Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 8 “Playing with the Devil”

Andy and John discuss the eighth episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 8 “Playing with the Devil”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • Which math fail bothered us more this week.
  • If our opinion of Ben changed this week.
  • This week’s evidence that Joe is not Tony.
  • Why did they vote off Desi instead of him?
  • Another Desi rant. Hopefully more well rounded, but probably not.
  • Lauren’s new advantage and whether or not she should have played it.
  • The Spaghetti Incident (not the Guns N Roses album).
  • The idol dig.
  • That fake idol is gonna happen soon, right?
  • Heroic, Healing, and Hustle moments of the week.
  • Which of Joe or Cole or a woman is going home next week.

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220 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 8 “Playing with the Devil”

  1. I won’t be able to listen to the podcast until later but know I’ll be responding to whatever the Desi rant is this week.

    1. Here, let me help you get started.

      You can talk about how much you ALWAYS love the recruited beauty queens with only a passing familiarity with Survivor who, when encouraged to finally watch the show, became really interested in challenges.

      That’s the type we usually celebrate around here, right? People recruited for being attractive that don’t know the game. It’s why we’re such big Jaclyn fans up in here.


      1. In that same interview, Desi strongly implies that Chrissy has the men in the cast booty-blinded. On the one hand, wow, good for you, Chrissy. Another glass ceiling shattered. On the other, that seems really implausible given that, as we established in previous threads, that this cast has (had) two of top 10 hottest female castaways in Survivor history.

        1. Boy, not a good look for Desi. Many believe that since the four past boots are pretty tight with each other, they are also sharing the saltiness against Chrissy.

          I will say that desi does appreciate the game that Chrissy is playing.

          1. It sounds to me like four young women are upset that the men – other than Cole –
            are generally listening or siding with to the older woman in the cast and not following them instead. I’d be curious what Ashley says.

            EDIT: And at least some of these women went after Chrissy or the older or smaller woman in general early on.

      2. I’m always amazed to hear someone new to Survivor say that they binge-watched a bunch of recent seasons and what they really enjoy about the show is the physical challenges. Are we sure they’re watching recent seasons and not stuff from the early 2000s?

        1. What made roommate interested in Survivor was challenges. She’s a former Outward Bound counselor and big, goofy obstacle courses are appealing to her.

          1. It feels like someone watching a weekend of NASCAR and then becoming a NASCAR fan because they enjoy seeing the pit crews in action, but they’re not interested at all in the actual racing.

          2. Those of us who watch the show for complex strategical maneuvering are in the minority. I don’t begrudge people who watch it for other stuff for two reasons:

            1.) There’s emphatically no one right way to enjoy Survivor.

            2.) People who aren’t us are the people who keep the show on the air.

          3. Yes, people can watch the show for different reasons. But challenges are such a small part of the show. I think a lot more people watch the show for just the strategy but they’re not the majority. I think the majority of people watch it to be entertained by the characters, which means the entire episode, not just the challenges.

            To throw out another analogy, it’s like buying a box of chocolates for $20 because you like 1 of the 8 different chocolate types but don’t like the other 7 types

          4. That sounds like me when my hubby is watching Formula 1. And I’m barely interested in the pit crews.

            He does not like Survivor (or Breaking Bad). I don’t like Formula 1. Most other stuff we agree on.

          5. Roommate and other roommate are both into Formula 1. When it’s race weekend I politely ask questions about what’s going on and how the team from the avocados is doing.

            I also regularly insist that it’s right and just for Lewis Hamilton to win everything, because he is the prettiest of the racing boys.

          6. Formula 1 is an engineering competition not sporting endeavour.

            Lewis Hamilton is a tax dodging Swiss living bastard. The fact he fucked off to live in a tax haven after the British state supported his family with his disabled brother is something I will never be able to get over.

          7. Formula 1 is an anime about handsome boys who fly around the world to race each other in what appear to be small metal sharks. That’s how I make it interesting enough to tolerate.

        2. Eh, I think Desi is more saying that that’s what convinced her she could compete.

          And I think she was right! Desi WAS quite good at challenges!

          As for not enjoying the rest of it….well…that’s why Desi isn’t a Survivor fan.

      3. I can’t believe you forgot how Desi answered the question about how they didn’t question it. I can’t remember what interview it was in, but she said something along the lines of “They told us to be quiet and we did it”. Clearly, she has never seen a Tribal Council, especially after Cagayan.

