survivor week 8. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, y’all.

Sorry, you guys, I watched the crazed bigot who thinks he should run our country stalk a woman on live tv instead of Australian Survivor. Choices.

I don't know this dog, but I want to know it.
I don’t know this dog, but I want to know it.

“Episode 20”

Oh, cool. Another episode where everyone talks about things happening and nothing happens. Thanks, Australian Survivor.

We come back from tribal council to pretty much just a recap of what happened last episode. Jennah Louise is still on the outs. She confesses to having accepted her fate. Kristie is shaken that votes came in for her. The majority is holding strong. Little of this is interesting.

The next day shows a little more promise. JL is hustling, trying to get something, anything except the next vote being for her to happen. Lee goes to Kristie and tells her he’ll try to target Matt before her, and Kristie sees this as Lee being willing to throw his game away for her. I can’t get a read on any of this because Lee is an honest person, something I don’t understand, and Kristie is a space lizard.

Then things start to move, sort of. Flick pulls in Matt with a plan to blindside El and Lee on the grounds that nobody will beat them in the finals. This is a solid plan, because I kind of suspect Matt is the only person Flick can beat in the finals. Flick claims this is the biggest move in the history of Survivor, which suggests Flick has not seen Cagayan, or Amazon, San Juan del Sur, or literally any season where someone turns on a close ally late in the game. You guys, I think Flick maybe hasn’t seen a lot of Survivor.

We get a challenge, still no reward, and it involves running an obstacle course to collect blocks, then running back to memorize the pattern they go in. It’s kind of like that challenge from Kaoh Rong with the wheel of symbols and the key, which, mysteriously, nobody won, but with too many moving parts. Also, there are far too many shots of people stopping the game to see if they got it right. You want like four of those. We got ten.

In the end Brooke wins immunity, and Jennah Louise is probably screwed. At camp, everyone insists on talking about the game in only the vaguest terms. But JL does do some good work stirring up El’s suspicions. We get a couple of confessionals from her about how she knows it’s probably time to start doing things.

At tribal council, Jennah Louise continues to just pound the table on the idea of making a move. This works I think basically never, but it’s something you do when you know you’re already boned and the most you can do is shake things up. She calls out Matt as being on the bottom, which makes sense, since she’s not aware of his new status as a useful pawn, and… Flick? Yeah, not sure on that one. Flick professes ignorance of her position, Sam manages not to bully anyone, and it’s time for a vote.

It’s a fairly straightforward split. 4 votes come in for Kristie; 5 come in for Jennah-Louise. She asks Jonathan for a hug, and this episode whimpers to a conclusion.

Discussion Points:

  • To all of you Canadians: Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your walking bird and injun eyes.
  • To all of us from the US: Have a perfectly average Columbus Day, unless you work for the federal government, in which case I guess today is fun.

“Episode 21”

Holy shit, something happened on Australian Survivor. It was confusing and, as a lot of you have already pointed out in the comments, maybe of questionable strategic value, but at least it wasn’t everyone shrugging and saying “let’s vote off Kristie.”

Back at camp, Kristie is rattle because votes came in for her again. She talks about how she needs to change things up. Flick is also shaken up by Jennah Louise’s accusations that she’s on the outs. It didn’t make sense when she said it, but Flick seems to be taking it seriously  and considers whether this is the right time to do something.

There’s not a lot the next morning. Brooke fills Kristie in a little on what’s going on, and then we get a weirdly triumphant confessional from Kristie about how great she’s doing, which she ends by laughing like Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy. I don’t get the story we’re being told here. On the one hand, what she outlined is a legitimate strategy for getting to the end as a floater. On the other hand, that strategy generally involves not coming off like your luxury item was a magnifying glass in case you were bored and wanted to fry ants with it. So, I dunno. Losing finalist?

There’s a reward challenge for once. It’s the one where you lean out over the water by a rope. I tell my roommate that this is exclusively for shorter, sinewy women, so of course the final two is Sam and Lee. Lee falls in and Sam is the winner. He gets to sleep in a bed for a night, and he gets to pick someone to take with him. Remember when Natalie A. won this, and she used it to sucker Jon and Jaclyn into thinking things were cool while she waited to stick the knife in? And then she made fun of Jon’s pretentious wine obsession behind his back? Remember how awesome that was? This is not that.

Sam just wants to have a best friend date with Lee. They find out that in addition to the bed, they get fresh underwear and cookies. 1.) Bad job, show. Sam is a golden retriever, they cannot have chocolate. 2.) Bad job, Sam. There has never eeeeeever been a situation on this season where it was more obvious that you can and should share your reward with the tribe, but candy was more important to you.

Sam and Lee cuddle in the bed. The next day, Brooke decides this is the time to blindside him. Sam tries to push the vote to El, but Brooke is insistent. Flick spills the plan to El. And things start moving. El takes Lee aside for a talk. Lee isn’t angry with Sam; he’s just disappointed. He gives a confessional about how he wants to show his sons this game can be played with honesty and integrity. You guys, you have no idea how big of a jerk-off motion I made during this.

