Pick-4 Survivor Kaoh Rong fantasy league

Welcome to the greatest Survivor fantasy league on the internet!

In the comments section of this post, you can select your Pick-4 teams for the SurvivorKaoh Rong fantasy league. Most of you have probably played before and already know how this works, but if you’re new to this, here are the rules and scoring system:

1. Nobody is impressed that you’ve read spoilers. If you have, don’t play this game. To put it more bluntly, don’t be a dick.

2. Pick four Survivors from this season that you think will do well (see scoring system below), and let us know the combination you want in the comments on the draft post, via gmail (purplerockpodcast), or via Twitter (@purplerockpod)- though it’s much easier on me if you use the comments section.

3. As long as nobody else has picked that exact combination of four players, I’ll respond to you to acknowledge that I recorded your picks (I do this so that you don’t later edit your post or delete your tweet and claim you picked a different set of players. Again, see Rule #1). You can change them any time until the second episode airs, so if one of your picks is the first person booted you can attempt to salvage your team.

4. Check this site every week to see updated standings. To the winner goes the ultimate prize: Bragging rights on the internet.

5. The scoring system:

Tribe reward: 1 points

Tribe immunity: 2 points*

*In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.
*In an immunity challenge with three (or more) tribes, winning tribe gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2, loser gets 0. (If there are four tribes, 3rd place would get 1 point.)

Individual reward: 2 points

Individual immunity: 4 points

Finding an idol/winning an advantage: 3 points

Playing idol successfully: 4 points

Redemption Island victory: 1 point

Return to game from Redemption Island: 2 points (although let’s hope Redemption Island is never used again)

Votes To Evict Player (VTEP) pre-merge: 1 point*

*VTEP points are awarded when your player casts a vote- or participates in a split vote plan- that successfully snuffs someone else’s torch. (In the case of a double vote, a player would get double the VTEP for using the double vote for the correct target or as part of a vote split.)

VTEP post-merge: 2 points

*In the case of a double-vote advantage being used, if the double-vote is used successfully- either to vote one person out or as part of a vote-split plan- the person using the advantage correctly will get double the amount of VTEP points.

Making the merge (one-time bonus): 3 points

Final tribal council votes: 2 points each

**Tie-breaker: At the end of the season if one team is tied with another, the team that has the player that placed the highest in the game will win. For example:

Team A is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 2nd place, 10th place, 15th place. Team B is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 3rd place, 5th place, 6th place. Since both teams chose the winner, the next highest-finishing player would break the tie. In this case, Team A has 2nd place and Team B has 3rd place. So Team B is the winner.

Easy enough, right?

Joining the league is also easy: Just make your picks in the comments below. I’ll respond to you to lock in your players (assuming nobody else has that exact combination), and you have until the second episode airs to change your picks. Yes, the second episode. So if you picked the first boot, make sure to come back and change your picks!

I’ll try to update the table below as frequently as possible so you can use it to see if your combination of players is still available (don’t expect me to update on weekends, though). Alphabetize the players you want to pick, then look at the alphabetized list below to see if your combo is already taken. Too confusing? Just pick your four and I’ll tell you if they’re still available. If I don’t get back to you in a day or so (again, don’t count weekends), reply to one of my comments and let me know I suck.

NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
True AlainerAleciaAnnaKyleNeal
Marco LemaAleciaAnnaMicheleNick
No Eyes in BlindfoldAleciaAubryJenniferMichele
Special Agent PhileAleciaCalebDarnellNick
Thethings Wedo4LoveAleciaCalebNealPeter
Will HolstonAleciaJenniferKyleMichele
Ryan DeschampAleciaJenniferLizNick
Mike HirschAnnaAubryCydneyNeal
Adli HanifAnnaAubryJenniferMichele
Chase SAnnaAubryKyleLiz
Prom KingAnnaAubryKyleNeal
Sinan FaiadAnnaAubryLizMichele
Kent McKAnnaCalebDebbieKyle
Jeff Probst's HairpieceAnnaCalebJenniferNeal
Curtis VendelandAnnaCalebKyleLiz
dig dougAnnaCalebKyleTai
Arran MilneAnnaCalebLizNeal
Assistant Dragon SlayerAnnaJenniferKyleLiz
SG StandardAnnaJenniferLizNeal
Black DynamiteAnnaJenniferNickPeter
Maulik ShahAnnaJoeKyleLiz
Derek WilliamsonAnnaJoeLizTai
Banana TeamAnnaJuliaKyleLiz
Jacob SWAnnaJuliaKyleTai
Anna RAnnaKyleLizMichele
indescribable hatAnnaKyleLizNick
Joel GaastraAnnaKyleMichelePeter
David GadeAnnaKyleNealTai
Purple Rock MattAnnaKyleNickPeter
Survivor CentralAnnaKylePeterScot
Poor Sheltered HomeschoolerAnnaKylePeterTai
Other ScottAnnaKyleScotTai
Diego ArmandoAnnaLizMicheleNeal
Kevin MAnnaLizNealPeter
Crystal LynneAnnaLizNickScot
Tamir MAnnaNealNickPeter
Audrey RatajackAubryDarnellLizTai
Crom DeluiseAubryDebbieJoeNick
Joseph FinnAubryDebbiePeterTai
Purple Rock MarkAubryJuliaKyleTai
Ara MorinAubryJuliaLizNeal
Barbara AndersonAubryJuliaMicheleTai
Doctor WuAubryJuliaNealScot
Purple Rock JohnAubryKyleMicheleNeal
John BelzAubryMicheleNealPeter
Survivor FanCalebCydneyJenniferNeal
Jenifer PullmanCalebJenniferKyleNeal
this bear is tops bloobyCydneyJenniferJoeScot
Anndré BressanCydneyJuliaLizPeter
Something QuirkyCydneyMicheleNealPeter
Friend ChooserCydneyMicheleNickPeter
Rob BrodeurDarnellJenniferMicheleNeal
Come On In HereDebbieJenniferJoeKyle
Drums XDebbieJenniferJoeTai
KAL BJenniferKyleMichelePeter
Saturday Evening PalsyJenniferKyleNealNick
Untitled Clint Howard ProjectJenniferLizMicheleNeal
Kemper BoydJenniferLizMicheleNick
Disgruntled GoatJenniferLizNealPeter
Ethan KyleJoeJuliaNickTai
Josh PotterJoeKyleLizPeter
Random LuckJuliaNickPeterTai
Everyone is someoneJuliaNickScotTai
Purple Rock EmmaKyleLizMichelePeter
aj hillerLizMicheleNealScot
Lauren MLizNealNickPeter
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  • Kemper Boyd

