Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 4 “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

John and Andy discuss the swap episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 4 “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • The three to three swap.
  • Initial reactions to the new tribes.
  • We don’t have to ask anymore if Cole is an idiot or not.
  • One-time use only advantages.
  • Jessica’s decision to block Devon’s vote.
  • Joe’s moves to get the vote on himself.
  • Which band’s catalogue would be the most fun or most awkward for Probst to reference during challenges.
  • Heroic, healing, and hustle moments of the week.
  • Which players are interesting us now.
  • Probably more bullshit about a week one non-move.

If you have questions or comments, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email (purplerockpodcast at gmail).

266 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 4 “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

    1. OMG, people being ‘invisible’ in the edit of Ghost Island is too real. They will be straight up ghosting us…

  1. Thought that just occurred to me, RE: the vote canceler advantage:
    What if the producers’ intent was not to provide an advantage capable of changing the outcome on its own, but rather to experiment with an advantage (or DISadvantage) that was played right before votes were cast in order to affect voting choices and/or prompt an idol play. The timing of the announcement also seems tailor made to elicit the type of TC scrambling that was so much fun in the last couple seasons.
    I would argue that the seemingly poor timing of this advantage was actually intentional on the part of the producers to cause maximum chaos by invoking the threat of a tie, which would prompt some combination of a “live tribal” and/or an idol play. The only truly boring scenario would have been if they were headed to a 4-1 vote, but luckily we avoided that.

    1. Yeah I’m down with this reasoning. They want to find a way to make tribals more spontaneous, this is probably what they were going for with this (dis)advantage.

  2. Excuse me Andy, but Jeff said in the ‘previously on’ that Chrissy was running the Heroes tribe.

    Jeff. Said. It.

    How you gonna argue with that?

      1. Jeff saying that Advantagegeddon was the best part of the season is the most concerning thing he’s ever said.

          1. For sure, but I’d also put something standard and boring like Caleb’s elimination above Advantagegeddon.

          2. I had to choose between Caleb and Brad in Outcast’s League and I chose Caleb. I had gone the other way I would have won with my team of Troyzan and Brad. That still stings, so I can’t say good things about that vote.

        1. In his defense he may have been grasping for straws in regards to a season that was a terrible disappointment. But yeah, I agree with your sentiment.

        2. Can I go on record and say Advantagegeddon was not unfair. The Idols were all found when there were at least 15 people left in the game, so I can’t accuse the producers of giving them out to create this. Also, not sending Cirie home would have been unfair to the other 5 players, who were guaranteed safety.

          1. It was an unfortunate consequence of the amount of advantages in play at the time. Idols generally get less interesting close to the end game – someone playing an idol on themselves at final 5 is more of an unfortunate and boring, but necessary aspect to idols – and to have everyone KNOW to play their idols and advantages at that time boiled the boot down to who dug up an item and who didn’t. Obviously that’s reductive, as Aubry and Sarah both gained immunity through a relationship, but Cirie didn’t do anything wrong socially that round to be sent home then which is why it seems unfair. Sending one of the other 5 home would have been unfair due to game rules, but social connections influence every boot in Survivor (including those that are idoled out and even rocked out) except for 2 – the Cirie and Malcolm eliminations in Game Changers. Stupid Game Changers…

          1. I think I’m on board in entertainment and game wise, though it is definitely through low expectations.

            She DOES have a sense of humor too. She made the joke about having two idols, and according to her Twitter was joking about her redhead hatred.

          2. The British are the best at making a dry, energy-less sentence into a beautiful joke, usually that is deep cutting and brutally honest.

          3. I think low doses of Lauren are good- an eye roll here, an expression of disdain for youth there. She provides a counterpoint to other people.

            I think in large doses she will get tiresome. Her disdain isn’t particularly clever, and last week she was getting very repetitive in hitting her points by the end. One mention of playing softball is fun to hear, four is dull.

          1. Eh, people like Courtney, Sandra and Cirie are also Reddit’s favourites. Their tastes are not always terrible.

          2. You would have to be someone without a soul to not like any of those players. So basically Patrick according to Lauren.

