Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episodes 10 & 11 “Buy One, Get One Free”

Andy and John have two episodes of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers to talk about. Oddly, they’re actually excited to do so.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episodes 10 & 11 “Buy One, Get One Free”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • Their feelings about these two episodes.
  • Lauren’s big move to flip the game.
  • If now was the right time to flip on the 7.
  • If targeting JP instead of idol-holding Ryan was defensible.
  • The secret agent plan.
  • If they should’ve targeting Ben instead of Joe.
  • Is Ben as big a lock to win in front of a jury as we’re being lead to believe?
  • How we feel about Joe Mena.
  • Giving Lauren fans their time to gloat.
  • How great is Devon?
  • The comeuppance of Chrissy and Ryan, and also that of Mike and Joe.
  • That HHH gimmick still.

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264 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episodes 10 & 11 “Buy One, Get One Free”

    1. Remember at the start of the season when we were all focused on how hot Cole was and how we were horribly overlooking Devon (or at least, I was)

    2. Me too. I mean….DAMN can that guy wear a cowboy hat. They should blindside Ben just so Devon can steal his hat.

      1. Then Ben would say “I want my hat” as Jeff snuffs his torch (because he didn’t bring it to tribal). Then Devon can bring it to the FTC and give it to him.

          1. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.

            Chris brought Julie’s hat to FTC in Vanuatu, though. But I’m guessing this crowd here doesn’t want to liken Devon to Chris.

          2. Yes, it was Chris I was thinking of. We’ve had 2 players bring a jury members hat to tribal council, and both were winners. Future players, take note!

            And Devon can only hope that his FTC performance would be as great as Chris’.was.

    3. It’s weirdly working for me, and that’s normally very much not my thing.

      It’s probably because he’s shirtless.

  1. This morning at the dentist, my dental hygienist revealed not only that she is a Survivor fan, but that her favorite player this season is Devon and that Boston Rob is awesome at alliance management.
    Just had to share.

    1. Did she tell you this while she was cleaning your teeth, so that you could only grunt out weird responses? I love when they do that.

  2. I’m not finished, but OBJECTION to the claim that nobody was having fun last season.

    Sandra was having fun, pulling ridiculous nonsense, reveling in her arrogance and the joy of playing Survivor as THE QUEEN, and totally chill with that leading to her being targeted.

    This has been your weekly defense of the first chunk of Game Changers.

        1. It’s actually reinforcing your larger point- losing the player who was having the most fun was a total disaster for the viewers.

          As noted, I’m just going to continue to respond to any general critique of Game Changers sucking (which it did) with, “yeah, but Sandra”.

          1. I really think that season goes an entirely different (and far, far more enjoyable) direction if it weren’t for that tribal that sent Malcolm home. If Sierra or even Brad goes home there, I think we were set up for a much better season. Even though I’d still be devastated that we lost Tony in the first week.

            I’m on board with “Yeah, but Sandra”, as long as you’re willing to accept “But we lost Tony” as a critique.

          2. I’d agree with this. Aubry probably wouldn’t have been so miserable, our other favorites wouldn’t be as big of targets, and of course Malcolm would be there. We might lose Michaela though, so hopefully Sandra would be able to save her.

          3. Troy(zan) was scaring her so much with his talk of alien abduction, there was no way for her to enjoy herself.

          4. Thanks. I’d heard that Sandra had no interest in working with Aubry but I didn’t realize that she was antagonistic towards her.

        2. But is it even very good as a pre-merge? It was okay, because Sandra was great, but there wasn’t much else.

          1. I think the biggest problem with the pre-merge is that we focused way too much on characters who did not survive the pre-merge and not enough time developing post-merge characters like Zeke, Andrea, and Cirie.

          2. It’s still crazy to me that they didn’t give us more Cirie in Game Changers. I know they don’t like to invest too heavily in people who leave the game in a way that seems senseless, but she’s Cirie. We would’ve gotten our hopes up and then our hearts broken, but at least we could have had fun along the way.

          3. But they did have a Cirie story pre-merge that I was invested in – it was about her challenges in finding alliance partners (Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke). Beyond that, I think they checked in with her nearly episode. And as disagreeable as it was for some watching her finish that challenge – with all of the OTTPLOL emotions Probst brought to it – she and her tribemates also found it to be a pretty big deal. She was a central part of the season for me and the one of the few saving graces of the post-merge.

          4. Ugh, damn, I forgot about that scene months ago. Game Changers might need to move down another spot on my rankings.

          1. If I ever wanted to write a fan fiction of the season that could have been, GC would be the one I’d rewrite

  3. Alternate theory (and my at the time theory) on Lauren picking Devon first: She knows she has Ben but she needs Devon, so she could use the reward to swing Devon then loop Ben in. She also probably expected to get to pick at least one more person, so picking Devon hides how close Ben is to her. (Not to take anything away from our glorious OW Devon of course)

      1. I don’t think that was a factor in her decision making so much as it worked out as a reason to give at the other end

  4. I disagree that the credit will go to Devon for the secret agent plan. I think Ben will get the game credit for the move. I’m not seeing people giving Devon credit for his gameplay in exit interviews and if people aren’t perceiving that in the game talking about it in FTC might be too little too late.

