Pick-4 Survivor: Heroes Healers Hustlers (HHH) fantasy league

Welcome back to the greatest Survivor fantasy league on the internet! Things done changed, so pay attention.

It’s slightly overdue, but at long last you can select your Pick-4 teams for the SurvivorHeroes Healers Hustlers (HHH) fantasy league! Most of you have probably played before and already know how this works, but if you’re new to this, here are the rules and scoring system in a convenient FAQ format:

What if I’ve read spoilers for this season, can I still play?

I’m offended that you even asked, shitface. Nobody is impressed that you’ve read spoilers. Don’t play this fantasy game. Rule #1 of our fantasy league has always been- and remains- Don’t be a dick.

How do I pick a team?

You’ll pick four Survivors from this season that you think will do well (see scoring system below), and select them using this link: Purple Rock Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League

Can I get creative/profane with my team name?

Sure. You do you. But if I find your team name offensive (for instance, if it praises someone named Troyzan), I’ll change it to something I hope you’ll find offensive instead.

If you want to compete for Champions League, make sure your team name includes your Disqus name or some other indication that it’s you. You can add a parenthetical after your team name- e.g.  Team Name: More Like Michaela BAE-shaw, Amirite? (Badplayer91)- that will confirm it’s you.

What if I forget/don’t bother to give some indication of my Disqus or Twitter name in my team name? 

That’s cool. But you won’t be eligible for Champions League.

What’s Champions League?

It’s a draft-based league for the best of the best fantasy players. If you place in the top four of this season’s Pick-4 league, you’re eligible to join next season’s Champions League.

Can I have the same team as someone else?

No. Each team must be unique, like a little fucking snowflake.

How do I know which teams have been chosen already? 

You can find all the teams here: Purple Rock Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League Teams.

Can I change my team? 

Yes! You can actually change your team up until the second episode airs. That’s right- you can watch the season premiere and immediately fix any mistakes you made, like having chosen the first boot of the season for your team.

Just submit a new team with the same team name you used before. The version of your team with the most recent timestamp will be the one that counts.

What if I picked the same team as someone else?

Your picks will automatically get recorded on that spreadsheet, along with a timestamp of when you picked your team. If you’ve got the same team as someone else, whoever picked that team first gets it. If someone else got that team first, you can do one of two things:

  • Edit your team if you still have the team-picking form open.
  • Submit a new team (with the same team name). The version of your team with the most recent timestamp will be the one that counts.

Will you tell me if I picked the same team as someone else? I’m super lazy.

I respect laziness, so yes. If possible, I’ll reach out to you and inform you that you need to choose a different team (if your team references your Disqus or Twitter screen name). I will try to regularly update the bottom of this post with a list of duplicate teams, so that you’ll know to go and change yours if your team name is on that list.

How will I know how well my team is doing? 

Check this site every week during the season to see updated standings.

What do I get if I win?

The ultimate prize: Bragging rights on the internet.

I want to make my own league. With blackjack. And hookers!

I aim to please. That’s why I’ve included places for you to do a draft-based league. You can do a 1-on-1 league, a 3-team league, or a 6-team league. Why those numbers? Because math.

You can do your drafts in the comments below (or in whatever communication method you desire, really- you can send your draft pics to each other in Snapchat dick pics for all I care), then add your teams to the appropriate tabs here: PRP Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League.

How do you score points in this league?

I’m so glad you asked! I present to you…

The scoring system

Tribe reward: 1 points

Tribe immunity: 2 points*

*In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.
*In an immunity challenge with three (or more) tribes, winning tribe gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2, loser gets 0. (If there are four tribes, 3rd place would get 1 point.)

Individual reward: 2 points (Note: Obtaining an advantage in the game or clue to an idol does not receive points unless it is a reward at a challenge. Winning an advantage at an auction earns no points.)

Individual immunity: 4 points

Finding an idol: 3 points

Playing idol successfully: 4 points

Redemption Island victory: 1 point

Return to game from Redemption Island: 2 points (although let’s hope Redemption Island is never used again)

Votes To Evict Player (VTEP) pre-merge: 1 point*

*VTEP points are awarded when your player casts a vote- or participates in a split vote plan- that successfully snuffs someone else’s torch. (In the case of a double vote, a player would get double the VTEP for using the double vote for the correct target or as part of a vote split.)

VTEP post-merge: 2 points

*In the case of a double-vote advantage being used, if the double-vote is used successfully- either to vote one person out or as part of a vote-split plan- the person using the advantage correctly will get double the amount of VTEP points.

Making the merge (one-time bonus): 3 points

Receiving the immunity necklace from someone at tribal council: 4 points

Final tribal council votes: 2 points each

**Tie-breaker: At the end of the season if one team is tied with another, the team that has the player that placed the highest in the game will win. For example:

Team A is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 2nd place, 10th place, 15th place. Team B is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 3rd place, 5th place, 6th place. Since both teams chose the winner, the next highest-finishing player would break the tie. In this case, Team A has 2nd place and Team B has 3rd place. So Team A is the winner.

Easy enough, right?

Can you give me a tl;dr?

  1. Make your picks here
  2. Go here to see if your team was a duplicate (scroll down to the bottom and see if your team name is highlighted in red): Purple Rock Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League Teams
  3. Change/update your team up until the 2nd episode airs.
  4. If you want to compete for Champions League, give me a way to reach you after the season is over (Disqus or Twitter, preferably).
  5. If you want to do your own draft-based league, there are tabs for that here:  PRP draft-based fantasy leagues
  6. Contact me with any questions: Twitter- @purplerockjohn or Gmail- purplerockpodcast

Good luck to everyone! (Except Saturday Night Palsy. Fuck that guy!)

Duplicate teams

If you see your team’s name below, please pick another team ASAP:

  1. Nobag
  2. Legendary Locks (this might be resolved, since there’s now a Legendary Locks 2)
  3. Hoes vs Hags vs Hunties
  4. Green Team
  5. PuffleHuff

To pick another team, simply make another entry with the same team name you used before.

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John is the co-host of the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast. He can get loud too, what the fuck!

Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Cagayan, Pearl Islands, Tocantins, Cambodia
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742 thoughts on “Pick-4 Survivor: Heroes Healers Hustlers (HHH) fantasy league

    1. Nah. I’ll still give those leagues a draft page. It’s more fun when you have to justify your picks and look like an idiot three episodes later.

  1. I sure hope nobody else goes for my only-Persons-of-Color team. Everyone knows that minorities do so well that it just makes sense to lock ’em all in.

    1. I picked a couple, probably/arguably three. For the first time ever, I’m looking at the tribe assignments and coming up with a complicated scenario that could surprise if it manages to materialize to any degree. Depending on a woke ginger as well.

        1. I stuck with just the one place, but actually tried to chime in here a couple times but was stymied by disqus nonsense I couldn’t be bothered to straighten out with them, I don’t wanna know what it’s like to encounter the disqus support team.

          1. (Note: I’m trying to be subtle here but everyone is going to catch what I’m doing. Oh well.)

            Hey, remember that thing that you did a long time ago when you had Shamar and Franny and optimism, and all three were gone within a few weeks? Want to do that again?

          2. This line-up harkens back to those days, in a way. Bad for me obviously, but I feel good about it now, a type of comfort food.

          3. (I’m putting this in parentheses because everyone knows parentheses means other people can’t read it: Do you want to be in our draft league?)

          4. Whoa, thanks! I think it might be better to wait for one of the next few seasons though, if there’s some collection of us on the bubble and you find room for me again. With my weird work schedule, it might be something that someone else who’s “hot” around here could make better use of (both during the draft and during the season’s joking and ribbing) I can concentrate on celebrating my pick 4 this time around. 🙂

      1. And i’m going to be dissapointed if this goes the way of MvGX because if I pick all premerge boots in a row i’m going to scream

  2. Free on Tuesday Morning needs to their draft. I can’t tag people but hopefully Barbara Anderson, Gouis, Mike Hirsch and Taako see this.

    1. I don’t know what happened to the 5-team page (paging John), but I’m good almost any time today (and not at all tomorrow, but clear again on Wednesday). Has anyone heard from Gouis at all?

      Also, you can DM everyone on Twitter as well. Actually, that might be a good way of drafting.

      1. From the post above:

        “I want to make my own league. With blackjack. And hookers!

        I aim to please. That’s why I’ve included places for you to do a draft-based league. You can do a 1-on-1 league, a 3-team league, or a 6-team league. Why those numbers? Because math.