        1. Yeah I am buying into the real theme of this season being “Everyone is trying too hard to be good that it’s making them be bad.” The line between “BIG MOVEZ” and “dumb moves” is a fine one and they’re crossing it.

      1. Deserved though, I’m only 13 minutes in but this was a big mark against what would have otherwise been a really entertaining episode.

  2. Mini-rant I’ve had bubbling for the last two days:

    Survivor, knock it off with the complicated one-shot advantages. They aren’t working as television. Having to watch a player read a five minute script explaining what they can do and they remember what it said 20 minutes later isn’t entertaining; it feels like I’m being forced into the world’s most obnoxious party game. The possibility of some kind of shakeup maybe happening is not worth how dead these scenes are. Stop this, please.

    1. I’ll say that considering that Probst et al. won’t stop piling on advantages, I don’t mind the expiration dates. Of course, the ideal is two or three idols at most, but best of a bad situation and all.

        1. The thing with the complication thing is that I think they’ve been very careful this season to lay out in detail exactly what can and cannot be done because of the Sarah/Cirie debacle last year and possible unintended consequences. That said, we don’t need to know all the details if they never come up, just the basics

    2. I will say that this season’s advantages do seem to be confusing a larger percentage of the commentariat than I would expect (not just here, but many places).

      1. I mean, I could probably follow along and parse out all these advantages if I tried, but I don’t want to have to. That’s not an enjoyable television experience for me.

      2. liveblogging makes it really hard to catch detail sometimes, probably why i missed a lot of the fine points of Lauren’s advantage

    3. If they’re gonna experiment I’d rather they do it with newbies in a boring season than, say, Game Changers and lose Malcolm. This season is so boring you might as well throw it all out there while no one gives a damn about the outcome and see what works. But I do agree that they’re really wasting time elaborating all the fine print. I blame Cirie for that.

      1. I’m fine with them experimenting. But the results of this experiment are: it’s boring, please don’t do this again.

  3. Disappointed the ending song was not another deep cut from a Canadian artist. Could’ve gone with this one:

        1. I basically decided it might be too obscure, and am now sad to learn that it wasn’t (because one person is all I need). And that John wouldn’t use it.

          I may have gone with it if I was doing the edit this week.

    1. I’m there too! My hopes aren’t high but what the hell, he doesn’t annoy me and is present which is more than I can say about pretty much everyone else this season

        1. He’s not a better Woo. People forget just how entertaining Woo’s general excitement about everything is. The problem is that Woo was getting compared to the other people on Cagayan, and Devon is getting compared to the other people on this season, which are very different bars.

          Unless you mean he’s better at Survivor than Woo – in which case, yes.

      1. I mean, my favourite season of PRP is Kaoh Rong for a reason. Even if John and Andy hate the season and I love it.

          1. That would be because the winner is exceptionally boring.

            The winner winning was not an exceptionally boring result though.

        1. Have you gone back and listened to their coverage of Blood vs. Water? Yes, they’re still getting they’re sea legs, but John’s increasing nervous excitement that Tyson might actually win is pretty fun.

  4. Aw crap. I feel like I let you guys down by not making “Ryan survives his heart’s attempt to burst from his chest” as the Healing Moment of the Week.

    My bad.

  5. Neil Diamond! Nice.

    So, I will be kind and also chalk up Chrissy’s “I’m sure I’m the first one to find the clue on this spaghetti and sauce-soaked plate that’s under the napkin that the spaghetti is on” to the red wine as well. Because that’s some Cole-level dumbness otherwise.

    It sure was nice of Devon to immediately sign on board with John’s worship of him by giving that speech at tribal.

    1. Look fella, Chrissy is a student of this game. She knows production wouldn’t hide a clue to an idol that any old schmo could find just by filling their fool mouth. No, they want shrewd people finding these things, people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty fiddling with a greasy rag.

      1. Oh yes, that’s another thing I love about Chrissy: her constantly telling us how she’s a student of the game, and so therefore she knows things that everyone else playing clearly does not know.
        I mean, in the case of JP, yes. But, well I guess I can’t fault her attitude when she’s playing with these people.
        And Devon.

        1. I identified the whole “student of the game” thing as something that really annoys me when people say it during this episode and possibly the main reason why Chrissy bugs me

      2. It really can’t be emphasized enough that Cole put a fucking pile of spaghetti onto clean linens and thought it was a great solution.

        1. Um… A for effort at least? It’s the thought that counts?

          Also there’s an opportunity here for linen plating that nobody is picking up on.