    Although I do like Devon and am rooting for him, Lauren and Ben.

      1. Yeah I remember that as well. Perception is huge in Survivor and I’m just not seeing enough evidence that everyone is perceiving Devon as some mastermind regardless if he is or not.

        1. I kinda think you may be right. The only one saying Devon created these plans are Devon. And that’s in private confessionals, we don’t see him trying to shape that narrative by saying infront of the others. Ben, Lauren and Devon all can attempt to take credit. Could make for a very fun final tribal. But I think people will credit whoever they like the most/dislike the least. But in a vaccuum, I think actions trump words and Ben gets credit.

  5. Since you brought it up, when people keep talking about where Triple H is going to fall in season rankings for them, I keep wanting to say its going to fall near SJDS but I can’t because I assume people here use your rankings as their basis for this discussion and, as I and others here have noted, you have SJDS too low

    (also, best outro music choice yet)

      1. Just below for me though and I think it is the main comparative season for me right now (I’m not sure that sentence is proper English but whatever)

    1. For me the ceiling is probably 11th and the floor is probably 27th, but my (optimistic) guess is that I will have it at 14th. I currently have SJDS at 18th.

      1. I also think that this season doesn’t have anything that bad to recover from. To go off the Fiji comparison from the podcast, the pre-merge here was basically fine and wasn’t nearly as bad as the first half of Fiji. & it’s not like we had a run of 9 bad episodes – the Alan, Patrick, and Jessica boots were all good episodes. Roark and Desi may have been fairly straightforward eliminations, but both of those episodes had a lot of good content too. The other episodes were alright, they just weren’t all that exciting.

      2. I probably won’t end up with it that high. Barring something unexpected it’ll probably land low-teens, early 20s

    2. I’m not going to do the Dalton Ross thing and rank it before the season is over, but I’ll at least set a bit of a floor: this week alone keeps it from the very bottom of the rankings. It’s easily ahead of Nicaragua, Redemption Island, South Pacific, and Thailand.

      1. Its above those and probably passing like OW and WA for me as well because its not actively unpleasant

      2. There are only 3 episodes left this season. Barely enough show left for this season to get off the runway. It may have started to take off, but it’s going to crash into the line of trees at the end of the runway.

      3. One World too. If it is better than Redemption Island, it is better than One World because they are the same season.

        1. One World is better than Redemption Island in my opinion because I enjoyed the stuff going on around the dominant performance a lot more. That’s different from “a lot” but I was pleasantly surprised watching One World that it wasn’t unwatchable at all.

          1. I do agree that One World has more stuff going on. For me, it is all Geek Show quality (look at these idiots and freaks saying dumb stuff and being terrible to each other) (None of this is referring to Leif, who I felt the show seemed to be humiliating).

    3. Like @BarbaraTheWitch:disqus, for me it’s probably going to fall below SJDS (possibly directly below). The “before it got good” portion is much better in SJDS than HHH, so the end-game of HHH is going to have to better than SJDS’s to stay even. That seems unlikely.

      I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Fiji comparison, although the “before it got good” portion of Fiji was hoooorible, rather than just bland.

        1. On balance, Fiji is worth watching (someday, after you’ve finished Caramoan and Palau). It’s a historically important season, although there’s a good chance you’re spoiled on every event that makes the season historically important. It’s just that it has the longest consecutive streak of terrible episodes in the show’s history, worse than any equivalent streak in, say, Nicaragua or South Pacific. (EDIT: Although I haven’t watched Thailand)

          1. That’s the fascinating thing about Fiji: the lows are so very low, but the highs are pretty great (as Andy noted, that may be because the of how low it got at times).

          2. I still think this season’s lows don’t get anywhere to the depths of Fiji. The pre-merge of Fiji is the most I’ve hated watching Survivor and it stayed that way for like 7 consecutive episodes. I don’t think a couple good episodes in the post merge saves it.

            This season is more like bland, bland, aggressively stupidly bland, OOOHHH

          3. I don’t think the comparison with Fiji is in terms of the absolute level of the lows (that would be crazy talk), it’s how suddenly it swung into very, very good.

          4. I think Caramoan also had horrible through basically the whole pre-merge (besides maybe the 1st episode), but overall I agree.

          5. Caramoan was the first season I watched, and I was hooked from the very first episode. Except for the very bottom-tier seasons, baseline Survivor is great! Although I have to admit that in my short time as a Survivor casual, what I mostly liked was watching Brenda and Andrea.

          6. I can absolutely relate, but replace Caramoan with Africa (it wasn’t my first one, but it officially made me think “…wow, this show is awesome”).