          1. Oh, we have 9-team leagues. They’re just invitation-only.

            *Casually sips tea, crosses TheForRealDeal’s name off of potential Outcasts League invites*

          2. You can’t treat the working man this way! One day we’ll form our own 9-team Survivor Fantasy League and get the bragging rights we deserve! Then we’ll go too far, and get corrupt and shiftless…

            Oh wait, that already happened. Carry on.

          1. If you really want a 4- or 5-team league, let me know. Alternately, just start one and put it into the 6-team league page and I’ll fix up the formatting/formulas later.

  3. after the triumph of my all name team I went simple this time and just picked 4 pictures of people who look ok ish. I’ve done no research, don’t know who is on what tribe and that’s my strategy.

    also random luck the machine team is selected.

    1. That’s roughly what I did as well. I watched their pre-season bio videos on CBS All Access but nothing really stuck with me. I don’t feel a super strong rooting interest for anyone this season but I do find almost all of the cast to be generally pleasant/enjoyable. The only person I really chose for semi-strategic reasons was Jessica because when I was watching her video, my husband walked in and went “wow, that lady seems like a total psychopath” so I figured she’s someone I want on my team…. 🙂

      1. My strategy was to skim their written bios, and watch a few of the Meet so-so videos, knowing that I probably wouldn’t pick any men because men are the worse. I then just felt the ladies I felt the best about.

  4. How can we edit our team? I went to the spreadsheet after making my selections and didn’t see any teams listed. Is the results spreadsheet automatically or manually generated?

    1. So Google Forms lets you share the spreadsheet where all of the data is dumped, but this is far too well formatted to be that. I’m guessing either (a) John plans on manually moving the data selections over from one Google sheet to another, (b) possibly it is the same sheet and there’s just latency or (c) he linked the wrong sheet.

      … I’m leaning towards C.

      1. It’s a combination of B and the fact that I leaked that spreadsheet out before I had adequate protections on it. So a few formulas got overwritten. It’ll be fixed shortly.

        1. I was wondering how you would let people edit the spreadsheet without some clown changing peoples’ votes to things like Shambo/Shambo/Shambo/Scoutmaster Lil.

      1. Black Dynamite is a really good movie/character. Someone might want to jump on that not knowing the history of it here.

      1. I also don’t know how to edit. Doing everything on my phone is hard. I was WHO VOTED FOR ME with Alan, Ashley, Desi and Ryan, and want to just be Mike Hirsch. I should be myself.

          1. I’ll switch to Mike Hirsch. The other name feels a bit flashy. And I’m usually too terrible to be flashy.

          1. Yes, it’s in NY on November 8th. Tickets went on sale recently. There are a few PRP folks going. I can send you a link.

          2. Please. I would love to meet you guys there. I’d likely be coming on my own as hubby is not fan and is not a night person.

          3. Here’s a link. I look forward to meeting you.
            Survivor Know-It-Alls LIVE in NYC | AMC Lincoln Square 13 – Nov 8, 2017 Tickets, Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 7:30 PM | Eventbrite

          4. Yes. I just set up recently but have not paid much attention. When I get a minute, I’ll send you the twitter name that way.

          5. Yes. I was trying to find you on twitter. There are a lot of Kemper Boyds.

            Just found you based on the thumbnail.

    1. I’m not even sure how this is done, but I adore the people in this group and so, do you need another person?

        1. I am on Twitter with same user name. You can @ me there. Or here if that’s easier. I’m just happy to be a part of this!

  5. Guess this means summer is officially over. Excited to get back in Survivor mode and start commenting here again. (Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy summer! Tell me what off-season PRP articles are Must-Reads)

    1. I enjoyed the Fan Frictions, so pick the ones with the players you like (though not BRob, you can probably skip that one)

          1. Ben has a charm to him. I think Ryan is a likely Idol finding candidate.

            I’ll take JP and Jessica. For challenge strength.

          2. Okay. I think there are only 3 people left. I will select 1, you can take pick the next and I’ll get the leftover.

            This might be stupid, but I will take Mike. He might turn out to be David. He also could go home first, but I think Lauren and Ashely are equally likely to be their tribe’s first boot.

          3. Okay I think the teams are:
            Diego: Devon, Ben, Joe, JP, Jessica, Ali, Patrick, Mike, Ashley

            Barbara: Cole, Chrissy, Roark, Ryan, Alan, Desi, Simone, Katrina, Lauren

  6. As a public service announcement, there doesn’t appear to be a character limit for team names.
    I mention this only because I am currently winning on that front.

      1. I do like that we have a chance to double back if we pick the first boot. Which I probably did. Stupid episode 1 idol is throwing my judgement off, NOT a fan of this twist.

          1. *goes to the Google sheet to see who she picked*

            Hmmm, I matched 3 out of 4 of her picks. So maybe I’m on the right track? And our only difference was Chrissy and Katrina so it was a question of which older female Hero we preferred.

        1. In that case: Everyone knows Marquesas sucks and I can’t believe you wasted your time writing an article about anything that happened in it.

          (did that work?)

          1. Why hasn’t an accountant ever won Survivor? They seem like natural winners in life so they would also be in the game!

  7. Paging Fan Favourite League from last season: PurpleTally, Diego, SuperDuper Fan and indescribable hat – y’all up for a league again this year then try to track down one more to make a 6-team, three player league? (Hopefully I won’t be basically out by the merge this year)

      1. You and I need to also renew our 1v1 rivalry where I get my revenge in what will now be called the Ashley Underwood league.

          1. My first pick is my winner pick-Ali. Hustlers tribe looks as a bomb ready to explode, but I don’t think anyone will target her then, plus I think she has social skills, and could win some challenges.

            Let’s do our draft in a snake-style as last year, so you pick two people now.

          2. My first pick is Desi. I think she is a triple threat on a strongish tribe. Very high upside.

            My next pick is Cole. I think he will do great early though I worry about him a bit postmerge.

            You’re up for two

          3. My next two picks are Ryan, and Jessica. If they both menage to get to the merge, they both very well could be strategic, and social threats.

          4. My next picks are Ashley, and JP. In the best case scenario for Ashley, she could end up as a Sarah, aka a person who appeared very cold in the pregame, but actuallly is a big strategic threat, and is a bit boring. And I don’t see many reasons for them to vote out JP early.

          5. Yeah, I think those two can stick around for awhile.

            My next two are Simone and Ben. They may flameout but they will be fun to follow.

          6. I could see Simone as a Natalie Bolton 2.0., and I think Ben will get at least to the merge. And fun fact about Ben to those who don’t know: he was actually serving in a military in the same group as Cody from the current season of BB, or at least that’s what I heard.

            And my next picks are Devon, who has a Jay upside, and Joe, who has a Tony upside.

          7. If Ben does for Survivor what soon to be AFP Cody did for BB, we’re in for a wild ride.

            I’ll go with Chrissy and Katrina because they’re not Mike.

          8. I would actually love that. I ended up liking Cody much more, than I thought I would.

            And my last picks are Mike, because I don’t want 1/2 of my draft to be Hustlers, and Patrick, cause eh.

            And you didn’t want to draft Mike because of game factors, or “He sucks” factors. I haven’t seenn much pre-game so I don’t know.

          9. Oh, ok.

            And final drafts for Ashley Underwood league are:

            Super duper fan

            Blurry Denzel

            Good luck with losing to me again!

          10. Fuck, the last person was Denise (China) 2.0. Well, maybe she’ll be someone’s goat. Good luck to you too, champ.

      1. I haven’t seen Purple Tally around these parts lately at all so I’m starting to worry about getting her back in. Plus we need one more if anyone is interested. I’ll re-up this afternoon if we have no takers

  8. Well, I gotta do something with this disqus account. Thanks for doing this, as always, guys. (Although I stayed at the old place all this time, I did try to pop by a couple times but disqus demanded I send some kind of verification email before I could comment, and it just kept demand it after each one I sent!)

    Looking forward to some profanity!

      1. I’m squinting and I see an ‘A’ maybe, and an ‘S’, and another ‘S’ I guess, then an ‘H’, and…. well, ‘O’ if I maintain the squint, then just one more left and so no, that can’t be it. Fucker?

          1. Paul getting 3rd place and not placing top 3 in AFP is the dream. And then if we hear he wouldn’t have won in the finals anyways, even better. I just don’t want him to be considered one of Big Brother’s best players (even though that seems inevitable) when to me he seems so emotionally dumb. His goodbye messages drive me absolutely nuts.

