Purple Rock Podcast 2016 Survivor Hall of Fame Nominees

Xfinity.com is once again accepting nominees for their Survivor Hall of Fame. Since sharing our opinions on Survivor, particularly its past, is kind of our thing here, we had to weigh in. Below are the nominees from each of the five writers of the Purple Rock Podcast, as well as a poll to let you choose our official ballot for the site.


The rules for the Hall of Fame are pretty simple: nominate up to three former Survivors, no nominating anyone from the current season of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X, and no nominating someone already inducted. To see the list of those in the Hall and get information on how YOU can nominate , go here: http://xfn-blogs.xfinity.com/tv/2016/11/28/cast-vote-2016-survivor-hall-fame/

Note: we choose our nominees separately, with no collaboration. Which explains why there is some overlap in both picks and write-ups. Also, since a lot of our picks didn’t match those that did get in last year (Jerri, Coach, Rudy), these choices may feel familiar.

Andy’s Survivor Hall of Fame Nominations

No one I nominated last year was inducted. All are still worthy, so the easiest thing to do would be to roll them over to this year. But last year, I set a rule for myself: that there was some arbitrary waiting period before I’d nominate someone. I just think it’s best to give some time to assess someone’s impact on the game, especially since there’s so many classic players not on the list already. That said, I feel like there’s been enough time now.

Tony Vlachos – Cagayan – Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty


If anything, time has only made me appreciate Tony’s contributions to the game even more. Sure, there’s been a lot of players “waiting” for induction later (most of whom I imagine don’t give a shit about being on a website’s list), but, hey, just because the Hall drags its feet on Tim Raines doesn’t mean that you don’t vote for Ken Griffey Jr. I honestly believe that Tony is already one of the ten most influential players in the history of the game. Possibly even top five (baby). Plus, I want to make it known that he’s ALREADY done enough to get there now. Don’t need to wait and see if future evidence changes anything.

Yul Kwon – Cook Islands


Look, this is just always going to be a thing with me. It’s never going to change because he’s never NOT going to be worthy of nomination, and he’s never going to get in. Somehow, the man who played one of the most dominant, strategic, and complete games in Survivor history had become a complete afterthought in the general Survivor community. I say “somehow”, but the answer is obvious: people ignore Yul because he’s made no effort to service his fame post-Cook Islands. He hasn’t come back. He doesn’t tweet. He doesn’t do podcasts. So I guess we all now have to pretend he didn’t exist and that his season was boring. Meanwhile, two people he beat are in the Hall. And I’m guessing a third one will get there before him. Not if I have anything to say about it. Note: I barely have any say about this. Also note: yes, this is mostly what I wrote last year. It’ll be an annual tradition.

Tina Wesson – The Australian Outback, All-Stars, Blood vs Water


Last year, I had Tina and Colby as my nominees. Both still deserve it, but I can’t keep putting off Tony’s nomination and Yul is my cause célèbre. So I had to make the tough call and going with Tina, you know, like how the second ever Survivor jury did. You know? The one from the most popular season in Survivor history? Apparently, that season is really easy to forget, since Jerri became the first Hall member just last year, a fact that I’m sure has nothing to do with her having the best showing in a more recent season. You all need to stop disrespecting this season and learn your history. Friggin’ millennials.

Note: if I had a fifth pick, it’d be Rupert. It’s time.

Emma’s Survivor Hall of Fame Nominations

Sue Hawk – Borneo, All-Stars

Sue Hawk is the creator of the biggest moment in reality television, not just Survivor. That’s more than enough to get her on my ballot for the Survivor Hall of Fame. Add in the fact that she’s a founding member of the Tagi alliance and arguably the first person to ever be truly backstabbed on the show, and we have a pretty major candidate. The only real negative is that Sue is unlikely to participate in future HOF voting if she’s inducted.

Colby Donaldson – The Australian Outback, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Colby Donaldson, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a Survivor legend. The fact that he’s not in the Hall of Fame yet is an egregious oversight. Sherri Biethman named her son after Colby, for god’s sake. I’m sure she’s not the only one! Sure, his return appearances are less impressive, but sometimes you gotta see the heroes fall. Plus, Probst’s man crushes are such an integral part of Survivor culture now, that it just doesn’t feel right to not have the first guy to send his heart aflutter in the Hall. Now that Jerri succeeded in her presumed goal to be inducted first, it’s time to let the cowboy in.

Yul Kwon – Cook Islands


I don’t care that he had the Tyler Perry idol (née God idol). Yul Kwon is one of the best winners the show has had, and like Richard Hatch before him, his win proves the importance of a strategic mind over physical strength (even if a strong social game overpowers both of those). Although the sad truth is that he will probably never play again, Yul deserves to be recognized for his play in Cook Islands (and Cook Islands deserves more recognition outside of PRP, but that’s a rant for another day).

