Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Game Changers episode 11 “Reinventing How This Game is Played”

That was certainly an episode of Survivor. Let’s try and find some things to talk about…

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Game Changers Episodes 11 “Reinventing How this Game is Played”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • Who was this a good move for?
  • Will it work out for them?
  • Who was this a bad move for?
  • Will it cost them?
  • Now that we’ve seen how it turned out, how do we judge Zeke’s initial decision to move against Andrea? Could he have won if he didn’t?
  • Other than the Varner Incident, what was Zeke’s biggest moment on Survivor?
  • What do we think Sarah is doing?
  • Cirie stay doing Cirie things.
  • John wants to talk about Troy.
  • Rapid fire listener mailbag questions.

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Andy and John are the hosts of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast.
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268 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Game Changers episode 11 “Reinventing How This Game is Played”

  1. For all the TAZ listeners, This is what I wanted to hear. We got goofs and actual role playing and some fun interactions and not compressing ten months into two minutes. I think this new mechanic is better than D&D for this arc, but I think it’ll work even better in a slower paced arc. Also, another Survivor reference! If I ever get cast, I’m dropping McElroy bits every chance I get.

    1. I still really don’t mind whether this goes goofy or dark, I think there’s room for both. They’re doing this for 100 years, sometimes it’s gonna feel easier than others. I also think we’re getting deeper into what I said last week, slowly teasing out how these people turned from who they were to who they are now. Griffin’s doing it most aggressively with Lucretia,
      but we’ve gotten significant character development on all the NPCs except Davenport.

      The sudden string of Survivor references is fun. Griffin is freer with the Survivor references on Rose Buddies, possibly because it’s a podcast about reality tv. From across all of Griffin’s podcasts (I still haven’t listened to Sawbones) here’s what I’ve pieced together.

      -Justin is the bigger fan of the show, but Griffin watches regularly and has been since at least Worlds Apart (from MBMBAM, Rose Buddies, and Cool Games, Inc).
      -Cambodia is Griffin’s favorite season (referenced repeatedly on Rose Buddies)
      -He has seen Nicaragua, because in an episode of Rose Buddies he references Probst shutting down Shannon Elkin at the reunion as evidence that he’s the best reality show host in the game.
      -He goes back and watches season he didn’t see live. (It came up on Cool Games, Inc.)

      1. Hi you dudes.
        Just wanted to let you know that all these discussions of TAZ convinced me to give the McElroy stuff another go. I bounced off them pretty hard a while back, but this time I seem to be in just the right mood to appreciate those sweet soft boys. I’ve been running through Monster Factory, Car Boys, MBMBaM and TAZ (Only at Rockport Limited now).

        Not sure why it didn’t take the first time as it really is my type of absurdist humour and there are a lot of references to stuff that I’m into.

        So, I thank you for reintroducing me to a world of goofs.

        1. If you like Car Boys and Monster Factory, I highly recommend Touch the Skyrim, which takes the Bethesda episodes of Monster Factory to their logical conclusion by having Nick watch Griffin add ridiculous mods to Skyrim in an attempt to break the game.

    2. Cool Games, Inc side note: I love this episode’s showcase of Griffin’s mounting defensiveness about accidentally making himself “the vore guy.”

      1. Side side note: Griffin created The Hunger solely to vore an entire multiverse. I will believe nothing else regardless of any contrary evidence.

        1. Unrelated note: Other roommate has friends from Nashville in town, and one of them told me he’s worked up a way to rig cheap tactical flashlights as mini-projectors displaying left-leaning messages, and he’s gonna build a bunch of them and just scatter them around town for people to find, so look out for those.

    3. This was just a really fun quickie episode. I’m still skeptical of the mechanic, but it’s growing on me a little. I’m willing to give them the space to work it out.

  2. Off topic, but today is the one day anniversary that I started watching Survivor with @Purple Tally. I caught her tweeting about Gabon last April and said that if she was down, we could watch some Survivor…and the rest is history.

    1. It’s been a fun year of my bad picks (and some of my REALLY GOOD picks) and me making excessive amounts of inappropriate jokes about Cochran.
      Also, I’ve learned some witchcraft. And A LOT of really awesome/interesting/disturbing Survivor gossip. #SurvivorSherpa

      1. Also A LOT of me failing miserably to match challenges with the seasons in which they were played. Like, A LOT.

    2. We started with Samoa, and somewhere in the archives of our GChat conversations are a lot of wildly inaccurate predictions from me about Russell.
      (About 3/4ths of the way through the season, I thought I had seen a spoiler that he won, and I was SO confident. I made a lot of really not-so-smart-in-retrospect comments about how great I thought he was doing at FTC.)

  3. Thinking of the season overall, this episode seems to be the most blatant in pushing the ‘game changers’ theme. Over and Over we have clips of people (aka Brad/Sierra/Sarah) talking about ‘game changing,’ playing with game changers, being a game changer, and above all else, proving that they are game changers. With the title ‘Reinventing How The Game Is Played’ it’s like the episode itself is trying to prove to us that this is a ‘game changing’ season of all game changing players playing a game changing game.

    But, like, is there anything actually game changing here? No idols or advantages came into play, no one pulled an amazing strategic move or managed to completely flip their position. No one tried to tackle a challenge in a new way or scheme or set anyone up. Rather, a new majority decided to take out a potential flipper before they became a flipper. This situation has occurred plenty of times across Survivor. Even the edit is pretty cut and dry. The alliance decides that Zeke should probably go home, Sarah and Michaela have some doubts, but neither jumps ship, and Zeke goes home. So, for a rather common progression of events, this episode is so heavily branded as ‘game changer’ but, it just isn’t. I’m not saying it wasn’t enjoyable or exciting to watch, but it certainly wasn’t a reinvention.

    I think we have had some very interesting and ‘game change-y’ things happen this season, but most of them were pre-merge. Since then, it’s kinda been typical Survivor. At the core, Survivor tried to pull together all the ingredients for a ground breaking, break-neck season. At the beginning, that seemed to be working, but now things have kinda settled out. So they are pushing the ‘game changer’ brand to death to overcome the fact that things seem pretty business as usual.

    1. I think the problem here is that the reason why it was working early on is that we still had actual game changers in the mix. The only true game changer left is Cirie and she is not being targeted because I think people believe her threat level is really low since they have probably only seen HvV.