          1. I want to clarify that Cole being so adorably dumb does add something to the season. It’s like having Keith around: Keith is great as someone there for comic relief while other people play Survivor.

          2. This is what I talked about regarding Cambodia Keith in the most useless players. Needing a Keith-type around is an indication that there’s just not a lot going on. If the gameplay was more interesting, we wouldn’t be seeing half as much Cole, just like Keith was basically invisible in Cambodia.

        2. Yes, and given that, it doesn’t speak too highly for Chrissy that she saw that, and immediately thought she was the first person to find the clue. That is some Last Starfighter level of wrong-conclusion jumping.
          (Alien from the Kodan Armada tries to relay to Xur that the Last Starfighter is coming for them, but only gets “The Last Starfighter…” sent before he is blown up. And Xur says “…is dead!” Because that’s what he wants the message to be, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary.)

  6. What are the chances the majority splits apart next week? Now that Mike has been brought into the fold for Ben, it really just leaves Cole and Joe on the outs and I think a few people in this cast would want to make a move at this point. I’m excited because I think that with Desi gone, JP is the only person who doesn’t really have anything going on in his edit (for obvious reasons) so it feels like anyone could make the endgame.

    1. I would laugh for days if JP managed to win. But I kind of feel like if they do split, he might somehow be the first one gone.

    2. While I’d love it to happen, I think the 7 either don’t believe they need to “make their move” until all the healers are gone or aren’t the sort to take initiative like that. The only people who seem shrewd enough to want to shake things up are Ryan and Chrissy, who have enough patsies within the 7 that the healers aren’t necessary to them. I fully expect a by-the-books pagong’ing.

      1. I’ve been trying to figure out who the sub-majoirty is in the majority alliance and I have to think its Chrissy-Ryan-Devon-JP and since Ben won’t work with Cole or Joe to counter the submajority, this may be true and they may just sail to 4

        1. Yeah, that’s what I think too, adding Ben as Chrissy’s “secret connection”. With Ashley being tied to JP and Lauren being tied to Ben, everyone feels like they’re part of the something and thus don’t need to shake things up. And even if Ashley/Lauren wanted to do something, no one will branch off to join them. The only way this falls apart is if Ryan and Chrissy turn their two halves against each other, but I honestly think they’ll take each other to the end (or at least final four), shedding their pawns as they go. In which case…. boring.

          1. Yeah, that’s the big problem, is that even if I’m wrong about which 4, everyone in the 7 has reason to believe they are part of the majority 4 and so will go along with a Pagonging

    3. Last week I would have said chances are good, I think that as noted in the podcast, part of why Desi was the right move is that I think a split is less likely while both Joe and Cole are still there because they both stand out as threats

      1. I haven’t listened yet, so maybe I shouldn’t weigh in, but they’re not likely to split up at 10. There are other reasons to boot Desi before Joe, but from the standpoint of taking care of business before the alliance splits up, the thing to do is get rid of Joe, then Cole, before splitting. As it stands now they could very well split at 9 with one of Joe or Cole still in the game.

        1. Why though? If Desi is the bigger social threat, you want her gone before the alliance splits rather than say Cole, who will continue to be a target even after an alliance split. Cole may be a standout target but Desi might be able to better integrate herself into an alliance and make F3 than Cole

          1. I think I’m more risk-averse about unpredictable, chaotic players than most. In Cambodia, I thought the idea that you could manage Abi-Maria for the better part of a month was absolute madness. You’re right that Desi will work her way off the bottom, but it should remain clear where her loyalties are and where her vote is going.

          2. That’s fair. But Cole isn’t Abi Maria (Joe….maybe). He has shown that he’s pretty much always going to lay his cards on the table anyways so you know what he’s doing

          3. Yeah, I was referring to Joe, who also lays his cards on the table, but not until 2 minutes before the vote.

          4. I’m not sure even he is threateningly unpredictable though. Its not like they are trying to make him a goat and nobody really seems to want to align with him

          5. Joe is a threat to you personally getting to the end, because you’re maybe the person who goes home because he pulls something out of his ass.

            Desi is a threat to anyone else winning at the end.

            Group consensus is going to lean towards getting rid of Desi, because you know how Desi is bad for all of you, but you’re not sure how Joe is bad for you specifically.

          6. Abi-Maria is really only a threat if you try and work with her. If she’s not a vote you need, she just hangs around uselessly.

          7. I said it during Cambodia, and I’ll say it again – this is why I like having Abi on a season. It’s fascinating to see which otherwise good players decide they can touch the hot stove without getting burned.