Honorable mentions: Rupert, Courtney, James, Malcolm, Denise, Tina

John’s Survivor Hall of Fame Nominations

Rupert Boneham – Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains, Blood vs Water

The Hall of Fame isn’t just about rewarding the best Survivor players- if it were, Ozzy and Coach would never have been inducted. So in some part, it’s about rewarding some of the most memorable Survivor players that have made the show more enjoyable for the fans. And Rupert, for all his many flaws (perhaps because of his many flaws?) has definitely done that. He got the show’s first glowing hero edit, and was always willing to wholeheartedly buy into the theme of each season he played. The fans loved him so much they gave him a million dollars just for losing All-Stars. The Survivor Hall of Fame might be the only Survivor-related popularity contest that Rupert hasn’t won. Yet.

Denise Stapley – Philippines

As tempted as I am to keep the goddess Kim Spradlin as the lone one-time player in the Survivor Hall of Fame, she’ll have to be content with being the first one-time player inducted. Denise holds the distinction of being the only winner to ever attend every single tribal council- and she only had individual immunity once. Thirteen chances to take her out, and nobody ever did it. And she won the season in a landslide as a result.

Tony Vlachos – Cagayan – Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty

We’re safely out of recency bias territory now, so I can claim without hesitation that Tony is one of the best and most entertaining Survivor players we’ve ever seen. His manic energy led to an insanely aggressive style of gameplay, and his relationships with Kass and Spencer gave Cagayan some entertaining stories to tell in the rare instances where the voting seemed predictable. He was also our first Survivor interview, back when we had about 1/20th of the audience we have now. And sure, “interview” is used loosely to describe a podcast where Tony talked at us for two hours. But much like his time on the show, I loved it and was thoroughly entertained.

Honorable mentions:  Fuck all of you, this is my list. With that in mind, I’ll give my honorable mentions to Shirin, Courtney, and Cydney- three of my favorite women that aren’t already in the Hall of Fame. And don’t bring me your arguments about who “deserves” to be in the Hall of Fame. Ozzy made the Hall of Fame, and Ozzy sucks.

Mark’s Survivor Hall of Fame Nominations

Denise Stapley – Philippines

It’s about time that more people recognize the good game that Denise Stapley played in Survivor: Philippines. Overshadowed by Lisa’s crying and Malcolm’s Tumblr fangirls, she managed to survive EVERY. SINGLE. Tribal Council, maintain relations with the power players while sneaking under the radar alongside Malcolm (and then slit his throat at Final 4), and could shut down the Brazilian Dragon that is Abi Maria.

Tony Vlachos – Cagayan – Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty

I know, I know. This guy again? But we here at the Official Tony Survivor Podcast—what? they got rid of purple rocks on air—must give credit where it’s due. On the opposite side of the winner’s spectrum from Denise’s stealth mastery, Tony Vlachos dominated his season in a way few others have. By going balls-to-the-spy-shack, he managed to control the majority of votes, play both of the large alliances, maintain idol and advantage supremacy with the nose of a Hantzian bloodhound, while also being endlessly entertaining. We watch the show for good strategic gameplay and enjoyment, and Tony provided both in a game that confounded by the week. Besides, if Kim Spradlin can be inducted, so can Tony. #OneOverrratedWorld

Rupert Boneham – Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains, Blood vs Water

Laugh if you want, but I think that Rupert Boneham deserves a spot here. Before he was a curmudgeonly parody of himself both domestically and internationally, Rupert stole the show (and the shoes) in his debut season in Pearl Islands. He was so popular—and so iconically Survivor—that the very next season, America gave him a million dollars for the hell of it. Though a member of the “old school”, he managed to put his honor aside a couple times in Heroes vs Villains to place deep yet again, despite buying WAY too much into the theme…a trend that would cause his fellow cast (and the non-Facebook slices of CBS viewers) to tire of him by his fourth appearance in Blood vs Water. Still, as a major figure in Survivor lore who placed well in 3/4 of his seasons, Rupert can have his trophy.

Matt’s Survivor Hall of Fame Nominations

Colby Donaldson – The Australian Outback, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains

It just seems wrong that one of the biggest stars Survivor has ever produced is not in the Hall of Fame. It is a Hall of Fame after all, not a Hall of Best Survivor Players. And there might be all of one Survivor that is more famous than Colby. Even basing it off of fame though ignores the fact that Colby had himself a pretty damn good game in Australia, one we overlook because 1) we tend to devalue challenge dominance and 2) because he made a million dollar mistake at the end (well $900,000.00). And while his subsequent appearances made him seem like Superman in a fat suit, he was the biggest star of the most popular season of Survivor ever. He is a Hall of Famer.

