Pick-4 Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X fantasy league

Welcome back to the greatest Survivor fantasy league on the internet!

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Survivor: Let’s just hope it’s not Nicaragua redux

In the comments section of this post, you can select your Pick-4 teams for the SurvivorMillennials vs. Generation X fantasy league. Most of you have probably played before and already know how this works, but if you’re new to this, here are the rules and scoring system:

1. Nobody is impressed that you’ve read spoilers. If you have, don’t play this game. To put it more bluntly, don’t be a dick. (Amendment for this specific season: Two players in particular are going to be overwhelmingly popular choices. I get it. That’s fine. Feel free to pick them, but don’t be a dick about it.)

2. Pick four Survivors from this season that you think will do well (see scoring system below), and let us know the combination you want in the comments on the draft post or via Twitter (@purplerockpod)- though it’s much easier on me if you use the comments section.

3. As long as nobody else has picked that exact combination of four players, I’ll respond to you to acknowledge that I recorded your picks (I do this so that you don’t later edit your post or delete your tweet and claim you picked a different set of players. Again, see Rule #1). You can change them any time until the second episode airs, so if one of your picks is the first person booted you can attempt to salvage your team.

4. Check this site every week to see updated standings. To the winner goes the ultimate prize: Bragging rights on the internet.

5. The scoring system:

Tribe reward: 1 points

Tribe immunity: 2 points*

*In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded.
*In an immunity challenge with three (or more) tribes, winning tribe gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2, loser gets 0. (If there are four tribes, 3rd place would get 1 point.)

Individual reward: 2 points

Individual immunity: 4 points

Finding an idol: 3 points

Playing idol successfully: 4 points

Redemption Island victory: 1 point

Return to game from Redemption Island: 2 points (although let’s hope Redemption Island is never used again)

Votes To Evict Player (VTEP) pre-merge: 1 point*

*VTEP points are awarded when your player casts a vote- or participates in a split vote plan- that successfully snuffs someone else’s torch. (In the case of a double vote, a player would get double the VTEP for using the double vote for the correct target or as part of a vote split.)

VTEP post-merge: 2 points

*In the case of a double-vote advantage being used, if the double-vote is used successfully- either to vote one person out or as part of a vote-split plan- the person using the advantage correctly will get double the amount of VTEP points.

Making the merge (one-time bonus): 3 points

Receiving the immunity necklace from someone at tribal council: 4 points

Final tribal council votes: 2 points each

**Tie-breaker: At the end of the season if one team is tied with another, the team that has the player that placed the highest in the game will win. For example:

Team A is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 2nd place, 10th place, 15th place. Team B is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 3rd place, 5th place, 6th place. Since both teams chose the winner, the next highest-finishing player would break the tie. In this case, Team A has 2nd place and Team B has 3rd place. So Team B is the winner.

Easy enough, right?

Joining the league is also easy: Just make your picks in the comments below. I’ll respond to you to lock in your players (assuming nobody else has that exact combination), and you have until the second episode airs to change your picks. Yes, the second episode. So if you picked the first boot, make sure to come back and change your picks!

I’ll try to update the table below as frequently as possible so you can use it to see if your combination of players is still available (don’t expect me to update on weekends, though). Alphabetize the players you want to pick, then look at the alphabetized list below to see if your combo is already taken. Too confusing? Just pick your four and I’ll tell you if they’re still available. If I don’t get back to you in a day or so (again, don’t count weekends), reply to one of my comments- I’m John in the comments below- and let me know I suck.

NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
aj hillerAdamBretChrisJessica
Maulik ShahAdamBretChrisZeke
Disgruntled GoatAdamBretHannahJessica
Survivor ClubbAdamBretJessicaMari
TJ SassAdamBretMariMichaela
No Eyes in BlindfoldAdamBretMichaelaTaylor
Survivor StickAdamCeceDavidHannah
Wife of JohnAdamCeceKenMari
Jacob BuckAdamChrisMariMichaela
Kemper BoydAdamChrisMariSunday
Duke Silver TrioAdamChrisMichaelaZeke
Survivor CentralAdamDavidFiggyZeke
Sneaky SneakyAdamDavidKenZeke
Jake ArmesAdamDavidMariMichaela
Audrey RatajackAdamFiggyMariZeke
Malcolm is my CopilotAdamHannahJayKen
HBO CEO of TitsAdamHannahMichaelaZeke
Diego ArmandoAdamHannahSundayZeke
Adli HanifAdamJayMariMichaela
Other ScottAdamJayMichaelaPaul
doctor wuAdamJessicaKenZeke
Purple Rock JohnAdamKenMariMichaela
Purple Rock MattAdamKenMariZeke
Kent McKAdamMariTaylorZeke
David GadeBretChrisDavidMari
Bieber FeverBretChrisHannahJessica
Random LuckBretChrisHannahMichelle
Mike HirschBretFiggyKenMichaela
True AlainerBretFiggyMichaelaZeke
Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBretHannahJessicaMari
K.P. WatershedBretJayMariWill
Crom DeluiseBretJayMichaelaSunday
survivor is lifeBretMariWillZeke
dig dougCeceJayMariMichaela
Sad LilCeceJessicaLucySunday
Jared HollandChrisDavidMichaelaZeke
Assistant Dragon SlayerChrisFiggyKenMichaela
Barrett VandiverChrisFiggyLucyZeke
Jenifer PullmanChrisHannahJessicaMichelle
Everyone is someoneChrisHannahPaulSunday
Ms. SweaterfanChrisJayJessicaLucy
Black DynamiteChrisJessicaMariMichaela
Chris DiorioChrisJessicaMariZeke
Come On In HereChrisJessicaMichaelaZeke
this bear is tops bloobyChrisKenMariMichaela
Zach AttackChrisKenMariZeke
nipi ipinChrisMariMichaelaZeke
Jeff Probst's HairpieceChrisMichaelaRachelZeke
Kate WeaverDavidHannahMariWill
the sky is fallingDavidMichaelaMichelleZeke
Barbara AndersonDavidMichelleSundayZeke
Ryan DeschampFiggyJayKenSunday
Joseph FinnHannahJessicaKenMari
Alycia SwiftHannahJessicaMichaelaZeke
Only Here for the AnimalsHannahJessicaMichelleSunday
Side CharacterHannahMariMichaelaWill
Purple Rock EmmaJayKenLucyMari
Prom KingJessicaKenMichaelaZeke
indescribable hatJessicaMariSundayTaylor
Crystal LynneKenLucyMariZeke
Something QuirkyKenMariMichaelaZeke
Saturday Night PalsyKenMariPaulZeke
Dr. HorribleKenMariWillZeke
Ethan KyleLucyMariMichaelaZeke
Purple Rock MarkMariMichaelaTaylorZeke
Jacob SWMariMichaelaWillZeke
Anndré BressanMichaelaRachelTaylorZeke
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John is the co-host of the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast. He can get loud too, what the fuck!

Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Cagayan, Pearl Islands, Tocantins, Cambodia
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  • Sylvisual

    First! Mari, Adam, Taylor, Michaela

    • All youngs? Bold.

      Purple Rock Mark- Adam, Mari, Michaela, Taylor

      • Sylvisual

        Gotta stick with my peeps, and play hard and fast like a startup.

        • That’s high risk. But is it high reward?

          • Sylvisual

            Worked for another Mark Z who started Facebook.

          • Hey, it’s bold.

            Just don’t be stealing ideas from Matt or else he may tell you to “Lawyer up, Asshole”. #subtlesocialnetworkreference

      • Sad Lil

        Young vs old! Blood rivals!

  • Give me David, Michelle, Sunday, and Zeke please.

    • Barbara Anderson- David, Michelle, Sunday, Zeke

    • Saturday Night Palsy

      You know I was kidding about David and Sunday, right?

      • Dude, I am struggling here. But, I am getting a “Dawn/Lisa/Jane/Holly” vibe off of her, which means she goes far and Probst talks her up. David sorta reminds me of Penner.

  • Black Dynamite

    Trying to not jinx the person I want to win
    So give me Chris, Jessica L, Mari, Michaela

    • Who do you want to win?

      • Black Dynamite


        • Hannah was like fifth or sixth on mine.

          • Sylvisual

            Same. I see her more Shirin than Aubry.

          • Something Quirky

            It’s like they’re trying to find the right balance between the two, and will probably swing a bit either way for the next few newbie seasons.

          • The thing is they are actually fairly similar in real life, but Aubry really downplayed her quirkiness on the show.

          • It’s really impressive how well Aubry wound up doing socially, considering that she described herself as crayon-loving and Harry Potter-obsessed in her pregame interviews. I hope Hannah can do the same.

          • Aubry is especially good with older men (like Tai and Joe), but she is not as strong with younger females. That lack of connection partially lost her the game.

          • EmAndScoutInBK

            I was torn about Hannah. I grew up near her and know a lot of people where she’s from, so I can visualize what she’s talking about in her video. I actually don’t get as much of a Shirin vibe from her. But, as usual, it all depends on the group.

          • Purplerockmatt

            i got such a stereotypical neurotic jew from her, that as a jew i’m like woah, tone it down a little

          • Diego Armando

            I think her problem will be that she may be the biggest physical liability on the group, which combined with a quirky personality could send her home extremely early. Hopefully I am wrong.

        • gouis

          Her pet peeve is literally murder.

          • Black Dynamite

            I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine too though I never really thought about it in that way.

    • Black Dynamite- Chris, Jessica, Mari, Michaela

  • NearlyNina

    Adam, Lucy, Mari, Taylor please!

    • NearlyNina- Adam, Lucy, Mari, Taylor

  • Kemper Boyd

    Chris, Mari, Taylor, Sunday please.

    • Kemper Boyd- Chris, Mari, Sunday, Taylor

  • Something Quirky

    Ken, Michaela, Mari, and Will, please.

    Will’s last sentence in the CBS video put me off a little, but let’s see.

    • What was Will’s last sentence? I don’t watch the videos before I pick.

      • Sylvisual

        “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.” (Wait, sorry, that would be mine.) Something about using faith to get an in with people.

        • Isn’t that half of these people’s closing lines?

        • Something Quirky

          I don’t think he was one of the religious ones.

          • Wasn’t he the one who said he was inspired by Jesus and Ronald Reagan?

          • Kemper Boyd

            As BJ said Regan and Jesus plus he’s like a bible to keep him sane.

          • Something Quirky

            Where was this? I just looked at the EW slideshow and the 4 minute CBS video. I may have to alter my choices.

            So my theory is now that either their hometowns are going to come into it, or religion is, because there are a noticeable amount of outspoken religious people.

          • Kemper Boyd

            On his CBS profile.

          • indescribable hat

            I’m so nervous about this being a religion-heavy season. It seemed like religion got mentioned in a lot of videos, even by those who weren’t intensely Christian.

      • Something Quirky

        “Play this game with the old adults, and end up beating them and making them all look like fools.”

        Calm down there, kid.

        • Kemper Boyd

          Should be “play with the olds, get to the end, don’t get the money because who the fuck is giving it to an 18 year old?”

          • sharculese

            He may have been 21, but there is Survivor precedent for giving the money to an immature idiot.

          • Kemper Boyd

            If the options are Chase or Sash level then maybe but I strongly doubt an 18 year old gets it.

      • sharculese

        I don’t even read the bios. I knew I wanted Paul and then I picked 3 other white people because statistics.

    • Something Quirky- Kenneth, Mari, Michaela, William

      • Something Quirky

        Um, so, I was not fully informed, (and still aren’t because region blocking is preventing me from watching the intro videos), and after reading Will’s CBS stuff, I would like to swap him for Zeke, please.

        • Something Quirky- Ken, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

          • Something Quirky

            Thank you, benevolent overlord 🙂

  • Kemper Boyd

    Can I do the random one here because I forgot the log in to the random account I made last time?