    1. First I buy that for a dollar.

      But secondly if you have someone that funny why are you not showing them in a season with such a basic Pagonging. When there was silimar Pagonging in Worlds Apart they for (for better or worse) had some fizzle there in big characters to distact for obivious thing that was going happen.

      1. She’s been shown a solid amount, but her humor seems super dry which doesn’t translate that well to television unless they want to really slow down the show to get those moments. I also don’t feel like there’s been much dead air they could have cut – this episode (the only one with a boot that suggests a Pagonging) was packed with action.

    2. I actually have no trouble believing that Lauren may be funny IRL. Its just not what her presentation has been on the show, especially when we were talking about her more. On the show, her role was to complain about the people she was forced to endure.

      I really, really try to not inform my opinions about what these people may or may not be like IRL. Because, and this is really important to note about people you only know from the teevee or movies or music or politics or whatever: WE DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE. There’s been some news stories of late that have highlighted that, I believe.

        1. Ok so how forgetable was Carter? When I first read this, I first thought “President Carter was the funniest man ever?” It took me a minute to realize who you were talking about.

          1. The irony is that the statue of Carter outside the Georgia state capitol is actually really awesome. No jacket or tie, just a dude with his sleeves rolled up and his arms outreached as if to say “hey, I’m here to help, what can I do?” When I was in law school I used to go sit by it when I needed inspiration to get me through the bullshit of law school.


  7. My thought regarding the dumb vote split: It was stupid, but it will have no bearing on the rest of the season. This was a dumb idea and made certain people (mostly Ben and partially Chrissy (who should know the math and also insisted on the split)) look sort of dumb, but I don’t think it negatively affect their games in any way.

    The weird thing was that the show never pointed out that the numbers made no sense.

    1. This instance won’t matter because there was no idol. But as an indication of their ability to maneuver in the game, it’s not promising.

    2. The show can’t point that out unless someone in the cast points it out, and that can’t happen if everybody in the alliance (except Chrissy and Ryan, who are keeping their mouths shut) can’t do the math.

    3. Those two along with Ryan are still by far the most realistic contenders. They’re at the center of everything and the season unfolds from their prespective, if anyone outside of those 3 wins it will be a very surprising end for the season we are watching until now.

      That said I think Ryan is still getting the most Winner-y edit out of the three.

        1. After this episode, I’m taking the idea that Devon wins a “why XX lost” season much more seriously.

  8. re Andy’s take on Ben: hey, stupid people can win Survivor too!

    But seriously, after his fairly okay first episode, I haven’t really thought Ben had much chance to win, though I did find him likable and at least somewhat capable until this episode.
    After reading comments and listening to the podcast, I almost wonder if the rest of the majority alliance (are we going with Hustloes?) double crossed Ben by allowing him to orchestrate the overly complicated vote split and then ultimately voting for Desi after the tie. Does anyone know who the stray Joe vote was from in the revote (was it Ben?)
    Thinking back on the episode, I sort of get the sense that Ben was being hard-headed by going full steam ahead into a vote split with Joe as the target. I can see how everyone else in the majority alliance probably would have been okay with just putting all the votes on Desi. If Joe had another idol the odds are he would play it on himself, and even if he did miraculously decide to play it on Desi, then the Healer votes would probably be on Ben, so what do Chrissy and Ryan, et al. care if that happens? Ryan was already talking about how Ben will be a threat down the line, so the risks for him were low.
    Anyway, that’s all just idle speculation on my part since we really didn’t get much insight into the thoughts of anyone else in the majority alliance. My over all take is that everyone is happy to push Ben out into the forefront as the apparent leader of the alliance at this early stage because it will just make him a bigger target and there’s plenty of time to get rid of him before FTC. At this point, edit-wise and game-wise I’m ready to put Ben in the 0% club.

    1. Added fuel to your idea: the four Desi votes were all lock solid alliance members. There was only a tie because Mike and Cole voted Joe (and Lauren didn’t vote at all).

      1. It’s possible that nobody was a dum-dum: Maybe Ben got Mike and Cole on board, realized he’s losing Lauren’s vote, and presented it to the majority as a 5-4 split between Joe and Desi to flush an idol. Someone then talked Ben into voting Desi on the revote. If this is how it went down the edit obviously wouldn’t show it and Desi wouldn’t know about it, and therefore wouldn’t be able to explain it in her exit interviews.

