Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 5 “The Past Will Eat You Alive”

Andy and John are joined by special guest Emma for a three person podcast look at the fifth episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 5 “The Past Will Eat You Alive”

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In this episode, Andy, John, and Emma discuss:

  • How we can’t decide if this was a good episode or a bad one for Chrissy.
  • Chrissy’s use of the threat of a women’s alliance.
  • If women’s alliances should happen more often.
  • Ryan’s decision to choose Chrissy and burn Ali.
  • Why John was down on Ali this week.
  • Jessica helping Mike find the idol.
  • Why hasn’t Joe found the blue idol.
  • Ryan’s heroic theme of failure.
  • What storylines we’re interested in so far this season.
  • What can be done to improve this season from average to actually good.
  • Heroic, healing, hustle moments, because somebody should still talk about this killer theme.
  • Why Lauren and other people are the best bets to go home next week.

If you have questions or comments, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email (purplerockpodcast at gmail).

Bonus poll

Since some people have a hard time letting things go, I’ve decided to put a discussion from the offseason to bed. Let’s get this over with.

Which was the better 80s TV theme song?

  • The Littlest Hobo (87% Votes)
  • Diff'rent Strokes (13% Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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375 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 5 “The Past Will Eat You Alive”

  1. I found this podcast searching for discussions of geology and I was disappointed to discover there was no talk of rocks, purple or otherwise. I don’t know who this ‘Chrissy’ is and I don’t understand anything any of you are saying. Good day.

    1. My apologies. You’ll want to listen to our other podcast, “Survivor Discussion with John and Andy”, in which we discuss various rock formations and characteristics of specific stones. In hindsight, perhaps we didn’t do the best job of naming our podcasts.

    2. I tuned into a special episode about “blackjack and hookers” and was disappointed that I was unable to learn how to gamble or contract a sexually transmitted disease.

  2. I think that the math on that poll is in metric. Which one of you lawyers would like to take on a new case? I am willing to pay as high as pro bono.

    1. I’m looking forward to the poll getting a significant number of respondents, Diff’rent Stokes pulling ahead, and this comment making no sense.

      1. Well, that won’t happen because the poll is rigged. I was an English major and even I know that’s not how math works.

          1. No one, Andy? No one? That’s about a third of the number of people who voted in this week’s Purple Rock Prediction poll. Or as some may say: That’s one third of your core audience.

            Sure, it was funny when old Palsy voted this morning and found out that after four votes the “Dumb Dog Show Theme” was beating “It Takes Diff’rent Strokes” 97% to 3%. That was funny. But now? Now you’re alienating a third of your fan base.


            Yes! It does! It takes different strokes to move the world.

          2. Honestly? I have no idea. While I do (and I really do) wish you guys every success, I don’t want you to get so big that this community gets swallowed up whole. I’ve learned things about these people, and in turn they have said and done things that have made me try to be a better person. Even if it is only 60 people (and I suspect it’s much more and that a majority of your listeners don’t even visit the site) you should be proud of what you five have built. This is my favourite place on the internet.

            So, no. Don’t be insulted. Just keep fighting the good fight and know that your internet family is proud… Even if you did rig the poll. (And you did. We both know you did.)

          3. FWIW, our numbers are fairly healthy, but not so healthy that advertisers have been approaching us. That said, we’ve reached a point where we’re not interested in pursuing a larger audience or changing anything about what we do to get one. If more people come to our place and like the vibe and want to be a part of it, great. Welcome. But our biggest goal is to ensure that it’s still a place that we enjoy spending time in. And if we need to alienate or boot people to do it, so be it (which I think the Zeke situation proved).

            So don’t expect this place to change for this worst. At least not until we get tired of doing it (although if that were to pass, we’d probably first see if anyone wanted to take it over first).

          4. I think that Hornacek and I are the logical choice.

            Did you really have to boot folk? (The Zeke thing was a tense moment)

    2. I’m sure the website would apologize to the many many countries that don’t use metric: the U.S., Myanmar, Liberia, … hmm, that’s it. Wow, you guys are really going down the ship, aren’t you?

  3. Before I’ll write my full thoughts on the episode, regarding one thing talked about in the podcast, as I’m listening to it- Vanuatu’s jury wasn’t full of men, in fact there were only 2 men to 5 women, and even if we remove the men from the jury, Chris still would’ve won 3-2.

    1. The issue was that I don’t think Emma intended to mention Vanuatu, then I interrupted with it, but I didn’t know she was going to make a point about jury make-up.

  4. Look, as a Young who has never watched an episode of either show you Olds love so much (and thus has no sentimental bias), Diff’rent Strokes wins, and Littlest Hobo comes in third (Magnum PI is second).

    1. Of course Diff’rent Strokes wins! It’s the better song! Taako is the voice of reason people!

      But not Taako on TAZ. He is not the voice of reason

  5. One thought I had, regarding much of the Ryan and Chrissy discussion. Regardless of personal feelings about Chrissy or her moves before tribal, the truth is this entire tribal came down to Ryan. He was the swing vote, to choose between JP/Chrissy or Roark/Ali. But Chrissy appeared confident that she had wrapped this up, that Ryan and JP would vote with her, and there was no way this couldn’t worked. And, while she was successful, it seems pretty clear Ryan wasn’t sure which way to go, and considered both. As noted in the podcast, it could even be argued he made the wrong decision, and if we can do that math, Chrissy probably should have as well.

    This is part of what irked me about Chrissy, she appeared confident and even proud of her brilliant strategic play, and almost seemed to be aiming for a ‘Mastermind Chrissy prevails’ narrative, which I really don’t think is the takeaway from this. I give her props for knowing that name dropping ‘girl’s alliance’ would help put heat on Roark, but she used it on JP, who i assumed was already aligned with her, and would be easy to convince either way. I think the bigger question is how much the threat of a girl’s alliance might have swayed Ryan. He seemed to almost immediately dismiss it, maybe because he knew it wasn’t legit through Ali, but if not, could that have been a deciding factor in his choice? And if so, why wouldn’t production highlight as an element of Chrissy’s strategy?

    1. I was trying to remember that when it was happening, but I could only recall Sash and Fabio. Somehow totally forgot Chase even though he came close to winning.

      1. Poor forgettable Chase, who probably is the player that has the biggest career/success post-Survivor.

          1. Good point. I was focusing on famous. Although if we’re talking money it’s gotta be Brendan, as John said.

          2. I just looked it up, and Brendan made that money before Survivor, so he doesn’t count, right? And if he does count, Jeff Kent must have made more money than Brendan until Obama took it.

          3. Brendan was already successful and I think already a millionaire when he went on Survivor. He made a lot more millions after.

          4. According to the Andrew Savage Survivor Wiki, Brendan’s only info in his Post-Survivor section is that he attended the 10 year anniversary Survivor party.

