Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Game Changers Premiere – International Women’s Day takeover

To commemorate the 500th episode of Survivor and International Women’s Day, Purple Rock Emma takes over the podcast and invites Kelley Wentworth from Survivor: San Juan del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia to join her. Join them as they break down the first episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Game Changers premiere with Kelley Wentworth

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Emma is the token chick of the Purple Rock Podcast. She has watched the show continuously since the second episode and is pretty sure she's never seen the pilot.

Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Micronesia, Cambodia, Cook Islands, China, Philippines

Favorite players: Courtney Yates, Parvati Shallow, John Cochran, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Kim Spradlin
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345 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Game Changers Premiere – International Women’s Day takeover

  1. Great timing to put this together after such a good episode featuring a Queen assert her dominance! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and perspectives on the premier

      1. Just have to live vicariously through this, which I suppose is what the internet is for beside cat videos

        1. I just came to see people say nice stuff about Tony, still processing the loss

          1. Fair, I’ve taken comfort that it was Sandra who orchestrated it. If Tony’s got to go it at least it was by one of the greats

          2. I will accept that, I think I took it hard because of the Aubry/Malcom/Tony/Sandra alliance they teased us with

          3. Right? And it’s like, ok, there still could possibly be a Sandra-Aubry-Malcolm-Varner alliance. But it’s not the same thing. IT’S NOT THE SAME THING.

  2. my only question, if the podcasters are reading the comments is: Would Tony have any shot if he came back for a third try?

    1. I think he would, if the cast has a lot of Tony level players in it. I think going out early here will help him, but he needs some people around that he can point to as being bigger threats.

  3. I wanted them badly to be Wigles and Went. Why bother with any duplicate syllables?

  4. What a get! This was great! I had a dumb smile on my face through most of it. I love how honest Wentworth is – we have no need to speak of the Non-Ciries of Tribe Cirie.

    1. Agreed. Kelley’s a great personality for discussing the show. Also I like that she’s Team Aubry!

    2. I love that she just lets the fan side of her take over and doesn’t give a shit about being political. Her righteous outrage over various elements of gameplay is always going to be more endearing than “well I’ve only seen a couple seasons” or “[blank] is my favorite winner because someone I know told me to say that answer.”

      Not that I’m calling any Calebs out in particular.

          1. I am a bit concerned, but it all depends on what tribe he ends up on, especially since it appears that he is swapping into a minority no matter where he goes. We can only hope that he does not end up with Ozzy and Brad.

  5. Great podcast! I think Wentworth’s point about Ciera controlling that conversation was really sharp – it’s such a contrast to the way Sandra handles the very similar situation with her trademark, whatever y’all want, and I think Ciera treated that conversation as if she were talking to an alliance where as Sandra did the work of getting people on board 1 to 1 before she made the Tony move. Sad to see Ciera go but she was brought back too soon and given Probst’s feelings about her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back again.

    And yeah, worried for Cirie – it’s bad when the edit makes Debbie look sort of okay in that conversation, but I hope they’re just building up tension around her boot because the swap stays her and she eventually goes really far despite being early target, like Parvati in HvV.

    Also like how you got straight into the important questions about Kelley/Kelly spelling and Ozzy’s terrible hair timing 🙂
    I’m really hoping for some reward type scenario where there is some horribly sponsored Barber Shop just to get rid of Malcolm’s mustache.

      1. That would be the dream. And maybe Debbie is confused: because of her multiple aliases she assumes the same of others.

  6. My question for Kelley: How much of a toll did the game take on your body? Did you have any health issues afterwards?

  7. Sometimes I forget how much I love Wentworth, but then I get reminded that “oh yeah, I do like her”. This was definitely one of those times. I am happy that even though she wanted to come back, she could still find ways to critique the show (ie women’s edits and women’s “costumes”) in a polite way. She also has good instincts. What I am trying to say is that Drewchebag was right.

    Also, I love that she loves Keith Nale despite the failed fake idol gambit.

    1. I think now that she’s proven her place in the Survivor world she’s a lot more relaxed and I really appreciate how honest she was here, particularly about women’s edits. Which, btw, this season is potentially promising for despite the bro-downing, especially if Sandra and Cirie continue for a while.

      1. The problem is that besides those two, what other females got substantive positive edits? Michaela definitely got a substantive edit but it was not a good look for her. Sarah and Hali got positive edits, but it wasn’t really substantive. Are we supposed to be rooting for Debbie?

        1. Yes, it’s only promising relative to Survivor, but I feel like it has the potential to be better than Cambodia (which I liked, but where the women’s edit problem really annoyed me). I think Sarah’s story has legs and promise of substance – it’s tough to know if she’s also being set up a la Debbie (as it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at her ‘phenomenal social game’) but she was at least allowed to explain her thinking and gameplay of criminal not cop (though as somebody who used to teach in a jail I did laugh/sigh at the idea that ‘cop’ is a total opposite of ‘criminal’)

          I also think that Sierra’s story has some potential for substance, because they included her being a cowgirl etc. What is sad is that we got a lot of unnecessary Caleb when we could have been hearing from Aubry, who surely had something to say about the Tony v. Sandra feud.

          Ugh to rooting for Debbie and I’m not exactly excited about a season told from Sarah or FFSDT’s perspective, but I am glad that many of the female characters got to sketch out their plan: waiting like a cobra, trying to be better at lying etc.

          1. You got some good points there. I think the biggest disappointment edit-wise with the females was Aubry. Yes, Aubry had a quiet first episode in KR but she also got the redemptive arc in that episode of going from anxiety attack to winning the first challenge. She got nothing besides her one or two confessionals and being lumped in with Tony.

          2. I think next week will give us a better idea of how the editing will be about this. One tribe lost every challenge so we only saw about half the cast anyway, and the other tribe had an all out war between Tony/Sandra.

          3. That is a great point, corndogshuffle. However, Aubry was painted as Tony’s second in command yet got really nothing discussing how she felt about the war when she has the reputation of being one of the great modern narrators. That felt odd to me.

          4. Agree (both about the swap shifting things and wanting to hear more from Aubry re: the situation) – we got to see Caleb’s conflict about voting for Tony (he doesn’t want to but they don’t have the votes for Sandra) but not Aubry’s (who also voted for him). But hopefully we’ll get more Aubry soon 🙂

          5. I think this is probably true. The issue with a tribe swap after what was basically one episode is that the storylines are all going to change so no point setting up a whole bunch of storylines with no payout. Thus if you aren’t part of the main storyline for these two episodes, you’re going to fade into the background.