Lee and El pull in Kristie, and it looks like original Sanaapu vs. original Aganoa, with Flick in the middle.

The immunity challenge is an interesting-ish twist on the house of cards challenge. Rather than maintaining a balance, the players have to keep a rope taut to prevent their platform from spinning. Sam builds his tower way too sturdy and is never gonna have enough tiles to reach the mark. Lee takes an early lead, but his tower looks a little shaky, so I assume he’s gonna fall at the last minute with Kristie winning immunity. I’m wrong, Lee’s holds, and the plan moves back to El.

Back at camp it’s mostly about Flick wavering in the middle, wondering whether this is the right time to blindside Brooke. (Flick, it probably wasn’t.) She manages not to show any cracks in the facade. There’s a complicated thing involving what they’re telling Matt that they’re telling Kristie, which I didn’t pay good attention to because at this point I was Columbus Day drunk.

We get to tribal council. There’s a lot of talk about who can be trusted, and who has faith in their alliance. Everyone is super vague.

There’s a vote. It’s 3 for El, 3 for Brooke, as Matt and Sam get increasingly confused. The final vote comes in and Brooke is gone.

So… who knows what the hell is coming next, but at least things are moving. The preview indicates Matt is moving to the swing position, and part of me is wondering if we’re getting a fairly straight replay of the seven and six of Amazon, with the swing vote going home because he’s enjoying too much it and voting him out makes sense. We’ll see.

Discussion points:

  • I know y’all are already talking about how this looks for Flick, but that’s kind of the big thing here, so, keep talking about that.
  • I’ve given my prediction about what’s happening next week, but what do you guys see going down.


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78 thoughts on “Australian Survivor week 8. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, y’all.

  1. This week’s dog is the New Guinea Singing Dog. I can’t have one, because they are feral and really more dingoes than dogs, but I’m obsessed with them. They have a distinctive howl that changes tone, and when they get together they can do it in chorus to create harmonies.

  2. Haven’t finished the episode yet but I swear to God if they haven’t figured out by Day 42 to let the fish swim over the net and pull up, rather than try to throw it over them like an escaped zoo animal, they should just vacate the remainder of the season and start over.

    1. Oh for fuck’s sake. Good for JL for nearly pulling it off, but why would you use a pawn to take out another pawn?

      500K AUD is a little bit more than 380K USD. Could that be a sufficiently small amount of money that the talk about valuing friendship over winning is sincere?

      1. I think it’s just bad casting. I’m watching a season of Big Brother Canada right now and the prize is less than 100K USD, but everyone is playing to win.

        1. What’s even more baffling is, the prize money for second place, third place and also rans is nowhere near what US contestants get. I know that question came up here in the comments before, so I made sure to read closely and to remember it, when I saw that that Matt answered a question about the allocation of prize money.
          In fact, it seems to be one of the areas where they save the most money compared to the US production, because there is no second and third place and everyone but the winner gets only a per diem of 80 Dollar, like an ordinary extra without lines.

          So they should be playing ultra aggressive, as it’s literally all-or-nothing in Australian Survivor.

          1. that kills the “Kristie floating cos 4th is better than 7th” theory.
            Do they get the per diem in the game or out of it?

          2. Not sure that I understand the question. Do you mean if they still get the per diem after being voted out? Pretty sure they don’t, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge of the prize-money situation.

            But yeah, that really kills that theory. I mean, given that it’s an extra long game and all, it’s still the right approach to take it slowly, but since the merge everyone should really have their eyes on the prize, and Kristie just hopes it’s not her tribal after tribal, without any attempts to ever get into control. If she gets even farther and starts making moves on her own (I doubt it), that’s still a weak excuse, as she should have had no reasonable expectation of even getting that far. It’s not easy to do more and stick your neck out with this dysfunctional bunch of outsiders, but with that money allocation it makes less sense not to try.
            I’m still willing to defend Matt somewhat because his situation is so different from the other outsiders, but Kristie’s game irks me more than Conner’s, Sue’s, JL’s and almost as much as Kylie’s.

          3. Yeah I meant was the per diem for being in the game or the length of time they are away from their lives. So the difference is I guess if you are number 1 voted out you get $80 but if you go 50 days you get $4000.
            Matt’s game kind of irks me more than Kristie’s maybe just because he seems to have so many apologists.

          4. Maybe there is some kind of base level payment of one grand or so, now that I think about it, so the early pre-merge boots don’t go out of there empty handed. He was saying “$80 a day, which amounts to between $4000 -$5000 for the jury members”, but that’s actually about $1000 too high, if you do the math.