Tina Wesson – The Australian Outback, All-Stars, Blood vs Water

Just like it feels wrong that Colby isn’t in the Hall, it feels right that Tina should join Colby in the Hall. This spot could easily go to Jerri Manthey who was another of the big stars of the season, but Tina was a big part of why Australia worked too. Besides that Tina has a top 4 finish to add to her resume to go with her win. She just has one of the best social games any Survivor has ever had, is a great Survivor player and belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Yul Kwon – Cook Islands

This one could have gone a lot of different ways. But here is the simple fact, I love Yul. Though I like to joke that I am the president of the Andrew Savage fan club, Yul is actually my favorite Survivor player ever. He played a great game in Cook Islands that people love to try and tear apart, but the simple fact is that he took advantage of what the game gave him and leveraged his strategic and social skills to godfather the entire merge, calling every shot and controlling the game. Plus as I mentioned, he is my favorite. Yul is awesome. He is a Hall of Famer.

Honorable Mentions – Limiting this to three means I cannot include a lot of worthies. The exclusions that pain me the most are Tony Vlachos (I mean really, Tony was amazing and his game was potentially revolutionary. Plus he was amazing TV, controlling the game in a high wire style that was making you wonder if he could keep it up for the entire game), Yau-Man (another of my favorites, a great character, a great player. He is one of the players I most want to see again), Jerri Manthey (as mentioned above a three time player and one of the most famous characters Survivor has ever produced. Not as accomplished game-wise as the rest here, but a huge star. Her time will come), Malcolm and Denise (they belong as a pair because it was their partnership that was so fun to watch), and Tyson Apostol (great character and a winner to boot).

Look at that. Matt was too lazy to change anything about his picks. Isn’t that just like Mark to do something like that?


Reader Picks

Let us know who your three nominees are in comments below. We’ll tally up the choices and use the three leading vote getters be the official vote of the Purple Rock Podcast.

Note: for whatever reason, the polling feature isn’t working. So you’ll have to type words and stuff.

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204 thoughts on “Purple Rock Podcast 2016 Survivor Hall of Fame Nominees

  1. So… the poll doesn’t seem to be working properly. Instead, we’ll be doing it the old fashioned way by tallying comments.

    This way, you can all nominate whichever three you want. Winners will be our picks.

  2. Tina is my only lock at this point, and I will be low key upset if Colby makes it and she doesn’t, but here are some others that weren’t mentioned that I have considered: Stephenie, JT, Abi Maria, Kass, Natalie Anderson, Jeremy, Tai

    1. Okay, I think I have settled on Tina, Stephenie and Tony. Tina, because she is delightful and is the Richard Hatch of subtle gameplay. Stephenie, because she is Palau’s Rupert but also fills her role in Guatemala well, while I want returnee Ruperts off my screen. & Tony, because he is incredibly entertaining on one of Survivor’s best seasons and he has had a large impact on people’s gameplay for the last 5 seasons and that will likely continue.

        1. Yeah, for Tony it is probably only a matter of time, but for me a lot of the best choices for older players have been inducted already. I am personally not a big fan of the other old school players being pushed for, in that I find Rupert gets too annoying and think Colby is only interesting in relation to Jerri. Both would make sense though.

  3. My picks are Tina, Colby and Stephenie. Tina and Colby are way overdue. As for Stephenie, I think she had one of the most intriguing arcs in the history of the show from her run on Palau to Guatemala. She went from strong lone survivor of a decimated tribe to rockstar status and finally fallen star. She made the show great with her presence. Important figure in Survivor.

    1. I can see Stephenie getting in via the non-regular people ballots because she is Probst’s cause celebre now that Coach is in. It also seems like many of the eligible Production members votes in step with Probst as well.

  4. I am voting for Tina, Colby, and Rupert.
    Tina and Colby are your first true power couple that dominated the game and balanced each other out. Why not get them in at once?
    As much as we hate to admit it, Rupert was (and is) the face of Survivor for many people. At this point, 2/3 of the faces that appeared in the Survivor slot machine are in the Hall of Fame. Why not make it a complete sweep this year?

    It is also cool that the three of them share history.

    1. I don’t like Rupert at all. Even not liking him, I can admit he was highly impactful in his Pearl Islands run. Every return Rupert trip would be better without him. He’s such a recognizable name that I’m suprised he’s not already there. By the precedent the Survivor Hall of Fame has set, he should be in. By my ideal Hall of Fame, I say no.

      EDIT: I should add that I don’t have to like a player for them to make it. I don’t like Russell Hantz but do think he belongs in the Hall.