            Under Trivia, one of his 3 items is that he lost 6 lbs during his season.

          5. Geez, I didn’t even know he had a granola company, let alone sold it for that much. Surprised that’s not on the wiki.

            He is definitely number one.

          1. I don’t know. To me a successful singer trumps a successful daytime talk-show co-host. Besides, Elizabeth is retired, Chase is still making music and touring.

          2. His previous album debuted at #1 on the Billboard country charts.

            (I can’t believe I’m so bored at work that I’m defending Chase Rice’s country music career)

          3. As someone who has to listen to country music, I can tell you this much. I have only heard one of his songs once on the radio. Yet, he has come through the big city that I am near two or three times here recently and my city is not a big venue.

          4. The thing with country music is that it’s both a very successful genre and a completely segregated genre. So unless you’re mega successful, your fame doesn’t expand outside of it.

            They have their own radio stations, their own billboard charts, their own Grammys. Elizabeth was on everybody’s network TV.

          5. I didn’t even know that existed.

            I recently had an epiphany that the only country music I seem to be able to tolerate is by women.

          6. You didn’t know the remix existed? That must be a wonderful world you live in. There is like 2 male country artists that I like because they are on the outskirts of bro-country.

          7. I love Chris Stapleton. Also, does Lyle Lovett still count? He’s one of my favorites in any genre. Also since I’m old Dwight Yoakam.

            I won’t get into all the classic artists I love.

          8. My family used to listen to “Church” by Lyle Lovett all the time! (It’s the only song of his I know though.) I called it “the cornbread song” because I was a child.

          9. I beg you to listen to more! He’s amazing in concert, and I am totally biased by my love of him. Seen him twice.

  6. So, is this the most boring cast of people ever assembled to play survivor? I feel bad because I’m always such a downer and I never have anything positive to contribute on here but seriously! Someone on this cast do something to make me care about you! I don’t care if it’s good or bad, even Joe who I shit on two weeks ago because of the cooking incident isn’t offensive enough for me to genuinely hate on him! They could announce next week that either everyone on the cast wins the million dollars or everyone on the cast caught Ebola and died horribly and my reaction would be an identical “OK”.

      1. See those seasons all had a tough least one good or bad person. I know this isn’t a universal opinion but I enjoyed Boston rob on redemption island. Thailand had Brian who wasn’t a good guy but played a great game and was interesting to watch. One world you have Kim obviously and got to root against the eminently hateable Colton. Who does this season have that we will even remember there name in a couple years?

          1. All those pre-season TV commercials with giant Rob and giant Russell standing on that island, walking towards each other for a showdown – thrown out after the first 3 weeks.

        1. Kim was not a clearly memorable character at this point in the season. But to answer your question, Jessica could definitely go down some interesting paths in the future. I don’t think she’s reached that level yet, but she has potential.

        2. But would we call Kim the best player ever already in the pre-merge? The same goes for Brian, and some other players like Natalie A, and probably some others that I’m forgetting. I know it’s cliche to say “let’s wait till the merge”, but it’s true. There are very few seasons and players that we KNEW were great till the beginning to the end. And regarding people who we will remember- I do think Chrissy, Jessica and Ali all have a lot of potential to blossom into either great players, characters, and even both. They are not NOW, but they could (even though Jessica already has won my heart).

          1. Yeah I get the whole wait till the merge argument but come on, we are 5 episodes in now, someone should be showing something. No we aren’t thinking of Kim as GOAT at this point but we are definitely liking her and seeing signs she is good

          2. But Kim didn’t really do that much impressive moves in the pre-merge, besides finding an idol, and being in a really good spot. And I think a lot of people are overexaggerating how much Kim was likable to the viewers. She was fine, but let’s be real, she wasn’t that much of an exciting personality out there- and there is nothing wrong with that, and it’s not like she’s boring in the real life, because I find her great and likable in the podcasts, and I am one of the people who does think she’s probably the player to ever play. But I don’t find her that ahead of for example Ali and Chrissy in terms of likability, and even gameplay, besides all of the girls that I’ve mentioned had a few hiccups here and there, which I don’t find THAT bad of a thing, but they also had as much, and I would argue even more flashes of something that we have to wait and see to fully come out. Like I’ve said, they maybe aren’t these great players, but I don’t think it’s fair for them to completely dismiss them.

          3. I guess we just approach viewing differently. I’m more than happy to change my mind and like someone later if they turn out to be good. I’m not going to like them until they do something to merit it though. From what I’ve see so far this cast is boring as hell, and I’ll continue to call them boring until I’m proven wrong. I hope things get more interesting and I have to change my tune on some of these players, I really do.

          4. Just so we’re clear, we’re currently arguing that this season is at least as good at something as One World.


          5. I really only argued about whether there are potential hidden great players in this cast or not. I could also as well use, Sarah (without the great personality), like I’ve said Brian, Natalie A, plus even people like Parvati, Rob C. And even as much as OW sucks, I really doubt we’ll ever find someone as good as Kim ever again.

          6. If a number of these players turn out to be great, we could point back to something they already did. We just don’t know yet. Jessica, obviously. Ali – “We saw her become the closest ally of most of her tribe in the pre-merge.” Ben – “He had his emotional PTSD segment.” Joe – “We saw him correctly read to play the idol on himself.” Etc.

    1. No, not by a long shot. Assuming that these people maintain a standard-ish interest curve heading into the post-merge.

      Crazy Theory: Our lack of enthusiasm is Game Changers fault. We just got through a season with spectacularly interesting people (and also, the people who made it to the end!), thus making this band of the “OK, I guess” seem like total garbage…and at the same time it was a terribly unsatisfying season that left most of us less than eager for more. Throw in a season which is fine, but lacking in hooks…and you have a disenchanted podcast community.

      1. agree with everything you said about game changers but I don’t think that’s the reason these people seem so bland. Even the other not so stellar recent seasons at least had something interesting going on. On kaoh rong Jason and Scott weren’t pleasant but they were fun to root against. Tai was a unusual and interesting guy and lots of people like Aubrey for some reason. In worlds apart Jen brown’s hatred of everything and everyone was pretty fun. Who does this season have? It is a complete wasteland of talent.

      2. You’re right. This cast can’t hold a candle to the dynamically interesting people like Troy(zan), SSDT, Caleb, Debbie, Ozzy, Hali, and Officer Sara.

        1. Don’t do the Barbara Anderson thing and pick out the least interesting people to say “Hey, this season had a shitty cast!” (To clarify, she does it with the least attractive people to say, “Hey, this season’s cast isn’t attractive!”)

          1. I’d also argue that Debbie and Ozzy (hard call- Ozzy #4 is uninteresting; Ozzy as a figure in Survivor haunted by Ozzy’s 1-3 is fascinating) would be the most interesting people on this season not named Cole. And Sara would be near the top.