      1. I definitely agree. Everything seems to come back to casting, and without wading into the argument of quality control, this cast certainly did not meet the expectations of the ‘game changers’ concept. This episode tried to emphasize the theme of game changers so much that, for me, it simply highlighted the lack of game changers and game changing strategy.

      2. Every week I ask myself “How the hell is Cirie still in the game?” Sadly, that’s probably the answer.

        1. I think that another possible answer is just that to win this game (as a big threat), you need to win a F4 (and probably F5) challenge. Only a miracle would make her win that. (Any endurance challenge and she is out; anything with water and she is out; anything physical at all and she is out. Her only chance is a puzzle/memory challenge (has that ever happened before?), or one of those “multiple balls” challenges like in Tocantins, although even that is a long shot.)

          1. That’s possible, although Cochran did win the last two challenges in Caramoan. And regardless of her making it to the end, her ability to shift the vote should be seen as a huge threat.

        2. She’s an easy vote at F4 because there’s virtually no chance she’ll win immunity.

          ….. or is there? …..

    2. “But, like, is there anything actually game changing here?”

      No lol

    3. The pre-merge really disincentivized doing anything gamechanging, as anything that made you stand out as threatening was liable to get you voted out. Everyone is opting for stability at this point.

  4. Update on Hornacek’s friend: his foot is alright and he’s trying to find the murderous cat a home. I wish I had friends as awesome as Hornacek’s friends.

      1. None to be found. I even went back and looked during the daytime. I’m also not sure if it’s a he or a she. It’s not that comfortable with me yet.

    1. I am happy that my BFF is doing much better and hope that the real hero of this story (the cat) will soon have a furever home.

      Coming soon … you’ll be able to buy a pin that says FRIEND OF HORNACEK. Only $5.99, plus S&H.

  5. – But isn’t going to rocks for someone that you barely trust a Big Move™?!!
    – I think that Sarah played well today. I mean, she lost: she ended the episode in a worst place than she began. But she was smart to realize that it was way too early to flip again. She lost the battle, but she is still good for winning the war.
    – I think that you are being unfair to Troy. You can say exactly the same thing you said about Troy about Aubry. She is receiving even less screen time. The difference is just that people (here?) like her for her previous season, while they don’t like him.
    – I would like to see again from this season… no one? Maybe Brad; I like Brad. Aubry I guess can come back again, since it would basically be her second season anyway. (Unless we are talking about a real all stars season, then they could bring back Tony, Sandra, and Malcolm, since otherwise they will just be voted out in 3 days again and make everyone disappointed.)
    – I would like to see Michelle back. I am sincerely curious to know how she would play on a second season, being a winner.
    – I feel that maybe you two are too strong on the “the bad players united to take out the stronger players” theme. Is that really what happened on this season? I think that we can explain much more Sandra and Malcolm going out by old tribe divisions (old Nuku x old Mana) than by Sierra etc. targeting the good players. The only time it feels that way was with Tony, but the one that orchestrated Tony vote was Sandra herself!

    1. “I think that you are being unfair to Troy. You can say exactly the same thing you said about Troy about Aubry.”

      Sure, but we didn’t feel like talking about Aubry this episode. Other than saying “What the fuck is an Aubry”.

      1. I also think you can’t ignore the precedent of earlier seasons. We have seen Aubrey be a good-to-great narrator. The fact that she hasn’t done so this season may reflect he suddenly losing all social skill, but it is much more likely to be an edit choice. Aubrey is giving production material it isn’t using- that’s bad for her chances, but doesn’t mean she was a casting miss.

        With Troy, there is no evidence that anything of value is there to work with. He was boring the first time, he’s boring now, and when there was a fan votes the fans spoke with one voice that they found Troy boring. Now if you want to argue that One World Troy WAS interesting to listen to, that’s something altogether different.

        1. The rigged fan vote that was designed to ignore America’s white majority, you mean.

      2. We’ve also seen more Aubry than Troy. If Troy didn’t have his idol find screen time, he’d be Cambodia Wiglesworth.

    2. To your last point, I partially agree with you. I don’t think it’s as simple as ‘duds beat the stars’ but I believe that is certainly a significant element of how things have shaken out. Rather, i think that the ‘voting along tribal lines’ strategy has perfectly played into the voting out the stars strategy, the most notable exception being Ozzy. For example, if Brad and Sierra want to take out the big threats, let’s say Cirie, Ozzy, Sandra, Malcolm, Tony, you’re gonna start with those that are on the other team. This let’s you disguise your move and keep yourself safe.

      Another thing, we never saw Nuku, the team with the majority of duds, go to tribal. As such, we have no idea what they might have done. I gotta think that had original Nuku gone to tribal early on, we would have lost Cirie, Ozzy, and maybe J.T.

      1. “Duds beat the stars” is possibly not only a misreading of what actually happened, I think even the assumption embedded in the statement may be wrong. Who are the PRP favorites who got got? Tony, Malcolm, and Sandra, and that’s it, and the consensus is that it’s a minor miracle that Tony wasn’t voted out first and a major miracle that Sandra lasted as long as she did. JT and Varner were also PRP favorites going in, but it’s very safe to say that nobody was sad to see them go.

        1. Right- so much of the “duds beat stars” narrative even now is prospective and based on reading edits.

          If you had told the PRP community that going into top ten, the alliance with seeming control would include Cirie(!), Michaela, Andrea, Aubry, and Zeke, with Tai on the bottom with a pair of idols to shake things up, I think you would have gotten approval, if not excitement. But those pesky edits have us convinced that some combination of Sierra/Brad/Troy/Sarah reconsolidating power is inevitable.

          1. Bingo. I have a long, angry, and possibly gin-fueled rant about the various edits (winner’s, losing finalist’s, idol/rock-out) forming in my head but I’ll wait to see how the remaining episodes play out.

          2. I greatly look forward to this rant. I feel like, the post-finale discussion for this season will be very interesting, because it’s been such a distinctly edited and narrated season thus far.

          3. Well actually, the TL;DR is that at this point in Survivor history they do more harm than good, with this season shaping up to be a perfect storm of unintended consequences. I promise it’ll be better written at 2am while drinking martinis than at 2pm while drinking coffee.

          4. I left out Tai because I don’t think it’s fair to call Tai a dud. He may not be a personal favorite for many of us, but he’s a dynamic TV presence who was the dramatic centerpiece of a recent season.

          5. I really hope the last vote makes Tai flip. I think the worst possible outcome for the season (and one that the edit so far completely supports) is that Team Fun is simply doomed by a five idols/advantages to none handicap.

