Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 13 “Villains Have More Fun”

John’s away for the penultimate episode of Survivor Cambodia, so Emma and Matt joined Andy for a video podcast to fill in. And then they took over! As always, live shows are unedited, so slight warning for language and lower audio quality. And for Matt shaking his camera like he was filming the Normandy invasion.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia episode 13 “Villains Have More Fun”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Has the hate gone too far on Abi, or did it go too far away?
  • Why vote out a goat like Abi-Maria?
  • Is Spencer doing as well as it seems he’s doing?
  • Alliances vs voting blocs, since I guess it’s about time we talk about that
  • Kelley being called a goat: was Andy somehow right about something last week?
  • What can get in the way of Jeremy’s path to victory?
  • Is Kimmi and underrated jury threat?
  • Would Keith always go deep in Survivor?
  • Has Tasha set herself up to fail?
  • And our final predictions of what the big historic moment will be and who will win the season?

Also, if you’re wondering if my son ever sleeps, the answer is no. Because life isn’t supposed to be easy.

Of course, we always welcome your comments. You can leave a comment here, tweet us @purplerockpod, or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. Thanks for listening and/or watching!

54 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 13 “Villains Have More Fun”

        1. I know! My criticsm stands Savage dresses himself like an early 90s boyband member in a beach video scene.

  1. My predictions for the final episode. Both idols are played at the final 6 and Keith goes home on the revote. Kelley leaves at 5. Kimmi goes on 4. Jeremy with 6 votes, Spencer gets 3 votes, Tasha gets Savage’s vote.

  2. I think Kelley is the narrator of the season and last member of the minority alliance. I think I may be pulling for Spencer to win.

  3. One thing we didn’t get to in the Keith discussion, because it’s always so fun talking about his latest Keith-ism: it isn’t that he’s dopey that makes him so great. It’s his authenticity. He’s the one guy out there not focused on putting on a show. And this was most clear in his reaction to the reward. He had a sense of wonder and conveyed that to us in a way that didn’t sound practiced.

    1. Now I’m just sad imagining that Kimmi is putting on a full-scale show, belting arias while juggling crabs, making Oscar Wildean witticisms about Keith in her confessionals, or whatever.

      And the editors couldn’t care less.

      1. There just isn’t time to edit everyone into the story. It’s always incredibly frustrating to me when people bash the editors for “We needed more ___” when they’re doing the best they can allocating screentime to a) a person’s importance, and b) how they think they’re going to react to them.

        Kimmi just isn’t a big part of this season. There’s no getting around that. Everyone else has had decent episodes at various points. Heck, even Kimmi had that Monica boot to shine, something that seemed like a bad move to me at the time, but hey, it’s been justified.

        1. I’m rarely the guy who thinks all players need their share of the edit. But in Kimmi’s case, I think they could have put us in her head a bit more. Not a lot, but a bit. And there was a little bit of inconsequential fat that would have allowed for it.

          (Wiglesworth can rot tho).

          1. I think in a returnee season it becomes more important. It also annoys when someone is top 5/6 and they have a purple edit.

    2. Even though Keith had a confessional about how Survivor isn’t fun, a lot of Keith’s air time is about how much fun he has on Survivor-and it is a joy to watch. Even when people complained about how SJDS is a slog, Keith is such good tv for being himself.

  4. I keep circling back and forth between Kelley, Jeremy and Spencer as the winner. However, an interesting scenario to me is a final 3 of Jeremy, Tasha and Kelley. It’s really close. First off, pretty sure Tasha’s getting no votes.

    Kelley has Abi, Ciera, Joe, probably Keith, and I think Kass
    Jeremy has Stephen, Savage, Spencer, Wigles (I guess), and Kimmi

    I don’t think it would actually end a tie, I’d give slight odds to Jeremy. And if it was a tie then Tasha votes for Jeremy presumably as the tie-breaker and he wins anyways. But I would be really interested in that vote reveal.

    Also, maybe plug Keith in for Tasha as definitive proof that SJDS is the best season ever!!!!!!!!

    1. I actually spent some time trying to work out an all-SJDS final three for fun. I’d almost welcome it, since I kinda enjoy the crazies.

      Here’s a thought I’ve gotten from watching her bonus scenes this week: Kimmi might secretly be #TeamWentworth. That said, Joe could easily be Team Jeremy.

  5. Emma, what about your favorite cultural rewards in Survivor? You could include the Shaolin temple or the Panamiab village from Panama.