          2. The way he and Christmas have treated people all season says to me he cannot be considered one of the best players, since he apparently is unaware of the social side of the game

          3. “Hm, I’ll try to bullshit every single member of my alliance in the goodbye messages. It worked out SO well to me last year with Da’vonne.”

          4. And personally, me seeing his reaction to Cody winning would be enough for me, with ANOTHER jury refusing to give him a win (a dream scenario would be another 5-4). And let’s remember his answer to Natalie’s question last year:

            “Why should I give you my vote when you didn’t give me respect?”

            “I hope you guys realize that the moment I walked in this house I was
            just as crazy as the way I’m gonna walk out of this house, I can’t hide
            my craziness, it’s nothing but love for you guys. Just having fun.”

            Translation: “I’m an asshole. Deal with it.”

            If he couldn’t just give a simple apology, then it’s not that hard to believe he would mess up AGAIN this year.

          5. But he was in Final 2, and there is some kind of unspoken rule that Final 2 are ineligible to win AFP.

          6. Not always. I believe Ian got in the running for AFP, but Frank was always going to win. Another clear indicator was that Paul never won an America’s Care Package despite people like Michelle and Corey getting one.

        1. Been doing the same. Both brought the entertainment (and hunkiness). Cody for actually trying to create a game, and Mark for being an actual rarity, a Nice Person.

          1. Cody was a jerk the whole season and was on his way out the door from about week 4. I don’t get it, plus Jessica is an entitled fake-ass bitch. So that lessens my opinion of Cody a bit.

          2. They actually talked like normal people in the diary room and were trying to win (even if they weren’t very good at it), which sadly puts them above almost everyone else.

      1. 1) Ther is still very much a chance Josh will cut Paul, although not as big as it was. And a person who was telling us about things before we could see them on the feeds, has intel that jury is VERY bitter, so much so that only Raven and Matt plan to vote for Paul in the end. Things could’ve very well changed since the round-table, and maybe she got this time wrong info, but it’s still worth noting.

        2)If I could vote, definetely Cody, with Kevin and Mark rounding out my top three.

        1. Saw that roundtable leak as well, which makes me so happy. A bitter jury picking Josh would be hilarious and awesome

          1. Just watching the jury house footage, it seemed like we’d just need Jason to bring Alex to her senses to end Paul’s chances.

          2. My count is Kevin as the deciding vote:
            Not Paul: Cody, Elena, Matt, Jason
            Paul: Alex, Mark, Raven, Christmas
            Wildcard: Kevin

          3. Ha, I forgot Kevin, I guess b/c I was just visualizing jury house and the remaining players. In that case I’m worried because I think Kevin would likely go with Paul, and so woul Xmas. On the brighter side, I think Josh would choose Xmas.

          4. I often forget Kevin. I have no sense of how he will vote (I’ve only watched the jury videos and followed along on Twitter for the last like month and a half, I quit the show itself). But this is where I’m torn. I think its more likely Christmas beats Paul, but I would rather Josh win, so I don’t know what to root for in the HoH

          5. He said she was a challenge threat, relative to Kevin I think it was? Good chance that was his actual reason–or maybe he thought it would be harder to maintain her jury vote if she got closer to the end and another vote would mean there was more time in that loyalty squeeze for him to do something that would turn her vote away…

          6. But I think he should’ve taken her to Final 2, because absolutely no one besides doormatt would’ve voted for her. At least in Josh’s case they could argue that “well, he has a good heart”, and in Christmas’s “well, she seems somewhat smart”. Raven has got none of that.

          7. Yeah, I was just trying to convey some uncertainty about why he wanted Raven gone before Kevin. On the other hand, I think he might’ve just liked having Alex keeping Kevin, since she hates Kevin and it probably felt easier for Paul to keep chances of her figuring out a winning strategy at bay that way. Not that it would’ve been a wise line of thinking.

            Just typical, because no matter how we might analyze things, I think some people here and on rhap are absolutely right about how these houseguests including Paul are all completely deluded about what is actually best for them as this thing wraps up.

      2. There is a small chance he actually loses in a final two against Josh. If he does, his shitty jury management will be why. Continue to lie in goodbye messages is a critical mistake. These people are dumb but not that dumb. They know you are making them our to be fools. Also, even if the narrative Paul is spinning was the truth, he comes off as a player who apparently couldn’t get what he wanted done and should lose anyway.

        1. I can’t decide if Paul would be really great if he knew the game or if he does way better than he deserves to through luck and shenanigans. He set his endgame up so well and now it’s like he’s trashing it on purpose.

      3. Do the contestants in the Jury house get to watch the rest of the season’s episodes? If so, I’d think Paul will lose. He made separate alliances with everyone there.

        1. They only see footage of competitions, and ceremonies, plus Alex got goodbye messages since she was evicted at a surprise eviction. No DRs.

          1. Even though I love BB3, not seeing either second place, or third place win was such a bummer (and I don’t have any problems with the winner, and I probably am a bit higher on their win than most).

      4. I’d be voting Cameron if I cared enough to vote because I’m feeling spiteful enough for protest votes.

        1. I guess I am an outlier cause I appreciate Paul’s dominant performance. He totally Boston Robbed this season.

          1. Yeah but he has all these glaring flaws for someone who’s dominating like this and it makes me feel like the returnee advantage might be more significant than believed or like these people are so dumb and at some point I stopped having fun. I guess RI wasn’t fun either.

          2. is it really that much of an advantage to have played once? imo, the other folks are just idiots. its so clear from the outside that paul was running the show.

          3. Yes, you can see it through every season of BB and Survivor that mixes returnees with new players. But also this cast is really dumb.

        2. I’m spiteful but not THAT spiteful. Just enough to vote Cody, even though I fully acknowledge he’s kind of a terrible person

  9. Ooh, this is great. I’ve been out of the Survivor loop all off-season (hi folks! I’ve missed y’all!), and was planning on picking my team with no research whatsoever, based on names and headshots. It can’t possibly be more disastrous than my previous strategies of “picking people I like who I think will do well”.

      1. Heh. Same here.

        At one point I learned my real estate agent was a Survivor fan, and I started making Survivor small talk. Within thirty seconds it became clear that “Survivor fan” meant very different things to the two of us.

          1. I’ve had mixed results. My boss and coworker are into it, but land somewhere between us and a casual. So when they bring it up, I know to dial it back a bit.

            Though I’m throwing a Survivor-themed Party for my Birthday, and the people who I invited and turned out to be pretty intense fans is interesting.

        1. I have done this as well. My husband and I were hanging out with a friend of his a couple years ago (during WA I think?) and she mentioned that she watched Survivor. I got really excited and asked who her favorite winners were. She said “I liked Tony I guess?” and that’s when I realized ‘watching Survivor’ and being a Survivor Superfan™ are very different experiences.

          1. Even a Survivor Superfan and a pretty good fan are different. Like, my friend has watched every season with his son, but can’t name half the winners or any of the season’s by name, and has describe them as “the season with Russel” or “the season where that dude gave up the necklace.” He knows a lot, but not an obsessive and carefully organized and reviewed amount, lol.

        2. Recently learned that some family friends watch and aksed them how they liked Game Changers. They appreciated Sarah’s game (so far so good), were under the impression Zeke had been​ asked whether the outing should air (…interesting), and ended with, “Well, but who knows how much of it is real,” (ugh). I was kind of proud of myself for getting out of the conversation seeming normal.

          1. Yeah, but his tone of voice was more on par with “I thought it was a great season.” Like, when Jeff Probst says HHH continues Survivor’s “Lightning run of seasons” my boss nods.

      2. To be fair, there really has been very little pre-season talk about the cast. I mean, this topic and like a hot sec in the comments a week or so ago.

        1. We may not be doing a preseason podcast about this group. The last time we skipped a preseason podcast was for SJDS. Make of that information what you will.

    1. I’ve picked with no research this year – go figure, I’ll probably win the league.

      Australian Survivor has taken up most of my summer. If you get a chance, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. This is my first time picking for a season of newbies, and since I’ve never looked at preseason material I’m not about to start now. So I’m just gonna pick people I like the look of, and if they’re awful I’ll swap them out.

    Just a point of clarification before I choose my team: Can we swap out everyone after the first episode? Or can we only swap out one person?

    P.S. Don’t you mean Team A would win the tiebreak?