          7. One thing that can be make Fiji’s darkest episodes much more bearable is knowing that comeuppance IS coming. Spoilers are ultimately your friend on Fiji.

      1. I disagree with the SJDS’s “before it got good” being better than HHH’s, and I’m not even one of the biggest distractors of SJDS pre-merge.

        The only obvious thing it had over this season is the glorious Drew boot episide, which is one of the the best pre-merge episodes of all-time. But overall, I would definetely say that Patrick, Alan and Jessica boots were better than most of the SJDS pre-merge, and I would even have an argument for some other episodes like Simone or Roark ones.

        And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this end-gam will turn out to better, mainly because it could end up as several players eating each other alive to win, rather just one slaying everyone (and I have SJDS like pretty high, so it’s saying something).

        1. HHH’s sin to this point was being bland. At a minimum, SJDS had the Jeremy/Reed battle, and the BvW dynamic helped keep things interesting (for example, how Dale was an anchor that took Kelley down). Although if I’m giving credit for Jeremy/Reed, I suppose I have to deduct credit for Rocker and Julie.

          I agree that HHH has the ingredients for a better end game than SJDS, I meant that it’s unlikely in the statistical sense that if your benchmark is the 90th percentile, the next random sample is likely to be below it.

          1. I ain’t even mad, since I too am basically a badass.

            And girl, you know you are literally a meat-collector, right?

          2. Herding is collecting, isn’t it? (Ugh, I think I’ve gotten myself into dad-joke territory).

    4. This season has some highs (these episodes, Cole and relationship, and characters like Patrick and Joe) but it was such slog to get through and it was just so boring otherwise. I guess it goingto be in the 20’s.

    5. If it follows it’s current trend. It will be in around the mediocre to very flawed seasons for me (Panama, SJDS, Caramoan, Fiji, Marquesas, Koah Rong, Worlds Apart).

        1. Yeah. I just didn’t like the cast that much. I (except for the Final Tribal) was never into Todd and found him especially lacking compared to the two prior winners (Yul and Earl). I never got James. Courtney to a while to grow on me. The rest didn’t really do anything for me.

  6. There’s a man who leads a tribe, I do concur
    To everyone left in the game he’s King Arthur
    If you say he swears on Marines he’ll sue for libel
    Odds are they won’t let him get to final tribal

    Secret agent Ben, secret agent Ben
    They’ve given you a mission, don’t let Devon take your hat

      1. He made some good points occasionally, but he also very much annoyed me with how binary his opinions were.

        Also he existed in this weird space between parody and real opinions – where he would express sincere displeasure over something and without breaking tone at all talk about how the football gods were punishing teams for inadequate cheerleader usage.

        1. This is actually the second time I referenced Greggggggg Easterbrook this season. I might just randomly do it every few episodes, even though it’s been YEARS since I read one of those columns.

  7. I made it through half-way through the podcast, and I basically agree with everything that’s said on there. I wasn’t this giddy watching a Survivor episode since probably the double-episode of MvGX. And it wasn’t like I was in the group of people who were already willing to put it in the bottom-tier, because I did enjoy most of the episodes, but there just wasn’t that much to talk about. Some of my thoughts:

    -I think the best thing about these episodes (especially the 1st one), was how they let us on the plan. We were let in the absolute joy of overthrowing Ryan and Chrissy, and not left wondering whether they will pull it off or not. And it’s coming from someone who STILL is kinda rooting for Chrissy, but I just couldn’t let myself from smiling after she and Ryan were QUICKLY brought down to Earth after they were so cocky basically the whole game. All the reaction at the Tribal were priceless.

    -I agree that Devon’s move was brilliant. I could definetely see it being used in future seasons, which makes it even better. But what made it even more fun for me, was that it wasn’t the first time someone tried to use this strategy. Ozzy in SP also had a plan of using someone (Cochran) as a spy to infiltrate the other tribe. The difference is that here the plan was MUCH better, in terms of planning and axecution.

    -Even though I already like her previously, I’m fully on board the Lauren train, She’s amazing, and I hope she wins.

    -Because she is overshadowed by other people in her alliance, I also want to give credit to Ashley. She’s in a really good spot, she was a part of the decision making, and if she pulls off some other moves, she definetely has a shot at winning. She’s not really exciting TV, but I do think she shouldn’t be overlooked.

    I’m very optimistic about the end-game and I hope it won’t disappoint. And after some time off, here are my updated Power Rankings:

    1.Devon (+3)
    2.Lauren (+3)
    3.Ben (-2)
    4.Ryan (-2)
    5.Chrissy (-2)
    6.Ashley (+1)
    7.Mike (-1)

    Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

    1. Now onto other reality TV show for those interested.

      Premiere dates for Celebrity Big Brother and The Amazing Race 30 has been revealed. CBB will premiere February 7th, and will last 18 days, and 13 TV episodes. And TAR30 will premiere January 3rd, and one of the pairs will be Jessica and Cody from the last season of BB.