            This is why i expect that the Cirie/Ozzy/JT thing is going somewhere

          6. That is why I think Cirie and Ozzy are going to be on a swap tribe together, which will lead to Cirie v. Ozzy which could lead to a rock draw which could lead to my mouth agape when Hali goes home from a rock draw.

          7. So Ozzy has slept with the hottest girl on every season he’s been on who he hadn’t previously slept with. At the risk of reigniting that debate, he’s almost guaranteed to hook up with Hali

          8. Even though I do like Cook Islands, I just don’t think it’s a Top 10, not even mentioning Top 5 season. It has some really great things, but also a lot of ‘eh’ things (even aside the Race Wars).

          9. Cook Islands’ post-merge is so great that people forget how lackluster the pre-merge is.

          10. (I should also have said this to @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus) Maybe I’m twisting reality to match my perception, but I think the merge was late because of the mutiny, with production calling a audible (note that everybody who made it to the mutiny also made the jury). So when I say the pre-merge was boring I mean everything up to the mutiny.

          11. I agree with you. I think if there was no Mutiny there would’ve been a merge. A fascinating what if.

          12. Gotcha. I still don’t think it’s great – you’ve got a boring boot there, and then you’ve got the shitty bottle twist in the next episode with two boots that also weren’t interesting. I’ve just never really understood the Cook Islands love though, so my opinion might not mean much here.

          13. I think the pre merge had interesting moments. Not the best, but I wouldn’t call it lackluster. Probably middle of the pack for Survivor. “Mutiny” is an all time great episode though, which would pump up the pre merge grade a little.

          14. That’s fair. Maybe I should have said that the players that went pre-merge were lackluster. And really I’m just nit-picking because it’s certainly a Top 10 season, and in that tier any flaw is magnified.

            I’m only spoiler-tagging the following for Barbara’s protection (it’s about Micronesia) I’m just now finishing my first watch of Micronesia, and in contrast to the Cook Islands pre-merge, every one of the Fans is interesting (despite their reputation as the reddest of redshirts), and for the most part they last just long enough to not wear out their welcome (Chet or Kathy getting dragged to the end would have ruined the season). Also–I haven’t watched the FTC yet but Amanda was drawing dead regardless. At F3, when she gets all weepy about voting out Cirie, the entire jury looks disgusted.

          15. That’s fair. The pre merge players didn’t leave a mark, though I did like Flicka. The stories involving them was more about the big players of the season.

          16. You can clearly see that Production was like “We kinda like the vibe that we got from Courtney, so let’s go with another alternative girl. But not a fire dancer, because we can’t have a repeat. Instead, let’s do a roller derby girl, becuse that’s a cool and edgy profession. Hopefully, her personality will be as cool and edgy.” She is also far more annoyning than Courtney Marit and Courtney Marit is annoyning.

          17. They also did the alternative girl in Palau with Angie. I thought she was good. They don’t seem to go to that archetype as often in later seasons.

          18. In response to your first sentence, I have this…
            I think it is weird how some seasons they have alternative girls and other seasons they don’t, because the very next season is Fiji with Michelle. I think you could count Sugar as an alternative alternative girl, but then you have a jump until Jerri who is often coded as not an alternative girl, but she totally is. Then you get another jump until maybe Dana but definitely both modern day Lindseys. We get the modern day version of the first alternative girl with Cambodia Wiglesworth. I think the latest iteration is probably MvGX Michelle or (if we are stretching it) Mari.

          19. It can actually mean several different things. Typically they have tattoos and piercings (like Angie in Palau) or they have an unusual job or interest (which in that case can also include Jenn from Worlds Apart) or they just live a non typical lifestyle. In Production’s eyes, they definitely mean Angie, Courtney Marit, Flicka, the Lindseys, Jenn Brown, and MvGX Michelle.

          20. If the definition is broad enough to include Kourtney Moon and Semhar (I don’t really see it with Jerri TBH), then the gap isn’t that long.

          21. Good call on Kourtney Moon. Semhar is debatable. With Jerri, they definitely hide it, but she is a bigtime Burning Man firedancer who designed jewelry from spoons. Also, her luxury item in AO was bongo drums. Come on!

          22. I think a season where the least interesting players are the earliest ones to go is an ideal situation.

          23. Yeah, my first CI watch I thought it was fantastic (note: I watched it after HvV, so I knew some of the characters and already had a crush on Parvati). My second, I found the premerge a slog. Still, as you say, probably above replacement level Survivor, for the pre-merge and Top 10 as a whole

          24. It’s interesting watching after seeing Peak Parvati. I didn’t know who see was going into Cook Islands. I ended up finding her incredibly charming and displaying the some of the great social skills that she would later use to greater effect in her next two appearances. I was surprised to find out that she was perceived as a forgettable character and a baffling favorite choice for Micronesia to a lot of viewers.

          25. It is definitely apparent, especially at the JP boot (also spoiler tagging for Barbara’s benefit). I can see why questions were raised about her in FvF but she is certainly far from the strangest choice for a returnee and production clearly saw what we saw of her in CI. But my roommate at the time, who hadn’t seen HvV hated her. But then he hated her again in Micronesia (and was going for Joe in Cambodia) so take his opinion with a grain of salt

          26. I watched the JP boot last night, so you are in the clear. Yes, Parvati’s social skills are there, but she is not the one leading the votes. The JP boot is a collaboration between Rebecca and Jenny where they are worried that Parvati will side with the guys. Meanwhile the Stephannie vote is a weird one where she tries to save Stephannie but realizes that it is she would lose out.

            Also, can we talk about the unintentional hilarity of having Cao Boi/Becky/Sundra build fire…okay it is really Cao Boi doing the work? The editors must have been cackling when they got to F4 and saw that Becky and Sundra fell into their trap.

            Also, I just finished the Stephannie boot and I like the pre-merge but I am not enthralled with it.

          27. No she wasn’t leading, but she was part of whipping the votes if I recall correctly (it has been a while). The strategy aspect is definitely the piece CI Parvati was missing.

            I don’t remember that scene but that is A+ foreshadowing by the editors.

            It starts to pick up a bit soon but as mentioned, its about average for a premerge

          28. I don’t hate Parvati by any means, but I think she’s very overrated, whether as a Survivor player, a charmer, or a hottie. But then again, I saw her seasons in a weird order that is probably unfavorable for her (HvV, CI, FvF).