    2. I think these are 3 of my top 4. I would have Stephenie instead of Colby for the moment, but I think for all 4 of these they should have been in long before now.

  5. I vote for Colby, Tina, and Yul. While I think Tony and Rupert deserve a spot in the HoF, I’m leaving them off because they’ll pick up plenty of votes elsewhere, among other reasons.

  6. If Tony is Survivor Ken Griffey Jr., who is Survivor Edgar Martinez? Because I would like to vote for that person.

        1. Wouldn’t Ozzy be closer to Barry Bonds because of their competition dominance and lack of titles?

          1. It was an asterisk thing, as well as involvement with the press/community and being unlikely to get into the Hall. That’s a fair point though.

      1. That was my initial thought as well. Both get dinged for having advantages (DH, TP idol) which were part of the rules of the game, and both were consummate professionals but not as flashy as their teammates.

        Of course Yul never had a Light Bat.

        1. That’s an excellent comparison, although I disagree with you about the implications. I think trying to dismiss or disqualify Edgar and Yul because of the DH and the TP idol is just silly beyond words. That said, they are both genuine advantages, so it’s fair to discount Edgar and Yul’s results to a degree. Put the opposite way, I think it’s fair to ask Edgar and Yul to clear a higher bar for HoF entry, which IMO they both do, easily.

          1. I think we’re on the same page, though I should have made myself more clear. Other people use the circumstances of their success to delegitimize those successes, likely because they take issue with the circumstances themselves. While it’s legitimate to criticize the fairness of having a DH or a TP idol, as they exist within the rules of the game, I don’t think it’s fair to disqualify players who take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by them.

          1. Okay, because I thought there was another Survivor advantage that went by DH.

            I need to get out of the conversation because I am woefully uninformed about baseball besides the fact that the Cardinals are the best. Okay, bye…

          2. “Cardinals are the best”

            And I thought me being a Yankee fan would be the worst. I feel better now.

          3. We are. I’m kidding, besides everyone knows Boston is the worst when it comes to most sports related things.

          4. This feels likes the right time to rank baseball teams from best to worst. Note: This is a Yankee fan making the list and it’s not a ranking of quality. Just franchises I dislike the least to the ones I hate the most.

            1. Yankees
            2. Mariners
            3. Giants
            4. Pirates
            5. Royals
            6. Brewers
            7. Padres
            8. Angels
            9. Rockies
            10. Cubs
            11. Twins
            12. Tigers
            13. Indians
            14. Astros
            15. Nationals
            16. Diamondbacks
            17. Reds
            18. Blue Jays
            19. Athletics
            20. Phillies
            21. Rangers
            22. White Sox
            23. Orioles
            24. Marlins
            25. Rays
            26. Mets
            27. Dodgers
            28. Braves
            29. Cardinals
            30. Survivor: Gabon
            31. Red Sox

          5. What have the A’s, Phillies, and White Sox done to you that you’re placing the Jays ahead of them?

          6. White Sox had Ken Harrelson announcing games. Phillies are in Philadelphia, which are also the home of the awful Eagles. The A’s don’t have Bautista or Encarnacion.

          7. I can’t wait for Jason Benetti to take over the White Sox play-by-play full-time because then I can stop watching the games on mute.

          8. Hey, the Athletics have the second-most World Series championships in the AL and third-most in MLB!

          9. I will say that I enjoyed the A’s in the early 2000’s when they had a Mulder, Hudson and Zito pitching for them. Also, I’m annoyed the Moneyball film didn’t once mention those three young studs as big reasons for them being successful.

          10. Oh for sure. The book was the same way. I’m extremely famliar with two of the organizations Michael Lewis wrote a famous book about (I’m a lifelong A’s fan and I used to work for what used to be Salomon Brothers). Lewis is a great writer because he explains complicated things clearly, but one way he does that is by leaving out complications that muddy his thesis. it’s true that the A’s scouts were an obstacle to what Beane was trying to do, but it’s also true (inconveniently for Lewis) that the scouts found Mulder, Hudson, and Zito.

          11. To be fair, Liar’s Poker really isn’t meant to be a comprehensive description Salomon Brothers, it’s a personal memoir.

          12. Oh for sure, and to be absolutely clear I’m not accusing him of any funny business. He had a particular story to tell about the A’s front office, not a comprehensive history.

            BTW, the thing about Liar’s Poker that rang truest to me was the rampant imposter syndrome.

            I’m really looking forward to his book about Daniel Kahneman. Right in my wheelhouse.