    • Kemper Boyd

      Random: Hannah, Rachel, Bret, Chris

      • Random Luck- Bret, Chris, Hannah, Rachel

        • Kemper Boyd

          THE COMPUTER HAS SPOKEN! Via random.org/list

  • Sad Lil

    Old lady team!

    Cece, Jessica, Sunday, Lucy

    • Sad Lil- Cece, Jessica, Lucy, Sunday

    • Sylvisual

      I think we need a Trump parody account to counter Sad Lil this year. Mad Don?

      • Sad Lil


  • torchoflaw

    I’ll take Chris, Sunday, Taylor, and Zeke.

    • torchoflaw- Chris, Sunday, Taylor, Zeke

  • gouis

    Bret, Justin/Jay, Jessica, Mari

    • gouis- Bret, Jay, Jessica, Mari

      (To clarify, you’re getting Jessica and not Figgy. Figgy is the younger Jessica. Please correct me if that’s wrong.)

      • gouis

        Yes I want ‘old’ Jessica.

  • EmAndScoutInBK

    Mari, Jay, Hannah, Zeke

    I don’t know what I’m doing

    • EmAndScoutInBK- Hannah, Jay, Mari, Zeke

      • EmAndScoutInBK

        We can still switch, right? I HATE Jay. Dream team for broke:

        Hannah, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

        • Done.

          EmAndScoutInBK- Hannah, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

  • HectorTheWellEndowed

    I would like David, Hannah, Justin “Jay” whatshisface and Michaela.

    • HectorTheWellEndowed- David, Hannah, Jay, Michaela

  • For draft purposes, here are the list of names:


    Gen X

    Young Jessica goes by Figgy, Justin goes by Jay, William goes by Will, Ciandre goes by CeCe, Kenneth goes by Ken.

  • Something Quirky

    Reading the CBS bios that I overlooked, and it’s like guys, you’re overlooking Cochran’s first go. You’ll be South Pacific Cochran! Who was at least less patronising.

  • Purple Rock Emma

    Let’s go with… Jay, Lucy, Ken, and Mari.


    • Purple Rock Emma- Jay, Ken, Lucy, Mari

  • Saturday Night Palsy

    Hoping for Brett, Ken, Mari, Michelle.

    • Saturday Night Palsy- Bret, Ken, Mari, Michelle

  • Colbster2

    David, Figgy, Sunday, Taylor!

    Team Millenial + Gen X!

    • Colbster2- David, Figgy, Sunday, Taylor

  • Crom Deluise

    Is Bret-Jay-Michaela-Sunday available?

    • Crom Deluise- Bret, Jay, Michaela, Sunday

  • Disgruntled Goat

    Last year I spent a couple hours watching all the preview videos and making careful decisions and did horrible.

    This year I’m just going to pick names randomly.

    Adam, Jay, Jessica, Paul

    • Disgruntled Goat- Adam, Jay, Jessica, Paul

  • Ethan Kyle

    Mari Zeke Michaela Lucy (I may change a pick or two later since I’m on mobile and don’t have my cheat sheet)

    • Ethan Kyle- Lucy, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

      Changing picks later is fine. But when you do it, please give me your entire new group of 4. Much easier for me to change than if you say “Replace X with Y”.

      • Ethan Kyle


  • Roswulf

    As I read the cast profiles, it is immediately obvious tat these things are specifically designed to make me hate the writer no matter what. I would loathe my own mother as represented in a Survivor profile.


    Adam, Mari, Rachel, Zeke.

    • Roswulf- Adam, Mari, Rachel, Zeke

      • Roswulf

        Hey John- after watching videos I can’t justify Rachel.

        Can I switch to Adam, Lucy, Mari, Zeke?

        • Done.

          Roswulf- Adam, Lucy, Mari, Zeke

    • I miss the days where CBS wrote the bio for you, because at least you could see what character type Production was going for when casting that individual.

  • Posted for my BFF, who drafted via text:

    fransesqua- Adam, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

    • gouis

      Damn, fransesqua is on the text level. Puts the rest of us to shame

      • It’s how he does it every season. He’s too fucking lazy to log in and comment. But I respect laziness.

        • gouis

          Do you know each other in real life, or he’s just so lazy he has to have your number to text for fantasy purposes.

          • He’s my actual best friend. I’ve attempted to get him to comment here many times. He loves Survivor, reads all our stuff, and listens to the podcast, but doesn’t ever comment.

            I wouldn’t give out my number to you random weirdos. (Except the few random weirdos here who have my number.)

          • Saturday Night Palsy

            It’s the “555” one, right?

          • That’s the one! Sorry I haven’t gotten back to your text the past few… months.

  • Adam, Chris, Hannah, Zeke

    I’m not huge on most of this cast, so I figured I might as well go with the young Jews with whom I most identify. I look forward to a mediocre finish.

    • AubrysWinnersEdit- Adam, Chris, Hannah, Zeke

    • sharculese

      Fuck, is fake Paul F. Tompkins one of us? Welp, we’ll always have Penner.

      • sharculese

        I’ve literally spent the last couple of months stockpiling Zeke burns.

        • Saturday Night Palsy

          Have you considered the Survivor outtakes reel where Burt Reynolds slaps him for giggling?

      • I highly doubt it. As far as I can tell, it’s only Adam and Hannah this season.

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        I’m pretty sure he’s the real Adam DeVine in disguise.

  • Zach Attack

    First time participating!

    Zeke, Mari, Ken, Chris

    • Welcome to the league!

      Zach Attack- Chris, Ken, Mari, Zeke

  • ExtraLargePelican

    Adam, Michelle, Jessica, David

    • ExtraLargePelican- Adam, David, Jessica, Michelle

    • Hornacek

      Hey! I only started listening to the RHAP podcast with season 31 so over the past 2 years I’ve been listening to all the older episodes, and I’m finally up to the end of SJdS and there’s the second Think Tank episode and Rob reads a suggestion from “Extra Large Pelican”. Worlds are colliding!

      I liked how Stephen was amused by your name and said you were “Osten’s worst nightmare”.

      (assuming this was you, otherwise there is another above-average sized pelican on the internet)

  • Alycia Swift

    If not taken David Hannah Zeke Micheala. Have not watched videos yet. Just based on bios.