            Surprised to hear you feel like Matt has a lot of apologists, because I feel, from reading here and there and listening to a ton of podcasts, that he is this season’s number one punching bag for quite some time now. Kristie, otoh, seems to have a ton of fans. Less so in the American-International community (how fun to lump these two together for once), but still many times more than Matt. Some still kind of like him, but at times it feels like am the last one to defend his moves, or lack thereof.

      2. That’s still a lot of money. I assume it’s just talk, so everyone feels good about sticking together for as long as possible and so that nobody thinks one is getting ideas to nake a move against one’s friends.

  3. Guys, my standard source only has the first half of episode 21. (Although I’ve already been spoiled on the outcome.) If you have a better one, can you help me out?

  4. Ep 21 spoilies

    Wow, I did not see flick flipping coming at all. I had them as the tightest pair out there, end together or bust. I would also like to point out that having Nick there woulda really helped Brooke out in this situation, I think that was the move that really sunk her game.

    Other than Flick inexplicably getting a bee in her bonnet about her best friend, what the hell. I really can’t think of bigger betrayal on a personal level I have ever seen on survivor. Like around final four I can see those friendships ending when the rubber really meets the road and the money is so close, but at final 7? Flick’s move was nigh unprecedented.

    And I don’t think it really helps Flicks chances to win the game either. She lost a certain jury vote there. In a final four, she can flip on Brook there with likely backing from Sam and Matt, and whoever wins that final 3 is likely to take Flick along over the other one anyway, getting her to final tribal. And she coulda probably had a real shot against Matt there too. I really don’t like ths move for Flick. Wrong time to get ants in your pants.

    And if I was Lee, I would have used my advantage there. Stop Brooke from voting, make the votes tied 3-3, and Flick is basically forced to flip on a tie if she didn’t go along with the plan, or face the fat side of 3 vs. 1 rock draw. And potentially the same thing again next tribal as well. I guess Lee really did trust El’s trust in Flick, because I didn’t see Lee talk to her at all.

    But it made the episode pretty entertaining, so I’m good.

    1. ep21 I agree on all accounts. Seems to be a dumb move by Flick. I guess all the people on their way to the jury clamoring for someone to make a move and JL shining a light on the Sam-Brooke pair really got to her and made her antsy to shake things up. But they were in the process of doing that anyway with their move against Ellee, who are an even tighter pair and two people who she told us she doesn’t think she can beat in the end. Of course Brooke is a huge threat on her own, but one that would want to keep Flick around and possibly even take her to the end. Not an ideal position for Flick to sit next to Brooke in the end, but I think she would have had a shot at jury votes and could have tried to avoid that FTC constellation when it comes down to Final Five, Four or Three.

      I also think Lee should have used the advantage, just in case. What Kristie said made sense, but someone playing really good (or better: hard) could just make you think they’re with you, to stop you from pursuing other opportunities. And Flick staying with her dominant alliance makes even more sense, no matter what she told El.

      That’s one of the problems I had with this episode in particular: players who are just running with information of questionable accuracy, apparently without even allowing for the possibility that they are being manipulated.

      Having Nick around would have helped Brooke, but I’m still not sure, that it would have been the right move for Brooke to throw her weight in to save him. I tend to think she should have tried more to save him, but being seen as in control with a good shot at the money ( I think she spoke about the money more recently and seemed excited at the prospect of it – could that have come off as confidence of victory to Flick and rubbed her wrong?) did her in now, so a blatant intervention on behalf of Nick would have made her appear even more threatening, and with ten or more people around, it could have backfired, too.

      player(s) of the episode:

      1a-Matt for not freaking out about about being the decoy
      1b-Kristie, also for not freaking out about receiving votes last tribal and having a good grasp about her position in the game, although I do wonder if she should have flipped right back and snitched about the plan to Brooke, Sam and Matt, after she heard El’s stupid assessment that Flick can make it way farther with them than with her actual alliance, WHEN FLICK WASN’T EVEN THERE! So much stupid in this episode, it’s painful to watch at times.
      1c- Lee was a’ight. I get why he wants to trust El’s judgement, but he probably should have played the advantage

      Still, overall it was a good set of episodes. But this inexplicable decision tainted Flick and removed Kween Brooke, so now there is really no one left, who I think deserves to win on gameplay merits alone. Of course, outlasting in a 55-day game is pretty impressive on its own, and you don’t have to be in control for the whole game to be a deserving winner anyway, but I feel like we lost the two favorites to win in this episode and everyone left comes with some big warts.