          6. I agree, i SO hope he mixes things up. But, if I had to chose one person on this season that I don’t think will mix things up, and will be overly understanding after all his allies showed their hand, it’s Tai.

          7. Agreed on Tai being that personality type. Also, while it’s not awesome to learn that you’re viewed as the least important member of your alliance, but fourth in that one is still better than being sixth in the other.

          8. Also, and this is a bit of a stretch, but could Tai use this to his advantage? Like, Tai now knows exactly where he is in his alliance, so he knows exactly when to play his idol? In Survivor, knowing something is always better than knowing nothing. Tai now knows a very clear something about his core alliance, which could be to his advantage.

          9. The tough part is being the fourth in a group of four when he can only use his idol to five.

            So the best play might be to remind them of how useful he is by saving one of them with an idol.

          10. I was going to say, save the person most likely to win the final 4 immunity by giving them his extra idol. That gets him in good with someone who is going to the final three and will probably want to take him with them. Tai did not exactly have a stellar FTC performance in KR, and someone may think they can beat him.

          11. I should also add that while what happens suggests he’s fourth, that might not necessarily be the case. Brad may rank Tai as more important than Troy, but voting Troy out wasn’t an option.

            But clearly Brad views Sierra as more important than Tai.

          12. I forgot when Idol’s could still be played because the last two seasons I watched were Micronesia and Panama….

            Regardless, this tribal gave him a bunch of information that is helpful, and normally he would only get on his way out the door.

          13. This seems odd to me, given that Tai DID flip on his alliance in Kaoh Rong in a roughly analogous situation.

            Maybe Tai views that as a mistake (though it did take him to the finals)- but I do think Tai is way more wiling to slit throats to flip to the majority than one would assume from his lovable old man vibe.

          14. That is 100% true, but my gut feeling is just that he won’t. I get the feeling that Tai realized he didn’t like Scott or Jason, but he really does like Sierra and Brad. Of course, I could be, and hope, that i’m wrong.

          15. This is probably why Tai can’t win Survivor (without a mega-goat). Everyone’s gut feeling is that he won’t backstab, so when he does, it is an unforgivable sin. And if he doesn’t, he’s dismissed as someone who was just carried along for the ride.

          16. I really don’t WANT to view Tai in this way. My immediate reaction to Tai is that he is a kind, generous, fun person. But for some reason, the more I watch him play, the less convinced I am that he can win. I believe that Tai plays Survivor almost like a strategic player in a goats clothing. The problem is, rarely does a goat reveal themselves to be the mastermind and actually succeed at selling that idea.

          17. Right. To pull that off, you need to be exceptionally eloquent. It may be the model of victory where FTC speechifying has the greatest importance.

            And Tai has a language barrier.

          18. Yeah. Thinking of all the seasons i’ve seen, i’ve yet to see anyone successfully sell “I was the mastermind, but I was working in the shadows.” Because most of the time, even if this is true, the council rewards the person who seemed to be the mastermind, not the one in the shadows.

          19. It happened on Australian Survivor, and even better, the “I was the mastermind working in the shadows” speech was almost completely untrue. The entire finale is outstanding, IMO, and works as a standalone watch. But the FTC itself starts about 9 minutes into the second part.

            Part 1

            Part 2

          20. Tai is one of the few men to ever fall into that role. It’s an unfortunate situation to be in, and it’s one the “Survivor Moms” often have to deal with. They make great relationships, but then the jury wants to know about their strategic game and then they get sh*t on for betraying someone they were close to.

          21. There have been articles written about this, I’m sure of it, but I’ve been awake for about 29 hours and I don’t have the mental capacity to find/link one that explains it better than I did.

          22. I may just be underestimating Tai again, as admittedly I am known to do, but I agree: I think that Tai is an emotional player, not a rational one. He flipped on Scott and Jason because he really didn’t like them much and didn’t want to play with them. I doubt that he would flip on people that he actually likes.

        2. I think what I was trying to convey was that, many of the strategies that we have discussed kinda play hand in hand. So, while personally I think the ‘duds beat the stars’ concept is at play, i’d agree that it isn’t the only narrative going on. Particularly given that the best way to take out the big threats early on is simply to win tribal immunity.

        3. I also consider Ozzy as one of the targeted stars, even if he’s not a particular fav.

  6. I think you’re spot on about Zeke’s Andrea move. It cost him because he didn’t get Andrea out. If he’d gotten Andrea out, then come back to that alliance, he might have been in better shape. As someone else said, once your name starts getting bandied about, it’s hard to shake off your target unless the person bandying it about is gone

    1. Yeah, I think this is where I am too. I still think Zeke probably moved too early, but he might have been able to ride it out if he’d managed to actually execute it. Andrea saw what happened to Matt Elrod; she was never going to forgive and forget.

    2. 100%, if you are going to take a big swing you gotta hit the HR. Don’t let it get back to the person and don’t let them survive to come at you.

  7. Put me down for wanting Michaela back. She’s such a great supporting character- not strategically aggressive enough to dominate the season but every episode offering some moments of good TV, be they tribal council dramatics or her beautifully honest conversation with Cirie, or just runnin’ good. And because she doesn’t coopt the A-plot, that means I’m not even close to getting sick of her.

    1. I’d love her back, obviously, because Michaela is Bae. But, i think she needs a healthy 3-4 years break. I think two of the biggest limiting factors for her is that she’s the youngest player, and she’s an unknown factor. In a few years, i don’t see either of those as an issue. I think she will gain a greater reputation among fans, she will have time to reflect and prepare for another go, and I’m hoping she will hit the sweet spot of being known enough to work with, but be seen as a huge threat.

      *it’s important to note that I will always think positively of Michaela, for she, is bae.

  8. I had a terrible thought last night that we may need to brace ourselves for. What if Sierra wins this. This is gross conjecture, but what if Sarah goes out at 4 or 5 and Brad was given the Aubry edit (this is who SHOULD have won in the Final Three, but the jury got it wrong). I really don’t want that to happen, but it might.

    1. While it’s possible, cause she’s still in top 5 of contenders, I don’t think that’s the case. What happened with Michele’s edit is that they gave her confessionals when she wasn’t really involved in something, think of it as for example, if during Tony vs. Sandra war, instead of either of them, they gave a confessional about this from Hali, one of the least involved people in it. Sierra is getting screentime based on things she is involved with: being in control a the merge, having a legacy advantage, and being an underdog this vote. Plus she’s getting the most negative edit from her original alliance, so she’s probably set up for a fall, rather than a win.