      1. I want Probst to work lyrics from that album into the next Tribal Council….

        “You lost a tribe mate today, but if the chips seems down today, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.”

        When Jessica blindsides Cole I want him to quote Gold Dust Woman.

          1. There is no album I know better than Rumours. We listened to it every day all day when I was a kid. Finally saw FM in concert for full reunion tour in my 20s and cried through every song. *I am lame*

          2. If that’s lame, we’re all lame. Cause Fleetwood for the win. and Rumours for the win. And Stevie Nicks for the win! And Stevie Nicks’ cameo on American Horror Story: Coven for the fucking win. That episode was soo good.

    1. Although, if I were in high school when I went to my first concert, BNL would be appropriate. Not that I was a fan of their music then.

      1. The aforementioned concert was my freshman year of college, so based on this I am in fact older than you.

        Maybe I am the one who needs to go full curmudgeon here if I want to stand out.

    2. Mine was REM on the Document tour. Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians were the opening band. I loved both albums, but I was there for Robyn (REM put on the better show).

      My next show was The Mentors, Skatenigs, and Revolting Cocks, so young Palsy was kind of all over the place back then.

          1. Document is my favorite album of theirs. That’s probably because it was my first. And I had just discovered 120 Minutes on MTV (Keven Seal era). Finding an alternative to the horrible hair bands of the day (looking at YOU Sinderella) was one of the most profoundly life-changing moments of my childhood. The fact that there were other things out there that just needed to be looked for.

          2. Those songs put REM on my radar for sure. I was a Suzanne Vega, REM, Tracy Chapman, Sinead O’Connor type of college kid. Though folk and old school rock were my first and undying loves.

          3. I didn’t see REM until 2005, touring their very worst album (Around the Sun) in a terrible venue (the Budokan, where the acoustics are weird because of its octagonal shape). They were fantastic.

    3. I thought my first concert was the Bryan Adams Reckless tour, but I have a vague memory of seeing Huey Lewis and the News (likely the Sports tour) where he sang Heart of Rock and Roll and included the name of our city at the end of the song, which my younger self thought was the best thing ever.

        1. I need Jeff to come out at a challenge wearing a transparent raincoat and ask the tribes “Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?”

  3. On the question of embarrassing bands for Probst to namedrop in a challenge, I got a few suggestions:
    Coldplay: Chrissy and Ryan are all yellow. You will have to finish this challenge at the speed of sound to get immunity. Just because you are losing doesn’t mean you’re lost. In my place, it looks like Red is completely out of the challenge

    All-American Rejects (only during Tribal Council): Holding an immunity idol is like a dirty little secret. For one of you, it ends tonight. You will have to move along to jury. It may seems like time stands still and I’m sorry that if that gives you hell, but those are the rules.

  4. For dumb song lyrics bits by Probst during challenges, put me down for a full lyrical spiel of Total Eclipse of the Heart. A song consisting completely of insane disconnected overdramatic statements and also it’s about vampires.

    “Roark has no idea what’s going on- Turn Around Bright Eyes!”
    “Tribe X has been dominating, but it seems that every now and then they fall apart”
    “At this rate, it looks like Lauren is never…comin’…round”
    “This challenge is being taken to the end of the line!”

    And of course ending with:

    “And the win goes to Y, what a total eclipse of the heart for X.”

    We can do this next week as a Halloween Easter egg. Dress up Probst as Dracula, with no acknowledgement of the fact whatsoever.

    1. During the episode, the reward challenge winners get to deliver toys to a local school, but all the children have glowing eyes.

  5. Roark’s invisibility is making it really hard for me to have a reoccurring segment where I fawn over the Survivor “nerdy woman” type. She’s making Aubry’s coverage in GC look like Russell in Samoa.

    1. Can I interest you in a woman who really likes math? She may not be getting typecast as a nerd but we can recognize our own.

    2. Honestly, I kind of think it may be a good idea for her tribe to throw a challenge to get rid of her, since she is the only good shot the other two tribes have at eliminating a healer.

