Pick-4 Survivor: Game Changers fantasy league

Welcome back to the greatest Survivor fantasy league on the internet!

In the comments section of this post, you can select your Pick-4 teams for the SurvivorGame Changers fantasy league. Most of you have probably played before and already know how this works, but if you’re new to this, here are the rules and scoring system:

1. Nobody is impressed that you’ve read spoilers. If you have, don’t play this game. To put it more bluntly, don’t be a dick.

2. Pick four Survivors from this season that you think will do well (see scoring system below), and let us know the combination you want in the comments on the draft post or- if you must- via Twitter (@purplerockpod)- though it’s much easier on me if you use the comments section, so I’ll prioritize entries from here.

3. As long as nobody else has picked that exact combination of four players, I’ll respond to you to acknowledge that I recorded your picks (I do this so that you don’t later edit your post or delete your tweet and claim you picked a different set of players. Again, see Rule #1). You can change them any time until the second episode airs, so if one of your picks is the first person booted you can attempt to salvage your team.

4. Check this site every week to see updated standings. To the winner goes the ultimate prize: Bragging rights on the internet.

5. The scoring system:

Tribe reward: 1 points

Tribe immunity: 2 points*

*In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.
*In an immunity challenge with three (or more) tribes, winning tribe gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2, loser gets 0. (If there are four tribes, 3rd place would get 1 point.)

Individual reward: 2 points (Note: Obtaining an advantage in the game or clue to an idol does not receive points unless it is a reward at a challenge. Winning an advantage at an auction earns no points.)

Individual immunity: 4 points

Finding an idol: 3 points

Playing idol successfully: 4 points

Redemption Island victory: 1 point

Return to game from Redemption Island: 2 points (although let’s hope Redemption Island is never used again)

Votes To Evict Player (VTEP) pre-merge: 1 point*

*VTEP points are awarded when your player casts a vote- or participates in a split vote plan- that successfully snuffs someone else’s torch. (In the case of a double vote, a player would get double the VTEP for using the double vote for the correct target or as part of a vote split.)

VTEP post-merge: 2 points

*In the case of a double-vote advantage being used, if the double-vote is used successfully- either to vote one person out or as part of a vote-split plan- the person using the advantage correctly will get double the amount of VTEP points.

Making the merge (one-time bonus): 3 points

Receiving the immunity necklace from someone at tribal council: 4 points

Final tribal council votes: 2 points each

Troy wins the season: -100 points for all teams with Troy on them

**Tie-breaker: At the end of the season if one team is tied with another, the team that has the player that placed the highest in the game will win. For example:

Team A is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 2nd place, 10th place, 15th place. Team B is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 3rd place, 5th place, 6th place. Since both teams chose the winner, the next highest-finishing player would break the tie. In this case, Team A has 2nd place and Team B has 3rd place. So Team B is the winner.

Easy enough, right?

Joining the league is also easy: Just make your picks in the comments below. I’ll respond to you to lock in your players (assuming nobody else has that exact combination), and you have until the second episode airs to change your picks. Yes, the second episode. So if you picked the first boot, make sure to come back and change your picks!

I’ll try to update the table below as frequently as possible so you can use it to see if your combination of players is still available (don’t expect me to update on weekends, though). Alphabetize the players you want to pick, then look at the alphabetized list below to see if your combo is already taken. Too confusing? Just pick your four and I’ll tell you if they’re still available. If I don’t get back to you in a day or so (again, don’t count weekends), reply to one of my comments- I’m John in the comments below- and let me know I suck.

NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Survivor StickAndreaAubryCalebMalcolm
Super duper fanAndreaAubryCirieHali
Survivor ClubbAndreaAubryMalcolmMichaela
Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndreaAubryMalcolmOzzy
george luminarioAndreaAubryMalcolmSierra
Black DynamiteAndreaAubryMalcolmZeke
Purple Rock MattAndreaBradJTMalcolm
Purple Rock JohnAndreaBradMalcolmOzzy
How's Grandma?AndreaBradMichaelaSierra
Barbara AndersonAndreaBradSierraTroy
Life Of TaiAndreaCalebHaliMalcolm
Adli HanifAndreaCalebMalcolmSierra
Janice TengAndreaCieraCirieMalcolm
True AlainerAndreaCirieHaliSarah
Side CharacterAndreaCirieMichaelaSandra
Joshua ChangAndreaCirieMichaelaZeke
Blake BallAndreaJTMalcolmOzzy
Nick BommaritoAndreaJTMalcolmSierra
Conor PatrickAndreaJTMalcolmZeke
Diego's ArmanbroAndreaJTSarahZeke
aj hillerAndreaMalcolmMichaelaOzzy
Purple Rock MarkAndreaMalcolmMichaelaSarah
Haley HannAndreaMalcolmMichaelaTony
Ms. SweaterfanAndreaMalcolmOzzySierra
Dubious RobAndreaMalcolmSarahSierra
Derek YoungAndreaMalcolmSarahTroy
Mike HirschAndreaMichaelaSarahSierra
Matt WAubryBradMichaelaSarah
Crom DeluiseAubryBradMichaelaTroy
Something QuirkyAubryCalebCirieJT
Michael BachnerAubryCalebHaliVarner
Drums XAubryCalebMalcolmMichaela
doctor wuAubryCalebMichaelaVarner
the sky is fallingAubryCirieHaliMalcolm
indescribable hatAubryCirieJTMalcolm
TJ SassAubryCirieJTMichaela
Sago PalmAubryCirieMalcolmZeke
John KenneyAubryCirieMichaelaSarah
Ara Morin AcevedoAubryCirieTonyVarner
Andrea MarinAubryCirieVarnerZeke
Mike SweeneyAubryDebbieJTSarah
Alycia SwiftAubryHaliMalcolmSandra
Andrei ConstantinAubryHaliMalcolmZeke
Assistant Dragon SlayerAubryJTMalcolmMichaela
Adam BAubryJTMalcolmOzzy
Soccer ChampAubryJTMalcolmSandra
Kyle KramerAubryJTMalcolmSierra
Kate WeaverAubryJTMalcolmZeke
Prom KingAubryJTMichaelaSierra
Jenifer PullmanAubryJTMichaelaTony
Kevin NAubryJTSarahVarner
Chris DiorioAubryJTTonyVarner
Anthony DePaulAubryMalcolmMichaelaOzzy
Joseph FinnAubryMalcolmTaiZeke
Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubryMalcolmVarnerZeke
Friend ChooserAubryOzzySarahZeke
K.P. WatershedAubrySandraVarnerZeke
Paul CarbyAubrySarahSierraTroy
Lo BevBradCalebMichaelaOzzy
Kent McKBradDebbieHaliSarah
Head Architect SylviaBradDebbieMichaelaSierra
Tai-chi in PrivateBradHaliMichaelaTroy
Los UndesirablesBradHaliOzzyTroy
Brian GoldBradHaliSarahSierra
No Eyes in BlindfoldBradHaliSierraTroy
Zach AttackBradMalcolmMichaelaSarah
Kevin RogersBradMalcolmOzzyZeke
nipi ipinBradMichaelaSierraTroy
David CorbettBradOzzySierraVarner
Ethan KyleBradSandraSierraVarner
Saturday Night PalsyCalebDebbieMalcolmTroy
Jacob SWCalebHaliJTSierra
MY WIFECalebHaliMalcolmTai
Diego ArmandoCalebHaliMalcolmZeke
JoJo BevilacquaCalebHaliOzzySarah
Irish LuckCalebHaliSarahZeke
Brendan GuyCalebJTMalcolmSierra
this bear is tops bloobyCalebMalcolmOzzyTai
Flat FifthCalebMichaelaOzzySandra
Something Bout FootballCalebMichaelaOzzyZeke
Maulik ShahCieraJTMalcolmSarah
Sad LilCirieDebbieSandraSarah
Random LuckCirieHaliMichaelaTai
Audrey RatajackCirieJTMalcolmSarah
Kemper BoydCirieSandraSarahSierra
Diego's ArmandadDebbieJTOzzySierra
Diego's ArmomdoDebbieJTSarahVarner
Purple Rock EmmaHaliJTOzzySierra
Crystal LynneHaliMalcolmSierraZeke
Loki LunaHaliMichaelaOzzyTai
Survivor CentralHaliSarahSierraTroy
HBO CEO of TitsJTMalcolmMichaelaSierra
Other ScottJTMalcolmSarahSierra
Christina BommaritoJTSierraTonyZeke
Zachary ChongMalcolmMichaelaSarahTai
Come On In HereMalcolmOzzySandraSierra
Casey CraftonMalcolmOzzySarahSierra
do tell it's micheleMalcolmSandraSierraTony
Ryan DeschampMalcolmSarahSierraTroy
dig dougMalcolmSarahTaiZeke
Sarah DavisMalcolmSierraVarnerZeke