        1. Making a plan that entirely hinges on Mike and Cole to play along and not use this info to completely fuck you over is a stupid plan.

          If they had an idol they felt like using, they could use it on the person getting the other votes, and NOT participate in the vote split. You’re going from a situation where your side has most of the power (unless there’s an idol in play) and handing some (maybe most?) of that power to people who you just betrayed three nights previous.

          1. I don’t think the 4-3 split is a bad call . I agree you need to pick someone and hope she doesn’t use an idol, but do you need to put more than 4 votes on her? you put 4 votes on her and you have to ask yourself where the other 3 votes will be more useful. If you trust your alliance there is no reason to put the 3 other votes on the same person. On the other hand If this person use an idol and not all the 4 healers vote for the same person (they don’t even have to vote with you, maybe some will vote for Ben and some for Lauren) it will be very useful to put the 3 votes on someone else. So the question is what option is more probable- someone from your team is not voting with you or, idol is used and not all 4 healers vote together. What happens in 4-4 split? (which is not considered such a bad move as the 4-3) the question is very similar – “what option is more probable- someone from your team is not voting with you or idol is being used” . In both case (4-3, and 4-4) I don’t think people calculate the probabilities (you can really know what the probability that idol will be used) , they just ask themselves do they trust their alliance, if the answer is yes they split the votes (there is no question that 4-4 is better than 4-3, the question is if 4-3 better than 7-0).
            We also saw that they work to increase the chances that not all 4 healers will vote together (just in case an idol is used, if idol isn’t used it doesn’t matter), and they did a good job.
            I will say that I don’t think Ben thought about all of this (but Chrissy might have) , for some reason when he heard Lauren doesn’t vote he assumed the spilt need to be 3-3 (which is very bad) but it can be (and actually was at the end) 4-2, which the same logic apply to as 4-3 (if you trust your alliance do the split) .
            I think the reason that people think that the 4-3 is a bad decision is because in 4-3 you have to pick someone (in 4-4 you don’t) and if you already pick why not do the 7-0 (the picking is the hard part). The reason as I tried to explain is- even after you pick there is a chance you picked wrong and you want to minimize the chance that the vote will go against you.
            I hope what I said is clear, English is not my mother language .

        2. Also, the plan can’t hinge on Cole’s participation, since the plan EXISTS because Ben fears that Cole will play the hidden idol that Ben believes he saw Cole find.

    2. Game-wise, Ben is the leader of the majority alliance, and while I don’t anticipate anyone letting him get to the end, I don’t think it’s entirely impossible that he wins just because everyone decided that he was a threat, but he somehow makes it to the end. Edit-wise, I’m starting to think that we’re getting hit over the head with his personal story because CBS loves talking about the military, and that we’d be getting this edit regardless of how he finishes.

  9. Time for an off-topic update on the Canadian TV bracket challenge which is now in its Final 16 and hellbent on tearing the country apart and forcing us all to make agonizing decisions and destroy our childhoods. The Littlest Hobo seems bound to clean up the drama category but the other 3 categories are all up in the air with the Children’s bracket containign a pair of excruciating choices between childhood defining shows. I settled on the Friendly Giant and Mr Dressup but the Racoons and Fraggle Rock are also excellent. And TBP v Kids in the Hall seems like a generational battle for the ages. (@purplerockandy:disqus @hornacek:disqus. @fingstick:disqus.)


        1. She was a little girl from Green Gables, Canada who used to run around solving people’s problems before moving on to the next town and doing the same. Her most memorable episode was when she got this notorious stray dog locked up and put to sleep.

          1. I’d upvote that for the effort, but you didn’t use the word “mangy” or fit in distemper or rabies into the story, so a bit lacking from you.

          2. I respect your decision to not upvote my comment because I understand that what might be right for you may not be right for some.

    1. Thanks for keeping us updated on this. 🙂

      I’m young enough that a lot of my votes have been based on whether I had literally ever heard of/watched any of the show before (case in point, the first time I ever heard of The Littlest Hobo was on here a few weeks ago). That being said, I voted for Kids in the Hall, SCTV, Anne of Green Gables, Degrassi, Mr. Dressup, Body Break, and Heritage Minutes. (I’ve never seen any of The Friendly Giant or Fraggle Rock, so I skipped that one).