      And regarding my own watching- I’ve just made it past the half-way point in the 2nd season of The Genius (the last episode I watched was the resources one), and I think it’s great, while I would at the moment probably put the 1st season over it, at least for now.

      1. Counter-programming against the Olympics (a reality competition show, when you come down to it) with big blocks of reality competition shows seems like a terrible idea.

        1. It may be a good idea if you consider that reality TV is pretty cheap to produce versus normal shows and if you’re going to lose to the Olympics might as well lose with cheaper production and hold onto your big shows for afterwards

      2. You missed the most important part of the tv announcement.
        “Survivor will head to Fiji for a special two-hour season premiere (Wednesday, Feb. 28)

      1. Not making this up: I did a search for “Ashley” on Survivor Wiki just now and said to myself “Huh, what season was Ashley Nolan on?”

          1. Well I only searched “Ashley” and literally didn’t remember one of the four so how do you expect me to remember one called Ashlee.
            Ashby is 5/5 as I literally had no concept of her.

  8. I argee with you that Mike should be the target next week because if he gets to the end he has at least three jury votes. I also expect they will screw up and vote Ryan instead.

  9. What a 180. Was totally ready to bury this season last week. Said it in the other thread but bears repeating: This is why I watch Survivor. Unlikely people forced to work together, learning to play the game together, and actually innovating. The first vote was a genuine blindside not a “#BLINDSIDE!” fake out. The second vote was a thing of beauty, so well executed. Double Agent Ben was fantastic, I can’t remember ever seeing anything like that before.

    If the rest of this season sucks as bad as the beginning did so be it, but that was an excellent two hours of Survivor. Was floored by this episode, so glad that other people felt the same way.

    1. These were both great examples of a times when they let us in on the whole plan so we know exactly what’s happening so its fun even if there’s not that much suspense

      1. Seriously sometimes it’s more entertaining to just let us feel some of what the players are feeling and really enjoy the ride. They don’t always have to blindside their viewers. It was well done.

    2. I like that they had to call it #epicblindside because they’ve realized that #blindside just means ‘was voted out.’

  10. At first I typed this: “I don’t disagree with any of your points regarding JP vs. Ryan, except Chrissy. Chrissy is the shot I think they should have taken. It avoids the threat of the idol, it reduces the heroes numbers, and it takes out the person I believe is by far the more clear threat.”

    But then I thought: “Well, while JP is less likely to do something, he is more likely to be used then Chrissy. Chrissy has shown she has no interest in being part of anyone’s plans but her own, and she is far more divisive. Everyone is either aligned with her, or absolutely against her. So while she is more crafty, she is less able to be used against the new majority 4”

    But I also thought this: “Chrissy was the most closely aligned with Ben for a long while (even into the merge). And as brilliantly fun to watch as the Ben spy plan is for us, it enables Ben to play both sides with one of those sides entirely accepting of the ‘act’ as part of his plan. I believe it is entirely feasible that Ben swings back to Chrissy and Ryan, particularly if he finds out Lauren/Devon/Ashley have talked about booting him. But with Chrissy out of the game, I think it’s far less likely that Ben would switch to be in a JP/Ryan alliance, particularly as we have never seen JP and Ryan talk, and Chrissy was the main glue holding those 3 together.”

    So, overall, I think i’m not as 100% “It should have been Chrissy” as I was night of, but I still consider Chrissy a better target, and I believe not booting her will prove significant toward the end of the season.

    1. There’s one more angle to consider: Ben’s secret agent act works best if Chrissy is still in the game (since she’s the one to most believe he’s with her).

      1. That is a fair point. And maybe helps shed more light on why they chose JP, as it provides them the best ‘secret agent’ scenario, where Ben has to stay buddy-buddy with the two people he’s been buddy-buddy with. And if you are Lauren and Devon, maybe you are worried about leaving JP available for Ben to shake things up. Particularly given they have already considered targeting him, providing him the ‘scraps’ of Mike, JP, Joe, and Ryan could be deadly, while Chrissy ensures those pieces probably won’t come together.

  11. @purplerockjohn:disqus and @purplerockandy:disqus alert: From the log-line for today’s episode of the Bill Simmons Podcast (I haven’t listened yet): “Bill Simmons is joined by Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr to discuss Draymond’s chances of winning ‘Survivor'”

    1. Damn, tough decision here. Steve Kerr and Survivor are my jam. But Bill Simmons has become so unlistenable of late…

      1. It’s a shame. A few years back, his podcasts was among my favorites to listen to.

        EDiT: Lets not even get into his writing.

        1. People reflexively side with “talent” in disputes with management, but Simmons is another example of talent who were better off when “the man” was holding them down a bit. He needs some level of supervision and editorial.

          (I feel similarly when people lament Edgar Wright being pushed off Ant Man. I LOVE Edgar Wright movies, but I’m not about to say that Marvel doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to protecting their properties).