    Liz, Cydney, Michele, Nick

    • Kemper Boyd- Cydney, Liz, Michele, Nick

  • Rob Brodeur

    I did so poorly last season with 3/4 of my picks going out back-to-back-to-back. Hopefully this season my picks don’t suffer the same fate!
    Kaoh Rong picks: Jennifer, Darnell, Neal, Michele

    • Rob Brodeur- Darnell, Jennifer, Michele, Neal

  • Random Luck

    Random Luck Team: Nick, Tai, Peter, Julia

    • Random Luck- Julia, Nick, Peter, Tai

  • Audrey Ratajack

    Liz, Aubry, Tai and Darnell

    • Audrey Ratajack- Aubry, Darnell, Liz, Tai

  • Tamir M

    Neal, Peter, Anna, and Nick

    Edit: Switched Darnell to Nick on 1/28/16 @8:12PM

    • Tamir M- Anna, Neal, Nick, Peter

  • Nrocket

    Nrocket: Darnell Anna Jennifer Debbie

    • Nrocket- Anna, Darnell, Jennifer, Michelle

  • Malcolm

    Joe, Julia, Peter, Nick

    • Malcolm- Joe, Julia, Nick, Peter

  • Max_Jets

    Anna, Aubry, Darnell, Joe

    • Thanks for alphabetizing!

      Max_Jets- Anna, Aubry, Darnell, Joe

  • NearlyNina

    Caleb, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Neal

    • NearlyNina- Caleb, Jennifer, Liz, Neal

      (She seems to prefer Liz, so we’ll go with that.)

  • Roswulf

    I’m having the odd experience reading through the cast descriptions and hating everybody. I’m not sure if this bodes poorly for the season, or just confirms that I’m a hateful person.

    OK, I do like Tai.


    Tai, Darnell, Julia, Jennifer

    • Roswulf- Darnell, Jennifer, Julia, Tai

      • Roswulf

        Er…let’s try Alecia, Anna, Jennifer, Tai

        • Roswulf

          After remembering who Anna is, not joining that train. Pretend I said Alecia, Jennifer, Neal, Tai.


        • Roswulf- Alecia, Anna, Jennifer, Tai

          • Roswulf

            Apologies for my horrible fickleness- can I go with Alecia, Jennifer, Neal, Tai instead?

          • Ha! Sure.

            Roswulf- Alecia, Jennifer, Neal, Tai

          • Roswulf

            I am fickleness incarnate- make that Alecia, Jennifer, Michele, Neal.

          • Roswulf- Alecia, Jennifer, Michele, Neal

  • Peachykeene

    Tai, Michele, Alecia, Peter

    • Peachykeene- Alecia, Michele, Peter, Tai

  • gouis

    Darnell, Neil, Michele, Anna

    • gouis- Anna, Darnell, Michele, Neal

      • gouis

        Oh and I’ll swap Neal with Tony when he shows up.

  • Black Dynamite

    Nick, Anna, Jennifer, Darnell

    • Black Dynamite- Anna, Darnell, Jennifer, Nick

  • Ara Morin Acevedo

    Neal, Liz, Aubry, Julia

    • Ara Morin- Aubry, Julia, Liz, Neal

  • Sylvisual

    This is so not going to be an immunity team, but I hate a lot of people from their videos, so, new race to the bottom! Aubry, Tai, Cydney, Julia

    • Purple Rock Mark- Aubry, Cydney, Julia, Tai

    • Diego Armando

      I picked the four that seemed like the most tolerable people.

  • turgid_legume

    Darnell, Neal, Nick, Peter

    • turgid_legume- Darnell, Neal, Nick, Peter

  • Drums X

    Tai, Jennifer, Debbie, Joseph

    • Wow. #TeamOld!

      Drums X- Debbie, Jennifer, Joe, Tai

  • kristanmarie

    Cydney, Kyle, Liz, Tai

    • kristanmarie- Cydney, Kyle, Liz, Tai

  • jackdw97

    Cydney, Darnell, Liz, Nick

    I’m going to try not to change this since I picked then dropped Jeremy last season, but I really like this cast and could see myself switching.

    • jackdw97- Cydney, Darnell, Liz, Nick

  • Barbara Anderson

    It’s so good to be back!
    My motley crew will hopefully include Aubry, Darnell, Julia, and Tai.

    • Barbara Anderson- Aubry, Darnell, Julia, Tai

    • Barbara Anderson

      Can I swap out Michele for Darnell?
      My new squad is Aubry, Julia, Michele and Tai.

  • Purple Rock Emma

    Liz, Darnell, Peter, Michele

    • Purple Rock Emma- Darnell, Liz, Michele, Peter

      • Purple Rock Emma

        Thanks, boo.

        • Roswulf

          Well, it was kind of being promoted as the season of random injuries, so Boo sweeping in from super-secret-decade-long Redemption Island would make SOME thematic sense…

          • Barbara Anderson

            Well Boo did have some boo boos, so there’s that.

  • Fransesqua- Alecia, Jennifer, Liz, Tai (via text)

    • Wow, he already changed them.

      Fransesqua- Jennifer, Liz, Peter, Tai (via a second text)

  • My picks: Purple Rock John- Aubry, Cydney, Kyle, Tai

  • True Alainer

    Cydney, Alecia, Nick and Kyle

    • True Alainer- Alecia, Cydney, Kyle, Nick

  • Ms_Woozah

    Since I’m always so horrible at predicting these newbie seasons, I’m trying a different tactic this time. I haven’t read anything about any of them and literally did eenie meenie miney mo to make these picks.

    Results: Michele, Cydney, Peter, Anna.

    • You’re the third person trying the random selection thing. Good luck!

      Ms_Woozah- Anna, Cydney, Michele, Peter

    • Purplerockmatt

      want in on the outcasts league again?

  • EmAndScoutInBK

    My picks: Michele, Anna, Tai, Darnell

    • EmAndScoutInBK- Anna, Darnell, Michele, Tai

  • Special Agent Phile- Alecia, Caleb, Darnell, Nick (also via text)

  • Maulik Shah

    Liz; Joe; Anna; Kyle “Sarg”

    • Maulik Shah- Anna, Joe, Kyle, Liz

  • Come On In Here

    Joel, Jennifer, Debbie and Nick

    • I’m assuming Joel is Joe. If not, let me know.

