Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 7 “Play to Win”

It’s merge time already on Survivor: Cambodia and the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast is here to talk about all how it all shook out.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia episode 7 “Play to Win”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What went wrong for Kass and Ciera?
  • Was it worth getting some of the old Chaos Kass if it meant the end of her game?
  • What if they had just voted out Spencer last week?
  • Can Stephen Fishbach win this season?
  • Should Spencer have stuck with Kass?
  • Why is the internet so wrong about Andrew Savage’s edit?
  • How the bloom is coming off of Tasha’s rose.
  • Should Joe have thrown the challenge to get the heat off of him?
  • What might a 10 person jury mean for the game?

And a sad prediction for next week. Not “kid in the hospital” sad, but still.

Of course, we always welcome your comments. You can leave a comment here, tweet us @purplerockpod, or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. Thanks for listening and/or watching!

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Andy and John are the hosts of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast.
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84 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 7 “Play to Win”

        1. Purple Rock Podcast
          We’re all about giving some level of uncertain credit every once in a while.

      1. Maybe or maybe not. I don’t really think it’s a particularly obscure observation to make, which is why I take umbrage at the fact that, seven episodes in, Rob C. was the first person to point out that the show has hard data on precisely which players the fans want to see.

        1. I think we’d made reference to having hard data for a while, but I don’t know that we’d tried to tie that into the idea of screen time for popular players. (The “we” in this context is the podcasting duo, not we as in the collective commentariat here.)

  1. Great episode. I do have a question for you; when do you think the IAFS (It’s A Fucking Stick) Idol will come into play?

    I am going to have my brother, who rarely watches the show, watch the next episode with me. I will post any entertaining observations he makes (he has already started referring to Savage as Dilfy).

    1. It could happen sooner now that there should be people more desperate to find an idol and less likely to be worried about the potential social faux pas of looking for one. We also might get clues at rewards now.

      1. For a second I thought you meant clues in reward challenges for idols in immunity challenges, and thought “whoa”

    2. I always assumed the garbage idol wasn’t showing up until after the merge. That’s an element of shenanigans you hold off on until it matters.

  2. I seriously hope next week’s story isn’t that Stephen goes home for being too devious for Savage. Not because I like Stephen and dislike Savage, although both are true, but because I hate it when the preview spells out exactly what’s going to happen. So I’m going to propose an alternate theory that I know is wild, but would be a lot more fun – Stephen organizes a hit and it succeeds. And I don’t think it’s against Savage, because all the evidence we’ve gotten is that the Savage/Fishbach feud is fairly one-sided. If he’s gonna do it, it’s gonna be against Joe or Jeremy, and I kind of hope it’s Jeremy because, as much as I love him, it would be great tv to watch Stephen clip Jeremy at 12.

    1. If he takes out Joe, it will create this odd world where Fishbach is a conquering hero is one corner of fandom, and a horrific villain in another.

      I’m down for that.

      1. I had not thought about that, and it is intriguing. But still, either option is more appealing than Fishbach voting out Savage or Savage voting out Fishbach.

        1. What’s funny is that I immediately assumed that if it was going to be a blindside on Jeremy or Joe it would have to be Jeremy, because even in wildly irrational scenarios Joe is still winning individual immunity.

          1. It’s possible, but I think we’re seeing a repeat of the challenge Joe lost in World’s Apart, and I think we’re seeing it sooner rather than later, because production wants that scene where Probst talks about this being the challenge that got Joe voted out. And while I don’t necessarily think think he loses it, I don’t think he’s the odds on favorite to win it either. I kind of think that’s more of a Tasha thing.

          2. I checked, and yeah, Spencer beat Tasha at that challenge, but it’s not the one where she went home. That was the Morgan vote-off.

            Tasha went home after the ‘run out and count how many of each of those things there are, Terry Dietz whambulance memorial’ challenge, which Spencer also won.

          3. Yeah, I remember that Dan Fienberg then of Hitfix was my major Survivor source back then, and he was upset they built a challenge for whoever had the flattest head. I’ve thought of Spencer as a flathead ever since.

