Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 7 “Get to Gettin'”

Andy and John discuss the merge episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 7 “Get to Gettin'”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • How we felt about the merge episode.
  • Breaking down our reactions to how each of these players performed:
    • Ben, who seemed to be the decision-maker.
    • Chrissy, who seemed to be calling the shots.
    • Joe, who is about this life, but is he any good at it?
    • Cole, who does not understand social niceties
    • Mike, who went between his group and Ben and targeted Chrissy.
    • Lauren, who wanted to stay with her swap tribe, but didn’t.
    • Ryan, who laughingly sucked at challenges and high fives.
    • Desi, who won a challenge.
    • Jessica, who went home.
  • What’s the worst restaurant you can think of that you wouldn’t be PSYCHED to eat at after a couple weeks on Survivor?
  • Picking our new favourite players of the season (click here if you need proof, but don’t do so until after you’ve listened to the podcast).
  • Heroic, Healing, and Hustling moments of the week.
  • Predictions

If you have questions or comments, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email (purplerockpodcast at gmail).

326 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 7 “Get to Gettin'”

  1. I feel like it’s a little cruel to give a link to something and then tell me not it click until after I listen to the podcast. I’m not going to be able to listen until later in the afternoon. I mean, I could just not follow directions.

    1. This is like that Twilight Zone episode where the couple is given a box with a button on it and they’re told if they press the button (a) they’ll get $200,000 and (b) someone they don’t know will die. They really want to press the button, but know that they shouldn’t.

  2. I’m not done yet but I can’t tell if the comments about wanting the show to tell us the result before the vote are directed at my comment from the live blog or not so I’m going to defend myself anyway. Basically, this episode is exactly what I want to see. It actually may have tipped its hand too much (but it kind of had to in explaining why the votes ended up on Jessica). We were shown the potential targets, the sides, the decision makers, and their thought processes. That’s what we weren’t always getting in GC and what they did so well in AUS Survivor. I don’t need to know the boot but I want to know what’s on the table. And when I say I haven’t been surprised at TC this year I mean, we were told the targets and I was able to suss out which was going home. I don’t need that to happen, say, had I been wrong and it was Lauren not Patrick, that’s not a story telling failure, we were given enough for a Lauren boot to make me happy and I was just wrong. I agree we didn’t need Lauren’s perspective on this one because she would clearly flip if Ben did and that’s enough justification when we’re getting Ben’s decision making process.

    Tl;dr defense of argument that may not even have been directed at me: suspense good; incoherent storytelling bad

      1. Yeah, that’s the major flaw so far is we don’t have a lot of long term stories. Certainly not compelling ones. But I think that’s partially a flaw of the 3 tribe format, in that the players don’t interact enough to set these up, so hopefully they will come out post merge

        1. Counterpoint: Some of my favorite seasons in regards of storytelling are three tribe seasons (Philippines and Cagayan especially). I just feel like a lot of the “long-term” stories are merge stories.

          1. But they had two tribe periods to help consolidated a narrative. I just think its harder to build this narrative when the people are scattered across 3 tribes for 6 episodes

    1. I haven’t finished the podcast yet either, but I agree with your sentiment that it’s better when the show gives us enough to piece together the story on our own. I’m a big fan of mystery novels, and this sort of reminds me of that realm. Of course I would get bored if I predicted the solution in the first 10 pages every time, but if an author is always springing crazy twists in the last chapter that are unsupported by the rest of the book and cause giant plot holes, I’m going to stop reading that author too.
      The ideal for me is when there is enough there that I can narrow it down to maybe two or three likely people and then after the results I can be like “of course it had to be that person, because of X, Y and Z” (even though I might have had the same reaction about the other person too).
      This also makes it more fun and believable once in a while when there really is a blindside out of left field – like when someone plays an idol and the edit keeps mum on who their side voted for (but we can ultimately still figure out why they did it).

      1. Exactly, the show has a grand tradition of being able to set up targets without tipping their hand. Its one of their strengths. Sometimes they can only do so much and can really mask the boot, and that’s fine, its the way it goes. I’m with you that the odd time we don’t get a hint can be exciting if done properly (i.e. we understand why Wentworth’s idol play sent Savage home, that had been set up by the edit without telling us who they were voting for; or the Michaela blindside in MvGX where it was told to us but was still a surprise for us). Its when we have no foreshadowing at all and the boot comes out of left field that I hate (Michaela in GC)

    2. To clear things up: I have seen people complain that last week was out of left field. That ALI BEING IN DANGER OF GOING HOME WAS A SHOCK. I saw people complain that Lauren’s perspective was obscured because the editors just LOVE blindsides.

      This has not been a season of audience blindsides. That does not stop people from complaining about it.

      1. …there are some really bad takes out there. Neither of those should have been major shocks. I get feeling that JP was going that episode from the editing but Ali being in danger should not have been a shock to anyone who understands basic Survivor. That said, anything that ticks off the serious reddit people who think they know better than anyone what the editors are doing makes me happy

        1. The edit last week was great. I didn’t know which tribe was going to TC because they gave us fair helpings of all three. I wasn’t 100% sure about the boot because they gave us JP (and as has been said, there’s no reason to give us JP). I wish every pre-merge episode of Survivor did that.

          1. Exactly, that’s a great example of them nailing the story, giving us a good alternate boot and still explaining what went down without tipping their hand. And props for not spoiling the IC winner, which is a thing they’ve done TWICE this season

      2. I think there’s an argument to be made that unless the players are surprised by the outcome, the show should just present it straight up and not even bother to present it as potentially suspenseful.