          1. Simmons clearly needs to be managed, but being verbose and a little undisciplined has always been part of his brand. And wasn’t the cause of the dispute his going hard after Goodell? Hard not to support that.

            I like him less now because a) I’ve broken with the NFL completely, and b) the Boston teams have been so absurdly successful that it’s more grating than ever to hear somebody root for them. Neither of those are really his fault. That said, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he takes the turn into just being a crank, like Olbermann.

          2. There are a whole lot of little issues I have with his writing and podcast that ended up causing me to give up his stuff completely. But I used to love his stuff, and only gave up on him for good about a year or two ago.

            Giving up the NFL was part of the reason, but I also couldn’t take another “Ok, fake trade. Who says no: the Warriors get the Celtics’ least valuable rotation players and draft picks, and the Celtics get Steph Curry.”

          3. He’s definitely in the “depends on the guest” zone for me. The bigger the guest, the less he tends to screw around. His recent interviews with Marc Maron, Te-Nehisi Coates, and Bob Costas were all great (although you can imagine how self-indulgent the last one was, on both sides).

          4. LucasFilms on the other hand … I’ll reserve judgement until after TLJ, but I’m not positive it’s a great thing that they keep cutting directors (talent aside).

          5. I also want to say now that RJ’s new trilogy is supposed to abandon the Skywalkers, but if it even sniffs the Light & Dark sides, the franchise will officially be overdone.

      2. It might be more fun to consider the question without listening to the podcast. Draymond obviously has an Alan Ball arc. Steph and KD are targeted around the merge. Klay and Shaun Livingston go very deep into the game, and probably need to win immunity at 4. JaVale McGee is the last person left from the minority alliance and wins as the underdog.

          1. The Warriors being good and talking to you guys all the time means I now know way too much about a sport I don’t even watch.

          2. Today is the 20th anniversary of Latrell Spreewell choking PJ Carlisimo. You know how Bill Simmons has a rule that you don’t get to complain for five years after a championship? There’s a reverse rule for non-bandwagon Warriors fans for 35 years of almost uninterrupted sucking. @purplerockjohn:disqus @purplerockandy:disqus @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus

          3. Unlike me, my brother likes all the major sports. I used to use the fact that he has a Warriors jersey as an example of how dedicated he is, but now it’s meaningless.

      1. Actually, Kerr said: “Draymond would get voted out in two days!” Which, yeah probably.

  12. I’m a little late to the discussion this week so it may have been said already, but good on Lauren initiating an alliance where everyone but her is flipping on their one-time closest ally.

    1. I don’t think anybody’s made that observation yet. Nice!

      Another thing nobody’s brought up: Coming into this episode the thing we were all dreading was a straight Pagonging of Joe and Mike. On paper, that’s what we got, except with the most inconsequential member of the Round Table substituting for Mike.

        1. Yeah, I know. But to be fair, I’d consider Yau-Man to be in the top 10, even 5, best characters of the show, so it’s a bit unfair to say that this season doesn’t have that person, when in reality most of the seasons doesn’t have that, even some of the best ones.

          1. It’s just that Fiji is almost synonymous with Yau Man in my mind. It was the third season I watched, so I’m a bit of a Fiji apologist. I might come around to using it as the prototypical “lousy season with one great episode” if I watched it again now.

          2. Understand, that I don’t think it’s a bad season with one great episode. I think it’s a terrible season that transforms into a decent with that episode as a turning point.

            Basically, I think Fiji is the best bad season of Survivor.

          3. Me too. My rationale is that it had two of my favorite players, Earl and Yau-Man and probably the best episode of the series.

      1. OK I am thrilled that you’ve come around on her.

        (To clarify: I know she is much more impressive in these episodes than she had been before. I’m not saying she looked like an amazing player earlier, I just didn’t like the way you were getting on her to be more chipper or whatever.)

          1. You were so wrong! You were like, “Pfff it’s not fun when Lauren has no patience for bullshit,” even though it sure seems like everyone around here likes curmudgeons and NOW YOU SEE.

          2. Ehn, I turnaround on players all the time. Do good, I will praise you for it. It’s all part of being a frontrunner.

          3. “Thanks for giving answers. I find it kind of stupid and not funny in any way but at least I know where it came from now. Props to those enjoying it though” To that end please tells us about the Lakers and Lonzo Ball.

          4. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the quote is all about and am now curious.

            The Lakers have promising young talent that is very young. It’s stupid to judge a rookie PG too much.

            I’m not really a frontrunner when it comes to sports, since there’s usually continuity from one season to another to base loyalties on (even if its just geographic location and laundry). But with Survivor? It’s seems silly and pointless to me to pick favourites before you have much evidence with which to base the choice on.

      2. Whoa there. Lauren had a great episode, and has finally become somewhat interesting, but she’s no Yau Man! Yau Man was a treasure.