      Plus Sarah is winning this so it doesn’t matter.

    2. I still think that it is possible that Sierra wins, but I just don’t see her winning against Brad at FTC. If she wins this, she is taking him out at F4. (And so it would be a Jenna win, not a Michelle win.)

      I would be much less shocked by a Sierra win than OWM. (And much less angry as well.) I equal a OWM win with a Sierra win in her first season in terms of nonsense edit.

      1. I can see this jury voting for Sierra over Brad, but that would make the edit of this series completely inexplicable. They’ve spent a lot of not particularly scintillating time telling us that Brad is more likable than Sierra.

        I find it easier to imagine her beating Sarah+Goat, though that would require a highly bitter jury and Sarah botching the remaining days of the game.

        1. Of her alliance, I can see her beating Sarah + Tai or Troy, but more likely Tai + Troy. (I agree completely on under which conditions she would beat Sarah.)

          If they manage to bring a goat through, which would probably have to be Michaela (since no one likes her; I doubt they can beat anyone else on the other alliance), then she can likely also win against Michaela + Tai or Troy.

          1. Agreed, with the caveat that I don’t think she necessarily beats Tai. Sierra’s social game towards people she doesn’t need seems pretty awful. Whereas nobody is ever going to be TOO unhappy about handing Tai money. He’s a nice man.

        2. The issue with the Michele edit in particular is that the editing is *so good* for the tiny little moments of the show that it makes no sense that they could botch her story that completely. I feel like they wouldn’t repeat that, at least not so soon. But then again, they could have different editors, different directors, so who knows what could change.

    3. I would be fine with this. The worst case scenario winners are Sarah and Troyzan in my opinion.

    4. Sierra’s edit is making her unlikeable. I can’t remember the last time they gave an edit that made the person seem outright unlikable to a woman. Neutral yes, but not unlikable. Men have had edits where they are not particularly likable. And unlike Aubry, this cast sees what Sarah is doing. She’s verbally brought it out in the open. Sure, Debbie won’t vote for her but these are returning players who might not be as bitter as their first time. Sarah also actually did make moves and was not saved by anyone yet. Sierra tried to vote out someone who saved her (Tai) with an idol. I think Sarah’s winning with an outside shot of Brad or Cirie.

      1. No unlikable edits for women? How can you forget Debbie? She’s only been gone a week!

    5. Her edit is too villanous/negative. They would have softened her up a bit if she did.

  9. Zeke is like Shinji Mimura in Battle Royale: his plan would have worked had he not missed the shot.
    I don’t have much to add other than a highlight of my day yesterday was when Aubry replied to my tweet. That was super cool.

      1. I’m not sure if you are referring to Battle Royale, Zeke’s plan, Aubry’s tweet or my tweet. But:
        1) I don’t remember Shinji having a plan involving toes
        2) I don’t remember Zeke having a plan involving toes
        3) and 4) Aubry posted something about being the Egg (Wo)man and I made a dumb joke asking if next week’s reward would be a glass onion and she said “One can only hope!”

  10. So, I decided to make a list, where I’ll put players from which I would be most satisfied to least. Why? Cause I’m bored.

    1.Cirie (She’s playing by far the best game out there.She’s not targetted even tough she’s a legend, she has a shield in Andrea, and everyone is coming to her. She’s a no-brainer for a 1st place)
    2.Andrea (She’s actually in the edit now, so her winning wouldn’t feel like a bitch-slap to me. She’s also playing a really good game, where she managed to get out of a sticky situation last three votes)
    3.Sarah (I liked her this season, and if she wins it’s probably with at least a mildly entertaining gameplay.)
    4.Michaela (I would be strictly good with her win cause I like her, and she’s entertaining. But she would most likely be a bottom half winner)
    5.Brad (He plays a good game, plus he’s likable. I just prefer people above)
    6.Tai (I think he also plays a good and underrated game. Same as Brad)
    7.Aubry (She’s only this low, cause her win would be an editorial catastrophe)
    8.Sierra (I just don’t find her interseting at all. She plays an OK game, I guess, but it isn’t enough for me)
    9.Troy (I like him less than Sierra)

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

    1. Love the phrase ‘editorial catastrophe’ I wanna use that for my debut album…

      1. Just remember to give me writing credit for it. And give me 1% of money you’ll gather after it’ll go platinum.

      2. ‘Editorial catastrophe’ is what goes through my head pretty much every time and author delivers the first draft of a manuscript.

        1. Lol! Are you an editor? As someone who proofs text often, I can’t imagine being and editor, lol

          1. Yeah, I do commercial nonfiction. First drafts are always tough though – when you realise your vision of the book doesn’t exactly match with the author’s vision.

    2. I think the main point where we would diverge is that I’d love an editorial catastrophe. I think part of what has hurt our collective experience of the season is that we get so locked in to editing signals. If Aubry can win though…then we can’t extrapolate winners from edits, and future seasons are more exciting to watch.

      With that in mind, I’d probably go:

      1. Cirie
      2. Michaela
      3. Aubry
      4. Andrea
      5. Tai

      6. Sarah
      7. Brad
      8. Sierra
      9. Troy

      1. I understand your point. The thing is, there is nothing THIS season for me tobe “I like this ending”. It would be like Sunday winning last season. I would love to put her higher, but I just can’t.

        1. Which means that the real divergence is that you like Brad/Sarah, I just don’t. I’d prefer a Sunday-esque bout of madness to a respectably dull march to Brad’s success.

      2. For me, it would just feel insulting that they Purpled Aubry for her winning season.

        1. “Hey, guys. So Aubry just won. What her winner’s edit should be like?”
          “Maybe we should potray her as in Kaoh Rong, but better? Fans did say that they thought she had a winner’s edit”
          “No. I have a brilliant idea. We should purple her, and NOT show any of her gameplay. That way NO ONE will predict her win, inlcluding these bastards Edgicers. Who agrees?”
          “But why fight with only small bunch of-”
          “Ok, I quit, buh-bye”.

          THE END?

      3. I feel that a win by anyone but Brad and Sarah would already make us trust editing much less. A win by Aubry would simply be insulting to us viewers. (And to her.)

