Australian Survivor, week 7. Seriously, day 39 happened this episode.

Well, that was legitimately fun.

This week it's double cats.
This week it’s double cats.

“Episode 18”

What’s going on here, guys? People playing kind-of Survivor? Purple Jennah getting to talk? Is this the same show I watched last week?

We come back from tribal council, and Sam is feeling triumphant. Cut to the next day and we see Jennah-Louise(?!) talking to Matt about how Nick was absolutely right, there are power groups within the alliance, and they’re not in them. This leads to the first of two segments where we learn what a sensitive man Matt is. I’m curious to see where this is going.

Then, for some weird reason, people start playing Survivor. Flick lays out the divisions within the tribe and talks about pulling in Sue, then Sue gets a confessional about how Flick is trying to pull her in, loaded with a bunch of Australian slang I’m assuming reflects that she thinks this is bullshit. Then it’s Matt is sad and deep segment number two, then, somehow, another bit from Jennah-Louise about how it’s time to do something.

Through the whole thing Brooke is still painted as kind of heroic and Flick as kind of villainous. This is like the one thread of this show I want to know what we’re being set up for, but we won’t find out tonight.

Immunity challenge is a multi-stage obstacle course with a weird variation on skee-ball involving stabbing beach-balls with a stick at the end. There’s a twist, which Jonathan doesn’t reveal until after the first stage. The four players eliminated there go back to a separate beach and won’t get to talk to the tribe before the vote. I know I’ve been down on Australian Survivor’s predilection for twists on twists on twists, but I kind of like this one. It’s an interesting way to throw a wrench in pre-tribal deliberations, and it’s too bad that old Sanaapu still has too many good targets for it to really work.

Jennah-Louise wins immunity. It feels so weird for LaPaglia to say that, on day 39, someone is getting voted out.

We see a lot at exile beach. There’s a hidden immunity idol, which Flick pressures everyone into not looking for. We see practically nothing at Fia Fia beach, except that everyone is voting for Sue.

At tribal council, LaPaglia grills Flick on the possibility of a power three. She dissembles about how it’s just a tight friendship, and this is one of those things where Probst would have cut filming and screamed at her until he got the answer he wanted. Is this Jonathan not being comfortable in the roll yet, a cultural thing, or a combination of the two? Sue talks about her precarious position in the tribe, and then we get to a vote.

It’s 7-3 for… Kylie? I know she was set up as a possible target for this vote, but we never really get a scene where anyone gels around voting for her. And we never ever got an explanation for why everyone’s shunned Kylie since the beginning of the game. On one level I get it, because Kylie’s aggressive chipperness would have driven me up the wall, but the show never put the pieces together. Maybe the footage just isn’t there, but the whole thing is deeply weird.

Discussion points:

  • I’m about to watch the episode again because my roommate hasn’t seen it, but did anyone catch how the target shifted to Kylie?
  • Seriously, this was a really fun first half of an episode, wasn’t it? There’re clearly cracks in the majority waiting to be exploited. Either that, or people keep taking shots at the majority and getting clipped for it, then Sue slips into the finals and gets everyone’s vote.

“Episode 19”

Something is gonna happen soon, right? Australian Survivor keeps teasing us that it will, but, so far, nothing.

The newest person to try something is… Jennah Louise? Who is apparently on still on this show? Very on this show all of a sudden. She starts trying to rope in the outsiders to make a move against the mean girls. The problem is, Matt still doesn’t realize he’s on the outside, and immediately spills her plans to Brooke. Suddenly Jennah Louise is target number 1.

We get a reward challenge this episode. It’s the thing where you shoot the slingshot and people have to catch it with lacrosse sticks. We draw rocks for teams, and the team that gets Lee is very obviously winning this. Sue, who lands in the ‘not included but pick the team that has Lee on it’ spot, picks the team that has Lee on it, and gets to go on reward with the team that has Lee on it. It’s Sunday roast with all the trimmings, and I’m not sure if this is a concept that I don’t get because I’m not Australian or because I’m a Jew.

There’s a reward where the only thing I remember is that the lamb is seasoned with mint. I know this is traditional, but, ugh, this is not 1955, there are so many more interesting things to put on lamb. Do not abuse one of nature’s tastiest meats.

We also get a shot of the losers back at camp where basically nothing happens.

It’s off to immunity from there, and it’s the challenge where you balance a block on your head against a frame, which is certainly a  thing that’s used as a challenge. Jennah Louise thwarts the majority’s plans by winning.

This is where Australian Survivor really frustrates me. I would looooove for American Survivor to devote this much time to the post challenge scramble. The problem is it’s just not great when you don’t believe it’s really going anywhere, and everyone is just having the same conversation over and over.

