zzzChampions League draft- Game Changers

Welcome to the Champions League draft! For some of you this is a new experience, so I’ll give you a quick breakdown of how this goes:

  1. The draft will take place in the comments section. This is a snake-style draft, meaning that whoever gets the first pick will also get the last pick. Other than that, the same rules/scoring apply here as in the Pick-4 fantasy league.
  2. Each of us will draft two players, and I will alert you when it’s your turn to draft. If you have a preferred method to reach you other than Disqus notifications, please let me know- you can reach me via gmail (purplerockpodcast) or Twitter (@purplerockjohn) if you don’t want to post it in the comments section. There’s no real time limit on your pick, as long as everyone is done drafting before the first episode airs.
  3. Draft order will be determined, as always, by my dear computerized friends at random.org. I’ll post a screenshot of their randomized draft order, lest you think I rig this.
  4. The scoring system is the exact same as it is in the Pick-4 league, so see that page if you need a reminder of how scoring works.
  5. If at any time you have questions, just reply to one of my comments below so I’ll get a notification.

The draft

Champions League draft order/results: 

  1.  XL Pelican- Michaela
  2. M0nit0rman- Tony
  3. Sneaky Sneaky- Malcolm
  4. Lira2012- Cirie
  5. Purple Rock Emma- JT
  6. Barbara Anderson- Sierra Dawn Thomas
  7. Purple Rock Mark- Andrea
  8. Purple Rock John- Ozzy
  9. DrVanNostrand- Troy
  10. Doctor Wu- Aubry
  11. Doctor Wu- Caleb
  12. DrVanNostrand- Debbie
  13. Purple Rock John- Hali
  14. Purple Rock Mark- Brad
  15. Barbara Anderson- Tai
  16. Purple Rock Emma- Sandra
  17. Lira2012- Zeke
  18. Sneaky sneaky- Varner
  19. m0nit0rman-

Players remaining:


  • To make your pick, just reply to this comment. When you select your player, please give us some justification as to why you made your choice- it’s always fun to remember how wrong you were later on.

    Good luck to everyone!

    • Okay, I will explain my two person fantasy league draft system when I make my two picks: My first pick is always my meh pick. They are bland, but they are okay, I guess. My previous meh picks were Julia and Ken, so they did pretty well. Hey, do you know who fits that description? Sierra Dawn Thomas.
      Now, you may be wondering don’t you dislike her? Yes, yes I do. But, she’s a perfect meh pick for me. And also, I don’t have to have my heart broken when she leaves. Total win/win.

    • m0nit0rman

      Did you get my last pick, John? You’ve been strangely quiet.

      • Yes! My apologies. I didn’t update this page. But I did enter your pick on my spreadsheet and inform XL Pelican that he got Sarah.

  • Lira2012


  • m0nit0rman

    I just want to say I’m relieved MimC is lollygagging on the first pick, because I was busy this week (and paralyzed with doubt).

    • I’ll give him plenty of time to check in, particularly since this is essentially his only pick.

  • Ok guys, young Malcolm has not checked in yet. I’m trying to give him as much time as possible, but I also don’t want to leave you all hanging. How much longer are you guys willing to wait before I give his spot to the next person in line?

    • DrVanNostrand

      It doesn’t really bother me. There’s still time before the season starts. However, if other people are getting annoyed, you’ve certainly given him plenty of time already. No one could fault you for moving on.

      • It’s your pick in Champions League!

    • I’m good with waiting for a few days more since we do have a couple more weeks. But I am also good with skipping him. Have you tried contacting his dad?

      • I’ve contacted them both. First two weeks ago to give them a heads up that the draft was coming, then a week ago to let them both know MimC was on the clock.

  • m0nit0rman

    As the next person in line, I’m going to ask some of the others to weigh in, please.

    • You’re on the clock! XL Pelican took Michaela first.

      • m0nit0rman

        Tony. It HAS to be Tony.