  6. My first concert was John Denver, when I was 5.
    My first concert that I was not just along for the ride was Roger Daltrey, during that tour where he was doing the music of The Who after his 50th birthday, with John Entwistle in tow. A few years later I saw The Who on their Quadrophenia Mach 2 tour.
    My most recent concert was Alice Cooper and Deep Purple.

    The Beach Boys would be an easy band to reference. “God Only Knows what JP is doing!” “Blue tribe is catching up! Wouldn’t It Be Nice if they didn’t have to go back to tribal council? But Red tribe would like to Do It Again for a win!”

          1. As a Chicagoan, i’ve seen Chance the Rapper without even trying. At Lollapalooza last year he just kept showing up on stages and rapping. He really does own this City right now…

          2. I preferred seeing Kendrick this summer, though it was kind of a shame to have to go to Anaheim instead of seeing him in LA.

          3. I don’t think I would turn down an opportunity to see Kendrick, but his crowd is so not my crowd that I don’t seek it out. And when he comes to Chicago, he plays United Center, which is like $100+ tickets just to sit in a seat where you can’t see him. But after the power of To Pimp a Butterfly and some of his performances i’ve watched, he’s definitely someone I would enjoy watching, even though i’m not a huge rap aficionado.

          4. Oh the tickets were obscene but we actually got pretty good seats *and* ended up being bumped up to a better spot, which was awesome. I was a little bummed he didn’t play “The Blacker the Berry” because it’s probably my favorite song of his, but it was still amazing. Chance kept only playing halfway through songs, which kind of irked me tbh.

          5. In a somewhat tangent, occasionally i’ll see an artist I like with a tiny discography and it’s amazing cause you get to hear almost the entire album. NAO was that way, she sang almost every song on her debut, and they were all amazing, and made a really gorgeous, collected performance.

          6. My brother has a Chance shirt that he has worn for at least 6 years. I laughed when he won best new artist 2 years ago.

    1. My most recent concert was taking my eight-year-old to a free, outdoor Canada Day concert by Tegan and Sara.

    2. My first concert was The Eagles. My most recent concert was Pitchfork, basically just to see LCD Soundsystem. Which is also my next concert, for when they come back through, lol

    3. Technically, my first concert was Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Co., but I was only a month or so old. Mom says I fell asleep happily, and I do so love me some Janis. 1967 in San Francisco, baybee!

      Last two concerts we had tickets for, we ended up not going. Sigh. I am so old! (Micheal Franti [and a lot of other people] and Grateful Dead in SF final concerts) Probably best to only go to small venues these days.

    4. First concert: Queen
      Last concert: Aimee Mann
      Next concert: St. Vincent
      Biggest missed opportunity: Prince, March 2016 (“Solo, piano only? Sounds super-self-indulgent. I’ll go next time, when he has a full band.”)

        1. My biggest music related regret will forever be not seeing David Bowie live. I mean, but the time I came to respect/adore/fall in love with Bowie, he was no longer touring, but the regret will still live on. It still hurts to even talk about him…

          1. I totally understand. Only the death of John Lennon had more of an impact on me, tbh. I am very lucky that I saw Bowie when he toured with Nine Inch Nails, but it was horrifying when half the audience left after they opened. I still hope they all deeply regret that choice. He was and will always be one of the greatest.

      1. I really want to see St. Vincent, but the next time she’s in Chicago, tickets are like $72. Also, she started her tour in London with no backing band. It’s just her, a guitar, backing tracks, and an array of visuals. Audience was split between calling it genius and beautiful, or calling it cheap and ‘glorified Karaoke” heh

        1. I just got my tickets this morning: $60 in San Francisco including fees. Is it backing tracks? I saw some videos on YouTube and assumed that the band was behind the big screen.

          Yeah Yeah Yeahs also went on sale today, but were already sold out by the time I tried to buy tickets (about 2.5 hours after they went on sale) even though they haven’t put out an album in four years.

          1. All i know is that in London she was playing by herself, no backing band, with just tracks. But, given it’s St. Vincent, anything could change, and i’m sure it will be an interesting show, no matter what.