          13. Not bad, I’ll take a stab at this even though ranking is your thing.

            1. Cardinals
            2. Giants
            3. Dodgers
            4. Braves
            5. Pirates
            6. Cubs
            7. Reds
            8. Mets
            9. Diamondbacks
            10. Phillies
            11. Marlins
            12. Padres
            13. Nationals
            14. Brewers
            15. Rockies
            16. Every American League team

          14. This ranking was mostly done by World Series wins, pennants and division titles. The Rockies… aren’t good in any of those areas.

          15. Anyone who doesn’t like dUKe is good with me. The Devils look good but this might be Cal’s best Kentucky team, including the Anthony Davis team, by the end of the season. Dropped over 100 points three games in a row, first time that’s happened to Kentucky since 1977-1978.

            It’s hard to not be a Kentucky fan since they decided I deserved a diploma. Had a lot of fun in Lexington.

          16. It is unspeakably weird that you have the Giants and Dodgers so close, but I appreciate the Giants being first.

          17. I’m a Nationals fan actually. I’ve come to learn that since I can’t rely on DC sports teams to do anything well I have to appreciate franchises that are awesome. Spurs, Cardinals, teams like that.

            It also doesn’t hurt that I aggressively hate the DH so I always end up pulling for the NL team in the World Series.

          18. The Giants using Madison Bumgarner as their DH is seriously one of the greatest things I have ever seen. DH is the worst rule in all of sports.

          19. It’s awesome watching teams intentionally walk weak number eight hitters to get automatic outs. SUCH DRAMA.

          20. Watching high level athletes do the things they’re best at is stupid. I know we all tune into sports to watch the coaching moves. It’s why the coaches wear uniforms in baseball.

            Sexy line-up change action!

          21. I feel like you should put up a poll on whether the DH is a good thing or if you have a wrong baseball opinion.

          22. Of all the discussions we’ve had on PRP, this might be the one that finally ends friendships. This is serious business. DH is bad enough in the AL, if they add it to NL I genuinely would consider not watching.

          23. I mean I feel like this would be like designating a special free throw taker for NBA centers. Wash sauce. Get better.

            You’re on the field, you’re a baseball player. So play baseball.

          24. I suppose it would be like having the guy who is good at kicking the ball only have to kick the ball in football. Crazy.

          25. Here’s my ranking attempt:
            1. Giants
            2. Pirates
            3. Mets
            4. Nationals
            5. Blue Jays
            6. Orioles
            7. Brewers
            8. Mariners
            9. Astros
            10. Rays
            11. Royals
            12. Cubs
            13. Indians
            14. A’s (but it’s complicated)
            15. Tigers
            16. Angels
            17. Reds
            18. White Sox
            19. Twins
            20. Rangers
            21. Phillies
            22. Rockies
            23. Padres
            24. Marlins
            25. Red Sox
            26. Yankees
            27. Diamondbacks
            28. Braves
            29. Cardinals
            30. Dodgers

          26. Ok i have to try this too now:
            1. Phillies (duh)
            2. Rays (without them I never would have seen a Philly championship in my lifetime)
            3. White Sox (lived on the South Side for awhile)
            4. Twins
            5. Pirates (fond memories of those late 80s/early 90s teams)
            6. A’s (wrong team left town, sigh)
            7. Royals (solely due to reading a lot of Posnanski in my life)
            8. Diamondbacks (they beat the Yankees in 2001, that is enough to earn them top 10)
            9. Tigers
            10. Cleveland (they’d be higher without the racist mascot)
            11. Orioles
            12. Mariners
            13. Rangers
            14. Astros
            15. Padres (most mediocre team)
            16. Angels
            17. Brewers
            18. Reds
            19. Rockies (stupid stupid ballpark)
            20. Nats (I guess I don’t like the Nats but I more just don’t care)
            21. Dodgers
            22. Blue Jays (fuck Joe Carter)
            23. Cubs (fans are almost as bad as Red Sox and Yankees fans)
            24. Marlins (scumbags)
            25. Giants (they know what they did)
            26. Braves (division rivals, long time foes)
            27. Cardinals (ugh)
            28. Mets (man fuck new york)
            29. Yankees (just barely not the worst)
            30. Red Sox (the worst)

          27. Now I wish I had added annotations. You’re right about the Padres, they’re only so low on mine because of the division.

          28. The NBA is the best and right now may be the most fun it’s been in my lifetime. I don’t really dislike any franchise, not even the Celtics. So I’m going to out some thought into it and on the Friday post I will rank teams from most to least watchable.

          29. You’re right, it has reached the point where the whole league is so great and talented that it’s hard to dislike any teams. But I manage- mostly because I dislike the fans of certain teams.

          30. I have a pretty easy time hating the Wizards, even though they’re technically my favorite team. Gotta love a team that spent five years structuring their roster/contacts so that Kevin Durant would come home. Especially since he went to Golden State and our best free agent signing was freaking Ian Mahinmi.