      1. In the early rounds I was much the same but I’ve seen pretty much all of these now. Or at least seen sketches from them. I was very, very tail end of the Fraggle Rock and Friendly Giant era, I remember Street Cents as the show the came on after the Simpsons on CBC but only learned about Body Break because the people were on the first TAR Canada

        1. Some of the shows I was voting for (both in this round and earlier ones) I’ve only ever seen sketches from them, but the bit I’d seen, I liked, so they got my vote. The Friendly Giant and Fraggle Rock both ended before I was born. I don’t remember exactly when or how I started watching Street Cents, but I know I watched it for a few years as a tween. It’s possible that I aslo started watching it because it was after The Simpsons. I remember seeing Body Break during commercials while watching other shows (much like Heritage Minutes). It was so weird/cool seeing them on TAR Canada.

  10. One thing that I haven’t heard said about Chrissy and the plate – Chrissy shouldn’t have wanted to hide the plate because it wasn’t in her interest. She knew the next person in was Ryan, and she wanted Ryan to see it.

    1. I agree and had the same thought but didn’t say it because I was too distracted by her seeming to believe that she was the first to discover it.

      1. It wasn’t directed at you, but I’ve seen discussions of it that asked why Ryan thought to hide the plate and Chrissy didn’t, where the obvious answer was “because she wanted Ryan to see it.”

        1. Maybe, but all things being equal, she could have hidden the plate and retained the option of telling Ryan or not (should she really be 100% certain he’ll play the idol for her if necessary?). She could tell Ryan and get his help if she decided it was too risky to wait and they needed to dig up the idol in front of everybody ASAP, or she could have not told Ryan and dug the idol up for herself in the middle of the night if she was really sure she was the first to see the clue.

          1. Telling Ryan about it means finding time to take Ryan aside and explain to him where the idol is. It’s much easier for him to just see the idol clue and trust that he’ll do something about it.

          2. Plus she was probably thinking that there’s more chance to get it if 2 know. Plus she was paying him back for the early idol.

    2. Why did she want Ryan to see it? Especially since she though she was the first one to see it. She could have just clues him up later. Heck it would have been better for her to find the idol herself.

      1. More work and more risk. And Chrissy foesnt necessarily need an idol right now or perhaps ever. Keeping it away from Joe and Cole is more important than having it.

        1. Still makes zero sense to leave the clue for Ryan. She didn’t know for certain that Ryan finds and hides it, there is a chance he does not and it is Joe who does. She was confident enough to whisper it to Ryan when laying alongside Cole, so could have just told him for the first time there.

    1. Watching this and the scene over again, its almost like she was narrating herself looking everywhere else first then saying what she says in that gif for the sole purpose of giving the show good footage to use

  11. John having to defend a randomly chosen player is the best fucking bit in the world and needs to be enacted for every season.

    …. oh wait, some seasons there are actual players that need championing, without the aid of a RNG to prop up a bunch of nothings. Never mind.

    1. All day long I’ve been trying to figure out what RNG means. I have no dea other than “real nice guy” which is surely incorrect.

  12. I wonder if the millionth view resulted in @hornacek:disqus raising my blood pressure by twenty or so points.

    1. Hopefully a homeless German Shepherd visits you towing a portable blood pressure machine, then leaves after he makes sure you’re all right so he can help someone else.

      1. Once I get my computer fixed and I stop viewing these on my phone, I’ll be able to see who keeps encouraging your behavior with these “likes”.

  13. I never really get in on these discussions because by the time I listen to the pod it’s already been days and everyone has moved on.

    I have no idea how y’al have time to listen IMMEDIATELY after this is released.

    1. I hear ya.

      I used to be able to listen in the car with my 4 year old when she was younger. During Cambodia she heard the name “Spencer” and said “That’s the boy in my class!”

    2. Speaking just for myself, I have a very boring desk job so I refresh the site obsessively on Friday mornings until the podcast shows up. I probably listen to upwards of 20 hours of podcasts a week at work.

    3. Desk job for me, but I personally think it’s becoming more of a problem for the show recap article. If you’re not commenting during/up to an hour after, the damn thing’ll have at least 600 comments. Pity the people who try to dive in the next day; it’s just a tangled mess by that point.

      1. Yeah for that I basically hang out for an hour after the show commenting and then never go back because it get so unwieldy.

      2. I understand. The same thing used to happen at AVC when the comments there were blowing up. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good solution.

        1. You could always get rid of @hornacek:disqus and lose about 30 comments a day about that damn dog.

          1. I got your name in this year’s Purple Rock Secret Santa. I’m giving you the season 1 DVD for the Littlest Hobo.

          2. DVD? Diff’rent Strokes is on Blu-ray! But I guess if the Hobo was in that format the fleas and mange would be too obvious.