        I wasn’t even a fan of his during his original run, but some podcast I listen to convinced me to “jump on the Tony Train, and enjoy the ride!” He truly is the best player in the shows history.

        I’m not too concerned about the obvious target he is, as there are enough savvy players during these all-star seasons to give Tony a chance to form a strong alliance.

        I’m still pulling for my other favourites Ciera, Tai, Malcolm, Michaela, Aubrey, and Varner!

        • Ok, second pick time. Only two choices left: Ciera or Sarah.

  • I’m giving Malcolm is my Copilot until Friday to check in and draft. If that doesn’t happen, Survivor Stick takes MimC’s spot.

    • Update: MimC didn’t check in. Survivor Stick also didn’t respond. The invitation is currently with Rippert. If I don’t get a response from him shortly, the next two names are people I can contact immediately (XL Pelican and Diego Armando). One of them will be a yes, and we’ll start drafting today.

  • The draft has begun! Respond to this comment with your selection, and please give me some rationale as to why you chose your player.

    • Sneaky Sneaky

      I’m picking Malcolm. I feel like he’s strategic enough to win but won’t be a huge immediate threat. Hopefully I’m not completely jinxing him by saying that. Also I find him likeable and fun to watch.

    • Purple Rock Emma

      I’m going with JT. I don’t think he wins, but I also don’t think he’ll make as big of a mistake as he did in HvV, so he should be a reliable points-getter.

      • I like that pick. I was a little down on him at first but his interview with Josh Wigler showed some really good perspective on his games, which has me kinda excited about him. Now, was he top of my list? Not really, but if he was around during the second round, then he would be mine.

    • (Sorry I posted this before down below, but I wanted to make sure that everyone can see it)
      Okay, I will explain my two person fantasy league draft system when I make my two picks: My first pick is always my meh pick. They are bland, but they are okay, I guess. My previous meh picks were Julia and Ken, so they did pretty well. Hey, do you know who fits that description? Sierra Dawn Thomas.
      Now, you may be wondering don’t you dislike her? Yes, yes I do. But, she’s a perfect meh pick for me. And also, I don’t have to have my heart broken when she leaves. Total win/win.

      • DrVanNostrand

        I picked her in Pick 4 because she was so aggressively ‘meh’ I couldn’t even believe anyone thought to bring her back. Shockingly, half of my Pick 4 team is already gone by #9.

    • Sylvisual

      I’ll start off with Andrea. Every time she has played, she’s been decent in challenges, yet unthreatening enough to make the merge and eventually attempt some power plays. Third time is the charm? There are much bigger fish to fry pre-merge.

      • Crap…I completely overlooked her. But I am okay with my pick.

      • Damn, one pick away from her falling to me. Nice choice.

    • I am super thrilled to take Ozzy, because he’s such a great guy and not at all a douchebag. I’m hoping that he’s at least tolerated long enough in the pre-merge to get to the merge and win a challenge or two before everyone tires of him (several episodes after I, as a viewer, have tired of him).

      • He’s like a slightly better version of Troy.

        • In that he has at least one skill?

          • Yes, absolutely! Also, at least some people his seasons typically like him.

    • DrVanNostrand

      I am not so thrilled to choose Troy with pick #9 (you’re welcome XL Pelican). I’m picking Troy, because as many of you know, I play fantasy Survivor by using the Costanza opposite strategy. I don’t think I need to explain to this crowd why Troy is so terrible, so I’ll simply refer everyone to John’s diss track post. I’d also like to thank John for drafting Ozzy at #8, saving me from the nightmare of having an Ozzy-Troy Champion’s League team.

      • Wow, that’s a bold pick, sir.

      • Damn. I guess it makes sense to go with the strategy that got you here, but…ouch.