        But that has never ever been the modus operandi of the show and it never will be, so arguing it every week is really pointless

  3. Eating Taco Bell is only good for reminding me why I don’t eat Taco Bell. Even then, if I was starving on Survivor, I bet I would eat four tacos, maybe. My least favorite food reward would be if the reward was a tomato.

    And, this community is fantastic. The only other time I’ve experienced this kind of thing is with Buffy, and that board used to have fairly regular meet-ups for quite a few years. Some of my closest friends over the past 16 years or so have been people I met through there, and it’s heartening to see that vibe here as well.

    1. Taco Bell would definitely cause some gastrointestinal distress, but I thought of another place guaranteed to cause that: Chipotle.

        1. Oh, I definitely ignore any red flags about Chipotle’s history with food safety and just eat it anyway.

          I won’t ever do their hot salsa again, though. It’s super delicious on the way in, but it’s not worth the agony on the way out.

          1. I’ll just avoid showing you the hot sauce shelf in my refrigerator then…

            Also now I’m wondering if I wanna go to the international Kroger and get some tomatillos and habaneros for a salsa verde.

          2. My brother had a bottle of Iguana Sauce that was too much for him, so that’s what I’m currently using for situations where I want to add heat without changing the flavor profile.

    2. If a Taco Bell reward included their breakfast, then I’d be all in, otherwise I might agree. But I’d be fine with just about any restaurant. If a restaurant is open, I’ll probably enjoy it.

  4. I finally watched the first twenty minutes of the episode and I had a few quick observations
    1) I need a gif of Ben freaking out over ribeye steak pronto
    2) We got a lot of Devon this episode, especially strategic Devon
    3) I had thought that Devon was the one to suggest Jess. No, the camera is focused on Devon but it sounds like Lauren is the one to suggest Jess. I could be wrong there though, but it is not Devon.

    1. re: (1), At some point today or tomorrow, I was going to capture that for the video post, so if someone hasn’t done it by then, I’ll send it along.

      1. He doesn’t. Jay had already established himself as a dynamic presence long before the merge. That’s not a setting Devon seems to have.

        That’s not a knock on Devon, who I think is playing decent game, it’s just that the comparisons to Jay begin and end with the fact that they’re both long-haired surfer dudes.

        1. That’s probably true. I think we’re past the point where Devon is going to start showing the same infectious energy Jay has but I can hope

      1. fwiw as soon as you said you had found a player to get behind I was like, “it’s Chrissy. Chrissy did the kinds of things Andy likes this week. It’s Chrissy.”

        1. See, I was sure he was going to say Mike, because ultimately Mike is the one I feel who has been doing all the right things.

  5. At first I was gonna stick with Outback Steakhouse because I consider steak to be the JP of foods, and the only thing on their menu that’s remotely interesting is their French dip. But I think I could at least tolerate it. also thought about TGIFridays, but, unlike John, I’ve never gotten diarrhea from a TGIFridays and they make a hamburger that’s passable.

    Then it seemed to me the best choice was one of the shitty low-budget fake Irish pub chains, like a Bennigan’s or an O’Charley, and I almost went with that, but something better came along – it’s the Cheesecake Factory. Because, with Cheesecake Factory, not only is the food guaranteed to be under-seasoned and overcooked, there’s the looming shame of knowing that in 30 minutes a production assistant is going to try to get me to say something nice about the ur-toilet of strip mall blandness, and I’m going to have to play ball at least a little.

      1. Oh goddammit, the weird Italian art film other roommate was watching is over so now he’s catching up on Young Sheldon.

        I don’t understand how he can have such refined taste in movies and yet only watch the worst TV.

          1. My biggest problem is that, for all of Chuck Lorre’s flaws, the man understands classic sitcom timing and blocking, which means that I can endure a given episode of BBT knowing there will at least be a couple solid laughs.

            Young Sheldon ditches that because Lorre saw Fresh of the Boat and The Goldbergs were hits for ABC and decided he could do the same thing without understanding why they work.

    1. When I was on study abroad in Greece, whenever we got homesick for America we would go get cheese fries or nachos at TGIFridays, so it has a special place in my heart.
      (It was truly shocking when I got back to the U.S. and discovered that the menu and really the entire vibe of the restaurant is completely different here)

        1. I once went to a Pizza Hut in London and it felt kind of like an upscale dining experience. Until we got our food, but still, the restaurant was very nice.

          1. Lived there for a year. That’s all Pizza Huts over there. They’re actually supposed to be a sit-down restaurant. It honestly may have been the biggest cultural shock I experienced.

          2. In Japan, Outback Steakhouse, TGIFriday’s, Denny’s etc. are all better than the US versions, but not dramatically so. What’s hugely different are the convenience stores: clean, efficient, properly stocked and properly staffed, with prepared food that’s fresh and relatively healthy. 7-Eleven Japan eventually got so big that it bought out US 7-Eleven and made it a subsidiary.

          3. When I was little my mom worked at Pizza Hut for a while and my dad would take us there to eat occasionally – the one she worked at was totally a sit down restaurant with booths and little faux Tiffany style lamps hanging over the tables. This would have been Indiana circa 1990. I feel like you can still find sit down Pizza Huts in very small midwestern towns nowadays, but they’re super rare.

          4. We had one like that when I was a kid, and this was ITP, which is to say not technically in Atlanta but basically in Atlanta.