The plan was to go for Jennah Louise, but, since that’s off the table, the plan is to vote for Sue. Sam talks sternly about how awful Jennah Louise is, and I’m beginning to suspect Sam just has whatever opinions people tell him to have. They need a back-up, so the plan is boys for Sue, girls for Kristie. Sue figures out that that’s a likely thing, so she and Jennah Louise should vote for Kristie. The problem is, the majority doesn’t seem to be on the same page, in part because they can’t get rid of Kristie long enough to hammer things out.

At tribal council, Jennah Louise straight blows things up. It’s the second episode in a row someone’s pointed out there’s a clear core group. It’s also the second episode in a row that Flick and Brooke have been really bad at responding to this accusation, and nobody has picked up on this at all. In his voting comments Matt is blissfully unaware just how precarious his position is. Sue is also really awesome at calling out Brooke, so let’s relish that because… yeah.

We get a vote, not always and guaranteed thing on this show, and it looks for a second like something might happen. Lee is super confused as to why votes are only coming in for Sue and Kristie, and it looks like the plan is going to work, but no, Sue is going home. It’s another underwhelming end, and I hope things pick up soon.

Discussion points:

  • What if, anything, can change things up here, or are we just getting a boring march to the end?
  • How does everyone feel about the emergence of Jennah Louise as someone who does things? Cause Jennah Louise was kind of awesome tonight.


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89 thoughts on “Australian Survivor, week 7. Seriously, day 39 happened this episode.

  1. In the foreground is my brother’s munchkin cat Lil’ Chirpy (who I named), aka Chirpzilla, aka El Chirpacabra, aka His Royal Chirpness, aka Chirps McGirps, aka Thunder Thighs. He can do anything a normal cat can do, his tiny arms and legs just make him look extra cute doing it.

    In the background is my mom’s tuxedo cat Sadie, who is a little lady.

    They are friends.

  2. I hope LaPaglia keeps up a running commentary on Nick’s facial reactions for the remaining Tribal Councils.

    1. “And Flick’s dissembling is in the lead but just look at Nick’s eyebrows go; it’s anyone’s council from here!”

  3. I’m very satisfied with Kylie’s elimination. Sam probably can’t win because he’s Andrew Savage, so are we in the clear of having a winner that talks about being one of the “good guys”?

    1. I don’t have a problem with Kylie’s elimination. I just don’t completely understand why it happened, outside of that she’s a challenge threat, and I don’t think they did a good job of showing why the vote was on Kylie. And it had to happened before the immunity challenge, because everyone at exile beach knew.

        1. To be fair, the problem came when people asked why the sleeping situation felt different and she decided to just keep quiet. And then the next morning she called everyone else childish.

          I really understand where she’s coming from: I also used to be one of those people who would “do the good thing” by being sacrificial until I couldn’t bear it anymore and then not be able to express my needs like a mature person. I empathise. But I can also see how having that personality around you can be pretty annoying.

      1. I thought it was dumb, she’s clearly loyal to Flick and Brooke, if there is a worry at 6 of Lee, Sam, El and 6th going together to clip Brooke or Flick you have the 6th vote locked up. Yeah she’s a threat but she only won a challenge after Brooke stepped down.

    2. I have Lee fears. If Lee gets there with 2 of Brooke/Flick/El he wins. Even if Brooke and Flick have been playing good games.

      1. We saw him a lot during prior challenges, but I think that’s only because he was really good in them (pole and spinball) and in the eyes of the audience the odds-on-favorite for any challenge, so he’s the dragon that the girls had to slay in each of ’em.

        I was worried about him because, unlike Sam, he truly is portrayed in a positive light, but we don’t hear from him much and he barely talks strategy at all. At the moment, I’m much more inclined to agree with the OP: If we get a “good guy” winning (as opposed to a “mean girl”, of the three we have), it’s probably none of the guys who were labeling themselves the “good guys”.

        Would you guys agree though, that anyone of the remaining 6 winning could end up counting as a win for team good guys, depending on what happens between now and then?

          1. I was kind of responding to one of your comments on last week’s episodes and what I meant was: Seeing him a lot in challenges (as you brought my attention to) is not necessarily a sign of him going places, as there are other good reasons to show him when he was shown.
            Sorry, if I buried the lead or butchered the language there!

            I was worried throughout the season, because they somehow made me like him and I couldn’t even say why, but lately I noticed that he barely gets to narrate or talk strategy, so I’m not overly worried anymore, that he could win.

  4. I got the impression that Kylie was targeted for being a challenge threat, and also for not being a loyal follower of Flick/Brooke/El.

    If this was the American version of the show, then I would be feeling like the edit was trying to tell me that the winner was one of Matt, Sue, Brooke, or Flick. They seem to be the ones that get the most opportunities to explain what happens, and the most characterization. But as this is not the American version, I can’t shake the feeling that this incarnation of the show is stuck in the 2001/2002 era of thinking where a strategic and confident player can’t win, and they’re setting up Flick and Brooke as the villains to be defeated by Sue or Matt.