    • doctor wu

      I’m on vacation so I had vlade divac make the picks:


    • DrVanNostrand

      With pick #12 I draft America’s favorite Water Felon, Debbie. This pick was basically between Brad and Debbie. I went with Debbie because I feel it was a major oversight that I forgot to draft her in Pick 4. From her water felony, to her know it all arrogance, she is a thoroughly grating person, who will fit in very well with my previous pick.

      • I was looking at the available players before you picked, and I actually said in the staff chat, “Oh no, I think DrVanNostrand is going to have a Debbie-Troy team!” But again, I applaud the dedication to the strategy that got you here.

        • DrVanNostrand

          On the last returnee season, I picked players I liked, and ended up with 3 of the first 4 boots. I placed 153 out of 154 players. I only did slightly better picking people I thought would do well in Kaoh Rong (151/153). I had nowhere to go but up. Plus it’s actually kind of fun in a masochistic sort of way.

    • My pick, which I hesitated on because I’m not remotely confident in it, is Hali. The past few seasons, I’ve tried to do a “safe” pick in the first round and a swing for the fences in the second. But I’m not confident that Hali is going far in this season. My only hope is that she’s ignored long enough to get me some points.

    • Sylvisual

      Gotta go against my Pick 4 for a second and choose Brad. Before you tell me to F off, all he needs to do to improve is not antagonize people and pass remedial math classes. So long as he works hard and gets along, he can make the merge. And if the big guns shoot each other before that, he has the best chance at immunity. Goats may be goats, but that usually means they sign the right vote.

    • All right: Round 2 is the one where I listen to my heart and with that in mind there are four clear options still on the table:
      Sandra is a point liability
      Zeke is a point liability (and I also don’t want to be accused of lowballing him in my write-up to pick him in Champions League)
      I still have residual flashbacks to Varner screwing me over in Cambodia.

      In essence, I have to pick the horse that brought me here and who I still like after 12 months: Welcome back to my team, Tai!

      • DrVanNostrand

        Varner burned me bad in Cambodia too… but he was the 3rd player on my team to do so.

    • Purple Rock Emma

      I’m going high-risk high-reward for this pick. GIVE ME SANDRA, EMMA ONLY DRAFTS CHAMPIONS IN THE CHAMPS LEAGUE. GAME CHANGER.

    • Sneaky Sneaky

      I pick Varner. I don’t have high hopes but I love him. Probably not the best strategy but I’d rather root for people I like.

  • ExtraLargePelican

    I draft Michaela. With all the attention that Probst gave her at the finale (especially in contrast to Zeke), I don’t see how she’s out before the merge. And challenge points are important.

    But Michaela also has a great set-up, even if she hasn’t established great strategy and interpersonal skills. No one will gun for her from the start. The fact that she’s an unknown is unlikely to hurt her because people will not see her as a winner. They’re more likely to dismiss her as a “character,” which she is. She doesn’t come off as overly scheme-y, which was Jeremy Collins’s greatest asset. With this pick, I’m betting that (1) the high-profile players will knock themselves out and (2) a direct personality is currently a benefit in the returning player meta-game.

    • I love that you mentioned her being highlighted at the reunion. Steer hard into that preseason edgic!

      • ExtraLargePelican

        You know how I loathe edgic, but in this case we have a control variable, Zeke, who was a bigger character in MvGX but got zero attention. I do feel like the other reasons are enough justification on their own, though. And let’s not forget how well challenge beasts and first-season underperformers Kelley and Joe did for me in Second Chance.

      • m0nit0rman

        XL Pelican’s OP is still showing as “awaiting moderation” for me.

        • Sigh. Fucking Disqus.

  • Lira2012

    I’m drafting Cirie because she’s strategic and maternal at the same time. She projects loyalty, making people feel safe, but is flexible when need be. If she can make a strong alliance (and it’s a primary strength of hers), she’ll go far.

  • Lira2012

    I’ll take Zeke because: 1. not much left and 2. maybe he learned not to overplay so much from his last outing?