          1. I don’t even dislike steak, I’m just totally indifferent to it, but the reaction “meh, steak,” gets, especially in the south, is too good of a trolling opportunity to pass up.

          2. I will state that I think there’s a lot of meh steak out there. I’m at a point in my life where I’d rather have no steak than a meh steak. Luckily, I go to good steak places (or cook good steak myself) and will pay the required money to do so.

          3. I just generally don’t find the taste or texture of meat interesting enough for it to be the main attraction in a dish. If steak is what’s being served, I’ll eat it, but t’s not my first choice.

          4. Having the sense (and money) to choose quality over quantity is one of the upsides of turning 40.

          5. I’ve actually gone the other way as I’ve gotten older. In my 20s I was all about cooking something that was interesting to me, for me, so I’d drop money to make one really nice meal for myself. In my 30s I’m finding myself way more into feeding other people and everyday home cooking, so the challenge of regularly preparing things on a budget using ingredients I can find grabs my attention more.

            I dunno, maybe it’ll swing back the other way in ten years, tho.

        1. Boy, I could make a really dirty follow-up to this post vis-a-vis the steak:JP comparison, but I won’t. I’ll just let everyone put the pieces together themselves.

    2. Despite their precise, methodical, near-mechanical infrastructure, I find that there are good Cheesecake Factories and bad Cheesecake Factories. But because I would murder some Cheesecake factory irl, I would definitely go for it after starving for three weeks.

      1. this is definitely true. I remember liking the downtown Chicago one and finding the Philly one to be vomit-worthy

    3. Being Canadian I went to TGIFriday’s a grand total of once and I was shocked at how much I got and how reasonably good it was for the price I paid. So I’m surprised that Americans think it sucks.

      1. I don’t think TGIF Fridays sucks, like I said, the food is perfectly fine. It’s an easy comedy target because between the high concept decor and predilection for “zany” appetizers it can come off as a parody of mid-price bar-and-grill chains, but the food is decent.

        I would place it above Applebee’s but below Chili’s.

        1. That’s true, it’s probably a little like Appleby’s in Canada where the food can be really good or really awful depending on where you go and the chef you get so that’s why there’s always a large range of reactions.

  6. Sarah Lacina told us she had great social game this year, which turned out to be true but was laughable to hear at the time.

    1. True and that’s because we needed Sarah to tell us that, because no one else realized how great Sarah’s social game was until too late.

      1. I think a better way to go about this is having other players say they trust Sarah, even if they aren’t onto her overall great social game. I don’t believe players when they say they have great social game, but it seems like Survivor producers want us to.

  7. I disagree that Jessica shouldn’t have cut Cole. Rob C asked her if she would have been on board with a plan to throw a challenge and take out Cole, which she said yes to. Who knows if that would have been the case on island, but I think that’s the right call. Cole is more of a liability as an alliance partner than an asset. He was shown to be one of the big reasons that Ben didn’t choose her side. Loyalty isn’t everything when it sets an alliance up for failure – sometimes you need to cut the Debbies and Coles of the world.

      1. I think she might have before he passed out. She would have to be on board anyways though if Mike wanted to.

    1. Throwing a challenge in order to get rid of your closest ally is certainly a unique strategy. Now tell me how having one less person on her side coming into this merge would have helped her succeed.

      1. Healers are no longer the clear target, Ben and Lauren are more likely to side with them, idol plays are easier to guess.

          1. Yeah, maybe Ali swings to their side to tip the scales. Which isn’t a thing they would know when they decided to throw the challenge.

            Plus, as Matt pointed out, if you’re going to throw the challenge, the move is to vote out Ben, not Cole. Then throw another one and vote out Lauren.

          2. And the two previous. Which brings us to other problem with “they should’ve thrown the challenge” ideas. The challenge where Roark went home was the one where Chrissy was struggling with the ball obstacle course and no one would take her spot. The next challenge was one where I think it possible that Chrissy/Ryan were ALREADY throwing the challenge. I’m not sure there was a good opportunity to throw the challenge in either.

          3. See also: Worlds Apart, where Mike is yelling at Kelly that he’s throwing the challenge to save her because she just can’t figure out the memory puzzle.

          4. Hmmm… so you’re suggesting that there’s issues with going to tribal council in that you can’t be sure if everyone you’re aligned with will want to vote the way you do, you say?

          5. Alright, my take was too confident! I just think people get too hung up on “this player is loyal to you, why would you ever vote them out?” There are good reasons for Jessica to vote Cole, so she can try to work on getting other people loyal to her. Would you have an issue with Jessica going with Ben and Lauren to cut Cole at the merge?

          6. If they had come to her and said “we’re voting with Cole, we can’t play with that guy”, she absolutely should have voted for him too. But ultimately, I can’t put too much faith in the argument of “Jessica should have favoured the people who fairly easily voted her out at their very first opportunity instead of the guy who never would have”.

          7. I guess that last part is where we differ. Cole turned off potential allies for her alliance. Sure, it’s tricky to navigate around people like Lauren and Ben who are not as loyal, but at least she can move forward in the game.

          8. We don’t know how Mike would have voted in these scenarios. All we do know is that when he was presented with the opportunity to vote Cole out in this episode, he fought AGAINST the idea. And then did not vote Jessica.

            I’ll leave it to others to extrapolate from that what they want.

          9. If only Joe hadn’t played that idol, he could’ve gone home and there’d be less Healers! Jessica should’ve used the vote block on him.