    • Alycia Swift- David, Hannah, Michaela, Zeke

      You can always change your picks later if you don’t like their videos.

  • Crystal Lynne

    Can I get Figgy (Jessica F), Ken, Lucy, and Zeke?

    • Crystal Lynne- Figgy, Ken, Lucy, Zeke

  • gouis

    In before Rob C. says ‘getting Figgy with it’ approximately 6000 times on his podcast before she’s booted like week 7.

  • turgid_legume

    Adam, CeCe, David, Jessica

    I’ve put very little effort into this pick, that way when they fail I can shrug it off and keep enjoying the season.

    • turgid_legume- Adam, Cece, David, Jessica

  • Alkanarra

    Paul, CeCe, David, Justin please.

    • Alkanarra- Cece, David, Jay, Paul

  • Come On In Here

    How about Chris, Michaela, Jessica and Zeke. That sounds like a good middle of the road bunch!

    • Come On In Here- Chris, Jessica, Michaela, Zeke

  • Audrey Ratajack

    Adam Zeke Figgy Mari

    • Audrey Ratajack- Adam, Figgy, Mari, Zeke

  • Via Twitter (please don’t make your picks via Twitter): Survivor Central- Adam, David, Figgy, Zeke

  • Rippert

    Adam, Zeke, Michaela & David

    • Rippert- Adam, David, Michaela, Zeke

  • macontosh2000

    I somehow got into the championship league after last season am I still allowed to do the 4 pick game.

    Here are my 4 just in case.

    • Yes, you can do both leagues. I’ll send you an invitation to Champions League soon. It’s still being set up.

      macontosh2000- Ken, Michaela, Taylor, Will

  • Hornacek

    Sticking with my system: weird names or spellings. This time picking 2 from each tribe. So …

    CeCe, Figgy, Mari, Sunday

    • Hornacek- Cece, Figgy, Mari, Sunday

  • TheForRealDeal

    Hello, I’m new around here.

    Can I get Bret, CeCe, Mari, Michelle?

    • You can. And welcome!

      TheForRealDeal- Bret, Cece, Mari, Michelle

  • Mike Hirsch

    Bret, David, Figgy, Ken?

    • Mike Hirsch- Bret, David, Figgy, Ken

      • Mike Hirsch

        Lots of Figgy love on here, I see.

  • My wife’s picks, also via text:

    Wife of John- Adam, Cece, Ken, Mari

  • Birdie

    Hello, First time participating
    Can I have Michaela, Jay, Ken, Hannah

    • Birdie- Hannah, Jay, Ken, Michaela

  • My own picks:

    Purple Rock John- Adam, Ken, Mari, Michaela

  • corndogshuffle

    In case you were wondering who goes home pre-merge, you’re in luck. I present to you four pre-merge boots, AKA Team Corndog.


    • corndogshuffle- Bret, Mari, Michaela, Taylor

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    David, Figgy, Michaela, Zeke

    • Assistant Dragon Slayer- David, Figgy, Michaela, Zeke

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        Hold up, bro–Adam, Chris, David, Michaela

        • Ok then.

          Assistant Dragon Slayer- Adam, Chris, David, Michaela

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            I just might be overthinking this. Last season, I changed my mind a couple of times in the preseason before settling on my world-beating foursome of Anna, Jennifer, Kyle, and Liz.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            I don’t want any overlap between teams, and as God as my witness I will not underestimate the female Millennial bartender two seasons in a row.

            Chris, David, Figgy, Michaela

          • Third version of your team and the first episode hasn’t even aired. I thought it was supposed to be the Millennials that were the indecisive ones.

            Assistant Dragon Slayer- Chris, David, Figgy, Michaela

  • Jacob Buck

    Adam, Michaela, Chris, Mari

    • Jacob Buck- Adam, Chris, Mari, Michaela

  • Jared Holland

    Michaela, Chris, David, Zeke

  • Jacob Buck

    Adam, Michaela, Chris, Mari

  • vaderdawsn

    I choo choo choose… Jessica, Ken, Lucy, Will

    • vaderdawsn- Jessica, Ken, Lucy, Will

  • Other Scott

    I’ve given up on being good at this so I’m just going to go and pick my favourites:

    Adam, Jay, Michaela, Paul

    • Other Scott- Adam, Jay, Michaela, Paul

  • Survivor Clubb

    Rachel, Mari, Brett, Adam

    • Survivor Clubb- Adam, Bret, Mari, Rachel

  • sharculese

    I would like Paul and 3 other people who are not Paul.

    Let’s go with… CeCe, Adam, Hannah.

    • sharculese- Adam, Hannah, Jessica, Paul

  • kristanmarie

    If available, give me Bret, David, Michaela, and Mari pls.

    • kristanmarie- Bret, David, Mari, Michaela

      • kristanmarie

        Can I ditch Bret and David for Adam and Hannah?

        • Done. Although I thought you didn’t like Hannah.

          kristanmarie- Adam, Hannah, Mari, Michaela

          • kristanmarie

            Thanks. I don’t. But I wanted Adam and thought she had a better chance than my other available choices. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • imredjimmy

    I’m so excited, after watching the drafts for 2 seasons this is my first time trying this. I shall conquer all (probably not though).

    Mari, Michaela, David and Cece. Make me proud!!

    • imredjimmy- Cece, David, Mari, Michaela

  • CasualFan

    Via a random number generator, my picks: Chris – Hannah- Paul – Zeke

    • CasualFan- Chris, Hannah, Paul, Zeke

  • True Alainer

    Michaela, Figgy, Taylor and Bret 🙂

    • True Alainer- Bret, Figgy, Michaela, Taylor

  • Peachykeene

    Mari, Michaela, Ken, and Taylor

    • Peachykeene- Ken, Mari, Michaela, Taylor

  • indescribable hat

    CeCe, Jay, Jessica, Mari

    • indescribable hat- Cece, Jay, Jessica, Mari

  • Max_Jets

    Adam, Chris, Michaela, Rachel

    • Max_Jets- Adam, Chris, Michaela, Rachel

  • forever1267

    I am a member of Generation X, so, like, Go, like Totally Awesome Team!!!: Bret and Chris and CeCe and Paul. Thank you!!!