        But in a deeper sense, I simply can’t stand the fact that in recent seasons they have just decided to pick at least 2-3 players per season and purple them out. That is simply ridiculous, especially for players that make it far, like Aubry and Troy. And that is especially egregious because we know that Aubry and Troy are no Purple Kelly. (In Nicaragua, there is even a hilarious scene where (I think) Bob says to Kelly, “You don’t talk much, do you?”)

        I much rather they put some scenes of everyone, even if they are not particularly funny or meaningful, then make it a 7-player game in a F9 scenario.

    3. This is my list. I don’t have Aubry as high as someone who has a picture of himself with Aubry as their avatar probably should. That is 100% because of how the show has ignored her. That being said i will still be happy if she won.

      1. Cirie
      2. Andrea
      3. Michaela
      4. Aubry
      5. Tai
      6. Sarah
      7. Brad
      8. Sierra
      9. No one
      10. Troy

    4. 1. Brad (because I’ve been calling him as the winner since episode one and I want to look smart)
      2. Cirie (my real most satisfying answer, because I love her)
      3. Andrea
      4. Sarah
      5. Tai
      6. Michaela
      7. Sierra
      8. Aubry
      9. Troy

    5. 1. Cirie
      2. Aubry
      3. Troy (If it’s not Cirie or Aubry, I just want to do well in champions league)
      4. Andrea
      5. Michaela
      6. Tai
      7, etc… who cares

    1. I’ve been awake so long that I’m starting to become incredibly slap happy, and this made me laugh WAY more than it should have.

  11. So I posted this picture before but now knowing how Zeke gets ousted from the game, the picture brings new meaning. So I’m in a fantasy league where if you lose a player then you have to take a fireball shot, because in Survivor fire(ball) represents your life. I had Zeke on my team. Both Andrea and Zeke were at Know it Alls when my friends and I showed them the bottles. I’m now convinced these are evil smiles at my expense. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0c53133bb1a39de309c9dc728eb20db20b292d1ff4e5dc13f72deeb04b03540e.jpg

    1. Quick, just beg Ashley Underwood to drive off the evil spirits. It’s the only way!!

  12. I have a controversial opinion of Cirie’s game. I think she’s playing just an okay game that wouldn’t be nearly as praised if a random person played it. She pretty much got lucky throughout the entire premerge, even Debbie saw through her attempts at manipulation in the beginning. Her Panama/Micro games were better.

    I don’t think she is winning based on the edit but if she did in my opinion it would be like Leo Dicaprio finally winning the Oscar for the Revenant. It was a mediocre performance that was nowhere near his best but he won because of previous performances/overall talent.

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with her first two games being better (but we still have to wait to the end till we say it for sure). But I ddon’t think we should hold her not going to TC pre-merge against her, she was a beast in puzzles, which hepled her tribe to win multiple times. Plus she’s not targetted even though she’s a legend. She STILL survived more episodes than any of us could’ve expected to.

    2. I’m really on the fence about this. Cirie has definitely done less this season than previous seasons – primarily because she has gone to comparatively very few TC’s so far. However, I’ve found everything she’s done post-merge to be meticulous and precise, which tells me she knows exactly what she needs to do to survive with this group. I have to admit, though, that I don’t think it’s what she’ll need in the long run to ~win~ in this group, but if she’s able to ramp things up toward the end that could clinch it for her.
      I would agree that even if she were to win this season, even that wouldn’t necessarily elevate her game this time above her game in Micronesia, mostly because of differences in the level of difficulty. But I would already put this game above her outing in HvV because of what she’s managed to pull off post-merge. And I guess it remains to be seen where this will land in relation to Panama – though I’d be more than comfortable giving the edge to this season if she pulls off a win.

    3. I’m not sure if I agree with the Cirie stuff, but I definitely agree with the Leo stuff.

  13. Players from this cast that I most want to see back. Note: I intentionally didn’t include Varner

    1. Malcolm
    2. Aubry
    3. Michaela
    4. Cirie
    5. Andrea
    6. Sandra
    7. Tony
    8. Zeke
    9. Hali
    10. JT (with Fishbach hopefully)
    11. Ciera
    12. Tai
    13. Brad
    14. Sarah
    15. Sierra
    16. Ozzy
    17. Caleb
    18. Watching any Real Housewives season.
    19. Troy
    20. Debbie (only with an endless supply of alcohol and/or weed)

    1. I mostly agree with this, I just would put Debbie above Sierra, but even though I like her more than everyone, I’m fine with this season being her last time on Survivor.

      1. I don’t find her enjoyable at all. She doesn’t entertain me, I just want her off my screen. I wish Survivor would stop casting these clown characters. I don’t think the show needs them.

          1. There’s only one person who I would like to see return more than Ashley and it’s Michelle #BringBackTheQueenOfDragons

          2. If Ashley ever returned, I want you to write the hype post. It would be the best thing ever.

          3. Also, I’m upset about Debbie’s inclusion because I do think Survivor has some intriguing non-awful older woman options that should be cast before Debbie. T-Bird is on the top of that list.

          4. Fun fact: I’ve spent the past couple of days confused as to why everyone was suddenly so enthusiastic about bringing Jay from One World back.

            I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

          5. Tbh, I don’t think that would be a bad idea; he was not actively terrible.

          6. If they HAVE to bring another male back from OW, I would prefer Jonas, who had some strategic chops, and was the best player after Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim, but was clipped early by them, cause they knew this (plus, Jay from OW was a BIT too dump for my liking, even though he’s great to looka at).

          7. I thought they would bring him back. I feel like he would have learned enough to improve his strategic game and alter his social game. Plus playing with different people (basically not Colton and Tarzan) would definitely help.

          8. Jonas was apparently one of former players who at the beginning of the year followed a lot of Survivor fans in various social media sites. Some people speculated that these players did that cause they were preparing for some kind of vote als 2nd chances for their campaign, like for example Max did then. Raymond said that production so far didn’t contacted any returnees, but who knows?

          9. I’d be okay with Jay from OW back in like a second chance season. He wasn’t horrible and I can’t fault getting outplayed by Kim

          10. Thats probably true. He wouldn’t be in my top like 50 returnees or anything but I wouldn’t be unhappy if he comes back

        1. Yeah, I’d say that’s a fair placement. I might have him above Tony, but that’s the correct range.

    2. Top 6 looks perfect
      7. Ciera
      8. Tai
      9. Tony
      (I would like to see all of the above return)
      Some people
      17. Ozzy
      18. Sarah
      19. Troyzan

    3. I’d be interested to see JT on a BvW season with his wife.

      Or with Fishbach.