    I see JL going out soon, and Sam and Lee have receded into the background. Kristie always seemed like she had an uphill battle and I’m constantly surprised that she’s still been kept around. Maybe the Matt stuff this week was just setting him up for a quick boot next episode, but again the show seems to be stuck in time and it doesn’t seem like they would build up that kind of characterization just to throw it away. I mean seriously, they were laying it on thick for Matt. And Sue too, to a lesser extent. She’s getting the noble edit. I have no idea how she actually sticks around though, given most people want her gone, and she seems like a lock for top jury likability.

    1. I understand why they voted out Kylie. She was a physical threat and, for reasons that were never explained, not well liked. What I think the show did a bad job of was setting up that it was Kylie tonight.

      As to Flick, I don’t think she can win. Especially given Australian Survivor’s emphasis on dessert and honor, I think we’re being given a story about why Flick is a zero or one vote finalist.

    2. I knew from the Previously-On-segment that it was Matt’s boot episode and was happy they at least gave him some character-background before he leaves, but that only substantiated my suspicion. The scene where the majority decides to vote Kylie gave me some hope, but I was still on the edge of my seat until the fourth vote for Kylie came up. Ok, then I was still on the edge, because I didn’t want Sue to go either, but my point was I have no idea what they were doing with Matt and where it leads to, but I’m intrigued.

      Obviously, I hope it wasn’t just some build-up in his, penultimate episode (same for JL, who seems to be even more in danger, judging from the preview) and that we’ll see a jaw-dropping turn-around soon before it’s to late, even though at the moment Brooke and Flick seem to be the most deserving candidates for a win (but would probably make for an incredibly boring endgame).

  5. Pre-tribal Exile Beach is far and away the Australian Survivor twist I most want US Survivor to adopt.

    I know Sue’s name was kicked around a little bit, but don’t you remember them talking about how awkward it will be to blindside Kylie right after getting back from the challenge? That there was absolutely no talk about the Exile Island twist messing up the plan told me that the votes for Kylie were on lock.

    Flick’s “friendship, not alliance” line is so transparently bullshit that it’s almost more damning for Jonathan to let it go (maybe with a long pause and a raised eyebrow) than to poke at it.

    Assuming Lee continues to not play Survivor, the Brooke-Flick-El threesome already has four votes out of nine as their baseline. It’s now or never to mount an attack. I think it’s quite plausible that it fails, the insurgents get taken out one by one, Brooke clips Flick or vice versa, takes Sue to the end as a goat, then Sue wins 9-0.

    The music under Matt’s first sensitive-man confessional was almost note-for-note the same (and even in the same key) as one of the main musical motifs on The Leftovers, the next season of which is set in Australia. Weird.

    1. I wouldn’t mind this twist to make an appearance on the US-version and it was probably well intended here, but in this situation, where the majority alliance had pre-marked its targets no opposition had formed yet, it only took the possibility of someone from the core-group going home off the table. Not that I think there was any chance of that happening anyway, as everybody (particularly Kylie with her false impression of Old Saanapu) seemed happy enough to punt for another tribal and cut the numbers further down.

      They made clear that the group at FiaFia-beach was voting Kylie and told Kylie to vote Sue (I wonder if Sam got confused by telling that cover-story, or if his vote was part of an intentional vote-split, despite telling us in that scene that they felt no need to do that), but there was also that scene pre-challenge where Flick and Brooke wander off to strategize, and Flick tells Brooke that she thinks it really should be Matt this time, because he’s parnaoid and sulky. Brooke responds that she still wants Kylie out first, and that’s where we left them, without knowing if they came to a consensus. At Exile Island it seems like Flick still wanted to go forward with voting out Matt, but I reckon that Brooke made sure they know who’s boss during tribal, making it a fairly united Kylie/Sue-split (Matt said he was told to vote Sue, but didn’t expect her to go, in his voting comments).

      Flick is indeed pretty bad at tribal and I also thought that JPL did a good job this time.

      With Lee and Sam becoming buddies the show makes it seem that it’s already too late to do anything about the 5 on top, but at the same time they are also always counting them as distinct entities, which gives me hope that there is a big shake-up coming (peferably next episode), even though LeeL-reasons, logic and everything we saw from the outsiders make that seem almost impossible.

      1. That’s a good point. The Exile Beach twist seemed intriguing when it happened, but it really didn’t come to anything. Maybe it would work better in US Survivor, since at 10 the merge would have been so recent that post-merge alliances wouldn’t be fully formed yet.

    2. Hmm, I somehow can’t see Brooke taking Sue as a goat to the end, more like Sue will try to take them down, when the time is right. Flick otoh, I could see trying to do that, but I’m not sure that Sue would be easily dragged to the end.
      What I choose to take away from this episode: the molewitch is dead, Matt is back to relevancy and Brooke’s winner edit intensifies, but there is a Sue-nami coming…

      1. I currently see Brooke as the winner. Which is a shame because I think Flick has played better than her. I could see a final 2 of Brooke and Flick and Brooke wins just on being slightly better friends with everyone on the jury.