    1. You can change your team anyway you like as long as it’s before the second episode and not already taken.

    2. Yes, I do mean that Team A would win the tiebreak, which is why it has definitely always said that and I didn’t just edit the page after you pointed that out.


  11. This season is in Fiji again. How do I pick Tony Vlachos for this season?
    I’m pretty sure he is still in hiding there.

          1. Side Character took Roark figuring the love child of Sophie and Courtney would do well. I picked Ali thinking she can potentially go deep.

            You are up with 2 picks.

  12. In the spirit of giving, please feel free to use these on-brand team names:

    -Not All Heroes Wear Buffs
    -Physician Healer Thyself
    -Hustler is the Name of a Pornographic Magazine

  13. I have chosen, and this time I actually looked at bios and the most basic of videos because I couldn’t even handle watching the full videos. I apparently have the attention span of a gnat.

    It turns out, thus far, three of my picks are quite popular. So, that is new for me. Also new, an all-white team which makes me feel kinda icky. But I did pick the redhead, so you know, I do not discriminate!

    1. My first instinct was to pick Chrissy, Jessica, Katrina and Roark but then I realized maybe I just couldn’t remember which one of them was the one I liked haha. The crazy thing is that’s not even all the blonde ladies on the season D:

    2. I always do gender balance, but don’t think much about the race of my team. Of course, since I Costanza my picks, it might be unseemly to have a quota of minorities that I must dislike.

      1. Interesting point. I did go for two guys and two gals this time though. Last year, I had three women.

  14. Given that my picks for last season were reminiscent of the BBW, that was my theme for this season.

    Though I really want Chrissy on my team but someone always picked my 4 with her…grrr

  15. Costanza-ing this draft was actually kind of hard. No one jumped off the page to really infuriate me. As usual, it was much easier to find obnoxious dudes. Prius-living Cole and Taylor 2.0 were pretty easy picks.

  16. So, The Palsy League is looking for an interested person who would like to compete against BadPlayer91, HBO CEO of tits, Something Bout Football, prettyboyprobst, and me in some fine fantasy league competition. Any interested parties?

      1. I’ll keep you informed. If you have Twitter (and since I’ve already posted it on here once before) I’m @SNPalsy. May be an easier–or at least an additional–way to contact me.

      1. It can be a bit of work for a week or so, but then you’re done. Then you just sit back and ridicule the Chief Assistant to the League Commissioner as his team fails and fails and fails some more. The payoff far outweighs the “work”.

  17. Well I did my usually pick 4 newbie season strategy and picked randomly … which worked incredibly well in MvGX

  18. I went with a strategy that mixes what I did in MvGx and Game Changers. Picked all women (like in GC, which worked out better than I expected), but only went with the bios that Survivor Wiki showed (MvGx, which didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped). I’m hoping dumb luck will work in my favour.

  19. I suck at Fantasy Survivor. But not as much as my husband…

    My first pick of teams was taken by BatLeon. So if he does badly, it’s probably my fault…

          1. I used a list randomized and the order was:

            1. Side Character
            2. Diego Armando
            3. Alycia Swift

            You’re up.

          2. Wow! That was unexpected. God, I’m going to be awful at this.

            Okay, I’m going to pick Roark, because anyone who says they’re the hypothetical love child of Sophie Clarke and Courtney Yates gets my vote.

          3. If you would not mind, I have another discussion thread with Alycia on this page. Would you mind linking up to that so we can better coordinate. Just say hi or something on one of my posts. Thank you.

          4. It’s my fault for creating two posts. No one was biting on the previous one, so I figured a refresh would gain a member.

          5. I took Jessica. Your up with 2 picks. The options are JP, Katrina, Mike, Lauren, Ashley, Simone and Ben.

          6. @disqus_b0GMy37Pwf:disqus, @side_character:disqus

            I am taking Simone with my final pick. That means Side Character gets Lauren for the final spot.

            I have entered all the data into John’s Spreadsheet. All we need is a team name. My only idea is SAD SAC which is an anagram of our initials, but I am open to other ideas. Anyone have any suggestions? Good luck to you both.

          7. The only one I can think of right now is DAS Bus, which incorporates our first initials and a Simpsons reference because of course. However, I have no qualms with SAD SAC if we decide to go with that.

            Good luck to you and Alycia as well.

          8. I like DAS Bus. Let’s go with that. @AlyciaSwift

            Our final teams are:

            Side Character: Roark, Joe, Patrick, Ben, Katrina, Lauren

            Diego Armando: Ali, Devon, Desi, Jessica, JP, Simone

            Alycia Swift: Chrissy, Alan, Ryan, Cole, Ashley, Mike

      1. I haven’t heard from Alycia Swift in two days. Is there a protocol for this. I don’t want to exclude her, but I want to finish my own and Side Character’s teams.

        1. Sorry. I did not realize I was up. Got busy at work. I don’t know who is left. I’m trying to find the thread but there are more than 600 postings here.

        2. Generally I give the person as long as possible. There’s still plenty of time before the season, but I understand wanting to move the draft along. I’ll send her a message and offer her a reminder.

      1. I’m taking JP

        You’re up again with your 2 final picks. Your options are Ashley, Lauren, Mike, & Simone.

  20. I can’t figure out 5 of them, but here are my picks for Best Case/Worst Case scenario for previous survivors new cast most closely resembles:

    Alan: James/Shamar
    JP Jeremy/Fat Colby
    Katrina Dawn/Crystal Cox
    Ben Russell/ Brandon

    Cole Joe Anglim/Taylor
    Desi Sydney Gillan/Jtia
    Jessica Andrea/Purple Kelly
    Joe Tony/Russell
    Mike David Wright or Cochran/ Peter
    Roark Courtney/ Sugar

    Ali Michaela/Franchesca
    Devon Jay/Taylor
    Lauren China Denise/Debbie

    1. I think (hope) that Cole’s upside is more Malcolm or Jay than Joe. On the other hand, I also think Devon’s downside could be as low as Drew. So I picked them both for my fantasy team to….cover my bases I guess?

  21. Oh wow, we’ve upgraded to a fancy google doc =p

    (It does seem like it’ll make your life a little easier, John, though you did create the monster.)

    1. If this google doc makes things easier for John, aren’t we supposed to rebel against it? I feel like making things easier for John has never been the community’s branding…

          1. Wasn’t there a player that was speaking in tongues or something like that? From Jeff Ken’s tribe? I may be not remembering correctly.

          2. I was going to say Semhar but she was the spoken-word poet from South Pacific.

            I think you’re talking about Roxy. She started speaking in tongues and 15 minutes later she was voted out.

    2. It got a little bit difficult when we got up over 200 players. And I hate manual processes anyway. I’ve been trying to automate this for a while, and a Google form was the path of least resistance (although it doesn’t allow as much customization as I’d like).

  22. Programming note: We won’t be doing a pre-season cast assessment podcast this season. I want to see what it’s like to judge these people just from the season, rather than the marketing, and whether that enhances or diminishes the experience. Plus, there was unexpected natural disasters to contend with and our very expected laziness.

    The good news is that there’s never been more preseason coverage for a newbies season, so people can scratch that itch elsewhere if they’d like.

    1. You’re the only one I let scratch my itches!

      But also, my boyfriend and I have compartmentalized our Survivor Podcast intake (unintentionally) in a way that let’s us maximize knowledge with minimized listening requirements. Aka, I listen to PRP, he listens to RHAP and occasionally PRP and other things, and we meet in the middle to discuss.

    2. “I want to see what it’s like to judge these people just from the season, rather than the marketing, and whether that enhances or diminishes the experience.”
      Sounds like a fascinating experiment.

      Dude. You were supposed to sell this as a deliberate decision to see what it's like to go into a season with no preconceptions.— Purple Rock Andy (@purplerockandy) September 19, 2017


      1. So basically what happened was that I wanted to skip out on doing the podcast in order to go into the season clean. John stopped listening to my proposal at “don’t have to do something”.

    3. Since there will be no cast assessment, I want to ask everyone which particular people they are rooting for? Personally, I’m pretty high on the Healers tribe, and my top 5 would be:
      But, of course, there are a lot more people I like, and I have an open mind for everyone. I just hope it’s at least half as good as the AMAZING season of Australian Survivor still airing.

      1. I’ve been getting my Survivor fix with Aus Survivor (I agree – so good!) I haven’t read any cast assessments this time round. I just skimmed some of the bios for the first time and chose my pick 4. I’m rooting for Simone because she seems like she could be a pretty interesting character if she makes it to the merge. Not sure what role she’ll fit. Also given what happened with Millenials vs Gen X, it’d be nice to see some of the women of colour do well.