          10. Not to be that guy, but if Jessica had blocked Joe’s vote, he still could’ve played his idol. The only change is that Alan goes home with one vote against him, not two.

          11. Hmmm… I’m starting to think that the idea that Jessica could have done something about there being too many Healers at the merge is not a strong one.

          12. How did getting rid of Cole specifically turn into getting rid of a Healer generally? Also, don’t answer that bc it was rhetorical.

    1. I’m fine if this is your only argument. It’s when people start inventing things about Desi to justify their shallow reasons that I have issue with.

      1. She won a challenge, and that’s a start. I still have a hard time caring about a player that is practically invisible in terms of screen-time. Still not on board with Desi. So far, from an analytical perspective, she is a bore.

      2. To be fair, I think some people also like her because they want to see a smart woman doing well. I just don’t think she has any shot at this or is worth the adoration.

        1. I think I would like her if the editors would show her once in awhile. Have we even learned anything about Desi?

      3. I like Desi specifically as a player receiving low screentime levels. Not everybody is going to be a player, or a high-screen time presence; some people are going to be background pawns. Desi is a background pawn that will occasionally make a cutting remark, win some challenges to create strategic drama, maybe cobble together a good final scramble, and look gorgeous in group shots. I want her to stick around.

        I recognize that I value this type more than most. I do love Woo, the A+ version of this player. Desi? She’s kind of the B-level. But there aren’t many people here that are B-level for their archetypes for me on this season. She’s one of the things I’m enjoying the most on this season.

        Not loving this season.

      1. Same on both counts. And it’s really saying something that I found Ali even more attractive.

        1. You know, as much as I judge Ali for her decision to wear jeans to a challenge, at least she wore ’em well.

        1. Well, since you brought it up. Let’s posit that Ali and Desi are top 10. Brenda, Andrea, and Julie Berry are locks. Parvati doesn’t do it for me but I concede that’s very much a minority opinion. That’s six of 10 without even thinking hard or taking pre-merge boots into account.

          1. Chelsea from One World is high up. She is objectively stunning. I’d add Kim too. But let’s just add Chelsea for now. That’s 7. There are only 3 more spots and contenders are Kim, Darrah, Tijuana, Monica Padilla, people will 100% want Colleen, Hali is real pretty (ask the PRP guys).

      1. I think you were speaking to one commenter in particular, whom I love, but is not great at judging the winning potential of certain players (cough Hannah).

    1. Now that we’re at the merge, things should really Start To Move.
      If a woman goes home next week, we’ll have a real Three Girl Rhumba.
      The merged tribe has a purple, not a Pink Flag.

  8. I’ve been sitting here trying to write up something about how I’m disappointed you compared Desi to Amanda Kimmel but have been totally and utterly unable to articulate even a single word to dispute this claim. The only conclusion I could make is that we’ll have to have Desi on the island for 100+ days to balance things out.

    I also realized, having written this, that I didn’t make it clear *which* person I was disappointed on behalf of, which also seems somewhat fitting. Just know that I’m outraged.

    1. I am outraged on Amanda’s behalf. She was a big fan who had a lot of fun playing until the end of the game broke her every time and that was fun to watch.

      1. FWIW, I don’t agree with the comparison at all either. And now that I think about it, I rarely agree with many of John’s competitor comparisons. It’s just that they’re always so unexpected that I never know how to respond when he’s making them.

      2. I wouldn’t call Amanda dynamic by any means, but I do think she had the most interesting story and decision making of the final 5 or so of China. I highly doubt that’s going to happen with Desi.

  9. Yeah when they voted Jessica out the first thing I thought was “Chrissy just eliminated another woman!” I think I am on board with the “Chrissy turns full blown villain” thing because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a villain like her on Survivor before. I do think this episode was one that saw her chances of making the final increase/chances of winning decrease. Again I don’t know what this says about her as a person but it could make her a compelling Survivor character.

    I still think the show wants us most invested in her and Ryan, then Ben, then possibly Dr. Mike. I can see that combo making the finale episode.

    Also I think there is now a 100% chance that Chrissy/Ryan use the fake idol to trick Joe at some point.

    1. The only problem with tricking Joe is that he has seen two of the idols up close.

      You know what, based on the NTOS I wonder if next week the idol that Chrissy and Cole are fighting over is the fake one.

      1. Cole also saw that idol up close. Not that he wouldn’t necessarily fall for the next one. Especially since it was a real idol for a hot second.

        1. I wonder if Chrissy’s advantage “idol” is a response to Debbie not taking the idol making kit in game changers.

          1. Maybe. Although I’m guessing their preference would have been an episode one idol play blindside.

          2. Jay is the perfect amount of arrogance. So cocky when he had the idol, such a good sport when he found out it was fake and got voted out. I love him so much.

          3. Not to dump more work on your plate but… best congenial reactions to getting blindsided would make a good list.

        1. I’m hoping for a fake idol, that would be great. Fake idols are historically very effective in Survivor, if only for stirring up a little drama even if it doesn’t directly lead to someone getting voted out.

          I’m sure PRP has a post about the history of the fake idol somewhere in their archives.

          1. The search bar indicates that no such article exists. And the Wiki lists more instances than I remember of the fake idol being in play.

          2. Must be imagining it. Yeah, I was just thinking more about about fake idols. I mean theres the aamazing Randy idol. But the ‘fucking stick’ and David Wright’s immediately come to mind. Might make an interesting read.

