Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 9 “Witches Coven”

To discuss the ninth episode of Survivor Cambodia, we took to live video and invited Emma to join us. Now you can decide which medium you’d prefer to hear Andy interrupt people on.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia episode 9 “Witches Coven”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The fan reaction to the episode and season
  • Stephen’s big night and literary legacy
  • The new advantage
  • Jeremy’s big edit
  • Objectifying Joe
  • Ciera’s growing confidence
  • My two-and-a-half year old’s lack of regard for his bedtime and his dad’s hobby
  • Who has zero percent chance of winning the season
  • Predictions for TWO boots next week

Of course, we always welcome your comments. You can leave a comment here, tweet us @purplerockpod, or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. Thanks for listening and/or watching!

44 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 9 “Witches Coven”

  1. I’m not as big on this season as most just because I don’t really like seasons that basically reset every episode, which this one has been doing the last little while. I like having a better throughline to follow, and I’m willing to sacrifice some unpredictability to get that. Still mostly enjoying it, but it’s got enough Nicaragua tendencies that I’m not quite loving it.

    I love how people are coming up with all sorts of nefarious reasons the show ignored Kelly Wiglesworth. It’s like they can’t accept that someone on Survivor wouldn’t be very interesting to focus on strongly and therefore gets shafted in favour of interesting people.

    1. This is solid rationale. I might even get on board if the constant resets continue forever. For now, my hope is that they lead to a better final act (rather than the standard-issue pagoning ones). We shall see.

    2. I’m ambivalent about how things are going, although I do love this season. On the one hand, I’m actually starting to get twist fatigue, to the point where I really hope the preview was misdirection and the rock thing next week is a standard ‘eat or compete’ decision. I don’t watch Big Brother, but from what I understand of the show we’re verging on a thing a lot of people complain about there, where they just can’t stop adding new bells and whistles to the point where it distracts from the competition. I know that production sees this as a cast they can trust to try things out on, but you know what else you can trust this cast to do? Play Survivor.

      On the other hand, I think you’re going overboard with the Nicaragua comparison. Of the pre-merge I’ll say this- revival of the have-nots aside, I’ll take this forced erratic-ness over a lot of other versions of how the pre-merge goes. Of the post-merge – well, we’ve only had three votes. Of those three, the first was actually way more routine than I expected it to be, to the point where I enjoyed that episode a lot less than most people, the second involved an idol play that was great drama and knocked out someone who was part of a lot of people’s plans, and the third involved people adjusting to a game where that part of their plans didn’t exist. Give it room to breathe and it has potential to go in all kinds of good directions. We have seven votes left and we haven’t gotten anything close to a vote being dictated because Chase Rice has too many emotions.

      1. Oh, I’m not saying this season is anywhere as bad as Nicaragua. At all. I enjoyed most of the pre-merge quite a bit. I even enjoyed last week’s episode a ton, which is way more than I can say about any individual episode of Nicaragua.

        It’s just that my least favourite thing about Nicaragua is how things just kind of happened with no apparent rhyme or reason. One week they just randomly decide, “hey, let’s vote out Brenda.” Or, hey, here’s a cool alliance, let’s go with this. And there’s no forward momentum from week to week. And I’m starting to get that feeling a little bit for this season. I don’t feel all that excited going into the episode because there’s never any storyline I’m looking forward to watching, because the storylines are mostly contained within the episodes.

        But let me re-iterate: this season is not Nicaragua.

        1. I’ll grant you that the episode did not do a good enough job of explaining why Wigles is a threat. Like I said in the live blog, I can see why she would seem like a threat to those three, but the episode does not explain it well.

          That said, I really think we need to hold off until next week to see what’s happening here. Someone just got idoled out that people expected to be around for a while, and given that, it’s not a shock to me that the next vote basically amounted to throwing thing at the wall and seeing what sticks. I prefer that infinitely to the alternate world where the majority shrugged and said “okay, now it’s 8-3 instead of 9-3.”