            I mean, Debbie’s awful, but her awfulness is more interesting than Joe’s.

          2. I like that when I read “the Barbara Anderson thing” I had a pretty good idea what you mean before reading the rest of the sentence.

          3. I didn’t say that I agreed with John. I just meant that when I read him saying “the Barbara Anderson thing” I knew what he meant by that.

        2. Hali is not a terrible comp for Jessica, and Jessica is one of the most interesting people on this cast.

          1. Jessica’s edit is so freaking baffling, because everything she does is tied to Cole, who we all can figure is not the winner. All of her content is connected with that relationship. Even the Mike stuff is basically “I gotta find a better alliance partner besides Cole”.

          2. The Jessica & Cole storyline is fascinating to me because they’ve started out equally terrible, in kind of opposite ways, at shutting off their real life to play Survivor. (Cole wants to help other people achieve their dreams! Jessica believes that flirtation is Serious Business and the beginning of a personal, solid, exclusive bond!) I’m really hoping that Jessica just utterly flips and settles into an amoral, backstabby game, riding on everyone’s early impression of her sweetness and gullibility.

      3. I agree and even wonder if this cast was intentionally a bit bland, to act as a palate cleanser for Game Changers? That might not work out logistically based on when the casting took place, but I feel like one of the things that hurt GC was that their highs were too high and their lows were too low which caused unpleasant imbalances in the edit and wound up with a yawnfest of an endgame. My hope for this season is that it will be a slow build up to an exciting endgame, but I guess only time will tell.

        1. Yeah, between the Varner incident and all the complaints about Jason and Scot they might have tried not to cast bigger personalities to avoid controversy.

        2. They did start playing before the incident, but I suppose it’s possible editors tried to soften everyone’s edges? But I assume no one has done anything that bad, so I also don’t it was necessary to soften them.

          1. Well dang, then I’m not sure. New theory: they didn’t have anyone over the top fantastic so they just cast a bunch of medium-pleasant people?

        3. In theory, you would expect the cast that follows an all-returnee cast to be a bit of a letdown, and in practice, those casts have been meh (Vanuatu), awful (Nicaragua), and fantastic (MvGX). Maybe MvGX was an outlier, and this is a reversion to the mean.

          1. OTOH, following an all-returnee season means that the show should be able to cast a full season of interesting players, since they have a full year instead of half a year.

          1. Including production. Like, the only person who seems overly excited about this Season is Jeff Probst, and that’s his entire job.

          2. I actually think that he has his KR level hype. What we actively know about the season is The post-merge is supposed to be bonkers. What many of us suspect is that We are getting a tie at FTC and the winner of that tie does not make Probst happy.

          3. Very interesting. Could Ben fit that mold? He seems like Probst’s level of dudely warm-heart, but if Chrissy does all the hard work and Ben gets the money, maybe that could piss Probst off, very similar to Koah Rong? Oh, but a Cole win would seem far more likely to piss Probst off, lol

          4. Ben is Probst’s prototype male winner. He is the model Hero. The only moment he hyped up from this week was Ben’s PTSD reveal.

            Also, remember that Probst was kinda sad that Brad didn’t win Game Changers

          5. But wasn’t the rule that the 3rd person votes live, so we wouldn’t technically have a winner at this moment? I may be wrong, because that;s the part of the reunion that I’m most cloudy on.

          6. But i think super’s point is, Probst would know we are going to a tie-breaker at the reunion, but if that vote is truly live, he can’t know who they will chose AT the reunion. Or at least, he can’t know for sure…

          7. Yup, that’s what I meant. And to be clear, I still don’t remember whether Probst has said that vote will happen at the FTC, or live.

          8. You are expecting me to remember Game Changers? My hunch is that Probst looks through the votes, sees a tie, and announces the new procedure at FTC. It wouldn’t be fair for 3rd place to vote at the reunion after they have watched everything.

          9. My understanding was that it would be a live vote at the reunion, so he would know it’s a tie, but not the outcome. And I really can’t see Probst admitting at FTC “yeah, I looked at them, I always do, it’s a tie, so-and-so, you have to vote now.”

            But, I 100% hope you’re right about how it would go down, because it doesn’t seem fair that the third person would get to watch the entire season and all behind the scenes footage and then make a far more educated choice. They would be able to base their pick off a lot more than just what happens on the island. Maybe that’s their reward though for making FTC though? A perk above being on the jury?

          10. Oh right, shit! That’s a fascinating thought, would anyone from Koah Rong have changed their vote after having watched the entire season? I mean, I’d assume Tai would vote Aubry. What about GC? Would Troy change had he watched the season and seen everything Sarah did? Again, I don’t think so, but a really interesting thought. I can see what Probst’s intent might be here, but i’m not confident of the result…

            I feel like, very often, the third FTC player who would vote isn’t the person I want to make the deciding choice in the season. Like, I would hate GC even more if it ended up the winner came down to Troy’s pick.

            Also also, what if the FTC vote is like, 3-3-1? Would the third FTC player vote for the winner, or would the 1 outlying jury member revote? Honestly, at this point, I feel like if we get a tie-breaker final, some portion of the Survivor community is going to hate it on principal, and whatever portion that is, it will be significant.

          11. I believe either Scott or Jason has said that they would have voted for Aubry, but I think that was more them saving face after everyone kinda got a bit underwhelmed with Michele’s win.

          12. Jason has, not sure about Scot. Jason also became very close with Aubry after the season which probably affected his opinion, while Aubry openly talks about disliking Scot on podcasts.

          13. Well, as one of the people enjoying the season, it’s really hard to stay positive in the face of 90% indifference and distain from most of the commentors.

          14. That’s understandable. Though I’d say there is way more indifference than disdain. At least indifference can change if/when the season picks up.

          15. It just gets tiring of wading through endless “no on really pops”, “is this the most bland”, “I’m bored” comments. This fixation on negativity is harshing my mellow, man!

            In other news, the world is a vampire and Survivor my lone bright spot in a week of awful…as is this website, so I probably have bigger issues.

          16. That is completely fair, and I am sorry that I am detracting from your experience. I will say that I love the twist to the showmance that Cole and Jessica are bringing. I also really dig Ben as a fairly unique character for Survivor.

          17. Oh, Barbara, you’re not even close to be the worse of the negative nellys. I love those things too, and not just because I have Jessica and Ben on my team. 😉

    2. Sounds like you like seasons with reprehensible players from your comments. I hate those!

      I like that I mostly like all of these people and that I find many of them extremely attractive.

      1. Honestly what I really want are players like Malcolm or Denise who are interesting and fun, but I will take an annoying or unpleasant character over a bland one so long as they don’t descend to Will, Colton, Brandon etc levels of awful. More like an Abi Maria.