      Come On In Here- Debbie, Jennifer, Joe, Nick

      • Come On In Here

        Joe Del Campo = Joel in my fried mind. Thanks for recognizing my error.

      • Come On In Here

        I’ve thought about it and I don’t want Nick, Can I get Kyle instead.

        • You can.

          Come On In Here- Debbie, Jennifer, Joe, Kyle

  • Chase S.

    hmm.. i’ll go with liz, aubry, kyle, and anna

    • Chase S- Anna, Aubry, Kyle, Liz

  • Crom Deluise

    Are Joseph, Aubry, Nick, Debbie available? I can’t do worse than last season. Wait–I’ll be out of town the week of the first episode. I should be able to do exactly as poorly as last season.

    • Good luck on repeating your (lack of) success!

      Crom Deluise- Aubry, Debbie, Joe, Nick

  • torchoflaw

    I’ll take Anna, Darnell, Liz, and Peter

    • torchoflaw- Anna, Darnell, Liz, Peter

  • Will Holston

    Jennifer, Kyle, Michele, and Alecia

    • Will Holston- Alecia, Jennifer, Kyle, Michelle

  • itsafuckingSTICK

    Hello, I’d like: Anna, Kyle, Liz, and Peter

    • itsafuckingSTICK- Anna, Kyle, Liz, Peter

  • sweaterfan

    Has the combo of Darnell, Debbie, Jennifer and Michele been taken yet? If not, I call dibs.

    • sweaterfan- Darnell, Debbie, Jennifer, Michelle

  • hornacek

    Tai, Cydney, Neal, Alecia

    • hornacek- Alecia, Cydney, Neal, Tai

  • forever1267

    May I please have Scot, Caleb, Aubry, and Jennifer? Thank you! Excited!

    • forever1267- Aubry, Caleb, Jennifer, Scot

  • Saturday Evening Palsy

    Debbie, Jennifer, Kyle, Nick.

    • Saturday Evening Palsy- Debbie, Jennifer, Kyle, Nick

  • bder19

    Darnell, Debbie, Jennifer, Nick

    • bder19- Darnell, Debbie, Jennifer, Nick

  • Survivor Central

    Alecia, Kyle, Scot, Peter

    • Survivor Central- Alecia, Kyle, Peter, Scot

  • ExtraLargePelican

    Jennifer, Anna, Scot, Liz

    • ExtraLargePelican- Anna, Jennifer, Liz, Scot

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    Jennifer, Joseph, Kyle, Tai

    • Assistant Dragon Slayer- Jennifer, Joe, Kyle, Tai

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        Jennifer, Kyle, Liz, Tai

        • Done. And thank you for making it easier on me by listing the four players you want rather than telling me which one you wanted to replace!

          Assistant Dragon Slayer- Jennifer, Kyle, Liz, Tai

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Sorry Tai, but things are looking bad for the men of Gondol. Anna, please stop tweeting.

            Anna, Jennifer, Kyle, Liz

  • Lilewie

    Fully prepared to have to make a change after week 1 but here’s the best guess – Anna, Julia, Michele, Neal

    • Lilewie- Anna, Julia, Michele, Neal

  • KAL B


    • KAL B- Jennifer, Kyle, Michele, Peter

  • Ryan Deschamp

    Jennifer, Liz, Nick, Alecia

    • Ryan Deschamp- Alecia, Jennifer, Liz, Nick

  • Ethan Kyle

    Julia, Nick Tai Joe

    • Ethan Kyle- Joe, Julia, Nick, Tai

  • Friend Chooser- Cydney, Michele, Nick, Peter (via text)

  • ZC7: Liz, Anna, Darnell, Tai

    • ZC7- Anna, Darnell, Liz, Tai

    • Switch Darnell for Jennifer

      • ZC7- Anna, Jennifer, Liz, Tai

        If you make any more changes, please reply to one of my comments. That way I get a notification so I know you’ve made a change.

        • Let’s go all girls. Switching Tai for Julia.

          To victory I come

          • ZC7- Anna, Jennifer, Julia, Liz

  • Anna R.

    Liz Kyle Anna Michele

    • Anna R- Anna, Kyle, Liz, Michelle

  • Lauren M


    • Lauren M- Liz, Neal, Nick, Peter

  • Alkanarra

    Peter, Liz, Neil, Debbie please.

    • Alkanarra- Debbie, Liz, Neal, Peter

  • Ine

    I have a good feeling about the girls this season. Although I’m fully prepared to be disappointed. Here goes: Anna, Elisabeth, Julia, Michele.

    • Ine- Anna, Julia, Liz, Michele

  • Jim

    I’m going to go with Michele, Liz, Darnell and Neal

    • Jim- Darnell, Liz, Michele, Neal

  • Mike Hirsch

    Can I go with Anna, Aubry, Cydney, Neal?

    • Mike Hirsch- Anna, Aubry, Cydney, Neal

  • quinn

    anna, darnell, neal, cydney

    • quinn- Anna, Cydney, Darnell, Neal

  • Kevin M

    Anna, Liz, Neal, Peter

    • Kevin M- Anna, Liz, Neal, Peter

  • Adli Hanif

    Urmmm…Anna, Liz, Aubry and Darnell.

    • Adli Hanif- Anna, Aubry, Darnell, Liz

      • Adli Hanif

        Well, Darnell was the first boot. Can I swap him with Caleb then?

        • Adli Hanif- Anna, Aubry, Jennifer, Liz

          • Adli Hanif

            Final change. I’m starting to get a bad vibe from Liz.

            So, Anna, Aubry, Jennifer and Michele if the combination is still available.

          • Done.

            Adli Hanif- Anna, Aubry, Jennifer, Michele

  • Josh Potter

    Jason, Joe de Campo, Liz Markham, Peter Baggenstos

    • Josh Potter- Joe, Kyle, Liz, Peter

  • Sad Lil

    Oooo, Ooooo!

    Lil, Dawn, Mad Dawg, Julie Wolfe.

    • Strong women. This team can’t lose.

  • RickyB

    Kyle, Anna, Caleb, Darnell

    • RickyB- Anna, Caleb, Darnell, Kyle

  • Scarlett3639

    May I have Aubry, Jennifer, Julia and Tai please

    • Scarlett3639- Aubry, Jennifer, Julia, Tai

  • Marco Lema

    Alecia, Anna, Michele and Nick

    • Marco Lema- Alecia, Anna, Michele, Nick

  • No Eyes in Blindfold

    Alecia, Aubry, Darnell, Michele

    • No Eyes in Blindfold- Alecia, Aubry, Darnell, Michele

      I love your username/avatar combo, by the way.