            And if that’s not the season with Henry Gibson on it I’m not interested.

          3. You caught me! I made an assumption and got caught! Honestly, I wasn’t even sure that Diff’rent Strokes was on DVD. I’m still watching the homemade VHS recordings that I recorded of every single episode. I guess you could say that I’ve been a fan from back in the day!

            Standing by my “fleas and mange” comment, though. You can see that shit on YouTube.

          4. At this point I’m so disillusioned that I don’t think you’ve ever seen Diff’rent Strokes before.

      3. The friend I watch with works nights and is usually on her way to work during the show, so I almost always watch ~22 hours late. I don’t even bother looking at the liveblog comments (or only look at the first few) because of that.

    4. I love how this turned into a thread about how/when people listen to the PRP. It wasn’t intentional but it’s great.

    5. Desk job too so I can listen as I work. I do sometimes miss things because of that though. In terms of the liveblog I generally go through it Wednesday night post episode and comment, then the next day I really just respond when people respond to me and keep an eye on the most recent comments (by sorting new to old)

    6. chiming in: friday afternoons I’ll do anything for a distraction so that is when i listen usually. Sometimes if i have a rare busy friday i then listen when running saturday errands

    7. To chime in myself, I used to have a job in a research lab with very little human contact so podcasts were my lifeline to feeling like a normal person. Now I interact with people all afternoon MWF teaching so my podcast time is reduced to commuting and when I do chores.

    8. I have a desk job, but I translate and write so I can’t work while listening to spoken word. However, I work from home so when the pod drops on Friday I walk the dog and make coffee while listening at 2x speed. I’m rarely on a tight deadline on Friday (because it’s Saturday in Japan), so I can usually keep the comments open in a browser and chime in. It compensates for living on the West Coast and not being able to look at the liveblog page until after it’s become unwieldy.

        1. Japanese-to-English translation of analysts’ reports on Japanese companies for the equity research divisions of securities companies. In the spring and summer I also translate annual reports for Japanese companies. It’s super glamorous.

      1. I can’t listen to podcasts at the grocery store. The nutritional info levels distract me too much. Multi-tasking is beyond me.

        1. Same here. I still do it every time, because I like turning boring chores into additional podcast listening time, but all too often I have to rewind some or all of the time spent in the store when I get out.

          Being bad at multi-tasking sucks and I feel cheated by nature.

    9. I don’t go in until four on Fridays so I listen to it pretty soon. I’m also usually off on Thursdays when the Fantasy League update is posted. Bellhop hours are super convenient for my Survivor fandom.

    10. I have an hour ride to and from work. Down from two hours each way. I got used to listening to a lot of podcasts,

    11. It’s usually released at like 7pm on Friday for me, so I have to go somewhere on the Saturday or it’s surprisingly early I can listen on the day. Even then I only listen on transport so am not on here. I’ve struggled to get on the website with my new job as my computer screen is very exposed to the whole office.

  14. Chrissy is getting destroyed by the women in the exit interviews. Think she will be Dawn’d or Carolyn’d in the FTC.

    1. Did Carolyn really have that bad an FTC? I mean, she only got one vote, but outside of Tyler I can’t remember anyone going after her (and that was mostly about Tyler being kind of a shit) and Shirin was pretty complimentary of her. I don’t think that was about bitterness at Carolyn so much as Mike just being an obvious consensus choice.

      1. Yeah that’s true, I just meant that she may be similar to Carolyn in that people might dismiss her game and not really give her enough credit in the end. She doesn’t come across as likable to me though, so it may be that she just isn’t personable.

        1. Carolyn did not either. Neither did Kass or so many others of that archetype. It’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations. If you come across like Dawn, you get crucified for betraying people even though everyone is doing that. If u come across unlivable or bitchier, you hate women.

      2. The only problem with Carolyn’s FTC performance was that this crew did not ask her any real questions. She got a random one about being a mom from either Hali or Sierra, which, if you are Carolyn, you do not want people to remember.

        1. There really was nothing to do at FTC. That jury was voting for Mike. They weren’t interested in alternative arguments.

          Sierra’s jury question was basically a speech about girl power, which is I think what you’re thinking of.

          1. Yes, it is. Thanks! Also, this is the first FTC without opening statements at all (IIRC), so Carolyn couldn’t even frame her own narrative. Another reason why Worlds Apart changed everything.