            No I’m not bitter at our inept front office…

          31. I’ve been having fun with the fact that some of the Heat’s best players have already begun developing these mysterious “injuries” that keep them out for short stretches. It’s a shame that it’s happening, since I know they’re trying their very best to win games and make the playoffs and definitely not tanking for a top-3 pick.

          32. Mysterious injuries like “hurt his hand punching a fire extinguisher” are always fun. Except that one actually happened and wasn’t the Knicks tanking to draft a Kentucky player.

          33. Somehow I’ve avoided bad basketball fans. The only ones that annoy me are the ones that say “Steph Curry wouldn’t survive 30 years ago because they were so much more physical. That’s real basketball, now it’s too soft.” As if that statement was actually a good thing.

        2. I like this game.
          The Derek Jeter of Survivor is Rupert, who’s not particularly good at playing but loved by millions.
          The Greg Maddux of Survivor is Boston Rob, who should probably have more than one title.
          The Jeff Kent of Survivor is Denise, who broke out of a typically bad player profile to be a dynamic force in the game.
          The Mariano Rivera of Survivor is Jay. A stone-cold killer.

          *Yes, Boston Rob could be Pedro Martinez, but something something control
          **Yes, Jeff Kent is not the Jeff Kent of Survivor.

          1. Words can’t describe how annoyed I am that you just compared the great Derek Jeter to fucking Rupert.

          2. Even as a Yankee fan, I can admit Jeter isn’t the absolute best, he is merely great. At least a better comp than Rupert.

          3. Rupert played four times, which puts him in the 99th percentile of players. His early years were stellar; the decline was a little bumpy; the end was rough. Though through the good years, you could argue that he was the face of the game. The one concession I’ll give you is that Rupert doesn’t have anything equivalent to that walk-off at Yankee Stadium.

            Though just to poke at this, you haven’t said yet who is the Jeter of Survivor. (That’s because it’s Rupert)

          4. Let’s go with Survivor’s “golden boy” JT. Both were well liked. They both had areas they excelled in that overshadowed shortcomings. They both were both involved in very impressive championships and had really good teammates to support them. They were also called overrated later in their careers. Jeter is a gamechanger.

          5. I had this thought but I’ll wait to see if JT’s legacy changes. I doubt Rupert is playing again.

          6. “The Jeff Kent of Survivor is Denise”–How dare you!

            The Jeff Kent of Survivor is Kass: Grumpy, irritated the hell out of everybody, actually has a decent case for HoF induction but is overlooked because of association with no-doubt HoFer.

          7. I feel like Kass is Pierzynski as she’s a purposeful irritant and her play is either clever or dirty, depending on perspective. The only reason Randy Bailey isn’t Pierzynski is because AJ was a halfway decent player.

            Also, I’m assuming you’re saying Tony is the Barry Bonds to Kass’s Jeff Kent, but I feel like Tony is the Manny of Survivor. It feels right if you don’t think about it.

          8. I think Tony is the Bill Veeck of Survivor- bursting with ideas, some bad, some good, but the sheer churn of activity and inventiveness keeps him afloat.

          9. “Tony is the Manny of Survivor”–co-sign.

            Denise is the Pedro Martinez of Survivor. Someone that small just should not be that dominant. Initially place on a doomed tribe (Matsing, Expos). Crazy career stats (every single tribal, take your pick of Pedro’s stats). Preternaturally calm, but completely lost it one time (Abi-Maria, Don Zimmer).

          10. Ethan Zohn is the Derek Jeter of Survivor. For their shared off the field success, ifyouknowwhatimsaying.

  7. I’m going with Tina, Yul, and Rupert.

    Tina is way overdue, Yul is well explained above and incredibly underrated, and Rupert is simply too iconic not to get in. I figure Tony will be gotten around to soon enough.

    1. There isn’t, because we strive to be the one Survivor website that doesn’t steal the ideas of other Survivor websites. But if there was, the answers would be:
      -Adam B (winner of the first two fantasy leagues)

      1. Very funny. I meant the Survivor Hall of Fame, not Purple Rock itself. I did not read the whole article and realize that this was for the Xfinity Hall of Fame.

          1. I’m trying to create a diversion from the accusations of witchcraft. I’m doing you a favor, really.

  8. Tony also should get in before he does something really stupid next season, which I have a strong feeling he’ll manage to do. (He’s in the S34 cast, right? I don’t want to look it up again since I’m really trying to avoid finding out who from this season is in it.)

    1. Yes, he is. Which is what I was getting at in my write-up. The time is now because I don’t want some JT or Tina situation confusing people. He’s already qualified. Nothing else matters.