      1. Ep 21: I think if Flick gets to the end this is the move she pins her winning on. “I had to take out Brooke, she won 2 immunities was closer with Sam and had better relationships with the Jury”. I think Flick becomes the second best goat behind Kristie in people’s minds but I wonder if JL, Nick, Sue and Kylie will be able to see the moves she made and the times she flipped and go with her over say Lee who didn’t do much but is really nice? Maybe not Kylie.
        I think Flick had the similar chances of final 2 and winning on each side. I think Brooke would have taken her and won, Sam would have taken her and it’s a toss up, Matt would have taken her and lost. Here you have El takes her and wins, Lee takes her and wins and Kristie takes her and loses. Basically she needs to sit at the end next to Kristie now. She should have stuck another vote but I guess part of the thinking is is Lee goes she is now El’s closest relationship but immunity fucked it up and she didn’t want it to be El, not sure why it couldn’t have been Sam instead of Brooke though.
        Basically I don’t know, let’s see how it plays out but fuck is it nice to see some actual game again. I now predict a Lee win.

        1. Bad move by Flick for the reasons stated. In addition, I think writing “Brookey” (leaving no doubt as to who shivved Brooke) and sneering at Brooke on her way out the door were huge mistakes. If Flick had whispered something like “I’m sorry but I had to get you before you got me”, she could have salvaged Brooke’s vote and ensured that Brooke would be her advocate at Australian Ponderosa.

          Not only was it too early to get rid of Brooke, but now I think Lee and El are close to invincible. As complicated as this vote was, the next one is dead simple: vote out Lee, or vote out El if Lee wins immunity. However, if Lee and El pull in, say, Kristie with a final 3 promise, Lee’s vote canceler gets them through the next vote, then they have the majority at 5 and 4.

          1. I didn’t think it was a malicious smile at Brooke, more a reaction to Brooke laughing, mixed with some “So happy you’re as proud of my big move as I am, girlfriend! I wanted to tell you so bad, but I couldn’t, obviously! *giggle”.
            You’re approach probably would have worked much better, though, as Brooke said she’s hurt and rooting for Matt and Sam now. Even the rest of the jury seemed to feel a little bad for her getting betrayed by her friend in Brooke’s Ponderosa-video.

          2. The next obvious move is for Flick to get Kristie really paranoid about not being able to split up El and Lee. Then going 4-2 against one of them. If it’s Lee, you then get El on board to vote out Sam, leaving a Matt, El, Flick, Kristie f4. That’s the perfect scenario.

        2. Yeah, i got the impression that she saw this juicy move she could do and take credit for on her own and couldn’t resist, but not wanting to lose El at this pint could have also played into her decision, didn’t really think about that.
          What she didn’t take into consideration, it seems like, is that she can make moves with the group she’s most comfortable with and still take sole credit for the moves, if she takes the other power player in that alliance (Brooke, obv.) out before FTC (and earn jury points for that).

          At a later time there wouldn’t even be second guessing from the jury, whereas now she’s in a weaker position in the game and I feel like even the jury is mostly confused by that move.

          I can’t see the people in her new group really taking her to the end, but it’s possible that they would see her as a goat and bring her along. Lee, I think, would bring El anyway.

          In her Jury-Villa video Nick says with everyone sitting around the table, that she was the jury’s big favorite (and nobody disagrees, although it’s possible that Nick is only thinking he can speak for everyone and the others were just to polite to voice a different opinion at this point. JL said she wants Lee to win and Sue roots for an “outsider” to win, iirc), so I would assume that Flick could have inherited the positon of jury’s darling if she cut Brooke loose a couple of votes before FTC.
          If she stays in control and makes it to FTC they’ll likely appreciate the move, but I think her path got more difficult, and we’re looking at it, probably like the jury, in a “How is that supposed to work. What are you trying to accomplish here”-kind of way.

          1. Yep, her toss up was easier root to final 2 vs big move removing the power player.
            I’d started thinking of Brooke as Obvious Winner Brooke so the edit on the Oz version is way more fun because until this episode the story hadn’t set up for a Brooke blindside. I quite like this mystery on who is going to win.
            Basically Flick felt she had to make a move or be seen as Brooke’s number 2 so she made it but she doesn’t know about Lee’s vote remover which could screw any attempt at her flipping against him before 4.

          2. Yeah, the edit really is something else in Ozzie version.
            They have so many minutes to fill for I think 26 episodes, that it seemed odd that they still had players disappear and couldn’t find spots to show just a little bit of everyone for long stretches, like with JL until her recent stretch of visibility. But even then you couldn’t really rule her out, because what if Australian editors just decided it’s enough to have (hypothetical winner) JL front and center for the last 9(?) episodes and didn’t care if people forgot all about her until she resurfaced when the post-merge heated up. Same goes for El, Matt, Flick and Kristie to a lesser extent. They all had long stretches where we barely saw them on the show and I don’t think that disqualifies any of them. I still believe that Brooke was the only one who had anything like an obvious winner-edit (maybe someone has a sneaky one), so now it gets really unpredictable.

