Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 3 “We Got a Rat”

The third episode of Survivor Cambodia is dominated by Abi-Maria and Jeff Varner, like the season itself, as so is this podcast. Listen as we continue to discuss “how do you solve a problem like Abi-Maria?”


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia episode 3 “We Got a Rat”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who got screwed by the swap? Who did well by the swap?
  • Peih-Gee as Abi-Maria’s latest victim.
  • How on earth did Tasha and Savage turn a two-to-four situation to their advantage?
  • How badly did Varner screw up?
  • Spencer-bot learning the feel-ings of the hoo-mans
  • Jeremy’s emerging winners edit
  • And a crazy theory of who could lose the next challenge

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35 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 3 “We Got a Rat”

  1. If Survivor is looking for a female villain to bring back, isn’t the answer just Corinne 3.0? I don’t think the show is unhappy with what they got out of her in Caramoan, even though she went out at the merge. Alternatively, if they wanna do a deep cut, Shii Ann. She never really got to play the villain role due to circumstances, but she’s shown a willingness to be in the antagonist role that they can work with. They’re not bring back NaOnka. Probst is vetoing that.

    1. I suppose we were only thinking of people that haven’t yet come back, but those could work. Although I also cannot stand Corinne. But if you’re looking for that sort of thing, she’d be fine, I suppose.

      1. eh she isn’t a shit stirrer in her actions. she’ll talk shit about people, but unlike Abi she isn’t the type to constantly betray people

        1. Well, HvV cast did rely heavily on the then most recent seasons for its cast. 3 from China, 2 from Micronesia (not counting James and Amanda), 2 from Gabon, 3 from Tocantins, and 1 from Samoa were a part of that cast. I guess that bit of casting inspired Cambodia to be so reliant on the most recent seasons.

    2. Probst mentioned in one of his interviews that he would never want to bring quitters like Colton back but he does not have a final say in casting and he could see a scenario where someone who quit survivor is brought back despite his own objections to the same.

    3. I think they have to be so careful. Abi’s right on the edge of extremely off putting, but it’s working because she’s passive aggressive and vindictive rather than outright annoying. I think any chance to replicate this female dragon fire archetype might lead to disaster.

    4. This once again shows the weakness in the edits for female players. When Probst says they find it easier to cast returning men and insinuates it’s due to a lack of quality in the men what he really means is that Survivor doesn’t give women as deep an edit, they don’t focus on them and their stories (even some winners). Trish could be a great villain, Lyndsey literally quit to escape her who else has managed to cause that?

      1. I am currently watching Cagayan (holy crap, it’s so good) and yeah, Trish could be packaged as a villain. After all, she was Tony’s right hand woman and without her, a lot of his lucky breaks wouldn’t be there. I just finished the Sarah boot episode, which wouldn’t have happened if Trish didn’t pull over Kass. Although, I could also Trish as a hero because she is a single mom who did get flipped off by Kass, the true female villain of the season.

        1. Yeah but let’s be honest Trish is clearly not a nice person, she was just a smaller villain than Kass.

    5. I have been thinking about this idea for a while and I finally found someone who could be a good female villain. Why not bring back Jenn from Worlds Apart? After all, her actions towards Nina, the idol play, and almost quitting along with her acerbic confessionals would make her more of a villain than Danielle.

        1. I understand why she wasn’t cast for HvV, though. Cirie, Parvati, and Amanda are your main gets and at a certain point you can’t import all of that alliance into a new game (especially considering people were already worried that Parvati had too many friends in the game.)

  2. Also, to everyone who saw something in Kelley Wentworth that I didn’t, I’m delighted that you guys were right and I was wrong.

    1. To be fair to you, there really was no data there. We got it from pre-season footage and post-season interviews.

      1. Oh no, I listened to a lot of Kelley’s post-season stuff and I was still mystified as to what people saw there. I thought she came off exactly as she did on SJdS – a shy internet nerd who had no business being in a situation that required the exact opposite of that.

        But like I said, I’m not complaining about being wrong about that. She’s been fantastic in these episodes and I don’t see her going away any time soon.

        1. To be honest, I didn’t love her post-season interviews as much either, and I was a big Kelley supporter.

  3. Since the topic of podcast crossbreeding came up, I’d like to mention that I started listening to you guys before really knowing anything about RHAP. Eventually I begrudgingly started listening to him as well, but yours is the one that I await more anxiously and eagerly each week. Somehow you seem to hit more strategy points and have better insight in an hour than RHAP has in 3+ hours(*). There just seems to be a lot more filler there, and I’m not even talking about stuff like the advertising. It’s just looser, with more tangents and time spent on in-jokes and what have you. That might even be a plus to some people, and Rob is very talented at giving people what they want.

    Anyway, I suppose that’s a long winded thank you for being there and doing what you do.

    (*) it’s probably even more than that when you add up the live Know it Alls, the bootee interview, then the guest recap.

    1. Thank you. I will say that an advantage we have is getting a whole day to reflect on the show, which allows us to also gauge the reaction to it and comment on that.

      A disadvantage is that some of our original observations aren’t so original by the time we get to record. It’s a balance.

    2. I too prefer purplerock, partially because the guys are just fans like me. What RHAP gives is former contestants going in depth about their own experiences and opinions based on that and if it’s a good contestant it can be really entertaining.

  4. Strong start to the season, though it did feel like that this was a weak episode than the other 2. The opening episode had just a level of giddiness seeing all these players back while the second was perhaps one of the best edited episodes in terms of how they showed 2 people going from top to bottom.
    Abi has been a big part of this strong start but I am tired of her act now. Hope this does not continue throughout the season, would be good to have focus on some other arcs now. I am still afraid for Varner, the fact they did not show his f-up in more detail this episode, makes me think that he won’t go so soon but logic does dictate that he is the next boot from Angkor.
    Coming to edits. Spencer’s edit since the start has been very strong, I would be shocked if he is not top 5 at least. I was sure till last week that Jeremy’e edit till last week was screaming failure for him, not sure now.

    1. I didn’t feel like Jeremy had much of an edit other than “missing his pregnant wife” prior to this past episode. But now that feels like they might have been trying to build sympathy for Jeremy, so I think Jeremy might get a deep run this season.

  5. Andy has convinced me, Abi is doing exactly what we should have expected, and it’s not actually a bad thing. If it was happening to people we didn’t care for, we’d all be rolling in laughter and glee.

    Still think Savage is a paternalistic jerk, though.

    1. This was not a good episode for Savage to disabuse you of that notion. He did not do well this week.

      1. Savage himself said that he has never had anything go wrong in his life and that it’s perfect. Of course he doesn’t handle adversity well.

    2. If Abi ends up controlling the direction of large swaths of the game I’ll start to turn, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, so for now I”m fine with it. Watching people trying to harness a volatile force and getting burned by it is not the worst way to spend a pre-merge.

      1. As the guys said on the podcast and a lot of us said in the comments, this is why people voted for her, we’re just mad it’s taking out people we like. Being able to handle volatile players is a skill great players should have, Kim handled Alicia, Boston Rob managed Phillip, Parvati handled Russell (for the most part). Getting burned by madness, stupidity or insecurity shows you aren’t playing your social game well. Also props to Natalie for properly handling Keith for the Jon blindside.

  6. This was really good guys. First time I’ve listened but I really enjoyed the podcast. I’d also love to see the raw footage of how Spencer started telling Jeremy about how he doesn’t love his girlfriend yet.. hahah. Looking forward to episode four

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