          29. That’s also the order I saw her in. I do think she can be overrated as a player (not as a hottie) but she was a rooting interest for me in all three seasons. Mind you, I often end up cheering for the most attractive players. I think her overrated-ness comes from this near mythological concept about her as a dominating player which isn’t totally there. She is very good and knows what she is about, but is no, say, Kim

          30. Hit me up with you get to Mirconesia. I may jump in. I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the Black Widow Brigade (greatest alliance ever) with Cirie on this season. Also, I know you watch Big Brother, I was wondering if you watch Big Brother Canada? I’m currently watching season 2 for the first time (I don’t know the winner) and it may be the best BB I’ve ever seen. The new season starts next week.

          31. BB Can 2 is great. How far are you? I’m trying to watch 4 right now but am skipping around a lot because I’m mostly watching for Cass.

          32. I’m 21 episodes in. There are 29 episodes in the season. I’m at the point where Adel won HoH and gave a brutal speech when nominating the Gremlins. This is my first exposure to BB Canada and I love it. My friend put me on it and said I needed to watch it before jumping on the new season with her. Excellent cast, interesting strategy that is sometimes missing on the US version.

          33. I believe later seasons have more bullshit twists, but the casting cancels it out. 2 is the only one I’ve watched fully, but I’m pretty excited for 5. I don’t know if you know the cast yet so I will be cautious, but I am stoked for the return of Neda. Also, Ika shredding the letters from home might be my favorite Big Brother moment.

          34. I do know and am also stoked for that return. I’m interested to see how that player finishes Season 2. That Ika scene was the best.

          35. I got lucky that the second season is on YouTube and I’ll be watching the latest season at someone else’s apartment. Hit me about Micronesia though

          36. I was planning on watching BBCAN5, but it turns out it’s half newbies, and half returnees so I’ll have to pass for now (the first two seasons are the only ones where I don’t know a winner (alongside BB5 which I’m watching right now) and I wanna keep it that way).

          37. Final 7, like 3 episodes left. Shouldn’t be too hard to do I’ll churn it out over the weekend.

          38. No debate: Andrea repeatedly vowed no more showmances in her pre-season interviews.

            Wait, who did Ozzy hook up with from SP?

          39. Didn’t know that. There were some…. complicated relationships on that season.

          40. I don’t know if they for sure “hooked up”, but they at least had a showmance type of thing.

          41. Yeah, I’m just guessing at the hooked up thing too, but come on, its Ozzy. She was voted out because of the showmance too

          42. Huh. I guess that was overshadowed by Brandon-Mikayla and my desire to forget everything about that part of the season.

          43. That’s legit. I only really remember it because its what Jim Rice hangs his hat on as a (the only) “big move” that he made

          44. Isn’t Andrea dating a sorta famous actor dude?

            My apologies but it looks like they broke up. Also, quick fun fact: Andrea’s Survivor Wiki page puts Grant’s and Tyler’s Wikipedia pages to shame.

          45. yes! Aside from the excess of Spencer/Joe etc because of their popularity and the neglect of Wigglesworth, Tasha and Kimmi, there were all these tiny things that bugged me like in the secret scene where they talk about the tribe name and Joe narrates it when it was Kimmi’s idea!!

            What’s promising about this season is how central Cirie’s and Sandra’s stories were (though sadly they might both be short) and some of the points I mentioned above, but I agree that Aubry (and Andrea) were really neglected. Hopefully that picks up after the swap as I’m really rooting for Aubry to be the Fishbach of this season and provide us with some epic narration/references.

          46. First of all, I think Tasha’s edit flatlines after the merge for two reasons. The first one is to set up that she is the clear non-winner at FTC. The second reason is to avoid any contentious and controversial reference to the merge episode and the issues surrounding the feud between her and Kass (many reports say that Kass made a racial remark but no one has confirmed it).

            While I would love for Aubry to be Fishbach, Fishbach was clearly set up as someone who is going to try big moves but fail from the first episode. We have no sense of Aubry’s storyline, which is why I think she does not make it out of the pre-merge.

          47. I found Tasha’s edit especially confusing so that is clarifying, if it’s true. Annoying that Spencer was tied with her at that FTC but he was sort of presented as ‘second’ by the edit.

            Sadly I agree with you about Aubry’s chances based on this ep, but I’m still hopeful that she’ll get a story.

            And, we always have Monica the chicken, who I’m sure has an arc awaiting her 🙂

          48. Crazy theory: Anytime there is an unamious winner at a F3 FTC, the editors always try to set up one as being the clear second placer and one as the clear third placer. How? By submaring their edit right around the merge
            Caramoan: Dawn’s edit is consistent while Sherri goes invisible
            Cambodia: Spencer’s edit is pretty consistent while Tasha goes invisble
            MvGX: A weird version of this where Hannah gets more screentime at the merge while Ken fades away.

          49. (disclaimer: I haven’t watched/listened yet) Here’s my crazy theory: A threesome that sticks together all (or almost all) the way to the end is rarely a partnership of equals*; it usually comprises a ringleader, a loyal soldier, and a disloyal soldier (the one who repeatedly considers flipping but doesn’t). David, Jeremy, and Cochran were ringleaders. Ken, Tasha, and Sherri were loyal soldiers. Hannah, Spencer, and Dawn were disloyal soldiers (Dawn was actually a weird hybrid, but just go with it). Another threesome that is clearly of this type is Earl, Cassandra, and Dreamz (another unanimous-winner F3). I don’t think it’s a matter of the editors wanting to fabricate a second-place and third-place finisher, or consciously or unconsciously short-changing a woman’s edit, it’s just that there’s not much to say about the loyal soldier. The real question to ask is why women are so often in the soldier roles.

            *Micronesia is a rare partnership of equals.

          50. I like your theory. You could even apply this to scenario where other roles win to some extent:

            Samoa: Russell, Natalie, Mick (okay, that works slightly less well, but point is Natalie’s weak edit)
            HvV: Parvati, Russell, Sandra (I understand Parvati/Russell is debatable)
            SoPa: Coach, Sophie, Albert

          51. While I think ADS observation is interesting, in the end I think David wasn’t a ringleader since the rock draw. From Zeke boot onward the combination of Adam/Hannah mostly decided and were responsible on who was going. David laid low and was let by them on going to Final 6 (and I don’t say that’s a BAD thing, he needed to do that). I don’t think that Hannah and Adam were necessarily THAT loyal to him and let him get that far cause they wanted to use him ffor their own plans. And in the end Ken betrayed him, so I wouldn’t really call him a “loyal soldier” (even though his alligance was mostly more on David’s side).