        1. Agreed, but I would give Brooke the slight edge over Flick on account of better challenge-efforts and being more well-liked, if that is indeed the case.

          Although with scenes like Flick working her magic at Exile beach last episode, I can see where you’re coming from, but Brooke has proven many times that she has a really good head for the game, too.

          1. Oh they are both playing really well and playing really well together. I just feel like Flick is doing the trickier work like talking to Sue or keeping Matt happy to this point. Brooke was great when she followed Conner when he tried to talk to Sam though too.

          2. While I agree with your larger point that Flick is doing the more difficult social-game tasks, I really think she handled Sue terribly. Even before they cut away to her confessional, Sue practically had a sign around her neck saying “I think you’re full of shit”, and when she said “my goal is to get to 6th” it was like the LEDs in that sign started flashing. Flick’s obliviousness to that is, I think, part of a hubris edit she and Brooke are getting.

        2. I would prefer Brooke as a winner if only because Flick almost got voted out pre-merge before the twist was revealed and Conner agreed to go to the other tribe. Flick was really good this episode though and I would be fine with either.

  6. I’m happy with Kylie going, I feel like Tyra Banks “I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you” because I was rooting for her to play the damn game but she steadfastly refused to try and get anything going even when she could of.
    As frustrating as it is to watch people refuse to make moves against the power 3 I have a lot of respect for the quality of game they are playing. Brooke and Flick took control and kept it by getting the people who should have been voting against them, like Kristie, Sue, Kylie, JL and Matt to all think they were close enough. It’s a problem of players that no one is thinking “I’m 6th in this, but I can’t be above 6th, I should change something”. Lee still has his vote canceller so he’s the only one who can really make it happen and he won’t. If he wanted to he could wait til 6, use the canceller to take out any of those girl’s votes and then go with Sam and whoever is 6 to get rid of Flick (I feel like it will be Flick not Brooke).

    1. Agreed, the girls are playing pretty well and (from a viewer’s perspective) it was time for Kylie to go, although I’m not sure that it was the right move for the girls. It’s almost as if they themselves can’t believe how loyal she is to them (over non-Saanapus), after never quite treating her as one of their own for the whole game, and understandably expect her to be chomping at the bit to get something going with the outsiders and wanted to strike first. Hence, the “you’re playing to hard”-reasoning. I don’t think that’s just about her stellar challenge-performances, although losing Kylie certainly helps Brooke in the kind of challenges she can win down the road.

      It was interesting to hear this ep that Lee did indeed tell the girls in his alliance what his advantage consists of, so they would see it coming and are already planning around it.

    2. Not to derail here, but allow me to do exactly that: I’m all caught up on GBBO now. My thoughts:

      1. Tom is like some weird mad scientist nutjob, but I like him.
      2. Benjamina is an excellent baker, but just doesn’t have the personality to win me over.
      3. Selasi’s flowery shirt was the best.
      4. I like the little ginger boy, and my wife felt bad for him when he was crying.
      5. Candice has this weird look that she makes all the time. Almost like a strained duck face. But I generally like her as well.

      As always, all of the cast is fairly pleasant (or is edited to be so). I’m just not as blown away by any of these people as I’ve been with past contestants.

      1. 1. Yes, he also reminds me a lot of my best friend’s older brother, he has a sweet yet annoying quality.
        2. You are wrong, she has a quiet but cutting personality and I like it.
        3. FIRE
        4. Andrew is 25, he needs to start acting it. I really don’t like him.
        5. She has a face like she’s smelt a fart.

        I like Jane too. There is no Nadiya and no Tamal this year and 100% no Kimberley. Kimberley you were robbed, Ruby even robbed you of a writing gig in the Observer!

  7. Spoilers for ep 19: Anyone got any idea what was up with J-L trying to misrepresent the nature of her conversation with Matt at tribal council? For someone looking to go in dropping truth bombs that was a really unfortunate way to start.

    1. ep19 spoilers: I didn’t hate the idea to present the conversation that lead to her exclusion in a different light, in hope that it would cause some dissension in the majority, but it wasn’t executed very well.
      Sue’s remarks however, I could see paying dividends and the preview points in that direction, too. It’s questionable that it does soon enough to be any help to JL, but I wonder if Brooke or Flick got just a little bit uncomfortable at the thought of Lee and El being inseparable and having that vote-blocking advantage at their disposal.
      It’s also possible that they were thinking ahead all along and never intended to let them both reach final five.
      Watching that scene from the last NtoS with the three girls talking about how JL has to go for going behind their back, did anyone else get the impression that they are just stringing El along? I always thought of them as a truly tight three, but could it be that Flick and Brooke are consciously playing it up for El and want to use Sam + X to vote them off before final five?

      1. It seems unlikely they’re stringing El along in that manner; if only because either Brooke or Flick (I can’t remember who) brings up voting off Lee as a possibility in the opening scene of ep 19 when they’re discussing their strategy together.