  13. My money is on Chrissy going next. I think her challenge threatness will make her their target.

  14. My current power ranking:

    1. Devon: The RNG was right!
    2. Lauren: Could very likely win.
    3. Ben: Has recovered nicely and has a secret Idol.
    4. Ashley: Finally has some power.
    5. Ryan: In trouble and humiliated, but I am not writing him off (I think they didn’t vilify him as much as they could have).
    6. Mike: Hard path to the end, but has friends on the Jury.
    7. Chrissy: “Mmm, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Yummy, guys!”

    1. This feels about right. I think Ryan has a few more options available to him than Chrissy does, whose only option seems to be “win immunity.”

  15. I just got to the end of the episode. I got a shout out! Thanks to @purplerockandy:disqus for that, and boo to @purplerockjohn:disqus for being unsure how to pronounce my name when he definitely knows how to pronounce my name.

  16. I think Joes run means we won’t see Tony again unless an all winners season. although Tony probably won’t be a 3 time player anyway.
    does Mikes good run mean we will see him again before David wright? My guess is that David is a better returnee than Mike and they bring David back with Jay

    1. I guess production would prefer David over Mike, but that’s just speculation on my part. But I do think that it won’t be the last time we see Joe out there.

      1. Probst has said that much. I think David was way more of a star than Mike. Mike may be on the shortlist though, but I could see him not being able to come back due to work commitments ala Denise Stapley.

        1. Is this season going to be One World part 2 in terms of returning players that really, honestly should not be returning? Because that’s what it feels like, at least based on all the speculation flying around.

      2. It’s hard to see them passing up on another season of poor man’s Tony, but I wish they would. He’s not insufferable, but I also don’t need any more of him.
        I tend to lose interest into players like him* pretty quick.
        * meaning people who constantly overrate everything they do and can’t stop boasting about it (I’m not talking about his job and degree or whatever, just his game – him talking to his sister at Ponderosa was a prime example for that). His brand of aggressiveness I kind of liked.

        1. Yeah, I kind of agree. He’s not like on the bottom of my most wanted returnees from this season, and he probably makes the top half, but there’s a large gap for me between him and Alan, Ali, Jessica (and I would say Lauren, Devon and Chrissy, but I’m willing to hold out judgements until the end of the season). He’s been entertaining, but I think I’ve seen most of what I wanted from him.

          1. These are all good to great candidates (great in context of this season). I’m afraid Alan won’t get another shot, but give me Alan over Joe every time!

          2. Jeff was very complemantary towards Alan after his boot, saying he would be a perfect candidate for a second chance-season, so there is hope (and towards Ali and a little bit Jessica)!

          3. Sounds good. I seem to remember that Alan also sounded keen to return some day in exit press, but I could be wrong.

    2. I get that Joe wanted to play like Tony and he is a bald loud cop who finds idols so the description fits, but HE DIDN’T. As far as gameplay goes Joe is a failed Russell or if you really want to be mean about it, a failed Jason/Scott from KR. Don’t get me wrong he’s 10 times more likeable than Russell and about 100x from Jason/Scott, but even those horrible people from KR managed to swing some people and gain some power for a while. Joe went into the season guns blazing and was shutt out from the first minute. Even his healers tribe at the merge seemed like they were counting more on Ben/Lauren going forward than on Joe. I think the only two times that he had at least 1 person willing to work with him was the tie vote pre-merge with Desi and in the last episode with Mike getting duped by the Secret Agent plan. And in both cases Mike and Desi had no one else to work with.

      Tony outside of the idols and paranoia was the leader of an alliance, the biggest target, someone who had inroads with outsiders, someone who had several people picking him as their shield. Joe was no one’s shield, he had no people, he didn’t even had working relationships with most of the outsiders.

      I don’t hate the guy, he’s good TV. But as player eeehhh.

        1. It was so awesome when we got to watch full episodes constructed around food struggles until one person emerged to outwit mental giants like Alex, Jon, Missy, Baylor, Keith, and Jaclyn.

          1. Did she or did she not avoid tribal for all but one (thrown) pre merge boot?
            Did she or did she not make the final 3 with only a single vote going against her (that took an idol)?

          2. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t see what either of those things prove. Especially about intelligence and ability to play well.

          3. She was in on every single vote when she went to tribal until 5. She then went straight to the person who booted her daughter and made a final 3 deal. You have to work well to be on the right side of the vote for every single one. She just didn’t nurture her social game enough. Missy played a decent game.

  17. Y’all, I’ve literally found the perfect clip, and it’s got me so hype that I leapt into the air doing the MJ fist pump and did laps around my apartment.

      1. While that one was good, the clip I’m talking about allowed me to transcend to a plane of pure bliss.

    1. I know what you did.

      Well, at least I think I know.

      Or rather, I think I know what you didn’t do, but should have done.