          52. And jury probably saw that move as something that he thought of only at the very end- which was probably true.

          53. Even though I do think Adam had more to do in David’s boot than what was shown, I think what in the end caused them to belive that it was Adam’s move was that he was the one telling in TC why David should go at the Final 4, when Hannah was saying “um, we all could go at this Tribal” and didn’t even try telling them that it was her move at FTC (it could be cause she didn’t believe that she was responsible for it). At least that’s how I remember that F4 tribal going.

          54. My theory definitely needs work. It doesn’t fit either MvGX or Kaoh Rong particularly well, which is a bad sign considering they’re the two most recent seasons. Just off the cuff I’d say that a triad needs fringe members in order to survive past F7 (outer layers of an onion, you might say) and from F6 to the end it’s mainly a matter of whether the disloyal soldier flips or not. Maybe Adam was more of a fringe member.

          55. I think ultimately Hannah was in the middle where she had to choose a)someone who would beat her cause the Jury would call her stupid for taking a massive threat (David) or b)someone who was much more liked by the Jury, but in “theory” is easier to beat than the other one (Adam).

            She was put in a lose-lose situation, even though I would argue it was more of her fault than bad luck that she had it (Sunday boot was probably when completely lost the chance of winning, and she solidified that with a Bret boot).

          56. The triad doesn’t make it to the end if the disloyal soldier ends up defecting. This is where my theory meets up with Other Scott’s (?) theory that you can’t let the last minority alliance member get to the end because that person always wins. As haphazard a season as Gabon was, even it adhered to the triad-with-defection pattern (the triad was Matty, Susie, and Sugar).

            New theory, which needs work because i thought of it just now: The seasons that everybody hates have unbalanced triads: Gabon had two loyal soldiers and one disloyal soldier. Nicaragua had one loyal soldier (Holly) and two disloyal soldiers (Chase and Sash). Both One World and Redemption Island had one ringleader and two loyal soldiers.

          57. But Adam wasn’t in the minority alliance post-merge. The only time he then voted wrong was Bret vote (and a rock draw one, but that one is with an asterisk). Your scenario would work better if it was Jay or Bret, cause they weren’t always in a majority. And I think Hannah was always working more with Adam since the rock draw than with David, so I don’t think that she ever deflected from David, cause she didn’t have game-ike relationship with him aside from being in an alliance with him (and like I said below, it was a duo of Adam and Hannah who were controlling the end game more than David).

          58. Hmmm, intriguing comparisons and yeah the choice to make somebody who is going to feature heavily in the end game so invisible at crucial points is interesting, as it really is quite extreme for some of these comparisons.

          59. Yeah, that’s an interesting example, especially because Hannah and Ken kinda switched at the merge in terms of relative visibility, though likely the fact that Hannah was one of 3 women for most of the post-merge has something to do with that.

            This is getting towards the conspiracy theory end of things (!) but I wonder if your theory holds up for where people sit at the finale – have always wondered how they place the tied losing finalists in these situations and – from my rough memory – pretty sure that Tasha was 3rd in that situation.

          60. Full disclosure: I went to Survivor Wiki to look up where they were seated at FTC, but the reunion is intriguing.
            Caramoan: don’t have evidence of it
            Cambodia: I think that seems right, but I don’t remember
            MvGX: I think Hannah was next to Adam.

          61. Ha, I was thinking of the reunion show – maybe Sherri was in the audience and nobody noticed.

            I feel like we need a detective with her wits about her to help investigate such mysteries and probe the dark side of the Survivor Wiki, paging Cops R Us…

          62. I’m pretty sure Ken was next to Adam. I remember being irrationally annoyed by it as I felt Hannah deserved some kind of second place distinction.

          63. You are correct. I went to the PRP’s listing for the top 10 moments of MvGX and the picture of Adam shows a person in a dark blue shirt, not a person in a red dress, sitting next to him.

          64. However, it does feel weird that the editors like going back to Tasha’s “I’m going to pray for forgiveness” confessional when she feels like the only cutthroat thing she does is take out Peih-Gee.

          65. Also I think the show wouldn’t have been able to do an adequate job showing why Tasha was disliked, because there probably isn’t a lot to show in terms of actual incidents, she probably just rubs people the wrong way. So with that it didn’t really know what story to tell so it kind of just stuck with “Jeremy’s sidekick”

          66. They tried with the whole Tasha rattling out the F7 Women’s alliance, but there should have been more of that. Maybe have a scene of Wentworth trying to approach Tasha during the Wiglesworth vote to show that she was too reliant on that alliance.

          67. It’s a really unfortunate nature of juries that they hold not flipping and saving them against you, even when it’s not in your best interest to. It’s like you’re being punished because they’re the person they approached.

          68. I think at that point, many jurors would say that but it’s really just an excuse to not vote for that person when they clearly weren’t going to vote for you. I am really interested as to when Tasha was drawing dead as in zero votes, but I think it was the merge.

          69. This is a great, plausible explanation. If there’s not a single, easily digestible incident to show why she was disliked, it requires too much heavy lifting on the part of the audience.

            And it’s not that the producers lack the skill to make that narrative, it’s that they lack the time. Condensing 39 days into 14 episodes of about 43 minutes each demands that they be as efficient as possible with story telling.

          70. I guess that is true because Tasha’s two biggest flaws is her stubborness and her social game. With that combo, you are basically looking at someone who is hard to show why that person lost. But, what is really funny is that they show why Tasha would not win Cagayan very clearly:
            1) Tasha getting agitated at Garrett’s open forum idea (which was a terrible idea) because that is not she wanted to play the game.
            2) Tasha being undecisive at the J’Tia vote to the point that Kass is fed up with her about it.
            3) Instead of Tasha settling the fight between Kass and Sarah, Tasha basically forces Kass to apologize to Sarah. That little moment is highlighted as the moment that Kass is done with her original alliance.
            4) During Tasha’s boot, Spencer tells Tasha to look like she is scrambling because he thinks that he has Woo and Kass on board to blindside Tony. What does Tasha do? Not scramble to the point that Tony notices and realizes that Woo and Kass are up to something.

            I understand that Cagayan and Cambodia are different animals and Tasha finished in much different spots, but they could have done something to show why people didn’t even want to talk to Tasha at FTC.

