Historical Examination of Why Couples in Survivor Never Last

On the most recent episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, the wise and sage Jay Starrett dropped a truth bomb on the audience, stating “no couple ever lasts on Survivor“. To examine his theory, we thought we’d do a deep dive on the history of Survivor couples to track this trend and hopefully come to a conclusion on why couples can’t seem to succeed in the game.





Because Rob and Amber slayed your favs.


That is all.
That is all. Carry on.
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Co-host of the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast and the Canadian of the group, Andy has been watching Survivor continuously since the very beginning and likes to treat that as some kind of virtue to lord over others.

Favourite seasons: Heroes vs Villains, Cook Islands, Palau, The Amazon, Cagayan
Favourite players: Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin, Tony Vlachos, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Rob Cesternino
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  • andythesaint

    Credit where it’s due: the idea to just have that one line and then post was Emma’s. I then added the idea of the photo and that’s how we got here.

    Or, as the great poet once said: she made it a hot line; I made it a hot song.

    • Mike Hirsch

      Bravo to all involved!

  • corndogshuffle

    I came in wondering how you planned on stretching this out into a full length article when the answer was so simple. Sometimes the shortest, Wellflee simplest answer is all that needs to be said. Well done.

  • PurpleTally

    Bless this post.

  • Other Scott

    I like how in the beginning of Redemption Island Rob himself uses this as a reason why Matt and Andrea cannot be allowed to fester.

    There’s a bit of a flaw in his logic comparing himself to Matt Elrod, but still.

  • Side Character

    Fantastic article! Really gets to the fine details of the topic. Couldn’t have been written any better.

    When I saw the blurb at the end, and I realized that was the whole article, I laughed. A lot. Thank you for this.

  • Roswulf

    But what about…

    Huh. You really did anticipate all conceivable counterarguments.

    • andythesaint

      Yep. Airtight.

  • BJ001

    These shows are fake.

  • BJ001

    “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” is a stupid concept. Too many contestants are too close in age. Should have been Millennials vs. Baby Boomers or something like that.