        I also don’t mind the eye candy but I feel like this season the men are significantly hotter than the ladies which is a bummer for me personally.

          1. Jessica ain’t no slouch either. And I feel less bad about objectifying her ’cause it’s not like she’s into men for their wit and worldliness herself.

          2. Co-sign on Desi and Ali, with Jessica a level below.

            IIRC, you’re pretty young, so just take my word for it: Chrissy’s only lost a couple MPH on her fastball.

          3. Nah, I’m an oldie, but I can indeed respect that at 46 Chrissy should get some deserved credit when put up against a beauty contestant and a 24-year-old.

            She ain’t no Yve though, Survivor’s gold standard for “you’re HOW old?!?”

          4. For frame of reference that I’m not a youngin’, I actually had to look up what IIRC meant. Damn kids and your text speak.

          5. Ali is so attractive that both myself and my boyfriend have commented on it while viewing, and neither of us are much attracted to women.

            Kinsey scale ya’ll

    3. Yeah this isn’t even a below average cast in my opinion. It’s perfectly fine. There’s interesting people and a couple of duds, and it takes a few episodes to really really establish standouts.

      1. Out of curiosity, who makes you say “I’m excited to sit down Wednesday night and see what “blank” does this week! And what do you find exciting about them?

        1. Okay let’s go through them one by one:
          Ben – The whole him getting PTSD from a crackling fire storyline was really interesting and I think it’s that kind of thing Survivor does well – forces people to associate with people from a completely different background and learn to empathize and understand them

          Evan – I don’t like Evan very much, but I am interesting to see where they are going with him – he’s talking his social skills up a little too much and I’m curious to see if we are supposed to nod along or be set up for a downfall

          Cole, Jessica, Michael – I love this story – girl gets crush on hot guy, girl realizes hot guy is actually a dolt, girl turns to more intelligent guy who really was the one who could truly help her game and has to look past her hotness blinders on who she wants to work with by natural attractiveness

          Joe – Joe is a pretty solid villain, in the sense that he kind of backed into getting some power despite no one really liking him by pure luck and now we have to watch in horror as he gets what he wants for a few weeks before his lack of social skills and arrogance actually does him in

          Ali – I’m interested in the strong woman archetype on Survivor, because it often goes badly. Ali is the type of person who likes being in control and wants things her way, and I want to see a woman with that mindset succeed for once to prove that you don’t have to be male to be a Boston Rob type player

          Chrissy – She’s a smart older person playing in a game with mostly younger people. I want to see if her intelligence is enough to overcome her general social disadvantages due to age

          Devon, JP – They make good eye candy

          Desi, Lauren – Show really hasn’t given us that much reason to care, so I don’t

          Ashley – I think there’s a bit of Michele Fitzgerald to her in that the show is trying to remind us she exists but she’s not really all that interesting.

          1. Interesting, you’ve made pretty decent arguments for some of those players. I still don’t find most of them at all compelling but that probably has a lot to do with my personal taste. However, you may have succeeded in getting me mildly interested in how Ali’s story plays out.

          2. Joe – Joe is a pretty solid villain, in the sense that he kind of backed into getting some power despite no one really liking him by pure luck and now we have to watch in horror as he gets what he wants for a few weeks before his lack of social skills and arrogance actually does him in

            I’ve never wanted Survivor to be a microcosm of society more than I do now.

    4. Here’s the thing, if Survivor were just a show I watched every week, then moved on to watch You’re the Worst and something else before going to bed, I think this season would be fine so far.

      But as of right now, it’s not interesting enough to support a week long conversation through multiple website posts and an hour long conversation that I record for other people to listen. Which is what I want from this show.

      1. That’s kind of where I am with the show now and why I don’t mind this season at all. It’s perfectly enjoyable watching, there’s just not a whole lot to break down and analyze.

        1. Building off this, I have a few friends who are watching this as their first season as part of doing a fantasy league with me and my boyfriend. I haven’t really gotten time to sit down and chat with them about it all, but from the few moments it seems they are all really enjoying it. This points well to the idea that GC broke a lot of us, and that this is probably good or at least fair quality watching for those who haven’t watched almost 3 dozens seasons. I’m also hoping to talk more in depth with them all after it, to see what they thought in comparison to my thoughts and PRP vibes.

          …I think using my friends as Survivor guinea pigs might be the next level of my obsession.

          1. If you’re not overwhelmed with Survivor podcasts (and sorry for crossing the streams, John and Andy), I suggest listening to Snakes Rats & Goats. The two hosts have pretty decent takes, but what sets the show apart is that they make a friend or professional acquaintance who’s never watched Survivor watch the episode and then bring them on the podcast as a guest. For Survivor obsessives like us it’s often really interesting to hear a complete newbie’s take.

          2. I would probably really enjoy that. Thus far, one of my friends was convinced Jessica made the right decision in blocking Devon’s vote, and I decided not to respond to that email, because it was definitely going to end up a tl;dr situation, and I was concerned I would come across as aggressive or overwhelm them, lol

      2. I think I’ve used this analogy before, but this cast is weirdly clustered around the peak of the bell curve. So maybe nobody’s lovable, but also nobody’s Dan Foley. Nobody’s a mastermind, but also nobody’s Kat.

        And BTW, that “something else” ought to be Broad City.

        1. It reminds me of a lesser version of MvGX. That cast was mostly just to the right of the median. They did, at least, have two indisputable stars- Michaela and Jay. This cast doesn’t have that yet.

          1. We also got a stellar play from Michelle by this point that outdoes anything we’ve seen so far this season.

      3. And you guys are doing an admirable job making something out of nothing on the podcast every week but that is exactly my point about how boring the cast is. Nothing interesting is happening and none of the characters are compelling enough to support the usual level of conversation.

        They mostly seem like perfectly nice well adjusted people, this is probably the “best” group of human beings on a cast in recent memory; but good human beings don’t necessarily make good TV. I feel like I’m the same way with compelling players as you are with players who are good at the game. I’m more than happy to jump on board with any of these people as soon as they get interesting (and god I hope some of them do), but until then they are just a bunch of bland inoffensive nothings to me.

        1. I think this is a fair point, that decent people can be a bit dull to watch. So, instead of Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers, it should be more along the lines of Jerkasses vs The Injury-Prone vs Eye Candy.

  7. I’m not big into edgic, although I do believe that the edit at least wants us to find certain people rootable, and certain people to be villainous. I can’t get a read on what I’m supposed to be manipulated into feeling about Chrissy.