Name clarifications

When making your selections, use this handy guide:

  • Jeff Varner is Varner
  • All other players will go by their first names
  • I will accept “Queen” as a valid name for Sandra
  • I will accept “FFSDT” or “FFGCSDT” as a valid name for Sierra
  • Selecting someone named Troyzan will result in an error and your team will only have three people
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John is the co-host of the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast. He can get loud too, what the fuck!

Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Cagayan, Pearl Islands, Tocantins, Cambodia
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762 thoughts on “Pick-4 Survivor: Game Changers fantasy league

  1. Hali


    Edit: Replace Michaela with Sandra so Peachykeene can have his/her picks.

        1. This (the initial picks) was going to be my team as well before I saw these, so apparently we all have similar ideas for how this season is going to go

      1. Why not!? I never do well in these and there are so many people in the league now might as well like my players.

      1. Just thinking that they’re not the biggest threats based on what I’ve heard in pregame interviews. And Cirie, because I love her. She’ll probably be out early.

      2. Dude, we do not acknowledge any leaks here. No spoilers even accusing people of spoilers spoils people…
        Then again I saw a HvV spoiler and completely disregarded it until like final 5 when I realised it was right.

        1. Thanks. I swear I haven’t looked up any spoilers. @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus can tell you I am the most spoilerphobic person when it comes to Survivor.

          1. I don’t understand why anyone would look at spoilers on purpose… like isn’t one unpredictability one of the ideal traits of a Survivor season? I saw spoilers for pre merge happenings in two of the last three seasons and it ruined the lead up to those events for me.

          2. Spoilers are probably the #1 reason I didn’t like/appreciate Palau. Though, to be fair, when I found out those spoilers, I wasn’t thinking about going back and watching seasons that weren’t on Amazon Prime.
            The only time I’ve been cool with a “spoiler” is when I thought I had been spoiled during my first watch of Samoa that Russell won and was STUNNED at the result.

          3. Palau is top three for me (#1 depending on my mood and which house is Jupiter in), but I definitely see how spoilers could ruin it. When you can’t wonder “how long can this go on” about Ulong, a lot of the drama goes away.

            Please tell me that your incorrect spoiler about Samoa was a plant by barbara anderson. That would be incredible. I think I would be absolutely gobsmacked if I heard a “spoiler” about Russell.

          4. No, me just misreading a recap link on Google. (Luckily.) But when we watched Samoa together, she totally had me on the Russell train.
            Though, she has let me believe many, many things that are not true or straight up lied about things to enhance my viewing experience, which I appreciate.

          1. It’s cool. Also Purple Tally only finished her watch this year so has only watched like one season live. She’s probably not deep in spoilers.

          2. 33 not a bad season to watch live! I still need to watch 9-12, 14, & 22…and probably 1-6 since I was young enough that I don’t remember them well / may have missed some. So I’m far behind!

    1. FWIW*, all four of your players were on my short list (of seven people). And I went through the exact same thought process WRT Hali.

      *I finished 144th in Kaoh Rong and 92nd in MvGX, so “what it’s worth” is less than zero.

      1. She just said that Hali isn’t really a Survivor fan and doesn’t have a great grasp on the game. Since I was kind of banking on her being a Wentworth-type, a lack of Survivor knowledge is a pretty big deal-breaker.

        1. Hmmmmm yeah doesn’t sound good. That being said though, I feel like, compared to Shirin, a lot of people could be viewed as not being fans just because they’re more casual viewers. Also you don’t necessarily need to be a fan to play well/win.

          I know Hali has said that she was disappointed that she was on the no collar tribe since she felt that meant she wasn’t able to play as hard as she had planned to and instead had to play along with the go with the flow attitude of that tribe. It could be that Shirin is just judging off that as well as possibly Hali’s non-interest in the astrological signs of past Survivors.