          71. Allow me to posit a theory: a season that took pains to show more of Tasha’s story and why she lost would be a much worse season.

          72. From watching her play Survivor twice and listening to her interviews. She’s an uncreative, inflexible game player and a self-righteous Christian. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a lot of scenes to show why people didn’t like her (besides the rumoured one with Kass, which I’ve heard might have more been Tasha ACCUSING Kass of racism to get the target on her – but I can’t possibly claim to know what actually happened and won’t). It could just be that people picked up on her general superior vibe and frontrunner social game and realized they didn’t like her.

          73. Definitely agree that there are some complexities that make it tough to show parts of why Tasha didn’t get votes but I really believe that Cambodia doesn’t do justice to several players (especially Tasha or Kimmi) and what they definitely did have footage of was more scenes where they outline their strategy or show them building key relationships – i.e show the Tasha and Jeremy or Tasha and Spencer relationship more clearly or for more than a second.

            Sure, there are all sorts of challenges in fitting 20 people into short episodes, but there was a fair amount of fat in Cambodia (Spencer’s growth arc for example) and they could have had an example of Jeremy + Tasha bonding if it was going to be so key as well as the Jeremy/Spencer fishing scene, as one example.

          74. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Spencer surplus came as a result of the data the received on how popular he was.

          75. The problem is that so much of Spencer’s edit (and Jeremy and Fishbach’s edit TBH) is redundant.

            Spencer: I am a big boy now with emotions.
            Jeremy: I am playing for Val and the baby
            Fishbach: I got to get out my JT.

            I think that is why I still have people saying that Spencer should have won Cambodia because they are convinced that Jeremy only won because of the baby bomb. Now this could be their love for Spencer (for example, my best friend falls into that camp), but the edit does not do a lot of justice to Jeremy for casual fans. But, we as superfans can see how the edit highlights a lot of Jeremy’s subtle moves like getting the target off Stephen and onto Wentworth or Ciera. I am also under the belief that Probst wanted Spencer to win, but that is just a theory. I also hate that Jeremy is like the only winner in modern days to not get a winner montage. Aras got a winner montage (admittedly all of that was him vs. Terry, but still). Michele got a winner montage. Jeremy got nothing and his winner montage is there. Tally and I were chatting about this and he has at least 8 great moments in Cambodia that you can highlight.

            Anyway, I think you can take one or two confessionals from both Spencer and Fishbach per episode and give them to Jeremy (for strategy reasons) or Tasha or another woman. What about Kimmi? She was apparently super close to Stephen and Jeremy.

          76. Tasha’s whole “these people don’t deserve to be here to the audience at home” attitude toward Keith and Wentworth was particularly infuriating.

          77. I upvoted because I think the Spencer losing story was just better, but now I’m curious.

            If Survivor goes deep into Tasha and her relationship with others on her tribe, how deep does it go into the religion and race aspect? Is it able to find actual reasons Tasha was disliked or does it come to the conclusion people were unfair to her?

            Now I kind of want this season.

          78. I would love to see the story of how Tasha navigates the game through her religion, which could have lead to her losing finalist edit. Instead we got one mention of “praying for forgiveness” and that’s it.

          79. I think edits that show why someone isn’t well liked are interesting, but I can see how it would get in the way of a season like this. I would have loved some confessionals from Wentworth, Abi or Kimmi shit talking her though, because that’s always entertaining. It felt like the edit shielded her by ignoring her because she was a returning hero, which makes her as boring as possible.

          80. I can at least abide the idea of telling her story through other people. Since my main takeaway is that I’ve never felt like I’ve needed more Tasha.

          81. Understandable. I’m all about her perfectly edited Cagayan self (“THEN QUIT”) and her “we got a rat” moment, but I’m not the Tasha fan I once was.

          82. So kind of the inverse of the reason why they didn’t do an adequate job showing why Michele was so liked.

          83. I may just still be bitter, but I think Michele’s “stellar social game” and “most liked castmate” stuff is a bit of a revisionist history myth.

          84. It’s like “Michele won, so we need to come up with a reason that explains how that happened.”

          85. Yes, exactly. Too many people believe that the best player always wins the season so they need to come up with reasons the winner was the best player. And then they complain about the show not doing a better job of showing all those reasons they came up with in their head.

          86. I think another thing happening with Michele now is a rush of defenders who kinda feel bad about how she’s being singled out by Probst and the show and assholes like us.

            Which is an impulse I understand, but will not abide.

          87. Oh I definitely get that. And I do feel bad for demeaning Michele’s win because winning Survivor is hard to do! But the true Michele stans are the worst and I will take every opportunity to take the wind out of their sails.

          88. I think her win is better than we make it out to be, but worse than her stans are making it out to be.

          89. This is almost certainly true.

            And I mean, I don’t rank it last place. I just think there’s no discernible difference between Michele and Fabio’s win. Which, if you’re willing to make the argument that Fabio is underrated I’m willing to listen!

          90. Yeah, I wasn’t even mad when I was assigned Brad Culpepper. I figured it was payback.

          91. I found Brad’s pregame interviews interesting. That alone would make him interesting to write about. I’m skeptical about his chances on this season though. I can see him reverting back to the BvW version of Brad.

          92. It was, actually (and I only had to rewatch 5 1/2 episodes). It’s just that there were so many greats still up for grabs.

          93. I’m kinda in that boat. I agree with Probst and you guys but I wish he would stop bringing it up.

          94. Also, I know I can’t ever be a fully objective voice on Survivor. I’ve met Michele once and now feel bad about past comments I’ve made, though I still feel that way.

          95. Be bitter.

            My take: she’s a perfectly lovely woman that gets along with people well. Sometimes, that’s enough, I guess.

          96. I think I know what Michele’s issue was: I think she freezes up whenever the camera is focused on her. I think she is charming with other people, but camera fear caused her to revert to dead-eye monotone whenever she was asked for confessionals.

            I think her game was similar to Fabio’s (although she likely had slightly more awareness) in that they mostly won by sticking around and letting jury grudges (Debbie, Cydney, Scot, Jasle) determine the outcomes. The main difference is that Fabio won more challenges and had a discernible personality.

          97. Yes! She’s such terrible TV, with these affectless confessionals, that it’s hard for me to judge her game because whatever she’s doing doesn’t come across clearly. I assume she’s terrible because I can barely remember anything her, but I kind of suspect she’s just mediocre.

          98. Even as someone who is high on Cambodia, that was a big problem for me too. I would say the biggest flaw of that season.