        1. I think they are core 3. El and Lee are a clear two so if Brooke and Flick are as smart as we think they are then they will make sure it’s Lee before Sam.

          1. Absolutely, but it’s probably a good idea to present it to El as “We can’t let Sam and Lee go too far, we’ll probably have to get rid of Sam soon!” and then just switch it to Lee when it really comes down to it.

          2. Yeah, I feel like even with Sue saying El will never vote for Lee, I think she would be willing to figure out a way to let him go without blindsiding him too badly. This is supposition but it feels like she is willing to do things that further her in the game but is being a more passive member of the core 3 (as she was with Phoebe).

          3. We haven’t heard it from her directly (only in strategy talk with the other girls), but it sure seemed that way last episode. Still, stuff like that can be easier said than actually done, so it’s possible that she would get cold feet when it’s time to axe Lee.
            Are you clear on the FTC-format? Because this could actually be a really interesting endgame, even if there is no big change of power on the horizon, come to think of it.

          4. How long has it been since El has had an important confessional?
            I am not clear on FTC? do you know something? or are we all assuming based on the US version?

          5. At the beginning of the season it was mentioned in reports about the season’s format (24 people, 55 days and so on) and early podcasts, but it was also referenced on the show itself, so I assume the contestants know.

            I’m still going to put it into spoiler tags, just in case:
            Jury of nine, final two

          6. I think you’re right, he did at tribal once. I was thinking about a player’s confessional (Matt?), but I knew there was a moment where I thought watching “well, now everybody knows” – now I remember what it was.

          7. Doesn’t that make the final 5/ final 6 dynamics much more interesting for this group of contestants? Imagine Matt gets voted off before Kristie, Lee and Sam: That would give Leel/Ellee Kristie and a vote block to work with and overpower Sam, Flick and Brooke at final 6.

            El should really fight tooth and nails to keep Lee and his advantage in the game. Flick and Brooke cannot get rid of Matt or Sam too soon.

          8. This is where Flick’s game is falling down. She does not have a second. There are mulitple twos who we’ve been told exist but only one has Flick in it Flick/Brooke. It makes sense for her to keep Matt or try and get JL on her side and prove itby booting Matt or Kristie before her.

          9. We haven’t seen anything that’s bonding Flick and JL or Kristie (although it would make sense, that they hung out together on Saanapu), that’s why I think Matt should be her best option.

            Anyway, take a look at the top of the thread!
            (unless you’re strictly spoiler averse)

        2. Good point. I just watched it again and was again appalled that they brought Lee’s name up in front of El. It was Brooke who told the other two that she’s thinking about voting the boys off before final five, and Flick says it would have to be Lee first, to which Brooke quickly replies “oh, I was thinking Sam first”. Which appears to be nothing but a measure to make El feel better about the idea, as we heard again that Brooke is close with Sam and, as Kemper just noted, has every reason to want Lee out first

          1. WRONG! Had one more look at that scene and it was definitely Brooke who told the others she’s thinking Lee before Sam, and Flick who intervened. Flick had Lee before Sam when she listed the threats seconds earlier, which probably had me leaning that way, and for the rest I blame shitty resolution, that made it hard to notice that Brooke’s lips were moving.
            Makes more sense anyway. Good on Flick, then.

  8. ep 19: Matt had some interesting voting comments. So who does he think is the alliance within the alliance ?
    And is there any chance that it will actually win out over what everyone who’s gone to the jury thinks the alliances are?

    I think he probably sees himself in a core alliance with Brooke, Flick and Sam, and is oblivious to the fact that Flick has been gunning for him. Brooke has told us multiple times that he is not as tight with them as he thinks, too, but there is an outside chance that some of her quotes were out of context. Probably it was just circumstances, but I think Brooke has steered the vote from Matt to a different target for two tribals in a row now.

    Most likely he’s wrong and will be cut soon after JL in favor of do-nothing, no-threat Kristie, because “he’s always strategizing in his head”, but it would be a nice twist and not the worst editing job to find out just a few episodes from the finale, that a core alliance from the initial tribes was dominating all along.
    Another cool hidden core-alliance would be Brooke, Sam/Flick, Matt and Kristie, but we really had no evidence for that at all. If Flick is not in it, that would explain why she’s always shooting for Matt and doesn’t succeed. Without Sam, it would be a good path for the girls to the finale without risking too much by taking Lee and “likable challenge threat” Sam too far.
    Again, I believe odds are that the actual alliance structures are closer to what we’re shown (apart from that Brooke and Flick have to have some kind of contingency plan, in case they don’t get Lee to rid himself of his advantage soon, right?), but it woud be kind of fun, if the edit hid from us who really is at the top of Kate’s pyramide the whole

    Speaking of interesting voting comments: One of the Australian podcasts I listen to mentioned JL’s voting comments from the tribal that sent Kate home. She said something to the effect of “all this ‘good guys talk’ sounds interesting and that she would have gladly gone along with it if someone had approached her before tribal. It still wouldn’t have been enough iirc, but if they really didn’t even inform her of their plans back then, Sue and Kate, as awesome as they both are, would have nobody to blame for their ouster but themselves.