          There’s something I like about Hali, but I can never quite go 100% on her.

        1. I love how you characterize finishing in the top 20% of a 150+ person league is “not doing that well.” Make those plebes hurt for their poor performance!

          1. I guess it’s hard for Barbara to be impressed. Now I’m nervous about her thoughts when she finally watches Palau.

    1. If he wins, we will all blame your witch powers.

      But, as previously discussed, I, too, think he’s a good pick. Because he’s somebody’s Russell. He’s probably going to get a lot of points along the way.

      1. Like I have said before, I have weirdly and correctly predicted future events like Survivor Oz ending (which I got that in a week before it was announced) and Taylor Swift writing a song about Jake Gyllenhaal after they dated (which happened a year or two before it actually happened).

        I hope I am wrong here.

      2. Assume you mean Troy but Brad probably applies to this, too. They’re the two least threatening guys in the game, and they’re smart to take to the end.

        1. I don’t think Brad is anywhere NEAR Troy status. I actively hate Troy. I do not feel this way about Culpepper. He’s more annoying to me.

          1. I was initially horrified by this comment…until I realized I was reading it backwards. This season looks great.

      1. 100%. I was told I should do Sarah Sierra Ciera Cirie because the names flow better but this is perfection

      2. I am really hoping for a tribal where the decision is between Sierra and Ciera and someone like Brad or Caleb votes for the wrong one

      3. Bloody @Roswulf:disqus is stealing my joke. SHe’s taking Sarah over Sandra so if the worst happens and Sandra goes I’d have to commit fully to no replacement.

        1. It would suck if anyone from your fantasy team was out first, anyway, so I’m hoping you don’t need your backup. 🙂

          1. I mean if Freakishly Tall Fan Favourite Game Changer Sierra Dawn Thomas goes first I won’t cry over it.

          2. I’m rooting for Sarah over Sierra, though. She was one of my picks for Cagayan, and she’s one of my picks now.

  2. Debbie, Cirie, Sarah, and….. Sandra even though I don’t like her and I should have won I have to stick with my old ladies team. Women power!

      1. Lil doesn’t really do offseason. I guess I’m just a casual unlike y’all, EVEN THOUGH I ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME

          1. That was one game!!!

            Unless you’re saying Ozzy has already played 5 times and is now the first 6 time player

      1. I decided to run an experiment and asked my dad to pick 4 players for himself. For science.

        Diego’s Armandad: Debbie, JT, Ozzy, Sierra

        Let’s see how he does. I will likely have some follow ups.

      2. Experiment Round 2: My brother made his picks. He knows slightly more about the show (I.e., has watched a few random episodes). I think he did a shocking good job.

        Diego’s Armanbro: Andrea, Ciera, JT, Zeke

          1. Diego’s Armanbro would like to swap Ciera for Sarah.

            Diego’s Armanbro: Andrea, JT, Sarah, Zeke.

    1. I have been re-watching Second Chances in preparation for this season and I came to the conclusion that (1) I like Woo and (2) Woo got totally screwed. Kind of surprised he is not on this season.

        1. That is me when Abi Maria is onscreen; she ruins the first four episodes. I will be so bummed if they ever let her play again.

          1. I just feel so bad for all the pre-merge boots that were a result of the whims of Abi Maria. Though I will say that it is classic when Savage is idol’d out and Abi says “at least you made the jury.”

          2. I feel like Abi is a beautiful conundrum. The edit has no idea what to
            do with her, is she tragically flawed or just silly evil? In one episode she’s an innocent victim, then she’s screwing people largely due to paranoia, then she’s messing with people for fun. She’s certainly a ‘wild ride’ kinda player. Wouldn’t but surprised to see her again…

          3. And then in her boot episode of Cambodia, she shows some decent strategy sense as well as a sense of compassion when she is trying to comfort Kimmi over Tasha.

            I think Abi is a lock for HvV2.

          4. Exactly. When you play with Abi, you never know what you might get. Strategy Abi, Villain Abi, Victim Abi, Paranoia Abi. I don’t feel the show will pass up another opportunity to play her. And if you consider her two seasons, the show has definitely lofted up the ideas of her as a villain. Maybe some long-range editing to prepare us for her spot on HvV2?

          5. How many of them were truly because of Abi? Vytas was probably mostly Varner avoiding a tie. Shirin was edited to be about Abi, but it seems like it was really Varner. Peih-Gee just didn’t handle the swap well. Varner was taken out because of his injury. Woo wasn’t edited to be Abi’s kill, but come on, it was clearly Abi.
            So, really only 1 pre-merger can be truly blame Abi.

          6. My screwed by Abi rankings:

            (1) Peih-Gee – Abi was all up in her business from minute one.
            (2) Woo – all Abi talked about was how many times Woo voted for her.
            (3) Shirin – one giggle at Abi’s expense and she was gone.
            (4) Varner – a lot to do with the injury.
            (5) Vytas – there were so many reasons to vote him out.

          7. Completely agree. Varner got even got a pass at one point.

            Peih-Gee was the most screwed. And didn’t you know that Woo voted for her twice?

          8. I wasn’t arguing she’s un-enjoyable, more that she’s just fascinating. How people interact with her, talk about her, strategize with her (or around her), it provides such an interesting flavor to things.

  3. I feel like it’s such a crapshoot. Which, IMO, is kinda exciting.

    Andrea, Aubrey, Caleb, Zeke

    (Already changed my mind once…) ha

    1. We independently picked 2 of the same team again…

      Either I’m getting better at this or I’m dragging you down 😎

      1. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to swap a team member, but this is where the chart is:

        Andrea, Brad, Sarah, Sierra.

        My first two choices were already taken, according to the chart :(. After Varner’s challenger performance, I couldn’t keep him.

          1. The league has grown so much that the better players are oversubscribed, so I’m maximizing my chances by choosing an unpopular player. Trust me, I’ve done the math on this.

          2. This is why I snagged Ozzy and Tony. The Tony pick already backfired, but at least it happened at a time I can switch.

  4. Note: Do not edit your comment to select a different team. I won’t see it. Instead, if you’d like to change your team, reply to one of my comments.