            There’s also a lot of white noise due to the longer runtime, like in episodes where half the tribe is giving pre-tribal confessionals, which makes it hard too read the edit. Unfortunately the use of music is significantly worse during challenges, which kills the suspense. And speaking of music, I can’t remember that anyone got the Dodo-edit. Maybe Kristie a little bit, but I don’t remember what kind of music they used for her dorky moments. Other than that, maybe Des was somewhere in his one-and-done downfall arc painted as a bumbling idiot, can’t remember.

            As for Lee’s vote block, I’m pretty sure we saw Brooke and Flick talk about the need to make him get rid of it and use it soon one or two weeks ago. Unless it was Brooke and El and they never told Flick, which seems unlikely. So she should know that she needs Kristie if they want to make a move against Lee&El next tribal.

  5. In case anyone was wondering, there’s no tuesday-episode this week and it looks like they’re back to their regular monday&sunday schedule.

    Epsidode 22 airs on sunday, meaning it will be available on sunday in the US.

          1. Ok. Wanna know about the Sunset(sic) Squad? Apparently JL, Nick and Matt were good buddies in the game often watched the sunrise together, because they were up earlier than others and talked about the game and other stuff. Maybe that comes into play if Matt makes FTC, although I wouldn’t know for sure in which direction: JL didn’t take too kindly to getting ratted out by Matt to Brooke, which seemed a little odd from just watching the show (because: what did she expect he would do with that information), but makes more sense that way. She could still get over it before final tribal and reward him for time spent together, I guess.

          2. I know you’re sensitive to this kind of information and I don’t want to freak you out, but I’m pretty sure that she said she would love to vote for Lee, if he makes it this far. (from her Ponderosa)

            Nick, I won’t even attempt to predict. I’m sure he’ll overthink it at the last hour. In general, I see him also as someone who votes to reward good gameplay, at least now that every former Vavau is out. (meaning he certainly likes to think of himself as such a voter, but I can’t imagine the circumstances that would have him votefor one of his Vavauian adversaries, as long as there was an option B)

    1. I’ll repost this later in the new thread, but it looks liker there’ll be 3 episodes again in the final week:

      The Australian Survivor finale is on the way, with one contestant set to walk away with $500,000 -one of the bigger prizes in Reality TV.

      The last week sees three episodes beginning with a blindside and
      culminating in a finale on Tuesday October 25, with the final three
      contenders in a six hour Immunity Challenge.

      If there are three contenders left to fight it out in the final IC, that means there has to be one more episode without an elimination right? Already dreading it, it’s even worse with so few people left in the game.

  6. If you’re going to reference Choices, at least add the Tati gif that goes with it. Educate the children

  7. Ep 21 is up. Sorry it took so long. I had yesterday off, so I got mad day drunk, then I had to deal with the hangover, then I worked til 8:30, this I had to rewatch parts of the episode, then it took a while to write because there were actually things to talk about.

    1. Did you watch the two episodes b2b initially?

      Although I still maintain the opinion that nothing was fishy in Rohan’s boot episode, in recent episodes I got a lot of weird vibes regarding continuity. Only watched them once each lately, but examples are the confessional El gave over two episodes and Flick and Brooke gave me a déjà vue like feeling when they walked back from the camp (was that just similiar or the same scene from way back). The confessional soundbites they play over other scenes seem especially choppy, as well.

      1. Not completely back-to-back. We watched 20. Then I paused to do the recap, then we watched the first 30 minutes of episode 21 and realized it was only half and had to bleg for a different stream in the comments.

        1. Of course, forgot that I saw that. If we get another confessional from El from the same interview next episode, I’ll let you know! Including previews that interview spans three episodes already, if I’m not completely mistaken.

  8. The leisurely pace of Australian Survivor was a real plus in post-challenge scramble. They were able to spend a full 10 minutes of episode time fully laying out what everybody was thinking and doing, and keeping track of all the misdirect and paranoia about about misdirects. US Survivor would have either whipped through all that much too quickly, elided a bunch of it and just shown us an overconfident-Brooke confessional, or completely blindsided us.

    1. Yeah, the thing is, I didn’t feel like I got a lot out of it, because the lines seemed fairly drawn before they went to immunity. It was mostly just Flick vacillating, and I didn’t have a lot of doubt which was Flick would go.

      I would have preferred to get more of what was going on the morning after the last vote. I went back to watch it because I assumed I had forgotten things, and realized that no, it was just that nothing happened. And maybe it’s really just that nothing happened, but surely we could get a little more setting up Flick’s flip.

      1. Well, I didn’t see it coming, but I’ve been fixated on the need to break up Lee and El ASAP for a few episodes now.

        I could have done with a lot less of Lee and Sam in bed eating chocolate, particularly in the midst of losing both Jennah Louise and Brooke. But I suppose the show can’t fan service everybody in the audience equally.

        1. Man, I want El out since her Aganoa days and I believe last episode was the first time we even came close to it, and we’re at final 6 now. Instead we lose JL and Brooke. The game is flaaaaaaaawed!!!