        2. Michaela’s edit was weird! It was like “how weird that she doesn’t like votes being thrown her way in the era of idols everywhere.” Like I mean, who does??? No one else was exactly stepping up and volunteering to have their name put up there.

          And by tribal council she was clearly perfectly okay with it, which probably took a lot of patience on her part.

          1. I think Michaela’s edit was weird because we basically got probably our most negative look at her in both seasons. She was a sore loser. She got mad at Malcolm for not letting her pull a Reynold (phrasing). Yes, she was still fun in the confessionals, but that fun didn’t come across in the camp life scenes. That makes me worried about her chances.

          2. Her reaction was on par for someone who treated Hannah as an annoyance while they were doing the puzzle together.

          3. Well the other weird factor is her lack of explanation why she stuck with the Sandra side and voted out Tony.

          4. Tony’s revealed that in his post-game: they all assumed a swap was coming, so strength didn’t matter.

          5. Really, they needed to swap. I feel like everyone knew going in that Mana was going to lose more challenges, having people get picked off because Survivor did a crappy job dividing tribes is crappy.

          6. This is kinda a big issue because they also had a similar issue with Cambodia. When you give one tribe Joe, Jeremy, Keith, Savage, and Tasha for the physical comps and Kass and Ciera (and Fishbach?) for the puzzles, you are really overpowering that dynamic. Sure the other side had Dietz and Wiglesworth, but they hadn’t been challenged in the modern comps. Spencer, Vytas, Wentworth, and Woo are good to great with the modern comps but you have arguably the three weakest women in the tribal stage from that season on their tribe with Abi, Peih-Gee, and Shirin. Shirin is okay with puzzles, but she is not a closer. So that basically means that you have to pull Spencer from the physical portion, so he can do puzzles…But we know why they did this (tin foil hat time) to screw with Varner.

            In Game Changers, this was to set up Tony vs. Sandra early, but automatically you are weakening the tribe by having Sandra on it. But since you can’t have all of your legends on the same tribe, you have to put Ciera on Mana instead of Cirie as “protection” for Sandra (I am still holding strong to that theory because it was basically proven correct). Yes, you have capable challenge competitors like Aubry, Malcolm, Michaela, and Hali, but you have a tribe with maybe the three weakest people on the season. You are going to be seeing Tribal a lot.

          7. I may be biased because of my love for Michaela, but I didn’t read her story as negatively. I think Probst sort of supports her frustration as not being able to play – and it looked like Malcolm sort of lost his rhythm a bit towards the end, at least how they presented it – so I think they showed her as a great competitor and somebody who knows that she has to work on parts of her social game: I guess if she keeps this awareness up – or they keep showing this part – I think she has a good chance at getting along further/being an important part of the season.

          8. Those are valid points especially since they pointed how good Aubry and Michaela were together in that first challenge. But, my problem with her self-awareness is that she was edited to stomp off and pout in the middle of camp. They also had two or three confessionals worried about her and her face/mood/temp.

          9. I think Michaela’s confessional about how you can’t contain greatness was there to illustrate that Michaela is great and she can’t contain it. Sorry, I’m just really excited to have Michaela on this season.

          10. Yes, I loved that confessional. And also when she refers to herself as Michaela Bradshaw – I think even when I can see she’s playing poorly, I’m blinded by being endeared/entertained. And glad to have her in our league – was definitely worried for her at the start, but hope she can bounce back to glory…

          11. Thing is, by the time she would have stepped in by walking to the mat, JT would have won. He was hitting them. It was close but there were two to go, not just one. JT would have had to have kept missing and she would have had to have hit on the first try.

          12. Especially because they were at the point where they had to retrieve the rings after every second miss. There was no surplus of rings for the shooters to alternate throws with.

          13. Would that even be allowed? It seems that one player has to be totally out for the other one to start throwing. Alternating throws would have been a neat idea though. One gets to aim while the other throws.

          14. They absolutely need to be off the throwing Matt. But early on, when all the rings were hanging, you’d be able to grab one and step to the mat while the other person is coming off of it. I think the other tribe did a bit of that.

            But once you’re at the end, you’re better off sticking with one person unless they’re simply not getting it done.

          15. Michaela voting in an unexplained, surprising way is just a first episode tradition at this point.

          16. It’s basically just the inverse of this one: they showed someone approach her with an alternative plan. She doesn’t commit. That time, we expected it to be a futile attempt and a red herring. This time, I guess people expected the opposite.

        3. While I am not saying you are not right, on the other hand, to me it seemed that Malcolm got the only positive and substantive edit for a guy so far (of course, I’m not counting Tony). JT, Ozzy and Caleb weren’t positive. Tai was comic relief almost. Zeke and Troy were sort of neutral and unsubstantive.

          I am actually having trouble remembering anyone else.

          1. I agree that there were a few people who really dominated the air-time so it’s tough to see how the stories will play out. This also highlights how central and complex Cirie and Sandra were, as only Malcolm and Tony had similar stories.

            I would add Brad to your list as I think he has the seeds of a story (the what would monica do strategy and little scene with Sierra) and I would say that Zeke and Caleb had more substance (comparatively) than others in that we got to see why they made their decisions and, to some degree, what they want to do this time.

          2. Brad definitely got a positive edit with his whole “WWMD” segment. I think Zeke is probably Cirie’s only true ally on Nuku, which makes me thinks that maybe they swap together.

          3. I forgot about that but I’d personally consider him thinking WWMD as a negative edit. He is still playing for her? But naming a chicken after her was funny.

          4. Hmmm I think a Brad Culpepper type playing a Monica Culpepper style would actually be pretty okay.

            But I don’t think the show’s edit is going to be like “OH MAN HOW SMART THAT HE’S PLAYING LIKE MONICA”

    2. Yeah, weirdly, Drew’s plan to vote out Kelley may have actually been a shrewd observation. It’s just that the shrewdness of it was completely undercut by the hamfisted, dim-bulb way he went about plotting it.

  8. Also, I think it is interesting that while Kelley says that she would do better on Mana (which I agree with), Ciera thought and thinks she would do better on Nuku because she knew a couple of people over there. I wonder if that idea got into her head too much.

      1. This made me crack up. That’s why I come here. I can and usually am having a really crappy day and comments like this just make me happy.

    1. I actually meant to and realized too late that I didn’t close it all the way. I hope the site of my dresser didn’t offend your sensibilities too much.