    4. Sandra is too low. I’d accept Sandra being on every season of Survivor in perpetuity.

    5. Eh I’d put JT way lower after this outing. It is pretty apparent that he has a lot of issues around gender and race that I am just not interested in seeing him work through. He needs to do that on his own time, not on my tv. Sandra should be #1 because THE QUEEN STAYS THE QUEEN! Other than that I 100% endorse this list.

      1. I agree with you that there are those issues that he has, which has been shown on his last couple of his appearances. Not a good luck for him and something I remember and not a fan of. I guess my inclusion of him where he is at is more that of this arc he had gone through. The story of him being the charming southern boy that can work through any situation to becoming this error prone overplayer fascinates me. Is he done as a viable player? Is there something still there? Also, the idea of him and Fishbach playing together again is a fantasy I want.

        As for Sandra, she is amazing and any season she is on vastly approves with her appearance. I love her. With the people ranked ahead of her, I’m also fans of theirs and I think there is a story that feels less complete with them that I want explored with them.

      2. I agree. I don’t HATE J.T. but I definitely don’t have any desire to see him play again. We could write off the Russell letter in HvV as a bad, but in a weird way understandable, move, but there is too much this season that is just mindblowing bad gameplay, even when you set aside the race/gender stuff.

        1. I loved Tocantins JT. He was such a charmer and he got really island hot by the end. I don’t even fault him that much for the Russell letter/idol thing, it was a bad move but it was entertaining, which is what I want out of Survivor. What I do have a problem with is him saying basically “you can’t trust these bitches, women are horrible” when his bad move came back to bit him in the ass, and then all of his dogwhistle language around Michaela this season. At this point I don’t even want to see him in an all-winners season. The male winners bench is stacked enough that we don’t need him anymore.

          1. I hear you. I hope he takes a good look at himself this season and learns/grows from the experience.

  14. I want to cosign on what John said about Troy. Troy is so aggressively mediocre that it’s aggravating. He gives terrible confessionals and at this point he acts only as a number for Sierra or Culpepper.

    1. It’s nice to see his return proving me completely right. But it would be nicer to just not have seen​ him​ return. I didn’t need to be proven right on this one.

  15. Though the question didn’t get answered on the podcast, I did say I would rank the players that have the best chance of matching Sandra with two wins. I doubt it will happen and unless it’s Cirie, I don’t want it to happen but i do think it is interesting to think about who can accomplish that goal. Here are the top five choices to win for a second time.

    1. Badass Sophie
    2. Earl
    3. Denise
    4. Natalie Anderson
    5. Kim*

    *She’s too big a target but she’s the fucking best. I can’t leave her off the list.

    1. I have a foolproof way for Natalie to win again. She just tells everyone she’s Nadiya. Then they’ll think they’re taking a first boot to the end instead of a winner.

          1. It’s a big thing to do if you have really long hair though – you’ve really gotta want to commit to do that.

            Admittedly the possibility of a million dollars might make it worth it, but I’d still be really reluctant.

    2. I’m too down on the concept right now to answer the question. Especially since I don’t know why a former winner would bother for anything but a winner’s season at this point.

      1. I mostly agree that a winner should hold out for something like an all winner season. I do think a HvV type season with enough big names is viable for a winner to try.

        1. Yeah, a legit Legends season (rather than some Legends and some others that they’ll call Legends) would be fine too. But if I were a former winner, I don’t know that I’d trust them to cast it well enough to protect me.

          1. I agree with that. After this season, I would be more cautious as a winner who is interested in returning. The only thing I worry about is that I don’t think getting an all winner’s season with enough people is realistic anytime soon. I don’t know how long people who have an interest in returning are willing to wait.

          2. This is true. I don’t think there will ever be a winner’s season, so if you’re a former winner (particularly a mid-tier or less one), maybe you take the shot you get.

          3. “Game Changers” sounds like it’s going to be a Legendary season, but we get Sierra, Troy, Brad, Hali, Debbie, Caleb, and Sarah? Casting was as bad as FvF seasons. Why won’t they give us something like All Stars or HvV any more?

          4. They’re all better than Troy, Debbie, and Sierra. But most of them do suck.

          5. I’ve already stated that I would like to see Chelsea back, so there may be some bias, but I certainly think that her involvement with Kim in One World makes her more of a Game Changer than fucking Troy, or Debbie, or Sierra, or Hali (who I was interested to see again), etc.
            (I didn’t mention Sarah because she is doing a good job.)

          6. Mike would be considered an all star. If he had not won, he would have been voted into second chances. The rest, not so much.

          7. Yeah, definetely, even though I prefer all of them more than Troy, Caleb, Sierra and Brad.

          8. Omg I am DYING for Carolyn and Peter from KR returns though. Carolyn really got shafted for being an older woman and I would love to see if/how she changes her game to avoid that next time. Peter is the best kind of pre-merge villain edit: completely oblivious and basically there to screw everything up.

            The others (other than Monica, because I love Monica) I hope are never invited back ever again. So bland.

      2. Well if you’re someone like Aras, you come back for a season like BvW because you aren’t sure if you’re going to get an invite to an All Stars season.

    3. I love this list because it consists of people that I believe are among the greatest players of all time, but don’t have enough evidence to support myself. (Goddess Kim aside of course)

      1. I’m higher on Badass Sophie than most. I think she has a ton of skills that would help her excel in Survivor. Some of which she didn’t get/need to utilize because of the circumstances in South Pacific. I think Denise and Earl are elite winners that don’t get the credit they deserve and would be overlooked for a winner if they played again.

        1. Sophierce is just so fucking sharp. I love when she shows up on Know It Alls and outdoes Stephen and Rob. I love Earl and Denise too, but Sophie and Natalie Anderson in particular I suspect might be the Sandra/Cirie caliber players that haven’t yet had the chance to prove that they can repeat their magic.

    4. Agreed. I think the only former winner even in the conversation is Adam.

      1. Adam’s edit was so weird that I don’t think anyone who didn’t listen to his subsequent podcast appearances really has much of a handle on how he won. That could really benefit him a second time out.

        1. I could see him coming back and his castmates being like “He only won because his mom was dying/he was against Ken and Hannah”. That greatly benefits him.

    5. Denise and Earl might be the top two Survivors that I just want to make friends with. Scratch that, they’re my top two winners I want to be friends with. Aubry beats both of them.