    1. The single best cultural moment is Courtney rolling her eyes at the Buddhist monk who gives her hands at the beginning of China.

  6. Also we mentioned that we had started and then had to stop when we realized we weren’t broadcasting, don’t worry about missing anything there, we just spent 5 minutes talking about toques before I realized that we weren’t on air.

  7. I think the bigger difference between Rob C.’s situation at the final 7 and Spencer’s is that Alex basically walked up to Rob and said ‘hey, just so you know, you’re not part of my plans.’ He was explicitly told that the likelihood he was gonna go out at 4 was huge, which re-figures the calculus.


    Emma’s choice to jump from Kelley to Spencer or Jeremy isn’t precisely a Monty Hall problem. The Monty Hall problem supposes zero information; you have no idea which door contains the car and which two contain the goats. Having information about what you see the players as having done and what you see the jury as wanting to reward deforms that calculation in a way that makes the Monty Hall math less relevant.

    That said, the interesting thing is how much the math has changed, to a degree that suggest the Monty Hall logic still applies. The standard Monty Hall problem involves shifting from a 1:3 probability to a 1:2 probability. You guys did mid-season picks at what, F10, so a 1:10 probability. At this point, we’ve dropped several people absolutely as contenders and are (probably rightfully) discounting others, so we can talk about a 1:3 probability of picking between Jeremy, Spencer, and Kelley.

    I haven’t done, and don’t have time to do, the calculations, BUT, if you assume a relatively equal chance between the three real contenders, I think that you have a better chance of being right switching between the 3 contenders than you do switching to the other door in the standard Monty Hall problem.

    BUT Again, I think the fundamental fact that outside information exists compromises the situation. Making this pick according to the logic of the Monty Hall problem would be a mistake, because it does not hold when we have outside criteria to evaluate.

    1. Also, iirc you’re right about Cohchran being wrong about auction item being a Monty Hall problem because it didn’t shift down from being a 1:3 choice to being a 1:2 choice, it shifted up from being a 1:1 choice to being a 1:2 choice.

      1. This was analyzed when he said it but yeah the problem there is that nothing is getting eliminated with knowledge. So yeah Cochran understand the basic shape of a Monty Hall problem but not the specifics well enough to identify why this was different

    2. And down the rabbit hole we go: In the Monty Hall problem, if you switch your choice, your chances of winning go from 1:3 to 2:3. If your chances only went to 1:2 it wouldn’t matter if you switched or not (because if one of the two unopened doors is 1:2, the other also has to be 1:2 also to make the probabilities add up to 1). One way to think about it is that when you make your initial choice you have no information about any of the doors, but when Monty offers to let you switch, you have new information–which of the other two doors is definitely not a winner. If you switch, you are in effect taking both of the other two doors, with a combined 2:3 chance of winning, and since you know the door that Monty opened has a zero probability, the one you switch to has sum total of the combined 2:3 chance.

      1. D’oh, of course. I knew I was gonna get something wrong. That’s what I get for posting about something like this drunk at midnight.

    3. You aren’t quite right. Even if there was no outside information, there would be no advantage in switching your pick. One of the keys to the Monty Hall problem is that when the door is eliminated, Monty knows what door you picked and will not eliminate that door. Survivor does not know which player you picked, so that player is free to be eliminated.

      That makes a difference. Because Monty Hall doesn’t pick your door, you are still playing that door with its original odds. But with Survivor, regardless of who you picked the first time everyone mathematically has the same odds, so you have no advantage in switching.

    1. Maybe because Andy was the connection between you and Matt? I don’t know Google hangouts very well.

  9. I just noticed the official CBS logline of the finale:

    “Lie, Cheat and Steal” – Six castaways battle it out for a shot in the final three, and a shocking tribal council delivers a Survivor first. Later, the final three castaways plead their cases for the $1 million prize, on the two-hour season finale of SURVIVOR, Wednesday, Dec. 16 (8:00-10:00PM, ET/PT), followed by the one-hour live reunion show hosted by Jeff Probst (10:00-11:00PM, live ET/delayed PT), on the CBS Television Network.

    So, that would seem to all but confirm (as you mentioned) that the shocking thing is not a tie for the winner, given the placement of the word “later.”

  10. Next time on PRP: You didn’t think Emma had any more ovaries to explode over children , but watch what happens!

  11. I’m late listening, but I just wanted to pipe in and support Emma’s claim to San Juan Del Sur’s mediocrity. Not a GREAT season, but perfectly passable, and had a worthy winner.

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