    1. I agree on all points. Edgic is a bit much for me, but I always try and step back and look at what the edit is trying to tell us about people’s chances. Also, I am typically very easily manipulated by the edit so I tend to trust that my visceral reactions are signals of how things will ultimately turn out. When it comes to Chrissy, I’ve been rooting for her but I’ve never liked her arrogant streak, and I thought she didn’t handle the disagreements at tribal council very well this week (though I thought that Roark came off worse). There has been so much disagreement over this, however, that I’m not sure I interpreted everything correctly. I also have no idea what it will mean for the endgame. Maybe she’ll come through unscathed, or maybe her behavior is the beginning of her downfall and her repeated habit of telling us how smart she is and how she’s running things will blow up in her face.

      1. Because I didn’t get to fully flesh out my reaction to Chrissy at Tribal because I had to share time with a whole other person (UGH) a point I wanted to make beyond any implications her reaction or attitude may have been with the people there, I just didn’t think it spoke well of her ability to handle adversity. You can’t always clap back at people in Survivor if you want to win. Sadly, especially for women.

        But we shall see. Maybe she learns from this experience.

        1. I agree, and I would also add that defensiveness to me always suggests a lack of confidence. She didn’t have to capitulate, but trying to throw the blame back at her accusers was a particularly bad look.

        2. What was the right play for Chrissy, though? Ali and Roark were coming at her with what she justifiably felt were BS accusations. Maybe Chrissy didn’t need to counterpunch so hard in the sense that she knew Roark was about to become a pre-merge boot and Ali was about to be blindsided, but wouldn’t laughing it off or curling up in a ball be a much worse look?

          And another thing (this is kind of a half-baked thought, not a hill I’m ready to die on yet), could we as viewers be applying the “mom” standard to Chrissy? I mean, it’s not like being needlessly confrontational at tribal hurt Tony or Tyson, or more to the point, Sandra or Natalie Anderson.

          1. This is a good point. I’m admittedly not great at coming up with great responses to conflict in the moment, but with a few days to think about it, I’d say she probably should have kept it brief and mild. Something like “why didn’t you step up to try the puzzle then, Roark/Ali?” might have been more effective than the way she sort of lashed out and cast the blame around at everyone. Also I think no response was needed when Roark commented that Chrissy only approached her after they lost. If Roark is the one voted out, that accusation is moot because everyone can figure out why Chrissy wasn’t trying to strategize with her.

          2. Yeah. It’s very premature, but Chrissy’s performance at this tribal doesn’t exactly imply good things about how she would perform at FTC.

          3. First of all, love your new Disqus name! Secondly, it’s not necessarily the “mom” standard that I have put on Chrissy. It’s this “cautious” or “risk-averse” standard. We have commented on how she overthinks everything, yet Tribal seems to be her time to be all “Now, it’s time for my emotions”. Sometimes, that can work, but it just seems a bit calculated.

      2. A lot of times, I find myself wanting to buy more into what production is trying to convince me of than what I know will happen. For example, the “Roark vs. Chrissy” storyline is well set up, except for the invisibility of Roark and the high visibility of Chrissy. Because I like Roark, I wanted to believe that this could be Chrissy’s boot, but it was just forced wishful thinking cause that obviously wasn’t happening.

        1. Yeah, I’ll never subscribe to Edgic, but I couldn’t see how Chrissy was possibly going home pre-merge (if not pre-finale, at this point). Roark has been invisible, but invisible people can make it deep and gradually become visible, so I wouldn’t say that her edit was necessarily pointing to an early boot. But between Roark and Chrissy, it couldn’t have been Chrissy.

      1. I’m not entirely sure. A case could be made that we’re supposed to think she’s a streamroller who thinks she knows more than she does.

        1. My only issue with that is her somewhat positive portrayal in episode 2, especially with the Ben alliance. But that may have just been theme selling

          1. But, we are also supposed to see that as her basically saying “Can’t work with this person because X” “Can’t work with this person because Y” in other words, she is overplaying already.

          2. That’s true. It could be a set up for her downfall, not really being able to work with anyone besides Ben. I still think we are supposed to root for their success though

        2. I’m hoping she’s making a slow turn to being a villain, and then we’ll see her downfall plotted by Ali and/or Jessica. A man can dream!

    2. I’ve spent the last 6 months or so exploring and discovering the various and disparate aspects of the online Survivor community. I found Edgic a little while back, started reading it thinking the concept sounded interesting, but a few charts in I thought, “uh no, this is way too much for me.”

      1. Matt (or Mark?) had a good column about edgic (and its flaws) a few seasons back that’s worth a read. And, its basic premise—that the winner more often than not will be edited to have a story crafted showing why they won—makes sense. The issue is often that people tend to work backwards, picking a person they want to win and then taking narrative leaps to explain why they’re Obviously™ winning, when 80-90% of the time the story that is being told really only makes sense once the season is over.

    3. If i had to bet, I would say she is going to be a losing finalist this year but ultimately was key to a lot of seasons’ events so producers spew the narrative around her.

  8. I loved the discussion of where the Jessica/Cole story arc could be going. Jessica has been slowly and steadily rising for me in terms of both likability and winner upside (plus she’s on my pick 4 team) so I would love it if she could drag Cole to the end and just absolutely slaughter him in the FTC. Right now I think a Jessica/Cole/Mike final three has definite potential (assuming Cole survives the next episode). I would of course be slightly concerned that Cole would win on handsomeness alone, but he’s so dumb and apparently annoying that she could hopefully run circles around him in the FTC.

    Based on edit, apparent skill sets and I guess just my own hunches (and/or what I would be most entertained by) I think that we’ve got two likely paths to the end. The Jessica/Cole/Mike group is the first, based on everything I said above.

    The second is some combination of Ryan/Chrissy/Ben and maybe Ali all making it really deep and picking off the competition along the way. I don’t think Ryan is winning the whole thing, and as much as I’ve been a Chrissy fan all along, I think that she’s taken some hits in the edit with regard to arrogance and defensiveness/poor social skills so far, so her winner odds are shrinking IMO. Ali and Ben are still contenders though their edits have been less consistently visible.

    I think everyone else is facing some pretty long odds, whether because of their actual situation in the game or because of my perceptions of their weaker/less visible edits. Maybe one of them could end up being an FTC zero vote getter, but I’m not seeing much winner upside in this group (unless I’m totally forgetting someone?)

    1. Yeah, I’m really liking what they seem to be setting up on the Cole/Jessica story. I think Cole will survive the next episode, I don’t think they’d be giving him a doofus edit if he were going to be medevac’d like that. I’m mad at myself though because after episode 1 I decided I had to cut either Jessica or Cole from my Pick 4 and I cut her when it should have been him

      1. Can’t blame yourself, Maritimer. I’ve seen plenty of seasons of Survivor and the only way to make your team stronger is to cut the woman. How could it go wrong?

        1. The blue tribe’s name is “Yelloh”.
          The yellow tribe’s name is “Rehd”.
          The red tribe’s name is “Blooh”.