  • Crystal Lynne

    Let’s go with: Anna, Darnell, Liz, & Nick. It looks like nobody has that combo.

    • Crystal Lynne- Anna, Darnell, Liz, Nick

  • KeepCalmAndHodorOn

    I’ll take Anna, Darnell, Michele, and Liz. May they all Hodor honorably.

    • KeepCalmAndHodorOn- Anna, Darnell, Liz, Michele

      FYI, you are the 12th-highest scorer all time in the Champions League (mostly because it’s really hard to stay in the league long enough to rack up a decent cumulative total).

  • John Belz

    I’ll go with peter, Neal, aubry, and michelle if available

    • John Belz- Aubry, Michele, Neal, Peter

  • Luka

    Anna, Caleb, Julia, Michele

    • Luka- Anna, Caleb, Julia, Michele

  • CountBulletsula

    Caleb, Darnell, Liz, Nick. I’ll probably regret this.

    • CountBulletsula- Caleb, Darnell, Liz, Nick

      • CountBulletsula

        We are switching this shit up! Caleb, Kyle, Liz, Michelle,

        • CountBulletsula- Caleb, Kyle, Liz, Michele

  • Diego Armando

    Anna, Julia, Neal, Tai. I am uncertain about this group. The women definetly seem more palatable than the men.

    • Diego Armando- Anna, Julia, Neal, Tai

      And agreed on the women.

  • David Gade

    How ’bout Anna, Darnell, Kyle, and Tai.

    • David Gade- Anna, Darnell, Kyle, Tai

      • David Gade

        In order to separate myself from the pack a little bit, can i drop Darnell for Neal?
        New pick: Anna, Kyle, Neal, Tai

        • Done!

          David Gade- Anna, Kyle, Neal, Tai

  • Kent McK

    Can I get Anna, Caleb, Debbie, Kyle?

    • Kent McK- Anna, Caleb, Debbie, Kyle

  • Dutch

    Going for a more balanced tribe this time around. Subject to change, but feel good right now (always a bad thing).

    Anna, Debbie, Neal, & Nick

    • Dutch- Anna, Debbie, Neal, Nick

      • Dutch

        Can I swap Nick for Darnell?

        • Done.

          Dutch- Anna, Darnell, Debbie, Neal

          • Dutch

            As much as I want to swap Darnell for Kyle, those sunburns have me concerned for a medivac. Jennifer survived her “it hurts so bad” moment from the previews, so I think it’s safe to say she won’t be medivaced. With everyone flocking to Michelle, I’m hoping Jenny can pull it off for differentiation. (Subject to change based on other people’s swaps)

            Anna, Debbie, Jennifer, Neal

  • Something Quirky

    I put way too much time into this. Here goes:

    Darnell Hamilton – One of his hobbies is fishing. He’s also a postal worker, meaning he delivers things from one place to another. Elijah Wood’s character in Lord of the Rings had to deliver something from one place to another. Elijah Wood played a penguin in Happy Feet. Also, Morgan Freeman, narrator of March of the Penguins, upstaged Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The same Kevin Costner who was a star of the 1997 hit, The Postman.

    Michele Fitzgerald – She’s a bartender, so, the ice. Also, penguins are brave in the face of darkness. And she worked at Rock the Earth, so is passionate about environmental issues.

    Neal Gottlieb – First, the ice-cream. Secondly, penguins appear to be good at management; they have a certain structure to their lives. Also, the Peace Corps run environmental programs.

    Peter Baggenstos – His genetics are black and white. Also, he has an anchor tattoo, which you’d presume means he has a connection with the water.

    I decided against:

    Cydney Gillon – She’s a female in a profession generally associated with men. In the animal kingdom, the role of hunter/food providing is generally associated with the males, while the females sit on the eggs. Penguin females do the hunting. However, she may be too opinionated, and when penguins are like that, they get told off by the alphas.

    • This is the greatest pick justification I have ever read.

      Something Quirky- Darnell, Michele, Neal, Peter

  • HectorTheWellEndowed

    I shall go with Darnell, Michelle, Neal and Tai.

    • You almost copied Something Quirky’s picks!

      HectorTheWellEndowed- Darnell, Michele, Neal, Tai

      • Something Quirky

        That was actually completely unintentional. (He didn’t know who I picked.)

  • JacksDad

    Liz, Darnell, Neal & Michele

    • Sorry, Jim already has that group of 4. You can select another foursome, though. You’ll probably only have to change one player from the group to get it to work; the updated list of teams are in the table above.

  • Yangbang’d

    hopefully i’m not too late…. i’ll go with Kyle, Neal, Darnell, Debbie

    • You definitely aren’t too late. And you can change your picks at any time before the second episode airs.

      Yangbang’d- Darnell, Debbie, Kyle, Neal

  • antikonti

    Put me in: Michele, Tai, Liz, Kyle

    • antikonti- Kyle, Liz, Michele, Tai

  • Other Scott

    I probably should just give up on this.

    Oh well.

    Anna, Darnell, Scot, Tai

    • Other Scott- Anna, Darnell, Scot, Tai

      Don’t give up! Maybe this will be your year! (This will not be your year.)

  • JacksDad

    Liz, Darnell, Neal & Cydney

    • That combo worked.

      JacksDad- Cydney, Darnell, Liz, Neal

  • tocantins

    Oh, I’m late, I hope I didn’t lose my pick. This time, since it was spoiled (by CBS) that it is one of the hardest seasons ever, with a lot of injuries, I’ll put my money on the brawn (the real thing, not the tribe). But we have to try to avoid the Osten trap (so Cydney is certainly out). This year, it is actually quite difficult to find contestants to pick, between people wanting to take sunglasses to the island (and not for the reason you would expect), having Harry Potter as life inspiration, or identifying themself with Russel Hantz, it was tough to choose four good picks. But someone has got to win, and it sure as hell will be one of these four below.