    • forever1267- Bret, Cece, Chris, Paul

  • ZChong: Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Michelle

    • Zchong- Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Michelle


        Then again, I said that last season

      • I changing my team to Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Zeke

        • Done.

          Zchong- Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Zeke

          • Wait: Switching it up again. Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Will.

          • You and one other person have now switched your teams three times before the first episode even airs! You guys crack me up.

            Zchong- Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Will

          • Didn’t I do that last season? I felt I changed my team at least 5 times

          • Probably. You’re not the only one that does it, though.

          • I’m pretty sure I am the one who switches the most

  • HBO CEO of Tits

    Adam, Zeke, Michaela, Hannah

    • CEO! I hope you’ll be commenting here this season now that AVC is shutting down Survivor coverage.

      HBO CEO of Tits- Adam, Hannah, Michaela, Zeke

      • HBO CEO of Tits

        Yes, I most likely will. I tried listening to your podcast right when it started a couple of years ago, but I just wasn’t ready for the podcasting life at that time, you know? It is a bit of a lifestyle change. But over the summer I had a renaissance of Survivor interest for whatever reason, and your podcast was a big part of it. I’m champing at the bit for the new season, and episodes.

        Please have someone do a cast preview ep, I like those.

        • We’ll definitely be doing one. Because I have thoughts.

  • DrVanNostrand

    Jay, Ken, Michelle, Rachel

    I’m going full Constanza, and I’m shocked that anyone likes Ken.

    • DrVanNostrand- Jay, Ken, Michelle, Rachel

    • Diego Armando

      Ken was the only person, who instantly sent off nope alarms in me.

      • DrVanNostrand

        Ken and Michelle for me. Hence their inclusion on my team. These are literally the notes I took when I read their bios:

        Jay: Russell + Woo
        Ken: Loves the dalai lama and Ozzy. I hate him so much
        Michelle: Missionary, ‘think outside the box’. I hate her so much
        Rachel: zzzzzz

        But if every instinct I have in Purple Rock Survivor Pick 4 is wrong…..

  • My 7 year old niece, based only on cast pictures, selects Jessica, Michelle, Rachel, and Sunday.

    For purposes of this blog, let’s call her “Only Here for the Animals”.

    • So now people can lose to a computer and/or a 7-year old!

      Only Here for the Animals- Jessica, Michelle, Rachel, Sunday

      • I have a weird feeling that my niece is going to go out early, especially since she has three Gen X women.

    • Violina23

      Ooooh, this is fun, I should ask my 6yo later… mostly just to see if she beats me, and more importantly, if she inherited my husband’s fantasy survivor skillz 😉

  • Cameron Battaglia

    Team survivor is life
    Bret, Mari, Will, Zeke
    I am pretty sure I will regret this.

    • survivor is life- Bret, Mari, Will, Zeke

  • m0nit0rman

    Let’s try CeCe Figgy Hannah Rachel


    • m0nit0rman- Cece, Figgy, Hannah, Rachel

    • Just a heads up: I’m setting up the Champions League draft page now. We’ll probably start drafting next week. I’ll provide you with a link to the drafting page when it’s time to draft, assuming you’re accepting your spot in the league.

      • m0nit0rman

        Thanks John!

        I checked the CBS page a week ago, and even they didn’t have up to date info.
        Fall is my busy season, so you can expect me to be ANNOYINGLY involved in the upcoming season!

  • Kate

    Bret, Chris, Hannah, Jay

    • Kate- Bret, Chris, Hannah, Jay

  • SirLiveAlot

    Hannah, Zeke, David, Rachel

    • SirLiveAlot- David, Hannah, Rachel, Zeke

  • Jim

    I’m gonna pick (





    Also, let’s hope this is a Nicaragua redux, because a repeat of a top 10 season isn’t a bad thing.

    • Either way, I hope you enjoy watching what I can only assume is your 11th season of Survivor.

      Jim- Chris, Figgy, Hannah, Michelle

      • Jim

        Actually, I’ve watched all the seasons, all multiple times except for Redemption Island. 😛

        • I was just messing with you. You’re allowed to like Nicaragua. Just know that I strongly disagree.

  • Ms_Woozah

    Mari, Michaela, Figgy, and Rachel?

    • Ms_Woozah- Figgy, Mari, Michaela, Rachel

  • Side Character

    This is exciting, I’ve never done this before! I can’t wait to fail spectacularly!

    If I can, I’ll take Hannah, Mari, Rachel, and Will.

    • See? Minimal effort!

      Side Character- Hannah, Mari, Rachel, Will

      • Side Character

        Hey, can I change to Hannah, Mari, Michaela, Will?

        • You are the third person to ask for that combination tonight. Unfortunately for you, EmAndScoutInBK beat everyone to it.

          • Side Character

            Damn. Serves me right for watching this episode late.

            Okay, let’s try…Hannah, Mari, Michaela, Will?

            If that doesn’t work, can I replace Will with Ken?

          • Side Character- Hannah, Mari, Michaela, Will

          • Side Character

            It’s funny. I originally did have Will in the first change, but changed my mind at the last second. Should’ve just stuck with it. Less of a headache for all of us.

  • Diego Armando

    Honestly, I have a lot of questions about this cast. Everyone seems nice and no one raised red flags, but I don’t feel like I have an idea on how most of them will play.

    I guess I will start with Figgy, Mari, Michaela, Zeke until I see the first episode.

    • Diego Armando- Figgy, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

  • Sneaky Sneaky

    Adam, David, Ken, Zeke please!

    • Sneaky Sneaky- Adam, David, Ken, Zeke

  • Violina23

    Adam, Kevin, Jessica, Mari

    • I’m going to assume Kevin is Ken. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

      Violina23- Adam, Jessica, Ken, Mari

      • Violina23

        Yes! I wrote down Kevin on my notes for some reason. I can’t even blame jet-lag.