  3. It seems like Savage is one of those people who are genuinely bewildered when things don’t go his way and I am wondering if that will be his downfall. He doesn’t seem like a guy whose has plans b,c,d,and e if plan a fails and I think to win Survivor you need to have alternate plans and the ability to see all the possible scenarios. He really needs to bond tight and listen to Stephen or Spencer, who do have those abilities, and I don’t think that is likely to happen. Not impossible, but improbable.

    I have high hopes for next weeks episode. It looks like there will be a shake up of the Banyon alliance…if the previews can be trusted.

    For your enjoyment –Ciera’s eyeroll : http://imgur.com/Uv9OoGU

    1. Yup. Said the same thing in the live blog comments. At a certain point Savage is just going to have to start winning immunties (which, for the record, I don’t think he’s incapable of), because if people put their sights on him he just does not have the skillset to see it coming.

      I will say that I can totally see Savage getting in good with Spencer. Unlike Ciera, Kass, and Abi, he can say that Spencer had no choice but to vote for Woo, and I totally buy Savage joining Probst, Tony, and Jeremy on the roster of older men who enjoy this cocky young lad’s spunk.*

      *PHRASING, I know. I stand by it.

          1. A woman wore socks. On Survivor. How is that not a thing we still have to be talking about 9 years later?

          2. I don’t think they were a particularly out there choice even then. Iirc Flicka had knee socks on Cook Islands.

          3. Here’s what I know about knee socks: if a girl is wearing them during coed softball, I stay a little farther back in the outfield than I do for girls not wearing them. That scouting report has served me well through the years.

          4. And Flicka was as gifted athletically as she was… not at all gifted about anything else about Survivor, so the theory holds.

    2. “It seems like Savage is one of those people who are genuinely bewildered when things don’t go his way”
      Good call.

      1. It’s hard to blame him. If my life had turned out like his I’d have no reason to imagine that things wouldn’t always work out in my favor either.

        1. It’s the same reason why Donald Trump wonders why the rest of you don’t just borrow a few million from your father and become rich yourselves.

      1. To steal an observation Andy made about Tina during BvW that I’ve always loved – this is the first time we’ve seen a vote go against Savage and still have him in the game afterwards.

    3. Thank you for the gif. Though I’d already made my own, because it may or may not make an appearance in something I’m writing.

      1. I would not be displeased if it appeared in every future article on this site. it’s a classic.

  4. As someone who has only recently gotten into Survivor I have to ask, why does everyone here like Stephen so much? I recently watched Tocantins for the first time and I have to say I wasn’t impressed at all. I won’t go into too much detail but He miscalculated badly letting JT even get close to the end, and he performed abysmally (and I mean abysmally, it has to be one of the all time FTC fails right up there with Amanda and Russell) in the FTC. It’s not like he have great confessionals either, not particularly funny or compelling a character. I don’t dislike the guy but I don’t get all the love, is it because of his work on RHAP? (which I’ve never listed to)

    1. Yeah. He’s a large, and fairly charming part of the internet fan community, which goes a long way.

      For what it’s worth you’re not alone. I’ve been feeding my brother’s girlfriend select seasons, and while she loved Tocantins, she was basically rooting or Stephen to lose for most of it.

      1. Well that makes sense, I can see how the RHAP thing would earn you a lot of capital with online fans. I’m glad to know I’m not alone though, the entire time I was watching Tocantins I kept saying “Ok this must be the episode that finally makes me care about this famous Stephen guy”

        Spoiler alert: it never was

    2. He was the loveable nerdy underdog. He also seemed smart and charming. To be fair to him, he did need to keep JT around at least until the top five to prevent the possibility of the majority tribe reforming against them. He did have a really bad final tribal though.

    3. My feelings for him have always been eh. I liked his relationship with JT more than I liked him as an individual – that relationship was pretty adorable. This season he’s been an interesting character but it’s hard for me to summon up enough strong feelings either way to root for or against him. His tears last episode were amusing though.

  5. Andy’s points on the show have increasingly become him yelling about opinions he’s seen on the internet. By the end of the season he may have reached “old man yells at cloud” level of dadness.

    1. “Internet, you are wrong about Savage” hasn’t been as much fun as “internet, you are wrong about Tony,” but I feel like it’s more a difference of circumstances than tone. We don’t have Andy starting the season loudly proclaiming that Savage can’t win, and we also don’t have an edit that says ‘no, you dummies, Savage is winning.’