    My pick: Baggenstos (always safe to be a brawn in the Brain tribe—if they are not all insane, that is), Lanzetti (you always get my attention by picking Kim—instead of Parvati as all other women—as Survivor role-model), Maiorano (man, you almost lost me by picking yourself as your own role-model, but at least you know who Penner is. Besides, Maiorano, Mariano… one can always dream), and Pollard (LOL JK). And Sokolowski (having killed cows in Africa—because killing cows in America is simply not the same—is a must for any Sole Survivor wanna-be).

    TL;DR: Jennifer, Julia, Nick and Peter.

    • Interesting reasoning. I hope to hold it against you at some point.

      tocantins- Jennifer, Julia, Nick, Peter

    • itsafuckingSTICK

      I though about picking Peter for the same reason as you, but then I remembered that Garrett’s brawn didn’t help him much on his Brain tribe. Of course, I’m not convinced he had the requisite brains.

      • tocantins

        Yeah, I realize that in the only past case of a Brain tribe, the brawn was the first one voted out. I’m going with the assumption that that tribe was highly dysfunctional, and a more rational tribe would do differently. (And indeed the fact that they had that tribe’s utmost failure as an example of what not to do also speak towards them probably wanting to keep the brawn, instead of voting them out.)

        • itsafuckingSTICK

          Well, he wasn’t the very first one voted out so at least there’s that. (I think sleazy football team manager dude was the first?) They were VERY dysfunctional though, and Peter seems a little bit more with it than Garrett was so I think Peter’s probably a good pick for this season.

  • Anndré Bressan


    • Anndré Bressan- Cydney, Julia, Liz, Peter

  • Diego Armando

    Am I the only person who got massive Sash-Vibes from Nick? Also Peter thought PeteBro was a good player. Please let Tai stick around for a long time.

    • I’ve tried to block all memories of Nicaragua out of my head, so that’s prevented me from getting Sash vibes. I did laugh at Peter being a fan of Pete, though.

  • Sinan Faiad

    Anna Michelle Liz Aubry

    • Sinan Faiad- Anna, Aubry, Liz, Michele

  • Disgruntled Goat


    • Disgruntled Goat- Darnell, Liz, Neal, Peter

  • tanja

    Anna, Kyle, Michelle, Neal

    • tanja- Anna, Kyle, Michele, Neal

  • DrVanNostrand

    Anna, Debbie, Julia, Peter
    I really can’t read this cast at all, but I’m going to put Kyle “Russell is the greatest player of ALL TIIIIIIIME!!!!!!” Jason into my zero percent club without learning anything more about him.

    • DrVanNostrand- Anna, Debbie, Julia, Peter

      Wow, a preseason zero percent club! Ballsy.

      • DrVanNostrand

        Not ballsy at all. I’ve never been more confident in a zero percent club pick.

        Kyle: “Russell Hantz… is the only person that has ever truly played the game the way you should.”

        This person doesn’t get Survivor at all. If you’re Fabio or Bob, not getting it is OK. Otherwise, you’re at best a goat, but probably just voted out for being an A-hole.

        • Assistant Dragon Slayer

          Russell scored a ton of fantasy Survivor points the two seasons he was an unknown quantity to the rest of the cast. Just sayin’.

          • DrVanNostrand

            You’re right. He has some upside as a fantasy player. He just has a zero percent chance of winning.

  • Violina23

    Wow, I totally missed that this was up! Damn real-world responsibilities…

    Are there video interviews up? I just found the written bios. So I’m going off of that:

    Alecia, Anna, Darnell, Debbie

    • Violina23- Darnell, Jennifer, Neal, Peter

      That would be amazing if the editors were really playing the long game with Peter’s bio video.

      • Violina23

        If a similar quote makes it onto the actual show, there’s a chance… 😉

        • I’d say it’s a definite if that happens.

      • Violina23

        Well, that didn’t go very well. I’d like to switch Darnell for Kyle (who I never thought, based on interviews, would remotely do well)

        So that makes my new team:
        Jennifer, Kyle, Neal, Peter

  • vaderdawsn

    I’d like to pick Caleb, Jason, Jennifer, & Kyle Please

    • Jason and Kyle are the same person. It’s Kyle Jason.

      • vaderdawsn

        LOL… Oops… Ok, let me try again: Caleb, Jennifer, Kyle, and Peter.

        • That’ll work.

          vaderdawsn- Caleb, Jennifer, Kyle, Peter

  • Arran Milne

    Ill go for. .. Anna, Caleb, Liz and Neal

    • Arran Milne- Anna, Caleb, Liz, Neal

  • bassmanxvi

    Ok, here is hoping. I have 4 by episode 3…

    Jennifer Joseph Liz Michele

    • I like how you’re setting more achievable goals for yourself this season. Baby steps!

      bassmanxvi- Jennifer, Joe, Liz, Michele

  • Wagner

    Just found this and my picks are Debbie, Darnell, Aubry and Tai

    • Wagner- Aubry, Darnell, Debbie, Tai

  • George

    Cydney, Liz, Jennifer, Peter

    • George- Cydney, Jennifer, Liz, Peter

  • Kate

    Kyle, Michele, Darnell, Joe

    • Kate- Darnell, Joe, Kyle, Michele

  • ryell-00

    Really tough… I’ll go with Anna, Liz, Jennifer, Nick

    • ryell-00- Anna, Jennifer, Liz, Nick

  • Jacob SW

    Anna: I think poker players tend to underperform, because they’re used to a game with very specific rules, and they’re unprepared for the freeform craziness that is survivor. But I get the vibe that Anna has more emotional intelligence than, say, Jean Robert. Emotional intelligence + high IQ + skill at reading people + unthreatening appearance = major contender.

    Julia: Likeable enough not to make waves, but her age and appearance will make her seem unthreatening. A classic “There’s never any reason to vote her off” player. I don’t think she has the killer instinct to win, but I think she’ll go far.

    Kyle: I don’t think the Brawn tribe is going to lose many challenges, so Kyle will be safe for the first few votes. And he just seems so likeable that I think he’ll use that time to form a strong alliance.

    Tai: I worry that he’ll get voted out early because he’s not a huge asset in challenges, and if not, he’ll get voted out post-merge because he’ll be a big jury threat. But he is just such a happy, positive person that it makes me happy to think about him, and if he’s on my team, I can think about him even more.

    I considered Peter Baggenstos, because being an ER doctor requires high intelligence and grace under pressure. But I suspect he’s used to being in a specific high-pressure environment where his intelligence is recognized and everybody does what he tells them to. I suspect he’s going to have a hard time biting his tongue around stupidity and/or craziness, and that’s a major part of Survivor.