        1. Last night I waded through about 3/4 of the 37 (You didn’t lie. It’s a lot.) bonus videos and found many that were much more interesting than what you presented to us in the blog post.
          RYAN CALLED MIKE “PENIS DOCTOR”, for cryin’ out loud! IN A DISPARAGING MANNER, no less.

          So my bold faced assertion is: You found that one perfect clip by accident, wrote a few thousand words on it, engaged in some window dressing for the rest and basically phoned it in! J’ACCUSE! HOW DARE YOU! WE DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!

          *tiny font: I totally get it and what was lacking in the clip selection, you totally made up for with the writing. And the GIF section. I always love the GIF section. Stellar job!

          1. I will admit that omitting Ryan calling Mike “a penis doctor” is a fault against me. But you found that clip. So here’s the quick version of what I would say to round out your experience: Ryan, Mike’s doing of stupid things is independent of his profession. If anything, his profession would imply that he’s not stupid. A penis doctor is still a doctor. Mike has a medical degree. You don’t. STFU.

            But to discuss why that didn’t make the cut, different people find different clips interesting. You’re not the first (and I doubt you’ll be the last) to think that certain clips that I left out should have made the cut. When I look at which clips I want to include, I skew more towards clips that reveal new information or give some sort of insight into the gameplay or our players. *Just* talking about how nice the reward was doesn’t cut it. *Just* talking about how hard the challenge was doesn’t cut it. *Just* giving a funny quip doesn’t cut it (though I make an exception for JP). I think some clips are more interesting, and you think others are more interesting, and that’s fine because we’re different people with different opinions. And I can’t include *anything* and *everything* that’s mildly interesting because I can’t let the post run too long. This week’s post was extremely excessive as is.

            So I try to assume good intent by everyone, and I’ll assume that this is more of a jokey comment than an actual grievance. But please also assume good intent and understand that I’m just trying to write up a good post. I’m also taking your “phoning it in” as a joke, but know that it took a collective 9 hours to watch all the clips, write everything up, format it, edit it, and get it ready to publish.

            Anyway, thanks for reading the column, bud.

          2. Wow, first things first: I didn’t expect that my comment, which was (other than the tiny font paragraph) written super tongue-in-cheek, could be interpreted as a stern complaint (but I probably should have played it safer with the double language barrier and all), so now I feel really bad that I made you feel like it might have been one. And you wrote me a penis doctor ‘exclusive’ on top of all that great work you had already delivered, so while that was awesome and had me really excited for the rest of your response, making you work even more on Bonus Clips wasn’t at all what I intended. But thank you nonetheless!
            And ooh was I in for an awkward surprise!
            I’m in a super jokey mood today (probably because I’m also super tired) and this is the fall out. Please advise if you notice similiar confusion elsewhere on PRP whikle I’m sleeping it off.

            What I was intending with my comment is letting you know that I did enjoy this week’s blog post very much, while also letting you know that I think you may have missed some good stuff (As in didn’t actually get to see it. There were so many and also lengthy videos this week that I honestly didn’t expect you to go through all of them. And just to be clear, I would be absolutely fine with that.), so you would know that it could be worthwhile to take a look at some of the videos you didn’t watch before (of which there were actually none, which I deemed nearly impossible. As you said in the blog and I agreed, there was a ton of content, it felt like about ten times more than in previous weeks).

            So this is also the constructive-criticism kernel of truth in there:
            I really thought I found some clips that were either providing really interesting game insights (blanking right now on those – also: long post as it already was + different strokes – I get that, of course, not everything that’s interesting can find its way into the blog when the source material is that extensive), or were an almost objectively better template for stuff you dealt with under one or two of the videos that made the final cut (Ben giving his side of his exhausting secret agent spiel in one minute, instead of Joe having it mixed in with two minutes of reward talk, or an equally short Ben clip – fwiw, I’m not even a big Ben fan and think that his gamesmanship generally comes off much better in the show than in interviews – instead of Ashleys 4 minutes of not much at all). But I included nagging about that stuff not because I had different expectations or “demand better”, but rather because I needed a body of complaints to build my faux outrage on. Now I could switch to Caps Lock (always a good sign that I’m trying to be funny, for future reference) and climax into a bratty, spoiled blog consumer persona (using “J’accuse” and the shouted phrases that followed: another good indicator for me laying it on thick with the funniness, or at least trying. I wouldn’t use those in a serious manner).
            I miscalculated like an actuary on an extended white rice diet and thought such excessive interest would make you feel good about committing all that time to assembling and writing these.

            “Phoning it in” was supposed to be the kicker. See, I was making the claim that you didn’t watch all of the videos (which I thought would most likely be true, but who could blame you), while simultaneously recognizing that your word count for the week must be in the thousands, which of course is far from “phoning it in”.
            (I also enjoyed the mental picture of you literally phoning all that in from overseas to a hastily typing Canadian blogger).