          And I’ll also say, the more I think about it the more I love the alliance/”voting bloc” of Jeremy, Spencer, and Stephen. I feel like you have to go back to the Black Widows to find a group that was as competent and strategy focused as that triumvirate*. And I don’t think it’s hard to understand how that happened; I think any of those dudes can look at the other two and think, “these guys are on my wavelength, they gets how I’m playing,” which is an absolutely huge thing on Survivor.

          *If that three sticks together, I’m calling them the Triumvirate. An alliance that has Stephen AND Spencer in it requires a pretentious name.

    3. I enjoy this season very much and I think it’s a great example of how you can do the 2-3 pre-merge swaps and make the game unpredictable ONLY in returning seasons. If you do that many tribe swaps in an original season you ‘ll probably end up with a Nicaragua or a Gabon strategy-wise where random shit happens and someone has to win in the end even if no one deserves to. But this season isn’t at all random. We know these players and they know each other. Even last night’s shift made some sense, and the people doing it explained to each other why it makes sense. If next week the 3 witches block or the 3 alphanerds block switch back to Joe,Tasha etc to trimm the numbers so they ‘ll eventually end up in majority around final 7 that will be another shift and it will also make sense.

      My point is Yay Cambodia! Boo Nicaragua!

    4. I’m enjoying it, but can see where you are coming from. I think next week will likely determine the direction of the season.

  2. I watched this last night, but I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty drunk and all I remember about it was thinking that John looks like a skinny Colby. Gonna have to listen to it again at some point today.

    1. Yes! I look just like a skinnier, less muscular, less handsome, less charming Colby.

      Are you sure alcohol was the only thing you had?

    1. Sorry, I was traveling this week and didn’t delegate that job to someone else. I’ll get them up as soon as I can.

  3. The thing I most want to see happen is Joe losing Immunity and everyone else taking the opportunity to vote out Jeremy. My actual prediction for next week is Joe and Wentworth.

    1. And now the thing I most want to see happen is your thing, except then Stephen uses his vampire vote to clinch the hit on Jeremy, and then Jeremy idols.

      My actual prediction is Joe and Tasha.

      1. In my mind, the the witches get Joe, and either Tasha or Spencer and then tell Keith they have the majority to gain the 6th vote.

        1. My version has Stephen going full Tony and immediately flipping back to the old Bayon clique of Tasha/Kimmi/Keith/Joe. He then steals to make the 5-5 a 6-4.

          This is not actually a good plan, and it will not happen. But a man can dream (of Joe)!

    2. That would actually be a brilliant plan. But I don’t think they’d do it. I love it, though. Joe losing immunity would probably be the only time Jeremy would feel safe enough to not play his idol.

    1. Your reaction to Andy’s kid running is like one of the only other things I remember, and one of the reasons I’m confident I watched it.

        1. I was pretty drunk. I have to go drop some books off with a client so I’m about to listen to it on the way over there.


          For serious there are bits and pieces after that I remember, like the female gaze segment, but that showed up in a solid 20 minute chunk where I was like, ‘nope’ all of this is new to me.

  4. My guess on why they are crying is that the compete or sit out reward involves loved ones. That could also be what costs Joe immunity because his main goal in Survivor is to see his dad at the loved ones challenge.

  5. Is Abi REALLY a great goat this season? I know, I know, but follow me here. I’m not one of those people who’s trying to tell you that Abi is playing a great game or anything, but if she gets to the end and Kass, Ciera, AND Kelly Went are on the jury, how confident would you feel about getting those 3 votes? I’m not saying she’d win, but there’s a very real chance she could take 3 votes away from you that you need to beat the other person in the final 3. Say it’s Jeremy, Abi, Spencer/Stephen. If you take 3 possible votes off the board, that makes the margin of votes between the other two a lot closer than one or both of them might feel comfortable with. I’d argue Kimmi is a much better goat than her, at this point.