        Also she compares herself to the evil Sochele Fitzhitler in her bio and Probst still cast her so that’s a big deal.

          1. Haha ugh I think we have differing opinions on those two players because I think J’tia is gold and find Natalie Bolton mostly unexciting. I like this worst case scenario.

          2. I actually like both of them. I was mostly talking about a game scenario, where J’tia went early, but Natalie B got to the Final 4, plus I find her an underrated player. I personally would prefer her being better at the game, rather than her flaming out early.

          3. Ahh my bad, I misunderstood! A J’tia is never going to last so fair point, I’d most likely prefer it if she stuck around too.

        1. Yeah, i’m really rooting for minorities and women of color, cause I always want them to do better. Particularly after MvGx, and the entire ‘two black women made the merge’ discussion in GC.

      2. Listened and watched a few things, and Chrissy is also my number 1. She seems to combine some serious smarts with a fun and engaging persona. I’m really excited to see how that applies to the game and what her true personality is on the island.

        Roark for similar reasons, but I think Roark will have a bit more of that cut-throat, burn-a-bitch attitude that I so love.

        And I’m all about Desi. I want to like Ali, but i’m not sold. Ashley also seems like she could be good, but could also fall apart.

        I’m a little more meh on the dudes, but I always am. At least we have some real meat to chew on this season. Patrick and Alan seem like people I could root for.

        I’m really not sold on Ryan. I like the nerdy, gamer edge to his press, but he has a sort of ‘awkward’ awareness to him that has turned me off. Then again, I felt somewhat similar with David for MvGx and that turned out great.

        1. Desi was just outside my top 5, so yeah, I also like her. But I’m afraid she could end up as a Mari of this season.

          1. I hope not. She was like, the biggest takeway from the original video they aired during GC reunion, so it would be sad if she’s out quick.

        2. Ali strikes me as a perfect sidekick if she can get hooked up with a strong female shot caller. I see her sort of being the Double D to someone else’s Parvati (not sure who the Parv would be…Jessica? Desi?)

          And I found Ryan to be surprisingly self-assured and well-spoken for someone who looks like such a dweeb. He’s not my favorite character or anything, but I’m at least curious to see what he will bring to the table. Best case scenario, he’s Caramoan Cochran without the neuroses. Worst case scenario, he’s South Pacific Cochran without the humor :/

      3. I’m also very high on the Healers tribe. I’m hoping Joe, Desi, and Roark run the game (with some roadblocks of course).

      4. Mostly at this point I’m just going for Cole because….reasons. I’m also high on Desi, Chrissy, and there was another one but I forget. I’m kind of knee-jerk not rooting for Roark because her bio was so pandering, but I’ll likely come around in a hurry.

          1. I got the impression she was pandering to exactly the niche group of people who would like a Sophie pick (i.e. internet superfans). But I almost always come around on the pandering people, like Aubry

          2. I agree with this 100%, I want to like her but it feels like she’s trying way too hard to be that edgy/lovable super nerd. Just from that super brief bio. The Hobbies / Inspiration in Life answers are super cringy.

      5. I’ll root for all the players from Josh’s RHAP interviews that when he told them this was for Rob Has A Podcast, they thought it was Boston Rob.

        1. Honestly I don’t think that’s a terrible idea. People who watch the show but aren’t super fans may have a decent grasp of strategy but not freak anyone out.

          1. That’s almost exactly what one of the players said in the most recent interview episode. Either Desi or Ashley.

        2. I thought Boston Rob was Rob Cesternino when I started watching Survivor. I knew enough to know that Boston Rob existed but not enough to know how many Robs there were, or at least that there were multiple famous Robs. That’s probably a good place to land as a player to be honest.

          1. Katrina had a hilarious exchange with Josh in his interview with her.

            Josh: You’re on Rob Has A Podcast, do you know what that is?
            Katrina: No.
            Josh: It’s a Survivor podcast done by Rob Cesternino, a 2-time Survivor player.
            Katrina: Oh right, he’s the guy that won, right? He married another Survivor.
            Josh: Yes, Nicole Delma.

            Eventually she asked “Can we start over?”

          2. The best part is that for these interview podcasts, Rob and Josh are listening to them in the podcast and will pause the recording if they have something to say. Rob had something to say about that exchange.

          3. It’s like the Survivor equivalent of getting interviewed by a Daily Show correspondent and being like “Who is John Stewart?”

            or i guess…Who is Trevor Noah?

      6. I like your top 5, except I would swap out Simone for Desi. Simone just gives me the vibe of a first boot for some reason. But who knows – I’m terrible at predictions so she’ll probably win 😛

          1. Same. Her Meet Simone interview seemed okay, but really heavy on her ‘being on the beach’ and not her at camp, which makes me think they don’t have a lot of footage of her at camp that they want to use for the promo and didn’t use for the show.

            Which makes me wonder what level of scrutiny of these videos could actually tell about what will happen. Like, Chrissy’s video has her interacting at camp. Is that just because she talked about relationships, or is that because they had that footage to use here and not in the show. Or does it mean nothing? ¯_(-_-)_/¯

      7. Strangely, I am not enthused about this cast and don’t have a favorite. Maybe after the first episode.

          1. I did not get to talk to the hubby about it last night and was busy packing to move otherwise and just plum forgot. I’m at work now so I’ll look when I get home.

            Is anyone doing that dinner beforehand?

          2. And the third part says – I’m not sure I can do the dinner unless I physically work in the city that day.

          3. Shit, I just realized you were talking about the VIP dinner. Yeah, we’re not doing that. It would definitely be our own thing. Just get a general admission ticket.

          4. I got the ticket to the general admission. Hubby said to do the full thing but I don’t want to do that unless everyone else was. If you guys decide to do dinner beforehand, let me know.

          5. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing you there. I’ll definitely let you know if there is a preshow meetup.

          6. It will be a fun night. Along with myself, Ms. Woozah, Violina23 and EmAndScoutInBK will be there. Kemper Boyd is even flying in from England to come to this.

        1. Like I said before, I am afraid that this cast won’t end up that charismatic. But that’s just from short 2 minute videis, so I could very well be overreacting.

          1. I have only read the inside survivor and a few interviews and listened to some RHAP – I never watch the videos because of time.

      8. From your 5 no one seems to be mentioning Jessica. I have high hopes for her as she comes off truly likeable and competent. You actually have 3 of my 4 picks in your list (Jessica, Roark, and Ryan).

      9. HHH cast members I’m rooting for.

        1. Desi
        2. Roark
        3. Chrissy
        4. Simone
        5. Ryan
        6. Ali
        7. Alan
        8. Cole
        9. Jessica
        10. Ben
        11. Joe
        12. Katrina
        13. Devon
        14. Ashley
        15. JP
        16. Mike
        17. Lauren
        18. Triple H (wrestler)
        19. Patrick

        1. Honestly for me no one really stands out positively or negatively. I need to see an episode for everyone.

          1. Yeah, this basically based on Wigler’s First One Out series and my own preconceived notions I have on the players. An episode would lead to a better thought out list.

          1. I was just turned off the most by him in my first impressions. I could be wrong but everything about him is screaming douche to me.

          2. Whoa, I got that feeling from a few other guys, but not Patrick at all. It must be my undying love of male redheads that has swayed me!

          3. I get the male redhead thing (redheads in general), Patrick is a miss to me but I do agree about the other guys.

      10. This was the week I stopped asking myself if this season of AU Survivor is a top 10 season and started wondering where in the top 10 it should go.

        1. So I actually thought about this and using the PRP rankings, right now I would slot it in between Philippines and Palau, so around 7

          1. That’s funny. After I posted that I sat down with my personal ranking and also placed it 7th, between China and Palau (Cook Islands isn’t in my personal top 6 but China is). My thinking is that Palau is the first top-tier season with boring parts, and as a season without any dull moments so far, AU Survivor 4 should rank higher. If anything, that’s conservative since I’m not giving extra credit for maintaining excitement over a much longer running time.

          2. Yeah, my personal rankings would differ a bit from the PRP ones (i.e. Micro higher and CI lower) but it would still result in around 7th for this season. Basically the same logic, every episode has been good and there has certainly been nothing boring so far

        2. I agree, mainly because it was already a great season and one week into the merge there is less and less reason to fear that it’ll take a turn for the worse, but interestingly enough, I thought this week (especially 16&17) there were some serious problems with the storytelling, which I don’t think was the case before.
          Fortunately the players can’t help themselves and make any episode good television, but I thought they were not helped as much by edit and production for these first two episodes of the week, as was previously the case.