    2. FWIW, when we were done, I did think to myself “I might have been too shout this time”. Part of it might be that because I’m sick, I had to push harder. But the other part is probably that I want you damn kids off my lawn.

    3. Maybe we need to set up our own podcast when we yell about Andy’s opinions.
      For exemple the reason i don’t like Savage are not related with his relation with Stephen at all.

      1. Savage is a weird one for me this season. I tend to alternate between liking and disliking him at the drop of a hat. I do think he was getting a “root for him” edit for the first 5 episodes, although the last two have dulled his shine a bit.

      2. Yeah it’s REALLY not as simple as “I like Stephen and Savage is mean to him so I don’t like Savage” I wouldn’t say it’s independent of that, but it’s not about who Savage is doing it to, it’s how he’s behaving.

        And paternalism is a form of sexism, even if they’re not the same thing.

        1. Accurate

          I have not even seen Stephen’s season, and so far i didn’t found him such a compelling character. I don’t identify him as the ultimate nerdy super fan they seem to think he represent, and i don’t identify myself with him. Mostly i don’t care about Fishback.

          My dislike for Savage however, can be traced back to season 7. I bet if the woman who reviewed this season for Television Without Pity was watching now she would hate him too,as she did back then.

          1. I think I was the one that called him paternalistic as opposed to sexist, so I’ll try to clarify. I think Savage’s treatment of Spencer is a good example of what I meant, in that Savage assumes the “I’m the dad and I know best, so I’ll call the shots” role. It’s patronizing, yes, but I think Savage just believes he should always be the leader. He’s even explicitly said that he’ll “pretend he’s not a leader”, as though that’s an entirely unnatural role for him.

            I think his approach to Spencer was the same as his approach would be to Kass, Ciera, or Stephen- I don’t think he speaks or acts differently towards them based on their sex. He just assumes he should be the one calling the shots.

            Having said all that, I still completely understand if you don’t find him entertaining or if you strongly dislike him- particularly if you’re put off by arrogance and ego, which he has in large amounts.

        2. Paternalism can be sexist, but you can also be paternalistic towards men, or for reasons not having to do with sex.

          For example, Andy and John may be paternalistic towards me, but context clues indicate it’s because I’m 25, not because I’m a woman.

      3. I am not even a huge fan of Stephen… I did think he was a bit of a dick to him but mainly it was re-enforcing what I already thought about Savage, that he’s an arrogant douche is doesn’t value nerds or women.

  6. I completely disagree that last week’s vote flip by Ciera/Kass was not a mistake. Even more so that even without that, they would have been the targets at the merge.
    – Savage said that he was more hurt by Kass since he though she was Bayon strong. No way he and his bro alliance targets her if she keeps a low profile at the merge (assuming she does not flip at the Spencer vote)
    – Even for Ciera, we had Stephen mention how he could see himself working with her even after her antics in the merge and hence pushed the vote to Kass. Again at the merge, it seems a giant leap to suggest that Bayon would suddenly zero down on her if she does not exposes herself.
    – In all likelihood, if Ciera/Kass stick to the plan and vote out Spencer, then Bayon simply boot a Takeo at the merge. That would mean any of Kelley, Abi, Wigglesworth or even Woo being the target with it most likely being the first two.
    – I said previously, that if Takeo 5 had to succeed, they needed to keep that thing a secret till the numbers were in their favor. Kass/Ciera exposed themselves way too early and forced Joe to make decision way too early.
    At third or fourteen players still in the game unless you plan to run the whole game ala Boston Rob, it is better to just buckle down and play the anyone but game rather than driving the votes.

  7. I think the worst thing about my dislike for Savage is it existed pre-season and I also know his edit isn’t bad and that frustrates me.

    1. You need to get on-board my train and dislike Savage intensely while still enjoying him as an oblivious tv character. It’s a fun train to ride! I feel the same way about him as I feel about Abi and Cagayan Kass. Horrible and fun, in equal measures.

      He’s my pick for the blindside this week. *Fingers crossed*

      1. I was going to make a similar comment above. You can view him like John Carroll in Marquesas, who was oblivious enough to give a confessional saying other players were rooting for his success.

        1. How frustrated to you think John Carroll was watching other players actually root for JT’s success in Tocantins?

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