          2. It was, but remember that production ditched opening statements in part because they concluded that they didn’t do anything – jurors come in with preset ideas, and if finalists really want to say something about their game they can always work it into their responses.

          3. That jury didn’t care because it already knew Mike was the winner. Tyler and Shirin were trying to be good TV, Rodney was still burned up because he got stopped at the 2, and Jenn was being Jenn.

    2. Important Note: You have to remember that the only woman whose opinion will matter in the end so far is Desi. Even in her exit interviews, she said that she didn’t realize what was happening until more people started coming in. But, Desi did say that she thought Chrissy was playing a good game. I suspect that Chrissy did not get a chance to talk her game up at FTC, but who knows. My witch senses are apparently taking a long overdue but unwelcomed vacation.

  15. I have two comments:
    1. I’m not sure that this is a dumber vote split than Nicaragua, where they split votes to flush Marty’s idol, he didn’t play it, and then they voted the other person they split on anyways. That was also the “strategists” of the season who thought that was a brilliant plan.

    2. The reason I think Mike is the best player is because of the way he has positioned himself in the game. Strategy is only a small part of the game, the other part is how many people you can tie yourself to and have loyal to you, and Mike has done that better than anyone else so far. That’s also the reason I’m not willing to call Ben a “bad” player just because he can’t do math very well.

    1. Ben’s social play with the non-Mike male healers is more damning than his math abilities. If Brad Culpepper can get three FTC votes, then anybody who suffers with math can get votes.

      1. Are we certain it’s been bad? Mostly he flipped on them with good reason, depends how salty they are about that I guess – but the fact that they thought they had him as a number says good things.

        Most of his ire for Cole and Joe have been in confessionals and talking to other people as far as I see.

  16. So, I have been pondering this and the fact that Desi was a dud really hampered a potentially interesting storyline that we know is there. Joe and Desi didn’t get along pre-swap, but are forced to align and become extremely close because of the swap. At this point, Desi is conflicted because part of her wants Joe out but the other part of her sees him as an ally. She ultimately decides to make Joe her number one and they promise not to want each other’s name down. Unfortunately, the merge happens and the Healers become Public Enemy Number One. Suddenly, Desi and Joe are the prime targets and Desi is faced with a hard moral decision: Vote out Joe to stay in the game or Stick to her word and risk going home because of it.
    This storyline, based on the exit interviews, was out there, but Desi was just not an engaging character.

  17. Welcome to this Edition of Violina23’s Pearl Islands Adventure!

    * 4 (Pick a Castaway, Any Castaway)
    * 5 (Everyone’s Hero)

    Bullet Points of Fun:
    * So…. Sad Lil is Sad. I know she comes back and it has something to do with an “Outcast Twist” which I don’t like already. For the same reason Redemption Island annoyed me — once you’re out, you’re out. I still don’t know the context of how this works and how Lil came back, so I guess I have that to look forward to (or be annoyed by?)
    * Tijuana reminds me… Desi from HvHvH. I like her.
    * Savage’s sad “quest” to the other side of the island to get fish was accentuated by yet more dramatic music from the Survivor composers. It made me laugh. Unclear if that was the intended effect.
    * Is this the first time a tribe “threw” a challenge? They weren’t even a little bit subtle with that one. The challenge was cool in theory, I’m guessing even with more evenly matched teams it still might not have been exciting as it looked on paper.
    * Rupert, you’re not an actual pirate. Stop trying to apply actual pirate “rules” to everything.
    * As much as Rupert annoys me, I can see why people like him. He provides (in an era where the show had more emphasis on actual survival), he’s much stronger physically than he looks, and he seems to be nailing the social game on both tribes. When given the chance to stay and share in the reward before going back to Drake, he did not hesitate for even a half a second. Well done. Making connections on Morgan (extra rice), but still displaying outright loyalty to Drake in front of everyone.
    * I was starting to think maybe Savage wasn’t so bad, but he was a real douche when he came to steal the rice from Drake.
    * Gross food challenges are still gross. Why did they pick Sandra & Darrah for the tie-breaker? Savage and Rupert were BEASTS.
    * I guess the outcome was not terribly exciting, but that was such a dull tribal council. I guess I’ve gotten used to how blunt and openly manipulative players are in modern survivor, I can barely remember when they sat and gave vague, generic responses.

    1. Some points:
      Australia is the first thrown challenge.
      Tijuana is no Desi. I’m not a fan of Tee.
      Lil coming back us good because I’m results orientated.

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