  5. Malcolm, Michaela, Cirie and Andrea.

    I was impressed by how I did last time, so I pretty much set myself up for disappointment. (So in that case I’ll leave Sandra and Varner alone)

  6. Aubry, Debbie, Ciera, Tony

    Fingers crossed that Aubry plays defense for Tony, he’s gonna need some help to make the merge.

  7. I’ll take the lose-lose team: Andrea, Ozzy, JT, and Troyzan. (Lose-lose because even if I manage to do well, there will be no Survivor fans left to show me respect for it.)

      1. Because I did not like the edit she received in episode one I would like to swap Cirie for Brad.

      2. I would also like to change one more thing. I would like to switch Varner for Troy, which will make my final team.
        Tai-chi in Private- Brad, Hali, Michaela, Troy

  8. Caleb, Hali, Sandra, Zeke

    Damn it work, losing me the name-confusion-alliance.

    Ah well, at least it allows me to have Sandra. My rooting plan for the season is all-in on Sandra (sorry Cirie).

    1. IT WAS ALWAYS MY JOKE! You could take Sarah, Sierra, Ciera, Cirie? Although I need this as a back up incase Sandra goes first, if any of my team are first boot I am replacing them with Sarah for consistency.

      1. Wait, what? You have SANDRA? But…the extra consonant!

        I saw your name on this thread, and assumed you had the full-name-team without fully registering your post’s actual content.

        Screw it, I’m changing to Ciera, Cirie, Sarah, and Sierra. May they align and have at least one vote be determined by some bozo writing down the wrong name.

        1. I have SDT, SDT, Ciera, Cirie you see. I had to have Sandra though, she’s Sandra. Sandra is the same syllables as Sierra.

          1. I honestly think the joke is being made by Survivor on this one. For god’s sake, what other reason would there be to cast Sierra and Sarah as Gamechangers?

            But in deference to your site-wide precedence and commitment to a bit, I’ll relinquish my team to you if Sandra is the first boot, and all is misery and despair.

          2. You are a good sort, thank you, if not may the “Sa” named women be top 5 and let us win together!

          3. Imagine a season the women are: Sundra, Sandra, Sarah, Sierra DT, Sierra from Tocantins, Ciera, Cirie, Sherri, Cindy and Semhar.

          1. I’ve been thinking about it more I would like to change it again to Caleb Sierra, malcom, and andrea

  9. Gosh I don’t know

    Aubry, JT, Ozzy, Sierra

    I edited to put it into alphabetical order so you don’t have to!

  10. Y’know, looking at the early picks and the way the scoring system weights individual immunity and finding/playing idols, Ozzy and Tony look like they’re going to be Mari-level bracket busters if they somehow make the merge.

  11. Brad, Ozzy, Sierra, Troy

    I didn’t bother to check my team was still available…. but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it probably is. I would prefer a gender balanced team, but I’m doing the opposite. Plus, I really just can’t stand those dudes, so I’m compelled to pick them.

      1. I can’t believe I share 3 players with anyone! However, replacing Ozzy with Andrea makes your team approximately infinity times more likable than my team.

      1. Wait, did you change that on purpose?

        Because now I kinda sorta also share three picks with the good doctor, but I see only two matches in his original post. Not complaining, the penalty is stiff and I wouldn’t wish that kind of malus on anyone and certainly not on the good doctor, who I’m sure is helping loads of people in the time he is not reading stuff.

          1. Strangely I didn’t see Barbara’s comment and your answer when I wrote that, I could swear it wasn’t there.

            Speaking of your mistakes, is it possible that you also botched that foolproof explanation of the tiebreaker rules? Sounds like team A would be the winner, but it’s also always confusing to speak of higher and lower placements in a context like that. “Next-highest” is a good way to phrase around that, but then A should win, no?

          2. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            Basically, if one team has the person that came in 2nd place, and the other team has the person that came in 4th place, the team with the person in 2nd place will win.

          3. That’s how I read it, which is why the conclusion leads to confusion:

            “In this case, Team A has 2nd place and Team B has 3rd place. So Team B is the winner.”

      2. I didn’t change my comment. I noticed it in an e-mail notification and I was just logging in to point out the mistake, but you seem to have caught it first. Good thing, too. I can’t have someone on my team that I’m actually rooting for. It would ruin everything!

  12. Oh boy! I’ll choose Caleb, Brad Culpepper, Varner, and Zeke. AKA Hunks and the Gay Guys Like Me who would lust for them.

    I am very very shallow.

    1. I don’t know that it’s a winning strategy necessarily, but at least it got a laugh out of me.

      forever1267- Brad, Caleb, Varner, Zeke

    1. Some justifications – I think this season will be more like All-Stars than HvV or Cambodia.

      Michaela: If she just plays it cool I don’t think there’s any way she goes early in this season. Have never seen her post merge but I like her chances to win some individual challenges.

      Sarah: I like her chances. I think Sarah is an adjustment or two away from really contending for a win. Fight me.

      Sierra: Will play her Worlds Apart game and ride it all the way to the top five, baby.

      Troyzan: To be honest I had to change my team up a little bit after seeing that someone had taken my team, and Troy was one of my replacements. Also I don’t think he’s the finalist we deserve, but there’s a good chance he’s the finalist we’ll get.

      1. I think Sarah’s biggest downfall is her social game. The merge episode really highlighting how 7 people were just like “We’re done with her”.

        However, I think she is an underrated puzzle solver, which could help her get far.

        1. She’s definitely not without flaws and I agree with what you’re saying. I feel like Sarah is a very high risk/reward pick. Really, I think all of my picks have boom or bust potential for this league. But I do think she’s one of the “non legend” types with the best shot at winning.

    2. corndogshuffle- Michaela, Sarah, and Sierra. Bold choice to try to win with only three players. That’s some Barbara Anderson-esque cockiness!