    1. Yeah, that’s why the Witches Coven is going to be the fatal flaw for these ladies: People like Jeremy and Stephen will realize that if they keep one of them around to final 3, they already have at least three votes sewed with Kass and the other two Witches. I know that Savage and Wiglesworth would never vote for one of the Witches anyway, but that leaves a lot of potential wiggle room for the remaining Witch to get more votes to win.

  6. Excellent podcast as usual. If you wanted to make the video thing a recurring motif, you’d get lots of good karma from me, but I understand that it’s probably logistically more difficult.

    Maybe it’s not prudent to add Joe to the zero percent club, but I’m adding him to the 0.1% club. I think you have covered in the past the idea that luck is a non-negligible factor in these challenges — you’re always a gust of wind away from losing. I just don’t think it’s realistic to expect a straight sweep. It’s possible, don’t get me wrong, but highly unlikely. And no other player has as big a target on them as Joe. Plus it just wouldn’t square with the edit. The narration of this season seems to have been about 80% Stephen, Jeremy, and Spencer. That of course doesn’t mean anything, because we got 80% narration from Russel. But they’re clearly building something in the story they’re telling of those guys, whereas the story they’re telling with Joe is “has to win immunity” and that’s more or less it.

    I’m a little puzzled that there are people out there who aren’t enjoying the fuck out of this season, because I think it’s been all you could ever want from Survivor. I get all my reports of casual/Facebook people from you guys, and I shudder to think that there’s a mob of people that are upset Wiglesworth went home. I mean, jesus.

    Joe and Kimmi would probably be my picks for the next two boots if you held a gun to my head right now.

    1. We got a taste of why live video podcasts are too hard for us in this one: interruptions by our kids while we podcast are not rare occurrences. Also, all the crosstalk is a common thing for us, we just edit it out. We’re ALWAYS interrupting each other.

      1. And if we weren’t live, Emma and I would’ve probably just sat there and chatted with Andy’s adorable kid. But since we weren’t going to be able to edit, I had to try and push the episode along so people listening to the podcast wouldn’t be like “Ok, hearing people talk to Andy’s kid is useless without being able to see what’s happening.”

  7. I love the fact that Andy’s son is the screencap for the YouTube video. My face was like Emma’s when he came up. I also may have squealed because he is so cute.

  8. On the Stephen x Jeremy front, I think a big red-flag is how often Jeremy says that Stephen is the person he trusts the most in the game. I think it was like twice last episode alone (and frequently before that).

    I feel probably they are choosing now for double episode because one is a boring elimination, and right now boring elimination means Joe.

    About predictions, I feel maybe the plan of the 3 guys is to get rid of all but one of the losing end of big alliance (Kimmi seemed to be close to Jeremy and Stephen, and she is non-threatening), and then turn on the witches. So they vote out Joe, and then gun for Tasha (she is threatening, both strategically and in challenges). Since the witches hate Tasha, they go along. So these are my guesses (in order): Joe and Tasha going home next week.

  9. Wouldn’t it fit Jeremy’s strategy to let other folks seem more like an immunity threat than he is by allowing himself to look weaker at immunity challenges? I could see him making himself look like an easy out at any time, not like a “hey! Jeremy didn’t win immunity! We have to get rid of him now!”

    1. I actually think he’s just plain not very good at these particular challenges. But yes, that would make sense. I think he was actually trying in the very first individual immunity, where I think he finished in the top 5 or so.

      1. At this point maybe our default assumption should be that if you look like you spend six nights a week at the gym, you’re probably not going to be a huge immunity threat. That body type just does not seem to do well with the mixture of carnival games, Denny’s placemat activities, and occasional detours into foot fetishism that constitute the current Survivor challenge regime. (Yes I remember that Jeremy won memory match in SJdS, but unless that specific thing comes back I don’t know what his area of strength is.)

        That said. I’d put the odds that Jeremy is sandbagging it at around 100%. There’s like no upside to him being a challenge contender right now, and Jeremy Collins is not a man who doesn’t always know what the upside is.

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