    So: Anna; Julia; Kyle; Tai.

    • Jacob SW- Anna, Julia, Kyle, Tai

  • indescribable hat

    Anna, Kyle, Liz, Nick

    I have agonized about my picks for far too long, and I will probably change them for the worse after I watch the first episode, but at least I’m pretty confident I alphabetized them right this time.

    • You definitely got them alphabetized. I’ll give you that.

      indescribable hat- Anna, Kyle, Liz, Nick

  • Purplerockmatt

    Anna Kyle Nick Peter

    • How had you not chosen a team yet?

      Purple Rock Matt- Anna, Kyle, Nick, Peter

      • Purplerockmatt

        i hadnt watched the videos until two days ago!

  • TiminSoCal

    How about Jennifer-Joe-Liz-Debbie?

    Not likely I’ll be as lucky as I was last season!

    • TiminSoCal- Debbie, Jennifer, Joe, Liz

  • SirLiveAlot

    I am behind on picking. Must of got winded from my fall from 2nd place last pick 4.
    Lets try Cydney, Nick, Peter, Julia.

    • SirLiveAlot- Cydney, Julia, Nick, Peter

      Tough break last season. Good luck this time around!

  • I’m going to change my own picks.

    Purple Rock John- Aubry, Kyle, Michele, Neal

    • Diego Armando

      I would like to change my picks to: Anna, Liz, Michele, Neil. 9:16 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday the 17th.

      • Shit. I missed this reply in my mentions before I gave that team to someone else. You clearly got in first, so that team is yours.

        Diego Armando- Anna, Liz, Michele, Neal

  • corndogshuffle

    So I’ve decided to these somewhat blind – I haven’t yet watched the videos and my only information on these players is their picture, age, and occupation. I know if I tried to pick players based on content I would go down in flames. Inf fact I probably still will.

    So here is Team Corndog!

    Alecia, Anna, Darnell, Peter

    Now time to listen to some podcasts and learn about this cast…

    • corndogshuffle- Alecia, Anna, Darnell, Peter

  • Ispeakllama

    can I do kyle, Liz, Jennifer and Michelle?

    • Ispeakllama- Jennifer, Kyle, Liz, Michele

  • Ash

    Darnell, Kyle, Liz, Michelle

    • Ash- Darnell, Kyle, Liz, Michele

  • Everyone is someone

    Thanks again for doing this contest Purple Rock Podcast!

    I’d like to pick:

    Julia, Nick, Scot, Tai

    • Welcome back!

      Everyone is someone- Julia, Nick, Scot, Tai

  • m0nit0rman

    OMG so late to the party! Your latest podcast just appeared in my cue. (Very enjoyable, by the way.)

    Cydney, Michelle, Peter, Tai, if possible?

    • m0nit0rman- Cydney, Michele, Peter, Tai

  • Dr.Horrible

    I need to get this locked in before I listen to your podcast and find myself unduly influenced. Could I get: Tai, Darnell, Anna, and Joseph?

    • Dr.Horrible- Anna, Darnell, Joe, Tai

  • Derek Williamson


    • Derek Williamson- Anna, Joe, Liz, Tai

  • SG Standard

    I’ll go with Anna, Aubry, Cydney, and Darnell.

    Nowhere to go but up after the epic boondoggle that was my last round of fantasy picks!

    • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you could still do much worse than you did last season.

      SG Standard- Anna, Aubry, Cydney, Darnell

      • SG Standard

        I was thoroughly middle of the pack in the Pick 4, but my Champions League picks were an unmitigated disaster. Freaking Abi, holding a grudge against poor, guileless Woo.

      • SG Standard

        You were NOT kidding when you said I could do much worse than I did last season. Three weeks, three boots!

        • You shouldn’t have tempted fate.

    • Something Quirky

      SCROLL DOWN AND LOOK AT MY REASONING! I need more validation =p

      • SG Standard

        How can you need more validation? Your logic is perfect. It exists, therefore it is validated :p

        • Something Quirky

          Your charm won’t get you out of this =p

          • SG Standard

            I dunno, I am pretty charming 😉

          • Something Quirky

            That’s not something I could ever argue against. I just have persistence powers =p

  • Heisenberg

    Here’s mine! Anna, Debbie, Kyle, Tai. I’m so excited. Thank you for doing this every season.

    • Heisenberg- Anna, Debbie, Kyle, Tai

      And you’re welcome!

  • Joseph Finn

    Hooray for me getting this in at the last minute! May I have Debbie, Tai, Aubrey and Peter, please? Also, better luck than I had treading water last season.

    • You may!

      Joseph Finn- Aubry, Debbie, Peter, Tai

  • ShitShow

    Lemme slide on with Anna, Darnell, Liz, and Julia, por favor.

    • ShitShow- Anna, Darnell, Julia, Liz

  • heartbreakingowl

    Cydney, Joe, Kyle, Liz

    • heartbreakingowl- Cydney, Joe, Kyle, Liz

  • IcarusArts

    I’m looking for Liz, Anna, Nick, Neal. Is that available?

    • IcarusArts- Anna, Liz, Neal, Nick

  • do tell it’s michele

    Hello, i would like Neal, Elizabeth, Anna and michele

    • do tell it’s michele- Anna, Liz, Michele, Neal

  • Jenifer Pullman

    Darnell, Caleb, Debbie, Jennifer

    • Done, although I have a feeling you’ll want to change this…

      Jenifer Pullman- Caleb, Darnell, Debbie, Jennifer

  • Dino

    I’ll go Liz, Peter, Anna, and Tai if that 4-pack is still available.

    • Dino- Anna, Liz, Peter, Tai

  • Sybil

    Aubry, Darnell, Debbie and Kyle

    • Done. I await your response to let me know what you’d like to change your team to. You have until episode 2 airs.

      Sybil- Aubry, Darnell, Debbie, Kyle

  • Jacob.Cunningham

    Here are my picks:

    1: Neil

    • Jacob.Cunningham- Caleb, Jennifer, Joe, Neal

  • prettyboyprobst

    this season premiere date really sneaked up on me. So just from the video-interviews and Rob and Nicoles podcast I select in this order: Anna, Neal, Nick and Debbie
    If that foursome is already taken, please substitute with Liz or Tai

    • prettyboyprobst- Anna, Debbie, Neal, Nick

      We did a preview podcast too, you know…

      • prettyboyprobst

        and of course I listened to that (and the latest) one as well, just not in time for the episode. That’s how I learned that my preseason winnerpick and pick-4-anchor is a vocal Trumpeter, which is somewhat troubling. But I figure, since on Survivor, they’re really out to get you, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, so I’m keeping her on the team.