        • Blame parenting. Always blame parenting.

  • Cah

    Hannah, Michaela, Mari, Chris

    • Cah- Chris, Hannah, Mari, Michaela

  • Ine

    I probably would be better off not reading the profiles, cause now I can’t stand so many of them.. Let’s go with Adam, Mari, Sunday and David.

    • Ine- Adam, David, Mari, Sunday

  • Ms. Sweaterfan

    I’m trying really hard not to overthink things this year, so I’m going with:
    Lucy Huang (Mainly because she looks so mean in her picture. I love it.)
    Jessica Lewis (seems smart and likable)
    Cece Taylor (apparently I’m thinking there will be a genX women’s alliance…)
    Will Wahl (idk)

    • Ms. Sweaterfan- Cece, Jessica, Lucy, Will

  • Crappy

    Zeke, Justin, Michaela, Chris

    • Crappy- Chris, Jay, Michaela, Zeke

  • bassmanxvi

    Bret, Figgy, Jessica, Mari

    Mari is going to blow those balance challenges away.

    Edited Rachel out after the video. Usually the recruiters do well, but I have a bad feeling about her chances…

    • bassmanxvi- Bret, Figgy, Jessica, Mari

  • Adli Hanif


    I’ll go with Adam, Figgy, Mari, Michaela.

    • Adli Hanif- Adam, Figgy, Mari, Michaela

  • Survivor Stick

    Adam, Cece, David, Hannah please & thanks

    • Survivor Stick- Adam, Cece, David, Hannah

  • steve2013

    First Timer

    Adam Chris Zeke Figgy

    • steve2013- Adam, Chris, Figgy, Zeke

  • TJ Sass

    Adam, Bret, Mari, Michaela

    • TJ Sass- Adam, Bret, Mari, Michaela

  • Jake Armes


    • Jake Armes- Adam, David, Mari, Michaela

  • Another pick via text. I need to stop giving people my number.

    phile- Adam, Jay, Michaela, Taylor

  • tocantins

    After my utter failure in Pick-4 last season, I think I’ll go with a different plan. I want to root for the people I choose, and since I’m deep as puddle, I’m rooting for the eye candy. So I choose: Lucy, Figgy, Rachel, and Mari.

    • tocantins- Figgy, Lucy, Mari, Rachel

  • Kent McK

    Bret, David, Jessica, Ken

    • Kent McK- Bret, David, Jessica, Ken

  • Anonymoose

    Michaela, David, Mari, Ken 🙂

    • Anonymoose- David, Ken, Mari, Michaela

  • Joseph Finn

    May I have Mari, CeCe, Chris and Taylor? (And as a side bet, Taylor is the person most likely to get swapped after week one.)

    • Joseph Finn- Cece, Chris, Mari, Taylor

  • Scarlett3639

    I am going all in on Gen X. Bret, David, Lucy and Sunday please.

    • Scarlett3639- Bret, David, Lucy, Sunday

  • MainstoneMoney

    Adam, Michelle, Taylor, Zeke

    Come on you young bucks

    • MainstoneMoney- Adam, Michelle, Taylor, Zeke

  • TiminSoCal

    It looks like an interesting cast of characters.
    How about Adam, Jessica, Mari, and Ciandre/CeeCee?

    • TimInSoCal- Adam, Cece, Jessica, Mari

  • Ispeakllama

    Can I pick,
    Hannah, Jessica, Taylor and Adam

    • Ispeakllama- Adam, Hannah, Jessica, Taylor

  • Jacob SW

    Mari , Michaela,Will, Zeke.

    I’m not necessarily going for who I think will win– but I am going for people who I think won’t get voted out early.

    • Jacob SW- Mari, Michaela, Will, Zeke

  • Dutch

    Seem to be a little late to the pick-4 party

    Chris, Michaela, Michelle, & Taylor

    • Dutch- Chris, Michaela, Michelle, Taylor

  • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

    Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Taylor

    • SpicyMayoJaySimpson- Figgy, Hannah, Mari, Taylor

  • Robothouse

    My picks this time will be at random, because I have had little success previously when I’ve actually read the bios for the contestants. So, I’m going with:
    Adam, Cece, Lucy, Will

    Thanks 🙂

    • Well, at least you’re switching things up…

      Robothouse- Adam, Cece, Lucy, Will

  • K.P. Watershed

    Hi John… first time, long time! Let’s go with… Bret, Jay, Mari, Will


    • Welcome to the league!

      K.P. Watershed- Bret, Jay, Mari, Will

  • nipi ipin

    chris, Mari, Michaella, zeke
    … team millennials

  • nipi ipin

    Adam, Mari, Michaella, zeke

    … team millennials

    • I assume this is the team you want, since it’s all Millennials. However, that team is already taken by fransesqua.

      So for now, I gave you the team you originally requested (with Chris in place of Adam). Feel free to reply to me if you’d like to change your team in some other way. Until then…

      nipi ipin- Chris, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

      • nipi ipin

        yes i would like chris on my team thankyou

  • Other Scott

    It is going to be very difficult to try to switch things up after the first episode and still find a viable team.

    • We’ve got 94 teams and we just had our first request for a duplicate of someone else’s team. So that’s not bad. But being at almost 100 teams two weeks before the season (when a lot of people don’t even draft teams until the first episode airs) is probably a sign that we’re going to have an absurd number of teams this season.

  • Two important announcements:
    1) I am starting my first watch of Nicaragua.
    2) My non-Survivor fandom friend who is watching Survivor will be watching MvGX live, which means that she will be picking a team after the first episode.

    • Black Dynamite

      You’re doing Nicaragua now? I’m in the middle of my first watch of Thailand, which has been mostly unpleasant.

      • My friend wanted to start watching Survivor again and it was either that or her going back to Thailand and she does not like what she has seen of Thailand. We went through five episodes last night.

        • Black Dynamite

          Initial thoughts?

          • Boring, really boring with the exception of NaOnka.