          3. Nah, if you search for “fake idol” it comes up, it’s just that the title of the article references Yau-Man’s idol, so it wouldn’t make you think it’s a full blown history of fake idols.

          4. The most effective fake idol in Survivor history is Rupert sticking a rock in his pocket in HvV.

            The second most was the stick, and what it was effective at was giving Eliza a way to out that Ozzy had the real idol to his allies.

            The third most effective was Gabon, and what it was most effective at was almost costing Bob Randy’s vote at FTC.

            It’s a steep road down after that.

          5. Jay’s fake idol confirmed that he is awesome and needs to be invited back, but he had already locked that down with his ice cold Micheala play.

          6. Did Jay make a fake idol that I’m forgetting about?

            Jay being classy about getting trolled hard by David’s fake idol confirms everything we already knew about Jay being awesome, for sure. And that fake idol had the closest to being effective since HvV (maybe Redemption Island, although if that idol was effective, it was effective in getting the Zapateras to tank their game.) But it came into play way to late to really matter. I would say David should have planted it earlier, but for all we know he did and they moved the footage to where it made narrative sense.

          7. I meant Jay’s fake idol ‘play’. Left out a critical word there.

            Yeah, that idol was too late to be really effective and ultimately achieved nothing. But it sure gave Jay a memorable exit.

          8. I think that you can say that David’s fake idol negated Jay’s need in his mind to scramble further. It’s unlikely that scrambling would have worked, but it at least weakened the threat of Jay just cooking up something crazy to turn that vote around.

          9. That’s fair, I was working off the assumption there was nothing Jay could have done, but who knows.

            Although, now that I think about it, the main effect may have been to make it that much harder for David to get to the end, because it was one more thing on his resume, which fits into my predetermined theme that making a fake idol is more likely to hurt you than help you, so I’m running with it.

        1. The show has subtlety said that this new format is to prevent a situation like Michele winning from happening again. From just that, I am for it.

          1. Although I am a big fan of random advantages, I just hate that it changes a core aspect of the game, the final jury speech

          2. Hidden immunity idols were just a big of a change in the game, and they have greatly improved the game. Changes to the game can be a good thing. Survivor needs to change and evolve.

            Besides, the FTC before this format change had become pretty stale – a bunch of boring or dumb questions, 1-2 good questions/speeches by the jury, and usually the jury had already made their minds up before so nothing said at FTC really mattered. This new format can change that; Andrea said on this week’s RHAP recap that she went into the GC FTC really upset with Sarah and would probably not have voted for her, but the new format allowed her to really discuss her problems with Sarah, and by the end she had gotten enough information, from both Sarah and the other jurors, to decide to vote for Sarah.

          3. I don’t think it’s to prevent a Michele from winning, the new format wouldn’t have changed anyone’s votes.

            It’s to at least explain to the viewers the mindset of the jury so we’re not sitting around in shock with no idea HOW a Michele like player just won.

          4. Probst has said in interviews that the new format is to help members of the final three better explain to the jury the moves they made in the game. Instead of only being able to answer the jury’s questions, they are able to discuss in an open format the things they did that the jury may not be aware of.

            It’s totally a response to Aubry losing and Michele winning in Kaoh Rong. It probably would not have made a difference in that season, since Jason and Scot had already convinced the jury that they weren’t going to let Aubry win.

            Jeff has also trolled Michele in comments the past year or two when listing recent worthy winners – he always omits Michele’s name.

  10. Question: What’s the worst restaurant you can think of that you wouldn’t be PSYCHED to eat at after a couple weeks on Survivor?
    Answer: I legit thought about this for like 30 minutes, and I really couldn’t think of anything right off the top of my head. I don’t like a lot of foods, but a restaurant has to have at least 1 thing I like to eat.

      1. In general maybe, but Wendy’s would be awesome after eating coconuts and rice for 3 weeks. hell, a steak is full of protein. Any real rood would be awesome

    1. You know, the easiest answer would’ve been to simply say “British food” and leave it at that.

      1. Except for Nando’s. Is Nando’s considered British? Whatever, Nando’s is good shit.

        Also, I’ve had Pizza Express and thought it was good, but I also don’t really know what British people think of it.

        Also also, why am I replying to you, Andy? You’re not British.

        1. We politely asked those blokes years ago if we could be our own place. Then promptly stopped eating lamb with mint jelly.

        2. Also, I’m currently watching whatever the season of GBBO they’ve just added to Netflix is (I’m through E7, no spoilers please), and they had a filled Yorkshire pudding challenge, and even though I’ve never had a Yorkshire pudding (and I’ve spent a ton of time in Ireland and GB), I wanted to eat them all. EAT THEM ALL.

          1. Did they put a new season of GBBO up? Good shit, I know how I’m killing time when I’m traveling for Thanksgiving.

          2. I was always curious to try it, but never got around to it. And these bakers put together some incredible flavor combinations for their fillings. I was drooling and that usually only happens when I’m asleep.

          3. I’ll serve it at the next PRP Thanksgiving (which I suppose would have to happen halfway between the two Thanksgivings).

            Provided I can get my mom to make some.

          1. That makes sense in that it’s definitely not British cuisine. I know it primarily as a restaurant in England.

      2. I like fish & chips, meat pasties, and curry fries. I haven’t had too much British food but I like what I’ve had.

      3. This opinion is based on WW2 rationiing Anna it makes you all arseholes to believe it. We suffered a 5 year period where all food was being given to a war whippet and a 20 year recovery. Fuck this new world opinion.