      1. I contend there’s a world where Devon is a really boring person who wins a really boring season Fabio-style.

        It’s not likely…but it could happen. Hope it doesn’t.

        1. I was just going to mention that I think Devon’s edit and link to Ryan shows him going further than many.

        2. Devon seems fun, and Fabio wasn’t boring – he was the best person in Nicaragua at least (low bar, I know.)

          1. I do think Devon has early signs of fun, and that it’s more likely he does some entertaining things and comes in sixth-ish.

            The theory is that his edit is such that he can be one of “fun” and “winning”, but not both.

        3. I feel like Devon is being hidden by the edit and I can’t figure out why. He seems fun and almost Jay-like so I’m not sure why he isn’t being shown more

      2. My general theory of how to go far in Survivor (ignoring the particulars of cast, theme, etc.) is to 1) be in good standing with your starting tribe before the swap, and 2) bond with people from other starting tribes after the swap so that 3) you can quickly assemble a majority alliance at the merge. Being the first swap tribe to go to tribal makes (2) really difficult, on top of which the blue tribe is particularly dysfunctional, with only Ashley and Devon forming a bond.

    2. I agree with a lot of your analysis. I think we could very likely see a Jessica/Cole/Mike vs. Ryan/Chrissy/Ben conflict as the central narrative of the post-merge. Right now, I lean more toward a Chrissy/Ben/another person FTC, where Chrissy would get shit for betraying people and Ben would get the win for his likability and personal narrative. Obviously, that’s so far down the road, but Ben’s confessionals and Chrissy’s tribal edit in this episode seem spot on for that kind of long-term story.

    3. I may be reading too much into pre season Probst commentary, but I’ve always assumed Chrissy goes deep but absolutely cannot win. Probst adored her in cast assessments, meaning she lasts; but he was too obvious about it and wouldn’t be so openly biased towards the winner

  9. I assume the only reason The Littlest Hobo is winning is because everyone here is also trying to exact revenge on Palsy. Good work, team.

  10. I tend to agree with you guys that cutting Roark was the right move but excluding Ali was inexcusable. As Emma noted, you don’t even need to convince her, though that would be preferable. You just tell her you have the votes and that it’s what’s happening, then at least she’s not in the dark. And, true or not, maybe tell her the deal is that JP is next.

    I kind of noticed the Ryan music too. It was strange, though not nearly as grating as the Cirie scene last year. It seems a whole lot like Ryan is our personal growth edit candidate for this season.

      1. I wonder how I’d be feeling about Ryan if I didn’t know anything about him outside of the game/didn’t read his bio. Sure, he tries too hard to be funny, but (at least up until last night), he was the nerdy guy with the pretty good social game right from the beginning.

        1. I am actually judging only on what I’ve seen in the show and thus, find him quite enjoyable.

      2. He is, and I usually root for that type of player. But I find myself rooting against Ryan. I think I feel about Ryan how most feel about Phillip. I just don’t like the guy and that’s that.

      1. I’m with BadPlayer, he wins one and it’s treated as a major moment. He gets a crying confessional about it.

  11. So far I feel like season is moving towards the where no one on that was Healers tribe can win the game, and in fact they should be Pagong’d when the merge hits. This mainly because the fact that we have the relationships being developed bewteen Hustlers and Heroes why the orginal Healers have insular.

  12. Is there any chance we could be going to an unannounced swap next week? Cause I was thinking, if they have a swap with Cole and Jessica getting split up, that could lead to the ‘not ready to play without Cole’ comment more fluidly. But usually we get info about swaps in the previews…

    Also, why even bother to show us Ashley/Devon talking about going to rocks and needing to flip Desi on Joe if that tribe doesn’t go back to tribal? I would assume that tribe must go back to tribal before a swap or merge. All in all, i think Blue will go back to tribal, and the Jessica quote will be someone (probably Mike?) talking to her about what they should do IF they lose, which they won’t.

    1. The Devon/Ashley scene could be just to show a tight bond that goes beyond a swap/merge even if they don’t go back to tribal

      1. That’s true, but given the level of focus, i’m inclined to believe blue will lose immunity next week, at the very least, that we will see 1 rock draw this season.

  13. I think you guys missed the real way this season could come around: challenge beast Desi. Just imagine her Hollowaying her way through the first couple challenges with everyone shrugging like “eh no big deal, she wasn’t a target” and then it gets farther and farther into the season and the strategic players get visibly frustrated realizing that she’s too nice to let into the finals but they can’t stop her. It’ll conclude with a luggage carrying challenge at Final Four where she blows past Ryan and takes this thing unanimously.

    1. Ditto to BD, this sounds amazing. Also, I would love to see a woman do the challenge beast thing and win it, as a huge middle finger to Ozzy. “Ozzy, someone finally used your ‘be good at challenges’ strategy to win, it’s Desi, Miss Virginia 2013 and 2016!”

    2. Two things:
      1) We’re at the point of the season where if Desi were the winner, her lack of portrayal to this point would be insulting.
      2) There’s a good chance that Desi is very boring.

      1. You don’t get to be beautiful, smart, athletic AND interesting. You gotta leave some good qualities for the rest of us losers, Desi!

      2. Out of pure curiosity, I looked at some of her publicity from winning Miss Virginia, and she seems a base line interesting. Not necessarily ‘pop off the screen’ interesting, but able to answer questions, tell stories, and hold herself well in front of a camera. She may not provide the kind of rooting interest we are looking for right now (and maybe being too calm & collected in front of a camera is a bad thing for Survivor), but with JP setting the bar pretty low, i’m hopeful more Desi confessionals will improve the season.

        1. I’m pretty sure in order to get cast on Survivor, at the very least you have to be baseline interesting. Whether that translates to the show or not is a different question.

          1. I present JP

            But in seriousness, I think you have to ‘appear’ that way, which i’m sure everyone has ‘appeared’ interesting, but as you note, that doesn’t always work out.

            There are, as well, a few instances where I think casting was looking for a sort of ‘hometown, every-person, easily relatable’ player and ended up with people didn’t even appear exciting.

  14. 12 days from today, on November 8th, the biggest PRP meet up ever will be happening in NYC. We will be attending the live Know It All’s show. There are also tentative plans to have dinner/drinks before the event and drinks after the event. I’m not sure about the availability of tickets to the show though I believe Kemper Boyd does have one spare ticket but if you are in the area that day and want to attend any of the festivities, let me know and I’ll provide details to where we will be once it’s decided. I look forward to meeting as many PRP people as possible.

  15. I needed this podcast today after hearing things like an NFL owner saying “we can’t let the inmates running the prison” when referring to anthem protests. The world sucks sometimes and PRP makes it just a little better.

      1. Incredibly sad and angering but oddly refreshing that it’s out in the open instead of pretending that this is about some shit it isn’t about.