            I’m hoping the shows mean Yeah Yeah Yeahs are gearing up for another, cause that would be awesome. I haven’t seen any tickets for a show in Chicago, but I also really haven’t been looking much lately. Any chance to see them ought to be taken though, lol

          2. According to their website they’re only doing four shows. The tickets went on sale today and the concert’s on the 30th. I guess they’ve been completely inactive for a couple of years so this may be their way of shaking the rust off.

    5. My first concert was REM on their Monster tour so probably 95 or so.

      I saw the Who on the tour when Entwistle died. It was the first show after the tour resumed, Plant opened for them with his band, and then Townsend came on and gave a really raw eulogy.

        1. Nah Philly.

          I don’t think I’ll ever forget that Who experience. It was kind of in question if they would even play the show because they took a long touring break after Entwistle died. Then when it was confirmed it was like what will be like. I think they played a few songs before Townsend spoke and dude was just struggling. like angry and sad and wanting to play through. It was really tough to watch, but also kinda special to see them letting their fans in like that

          1. It’s moments like those that, as a fan, are the most important. Just hearing you write about it makes it’s unforgettable to me.

          2. now the best performer I ever saw was Elvis Costello who performed at my college and had the best between song chatter and anecdotes. Dude was hilarious.

          3. *Burns with envy*

            Hmm, best anecdotes for me was definitely Gordon Gano from the Violent Femmes. It was a songwriter’s night with Joan Baez, John Cale, Natalie Merchant, and Gano. Hands down one of the best musical events of my life.

          4. Elvis told this one about how he was trying to get an elevator in his hotel and it opens up and inside is Jennifer Lopez surrounded by two huge bodyguards. He moves to get on, and she starts to raise her hand like “nope you can’t come in here” when one of her bodyguards says “Mr. Costello! Please join us!” and then Lopez is all like “Oh Elvis great to see you, how are you?” It was just funny because it was clear that she didn’t recognize him and her bodyguard allowed her to save face.

          5. Yipes, his look is so iconic. So, umm, I’m guessing she isn’t a fan. *smh*

            Gordon Gano told this amazing story about the song he wrote for Ethan Hawke to sing in Reality Bites that ended up not being used and how much he loved the song and was bummed they used another Violent Femmes song…but then he played the song and yeah, it was awesome!

          6. Elvis is great. Saw him in Seattle at the end of his 2015 tour, featuring great patter, three encores, and this clip:

      1. I saw Page and Plant in 95, and am glad I got that opportunity. That Who show must have been very emotional.

    6. I would have loved to have seen Daltrey in his day. I was late to the game with The Who. Who’s Next still represents to me Rock and Roll in it’s purest form. One of my faves. And don’t get me started on Quadrophenia…

    7. First concert: My Chemical Romance in 2007. So you know where I fall in the age spectrum.
      Most recent concert: Japandroids
      Next concert: Silversun Pickups

  7. Empty poesy as song titles is really just a thing in third wave emo. And even then they still have nothing on post rock in that department.

  8. If you do open up the mailbag again, here’s a question: If it came down to just Diff’rent Strokes and The Littlest Hobo for best 80’s TV theme song, which would it be? Out of just those two? It’s Diff’rent Strokes, right?

  9. What song would I like Probst to perform during a challenge?

    4’33” by American composer John Cage.

    That’s right.

  10. So, while listening, I was thinking through the ‘timed’ advantages, and i’m not convinced these are the best solution to last seasons advantage storm. While the ‘must use by’ element helps ensure excitement in tribals and avoids all advantages and idols getting played at once, it also takes away initiative from the finder. Jessica *had* to use that advantage, she couldn’t hold on to it for a more opportune time or chose to use it as she saw fit. I can’t help but feel like, in the future, this could really screw someone over where they are forced to use an advantage in a way that makes them a target. Imagine if Adam’s reward steal had a ‘must use by’ on it? That would essentially force him to become the enemy. I guess, I like the idea that advantages and idols may expire, but I want it to be more of a ‘window’ of use. This would help avoid all the advantages showing up at the same time, but it would also give players a bit more initiative in how they use the things they find.