          Can you imagine a final four of El, Kristie, Lee and Sam? Don’t, I just realized I don’t even want to think about it, until I have to.

          1. El did or said something way back in Episode 1 that made me think she would go deep into the game (I’ve long since forgotten what it was). But the show’s done a bad job of showing us why she’ll obviously win if she makes it to the end, as either Brooke or Flick said this episode (yes I’m trying to avoid even typing shminner’s shmmedit).

          2. Right, I wanted to watch the premier again, before the endgame heats up, to pick up on stuff like that. I do have my secret opinions based on what I remember from the promo-ads before the season. (“I’m a Survivor”)

          3. I think hunting for shminner’s shmedit clues may not work with Australian Survivor because of the extended running times. Everybody except Barry got their story thoroughly told.

            Also, now that I think about it, I think El got on my radar early solely because she resembles Kim Spradlin.

          4. How dare you!! Actually, I kind of see it, they both have this wiry body type.

            As for the edit, I agree that we can’t presume anything from watching the US show, but the winner at least has to make an appearance in the premier and say something good, right? Most of the big ep1 players are out by now, so it would be interesting to see who else jumps out, now that we’re through 21 episodes.

          5. It stopped being irrational hatred when all the more exciting players and characters got voted out, while she stayed without having to do much for it, so that the season suffered as a whole. Now that we’re so close that it becomes a real possibility to reap benefits for her, I get more mad and anxious every episode she stays.

            Since the merge many people bashed the season for bad and boring gameplay, where I see boring and bad players as the main culprit. Casting is a big part of the problem(who thought it was a good idea to bring her on TV? You don’t have to cast for good players, but they should bring something to the table), but another one is bad luck (although it was somewhat predictable) with the players that did make it far.

          6. it’s funny because of those left she’s better than Lee and Sam and Matt and Kristie. That says a lot about the casting of the season.

          7. Stop making me mad! 😀

            I give you Lee and Sam, although it’s more of a wash, really. As for Kristie, I already wrote about how much I hate her game, but she still has shown a better understanding of the game than El. You might say that unlike El, Kristie got saved by a twist, but I would argue so did El (and Lee, JL, Sam, Nick, and everyone who didn’t end up on Vavau at the Swerge), but Kristie at least had a very difficult path to get to where she is now. El only managed to not completely fuck things up, which is not nothing.

            I think she’s in a better position to win than Matt and Kristie, but that’s more of a function of her easier path and Brickflook’s great gameplay, that rendered Matt harmless when it comes to being a jury threat. Everyone on the jury will know, that he was delusional for a long time around the merge, so I can’t see him winning right now (although his competition is abysmal too, so who knows). But that doesn’t mean he’s less of a player than El, in fact, just from looking at his interactions and moves in the game, I would argue that he is one of only a handful decent players on this cast, and El is not.

            For Christ’s sake, she showed just how overchallenged she is with playing Survivor in the last episode alone! I already mentioned it, first she gets played by Flick like a fiddle and then she makes it worse by telling Lee and Kristie, the two people her life depended on for at least that episode, that she thinks Flick is truthful and can be trusted, because she knows she can get much farther in the game with them! What message does that send to Lee and Kristie, in a final two season, no less?! There are only four people on either side, no matter how she decides! WHY AM I SHOUTING?? With that, she also did her part that Lee did not play his advantage, when it was paramount for them and for her specifically to get through that vote intact.

            El really only is in a decent position because
            -she gets it gifted to her time after time
            -she’s dumb enough that nobody would ever expect her to scheme against them
            -the people she plays with are too stupid to pick up on clues like the one I described above
            -and because Flick made a stupid move
            /rant over

            Agreed, casting did a horrible job with this bunch. You can mix a few non-players into the cast, but if you overdo it, they set the guidelines and bring a moral compass as luxury item and a season could shake out like this.

          8. Sorry but a huge chunk of this is personal bias. Matt has done nothing. El has done little. Your vitriol towards El when everything you don’t like about her can be said about Matt and Lee was funny but after that screed it seems slightly less comical.
            She’s gotten to this point as a strong social player who made personal bonds that got her here you can’t really say that about Matt.
            I think the way the tribe swap was done kind of ruined the season as so much of everyone’s success has been being on the good tribe (bar Kristie) or letting themselves be pulled along and seen as a 0 (Kristie).