    2. You bring up an interesting issue. To make the HoF in professional sports, you generally have to be retired for five years. This is presumably to eliminate recency bias and to get beyond any possibility of the player un-retiring and embarrassing themself. There should be a similar kind of waiting period for Survivor players, but I don’t know how that would work since plenty of people come back after long layoffs (e.g., Varner, Tina).

      Tony in S34 may be a case like Griffey Jr.–his Mariners career was so otherworldly that his injury-riddled, relatively sub-par seasons with the Reds didn’t prevent him from being inducted the second he was eligible (nor should it have).On the other hand you have a case like Wiglesworth–she may or may not have gotten in someday, but her performance in Cambodia took her out of the conversation completely.

    3. I don’t think he’s going to do anything at all. I’m sure his tribe keeps him around because he’s good brute strength in early challenges, but I can’t see returnees falling for his bullshit.

  9. Yul Kwon
    Natalie Anderson
    Denise Stapley – One of the only mom’s that did not get pegged as a “mom” and get into trouble for it. (Kass would be the other. She got in trouble for other reasons.)

  10. Maybe I should just vote for Kaoh Rong’s Michele for all 3 spots and get on the bandwagon right from the start this time.

    1. I just plan on assuming everyone meant to vote for Fiji Michele.

      You know, the one with screen presence and some strategic chops.

  11. How is Rupert not in there? Coach getting in before him really was a slap in the face but still I will not nominate him because I do not care.
    My nominations:
    Denise: the oldest woman to win and did so as the tough old broad not the nice lady (she is a nice lady though).

    Someone has tweeted Eliza, Laura Morrett and Wentworth. Terrible terrible terrible nominations.

    1. I decided the best worst nominees would be: Neleh, John Carroll, and Coby. Tagging them all on Twitter, of course.

  12. Tina Wesson
    Colby Donaldson
    Yul Kwon

    Matt is more eloquent than I am but my justifications are identical to his.

  13. My vote would be for the following 3:
    Yul Kwon – A strategic game like no other. Was never in the greatest power position, but made the best work with the resources at his disposal.
    Rupert Boneham – He may not be the best, but was one of the most memorable and entertaining contestants. His stent in Pearl Islands alone was HOF worthy.
    Tina Wesson – A pioneer for the “mother-figure” stereotype that finds so little success. If Tina made final 3 in BvW, she had a great chance at winning a 2nd time.

    Honorable Mentions – Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, Malcolm Freburg, & Stephanie LaGrossa
    Dark Horse Nominee – Big Tom Buchanan from Africa & All Stars.

  14. Yul Kwon, Denise Stapely, and probably Tony Vlachos. I know, I know, this is the Tony love site, and I respect his game, but I think it’s a very specific kind of game that can only be successful with a particular group – he is, in fact, a unicorn. I think he goes out mid-range most of the time. Yul and Denise are locks for me though.

    In a few years, I’ll be able to tell if Wentworth is a recency bias instinct – I didn’t pick her because it’s so recent of a season. I leaned in that direction – I want to give her credit for her badass idol plays, and she was pretty electric to watch during the season. Though, I also have to rewatch Cambodia – it’s already getting fuzzy.

    1. I recently rewatched a few Cambodia episodes and I was even more struck by Wentworth the second time around. Her camera presence is top notch, she gives amazing confessionals and she has a very deep knowledge of the game A really great character and I think she would shine even more the next time she plays.

      1. I’m so late in replying, but I’m looking forward to a re-watch. I think your returnee season would definitely be for me. I think Cydney and Wentworth especially played excellent games. Kass less so because she struggles with toning it down, but she’s super fun to watch.

  15. I guess I’ll go with Yul Kwon, Denise Stapley, and Yau-Man Chan. Yul for his amazing game, the way he had control with the God idol (and never even had to actually use it). Denise for overcoming the odds, surviving every tribal council, using her great social skills to keep herself alive. Yau-Man for basically everything he did in Fiji–being so charming, excellent challenge skills, underestimated by virtually everyone. These three are very deserving of being in the hall of fame.

    But if I could’ve picked a fourth, there is one person I would’ve added: Earl Cole (really, Earl and Yau-Man should go together). First black man to win a season, first winner to win by a unanimous vote, and there was almost never a decision that didn’t go through Earl first. There aren’t that many people in Survivor who you could see were clearly in control of the game for a considerable amount of time. Boston Rob and Kim are the ones usually most noted, but Earl was running the show in Fiji (with Yau-Man as well).