    1. As Matt said in our Slack (and we often say about things like this), he said the quiet part loud.

      Another reminder that the NFL is the fucking worst. I truly believe that this is my last year watching it.

      1. I should’ve left the NFL years ago and honestly I regret that I haven’t. I feel awful that I didn’t leave after the NFL had shown that they don’t give a shit about women or their own player’s health and well being. I’ve held on due to some emotional relationship I have with the NY Giants and enjoyment of fantasy football. I can’t anymore. This is a barbaric and racist industry that I need to separate myself from. I agree with you, the NFL is the fucking worst.

        1. Actually, I should amend: the NFL is the second fucking worst.

          The NCAA is the fucking worst.

          I hung around this year for fantasy, since I’ve been in the same league for 18 years and its my sole remaining connection to friends there. But I’m 0-7. I’m done. I like the NBA so much better anyway.

          1. That’s fair, the NCAA is somehow even worst with all the bullshit the NFL does plus how they treat their student athletes.

          2. I stopped watching the NFL 2-3 years ago, but I’m still in a fantasy football league for the same reasons. I legit asked in the chat why I got Marshawn Lynch for so little.

          3. I don’t like football in general any more, so I’m just more curious than anything; but could the CFL function as a substitute for those who like football but not the NFL?

          4. I will say that it’s a football-like substance without the bullshit demagoguery and fewer horrific injuries due to spacing rules and lesser athletes. Honestly, I think the biggest flaw for me is that it’s hard to get psyched for an 8-9 team league. That plays 20 weeks plus playoffs.

        2. All of this is true and it’s a relief that more and more people are realizing this. I truly believe the NFL won’t be around a decade from now.

        3. The NFL has been on a decline for some years, and I’m waiting for the day it straight up disappears. I’m glad the Bears have sucked for as long as they have. When it started getting palpably gross to watch football, I didn’t have anything still tethering me to the sport.

        4. By contrast, the NBA is fucking amazing. I fucking love that LeBron has everything to lose by speaking up, and he still does it. Because it’s worth it.

          1. At the risk of Mississippi Burning-ing it, Kerr and Pops deserve fucking medals, for the same reason.

          2. True, I just think LeBron in particular is putting so much at risk. Jordan didn’t get involved in any public controversies because it might hurt his cash flow. LeBron has been speaking out since Trayvon Martin.

            But I do love when Pop lights up Trump. He’s great at it.

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      2. My dad already started boycotting the NFL this year. He still might watch the Saints every now and then because that’s our team (and there’s some emotional attachment there), but that’s it; even then, he still might not. The only reason I’ve ever watched the NFL is because I like watching it with my dad. If my dad doesn’t watch, I don’t either. The league is just giving us more reasons to not watch.

        1. I feel trapped because just when I think I’m starting to lose interest the Eagles may have stumbled onto an actually great quarterback.

        1. I already stopped about two years ago. Adrian Peterson, concussions, and Jameis Winston finally convinced me to stop.

          And yet, I’m still watching college football.

  16. Everything that was worth discussing was already discussed in the comments and in the podcast, so I’m gonna just add few of my opinions: a) I am enjoying the season, while it’s definetely not in the “like like” territory, at least not yet; b) like I said in one of my previous comments, I’m loving Jessica, and hope she will get very far; and c) I’m still a fan of Chrissy while I do think she could’ve played this episode, especially TC, much better.

    And here are my updated Power Rankings:

    1. Ben (+3)
    2. Jessica (+3)
    3. Ryan (0)
    4. Ali (-2)
    5. Chrissy (-4)
    6. Ashley (+1)
    7. Devon (+1)
    8. Lauren (-2)
    9. Mike (+1)
    10. Desi (+1)
    11. Joe (-2)
    12. Cole (0)
    13. JP (0)

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

  17. As the question asker, my own answer would be: 1. Some one gets really good at Survivor
    2. Jessica, Mike or Ben wins
    3. Joe does entertaining things with Idols.

    Honestly, this season is vying for the title of most generic season. At least we got Cirie in Panama and Shane being weird by this point. In SJDS, we had Keith as a comedic treasure and the Drewchebag episode. This season is just bland.

    1. I look at Joe’s idol play and how we all kind of collectively shrugged. Previously, any successful idol play gave us at least a week’s worth of hype to burn. I felt like there was a relative lack of reaction a week ago. So is that an indictment of the season or of us as viewers? And yeah, the Game Changers hypothesis below makes sense, but I also feel like everyone I know irl is just worn the fuck out by this past year. Is that also playing into how we experience things and consume media?

      1. The Joe idol was also undone a bit by the coinciding advantage, the combo of which sapped the moment of its excitement.

        1. So then you’re telling me the reason this season feels relatively sucky is Jeff Probst, who can’t leave well enough alone and needs to ruin a good thing by stuffing advantages in at every turn?

      2. That’s an interesting hypothesis about everybody just being absolutely ground down by the past year (to the point where I’ve wondered at times if I’m clinically depressed), but Australian Survivor was fun AF, so I don’t think it’s that. I think the Game Changers hypothesis is right and it does seem increasingly likely that this is simply an entire cast of league-average contestants.

      3. I think there is something to the theory that everyone is just burnt out by the world. It’s something I’ve noticed among my friends and with myself, kind of a lack of enthusiasm for some things, and Survivor has been one of them

      4. If Tony had never existed, I think we would all be more excited about Joe. Deliberately making himself the target was a nice play.
        But, it’s like looking at a Van Gogh print versus seeing the actual painting. Sure the print is still cool, but just will never as impressive as the real thing.

        1. Joe is only interesting because we’ve seen Tony. If Tony didn’t exist we’d be saying the same thing that was said about Tony early on, that playing this manically and aggressively will never work.

          1. You mean the dude who didn’t trust Joe even before he got confirmation Joe was lying to him? That dog won’t hunt.

          2. I also think that Tony was willing to try anything, which is something that we have not seen from Joe yet. We also never saw Tony being so awful in camp besides the whole Tasha incident at the merge.

    2. Panama still barely registers for me as a season that happened. Like, I know Cirie is on it, and Shane, and then there were endless episodes of Terry not saving his alliance-mates. I’m halfway convinced it doesn’t actually exist and was just a dull Survivor dream I had once.

      1. I actually really dig Panama (Purple Tally can attest to this) because the storytelling that the editors do is really solid. Despite the presence of crazy Casaya, it is an extremely subtle season.

  18. I actually think I know Ryan’s actual closest comparison: (hear me out) Rob Cesternino.

    They were the sort of nerdy guys who bonded with their tribe through self deprecating humor, while never passing up an opportunity to tell you how pretty girls never looked their way (Rob needed to work through some issues out there). Rob is a more dynamic player though.

