Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 6 “Bunking with the Devil”

On the latest episode of the podcast, we go full dad on perhaps the best episode of Survivor: Cambodia thus far. Tragedy, comedy, strategy Рthis one has it all.


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia episode 6¬†“Bunking with the Devil”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it was like to watch Terry Deitz go through that from our perspective as dads.
  • Which was the funniest part of the slip and slide challenge?
  • Stephen being haunted by his past performance.
  • Andrew Savage’s awful night.
  • Welcome to Survivor: Cambodia Ciera Eastin!
  • Welcome back Chaos Kass!
  • The conspiracy theory surrounding Spencer Bledsoe
  • Who is rising and who is falling.
  • Predictions for the merge.

And, oh yeah, Woo was voted out. We kinda forgot to mention that. Wooooo!

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19 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 6 “Bunking with the Devil”

  1. OK, that’s my favourite Woo surprised face. It doesn’t have the pure shock of the Cliff Robinson one, but the amount of amusement present in the shock almost conveys a progression from “Oh no!” in his early days to just the pure disbelief that blindsides keep happening to him, and being able to laugh because of it.

    1. My darkhorse pick for best surprised face is the look on his face during the Cagayan confessional when he realized that “voting” could lead to “ties.”

      Such a fun Survivor presence.

        1. I really hope at least one person in production was like, “should… we let them fight for it?”

  2. If the Meat Shield alliance of Jeremy, Joe and Savage with Kimmi and Tasha comes together then to counter it I’d like to see Stephen, Spencer, Wentworth, Ciera and Kass form an alliance. Keith probably would go with the Meat Shields and so would Wiglesworth. Leaving Abi-Maria to Abi all over the place. (Please let her be the first post-merge boot!!)

    Probably won’t happen but that’s what I’d like to see.

      1. Part of why next week is so up in the air is that this is the largest merged tribe ever. There has never been a tribal council with 13 votes before, and that means you have to get a lot of people in line to get a majority.

        1. But you don’t need a majority, only a plurality. With a group this large, I could see three players getting votes. Or more.

      2. Thirteen players, seven previous tribes, pre-game relationships, plus a number of aggressive strategists makes this such a glorious clusterfuck of a merge. Is there even a pair that we can be truly confident are voting together? Ciera and Kass? Jeremy and Kimmi?

    1. That’s a lot of wishful thinking. For starters Fishback clarified on twitter that the alpha male alliance was played up more but he, Jeremy, Tasha and few others already had an alliance going on. Even if Savage returns to Jeremy’s alliance, I don’t see Stephen going anywhere else, he is not that sort of player.
      I said this elsewhere but I think to start with we will see numbers breaking in 2 directions. Too much has been said about new-Takeo 5 for that not to be a thing. So you have that 5 countered by Jeremy’s alliance containing him, Stephen, Kimmi with Tasha and Savage joining. They already welcomed Tasha back and I have little doubt that Savage would also be back in despite his dislike of Stephen.
      That leaves the trio of Abi, Kelly and Spencer. I think Abi sticks with TaKeo 5 for now while wiggles go back to her Bayon members leaving Spencer the one to decide. Think he will still with Jeremy as well, too much has been shown of their relationship. Would be funny after Kass saved him this episode, he is the one who know flips (sort of) at the merge to drown her game.

  3. Interesting that you guys started the talk on winner edit but never elaborated who all would qualify for one. The 4 have to be – Spencer, Tasha, Jeremy and Wentworth with Spencer with the most OTT edit. But then I think of HvV where Sandra did not get a big edit pre merge at all. This time though, most of the big hitters have made the merge. In that season you lost likes of Boston Rob, Cirie, Tom , all of whom liable to get a big edit.
    This season, if we are getting a winner edit somewhat similar to last season then Spencer is the one to watch out for, otherwise I like Tasha’s chances. Kelley’s big edit so far seems to relate to her idol, in contrast to Jeremy who has not even mentioned his idol since that first confessional after finding it. It could be Jenn type edit where she would pull off a big move with the idol and then exit the stage soon.

    1. I agree about Kelley and the idol. I think her story is building to that. I think Jeremy’s story meanwhile has had a lot more about his all around gameplay which is why I think he is stronger winner’s edit contender than Kelley. But yeah Spencer, Tasha, Jeremy and Wentworth all have very good edits that wouldn’t require anything extra to be a winner’s edit. There are other players who could be winners but would need a Natalie Anderson-esque late season uptick to happen, but whose presence is enough to keep them in the conversation.

    2. A lot of people haven’t gotten great edits, but I think a lot of edits could still support a winner if they get some more attention at the merge. Wigles and Abi are the only ones I’m ruling out. More than other seasons, I don’t think they feel as much need to build a winner’s edit. We’re all familiar with these players, so if a winner hasn’t seen a lot of TC so far, I don’t think they’ll feel as much pressure to manufacture a premerge edit.

      1. Don’t agree. Unless we are in for a S29 style purge of 2-3 strong characters at the merge, I think the winner will be one of the 4 mentioned above. The editors have been hitting us on the head with the theme of change being important to do well on your second turn. The theme has just been too strong just like it was last season with the stupid collar stuff.

  4. Keith is going to rise out of the woodwork and lead all the misfits to the end and getting into a final 2 with Abi and wins in a perfect landslide victory … or he at least starts getting some goddamn confessionals

  5. Regarding “only being able to understand if you’re a parent”, I’d argue that no one can really understand unless they’d been though something similar to what Terry was going through.

    But why do parents think there is something unique about the way they’d experience that situation? If the situation was the exact same but it was your sister or mother who was sick and your family needed you home… How is that so different?

    1. I guess one reason parents think its unique in relation to their kids is because parents have experienced life before they were parents, so they know how things are different and how they changed for them. Before we had kids, we weren’t parents and we felt one way. Then we had kids and it felt a different way.

      You’re right that I don’t know what it would truly feel like to be in Terry’s shoes. It’s something I think about all the time, but I don’t know.

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