          Note to Probst: The Survivor Auction is alive and well. Bring it back!

          1. I think I know what you’re referring to in 16 and 17, but on the other hand I thought 18 was just a masterpiece of storytelling. It was like a heist movie the way everybody had to play their role perfectly for the plan to succeed.

            As much as a burden it is to be back on the three nights/week schedule, we saw multiple examples this week of a player’s actions in episode n biting them in the butt in episode n+1. It’s harder to see that when there’s only one episode a week.

            As strong as these players are, their auction strategy made absolutely no sense to me.

    1. I had three of mine down, wasn’t sure who to pick as my fourth. I decided to pick Mike because my name is also Mike.

    2. I was torn between two people for my fourth, but decided to drop the one who I liked best overall, but named Richard Hatch as the Survivor they’re most like.

  23. So the Fan Favourite League (@avclub-800d427f7b19cf6f05ec777b2beb9a25:disqus @superduperfan:disqus @godot123:disqus and myself) are looking for 1-2 more people to complete our 6 person league (the second spot depends on if Purple Tally turns up and is interested before we draft). Any takers?

          1. The Free on Tuesday Morning league kind of did a hybrid if the snake format. Instead of A/F, F/A, A/F, we did A/F, F/A, F/A.

          2. You’re goddamn right it is.

            (until such time that we all realize there was a better solution; at that point this was never my idea)

          3. I had a much, much better solution, but our League Commissioner rejected it and instillled your system instead, without even putting my proposal to a vote. He doesn’t take advice well, all this time in power has made him quite pigheaded…

            On a different note, there’s a MLB game on German Basic Cable TV during prime time and I can’t deal with it. Why? How? For whom? Help?

          4. I’m curious to hear what your system is because if you have three picks (and assume value linearly descends by slot order), there’s no way to ensure equitable outcomes.

            Also, what’s the matchup?

          5. Yanks vs. Twins and it’s over now. Apparently there is a German on the NYY – or was he on the other team? I noticed they showed that one guy in the Yankee pinstripes a lot, but maybe that was just a star player, if baseball has such.

            If we would assume pick-value linearly descends, wouldn’t that make the last person to pick in the first round the winner in your system (by having the same value sum as the first pick in a regular 3-round snake draft). I think we all assume that draft-value declines somewhat exponentially, which is why your system is actually quite good (although I would still prefer the 6th, 7th and 13th pick over the first, 12th and 18th).

            But my idea (of having another randomly created draft order after the first two rounds, to be clear) isn’t necessarily about ensuring a more equitable outcome (although it tends to achieve that), but about creating fairness by having multiple random draws. If you get so lucky to win the top pick two times, in the first and the third round, then lucky you! That helps the rest of the league to know what to expect during the season and at least nobody gets the top pick in two rounds automatically (while only one other participant has a top pick at all – not that it matters so much where a draft round starts and ends).

          6. Max Kepler plays for the Twins, and I believe he is from Germany. If the Yankees player they kept showing was a gargantuan outfielder who looks like the Bane on a rec softball team of Batman villain cosplayers, that was Aaron Judge. He’s quite good.

            I actually contend that the best format is a two-round snake draft that only selects 12 players (or 2n as it were). But for some reason we all love saddling someone with the last pick.

          7. Yeah, Max Kepler was the guy they talked about a lot and Aaron Judge had many close-ups.

            I thought about 4-team leagues with two players being left on the board, but that also sucks because it would mean cutting people from the existing leagues.
            Outcast-format is the best for non-20-people-seasons.

          8. That reminds me, the NBA team of my choice got itself another German this offseason by the name of Maxi Kleber – I swear there is more diversity in German names than it appears by just looking at this pair of sports-exports.

          9. They’re not necessarily very long in syllables (although there are those, even traditional names, but also because of slavic and other influences), just more different than these two and at times with odd-looking sequences of consonsants.

          10. Frankly, German surnames (and other Eastern European names as well) can get long and complex, but they’ve got nothing on Tamil surnames.

      1. Get any smart ass comments today? My favorite ever was “Mr. Redacted, how old were you when the Titanic sank?”

        Fucking punk.

        1. I teach Kindergarten; they’re not that sassy yet. However, the students I taught last year (now in 5th grade) are all really into proving that they’re taller than me.

    1. Alright, we have a full group, so I say we do the draft here. The order I got is:
      1. @superduperfan:disqus
      2. @godot123:disqus
      3. @avclub-800d427f7b19cf6f05ec777b2beb9a25:disqus
      4. @purpletally:disqus
      5. Maritimer
      6. @corndogshuffle:disqus

      As I said below, I saw we follow the rules BD used in his draft which is mixed snake so (by round): 1-6, 6-1, 6-1. If that works for everyone I say we get started. I’d also suggest tagging the next person when you draft so we can keep it moving

          1. I’m going with Ali. She’s GloZell Green’s assistant, and she’s going to need that money soon if GloZell keeps making dumb political videos.

          2. I’m going to take Cole, sticking with my all in on him strategy for this season.

            @corndogshuffle:disqus you’re up for 2 picks. Jessica, Ryan, Chrissy, Ali and Cole are all off the table.

          3. I will take Patrick, mostly to avoid this team being to similar to my pick 4. @purpletally:disqus your last pick. Remaining is: Devon, Simone, Joe and Lauren

          4. I’ll cautiously take Simone. @avclub-800d427f7b19cf6f05ec777b2beb9a25:disqus , you’re up with Devon, Joe, and Lauren remaining.

          5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know I don’t know Devon I suppose. I can’t handle the pressure of these choices. @godot123:disqus, you get to pick Joe or Lauren and then @superduperfan:disqus is stuck with whoever’s left over.

      1. First off, I’m gonna go with Jessica. I think she has a really big upside, and could definetely make it to the Final 3.

        You’re up,

          1. I took Joe so your last player is Lauren. I know you could not have seen her being unpicked, but it happened.

      1. This is extremely petty, but Maritimer got it from Denzel who got it from me, so YOU’RE WELCOME EVERYONE is what I’m saying.

          1. BEN is gonna give me those sweet idol points and he’s going to Keith-nail all the wacky ball-challenges.

          2. Good picks so far by everyone. I like the third-round talent with all the red flags way better than the second round guys. Pick-4 participants are high on Jess and Roark (+Ryan), but I’m not. Ashley was in the promo, as was Ryan, but I’m not excited about them. So I’m going with what is sure to be the only double-selection for my two teams, #1 on my (remaining) draft bord: JOE

          3. I put him in position to sink both of my teams (and became scared shitless as soon as I hit “post as…”. I want some Russel-like idol finds and VTEP from him, but I hope he’s actually much nicer and gets along well with the overall #1 pick in this draft and that they both team up with #2 overall and build the core-alliance of their tribe.

          4. I didn’t want too much overlap between my two teams (ore preferably, none at all), but I would have made an exception for whoever you didn’t pick from Desi and Chrissy, if they had fallen far enough for you to have a choice, without even hesitating.

            Making that exception for Joe in round two I don’t feel as good about.

      1. You seriously made me wait this whole time just to pick the Dallas Cowboy I told knew you were going to pick! Oh well, your mistake.

        1. quit trying to act like you know me!!! and yes i made you wait all this time because you left me all alone last night!!!

        1. I made snap judgments based on their bios, and Devon is Taylor 2.0, which means I can’t stand him, which means I have to draft him.

          1. This is why the Costanza strategy works. For the most part, the bios don’t really help. It’s just that anyone who seems interesting to me always ends up being terrible at Survivor. So choosing random people that annoy me basically saves me from my natural instincts, which are obviously terrible.

          2. I didn’t like Ali from her bio at all, but she sounds quite nice aand competent enough in the Wigler-interviews. Not sure if that is proof the Costanza-strategy works, or if it means that you need to put more effort into research.

          3. I’ve also adopted Costanza-level laziness into the strategy, even though I’m not sure if it’s appropriate since laziness is actually my natural inclination.

            (Edit: And if Devon is actually Jay 2.0 and Ali is a lovely social strategist, it will further convince me that I’ve found the true path to fantasy success.)

          4. My boyfriend and I hypothesized him as a combo of Joe Anglim and Taylor. Like, he will be Taylor socially but with Joe’s dedication to only caring about challenges and nothing else forever.