      1. For some reason, I spent the whole episode expecting a small child to poke their head out of there.

  9. I liked how this in depth discussion about Survivor eventually devolved into a discussion on women’s clothes and their lack of pockets.

      1. Yes it is, and all players should be given cargo shorts at the start of the game. But as Kelley described, women have a built-in excuse to cover for it that is practically guaranteed to have no follow-up questions.

        It reminds me of a scene from Ally McBeal where Ally is in the bathroom at work talking with one of the other women on the show (Georgia?). Richard Fish comes in asking “What’s going on? What are you talking about?” And Ally says “Cramps!” and Richard hightails it out of there without saying another word.

        1. That is a great point, but the problem is that most shorts geared towards women will not have pockets. Kelley got lucky that they were trying to make her the farmer’s daughter, so she got blue jean shorts. However, I can think of a few people who basically have a dress and swimsuit bottoms.

          1. Or if you’re like me and think cargo shorts are uglier than fanny packs, grow out a Shambo-esque hairdo and hide idols in there.

          2. Haha CBS marketing would love that – “This season on Survivor: hunky guys, sexy babes, and they’re all forced to wear unisex cargo shorts!” XD

        2. Although that built-in excuse has a limited number of days you can use it. And women have to discuss their personal health whereas men simply already have pockets.

          1. I would say that for most guys, all of that is a mystery to them. So if a woman did “get caught” using that as an excuse when it wasn’t true, they could probably make anything up about it and he would believe her (and probably want to get out of that conversation as soon as possible).

          2. Yeah, I guess I was just thinking of the men. Couldn’t she tell the other women that she thought it was happening but she was mistaken?

            I really don’t know what I’m talking about here, playing into my point about all of this being a mystery to most men.

          3. I guess you would just have to be careful who you cried wolf too. Pretty sure most men would believe whatever you told them about it. Just have to avoid telling it to the women.

          4. But is a woman really going to trust a guy about anything period-related? Not an issue of whether he’s trustworthy, but isn’t she more likely to think “He’s confused, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”?

          5. I mean, if I was a woman on Survivor, and a guy came up to me and tried to say that he figured out another woman was lying because of what she was saying about her cycle, I’m sure I’d just smile at him and think “This guy has no idea what he’s talking about.”

      1. I agree that I would be lost if I wore pants without any pockets. I have no first hand experience of this problem, but why not just wear clothes that have pockets? Plenty of pants and shorts have pockets.

        1. Ehh, there are limits to my willingness to flout social norms and/or spend a million years shopping for pants. And I do have pockets, they just aren’t great ones. Even women’s work pants barely have pockets compared to men’s. If I want to go to the store and buy pants with serious pockets I have to buy men’s pants, which a) don’t fit fantastically well and b) are often visibly an unsanctioned clothing choice which isn’t always a statement I feel up to. Sooo I just cram a lot of stuff into my tiny useless pockets, which serves right the fashion authorities who won’t give me good pockets because they’re afraid I’ll look lumpy. Ha! I can look lumpy with any pockets! It’s that or carry a purse.

      1. I remember an early season episode of The Apprentice where the challenge was to design technologically-friendly clothes, and one team designed a shirt with lots of pockets for MP3 players (which were the thing back then) and cell phones. I remember some of the contestants weren’t sure about this approach, not knowing why people would want/need pockets for their technological devices. They missed the boat.

        1. I’m not a chick who carries a bag, in summer I sometimes have to but usually my wallet, phone, money and oyster card holder go in my pockets. I need jeans that give enough space to actually hold things.

          1. The Oyster Card is the prepaid card for the Tube. I still have one with a ton of value on it because mine ran out as I was going to Heathrow, I was in a hurry, and the machine would only take a 20-pound note IIRC.

  10. Programming question: Is this podcast instead of Andy and John this week, or do we get both?

      1. Yeah I figured this was answered somewhere, but this site has had a lot of comments recently.

          1. Apparently Game Changers was the lowest rated Survivor premiere ever though.

            I don’t know what all this means.

          2. Well I think Purple Rock doubling its traffic is meaningful at the very least.

            I’m surprised more people weren’t listening during peak Purple Rock, which to me was the last few weeks of Kaoh Rong with the Michele stuff.

          3. I think it’s like anything else: we’ve been slowly and steadily increasing our reach. The preseason content really helped prime the conversation. And featuring a live stream of an actual Survivor didn’t hurt.

          4. Right. Survivor ratings are going down, but the ratings for Network TV as a whole are going down faster.

          5. It quite understandably hit Celebrity Apprentice, but I didn’t expect anybody to extrapolate from that to other Burnett-produced shows.

          6. I’m feeling the Burnett backlash, but I’m also incapable of not watching Survivor at this point.

          7. Seconded on very little. Traditional Nielsen ratings are weird and haven’t done a great job of keeping up with the times.

          8. We watched it on the CBS app on the live streaming feature, I can imagine more and more people doing that and getting away from the set-top boxes. Which aren’t even set-top anymore, because flat-screen.

          9. That must have generated a good $7 in Amazon sidebar money. Give it a couple more episodes and that Secretary of Education title will be yours for the buying.

    1. Recording tonight. We’ll try to keep it under an hour to not overburden people with too much podcast content in one week.

      Other weeks, we might’ve let it be the only podcast. But since it was the premiere (and the first two episodes), we felt we needed to get in our say.

      This particularly became true when Tony was voted out.

  11. It was a really great podcast. Kelley is as great as I remember. Emma was also fantastic. And regarding a little bit Cirie- I think she is being set up as a person who overcomes a lot of obstacles and gets to the end ala Aubry and David (not necessarily win unfortunately, but Top 5 or 4). At least that’s how I read into the edit so I may be wrong, but fingers crossed.

      1. Yeah the main reason I wasn’t really fully on board with David’s winner edit was it was too similar to the “growth edits” we see a lot. Usually those players don’t end up winning.

        1. I think MvGX has some of the best and worst editing in the show’s history in that they show all 6 of the final 6 has having been underdogs at one point or another in the pre-swap game, thus all of them have rough edits. I wonder if Adam’s edit is a bit more prestine, but it can’t be with all of his apologizing.

          1. We have, the last one got claimed last night. So the shameless plugging will stop. But the Shameless plugging will not, please watch William H. Macy and the Gallagher clan, the first six seasons are available on Netflix.

          2. One more follow up survey (check your email) and hopefully I can get the invites out before the weekend is over.

          3. It will be a fun season to rewatch in the off season – I’m really curious if Adam comes across differently once you know how everything turns out.