          9. Yes, I’m obviously biased in that I liked Matt from the start and it took only a couple of episodes (Or whenever she ran straight to Phoebe to affirm that she was going to tell her all about the idol and that Evan is just a sneaky snake – much like Jess in the last US episode.) for me to lose hope that El would ever bring anything of value to my viewing experience. That doesn’t make my observations wrong, though. It does mean that I’m not as easily swayed by an edit, that made Matt look like the biggest idiot on the island, and I guess it could lead to me missing what people see in El. She consoled Kristie early once, did the same for Nick post-merge, latched on to Phoebe and Lee on Aganoa and latched on to Flick and Brooke on Saanapu. What did I miss? I can appreciate a good social player, but they have to show at some point, that they’ll know what to do with the position their social game got them into. El has not done that. Quite the opposite, she has shown, that she is perfectly capable of torpedoing her game, when left to her own devices.
            I’m sorry that I didn’t mince words about my feelings about her game. Have to agree to disagree though, as I can think of several occasions where Matt proved to be a stronger player than El. His social game isn’t bad at all, but the also checks some other boxes.

            Agree about the effects of the swap and the lack of a shake-up following it, though. It’s probaby had an even worse effect on the stretch of regrettable episodes from the late pre-merge to about episode 20 than casting. Brooke and Flick were too inclusive with the fringe members of their alliance and their wrath was feared enough, that there was barely any chance for the outsiders, some of whom barely knew each other, to get anything going against the dominating alliance. Hard to look great, if you have an almost impossible task ahead of you (Vavaus) or smooth sailing ahead.

          10. I’m not swayed by the edit but Matt has done basically nothing. El at least got into a strong alliance with Phoebe and then when it was torn apart by the “merge” she got in with Flick and Brooke who were the power players on Saanapu.
            I think they are both bad but I just think that Matt is slightly worse (except being a beast in the puzzles).

            Let’s agree to disagree on the El v Matt question. Basically I’ve enjoyed this season but the “merge” ruined a lot of good game play. Imagine Craig, Phoebe, Andrew, JL et all dealing with a real swap. Would have been fun as.

          11. Ok, but let me lay out the case for Matt real quick: I’m not saying he set the world on fire with his gameplay, just that he is one of only an handful of people, who know what they are doing out there (even though he was wrong half the time, but that’s because Brooke=Queen).
            He had no trouble fitting in with his tribemates at his old tribe, changed his vote at tribal to get out Conner (for being an unpredictable, blabber-mouthed wild card) and even captained the ship until Brooke and Flick had their ill-advised awakening. He also talked some sense into them, when they were leaning toward keeping Tegan over Nick, which would have made no sense at all. That lead to a win at the next reward challenge, which only prevented them from ever going to tribal council again, until the merge.
            He’s a Game-Changer, if there is one in this season 😉
            At this RC they also consciously decided to bring El, Lee and Sam on board, so it’s not like integrating was a huge challenge for them.
            He also wasn’t stupid enough to stick his neck out, when JL was trying to flip him into the minority, and gained trust with his ill-perceived alliance again, which is why he is still here. That good behavior lead to him briefly regaining his position in a Plan A (formerly Plan B) Saanapu-alliance, that wanted to boot El (admittedly, for being a jury-threat, but that’s because these Aussie players are all stupid, including those on the jury), only for Flick to get antsy and deciding she wants to prove to the world that she isn’t that good of a player after all.

          12. Playing devil’s advocate El already changed the game by blindsiding Brooke. El has also not stuck her neck out until she successfully blindsided the biggest player in the game. Matt has proved nothing yet.

          13. Yeah, no. She didn’t have people telling her over and over “come over here, this will work out just fine” like he did. No decision necessary, not until Flick basically told her “it’s either you or Brooke tonight”.

          14. She also didn’t have people telling her that she was on the outs when it was true and ignore it. Yeah it’s worked out but are we giving him more credit for being on the outs of the alliance and being told he wasn’t and believing it or to her for actually being in the core of the alliance?

          15. Not only did it work out, but he also had no alternative. Believing JL and Nick would have done nothing for him, if he can’t get someone like Sam to flip with him at the same time. And in general I applaud him for not just running with some info he gets from people on the bottom.
            If you were a minority alliance and up against a bigger, seemingly impenetrable alliance, wouldn’t you pick someone who seems like a fringe member of that alliance and tell him over and over that he’s not really in the alliance?

            I assume Matt got reassured by Brooke and Flick just as often that it’s really all Saanapu to the end. I guess he could also see that Lee and maybe even El (so we are told) were obvious jury threats, and if anyone can see that, why doubt them, if you don’t have a viable alternative? Heck, Brooke and Sam came exactly to that realization. (ok, more Brooke than Sam)

            I don’t see anyone else around here giving him any credit, much less more credit for his game while being unbeknownst to him on the outs of the alliance, than for El being in the alliance, but me? Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, and I wrote a whole lot about the why of it.

          16. I really hate that it is credit being given to someone who is being pulled along over someone who is in control however boring the way they ended up there was.
            Matt has been chosen as the nerd boy of the season for people to root for and it seems he has been given more credit that deserved for getting further in, despite his path being much easier than say Kristie who has been pulled along in exactly the same way. Coner was getting a similar level of love when doing little(maybe I’m adding my dislike for Stephen Fishbach’s love of nothing players).