    1. honestly the biggest mistake of the game was that at the beginning those from Vavau didn’t go to JL and that JL didn’t go to Sue. I get why JL would be happy enough to stick with the Saanapu people but she didn’t decide to get moving til too late too. She really needed to try and work with Nick and Kylie; now both Nick and Kylie thought they were solid with the girls so maybe she couldn’t get an in?

      1. Kylie has proven to be so non-committal, that I could see how trying to get her to work with you can get really tiring. Still, they should have pitched her hard on flipping (and maybe they did), because without her it was never going to work. With better communication (telling JL instead of Kylie – I agree that JL is to blame as well, but she really had little incentive to work on something at this point and imo was right to wait to be approached) they could have ousted Nick instead of Kate, but I think Sam and Lee were always going to flip right back to the girls. Meaning there were never the necessary numbers on the other side without Kylie, so I can see why JL thought laying low and trying to get into someones endgame-plans was her best option for a while.

        edit: yes, I believe Nick wouldn’t have even listened until it was clear that he was the next to go.

        1. I think you are right. So what we are saying is that somehow the core 3 women are playing a superb game? No one is inclined to go against them and everyone thought they were in the plans

          1. Yeah, pretty much, they’re running circles around everyone else. I said it before, it really seems that, apart from Kate, Conner and Sue, they(B+F) had better relations to everyone in the game than these people had among each other, which is huge for them. JL, Nick, Matt, El and Lee, Lee and Sam, Kylie all seem to trust them more than any of the other groupings and individuals, which must be product of hard and skillful work.
            There may be small exceptions (Lee+Kristie, Lee+El+Sam, Sue+JL), but nothing that would allow for big enough groupings to make something happen.

            Still, I was very saddened by the fact, that the girls seem to all buy into heir own shit now. They are still the best and I said “seem to”, because I don’t think we had Brooke tell us in confessional yet, that she actually thinks JL is an idiot for not being more grateful and trying to work something out behind their backs, but the whole exchange taken at face value was disgusting. I prefer to assume it was more them bonding with El, who ate that ship up, over how awful of a person JL is, than their actual thoughts on the matter. Not sure I have enough reason to do so, though.

            Flick slowly but surely seems to lose the ability to differentiate between fake moral outrage and justified outrage, too (By which I’m shocked, but not surprised). I don’t have any good examples for her case on my mind right now, but I think there were several comments that made me doubt her in that sense recently.

          2. Yeah the outrage that JL would try something really bothered me too. I feel like the Khaleesi herself was always more amused by anyone who thought they could make a move than outraged and that’s the way to do it if you want to audience to like you.

  9. ep 19: This is the season of my yelling at people that they aren’t where they think they are and being annoyed they won’t do anything. This is RI without a Boston Rob.
    Matt is infuriating, again either he’s an idiot or Brooke and Flick are really very very good. It’s just like Kylie, it’s just like Nick.
    Kristie deciding to be a floater is also very annoying. I wonder about the prize money structure. Maybe she just wants a few extra $ by coming 6th instead of 8th.

    1. I wouldn’t say Matt’s situation is just like Kylie’s or Nick’s was. Unlike them, he has good reason to believe he’s in tight with them. I believe Brooke and Flick are playing him really well. I thought since that “first merge” that they would be stupid to disregard their original alliance over some uncomfy feelings about his gamesmanship only, but I have to admit, that if they can put into motion a masterful con-job like this to keep the facade of the alliance up, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

      Nick also had every reason to believe that his best bet was sticking with the girls and I guess he would still be around, if Sam wasn’t so special and such a good guy.

      I got frustrated by watching Kristie stonewalling JL too, but I guess it could have been obvious to her that there wouldn’t be enough numbers on that side, and you’ll never know what can happen i´f you just make it a little bit longer. Could be someone will need a number for a move that could actually pan out at some point
      Still, you raise an interesting question about the prize money. The way the postmerge turns out, this could be enough to explain her inaction.

    1. Mate a roast with all the trimming is a special and delicious thing (and I’m a Jew too). Because Australians are still culturally very close to Britain they kept things like British english spellings and roasts on Sunday.
      A roast with trimming consists of roasted meat (lamb, beef, chicken, pork are the main options, sometimes gammon), the roast potatoes which are the single best kind of potato no question, cooked veg (roasted is better but if your chef isn’t a great cook they might be boiled), a Yorkshire pudding (which is a batter cooked in the oven with a little oil so it puffs up) and then gravy, now this is very important, not American gravy which is weird white shit but a true meat gravy, some families have a jus based recipe, some make one so thick you stand a spoon in it but everyone thinks their mum’s gravy is the best (but I am the one who is right because my mum’s gravy is drinkable).
      Basically come to the UK, have a Sunday Roast, I’ll treat you.