  13. Ok having waited an appropriate amount of time to strategize … because I played 8 hours of Overwatch today heres my team …. hopefully I can match my kaoh Rong score this season

    Culpepper: I think Brad from the pregame press is the person most likely to have drastically changed his game, he’s been shown (Especially in Dalton Ross’ pregame votes) to be very self-aware about himself and i’m curious to see how he does without having BvW and Monica in the equation

    ALL HAIL THE QUEEN BITCHES: This is goign to either make me look like an Idiot or a genius but I think Sandra has a deceptively good chance to at the very least get to the end again, multiple people have stated they will vote for her in the end even before the game started and 3 members of her tribe (Brad, Caleb, Hali) have shown a complete dis-regard for her as a threat, plus her team has a lot of good theoretical challenge beasts meaning she has a good spot to get her foot in the door (and if not shell be gone first and I can change the pic … I won’t though)

    Sierra Dawn Thomas: Because the unassuming hot chick who has no right to be there has won 2 all-star seasons … I’m going to hedge my bets, she doesn’t get one confessional in the first ep she’s gone though

    Varner: … he couldn’t fuck over my fantasy chances twice in a row … right?

    (also Put in alphabetical order i believe)

    1. Sandra is my pick to win. She’s such an undercover strategist!
      I think it’s likely she gets voted out first/second, but if not, she has a very good chance.

      I almost picked her for my team, but I don’t think she’ll be a high-scorer… Although if she always gets the vote right… Hmmm.

  14. Ok, I am just going to include three different iterations in hopes one of these are still available!

    1st: Sierra, JT, Malcolm, Andrea
    2nd: Sierra, Ciera, Malcolm, Hali
    3rd: Sierra, Cirie, Malcolm, JT

    Hoping one of these are good or it’s back to the drawing board.

  15. After skimming through all the picks so far, I don’t THINK my particular configuration is claimed yet: Ciera, Hali, Sarah, Sierra

  16. Damn, I didn’t expect so many entries in the first hours of this contest being open for submissions, considering we’re still deep in the Survivor offseason (should have taken the twitter
    alerts more seriously).
    That’s why I feel like I better leave my picks here now and I ‘ll try to check availability later.

    FFSDT, JT, Malcolm, Ozzy

    Switch Ozzy for Toni if that’s already taken, or Hali if Toni also can’t be had in that combo.

    1. I should’ve noted in those tweets that with a returnee season the teams were likely to come in much faster than normal.

      prettyboyprobst- JT, Malcolm, Ozzy, Sierra

      1. That was almost expected, but the sheer number of comments shocked me when I finally came back to make my picks. After skimming through them I noticed a) JT isn’t nearly as popular a choice as I would have thought (did I miss sth?) b) there is a whole lot more discussion in this thread than what I’ve seen before, so it’s not like we had 250 teams already.

        And by the time I decided to have a male-heavy team that includes Ozzy, I pretty much knew I would be good here.

  17. Hali, Malcolm, Sandra, FFSDT

    I play for money in a Survivor fantasy game IRL, but I want that internet glory.

  18. Malcolm

    I picked Troyzan, because despite all the crap people give him, he is one of the most ENTERTAINING players on this season…and that is what the show is all about. I will prove to you that I will win with Troy on my team!

      1. Wait, so if you pick Troyzan you only get points from the other three players, and then if Troyzan wins you also lose 100 points?

        I need Rob Cesternino to over pronounce the word “bru-tal” for me.

      2. When I was sorting out who would be my non-Ciera or JT picks during the break at my Wednesday quiz night, I startled my teammates with an “oh, fuck off!” after reading ‘roy’s bio about always being 100 percent a team player. I don’t think he knows maths.

  19. Is it now a steadfast rule that you have to pick people that you think will win?
    That’s not really the direction I went in, as you’ll see by me picking:

    Ciera – I claimed co bandwagon leader with Andy, so I feel a loyalty here. And, here’s a sentence that’ll never be said other than now, I think Ciera will be like Penner, stay with me, in that your opinion of her will be altered by the order in which you view her seasons.

    Cirie – “That boy ain’t right!” Oh, Erik. The reason I’m not as up on Condescending Cochran as the rest of you.

    JT – If it’s his second best, or second worst showing, I’ll be happy. Despite later realising how unnecessarily mean he was towards Fishbach, and the fact that he didn’t listen to Sandra, I still adore him.

    Now I can’t decide between Caleb or Hali.
    I’m going to go with Caleb, but if I list him first it throws off the whole these people won’t win thing.
    Caleb, Ciera, Cirie, JT

    1. I actually can see that because I watched Cambodia before BvW, so I was not as engrossed with Ciera’s underdog story when I did watch BvW as a lot of people are.

      However, to counter this, @purpletally:disqus is not a big fan of Ciera at all, even during BvW.

      1. She tries too hard. She’ll be out early. People have seen her schtick. I get why they keep bringing her back and why Probst likes her.

        1. I agree with you about Ciera not doing well this season. The reputation of her as a player exceeds her actual track record. Eyes will be on her this season and I don’t think she is as good as some of her castmates this season.

          That being said, I find her to be a highly entertaining presence in both her seasons and am excited to see her back.

          1. I see Ciera as making it to merge. I think there are bigger personalities out there this time who are in greater danger. Also, my guess is that the Kaoh Rongs will be targeted early-ish.

          2. Yeah, no-one’s going to be specifically targeting her early on (*touch wood*) unless she’s horrible in challenges or around camp, which I can’t see why she would be.

          3. I’ve just always been more interested in other people on her seasons. She gets a lot of airtime. Another reason she’ll likely be out early.

          4. Her best opportunity was her first chance, when she wasn’t as good a player. Someone like her needs to sneak up on people.

        2. I don’t really get why they brought her back this time, to be honest. If she changes dramatically, I’ll understand.

      2. I can objectively see why people wouldn’t like her, and they pushed that whole she voted out her mum thing so hard that when remembering her game in BvW, it’s at the forefront, even though it accomplished nothing.

  20. Caleb, Michaela, Sarah, Zeke

    (Hoping that Michaela and Zeke can lay low since I believe this season was filmed before the last one aired – think they are a good mix of physical and strategic. We’ll see!)

    First time poster here, I always like reading the comments and hope to offer some semi-coherent observations of my own!

  21. Hiya! I’d like Aubry, Cirie, Michaela and Zeke (I don’t see them as taken above, but if someone asked for them ahead of me here in the comments, I’m sorry!).

  22. @purplerockjohn:disqus , do you (or anybody) usually do a stats breakdown of people’s selections for the pick 4? I’m kinda a stats junky, so I was thinking of doing a bit of scrubbing. Was going to figure out most popular choices, least popular choices, and most common pairs.

    1. Kinda. You can look back at fantasy standings posts from last season and see the breakdown of percentage of people that chose each player. And you can always use the table I post with all the teams to do your own analysis. I also dig diving into the stats.