    1. I could definitely see a “saved by the swap” narrative for Cirie and a “screwed by the swap” narrative for Sandra. Maybe they’ll even end up together!

  12. Off topic question for @purplerockjohn:disqus @KemperBoyd and maybe someone else because I don’t want to go digging for that The Genius subthread: Is S2 worth watching if I was dumb and spoiled the winner for myself? I know one episode is a small sample size, but I watched S2E1, and I might only enjoy Sangmin and Jinho. I definitely don’t want to watch Jiwon and Hongchul for any more than half a season. I might stick it out if the winner’s story is that great, there’s some evolution in gameplay, or if there are returning players I’d need to know in later seasons. But otherwise, should I just proceed to S3?

    1. I had very similar misgivings early in S2, and I say without question you should continue, even if you know who won. Season 2 is the worst season of The Genius the way Peggy is the worst Schuyler sister: the least incredible.

    2. I was also spoiled at some point in my watch, but still enjoyed it. There’s one really great episode that I think the season is worth watching for, but I also don’t think the cast is as strong as season 1 and some of the games draw on longer than they are interesting for. I haven’t watched season 4, but it’s All Stars so there will almost definitely be players you want to be familiar with. The only person who returns for S3 is S2’s first boot.

      1. I think I might give in to my completionist tendencies and continue onwards in hopes of watching Sangmin dismantle Hongchul’s alliance like Earl and the Four Horsemen.

    3. I know I’m in the minority with this opinion, but I think season 2 is probably my favorite. And I’m betting that the opinions you hold on some of the players right now will begin to change by episode 3 or 4.

      Also, season 2 has a series of events that are very unlike The Genius. I just happen to love that series of events.

      1. About those player opinions I thought Hongchul was incredibly entertaining in the beginning, but for me he wore out his welcome a bit especially as Sangmin’s competition was dropping

        1. Really? Because I found Hongchul obnoxious in the beginning, then within a few episodes he became my non-Sangmin rooting interest. I was devastated when he finally went home.

          1. Yeah He’s just so over the top in a way that I think would be better in smaller doses and doesn’t really offer anything gamewise. I still like him, I just would have preferred him to go out an episode or two earlier. Yooyoung was my non-Sangmin rooting interest, but I admit that she isn’t as entertaining.

          2. I’m with John. I thought Hongchul was completely insufferable the first couple of episodes but eventually I was rooting for him. Ultimately I was more annoyed by Junghyun making it so deep into the game.

      2. I’ve finished S2E4, and would be on S2E5 except that Bumdidlyumptious’s part 1 video isn’t working. You were right in that my opinions have changed I found Hongchul incredibly obnoxious in the first episode, but I was kinda won over by his E2 death match. He straddled the line between annoying and entertaining. But while I was watching E3 & E4, I was enjoying watching him more, even though he’s sort of middle of the road as a player. It’s like watching the Joker play the game but less psychotic. I still don’t like Jiwon because he seems like he’s completely out of his depth, and not like Sunggyu, who showed regular flashes of brilliance. Jiwon is always caught between not knowing what’s happening and making a bad decision, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was only cast because of who he knows. And Yoonson, I thought, had a strong showing in E1, but I will not be surprised in the least of she exits around 6 to 8. I know the “series of events” you mentioned wasn’t Doohee’s spy sequence during the King Game, but that’s been the highlight for me so far.

        All that being said, it’s probably likely that I flip over to @Max_Jets:disqus and @AssistantDragonSlayer:disqus’s camp in a few episodes.

    4. I’m like 3 episodes in and I’m enjoying it. I have to be in a specific mood for the Genius though.

  13. Off topic: Did someone else was as surprised as I on how GORGEOUS Tribal Council looks like. I nearl fell out of my bed by how pretty it looks like (new music is also really good, but I probably prefer last season’s more)

    1. I love how hard they went into the nautical theme. I also love how all-returnee seasons have these epic Tribals. Both All Stars and HvV have treehouses. Cambodia has the temple vibe and this one is a flipping lighthouse.

      1. I’m pretty bummed that Tribals mostly feel very same-y in most seasons (even though they’re impressive build-wise). I think this change probably began since Cook Islands.

        1. I wonder if you can point at Samoa at that big change since they were still going to different locations and continents. I think Micronesia had a TC on a lagoon of sorts.

          1. Probably, and of course there are exceptions, but I think since CI I began thinking “did I see it before?”. But, you’re most likely right that since Samoa the amount of them definetely increased.

    1. Even though I like Mari and I wouldn’t mind seeing her on a second chance-type of season, she didn’t really do anything substantial (aside from being blindsided in a really fun TC). And So wasn’t the second boot, she was first.

      1. Also, I think Mari gets a boost because she was seen as the leader of Freaks and Geeks alliance…also puppies and butts.

        Also, I knew of Mari before Survivor, so that is definitely feeding into my perception of her.

        1. She showed potential in the 2 episoeds. But I think that the other 2nd boots were ultimately more important to some storylines than she (aside from setting up Zeke and Adam underdog stories).

        1. I was joking that that BA included So (the first boot from WA) to the list of people that went out second.

  14. Both Tony and Sandra played horribly. Why the fuck can’t Tony just sit down for two seconds and chill? Does he have ADHD? He pretty much did it to himself, a one trick pony. And why is Sandra even targeting him to begin with? Like he’s a former winner, perfect shield…who gives a fuck how he talked to her in the middle of the night she’s just making herself into a bigger target dictating the vote. And the “queen” crap is so fucking tired, give it a rest. They are both narcissists.

    Varner and Hali are playing the best games on that tribe for now. They are in the loop but not over the top.

    1. Even though I slightly disagree about what you said about Sandra and Tony, I agree about Varner, Hali. Even though it may be my own bias cause I have Hali as my winner pick, I think she does what she needs to do for now- lay low, but be in the know about everything. A lot of people are coming to her, so I feel good about her chances. And Varner is chill, and doesn’t overplay like he did in Cambodia. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one of them is the winner this season (especially I would like Hali cause I have her in 3 Fantasy Leagues on this website).

      1. Yeah I’m expecting Hali to go far, at least the jury. There’s no reason to cause a strategic ruckus in the beginning of the game, just lay low and make sure you’re on the right side of the vote which is what she is doing. I’m rooting for her!

  15. This was a great podcast. I’d listen to this every week, but I suspect Wentworth isn’t pathetic enough to become a podcaster.

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