          1. Wait, it’s a condiment? Like ketchup? I thought was a side dish, like a British alternative to mashed potatoes.

            BTW, unless there’s yet another east coast vs. west coast difference I don’t know about, US gravy is exactly as you describe. And my mom’s is the best.

          2. He seems to be describing like southern style biscuits and gravy gravy or chicken fried steak gravy, Which is also awesome, so whatever.

  10. What do we make of how this season is dominated by the women? I feel like we (we being the Survivor community) talk a lot about how rarely women become the leaders of an alliance. Other than gender divided seasons, we have really only seen it in Micronesia and now Kaoh Rong in the US but we’re getting it right off the bat in Australia. Even in the 3 tribe part of the season, we saw Phoebe taking complete charge of Aganoa. Do we think this is a cultural thing in Australia that makes it more socially accepted for women to take charge than it is in the US? The mateshit is annoying to hear about, but this aspect of the season is pretty refreshing.

    1. I didn’t expect it from Australia, but I also don’t know shit about Australia. Maybe part of the mateshit-principles is to protect women from shady and sneaky characters? Didn’t think so either, so my guess is that the women on the season are by and large the better players. Some (Saanapu) were also lucky in how the game unfolded and more guys than women seem to be hindered by stupid honour-driven gameplay, but the women are also just much better in dealing with the mateship-bullshit and working their way around it. AND, they won every single individual IC, which makes the power-positions they’re in look somewhat better on them.
      So I’d say we celebrate it and wait for someone to tell us, who actually knows or has at least some well-founded ideas. 😉

    2. It is interesting, I wonder if it says more about the sort of men who they wanted to cast. The guys go into 3 categories:
      The women they cast seem to be more well rounded. El is physically fit, socially adaptable and smart where as Lee is nice and athletic but doesn’t show any brains in the game.

  11. I find it really interesting/kind of weird that so many of this groups strategy talks happen right in the middle of camp with everyone else around. JL was propositioning Sam while everyone was eating a meal and the three girl alliance often (although not always) have their strategy talks right there in the shelter.
    That kind of blatant under-your-nose strategising rarely seems to happen in US Survivor. People tend to go off into the forest, or if they do strategise in the shelter it’s while everyone else is off getting food.
    I’m quite enjoying the little ways in which the Australian iteration of the game differs in how it plays out, and (if the show continues) it’ll be interesting to see whether the gameplay evolves in a totally different way to the US version.

    1. I’ve said this before, and I’m only repeating what (I think) Stephen Fishbach said on RHAP, but his is how Survivor evolved in the alternate universe where Kelly Wiglesworth won Borneo.

    2. I think the outsiders are pretty much taboo for anyone who thinks they are in an alliance with the group in power, so nobody would wander off with them to talk strategy. To me, these little talks around camp to plant seeds and get people thinking appear stealthier and possibly more effective than full-blown walk-off-pitches, but to really lock somebody’s vote down and know that you did it, you’d need one-on-one time. Which, it seems, the power-girls make sure nobody is getting with the weak links.

  12. As deeply frustrating as it was to watch, you can’t really blame either Kristie or Matt (setting aside his misunderstanding of the pecking order) for not jumping at the chance to flip into a minority alliance.

    The question now is, who if anybody is likely to make a move? Brooke and Flick obviously like the status quo, Matt is deluded, and Lee and Sam, I dunno man, they seem content to good-guy their way to fifth. That leaves Kristie and El. Kristie was already on the periphery, and now that she’s received votes from her so-called allies she may be ready to stop floating and start burning it all down (never mind that JL also voted for her). El has been outed as being part of a power couple, and she must know that she’s on the bottom of the core mean girls alliance, so maybe she’s getting nervous. She might be willing to flip to JL knowing that she can pull in Lee, and that Lee can pull in Kristie. Those four plus Lee’s vote canceler can then take over.

    Or maybe Jennah just Mike Holloways it to victory. That would be fantastic.

    1. Agreed, can’t blame them for not flipping if the numbers are just not here. That’s another reason why I Iiked JL’s go at Flick with Kristie and Matt as witnesses so much.

      Kristie I would also think is up for anything now that she came close to being voted off, again. That could mean working with either side in the scenario you described, which I like very much. I don’t really want it to happen (only if you guarantee me a JL-victory) and can’t imagine that El has necessary initiative to pull it off, but it could just work if the Saanapu girls play her wrong.

      I think El still has more promising paths to get her in front of the jury, though, so I wouldn’t even say it’s her best play right now. But if she thinks they really are coming for Lee before Sam or Matt, she should do it now, as long as there is still a JL.

    2. No, you can’t blame them, and this is what I’ve been afraid of since it became clear that Sanaapu would dominate the post-merge: that it would be boring as all fuck. Hopefully at some point they start taking shots at each other and things get interesting, but this has turned into kind of a slog.