    2. Americans are so sure that British food sucks, and yet, I had nothing but excellent food when I went to England. Not to mention a huge diversity of food as well. If only we had donor kababs for late night after drinking binges!

        1. Foodies unite! Also, how can anyone watch the Great British Baking Show and not think there is amazing food in England? Yum!

        1. If you’ve been to London, you know that they are! Just like taco trunks are the official food of Los Angeles.

          1. Still doesn’t make tacos “American cuisine”. “Food that you can eat in London” does not equal “British Food”.

            Tell me about all the British restaurants you go to in America, then we can talk.
            Note: we’ll probably be talking about fish and chips.

          2. You, sir, are wrong. A country’s cuisine changes over time to reflect the culture of its citizens. Otherwise, only native foods would be recognized which is clearly not the case. Cities, moreover, have their own signature dishes (some are even named after said city…even when the dish began originally elsewhere).

            Tacos are, in fact, American food. Many of the ways they are made and eaten began here and are only eaten that way here. For instance, the hard taco shell is found no where I have been in Mexico.

            Your stereotypes simply do not correlate with reality as it is now.

          3. I pretty much agree with everything you mention here – except that there are tacos throughout Mexico, at least in Central and Northern Mexico where I’ve traveled (Mexico City, Oaxaca, and border cities).

            But I’m talking about soft tacos though. I think it’s only hard shell tacos that are American. Big flour tortilla burritos are also pretty American, although I’ve seen them in northern Mexico too.

          4. Umm, I gues you missed that only said that hard taco shells are found no where in Mexico. They are an American creation. I completely agree that soft tacos are everywhere in Mexico. Finally the US has caught on, but even with those, there are many styles of soft tacos popular here that you can’t find elsewhere. And yes, big flour burritos are far more American than Mexican. When I went to Juarez in the early 1980s, they had no idea what we were talking about when we asked for burritos. Btw, I grew up in New Mexico, a state which truly does have its own unique cuisine.

            There are tons of examples of Americans co-opting and totally changing foods that may have begun elsewhere but bare no resemblance to the food served in that country. See as examples Chinese and Italian foods in the 1950s.

          5. For example, chop suey! Now that is a dish where I just don’t get the appeal.

            I was in New Mexico for a training mid-year and, after the training days were over, was provided many lessons by my new friends on the unique awesomeness of New Mexico’s often pueblo-derived food. So tasty. That the lessons were delivered by a variety of sassy trans women and drag queens in full regalia only made the experience more delicious.

          6. Zomg, this is a reality show in the making. I would pay good money for a New Mexican foodie show with sassy trans women and drag queens! *salivates*

          7. You know what else was invented in the UK?

            Apple Pie!

            And yet, Americans will still say American as apple pie.

            Point made. 😁

          8. apple pie as it is eaten in America is British but as a concept it was being produced across Europe from about the same time frame.

          9. Agreed! I was just taking another jab at PRPAndy’s initial claim.

            Edit: I actually had looked up who invented apple pie, and it said the first known recipe was in the UK which is why I felt safe making the statement.

          10. Boy, you guys sure know how to ruin a good, old-fashioned, food stereotype. My main point of reference for the UK is Austin Powers and Brit pop bands tho.

          11. Yep, even the so-called American hotdog was originally from Germany.

            What’s this? A countries foods are a hybred of its changing culture?

            It’s so true!

          12. Sunday Roast
            Lancashire Hotpot
            Cornish Pasty
            Stargazy Pie
            Pie and Mash
            Shepard’s Pie
            Treacle Tart
            Eton Mess
            Full English Breakfast
            Fish and Chips
            Battered Sausage
            Cheddar fucking Cheese.

            Now name one North American cuisine (America or Canada) which isn’t taken from another culture.

  11. Not that it really matters, but I felt a little good realizing that I was right about the merge vote not making the jury, mainly because that’s the only prediction I’ve made this season that was actually correct. Too bad that it was Jessica, but you can’t have it your way all the time.
    Also, holy shit, that ending music was unexpected (though in hindsight makes total sense) and it made my day. Thank you for that.

  12. I’ve thought about the restaurant question all day, and my vote is Red Lobster. Not only have I found their food nauseatingly bad the few times I’ve eaten there, it would be a particularly cruel reward on Survivor where nasty seafood would make up the bulk of your sustenance anyway.

    1. My parents take me to Red Lobster, ugh, almost every time I see them. I think I’m their reason to justify going to their favorite restaurant. Wish I could get high before going. Red Lobster kills everything with butter. Not that I’m against butter, but there’s a limit.

    2. That’s an excellent answer, and the fact that the nearest Red Lobster is probably in Sydney adds a bit of danger to the merge feast.

  13. I think Cole may be a threat to Ben in the same way Courtney was a threat to Cirie: He’s going to take my place at the Final Tribal.

  14. I think they will/should take out Cole next for the same reason Taylor was taken out: Dude is stealing our food!

  15. Are Joe, Cole and Desi the next three gone (in any order)? All signs point to yes, but I am curious if anyone has plausible alternatives.

          1. But I think that side feels like they diffused Cole’s threat level because it wasn’t just Cole was eating all of the food, but Cole was with Jessica. Now that Jessica’s done, Cole is just eating extra food, but he looks to be trying to change that.