  16. Going forward into next week, I’m most interested in how Tai reacts to having his name put down by his closest allies. We had the scene with him and Troy where they both stated that they would tell the other if their name came up. Tai has been known to change paths if he’s not comfortable with his positioning. Especially with two idols, where Tai lands can make a huge impact on this season.

    1. Tai voted for Sierra, so to some extent there might be an acceptance that everyone did what they thought they had to do. You never know with Tai though.

    2. I think the fact that he didn’t play an idol, considering how much he referenced feeling unsafe and on the bottom, might show that he has somewhat learned to control the emotional side of his gameplaying.

  17. recently finished walking so long for the first time and I got to thinking about the remove a jury twist and I thought about interesting scenario which it could have played out in the past

  18. So i Recently finished watching koh rong for the first time and I got to thinking about the remove a jury twist and I thought about interesting scenario, in which it could have played out in the past. What if this twist had happened in All Stars and for the sake of this discussion im assuming that if the final tribal council ends in a tie in the 3rd place persons vote determines the winner. We assume Rob win this advantage and he uses it to vote out somebody who would have a voted for Amber. now typically it wouldn’t matter because it would just end 3-3 but jenna voted for amber so amber would win anyway. but here’s what I’m proposing. rob actually thinks of this and boots out jenna. now it is still 3-3 but jennas vote doesn’t matter. Now who finished 4th place? none other than rupert! and rupert voted for rob so if this twist had been there in all stars and it worked out this way then rupert would have given rob $1,000,000 in all stars

  19. You know it’s not that exciting of an episode when the liveblog doesn’t even come close to 1000 comments.

    1. There were times when I couldn’t tell if no one was posting or if disqus was just broken.

  20. The people in the study room next to me are being excessively loud, so I’m blasting “Sticky Situation.” I’ve been up for 32 hours, and I don’t even feel bad about this.

      1. You would think so, but it gets stuck in my head constantly, so I listen to it pretty frequently anyway.

          1. It’s been cold this week. Right now the “hot” is short for “hot mess”

          2. I was cooped up in my store…and then cooped up at home finishing up all of my grad school work. Hopefully it’ll be nice tomorrow/next week when I can finally enjoy it.

  21. Aubry Talk: Another week, more lack of Aubry. I ran of shit I even wanted to say about her in this game. The show is not interested in showcasing her, which I think is a horrific mistake. She was in the right side of the vote. Let’s hope she continues as I wait for the show to let her shine like I believe she can.

    1. Were it not for the fact that I can’t really see how we’re going to get a rock draw this season, I would say Aubry is getting the rocked out edit.

      So…idoled out?

      1. At the very least, I’d think “some sort of plainly obvious boot episode edit,” but I’m not sure how that will play out at this juncture.

  22. Before I listen to the podcast, can I just say:

    THANK YOU to everyone from the PRP community who got involved in our little Twitter discussion about the inherent value in achievement/employment, and its necessity to lead a fulfilling life. Most of all, thank you for surviving my panic attack.

    I am still employed (and naturally it was my obsessive over-diligence and perfectionist paralysis that got me into minor trouble more than anything else), but, more importantly, I was able to go into work today feeling slightly more confident that a job shouldn’t define me or solely determine my self-worth. (Although money is super.)

    Boy, how lucky are we that we live in a time when we can find friends based on masscult and midcult interests, and then see within these groups that there is a shared existence of humanity that binds us all? Except for Paul Ryan, he can suck a dick. I have one in mind.

    1. Rock on dude. I just left a slightly prestigious but stressful position to take some time off and move for my wife’s career. Modern society is way too obsessed with what our jobs are and what they mean about who we are.

      Capitalism can go fuck off.

    2. I understand how you feel.

      I was an overachieving high-schooler (I went to a relatively small school, but I graduated as the valedictorian). Long story short, I graduated college with a computer science degree, and was one of the rare few to get a job out of college (the economy was already in the crapper in the early 2000’s). I worked at 2 companies for the next 8-9 years, but I didn’t love it. A lot of the creative aspect was being pushed overseas, and the real future (at least where I was) was management. And I hate management. I liked creating things/solutions and solving problems — not budgeting and hours and yelling at other people to do their job.

      After my first kid was born, I worked part time for a while, but since pretty much all my money went to childcare, when we were going to have a second kid, we decided it wasn’t worth it if I didn’t love what I did.

      I’ve been a SAHM for almost 5 years. I don’t regret it, and know it was the right thing for my family, but I feel like I’ve lost all my brain-power and much of a sense of purpose outside of keeping tiny humans alive. I definitely want to work again, but I’m not sure if the technology industry has a place for me at this point. Pursuing something brand new is scary, and there is too much at stake when raising a family to invest the $$ into training for another career unless I’m POSITIVE it’s the career I want.

      So, I know I’m in a different boat as you, but I feel your self-doubt. I’m not sure what I am besides a mom right now. I’m trying to remember that raising tolerant, inquisitive, empathetic human beings who are not assholes is a significant contribution to society right now.

      1. I relate to this comment so hard, but sort of from the opposite side. I’ve always been super ambitious and after finishing a graduate degree I got myself on the management track in a pretty decent job, but now I’m expecting my first child in about a month and I wish with all my heart that I could quit and just stay home with him. It was like a lightswitch – as soon as I got the positive pregnancy test I didn’t care at all about my job anymore. But we’re a two income family and I’m actually the primary breadwinner :/ My biggest dream is to downsize so that by husband and I can both afford to do something fulfilling instead of working just to pay our mortgage and bills 🙁

        1. I hear ya. Honestly, I don’t think I’m naturally built to be a SAHM. To be brutally honest, when I worked part-time (3 days a week) the days at home were my HARDER days. The days I worked, I felt like I appreciated the time I had with my daughter more and made the most of it.

          I will say that no matter what choice you make as a mother, society will try to make you feel like crap for it, so my advice is to try to focus on the positive benefits of your situation (like being a positive role model for strong, working women) and for the love of all that is holy, stay away from internet “mom groups”, especially when you are a new mom and full of hormones.

          Oh, and smack anyone who says “Enjoy every minute!”. You won’t enjoy every minute. Some minutes suck. A LOT. But then they are cute and smile or coo or say something unintentionally hilarious and you forgive them 😉

  23. I just want you guys to know that I am taking the trolling comments as a personal shoutout. And I’m so proud.

  24. Not the most exciting episode of Survivor ever, but I am committed to finding joy in the corners of episodes, so here are some things I liked about this episode…

    1. Troy being ignored is the best amount of Troy, from Sierra just turning away from his question at the reward challenge to #Everything is a Slogan Probst denying him a hashtag.