      1. As @prettyboyprobst:disqus and @disqus_R9cNRvxsfG:disqus noted, the fact that JL and Sue can’t offer anybody safe haven shows that they themselves waited too long to make a move.

        But more than that, the dissolution of Aganoa is proving to be the butterfly effect moment of the season. I really like Australian Survivor’s willingness to experiment, and at the time I was really intrigued by breaking up a tribe through something other than an random draw, but in retrospect it was a disaster. Not only did it make the strong (Saanapu) stronger, but look who got booted from Vavau from then to the merge: Rohan, Kat, Andrew, Craig, Phoebe. Four of those five surely would have made some noise in the individual game.

    3. The more I think about it, the more I think El is going to make the first move. Flick and Brooke are probably not going to wait until 5 to get rid of one of the boys (why would they, when they could take Kristie instead?), and the boy they’re going to target has to be Lee (because of the vote canceler and the potential for a F2 deal between Lee and El). El is clever enough to figure all this out.

      1. Gosh, I hope not! I want this season to be saved, but not by El at the expense of Brooke!

        Only thing worse would be Sam stumbling his way into the (half) million (Australian Dollar).

        1. I get what you’re saying, but the kind of late-game maneuvers that El would have to pull off to win would really elevate her, not unlike Natalie Anderson.

          I was rooting for Brooke too, but once she went full mean girl (and Jennah-Louise stopped being invisible), my hotness-based rooting interest shifted to JL.

          1. I like to have more than one hot iron in the barrel , and Brooke has NOT(*stump) gone FULL mean girl. El on the other hand…

            Yeah, to sniff out the girls’ plan like that (ok, they’ll probably just tell her) and then putting together a counter-alliance would be pretty impressive, but imo still not as good as what Brooke and the very, very happy girl have done up to this point. Ok, objectively El was right there with them for most of the time, but listening to her I just can’t give her as much credit for how the trio has positioned itself.
            It’s like Brooke&Flick make consciously the right moves (almost) all the time, while El is more of a instinct-player who’s personality lends itself ideally to the 55-day game and the way she chose to play.

      2. (*gnashes teeth and presses lips together)

        Can’t. Wait. To talk. About it. But. Must. Wait. Not to. Spoil. AHH!

  13. JL was great these last two episodes. I loved her working Flick after they lost the RC. She arrived very organically and in front of everyone at a point where she could make Flick (and Matt, Kristie, but even Flick!) think about her standing in the game). It probably leads nowhere because they both appear to feel pretty good about their position, but it was a valiant effort. It’s a shame they kept her hidden for so long and I’m afraid she’s gone next episode.

    Sue and Brooke both were on fire during TC, it was a true battle of the giants. Too bad the majority didn’t split 4:3, or we would get another round of that.

    How about Kristie in the water asking if they’re splitting votes and Matt not letting it go? Did they both not realize, that there was only one person without an I.Necklace not with them, or was that some weird probing, mind-reading or vying for jury votes (Matt from Kristie)?

    1. When Lee is the one spotting you are making a faux par on the vote splitting question then you know it’s a very bad play. Both Kristie and Matt think that a split vote is on the other, so neither should be saying it at that point.

  14. Forgot to mention it in the post, but holy shit was Sam deciding he need to get in another dig at Nick tacky as fuuuuuuck. Does he not understand how the jury works?

    1. Well, no, but that’s just a specific instance of the general principle: Sam doesn’t understand how Survivor works.

      1. I was going to make a joke about how Sam has the mind of a golden retriever, but then I remembered that was the running joke here about Mike during World’s Apart and I got scared.

        1. Golden Retrievers are a kind dog. Sam is mean spirited and dumb, what kind of dog is dumb and mean?

    2. He also made sure that everyone who is or lands on the jury knows, that he thinks they are just not as smart as he and his buddies are.



    Australian Survivor Fans
    12 Std. ·

    is a photo tracking the ratings for Australian Survivor Season 3:
    Samoa. These are the viewers on premiere night (meaning the night the
    episode is first on this is how many people are watching). These figures
    are Australian viewers. The average is 673,000. Which is pretty good!
    The international market and younger demographic results a massive and
    Ten is stoked with this. Meaning? Another season looks to be on the

    Channel Ten announce their 2017 lineup next month and
    rumors have it another season of Australian Survivor will join. What do
    you think?

    It seems like it was a good idea to expand to 3 episodes a week, as tuesdays usually had peak numbers each week.
    Last week was different though, which isn’t too much of as surprise. We’ll see what that means for the coming episode-ratings. Other than that, it sounds like good news!

  16. In case anyone is on the fence about watching the next two or three episodes, Channel Ten wants you to…
    (spoilery promo-picture below the pink)

    (hover over if you feel brave)
    Mind you, that promo-pic and the accompanying ads were put out there by the same marketing team, that advertised “Sue’s BIG MOVE” all over last week and I’m still not sure what they meant, so take it with an extra large grain of salt.

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