  16. One thought my boyfriend and I had regarding the pre-merge: Overall, the pre-merge was very straight forward, as noted. 4 unanimous boots, only 1 vote for the wrong person (Ali for Chrissy), and the outlier of the Joe idol play which was further fucked by Jessica’s advantage use on Devon. And the result of this was a lot of ‘mehs’ toward the pre-merge, and a lack of much strategy or gameplay to discuss. We found things to discuss, as an amazing community of superfans would, but as noted in the podcasts, there just wasn’t a ton.

    I think the reason for this all comes down to the choice to keep the tribes at 3 after the swap. Because, if you think about it, strategy at 5 or 4, players isn’t often that exciting, and when it is, that’s usually because someone is worried about being on the bottom or there are some advantages and immunities coming into play. But in the pre-merge, I think there is more of a tendency for an ‘anyone but me’ mentality, which means far less strategizing. Had the swap gone to 2 tribes, then we have the kind of numbers to really push interesting and/or dynamic gameplay within those tribes, but sticking with the tribes as established just meant things stayed pretty uninteresting, with the except of one tribal.

    1. I agree with this. At the time I felt it worth trying. But now that we’ve seen it play out, probably not an idea worth doing again.

    2. Not only does it lead to less strategizing, I think it also leads to weaker storytelling because not enough of the characters are interacting which means that the set up of the merge storyline is put off another 2-3 episodes

  17. Fuck buffalo nickels. I look at that shit and I’m always like “that’s not American money.” it’s extremely confusing.

    1. Good news, I just found a regular nickel, with Monticello on the back, like nickels are supposed to look like.

  18. This season is completely boring. On Twitter some people are going on about how compelling the characters are….really? Other than Chrissy, Lauren and Ben they are all boring or reductive.

    Joe- poor man’s Tony
    Ryan- Cochran/Spencer 2.0
    Cole-Taylor from MvsGenX 2.0
    Mike- David from MvsGenX 2.0
    Ashley, JP, Desi, Devon are boring beyond belief. I actually forgot Desi existed until you guys brought her up in the podcast.

    What is so interesting about any of these people?

    1. I mean, Desi did win an extremely long immunity challenge, so, while she didn’t say anything all episode, I’m slightly concerned about your attention span and memory.

    2. “Joe- poor man’s Tony
      Ryan- Cochran/Spencer 2.0
      Cole-Taylor from MvsGenX 2.0
      Mike- David from MvsGenX 2.0”
      Speaking of reductive…

      I do think Devon has been fun from what we’ve seen of him, but different strokes I guess.

      1. I don’t mind “reductive” characters because this is “reality” tv. In reality, most people fall into certain types. And I don’t enjoy tryhards who play themselves up to the camera so much that they become caricatures. I think most people are interesting or fun in some way, without being big characters causing pointless drama.

        For me, this season has been on the dull side because (1) strategy has been not just low-key, it has only been enacted by a small number of people (Chrissy, Ryan, Jessica a bit) and (2) at least a couple of the major story lines (Ryan the Virgin and Jessica Loves Cole) totally bore me.

        The only person left who I actively dislike is Joe, and it turns out even he can be fun, at least when he’s being outsmarted. The rest range from sorta boring to okay to genuinely enjoyable.

        EDIT: this should have been a response to OP, oops.

          1. I would like to do away with calling people Tryhards – it’s a nothing term.

            For the most part, if you like a character with a lot of screentime and says stuff that’s not just standard survivor fare, they’re DYNAMIC. If you don’t like them, they’re a TRYHARD. It’s just a way of justifying your dislike for someone who’s not just a blank slate.

          2. You know, you’re right. I am having to deal with a similar conundrum with a student who is trying to spin the term “know-it-all” as a positive stereotype, when it is so clearly negative.

          3. Yeah but there’s also people who see Corinne as entertaining – she’s doing her thing on TV. Personally I don’t think I can ever get over her jury speech to respect her though

        1. I think the cast is fairly decent this season – not amazing by any means but I think they are all fairly unique and slightly different types from what we’ve seen.

          The problem with the season is that the game has played in out in a perfect by-the-book, chalk fashion and it’s so hard to make that interesting with modern Survivor editing.

          1. Alan and Patrick stood out b/c of personality but that’s why they are not in the game anymore. Lauren stands out because I think she’s the first female curmudgeon (and is many years younger than the male counterparts.)

          2. Oh, good point. I was thinking that this season lacked a ticking-time-bomb castaway (a Fairplay, a Phillip, an Abi-Maria, a Debbie). But clearly Alan and Patrick were supposed to be those players, in slightly different ways.

            But MvGX also lacked a ticking-time-bomb player, yet that was a pretty great cast.

            Also, I’d say Sandra is a female curmudgeon.

          3. Shambo could have been the first curmudgeon, but those dreams make her more of a zany curmudgeon than a curmudgeon-curmudgeon like Lauren. Lauren is basically a younger female Rudy. I wish Ali could have been her Richard Hatch.

          4. Yep thats what I thinking. There are no exceptionally mean or crazy people, which I kind of don’t like tbh. Its fine to have some low-key/normal people, but for a reality tv show you need more variety imo.

    3. I agree with you that this season is fairly dull, but also wonder if you ever enjoy survivor. your comments are usually “that sucked” Are there any seasons you liked?