    People that should be in the Hall of Fame, but aren’t really the ones I want to pick (though if other people choose them, I have no quarrel with that):
    Tina Wesson
    Colby Donaldson
    Rupert Boneham

  16. So, that website I go to some but I am not going to mention did an informal poll and here were the results
    Rupert Boneham (33.9%)
    Tina Wesson (30.4%)
    Tony Vlachos (29.5%)
    Colby Donaldson (27.8%)
    J.T. Thomas (17.6%)
    Stephanie LaGross (14.5%)
    Tyson Apostol (14.5%)
    Jonathan Penner (12.8%)
    Kelley Wentworth (11.9%)
    Natalie Anderson (9.7%)
    Courtney Yates (8.8%)
    Aubry Bracco (8.8%)
    Todd Herzon (8.4%)
    Jeremy Collins (7.5%)
    Spencer Bledsoe (7%)

    And yes, the OP did not spell Steph’s last name correctly.

        1. That’s how I feel about Rupert. I never watched Survivor until season 30 but “that pirate guy from Survivor” was such a big character that I still knew Rupert by name. If that’s not fame I don’t know what is. He definitely deserves it.

  17. The only answer I need is Rupert. Pearl Islands pulled me in way back when and I adored that ridiculous, grumpy manchild.

    But since I don’t want to be the one asshole who causes your final number not to be divisible by three, let’s add Yul and Tony.

    1. If you happen to see this comment and respond to it within the next few hours, a spot in the Champions League is yours (the two people ahead of you did not respond to their invitations). Just reply to my comment to accept.

  18. Jon Misch
    Woo Hwang
    Natalie White

    (This is this week’s Jon Misch troll post. Please stay tuned for next week!)

    1. I just want to reiterate that I was serious when I said I was voting for Dan Lembo, Bob Crowley, and Carter. Those are my votes.

  19. Okay, so there have been two HOF ballots published-Sandra’s and Boston Rob’s.

    Sandra’s selections were Tony, Malcolm, and Denise (gotta love that she submitted them together)

    Boston Rob’s were Stephenie, Tyson, (both decent selections)……and Joe Anglim. Yes, Hall of Famer Joe Anglim! His reasoning was “As far as I can remember he is the only player I actually ever watched from my living room and started yelling at the TV cause I wanted him to win! Outside of the game he has always been a stand-up guy from the times we have hung out. And, my kids have a crush on him like everyone else!”

    Can’t wait for the selections from Russell and Cirie.

          1. I get it, but I don’t know he has had as much impact as say a Tony. In fact, the one person I can think who tried to play like him was Jeremy in SJDS (I think his game in Cambodia definitely felt more like Tony) and look how that ended for him that season.

          2. Good points. But if I ever found out he was on a fourth season that I hadn’t watched…

            Kim Spradlin was amazing but not fun to watch. I like some degree of villainy. Not too much, but some.

        1. I would definitely go JT before Tyson and I’m surprised he’s not a more popular pick. His HvV performance is iconic and an argument for him, not against him. That said, I am becoming even more convinced of my rightness with my picks so JT can wait but he’ll be making my list soon I’m sure.

          1. I remember Dalton Ross being really pissed that he was the only prominent voter for JT last year because he thought they were voting for best player. I think JT’s reputation has slowly been redeemed from HvV when people realized that it wasn’t as dumb as Tyson voting himself out.

  20. Quick update on the published ballots. We have three ballots so far and there has not been a single name to appear on at least two of the ballots. Unfortunately, there is a good sign that we are going to get three fairly recent inductees. But, I didn’t expect to get a sorta dud ballot until we got to Russell’s. Nope, we have Parvati’s to kinda be like, “Okay?”. Parvati’s MO is that she normally nominates people that she has played with. For example, last year she nominated Eliza along with Jerri and Coach (I think). However, she has mixed it up this year and went with Jeremy, Wentworth, and Terry Deitz. Now, I get where she is coming from on these three, but I feel like these are backburner people. I am just worried that Jeremy and Wentworth are going to get in this go around over many people who keep getting passed over.

  21. Anyone seen Jonny Fairplay’s ballot yet? He nominated Lex, Big Tom, and Jenna Lewis. Not that I think it will happen, but I wouldn’t complain one bit if those were the three players to make it in.

    1. Quick published ballot update: Ethan also voted for Lex and Big Tom (who are now the only two people with two votes on the published ballot), but he also added Jenna Morasca.

      Today, Ozzy voted for Mike Holloway, Tai and Andrea. Step aside, Parv, we got the WTF ballot of the year.

      1. I wonder if Ozzy knows something we don’t.

        At least I can understand him voting for Mike. For Ozzy, a vote Mike is probably a lot like voting for himself. Only Mike is better at Survivor.

      1. Why I am not shocked by these selections? You know that he loves how big of a character Phillip is, how physically dominating/fan favorite-y James is, and how idol-hungry/ “big moves” Kelley is…just like him.

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