            So to conclude, you’re right to assume, good, clean, jokey intentions on my part with only a smidge of earnest criticism. And that was only there so the joke would work. Which it didn’t.
            But rest assured that I assume nothing but good, nay, great intent on your part and that I find that great intent to also bear fruits aplenty, bountiful and sweet in taste. (is that still English? I’m reaching my limits here).

            PS: I’m at episode 10 of TAZ right now. I know, that sounds slow, but I think I listened to 5 episodes last week alone. I would be much quicker if not for Survivor podcasts, and I also rushed through the first season of Mr Robot and Stranger Things (dices and Valedectorians!), as well as half a season of TWD + accompanying listening material for all three of them in the meantime.

          3. Well now I’m sorry because I wasn’t meaning to make you type up this kind of response to what I said. I’m at a high stress level because of work and school and things, so instead of just taking your joke as a joke, I took it more seriously. (and now it’s going to be awkward when someone fills in for me on the video post next week).

            But I’ll say that I also enjoyed the image of me calling up Andy and having him try to transcribe everything I’m saying to him over the phone. Also, I don’t fault you for putting Mr. Robot and Stranger Things above TAZ because you’re priorities are spot on there. But the TWD … choices.

          4. Yeah, not your fault that I wrote that much. Unfortunately that tends to happen when I want to clear up a misunderstanding while also enjoying myself at pounding the keyboard, which strangely almost exclusively happens when I’m tired and by all means should go to bed instead.
            I also made it extra weird by setting the jokey comment up with mysterious comment that I knew could very well fail to connect (and then I couldn’t even see the PRP letters in your ???-answer. I used to be able to do that!), and now that I know you were in stress, but actually watched all of this week’s content, was sure to fail in preparing you for what was to come. I rarely put that much effort into anything, so there was no protocol for this.

            As for that Zombie-show… I’m pot-committed now, at least for as long as Baldmove and Rob & Josh are willing to make fun of it.
            But it’s painful, both podcasts are in utter disdain for what the showrunners are doing with their product and won’t take much of it seriously at this point, but they’re still giving it way too much credit for my taste.
            Maybe I could jump off the wagon if they would finally kill off Corral. I’ve been waiting since season one for that stupid kid to die, and maybe a season ago there were rumors that Chandler Riggs had enough of that ensemble cast life and wants out. So suddenly my wildest Walking Dead dreams seemed within grasp, but since then on-screen opportunities for that have come and gone, grmpf.

          5. Spoiler: he’s going to be the last one standing. Yay.

            I gave up on the show sometime last season. Somewhere between Negan doing this and Negan doing that, while smirking. My life is all the better for it!

          6. That half season I watched most recently was the second half from last season (as it arrived at Netflix Germany about a year late, smh).
            I think I’m a rather atypical viewer in that I despise most of the long-standing cast members (MIchonne is alright and Rick has good and bad moments, the rest can go get eaten by a Zombie-horde) but am always really excited to meet new groups or learn about different societies, who my twd-podcasters of choice often hate.
            Please tell me that you didn’t miss the Garbage People storyline. What was their pet’s name? Wilbur?

            Negan is rather one-note, but I usually still like scenes with him better than those without him, although there probably would be diminishing returns for me if they amped up his airtime even more.

          7. Okay, you are right about Garbage People. They were compelling. Especially Garbage People Leader. Whoever that actress is, she’s completely fascinating.

            I loathe everything about this so-called character Negan. He’s a smarmy smirk and nothing else. His shtick was tired almost as soon as it began.

          8. Sorry, I took a little hiatus. Yeah, I can certainly see why people would react that way to Negan. For me there are scenes where his shtick works, and those where it becomes tiresome.
            I probably wouldn’t look at him as redeeming factor if there were enough other characters that could keep me even mildly interested.

            Glad to hear you still got a taste of the garbage people awesomeness before quitting. After that head scratcher of a season (eight) finale (what else?), it wouldn’t surprise if their storyline is done without much of a resolution, though.

          9. Are garbage people in it? Not sure if I want to watch it, but garbage people being there could be a reason.

          10. Oops, I meant the Season 7 finale was another head scratcher.

            I haven’t watched any of that first half of season 8 yet, but the way they suddenly retreated after the Alexandrians for some stupid reason, that never became clear to me, got the jump on them, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see them again for a season or two, if they’ll ever come back.

          11. As someone who ahead of the current TV plot thanks to the comics, I’d encourage you to break off from it when you’re ready and not wait for something to snap you out of it. Though I also tell people that the series was lost when they failed to do Andrea justice. God, comics Andrea was such a badass…

          12. I heard about her ongoing badassery. TV Andrea was so bad, though. There wasn’t a single character I hated more than her (even before she shot Darryl). Carl was still young so he got a little bit of a pass and Lori… was always so stupid, I can’t defend her, but something about Andrea made me hate her even more.

            I swear there isn’t another show that has me so invested in seeing the cast die on the show. I usually don’t want people (or even TV characters) to die.

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