      1. I enjoyed Cagayan, KR and MvsGenX (only beyond the Michaela boot, the premerge was hideous). I hated Game Changers but I enjoyed hate-watching it. This season is the least I have been invested in the show in a very, very long time. I need someone to hate or love and this cast is dull for the most part, too normal for reality TV. Chrissy is smug and annoying but at least she is somewhat interesting. I hope it gets better soon…

    4. I don’t agree with any of those comparisons so I disagree with your main point that these people are reductive.

  19. Thanks to Inside Survivor for these fun stats:
    1) Ryan has 7x the amount of confessionals that JP has had this entire season (JP has had 4).
    2) Desi is the first African-American castaway to win the first individual immunity challenge in a season.

      1. Thank you!
        Also, we have had African American people win the early merge Immunity Challenges (Gervase in Borneo, Tasha’s immunity run was fairly early, Nick in AO), but yeah, it is not a great look, Survivor.

  20. Finally finished the podcast. I think my Desi fandom is similar to sports fandom. I would be very disingenuous if I pretended that a majority of the reason was because she is goddamn stunning. But also she came across very intelligent and pretty athletic. I thought her pageant background will serve her well in a game like this. Also, as a black person, I’m going to always root for those who looks like me. Survivor has been a tough road for POC, so it’s always so satisfying when they succeed. Given the history, the fact that she made the merge is applause worthy. So all this stuff makes me root for Desi. Now I’m not delusional about her winning chances. I know it’s not going to happen and it is disappointing but I’ve rooted for the Knicks all my life, so I’m used to it. But even through the disappointment you’ll get moments of Porzingis scoring baskets all over everyone and you get Desi winning immunity and it makes me smile. So I’m not going to stop stanning for Desi, Andy. It’s fun for me and it helps keep me excited about a show I love. If Desi so much as blinks on camera next week, you’ll get a Desi comment from me.

    1. My only probLem with Desi is that she has gotten zero screentime, which I take to mean she doesn’t make it very far. pOC have an uphill battle, but sometimes make it deep. I’m looking forward to Cydney returning. I think Cydney has a personality that could make it far again.

    2. I’m rooting for Desi, and for a lot of the same reasons you are. I just don’t think she’s going far, and we haven’t seen enough of her for me to be develop a substantial rooting interest in her beyond the things you’ve mentioned.

  21. I just want to know what food @purplerockjohn:disqus likes, and if it’s actually bad or just that @purplerockandy:disqus thinks it’s bad because he eats like a midwesterner.

    1. Mostly a mixture of healthy food and international stuff. I was a picky eater for most of my life, so once I began eating things like Thai and Indian I got a bit obsessed.

      1. Right John doesn’t have bad taste in food (unlike someone we could mention) he just eats a lot healthier than the rest of us so he forgoes some really good stuff

          1. The main joke is that I have bougie/hipster tastes. That’s why on the staff quiz we used Whole Foods hot bar as my comfort food. It’s not my actual comfort food (I’m more Trader Joe’s than Whole Foods), but it was representative of the bougie/healthy angle.

            And Andy is right that I suck when we get into food discussions. I do go all in on desserts and bread, though. Gotta have some vices.

    2. Yeah, he’s just boring a lot because he actually likes to take care of himself. So when we get into food discussions, he often ruins them by being all “I haven’t eaten that in years” or “I barely ever eat that so I could take it or leave it”. So he’s the second least fun person to talk about pizza or burgers or steak or whatever.

      I do not eat like a midwesterner.

      1. I dunno what people in the Canadian version of the midwest eat like! It could be all hot dishes for all I know.

  22. So, Thanks to @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus I’ve actually started watching “Pearl Islands” for the first time.

    Here are a few bullet points of a few things that jumped out at me in the first episode and a half.
    1) The cheesy music game is ON POINT. At one “heroic” moment, they were playing something that sounded like Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for a Common Man”, and a little while later, going with the pirate theme I guess, they were playing that sounded like it came from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, which (and I checked) came out the same year
    2) Tribe names I can say and remember? Weird…
    3) It’s also odd to watch a game without people scrambling for immunity idols & advantages. What a quaint time for Survivor
    4) Rupert is annoying. I get that I’m seeing him through the lens of having already seen HvV, and BvW, but I have to think he’d annoy me anways, with the self-importance over the fish, and the “manly” yelling. You are not Tom Hanks, and you did not make fire.
    5) Lil is not sad yet. She is, at best, ambivalent.
    6) Queen Sandra is Queen. She gives ZERO fucks, even from the very beginning. She just ripped that tarp right off. I can see why people underestimated her from the beginning.

    1. So you are a few epsiodes in?
      Sandra’s “Sleep tight” after she takes the tarp off single handedly then Tee saying “she’s a bitch” is quietly one of my favourite moments in Survivor.
      The premiere is so amazing, Savage’s tribe sucked so badly in the market it’s no wonder they lost so heavily in early challenges. Sandra speaks the language and bargains hard but all of Drake were respectful when in the village. Osten and Tee were mad people and they left with a load of money they didn’t spend.
      Do you now get why we think this is the best premiere episode of Survivor?

        1. It is, it’s easily my favourite pre-idol season. It’s a really good season and I’m excited for you to get to see it.

      1. One of my favorites scenes – of many many favorite scenes – is the where Fairplay tells Savage they threw a challenge, and Savage’s reaction. That was awesome.

        1. Maybe add the episode number for this so she knows whether to read it or not. @Violina23:disqus DON’T READ THIS YET

          1. You are going to need to tell us which episodes you watched so people don’t spoil you on the happenings. Obs not the winner.

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