          • Black Dynamite

            I’ve heard a decent amount about her. None of it good. I’m about halfway through Thailand. I started watching it when I temporarily got CBS All Access for research in my upcoming ranking project, the 33 best episodes of Survivor. I’ll probably get to Nicaragua after season 33.

          • I have had weird timing with some of my rewatches. First of all, I finished Samoa after KR and I will hopefully be finished with Nica before MvGX.

            However, I have given my friend her own Medallion of Power which has a very specific power that is called “Ejector Seat”. Once she has pressed that button, we can immediately skip to the next season. However, once she presses that, I get the MOP. She has been stuck in Thailand for about a month and half because of Grindgate.

          • Black Dynamite

            Thailand has been a grind for me to get through. The only silver lining has been my brief revisits of Amazon, Pearl Islands and Palau.

            I’ve heard of the Medallion of Power before but have no idea what it actually is. I’ve had fun trying to think of all the shitty possibilities it could be.

          • It’s fairly shitty.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            You watched five episodes of Nicaragua in one night?!?! I can’t decide if you and your friend* should get some kind of medal or put under psychiatric observation. Possibly both.

            *who cannot by any stretch of the imagination be described as your “non-Survivor fandom friend” at this point.

          • Well, we started at 5:00 and went to about 10:00, so yeah. If you want something crazy, we have went through the double quit tonight.

            Also, “non-Survivor fandom friend” will have a name soon enough once she signs up for the Fantasy League.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            12 episodes of Nicaragua in two days. Daaaamn. That’s…. committed (as in “you are extremely” and/or “you ought to be”).

            Spoiler: It gets better the rest of the way (and yes, it can get a whole lot better without getting anywhere near good).

          • We’re on the Jane boot right now. I personally think NaOnka’s quit causes the season to lose major stream.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            I’m sure you’ll be shocked, shocked to know that I think the season completely loses steam after the episode before that.

          • I’m not terribly shocked by that, but Brenda’s boot really should have shook the game up. It did, but in the worst way possible.

    • I like Nicaragua.

      • I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it’s boring.

  • ryell-00

    Somehow I’m only seeing this now!! Is Michelle, Jay, Figgy and Ken still available???

    • Indeed. And now they’re yours.

      ryell-00- Figgy, Jay, Ken, Michelle

  • Barrett Vandiver

    Chris, Figgy, Lucy, Zeke!

    • Barrett Vandiver- Chris, Figgy, Lucy, Zeke

  • Ethan Kyle

    is it just me or are there less teams this season than last

    • Considering the first episode hasn’t aired, we’re on pace to beat last season. We generally have about 150 teams. We currently have just under 100 (I haven’t updated the table above), and a flood of them come in after the first episode airs.

  • sabina1509

    hannah, figgy, michaela, adam

    • sabina1509- Adam, Figgy, Hannah, Michaela

  • prettyboyprobst

    Can I have Bret, Ken, Mari and Michaela?

    • prettyboyprobst- Bret, Ken, Mari, Michaela

  • A Random Teenager Without a Li

    Yo, i’m velox

    Mari, zeke, Michaela, adam

    • You could, but fransesqua already took that team. You’re free to pick another combo, though.

      I love your Disqus name, by the way.

  • Shambo

    Bret, Paul, Jessica, Mari

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. That team is yours.

      Shambo- Bret, Jessica, Mari, Paul

  • Wait, did I miss everything? (Yes.) I will select:

    Chris, Ken, Michaela, Taylor

    because I don’t know why.

    • You’re our 100th team!

      Hurleytennis- Chris, Ken, Michaela, Taylor

  • Kate Weaver

    Is it too late to join the league for this season? If not, can I have Will, Mari, David, and Hannah for my team? Thanks!

    • You’re not too late. In fact, you can even change your team up until second episode airs (if you watch the premiere and realize you don’t like your team).

      Kate Weaver- David, Hannah, Mari, Will

  • Ryan Deschamp

    Is it possible to get Figgy, Ken, Sunday, and Jay?

    • Ryan Deschamp- Figgy, Jay, Ken, Sunday

  • annie

    can i take bret chris mari and zeke please?

    • annie- Bret, Chris, Mari, Zeke

  • No Eyes in Blindfold

    Can I have Adam Bret Michaela Taylor?

    • No Eyes in Blindfold- Adam, Bret, Michaela, Taylor

  • rygel

    If available: Chis, Michaela, Taylor, Zeke

    • rygel- Chris, Michaela, Taylor, Zeke

  • doctor wu

    Cece, Jay, Zeke, Jessica

    • doctor wu- Cece, Jay, Jessica, Zeke

  • Dr.Horrible

    I’d like David, Ken, Mari, and Zeke.

    • Dr. Horrible- David, Ken, Mari, Zeke

      • Dr.Horrible

        Actually, can I swap out David and take WIll?

        • Dr. Horrible- Ken, Mari, Will, Zeke?

          • Dr.Horrible

            Yes, please!

          • All yours.

  • Anndré Bressan

    Zeke Michaela Rachel Taylor

    • Anndré Bressan- Michaela, Rachel, Taylor, Zeke

  • David Gade

    Bret, Chris, Will, Zeke

    • David Gade- Bret, Chris, Will, Zeke

  • Everyone is someone

    Chris, Hannah, Paul, Rachel

    Thanks for another great season of this wonderful contest! I surprised myself last season… maybe I can finally snatch the crown this year.

    • Everyone is someone- Chris, Hannah, Paul, Rachel

  • Dino

    Adam, Bret, Mari, Zeke

    • Dino- Adam, Bret, Mari, Zeke

  • jersey_luck

    Figgy, Jay, Sunday, Will

    • jersey_luck- Figgy, Jay, Sunday, Will

  • First choice worked!

    Jeff Probst’s Hairpiece- Chris, Michaela, Rachel, Zeke

  • Diego Armando

    9:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, 9/21/2016

    I would like to swap out Figgy and Michaela.

    I want Hannah and Sunday.

    My team would be Hannah, Mari, Sunday, Zeke.

    If this is unavailable, swap Sunday for Chris.