    1. KG- Andrea, Brad, Malcolm, Sierra

      I have no idea if your username is a reference to Kevin Garnett, but that won’t prevent me from saying “ANYTHING IS POSSI-BULLLLLLLLL!”

    1. I almost picked Debbie, but had to go with FFGCSDT because she was the biggest WTF? on the whole cast to me. I was, and am, baffled.

      1. You must have missed that one episode where she completely changed the game of Survivor as we know it.

  23. Former lurker here, I tend to only visit this beautiful site once a season has actually started. Hopefully that’ll change and I hope i’m not too late with picks. Can I lock in:

    Brad, Caleb, Debbie, FFSDT

    For my meme dream team, if it’s not too late! Thanks.

    1. You’re not too late for that one. And thanks for coming out of the lurker shadows!

      Head Architect Sylvia- Brad, Caleb, Debbie, Sierra

  24. Cirie, Malcolm, Sandra, & Varner – going purely on my favorites and not strategy (had to swap out Tony for Varner since Gouis beat me to the punch).

    Good to be back for another season of Fantasy Survivor!

  25. Two entries via email (with a reminder to please not send me your entries via email):

    Something Bout Football- Caleb, Michaela, Ozzy, Zeke

    aj hiller- Andrea, Malcolm, Michaela, Ozzy

  26. Hi! I’ve been lurking here since the Kaoh Rong finale and I hope I will be able to now join various conversations since I decided to create my own account.

    But anyways my team in alphabetical order is:
    Andrea, Aubry, Ciera, Hali

    If that team is taken replace someone with:

  27. Brad, Michaela, Sarah, Sierra

    I know this team is rare but I think that they are going to go far because they are not huge threats

  28. Let’s do this.

    Hali. JT. Aubry.

    Confident in those 3. I’ll use my 4th on Sandra. I’m saying either first boot or going all the way, so I can always switch her after the premiere.

    Jim- Hali, JT, Aubry, Sandra

      1. Changing my four. Going with Hali, Andrea, Malcolm, and Caleb. If it’s too late to change that’s fine.

        1. Nope, you’re in time. You have until episode 2 airs to make any changes.

          Life Of Tai- Andrea, Caleb, Hali, Malcolm

  29. I wish I can put, Sandra 4 times but I doubt anyone would want her to enter the merge. So Please acknowledge my picks. SARAH, TROYZAN, AUBRY, SIERRA

  30. Aubrey, Caleb, Tai, Zeke

    I’m surprised how many of my old picks I didn’t use here…

    As much as I appreciate sandra’s gameplay a triple run seems too much.
    Tony is too big a target
    Michaela has a lot of potential, but I don’t think she can tone it down.
    I’d add in Varner if I could get 5.

    Definitely want to see Zeke and Taj team up.

    Fingers crossed, here we go!

  31. Aubry, Cirie, Malcolm, JT

    I would definitely make better choices if I waited until after the first episode so I didn’t get attached, but I just can’t!

  32. Here are some stats based on the first 99 entries (I’ll update once John adds more entries to the table)
    • The most-chosen player was Malcolm, with 45 people picking him for their team
    • He is followed by Michaela (35), Andrea (31), Sierra (27), and Aubry (25) to round out the top 5
    • The least-chose player was a three way TAI (eh?) between Debbie, Troy, and Tai, each being chose by just 8 people.
    • I compared number of times players were chosen for a team to which players had been featured on Survivor Analyst Russian Roulette and found there wasn’t any correlation. I was wondering if those articles would sway how people chose their teams, but generally that did not seem to be the case.

    I’m also keeping track of which players are most commonly paired. My thought was that this might give an idea of what final three might look like according to PRP community predictions of the season. Fuzzy logic, obviously, and not likely to be true, but interesting nonetheless. The top 4 most common pairs were:
    • Andrea – Malcolm (20 occurrences)
    • Malcolm – Michaela (13 occurrences)
    • Aubry – Malcolm (12 occurrences)
    • Cirie – Michaela (11 occurrences)

    It’s obvious that Malcolm and Michaela would feature in a majority of the most common pairs, given that as the two most-chose players they had the most number of opportunities for it. Honestly, I think there is actually a lot more interesting data to be scrubbed from the pairings, but I need to dig deeper. Here are some examples I found:
    • Cirie was selected for a team 24 times. Almost half of those teams (11/24) also featured Michaela
    • On the other hand, Andrea was selected for a team 31, only 11 of those teams did not include Malcolm.
    • Sandra was selected for a team 15 times. 9 of those teams, or 60%, also featured Cirie.

    Anyway, Food for thought. Hopefully someone other than me finds this interesting, heh.

    1. I dug it. Since I keep all the team info in a spreadsheet anyway before uploading it to the table on the site, would it be easier for you to do this if you had the data in spreadsheet form?

      I’ve been trying to move toward a solution where people can enter their own teams without needing me to tell them if the combo worked, but I haven’t found a way to combine Google Sheets and Forms to achieve that.

      1. In terms of input, spreadsheet or the table is fine. I suppose with the
        full data I’d be able to be more exact about it, but given that this
        data is changing as more people join, what i’ve done is a bit more of a
        snapshot. Maybe you could send me the spreadsheet once we get to the

        Remembering that people can change players following the first episode, i’d like to also analyze who people pick based on the first boot. That will provide an interesting look at people’s impressions following the first episode and first look at the players in action.

        Regarding team input, i’m not sure of any tools that would be helpful. You would need an app that allows input of 4 fields, but it would also have to be able to cross-reference previous inputs. And this would require that all inputs are spelling/case sensitive, otherwise you could get accidental duplicates. And beyond this, you would need it to be able to display inputs in real time, so people can see a list of those chosen teams. Otherwise, people wouldn’t have an idea of what’s still open when they do choose the same teams. I’m sure this is all possible and thereare tools out there to do it, but finding them and putting them together is a hell of a task.

        1. I actually take a snapshot of the cumulative popularity totals before episode 1 airs, then compare it to the changes made after the first episode. If you go back and look at various week 2 fantasy league standings, that information should be there for at least the past two seasons. (One fun bit: In each of the past two seasons, one of the most popular picks has been one of the first two boots.)