        However, it also encouraged me (along with the premiere-episode, obviously) to swing aboard the Kyle-train and wash my hands of Debbie.
        Actually she still is enticing to me, but too big of a gamble, whereas I had Kyle/Jason only in the fifth of six tiers in my impromptu preseason-rankings, but now he looks like a really good bet. Unfortunately there’s nobody particularly likeable to me left on my team, but maybe I’ll warm up to someone over time (looking at you, Neal&Nick). This season is all about challenging for the top-spots for me, and this team looks strong and reasonably medevac-proof:

        Anna, Neal, Nick, KyleJason


        (it’s still available, right? I didn’t see it in the table)

        • That was indeed available. Fighting!

          prettyboyprobst- Anna, Kyle, Neal, Nick

  • jackdw97

    I’d like to replace Darnell with Michele and Nick with Neal.
    So my new team is Cydney, Liz, Michele, Neal

    • jackdw97- Cydney, Liz, Michele, Neal

  • Dr.Horrible

    Can I switch to Anna, Liz, Kyle and Tai?

    • Dr.Horrible- Anna, Kyle, Liz, Tai

  • SG Standard

    I’d like to change my team to Anna, Jennifer, Liz, and Neal.

    • SG Standard- Anna, Jennifer, Liz, Neal

      • SG Standard


  • Nrocket

    I wanna switch to out Darnell for Scot

    • Nrocket- Anna, Jennifer, Michele, Scot

  • gouis

    I will also change my team:

    Anna, Kyle, Liz, Neal

    • gouis- Anna, Kyle, Liz, Neal

  • True Alainer

    hey there. can I switch my team here or do I need to wait for the next update? I will keep Alecia (YEAH I’M THAT CRAZY) and Kyle, however I’ll switch Cydney and Nick because I hated them. I want Neal and Anna instead.

    that’d make my team:

    ALECIA – ANNA – KYLE – NEAL. Thanks.

    • Yes, you can switch.

      True Alainer- Alecia, Anna, Kyle, Neal

  • Kingoftonga

    I’d like: Julia, Kyle, Liz, Nick

    • Kingoftonga- Julia, Kyle, Liz, Nick

  • torchoflaw

    I would like to switch my team to Anna, Julia, Liz, and Peter if that combination is available.

    • torchoflaw- Anna, Julia, Liz, Peter

  • Black Dynamite

    If possible I would like to switch out Darnell for Peter making my hopefully non shitty crew Anna, Jennifer, Nick and Peter

    • Black Dynamite- Anna, Jennifer, Nick, Peter

  • ShitShow

    If possible I’d like to swap Darnell for Nick, making my team Anna Julia Liz Nick, thank you ever so.

    • ShitShow- Anna, Julia, Liz, Nick

      And you’re welcome!

  • bder19

    Changing mine to Caleb, Julia, Jen, and Nick

    • bder19- Caleb, Jennifer, Julia, Nick

  • Poor Sheltered Homeschooler

    I’d like Anna, Kyle, Peter, Tai

    • Poor Sheltered Homeschooler- Anna, Kyle, Peter, Tai

      And I love your username/avatar.

  • Prom King

    I’d like Aubry, Neal, Anna, Kyle Jason

    • Prom King- Anna, Aubry, Kyle, Neal

      • Prom King


  • Purple Rock Emma

    Dropping Darnell, obviously. Can I trade him for Kyle?

    • Purple Rock Emma- Kyle, Liz, Michele, Peter

  • Joel Gaastra

    is it too late? Anna, Peter, Kyle, Michele

    • Joel Gaastra- Anna, Kyle, Michele, Peter

  • Kemper Boyd

    I would like to make some changes to my team but I am also scared I’ll be tinkering too much. Also god damn I speakllama has the team I wanted to change to. Can I just swap Jennifer for Cydney? Jen has some puzzle chops and I have a bad feeling Cydney will crash.

    • Kemper Boyd- Jennifer, Liz, Michele, Nick

  • Robothouse

    I am glad to be back watching survivor and participating in this fun !
    My pick-4 is: Elisabeth Markham
    Neal Gottlieb
    Anna Khait
    Nick Maiorano

    • Oh no! That foursome has been taken by IcarusArts just a few hours before you got to it. Please select again.

      And welcome back!

      • Robothouse

        Can I swap Neal for Peter Baggenstos?

        • Done.

          Robothouse- Anna, Liz, Nick, Peter

          • Robothouse

            Awesome thanks!

  • Boooourns

    I’ll take Aubry, Caleb, Jennifer and Liz, if it;s still available.

    • Boooourns- Aubry, Caleb, Jennifer, Liz

  • turgid_legume

    Woo woo, Darnell dumpoff train! Chuga-chuga.

    I’d like to swap in Jennifer, making my new pick: Jennifer, Neal, Nick, Peter. I checked and it doesn’t seem that that’s taken, but I could be wrong. (My first choice would have been Liz but that combo’s taken.)

    • turgid_legume- Jennifer, Neal, Nick, Peter

  • this bear is tops blooby

    Can I get Cyndey, Joe, Scot, and Jennifer? thanks!

    God, this batch of people suck this season.

    • this bear is tops blooby- Cydney, Jennifer, Joe, Scot

      Welcome back!

  • sweaterfan

    Can I (aqua)dump Darnell and pick up Liz please?

    • sweaterfan- Debbie, Jennifer, Liz, Michele

  • Lira2012

    Pls advise if the following combo taken: Scot, Jennifer Liz, Neal. Thanks in advance!

    • It is now. By you!

      Lira2012- Jennifer, Liz, Neal, Scot

  • Something Quirky

    Can I please swap Darnell for Cydney?

    (So Cydney, Michele, Neal, Peter.)

    I already gave my penguin reasoning for her =p

    • Something Quirky- Cydney, Michele, Neal, Peter

  • Disgruntled Goat

    Looks like I was booted off the Darnell train.

    I’ll replace him with Jennifer. So that makes my picks Jennifer, Liz, Neal, Peter.