          5. I think he may be Jay levels of social game, but for god’s sake stick your tongue back in your mouth!

          6. Also, remember that I picked up Sarah as a last round ‘might as well’ last season. And that worked out perfectly.

            I mean, I chose her because I’m smart and know how to pick good teams and I will crush you all.

          7. I didn’t even see this exchange, but I penciled her in for you anyways.

            (Could be worse, I would be happy to see her do well. And should SBF indeed deliver salvation, we can still change it.)

        1. I can attest that Cole was crossed of from the start, but Ben still isn’t. And I picked him in the first round! Instead you crossed of Simone!

          I have to assume that you did that in hope to have her fall into your lap for your last pick, but this TBD right here will not stand for such gross abuse of power! I demand you rectify this faulty list immediately!

          1. Oh, how convenient to have that excuse at the ready… I’m watching you!

            (But I think we all sincerely appreciate you running this draft. Thank you!)

          2. Agreed. HBO CEO of tits has picked Jessica via tweet which leaves me with Simone. Not great but not the worst (maybe). Oh well, we really don’t know these people yet anyway.

          3. Agreed


          4. I don’t understand why young folks feel the need to trash talk. I’m glad that I’ve never stooped to that level.

          5. Right. It’s pretty exhausting.


          6. So you got her after all. I was sooo close to taking her with my last pick. Well, her or Mike or even Jessica, who was the “safe” pick I mentioned earlier and who I talked myself into a little bit at the last minute (Jess is a Dr.!).
            I really wanted her on my team, but then so many people I didn’t want got taken off the board between my 2nd and 3rd pick and I had more good options than I expected for my last pick.
            Other than what I feel is public perception of her, I can see her playing the sweet girl quite well and keeping her biting wit mostly to confessionals, but I expect her tribe to go to tribal multiple times and was worried that she’s weak-ish in challenges and that her tribemates have less trouble looking over white male Ryan’s evil grin than trusting her devious, asian face.

      1. Something Bout Football has picked Lauren via text. That was who I thought I’d get stuck with. You’re up with Jessica and Simone left.

    1. I’m going to go with Katrina. There aren’t any people left that I really don’t like, so I’m going to go with someone who just seems like they might be a little mildly annoying. Though she can’t be that bad since she made positive comments about Denise in her bio.

      1. I should have known that you wouldn’t take anyone still left that I want. Now there is still a whole team on the board that I would feel moderately good about and I have a decision to make…

        I agree, Katrina could be mildly annoying and I don’t expect her to survive a lot of tribal councils, so good pick!

    2. With a heavy heart, I select RYAN.

      I don’t think he’s the safest pick and he’s also not somebody I desperately want to do well, like some of the other candidates left, but I think he could go quite far if he survives the first few days and has some real winner upside.

      @BadPlayer91:disqus, you’re up.

      1. I have him in my much less important league. BTW good buddy! Do you think you could fill out the spreadsheet again?

      2. I feel that. The more I learn about Ryan, the less I want him to do well. Like, he seems like he could be a good player, but that clearly doesn’t mean I want him to…

        1. What turned you off the most? For me it was probably as simple as him being a Republican, combined with the pet peeve category in the bio.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up hating my whole team. You and SNP have all my favorites, minus Desi (and maybe Joe, but he could go either way).

          1. Mainly the Republican things, which seems less theoretical “I’m a Republican” and more “I’m a Trump supporter.” There were some other things my boyfriend said but I can’t remember. My boyfriend’s prediction was that Ryan and Simone will bump heads since they are seemingly at very different ends of the spectrum.

          2. That’s exactly the vibe I got from putting the two things I mentioned together, but I’m not sure if I’m rushing to judgement there.

            From her parts in Wigler’s podcast series it seemed like Simone looked
            favorably upon him, but if they do butt heads I sure wish she comes out on top.

    3. All done! Good luck everyone! (Except for purplerockjohn. Fuck that guy!)

      Wow. That felt really good saying that!

  24. As someone who works with EXCEL for Call Monitoring and many, many (manymanymany…) reports, I am super duper impressed with your programming there.

    And no, that is not kissing up to get me back on top again. I really am impressed.

  25. I’m just looking at the profiles now, and what are the odds of the ‘Diversity Advocate’ being voted off first?

    1. “And the second contestant on this evening’s BBQ Blitz is a mother of four and professional lobbyist for PETA…”

  26. I realized that I took Devon in the pick-4 thinking he was someone else, but I’m not sure who I thought he was. Looking at the list I can’t summon anything for a number of names. This draft is going to go well for me.

      1. I went with a reference to “There’s something wrong with that boy”, because that scene is indeed one of my favourite Survivor moments.

  27. Big Brother Finale thread?
    To me that jury was more bitter than Samoa. No fucking way Josh played a better game than Paul. Fuck that. Stupid-ass Big Brother. Dumb people.

    1. As someone who had to stop watching this show around the start of the jury phase, I very strongly did not want Paul to win. That said, a Josh win is extremely bad and dare I say worse.

      1. I stopped when you stopped, and I can’t stand Josh. Still I am glad Paul lost and Cody got AFP. I feel like this shows how much the bullying really pissed people off, and I hope changes are made.

        Of course, if ratings are high, we’ll just get more returning players ruining the show. Sigh.

          1. Then you missed the whole reason so many of us stopped watching. Paul goaded Josh, Christmas, and others to go hardcore on both Jessica and Cody. They went after everything including his military career. Worse, the edit didn’t show how bad it was and it neglected to show that it was all part of Paul’s master plan. It was ugly and frankly, disgusting, on a visceral level. You can find it if you want to find it on JokersUpdate or elsewhere. I have personally never seen that kind of Lord of the Flies behaviour at that level on any show of any kind (and I watch The Challenge on MTV).

          2. oh, I must have missed that mess. must have joined in afterwards. all I saw was Jessica and Cody going after the whole house.

          3. Ah, well, no one you don’t understand why so many of us can’t stand Paul (and co) and defend Cody & Jessica.

          4. The Big Brother diary room problem isn’t really with the people they cast, but more on production for trying to get them more (insincerely) animated and feeding them cheesy lines (a problem which started in later seasons and has become even worse the last couple years). Cody getting AFP after refusing to go along with production’s bullshit should hopefully send them a sign that nobody really likes that stuff.

          5. Agreed. Production is so flagrantly involved that it has stopped allowing people to be themselves on almost any level. I didn’t like Cody, but I liked that he was himself. Also that he knew that getting rid of Paul immediately was the right move. He really (and all of us) got screwed by the whole Paul can’t be on the block for weeks thing.

        1. you can’t ruin a show that is already terrible. I just don’t really get big brother. it’s like survivor junior to me

          1. Actually having returning players has made the show far less interesting. The best seasons have all been with either new casts or all-stars. It’s just too much of an advantage (as evidenced by even just the last two years).

      2. I’ve come around on Josh somewhat since then. He’s been the only person to see what Paul’s been up to and the way he played the goodbye messages was a brilliant counterpoint to Paul. Plus he hasn’t thrown any condiments or banged any cookware in a while.

        1. That’s a bright side, but watching his confessionals during Zingbot was painful. Like, literally hurt my ears.

    2. All juries are bitter juries. Michele won Survivor for fuck’s sake! (Or did she? Was there even a winner that season? I don’t quite remember)

    3. Paul absolutely played the better game. Paul did some shitty jury management and that’s why he lost. He never owned up to his moves and just admit he backstabbed people. He continued to pretend he was their ally and made them feel like fools. How you make people feel is incredibly important and Paul failed to realize this.

        1. This tells you all you need to know. It’s beyond me not liking Paul. His goodbye messages were, yes, dumber than anything Josh has done or said the entire season. Get to the end against someone you can beat is the entire game, anything else is meaningless. A “bitter” jury in the derogatory sense, to me, is when they cannot accept that someone played the game and voted them out. But when those jurors are leaving the game, and Paul is still selling this phony version of himself and insulting their intelligence they might as well vote for a fucking wall. They do not know this person who is still blatantly trying to play them. Was Josh an ass throughout much of the season? Sure, but at least they know who he is and because of that can see his redeeming qualities. Why wouldn’t you vote to give him $500,000 instead?
          The fact that Paul REPEATED this mistake with the jury is just ridiculous. Paul deserved to lose.