    Also, semi-tangent, what if they hid a disadvantage around camp? Something like a booby trap for idol searching, that blocks you from voting. That would be interesting, cause it would freak people out about searching for idols, lol.

    1. I think the main purpose of these timed twists may not necessarily the twists themselves, but to create cross-tribe connections before the merge, possibly as a substitute for a second swap. We saw Ryan’s advantage pay off in this episode, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jessica suffer blowback later on.

      1. That could be absolutely right. Which makes me worry. I like the idea of creating more interest across the tribes early one, but I’m concerned that means we could still get an advantage storm down the line. And then, they would just be adding more stuff, rather than trying to improve on what they have. I mean, I like mixing it up, but I just don’t want another advantagepocalypse.

      1. I think the big problem with this is that you can never fully un-ring this bell. It discourages active gameplay not just for one season, but for all seasons going forward.

        “Finding shit” needs to remain a good thing.

    2. Was she required to use it? I missed the fine print, I like the idea of advantages having an expiration date, but if its required to be played, thats potentially a problem as you spelled out above.

  11. After giving it way too much thought, I actually think I know what Cole was thinking, and it’s not completely idiotic (only mostly idiotic): Cole realized that if they lose the immunity challenge, Ben and Laure’s only real option is to try to flip Mike (and that they will have a pretty good pitch). By telling them about the advantage, he’s telling them that even that is not an option. And because Ben and Lauren don’t know that Mike knows about the advantage, Cole can plausibly tell Ben and Lauren that they’re willing to vote out Mike as the weakest link.

    And if we’re giving props to Lauren for low-key interrogating Mike, we also have to give props to Mike for playing dumb.

    1. I like Cole, but you’re giving him WAY too much credit here.

      Unless this is a joke, in which case, good one.

      1. Agreed. This is even more fan fictiony than “Jessica was trying to flush the idol”. I think this is what happens when someone does something that defies logic. We try to FIND the logic. Who knows? Sometimes we may even be right.

    2. Maybe I’m not following, but….uh…how does this help Cole? Ben and Lauren can try to flip Mike all they want. So long as Mike knows about the advantage, he ain’t moving.

      I mean, you are right that the downside of doing this isn’t huge. It’s not like Jessica can afford to bail on Cole. But the main problem with Cole’s plan is *not consulting Jessica* and damaging his best relationship in the game. And this theory doesn’t address that core bit of foolishness.

      1. Ooo good point. Maybe Cole really does want to vote out Mike in the event that they go to tribal. That would be totally on brand.

    3. Mike’s not the weakest. He’s the best at puzzles. He took the yellow tribe from last place to first one week.

      1. While Mike isn’t a challenge liability, I’m betting even Cole could persuade Ben&Lauren that Cole&Jessica think he is.

        Which gets you…uh…

  12. PSA y’all: DO NOT SEEK OUT ANY PREVIEWS FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE. There’s a pretty big spoiler in a recent one that I’m surprised was even considered for inclusion.

        1. Don’t give in to the urge! I gave in myself and was pissed when I found out just exactly what the spoiler was!

          1. I’m sorry. I have a Cole level of needing to share. Nobody look at the spoilers! If you look you will find out things that you absolutely DO NOT want to know!

          2. Good luck! If you can hold out you will avoid seeing the commercial with the spoiler in it.

    1. Ugh I never seek out previews but now I really want to do that. You just told me “don’t touch the button”. It will take a ridiculous amount of willpower for me to avoid this now.

      1. I would say more to dissuade you from doing that, but I think that might just push you closer to it.

        1. I’ll be able to avoid it on my own, but I’ll be terrified that I’ll slip up (most likely scenario – some jackwagon spoils it for me somewhere on accident).

          So I really want to avoid this one?

  13. I did not pick up on any of the actual song titles Probst said, but I did get No Sugar Tonight stuck in my head for a while when he said “no tribal tonight,” so in my own way I was part of this shared experience.

      1. Seriously, every single line in the chorus fits perfectly with JT–in more ways than one, perhaps…

  14. I think you guys need to open up the mailbag next week (unless we get an episode that is extremely notable). You need some new stuff to talk about.