          As for the team input and real-time checking for duplicates, I’m working on it. I’ve got something that’s maybe 60% of the way there. I’ve just got to see if I can do anything to tweak it so that it can work.

          1. Ah, I took a look and I see now. I wasn’t involved in the Fantasy for any previous seasons, so I wasn’t looking at the weekly updates where you included stats. If Malcolm gets this year’s Fantasy League Kiss of Death (which, given his kiss-ability, wouldn’t seem unfathomable), we won’t hear the end of the moaning, lol.

            I know i’m pretty new, but if you need any help with trying to get the team input system working, just let me know.

  33. Hello, another first time player & commentator – thanks for running this and the site! Tempted to save Debbie & Tai from the Troy tier but sticking with gut & could I please have:
    Ciera, Cirie, Malcolm, Michaela.

    1. You alphabetized it and everything! I like you. You can stay. (I dig the username, by the way.)

      pufflehuff- Ciera, Cirie, Malcolm, Michaela

  34. Aubry, Malcolm, Michaela, Sarah

    (Hi all, long time reader, first time poster, excited to participate in this for the first time!)

        1. Nah, I just got lax with enforcement because I think the last guy I gave three players to didn’t speak English as a first language, so I felt bad.

  35. I’m going to make a wild guess that this is going to be the biggest fantasy league we’ve ever had.

  36. Andrea, Jeff, Michaela, Zeke

    (I want Sandra to win so badly, but I just can’t justify choosing her for my team)

    1. Oops, I see that my exact team has already been selected! Therefore, can I swap Michaela for Cirie? Thanks!

  37. In at the wire, may I please obtain Malcolm, Michaela, Tai and Zeke as I strive towards the upper middle of the final table?

      1. Oh my gosh, so if I can have a brief equality rant: we’re going to both do the Quirky-TheWellEndowed thing, and for me, that just means paying $38 for a marriage certificate extract and going around to the bank and licensing centre and such, but for him, it’s apparently a trip to the consulate and a new passport and then a bunch of paperwork here. (We haven’t looked into exactly what he needs to do with the Ireland side of things but it’s certainly much more complicated than what I need to do!)
        At first I was like if it’s too complicated you don’t need to do it, but then that means the system wins =p

      2. I hate to bother you with this, but I decided I need more Michaela on my team (and that I can’t have both Ozzy and FFSDT on all of my teams, if I want to enjoy this season). Since HBO CEO already has the team I want, I can only sub in Michaela for Sierra, making my new team

        JT, Malcolm, Michaela, Ozzy


          1. Dear Mr. John,
            I’m sorry and quite embarrassed to inform you that I intend to change my team again. But I’m happy to inform you that I’d like you to remove one Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth from my selection. But I’m also doubly sorry to inform you that I’m asking you to fill his slot with one Bradley Culpepper, for a quartet of

            Brad, JT, Malcolm, Michaela

            Again, I’m so sorry! Thank you for being responsive to our wishes and for witholding judgement!

          2. Can I piggyback on to this to (hopefully) make things easier for you. I hate to also be that person but could I change my team too. I tried to convince myself Caleb was going to be a good pick but he has literally had no focus in any of the previews and his interviews were TERRIBLE. He’s also super bland and it’s not even fun to make fun of him anymore. Caleb, what is the point of you. I can not allow this to happen. Can I swap him for Michaela, please.

            New team of: Brad, Debbie, Michaela, Sierra.

          3. Can I piggyback on to this so hopefully you’ll see this at the same time as prettyboyprobst’s post. I hate to also be that person but could I change my team too. I tried to convince myself Caleb was going to be a good pick but he has literally had no focus in any of the previews and his interviews were TERRIBLE. He’s also super bland and it’s not even fun to make fun of him anymore. Caleb, what is the point of you. I can not allow this to happen. Can I swap him for Michaela, please.

            New team of: Brad, Debbie, Michaela, Sierra.

          4. Thanks heaps. I thought commenting on the same reply would be more convenient but it probably wasn’t.. at all – I think you missed prettyboyprobst’s reply here yesterday on the same comment and only saw mine and it’s probably my fault. Hopefully you’ll see it in time, apologies to both of you.

          5. Nah, I caught his too. At the very least, when you reply to my comment I get a notification. It’s useful for seeing these things (except on the night of the Survivor premiere, when my notifications are absurd).

          6. You say that, but since I never got another “Done” and still see v2 of my team in the updated table (instead of v3), I feel like I should remind you of the changes to my team I politely requested on tuesday (in an unnecessarily long and winded way, of course):

            Brad, JT, Malcolm, Michaela

            Looks like nobody claimed it in the meantime. And fickle Me can’t make any promises that there won’t be another change coming anyways, now having seen the premiere and all. So much to digest, but actually I still feel pretty good about that team (as I do about v2, but let’s go with Brad over Ozzy).

  38. Debbie, Malcolm, Michaela, Sierra

    I went with a random pick this season, i might have been spoiled on the winner (possibly even final 3), i dont know how accurate the info is but i didn’t want it to influence my picks. So I put the cast in alphabetical order and drew numbers.

    Be wary of any place with a comments section!

  39. Andrea, Cirie, Hali, Malcolm
    (Let’s see how it turns out, also I’m a first time player in this)

  40. I’d like to update my fantasy team if this one is not taken – Ozzy, Michaela, Malcolm and Andrea.

  41. Aubry, Cirie, JT, Michaela.

    I picked Michaela last season, so I feel like I have to stick with her and see what happens!

  42. Hi this is my first year playing. I love Survivor. Hali is one of my favorites and I think she’ll go far and do well. So my 4 are Hali, Ciera E., Caleb and Ozzy.

  43. So thank you for posting the “big board” for the survivor fantasy league. I updated my team to a team that I know isn’t taken yet. (I messed that up before) I am going with

    Ciera E., Malcom, Michaela, Ozzy.

    This is my final answer until one of them is knocked out week one. Thanks for everything here guys

    1. Sorry, that team got taken just a few hours before you by JT Sass. Please pick again (the master list of teams should be updated shortly).