    • Diego Armando- Hannah, Mari, Sunday, Zeke

      • Diego Armando

        Can I change Mari to Adam?

  • Kingoftonga

    Hannah, Jessica, Ken, Zeke

    • Kingoftonga- Hannah, Jessica, Ken, Zeke

  • PurpleTally

    Hannah, Ken, Sunday, Zeke

    • PurpleTally- Hannah, Ken, Sunday, Zeke

  • Purplerockmatt

    Changing my team to Adam, Ken, Mari, Zeke

    • Purple Rock Matt- Adam, Ken, Mari, Zeke

  • prettyboyprobst

    I’d like to change my team to

    Hannah, Mari, Michaela, Zeke

    • Damn, so close. EmAndScoutInBK already beat you to that team.

      • prettyboyprobst

        Dammit. I don’t want to lose Michaela, but

        Chris, Hannah, Mari, Zeke then.

        If they or one of nipi ipin and Something quirky change their team, I’d like to take it over instead
        (in that order). But I understand if that’s too much to keep track of.

        • prettyboyprobst- Chris, Hannah, Mari, Zeke

          (I’ll try to remember to switch you if one of the other two switch away from their current teams. But my memory is pretty terrible, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.)

  • Kent McK

    Switching to Adam, Mari, Taylor, Zeke

    • Kent McK- Adam, Mari, Taylor, Zeke

  • dig doug

    Can I get CeCe, Jay, Mari, Michaela

    • dig doug- Cece, Jay, Mari, Michaela

  • davidthemailman

    Is Chris, Hannah, Jessica, Zeke available?

    • davidthemailman- Chris, Hannah, Jessica, Zeke

  • Joseph Finn

    I hated my team with white hot fire. May I switch to:


    • Joseph Finn- Hannah, Jessica, Ken, Mari

  • Lira2012

    Can I get Adam, Ken, Will and Zeke?

  • StormofCuteness

    I’ve never played before so I’ll assume (dangerous, I know) that the order I write these in is the order from 1st to 4th:
    Michaela, Chris, Zeke, Sunday

    • StormofCuteness- Chris, Michaela, Sunday, Zeke

      The order I write them in is because my spreadsheet alphabetizes them to check for repeat teams.

      • StormofCuteness

        Ah, sorry about that, but I’m amazed (or maybe I should be worried) my group was left.

        • Nah, you’ll quickly learn that everyone is terrible at this.

  • Prom King

    Michaela, Jessica, Ken, Zeke


    • Prom King- Jessica, Ken, Michaela, Zeke

  • Boooourns

    Chris, Hannah, Mari, Zeke

    • Alas, prettyboyprobst beat you to that team. Do you have an alternate you’d like to choose?

      • Boooourns

        Chris, Mari, Taylor, Zeke?

        • That one worked.

          Boooourns- Chris, Mari, Taylor, Zeke

  • this bear is tops blooby

    Geez, I find most of the millennials super annoying, and the Gen-Xers (to whom I belong), some of them are pretty obnoxious. Some, I assume, are good people.

    Give me Mari, Chris, Ken, and Jessica

    • Kemper Boyd

      this is terrible alphabetical ordering.

      • this bear is tops blooby

        I should’ve alphabetized, but I just named them off the top of my head, and posted. Too late now. I wonder if I did that last year, probably so. Will alphabetize going forward!

    • this bear is tops blooby- Chris, Jessica, Ken, Mari

      • this bear is tops blooby


      • this bear is tops blooby

        I’d like to swap out for Jessica for Michaela, please (just realized I was top heavy with Gen-Xers).

        So Chris, Ken, Mari, Michaela (if available)


        • That group was available. And now it’s yours.

          this bear is tops blooby- Chris, Ken, Mari, Michaela

  • True Alainer

    hey, I wanna change my team. since the premiere gave me a completely new perspective from players and I’ll change 3 out of 4 that I had, I’ll just say my new team:


  • True Alainer

    hey, I wanna change Michaela & Taylor for Mari & Zeke.

    That would make my team:


    • Done. True Alainer- Bret, Figgy, Michaela, Zeke

  • Kemper Boyd

    HI JOHN. Can I swap out Taylor please because I hate Taylor? I disliked him so much I’m willing to risk him winning because I don’t want to profit from him.
    I’d like Adam please so Adam, Chris, Mari, Sunday

    • Kemper Boyd- Adam, Chris, Mari, Sunday

  • Kemper Boyd

    Oh and Random Luck needs to swap out Rachel with Michelle.
    Bret, Chris, Hannah, Michelle.

    • Random Luck- Bret, Chris, Hannah, Michelle

  • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

    Can I switch to Adam, Hannah, Mari, Michaela?

    I might otherwise choose Chris, but I don’t want to take the chance that he’s the one getting medevaced next week

    • Well, you’re going to have to replace one of them (with Chris or someone else), because that team is taken by kristanmarie (sorry the table above isn’t updated. The changes keep coming in.)

      • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

        Adam, Mari, Michaela, Sunday

        • That worked.

          SpicyMayoJaySimpson- Adam, Mari, Michaela, Sunday

          • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

            I’m switching it up again. Can I get the following team if it’s still available?

            Adam, Chris, Jessica, Mari

          • SpicyMayoJaySimpson- Adam, Chris, Jessica, Mari

  • Jenifer Pullman

    Can I have Chris, Jessica, Hannah, Michelle?

    • Sorry for the delay in responding, but I’ve been travelling. Anyway, yes you may.

      Jenifer Pullman- Chris, Hannah, Jessica, Michelle

  • CountBulletsula

    Finally submitting my pick 4! Can I please have Adam, Bret, Sunday, Zeke?

    • CountBulletsula- Adam, Bret, Sunday, Zeke

  • MsFjordstone

    Been reading the fantasy league comments on AV Club for a long time…I’m going to be brave, and jump right in and try this myself! Can I get Jay, Hannah, Chris, and Michaela?

    • Welcome to the league! And yes, that group is available.

      MsFjordstone- Chris, Hannah, Jay, Michaela

      • MsFjordstone

        Woo hoo! Thanks much!