Emma’s Live Know It Alls Experience

It’s probably safe to say that most of you who listen to the Purple Rock Podcast or read our website are probably also RHAP fans. So we thought it’d be fun to share my experience going to the live show in L.A. last week! I will admit it has nothing on attending a Survivor finale, but it was still a good time.

LA Know It Alls
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After waiting in line all by myself, I discovered that you can’t just use the ticket bar code on your phone, you have to first go to the box office first. So that was mildly annoying. I was meeting up with my friend Kacie, who is a mod at r/survivor. (See, we don’t hate everyone on reddit! Just the ones who have different opinions). But she was running late because it’s L.A. and there is traffic. Once I get my actual ticket, I walk into the venue- still all by my lonesome- waiting to go into the actual room where the show will be. While I’m standing around with strangers, who should walk by but the Knowingest Know It All himself, Stephen Fishbach! Apparently he somehow remembered me from the finale after party because he stops when he sees me, saying hi and that it’s “good to see [me] again.” Suck it, people standing with me in line. You may have friends, but I have Stephen motherfucking Fishbach.

Inside, there are tables, not just rows of seats, so they don’t let you sit wherever. My sad little party of one is steered toward the corner of the room, but luckily it’s only a few minutes until Kacie shows up and joins me. Myles Nye, who you hear do the game at the end of the podcast, is a couple tables in front of us. We all met at the viewing party that Max invited me to during Worlds Apart, so I’m feeling less tragically lonely at this point. Unfortunately, our corner seats are literally a side view of the screen, but it’s a big enough screen that it’s still doable. But then… oh, but then the magic happens. Stephen Fishbach comes by and sits right next to us. Obviously, I think this is pretty cool, but Kacie loves Stephen. I mean, we all love Stephen, but Kacie loves Stephen. She does a decent job at playing it cool, so it’s not as intense as that one time I met Cochran, but it’s still pretty fun to watch her try to hold it together.

"Stephen, I'm taking a picture of your for Twitter purposes."
“Stephen, I’m taking a picture of you for Twitter purposes.”

He sits with us for the first part of the show, but then uses his host privileges to not have totally crappy seats.

The crowd was of course pretty into the show, applauding when Tai found the idol and laughing at the Tai/Caleb segment and Alecia’s embryos. During the tribal council, everyone was freaking out. You could hear people ask, “What is happening?!” when Jenny stood up, or maybe you could just hear me say that. (I was bemoaning the probable death of my fantasy team).

In terms of the actual Know It Alls show…you probably listened to it and maybe even watched the video, so here’s a quick list of highlights.

The screen was behind them, which should give you an idea of what my view of the episode was like.
The screen was behind them, which should give you an idea of what my view of the episode was like.
  • We all flipped our shit when Penner was introduced. Practically a standing ovation, chants of “Penner! Penner! Penner!”
  • Max’s hair, beard, and partially unbuttoned denim shirt made him look straight out of the 1970s.
  • Penner’s face when Corinne talks about being into Kyle Jason. Totally baffled by the idea.
  • During the game at the end, when Myles asked who was a casting misfire, Jenn stood behind Tyler and pointed at him.
  • Actually, ignore everything else I said, Jenn pointing at Tyler as a casting misfire was the entire highlight. (Editor’s note: It’s funny because it’s true.)

After the show I finally got to stroll around and meet people I had conversed with on Twitter, such as Shandy and Shut Up Tim! from The Tribe, and Ryan Elder, who allegedly recognized me from my cartoon Twitter picture. Or he heard me talking to the Tribe people. Either way.

I actually didn’t spend a lot of time talking to any of the Survivors afterward, but I did want to help Kacie get a picture with Stephen. While we waited, I found myself being volunteered to take pictures for everyone else meeting him. Weirdly, this also happened at the finale after party, so I guess I’m the official iPhone photographer for Stephen Fishbach. Kacie gets a picture, and of course I get one for myself, even though he wasn’t wearing an amazing plaid suit this time.

My new BFF.
My new BFF.
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Emma is the token chick of the Purple Rock Podcast. She has watched the show continuously since the second episode and is pretty sure she's never seen the pilot.

Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Micronesia, Cambodia, Cook Islands, China, Philippines

Favorite players: Courtney Yates, Parvati Shallow, John Cochran, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Kim Spradlin
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  • gouis

    When’s the wedding?

    • Kemper Boyd

      Again, Emma, like with Cochran, if you give me notice I will happily fly over from Britain to attend.

  • Kemper Boyd

    I have questions does Jenn really hate Tyler or is it a shtick thing? She rags on him any opportunity she gets.

    • Other Scott

      Jenn seems like one of those people that if she doesn’t like you she won’t hang with you, certainly not to the degree she hangs with Tyler.

      I assume it’s shtick.

      • Kemper Boyd

        I dunno I have a friend I’ve got stuck with because she was good friends with a member of our group then as members fell away I got stuck with her being one of my closest friends. I can’t cut it off because of the group.

        • Other Scott

          Oh, it definitely happens, it just doesn’t seem like Jenn is the type of person who would let that happen. But I don’t really know her, I’m just going off of her time on the show and what she’s shown on the internet, etc.

        • gouis

          They do all really seem to like his wife, so maybe there is some of that.

          • Yeah, there seems to be a subgroup of Redditors that want him to come back to BvW III just so his wife can play Survivor, so who knows?

    • gouis

      It has to be a shtick. But I think even Tyler would recognize that he sucked on the show.

      • He claims that he deliberately downplayed his weirdness, but he just made himself bland.

        • gouis

          Yeah which sucks to watch.

          • Yeap. Although I will admit that he still sucks as a character, his key party line is pretty funny.

        • Well, there you go. No wonder you didn’t get very much airtime, Tyler.

          • It also didn’t help that he wasn’t an absolutely reprehensible person.

          • Maybe he was, he just wasn’t reprehensible enough to make the final edit. Though that’s a pretty high bar.

    • turgid_legume

      It’s probably one of those situations where he’s a great person in real life but shitty/boring/whatever as a Survivor character.

  • Mike Hirsch

    I honestly thought Tyler was going to be the shrewdest member of the WA cast after the first episode. Even considering how low that bar would eventually actually turn out to be, I still was disappointed. High hopes, Tyler!

  • Great write up! Bummed that we didn’t see each other, but hopefully there will be another West Coast KIA in the Fall. 🙂