      1. Ok.. Man this job would give me . Let’s do this;
        Aubrey, J.T. and Mickaela
        and whichever of the following is available
        Tony, Sandra, Hali

  44. Another first time player

    Caleb Reynolds
    Michaela Bradshaw
    Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth
    Tony Vlachos

  45. Hi, I’m new.
    My family used the non spoiler rankings to pick the order we watched each seasons.
    I’m still deciding my 4.
    I’m counting how many times each person is included in a grouping of 4.
    It looks like…..
    Andrea 39
    Aubry 44
    Brad 20
    Cale 23
    Ciera 21
    Cirie 32
    Debbie 9 (least)
    Hali 32
    JT 32
    Malcolm 62 (most)
    Michaela 47
    Ozzy 22
    Sandra 17
    Sarah 24
    Sierra 38
    Tai 13
    Tony 18
    Troy 15
    Varner 20
    Zeke 22

    That is only those on the list, will each selection be listed?

      1. Lo Bev- Brad, Caleb, Michaela, Ozzy

        Also, I’ll be listing the player popularity rankings (e.g. the players picked most to be on fantasy teams) after the first episode airs.

  46. EEEK! How did I forget to come back sooner? But how weird is this, I put together a team of 4 that I don’t think has been picked because it’s probably crazy, but at least I can cheer for people I’m actually rooting for.

    My picks: Caleb, Cirie, Sandra, Tony

        1. Unfortunately, that team is already taken. The deadline for selecting a new team is 8 pm Eastern tonight, so you may want to give me a list (in order of preference) of teams you’d like to have. That way you have a better shot at getting one of them.

  47. JT, Malcom, Michaela, Caleb

    Thanks for all your great content! Newbie commenter, and newbie (a year-ish) Survivor lover. Spending too much time binging old seasons it may or may not be affecting my marriage…¯_(ツ)_/¯ (it’s not really)

    1. BananaHannah- Caleb, JT, Malcolm, Michaela

      Welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. If it doesn’t further destroy your marriage, feel free to comment more often!

          1. Thanks John – the table still shows Ciera instead of Cirie for me.
            Mentioning it just in case my update on 3/9 was missed!

          2. No problem! Our site in general has been having issues with not automatically refreshing lately, and I’m not really sure how to fix it. But hitting refresh always works.

  48. This combo was still available when I checked a few moments ago. I would like:

    Andrea, Aubry, Malcolm, Ozzy

        1. The list will be updated shortly. The teams are changing frequently now that the first episode aired, and it’s a pain to keep publishing a new table. But rest assured, I have your team logged and it’ll show on the next update.

    1. I try to update the table above every other day or so; unfortunately, it’s kind of a pain to update. But I’ll go ahead and do an update now- it should be posted within a few minutes.

      If I responded to your comment and acknowledged your team, your team is recorded.

  49. My team is not here?

    I picked one before that was accepted – Cirie, Sierra, Aubry, Michaela

    1. Ok, that’s weird. Yours was entered a long time ago. I’ll check and see if there’s an issue with the table. I do have it on my table, though.

  50. Right after I posted
    Malory- Caleb, Ciera, Hali, Ozzy
    Another girl named Mallory posted. You have my name with her picks and my picks are still not showing. If Malory and Mallory is confusing. You can call me StarWarsMalory

    1. Oops!

      Malory- Caleb, Ciera, Hali, Ozzy

      …and now you’ll probably want to change that team, which you may do any time before the next episode airs.

  51. Hi, need to update because I lost Tony:
    I will add Aubry
    My team will now be:
    Aubry, Caleb, Cirie, Sandra

    Let’s hope the tribe switch helps me out.

  52. Guys, please don’t freak out if your team doesn’t immediately appear in the table. The table isn’t updated in real time; I have to convert the table into a format that can post on the site, and it’s not a quick process. I try to update the table at least every other day.

    I realize that sucks and it’s frustrating (and I’m actively working on a solution for next season’s league that can resolve this issue), but if I’ve replied to your comment by confirming your team, it’ll be in the next table update.

    1. Wait, you’re not constantly sitting at your computer waiting for us to throw names at you?

  53. Damn, I lost half of my team in the first episode…so I’m gonna change it up a little bit. Can I have Andrea, Aubry, Cirie and Sarah?

  54. Hi there! First time here, although I’ve picked my own teams in the past just to see how they did. Is a combination of Hali, Zeke, Sarah, and Caleb still open?

  55. Whelp, the all-name dream is dead. Can you switch me to an actual team of Hali, Malcolm, Michaela, Sandra?

    It doesn’t look like it’s taken- apologies if it is.

  56. Changing my team as RIP Ciera. Could I please have:

    Cirie, Malcolm, Michaela, Sarah (looks like it is free, but in case I’ve missed something, substitute in Sarah for Zeke or Hali). Thank you!

      1. Or now. Sandra, Cirie, Malcolm, Mikayla. Let me know if I need to replace any or all of them if they’ve all been picked this way 🙂

          1. Thanks! I couldn’t see my original comment and thought it didn’t post. Apologies for the redundancy!

      1. In my defense, I’m actively going after the dregs of this cast (besides Sarah who I actually think has some game). I don’t think this cast has talent in the way a HvV or Cambodia had talent. I think the lower tier players will easily be able to gang up on the elite players (it already happened to Tony) and take each other far. Only mildly related, but this is why I prefer new player seasons. Nobody can come in with a reputation hanging over their head unless they’re already famous for a different reason.

        Also, doing a small amount of edit reading and I don’t think Brad mentioning Monica multiple times was a coincidence. I think we will see her this season, which if I’m right means Brad is at least in the merge.

  57. Can I please swap out Ciera for Aubry?

    It does not look good for Cirie, but with a tribe swap coming up, things may improve for her?

    So I’d be Aubry, Caleb, Cirie, JT.

  58. I hope it’s not too late to get in on this, had no fricking clue this was on till last night!

    Caleb, Malcolm, Ozzy, Tai

    Wow, what a crazy start to the season!

  59. post episode 1 team: JT, Malcolm, Hali, and michaela

    original was JT, Malcolm, Hali, and Ciera

    1. Sorry, that team is already taken by Kingoftonga. Please try again, and since the deadline for selecting is tomorrow evening, you may want to give me several options in order of preference to make sure you get a team (e.g., “I want JT, Malcolm, and Hali, and for the 4th person I want X, Y, or Z in that order”).

  60. Can I have Hali, JT, Malcolm and someone from Nuku who is still available – Sarah, Brad, Zeke, Sierra or I Guess Ozzy, in that order of preference.

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