          17. Let’s not forget that he only ended up outside of the group in control because his day one alliance thought it would be a good idea to kick him to the curb, for no good reasons at all. That’s in part his fault, of course, but, as I wrote back then, it would have also been a silly move for Brooke and Flick, if a) they had acted upon that too early or b) let him ever feel that he is on the outside. They did neither and, in their defense, had the luxury of an unlimited supply of dummies to replace the guy with, whom they suspected of having the capacity for independent thoughts.
            When you break it down in a single sentence it sounds nonsensical or at least counter-intuitive, but I think I wrote enough about why I think you can’t break it down like that. But again, at this stage he’s only worth talking about because imo 4 of the last 6 are ranging from unexciting to plainly bad players.

            I also don’t think he was casted as the nerdy type, more like an average guy, despite his unusual job. Just judging from the way he talks, looks (ok, he looks a little bit emo at times) and all that team gear he wears. And while the edit doesn’t villainize him, it’s far from telling us ‘Look at this guy, he’s awesome, root for him!’
            (Kristie otoh…people love her!)
            If you think that or feel like that’s a widespread opinion, you’re probably talking to much to me! 😀

          18. To be fair, looking a little bit around now, there does seem to be just a little bit more support for Matt than I thought.
            I haven’t seen anyone make a good case for why his game isn’t terrible, so I felt I needed to do that.

          19. e23Ok, this ridiculous, but I have to interrupt my watching of today’s episode after only 3 minutes to assure you that I didn’t start watching until now.
            I already heard the term game-changer two or three times. I was just making an innocent RHAP/S34 reference…
            (btw, I didn’t like the recap focus on Matt & Sam, then enemies on the exile beach, who are seen cuddling together just seconds later. Lee will get Sam back and use his advantage, won’t he? Dammit!)

      2. I’m always for more after tribal (btw, that’s the name of a good and quick ozzie-podcast) scenes, on every version for every episode.

        For this episode, it felt like a Brooke boot the whole way through, but I still had major doubts, because:

        a) that cannot happen! and
        b) that’s all the more reason for it switch back to El or even to a third person
        c) FFS, we were so close to getting rid of El!! (hope dies last)

  9. Both Sam and Matt being super confused really annoyed me. They think they are so great that they’d think to blindside the others but the others shouldn’t be thinking the exact same thing about them? When it’s 2-2 it becomes obvious the two sides had the same plan at the same time because 7 is a natural point for that to happen.

    1. I didn’t take his disappointment with Sam too seriously (kind of surprised he believed that part so readily – maybe it was even for Lee a welcome excuse to start fighting for his place in the game? You’re not a snake, when acting in self defense, right?), but it would be funny if they’re no longer talking to each other or get really salty when they do.

      1. I want Sam to be really pissed at El and Lee as well as Flick. Just because he’s a fucking hypocrite.

    2. To be fair for those votes to come in that way Flick had to have flipped on them and that doesn’t necessarily make a whole lot of sense.

      1. No it doesn’t. At the point they look really confused it’s 2-2 and 3-3, at that point you have to think that El, Lee and Kristie have voted for Brooke and the final vote will come up El not Brooke and it’ll be fine. You should be thinking “ok, the other side thought the same as us but we are ok because we have 4” nt “wait, I don’t get why it’s not for Kristie?”

  10. In case people are done with their appointment podcast listenings and still have room for more just this one time, The Tribe did a special roundtable episode on Australian Survivor, and all our favorite podcasters* are on it! Including, but not limited to Ryan Elder, Mike Bloom and Paul Asleson.


    I had to disagree about quite a lot, but it was still nice hearing all these familiar voices talking about Australian Survivor (and enjoy watching it).

    *not named John, Andy, Emma, Rob, Stephen, …did I miss anyone? Josh? Dom & Colin?

      1. Of course you can, speak right u…SACRILEGE!!!!!!

        I didn’t expect everyone to back up all of these choices. Basically, I was just making sure the PRP crew won’t become miffed with PBP and it felt wrong to leave out the guys from what I asssume is the most listened to SurvivorPodcast. If I’m honest as well, it took me a long time to completely warm up to Rob’s style, but now I freakin love these guys. Stephen didn’t take me as long, but it wasn’t love at first sight, either.

        1. I think it might be that my first season of Know it Alls was with Wiggler and my introduction to RHAP was Evolution of Strategy so I love me some Wiggler. Stephen is fine I just prefer the Wigger/Rob dynamic. I enjoyed Stephen and Tyson more than the usual Rob/Stephen dynamic too.

          1. Loved that episode too, but I’m not sure if I actually like their dynamic better, or if it was just a welcome change of pace.

            As for Wigler, I never listened to TEOS, but sometimes I think I overdosed on him with regular Survivor episodes and PSR stuff, which isn’t hard at all (because he does so much).
            At different times, I still enjoy him very much.

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