  15. This season is the opposite of Worlds Apart. Instead of John turning the site into a Shirin fansite, we have Andy turning it into an anti-Chrissy site.

  16. According to Jessica’s Twitter, the decision to give the dis-advantage to Cole was a group decision made by her entire tribe. The 3 Healers didn’t want it to be given to Joe or Ali, Ben didn’t want it to be given to Alan or Ashley, and Lauren didn’t seem to care if it went to Devon. So Devon was a choice that seemed fair for everyone.

    Of course, this was said the day after the episode aired, so who knows if it’s true or fan fiction.

    1. This was the worst scenario none of us thought of. And instead of retconning it to be a strategic move, she just admits that she let everyone else decide for her?

      1. I didn’t read her tweets, but the way Rob (?) described it on RHAP, it was a decision that no one was happy about, but it was one that everyone could live with (not the best or worst choice).

        1. Here’s the thing though: Jessica is the only one whose opinion matters. It’s her advantage. Why does she care what Lauren or Ben think?

          1. God, he’s so stupid (and so sexy). But Jessica needed to make her decision before even letting Ben or Lauren voice their opinions. That way she does what she thinks is best and avoids pissing them off by doing the opposite of what they told her they wanted.

          2. Making it a group decision will reduce blowback if Devon’s pissed about it after the merge. Although I could definitely be fan-fictioning about Jessica’s foresight.

          3. I might argue that’s worse because then Jessica is worrying about the opinions of a hypothetical future opponent whom she has not yet talked to even once.

            And Devon is still probably going to be pissed (as much as he can be) about getting sidelined. Even if he knows it was a group decision, Jessica was the one to swing the sword.

            Also, if you’re Jessica, would you ever admit to Devon’s face that you gave him the disadvantage or went with the group in doing so? Would you just deny, deny, deny? Not that it matters either way; Cole will tell him everything.

          4. You’re right, she shouldn’t have cared. But from her tweets, she says that since the entire tribe knew about the advantage, she decided that they would all make the decision.

      1. Yet another example of the editors making us think X happened when it was actually the exact opposite of X. Sigh. This season is really starting to make me doubt what Hollywood tells me.

  17. Thanks for the shout-out. As far as Platinum Blonde, I have a vague memory of seeing them in the 80s (before Kenny McLean joined), but I’m not sure if that actually happened.

    I did see “them” on my birthday in 2000, and by “them” I mean “Mark Holmes and 3 new guys”, calling themselves “Platinum Blonde 2000” (in retrospect, it was a worst birthday than Rodney’s).

    And I saw them again in 2012 when it was Holmes and one of the original members (can’t remember which one). I’ll always remember what night it was because after the concert, everyone was wandering around outside and getting the news on their phones that Whitney Houston had just died.

    At that 2012 concert, they pointed out a friend of theirs in the audience who was the guy from the Crying Over You video who played the chauffeur (I realize that maybe only 1-2 people will understand what I’m talking about).

    And of course …


  18. I’d have a lot of fun fitting in “Hamilton” references into a challenge…

    “Wait for it…” and “Don’t throw away your shot” are the most obvious.

    I could have a field day with this when I’m actually rested and I’m playing 2 concerts with different groups on the same weekend because I’m a masochist that way…. see you all next week?

      1. Y’all, nobody in that list finished higher than 4th in their season. If they keep doing All-Stars every year, we’re going to see AS6 won by Serena ChaCha.

        When you note that someone’s going to come out of that group as an All-Stars winner, but Katya, Detox, Raven, and Jujubee will still be title-less…damn, that’s cold.

        There’s only one legitimate potential winner out of the nine, and she does not succeed in the rubric of the show. But, if she does succeed this time, and Trixie wins, Katya is going to be so pressed.

        There’s really no need for that spoiler tag other than me assuming people might not want to see who I think is a legit contender, because I’m that prescient. I’m arrogant.