    2. There was a great little moment in Cirie + Andrea’s conversation where Cirie was like ‘I’ve got to…WE’ve got to convince Sarah’ that I thought was brilliant because she’s so cautious about revealing her manipulation. Cirie winning this thing is back to only 88% wishful thinking after this ep.

    3. Aubry has found her niche on this season and that is being very excited about food rewards, including eggs.

    4. Michaela speeding through challenges.

    5. Cirie at Tribal, saying that ‘even while you’re asking questions, we’re running through the grid in our head’ which I loved as she was basically like ‘we’re just trying to ignore you and focus on something important.’

    6. It was a fairly even edit! Felt like I knew how several people wanted to vote (incl Michaela + Aubry) and why. More of this!

    7. Zeke had a good exit and a well-rounded edit after that horrific Tribal.

    1. I loved her telling Probst that she doesn’t really listen to him too. And it’s part of why Cirie is so good. Not letting Probst fuck with you is a key part of playing Survivor

    2. I liked the conversation between Tai and Troy(zan) and the ridiculousness in that they both have an idol(s) but don’t know that the other one does too, so they’re trying to be very subtle about it. “If I hear your name I’ll tell you. Oh, and by the way, if you hear my name, tell me. I mean, I can’t do anything about it, but tell me anyway.”

  25. I agree with a lot of what you guys said here. Reading Zeke’s exit interviews gives us a lot more perspective. Its funny how people on Reddit are going on and on about how Zeke’s social game is so horrible but couldn’t you say Andrea’s was bad as well if she was alienating him and not making him feel comfortable? It makes sense that he would flip, and as you guys said Sarah was also in on it.

    1. Reddit hates on Zeke so much. He needs to do an AMA so they can pretend they liked him all along.

      Once upon a time they loved Spencer, but then after he stopped coming around they decided that he’s the worst.

      1. I’ve always been on team #SpencerSucks thankyouverymuch 😛

        It’s pretty obvious why reddit hates Zeke. In addition to digging up info during his first season and outing him, it took about 2 hours for a large portion of the subreddit to decide that Zeke was doing “just fine” after the outing because he wrote a piece on THR (and subsequently went on The Talk) and that Varner was the real victim. SMH.

        1. I actually like Spencer. I didn’t care much for him when Cagayan was airing, but he was so great in post-game press, and I enjoyed him in Cambodia.

          And I stayed away from Reddit after the Zeke outing. I didn’t need to deal with their stupidity.

  26. You guys want to know how this season has messed with my head? I want to rewatch Cambodia, a season that I was okay with not rewatching ever again. This is desperate times for me.

    1. Also, I agree with you that Cambodia is not as good as people say it is (while I still like it of course).

  27. Yay, my smart-aleck, not-a-real-question question got read on the podcast! Must have been a real slow week.

    1. Congrats! That’s way better than a featured comment! By the way, did you need a cat?

      1. My two cats were a bonded pair from the SPCA and they still barely get along, so adding a new cat would just create chaos.

  28. Completely unrelated to the episode, I met a girl while volunteering in Hanoi who was Hannah’s roommate (from last season).

    And she also is friends with Alexis from the Beauty, Brains & Brawn season, I had to look up who the hell that was, and I was like, oh yeah, you!

  29. Having spent some time these week thinking about my opinions on Zeke I have come to conclusion: He is okay. Zeke as a character does not season better on the whole but he a decent game player. He is a decent character when he being himself but when he tries he tries way to hard for my taste. I think I liked him better on MvsGenX than this time but he was fine. Don’t need see him ever again.

    PS I think at this point of season Aubry recognizes she probably is not win for a game stand point and is just trying to be good character to be asked back again for another season.

    1. I agree 100%. If this was destined to be his last season, I would be fine with that. I don’t dislike him, far from it, but there are many people who I prefer over him.

    2. I think Zeke helped make MvGX a lot more exciting and I really liked him there. I’ve been a bit mixed on him too though. I think my problem with him is that he is a big part of the trend of the meta aspect of the show becoming so prominent (as it has in Cambodia, MvGX, and this season) in a way that doesn’t always make sense. I think it would be cool to see him back in a few years if he toned that down.

      I don’t really think Aubry is drawing dead on the island, but she may have not mentally recovered from the first half of the game.

      1. I think if he ever came back his best bet would be a Fans vs. Favorites scenario with a mix of new and old people. But I’m with everyone else. I think he’s a great character/person, but if he never played Survivor again, I’d be OK with it.

    3. See I have the opposite opinion. I think he’s has good character moments when not obsessed with the game, but I don’t think he could ever win Survivor unless he does some real introspection and manages to reel himself in. His downfall in both seasons has been trying to make BIG MOVES too early. I do think if he had the ability to see his first season before going back he might’ve played differently. Andrea was willing to go to the end with him and instead he tries to take her out at the merge? He set up the fight and his opponent won immunity.

  30. In the RHAP 3hr recap with Cochran, they started talking about video games on the original NES, and Cochran mentions “Bubble Bobble”, a game one of my best friends and I still play from time to time when we’re feeling nostalgic. We can still beat it. I can also still beat Mario 3 and the first quest of Legend of Zelda without any cheats or Internet walkthroughs.

    Any other [old] people have heavy NES nostalgia like me? And apparently Cochran (who I like even more now, and I already liked him quite a bit, though maybe not to Emma levels — I am married after all)

    Cochran, if you read this, come hang out with us. We’re your kind of nerds here.

    1. My grandparents had an NES and I remember playing a ~lot~ of Mario whenever I visited. It was the one player version so we had to take turns, and whenever I was waiting to get my turn at the NES there was like a whole room full of Legos to play with. Man those were the days 🙂

      1. I think all 3 of the Mario games on NES were turn-based.

        We have a wii that we’ve been borrowing indefinitely. We have Super-Mario-Wii which is kind of in the style of the Mario 3, Super Mario World, etc — but you can play up to 4 people at the same time. You basically get in each other’s way the whole time and yell at each other, but it’s good semi-nostalgic fun

    2. Super Mario Bros 3 was the first game I ever played and I still know it inside and out

    3. Super Mario 1. Warp to level 3 and get a shit ton of lives. Then a little later warp to 8.

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