    • Disgruntled Goat- Jennifer, Liz, Neal, Peter

  • rygel

    If available: Aubry, Caleb, Neal, Nick

    • rygel- Aubry, Caleb, Neal, Nick

  • Jenifer Pullman

    wow. rough night for old Darnell. My new picks;

    • Jenifer Pullman- Caleb, Jennifer, Kyle, Neal

  • Kevin

    Can I get Liz, Jennifer, Michelle, and Peter?

    • Kevin- Jennifer, Liz, Michele, Peter

  • Max_Jets

    Can I swap Darnell for Michele please?

    • Max_Jets- Anna, Aubry, Joe, Michele

  • DrVanNostrand

    I’d like to change to: Anna, Caleb, Jennifer, Peter

    • DrVanNostrand- Anna, Caleb, Jennifer, Peter

  • Lillewie

    Can I switch to Anna, Kyle, Michele, Neal or if that’s taken Anna, Julia, Kyle, Michele?

    • That first combo was taken.

      Lillewie- Anna, Julia, Kyle, Michele

  • Curtis Vendeland

    Can I take Anna, Liz, Caleb, and Jason?

    • Curtis Vendeland

      err, Anna, Liz, Caleb, and Kyle, that is. Accidentally called him by his last name.

      • That’s fine. Nobody knows what to call that guy.

        Curtis Vendeland- Anna, Caleb, Kyle, Liz

  • corndogshuffle

    I’d like to switch to Anna, Jennifer, Michele, Peter

    I think that one is free but if not I’ll switch Michele for Liz.

    • That first one was already taken by Tigers Midnight.

      corndogshuffle- Anna, Jennifer, Liz, Peter

  • Untitled Clint Howard Project

    In late for the leftovers…

    How about Jennifer, Liz, Michele, Neal?

    • Untitled Clint Howard Project- Jennifer, Liz, Michele, Neal

      • Untitled Clint Howard Project


  • EmAndScoutInBK

    Sadly and obviously, I have to drop Darnell. Can I switch him for Kyle? That would put me with Anna, Kyle, Michelle, and Tai. Thank you!

    • EmAndScoutInBK- Anna, Kyle, Michele, Tai

  • Crystal Lynne

    Can I switch Darnell for Peter? That would make my pick Anna, Liz, Peter, Nick… I think that combo is still open…

    • Unfortunately, Robothouse already has that combo. I try to keep the list updated, but the picks come in pretty constantly. Let me know if there is another combo you’d like.

      • Crystal Lynne

        Oops. I must have missed that one.. What about Anna, Liz, Nick, Scot?

        • That works!

          Crystal Lynne- Anna, Liz, Nick, Scot

  • Louie Lee

    Hi, can I get Liz, Peter, Michele and Tai? 🙂

    • LouieLee- Liz, Michele, Peter, Tai

  • Banana Team: Anna, Liz, Kyle, Julia
    Thank you 🙂

  • Jim

    Replace Darnell with Julia.

    That makes my team Liz, Michele, Julia and Neal.

    • Jim- Julia, Liz, Michele, Neal

  • Saturday Evening Palsy

    Posted this on the week one board as well, but I’d like to drop Debbie for Neal. Jennifer, Kyle, Neal, Nick.

    • Saturday Evening Palsy- Jennifer, Kyle, Neal, Nick

  • cazkaye

    Not sure if it’s too late to get in on this but can I get Anna Liz Michele Jennifer

    • Nope, you made it in time. Welcome to the league!

      cazkaye- Anna, Jennifer, Liz, Michele

  • No Eyes in Blindfold

    Can I replace Darnell with Jennifer? Alecia, Aubry, Michele, Jennifer. If that team is taken, replace Darnell with Nick.

    • No Eyes in Blindfold- Alecia, Aubry, Jennifer, Michele

  • dig doug

    Can i get Anna, Caleb, Kyle and Tai?

    • dig doug- Anna, Caleb, Kyle, Tai

  • HectorTheWellEndowed

    Can I switch Darnell for non goggle dropping Liz please?
    So my team would be Liz, Michel, Neal and Tai.

    • HectorTheWellEndowed- Liz, Michele, Neal, Tai

  • Neal, Caleb, Alecia, Peter

    • Thethings Wedo4Love- Alecia, Caleb, Neal, Peter

  • macontosh2000

    I am going to go with


    • macontosh2000- Anna, Aubry, Michele, Tai

  • SueSurvivor

    Anna. Jennifer. Sarge. Elisabeth.

    Julia Michele Anna scot

  • SueSurvivor

    Anna Julia Michele Caleb??

    • I’m not sure which one of those picks you wanted the most, but the only one that wasn’t already taken was:

      SueSurvivor- Anna, Julia, Michele, Scot

      That’s your team for now. Feel free to change if you’d like. You have until the episode starts tonight.

      • SueSurvivor

        Can I change to Anna Michele Liz Scot

        • Done. SueSurvivor- Anna, Liz, Michele, Scot

  • JacksDad

    With Darnell out, change my entry to Cydney, Kyle, Liz and Neal

    • JacksDad- Cydney, Kyle, Liz, Neal

  • free7694

    Can I get Liz, Michele, Peter and Scot?

    • free7694- Liz, Michele, Peter, Scot

  • Audrey Ratajack

    can I change to Julia, Aubry, LIz and Tai

    • Audrey Ratajack- Aubry, Julia, Liz, Tai

  • Malcolm is my Copilot

    Can I get Joe, Kyle, Neal, and Tai? Thanks!

    • That is an amazing screenname.

      Malcolm is my Copilot- Joe, Kyle, Neal, Tai

  • Skip, In Outer Space

    trying to get in under the wire,
    Joe, Kyle/Jason, Michele, Neal

    • And you did. Skip, In Outer Space- Joe, Kyle, Michele, Neal

  • Dezbot

    Hoping it’s not too late to get in on this.

    I pick: Cydney, Neil, Jennifer, and Tai. Thanks!

    • You made it in time! Dezbot- Cydney, Jennifer, Neal, Tai

      • Dezbot

        LOL, thanks! Just in time to lose my first member 😀

  • Fishbach Was Here

    If it’s not too late, I’ll take Caleb, Kyle, Peter, Scot.

    • Fishbach Was Here- Caleb, Kyle, Peter, Scot

  • Bieber Fever

    Caleb, Cydney, Neal, Peter

    • Bieber Fever- Caleb, Cydney, Neal, Peter

  • And that is all! Pick-4 teams are now locked. Good luck to everyone!

  • Saturday Night Palsy

    Shouldn’t points be given to any player that saves a chicken? How about points for a “Sia’s Choice” award?