        1. AS3 is going to be the Game Changers of drag, write it down and frame it.

          This should really only be done when the entire cast is on the same level as previous groups, and the 4-year cycle does a good job of making that happen. But like Survivor, the returnee season worked well, so let’s get another one out STAT.

        2. Yeah, for a competition that is so talent-based (and therefore relatively independent from luck as compared to a show like Survivor, for example) filling a cast with early boots/chaff seems likely to turn out a lackluster season, unfortunately :/

        3. Remember how exciting the cast for AS1 was? Now I’m trying to remember who half these people are.

      2. Yes except for one queen; I think you know who that is. But it is official now, and at the very least, you have to see Milk’s promo look.

        1. I have no desire to see Milk do drag anymore. Get him out of women’s clothes. In fact, get him out of all clothes. He’s the hottest RPDR boy, right? I can’t think of anyone else who would beat him there.

          1. Really? I’d think there’d be a line of people waiting to beat him o—wait, that’s not what you said.

    1. I’m pretty meh on most of those queens. Chi Chi and Thorgy are fine, but I’d rather see Kim Chi as a season 8 rep. And why Aja from last season? Were Trinity, Peppermint, Shea, and Valentina all busy? Shit, were Alexis, Farrah, and Nina all busy too?

      1. I think it’d be smart of the S9 queens to not return immediately. You need time to reflect and grow.

  19. I think Meat Loaf would be pretty good for random challenge shoe horning.

    Don’t be sad for missing so many tosses Patrick. Two outta three ain’t bad!

    *Roark swears* Jeff: You took the words right out of my mouth!

    *puzzle solvers waiting for their teammates to finish moving stuff* Jeff: Mike and Jessica, all revved up with no place to go!

    *Abi falls for Fishbach’s trick in Cambodia* Jeff: For crying out loud…

    I think there is a lot to mine out of this..

    1. It says something to Meatloaf’s legacy that all those songs are from the same album. I’m not sure if that something is good or bad, but it’s definitely a thing.

      1. This has always fascinated me about Meatloaf. Almost all his well known songs come from the same album, which is arguably a Top 5 all time album

          1. I think it depends on what you think of “Wagnerian” style rock. If you love “epic” music, it’s hard to beat Bat out of Hell. All of the songs on that album are just huge. I’m a fan of that style so I could listen to this album non stop. And I couldn’t even find a way to shoehorn in arguably the biggest song of the album. Paradise by the Dashboard Light was just too much for this exercise.

          2. Yeah, it is the best song. But my favorite Meatloaf lyric is “You’ve been cold to me so long, I’m crying icicles instead of tears.” 😁

          3. That album was about 20 years too early for my college years. I’ve known it since I was a kid and still think its fantastic

        1. I wonder what it was like recording that album. At some point in time they must have known something special was happening.

      2. I think it’s a good example of someone catching lightning in a bottle. Sort of like a one hit wonder, but for an entire album. It’s not like the rest of his stuff was bad, but I don’t think there was any way he could make something like the original Bat out of Hell twice.

        Clearly Meat Loaf is a talented guy. You don’t catch the kind of lighting he did if you aren’t. But I wish he could have produced multiple albums like this, because the original Bat out of Hell is just a classic from start to finish.

  20. My first podcast mention and I’m of absolutely no use. I’ve heard of Platinum Blonde but couldn’t name a song of theirs. (Weekend away means I just got around to listening)

  21. Sorry this is late and sorry if this was already said on reddit or stuff, and I really don’t think Jessica thought all this through – I think it was just coincidence, but I think Devon was the absolute right person to give the vote disadvatage to knowing Joe had the idol.

    As you guys said, as soon as Joe plays the idol, both him and Desi are safe because of rock rules.

    But the reason that giving it to one of the heroes was risky is – if you give the vote negator to the person being voted for, the fact their vote is negated doesn’t matter in the tiebreaker, you’re still down 2-1 and someone could get voted out. The obvious solution to this is that Desi and Joe would have to change their vote to the other person, but they’d have to a) think of that consequence, and b) communicate to each other and actual make sure they’re on the same page to do the vote change. That’s definitely not any sort of guarantee.

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