    4. Hilarious. Yes the jury was bitter, yes those were 5 votes against Paul not 5 votes for Josh, but Paul managed the jury terribly. He didn’t really deserve to win either. And then Cody won AFP. Just hilarious. BB really needs to step up their casting game though, for sure.

      I was trying to think of the best Survivor comparison…it would be something like if Coach had lost to Albert instead of Sophie.

      1. I hope that Big Brother will get off the slump that they are now. It’s a really interesting and complex game, that it would be such a shame that this all would go to waste. Survivor was once in a really bad spot, but it managed to come back around to being great again, so if it could do it, Big Brother also very well can.

        1. Fine, you guys talked me off the ledge. After my Big Brother beers wore off, I can see why Paul lost.
          However, the gameplay just seemed particularly bad this season. There were so many chances to get rid of Paul.

          1. Oh, DEFINETELY gameplay was bad this season, it was TERRIBLE. I’ve seen half of the seasons for now, and it was definetely the worst gameplay-wise from all of them (well, I’ll soon will begin BB9, so it MAY lose it’s title very soon). But the thing I’ll absolutely stick to it till the very end, is that this show is unsalvagable. The problems this season were a) casting, and b) production choices, ala Paul being the only vet. These are all VERY fixable, and I HOPE they will fix them, but for now, we had to endure this season.

          2. I think the reaction to this season has been largely negative because at least with other “dictator” seasons (BB14 and BB16) had players who wanted to win besides the “dictator”.

          1. Which I don’t understand. Though this cast was FAR worse than BB16 (but I’m a bit of a BB16 apologist). These people were literally just there to be on TV. I don’t understand how it is hard to cast people with some semblence of knowledge of the game or strategy and a desire to actually win. Maybe the prize money needs to be raised

          2. I still think they assembled like half a good cast – Mark, Elena, Kevin, Jason, Jessica, Cody, Dominique, Ramses, and even Megan were all pretty good picks, at least as individuals – but it played out terribly and the lack of a will to win by so many of the house guests really destroyed the season. And I don’t think prize money is the problem, since Big Brother Canada players play their asses off for like $100,000.

          3. That’s true about the cast. We were high on them at the start of the season, weren’t we? But then they all just wanted to make jury, which is where the issue lies. There also seemed to be a bit of SJDS, where they (aka Paul) were picking off anyone who knew anything about BB early which caused some problems

          4. As a TV character, yes, but Alex had little potential as a player since wanted to get 2nd place before she entered the house. Ramses is whatever to me, but I think Megan could have been a fun gamer to watch in a different context.

          5. I feel guilty for somewhat liking Alex, but I do. And I fully agree with Megan. I was super bummed when I found out that she self-evicted.

            I actually feel that there is quite a bunch of people who I wouldn’t mind seeing on a second-chance type of season (which btw, they should TOTALLY do, if they really don’t want legitimate All-Stars). I don’t want EVERYONE to be in a ballot, but I wouldn’t mind at least 2 or 3 people.

          6. I think the big problem with BB16 was the female cast, but even then, you had a lot of people willing to fight to stay in. I think Production may need to do a Survivor like style of paying them for how many weeks they are actually on the live feeds rather than once you are on the jury, then you get a set stipend. That stipend is why Matt was content on going when he went.

    5. Paul carefully handcrafted that bitter jury by being so transparently disingenuous in his goodbye videos and the final tribal equivalent that it was an insult to the intelligence of even this jury. He’s the Amanda Kimmel of Big Brother: two strong although flawed games, two trips to the finals in a row blown by having no clue what the jury wants to hear.

  28. I’ve now listened to the Devon interview and I’m going to need to dump him, although I’m not sure for whom yet. Anyone know how we change our pick-4s?

    1. You probably didn’t see it yet, but I edited my reply to you immediately. The answer is: submit another one, newest entry with your name counts.

    2. * Edit your team if you still have the team-picking form open.
      * Submit a new team (with the same team name). The version of your team with the most recent timestamp will be the one that counts.

  29. Team request submitted. Well I started strong a couple seasons ago but flamed out quickly last season. Hopefully I redeem myself!

    1. Unfortunately you submitted a team that someone else had already chosen. When you get a chance, submit a new team (with the same team name).

      1. OK John, I’m submitting another team.
        is there any way to see existing teams or what I’ve chosen to ensure I don’t duplicate?

  30. BTW @purplerockjohn:disqus, I definitely didn’t see that Michaela reference because I definitely didn’t read close enough but also thank you for enlightening me about the way of Bae-Shaw and reminding me, nay everyone, of the glory that be ultimate Bae Michaela Bae Bae!

  31. Anyone want to do a 1 on 1 league with me. I think it’ll make the season even more fun if I have 9 people I actually want to do well. Also, this takes my mind off the wedding I’m planning (Nov. 18th OMG it’s so soon!). Help me, PRP, you’re my only hope.

      1. Sweet!!!! Want to do it here? I didn’t really think this through, but since there are just two of us, how hard can it be?

      2. Here’s our choices. You can go 1st. I’ll put a dot after someone’s been taken and put our league into John’s worksheet.


          1. Next two? Don’t we just go back and forth? *new to this*
            For now, I chose Cole because I have him no where else, and I think he has major potential to go far.

            Help me understand the two pick thing. Sorry to be clueless.

          2. I was thinking we’d do a snake draft like we do for the bigger leagues, where you go through the list in one direction and then the other direction to make it fairer. So with two people that means the first person picks one, then the second person picks two, then we go back and forth picking two at a time, until the first person gets the last “pick” as well.

            Basically we take turns going first instead of me going first every time (I go first for turns one and two, you go first for turns three and four, I go first for turns five and six, etc.).

            I hope that made sense. We could also just go back and forth. I’m not sure it makes much difference with two people.

          3. Haha, thems the breaks. Still, now you have two more I really liked.

            I’m going to go with Jessica and Joe. Hoping for likeability in Jessica and Tony-like idol finding from Joe.

          4. Ali and Desi, what the heck. I feel like all my fantasy choices are particularly unsupported this season.

          5. Oooh, two great picks. Unsupported??

            I’m going to go with JP and Katrina. I dug their bios, and who knows? I’m hoping Katrina’s swimming makes her kick-ass like Denise Stapley.

          6. I don’t have complicated little theories about everybody, I’m just kind of making snap choices and going back and forth on people and I keep having to look at the bios to remember who some of them are. But it’s not like I usually do so great, so maybe this is good.

            I don’t know how long we’ll go before a swap, but that Heroes tribe looks like they could kill in challenges, so I’d like Ben and Ashley.

          7. Also I realized this method would only stick me with the last pick if we were picking an even number. I thought this out well.

            Wanna pick two next and then go one-one-one for the last three so the non-choice lands on me?

          8. Sounds like a good plan! (I am amazed at how easy going I’m being. 😂)

            I’ll take Patrick and Simone. I have a thing for male red-heads, and though I think Simone may go first, I need more diversity on my team.

          9. Okay, so I took Devon and stuck you with Lauren.

            This will be a much more interesting season because of this for me. Thanks so much, IH. I’ll get this set up in John’s form later tonight.

          10. @purplerockjohn
            Thanks for filling this in for us! Or was that not you?

            Anyway, so cool to see it almost done. I added the two last names.

          11. Aha, it was you! I added the last two, and thank you so much for putting in the rest.

            Wednesday can not come soon enough!

        1. If I do it will be my first success of any kind at fantasy Survivor. There’s really something to be said for playing against only one other person.

          Oh my god! We’re the final two! One of us is going to win!

    1. off-topic, but you asked me a while ago if I was on twitter, and so I followed you, but then I forgot to tell you I followed you. Idk if that’s still relevant to you or not.

      1. Well, it was to ask about the Outcast league and how it worked so…

        Still, let me know who you are so I can follow you back. 😎

        1. You were coming to me with Outcast questions? I’m not exactly an expert in the league as I’d never been in it.

          I don’t know how to do tell you who I am without explicitly saying my account name, which I’m trying to not do for reasons. So um, it’s a private account with drawings as the avi and the header. Whichever one that applies to of your recent followers, that’s me.

          1. No, silly, I meant on Twitter. You @ me in a tweet and say, it’s Taako or something. Or reply to one of my tweets.

            Also, I didn’t know you were new too. 😜

  32. We are a family and we wanted to put our replacement picks in. LynziBevi replace Katrina with Devon. MalBevi replace Katrina with Ryan. TaeBevi replace Simone with Ryan. DadBevi replace Simone with Ryan.

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