    1. We also have to remember that a lot of Rob’s “nerds needs love too” storyline was inspired by the battle of the sexes theme. Ryan is just looking for that screentime.

  19. Emma said that Keith might have won if he had made it to the finals because of the men on the jury (although I’m not sure Jeremy would have voted for him). Then Andy added Chris winning Vanuatu. But Vanuatu’s jury was mostly women – only 2 men on that jury. Yes, Chris got their votes, but he also got 3 women’s votes.

    1. Keith would have gotten Wes, Alec and possibly Josh and Reed. Due to Baylor voting for Missy, Jon for Jaclyn and Jeremy, for Natalie, 4 votes would be enough.

      1. Oh yeah, i agree with the podcast (and you) that if Keith had made it to the final three, he would have won. Improving an already great season!

          1. I don’t disagree with any of this. If Keith is in the final 3, it ends with Keith winning handily.

            And actually, to qualify what I originally said, if the final challenge in SJDS was something Keith was capable of winning and he had immunity, I think he pushes to vote out Jaclyn and take Natalie to the end. And he still wins.

          2. I can actually see that because he kinda got closer to Missy towards the end after their fight over their different parenting styles. The question is then who would Jon vote for in that F3?

          3. We don’t REALLY know, but Jeremy has said he would probably vote for Missy in the Missy/Jaclyn/Keith final 3. I could see Nat going for Missy or Keith.

        1. I think in that situation the votes would be:
          Keith: Wes, Alec, Reed, Josh
          Missy: Baylor, Jeremy, Natalie
          Jaclyn: Jon

          I think the non-Josh and Reed votes are locked in, but Reed hated Missy and would vote Keith to not risk Missy winning in a tie. Josh would follow because crowning Missy instead of Keith winner is not worth ending a relationship.

  20. All right, maybe I was wrong about Ali telling Ryan what to do instead of them working together as equals. Yes, she was not obstinate and voted out people that she had befriended and originally wanted to keep – she is perfectly willing to change her mind and vote out someone she previously did not want to vote out.

    It’s just that in the Simone and Patrick vote-outs, I seem to recall her going to Ryan and telling him who they were voting for instead of asking him to discuss it. But maybe I’m not remembering it right.

  21. It’s your friendly neighborhood PRP VJ here to tell y’all that the Survivor interns have been duped by the YouTube goblins again, and all the upcoming clips for the week are already uploaded.

    The preview (which is normally up at this point in the week) is not as spoilerific as last week. In fact, I recommend everybody watch this one because it looks like some drama at Soko might be simmering and it’ll give us more to talk about when we’re stretched thin in the regard.

    And go Astros!!!

      1. I mean, there’s only been two episodes where the names were used, and it’s really only been at challenges.

      1. Man, Game Changers has to be the ultimate challenge for DVD cover making. I’m glad they included Sandra, letting people know that if you only watch episodes starring Sandra, it’s a great season

          1. That’s the oddity for MvGX, I figured Adam, David, Zeke, and Michaela were locks, and Jay had high potential to be on there. It’s weird that they went Hannah over Ken, especially since Ken and David was one of the major storylines of that season.

            I think Ken may be the first male second-place getter not to appear not on his season’s DVD cover. IIRC, he joins Susie, Sabrina, and Monica Culpepper to get that dishonor.

          2. It’s not weird to me that they went with Hannah. She was the more interesting character anyway.

          3. Ken is like a Westminster dog show dog. He’s nice to look at but you don’t want to listen to him yap for 42 minutes.

          4. Let me just finish this joke for you: Don’t you mean “Woo’s on the cover of Cagayan”?

            SNP, I am fairly confident that Survivor knew that Woo was on Cambodia when they came up with the cover, so he was an essential lock. Don’t forget that he is the second place person in a two person FTC, so he had to be on there.

          5. But Ken was basically irrelevant through basically the whole post-merge, besides him nearly fucking everything up for his side, and him cutting David at the end. Hannah was much bigger character than him. The only argument for why they would put Ken on there, would be because they only had one Gen X-er without him, but it’s not like they were always fair with who got to be on the cover or not.

          6. I agree. I thought either Zeke or Michaela should have been off. She was premerge. He was early merge. But then if Micheala goes, there’s little diversity. There’s also just one woman then. Zeke belongs more on the GC cover.

        1. Kaoh Rong’s is perfect. I was wondering if Caleb would make it as a returnee, but Cydney and Jason were too big not to include so I’m glad they didn’t do it. Cydney will also likely be a returnee at some point anyways.

          1. But Caleb was also only in 7 total episodes of Survivor, and Jason played a huge role in the season and represents the Jason/Scot(/Julia) alliance.

    1. It’s, what, the second or third majority female DVD cover! Followed by yet another majority male one…

  22. Normally don’t like 3 person pods, but this actually worked quite well. All of your POVs are quite different so it worked, plus it’s good to have countering opinions from non SWM.

  23. I think we were robbed of an opportunity to find out Chrissy’s actual in game ability due to the whole super idol situation. if you removed that from the equation and Chrissy is able to flip the situation to Ryan siding with her over Ali, then that is impressive.
    On Ryan, I don’t think he is trying to be both arrogant and self-depreciating guy. Some people due to use self depreciation to integrate themselves in social groups. He is at the stage where he recognises that he is able to do that pretty well and connect with folks so is talking up his social game. Social game has always been tough to portray on survivor, you can’t get everyone to deliver lessons like Cirie did to Michaela. But in Ryan’s case, the results does point towards him having a good social game since as a pretty weak challenge performer his name should have been brought up by now given he has been to 3 tribals out of 5. And oh, I do agree that heroic music during challenge was nauseating. Overall, I don’t like Ryan for some of the same reasons I don’t like Cochran.
    As far as people to root for this season, I think I am only rooting for Ali and may be Ben. Otherwise not invested in any other player whatsoever. I agree with Emma that this season could turn out to be worse than SJDS if post merge story does not pick up. Natalie’s arc did somewhat redeem SJDS for me. It atleast turned a very poor season to average one alongside likes of Panama.

  24. Yeah this is pretty bland Survivor this year.

    I commented on Chrissy before the episode but it’s pretty clear now that she’s out for the other women (she cut Roark and the episode made it clear she had no willingness to work with Ali which IMO would actually be a good move for her, at least at this point) and I wondered if it’s tied to her career path or personality. Is she someone who proves her value by tearing down someone else’s? Is this her path because she’s been forced into it by her climb to break through the glass ceiling in her industry, or was she able to be successful in life because she’s so good at throwing other people under the bus (the chicken or the egg)? I’m not trying to devalue her own intelligence or skill but Tribal Council was a bad look for her last night, but maybe Roark pushed her into it. I’m interested to see more about what makes Chrissy tick because at the moment it doesn’t look so great.

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