Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 10 “I’m Not Here to Make Good Friends”

We like it when Survivor is awesome. The tenth episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong definitely qualifies. So let’s discuss it! We’re going to podcast like it’s 1999!

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Kaoh Rong episode 10 “I’m not here to make good friends”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • One of the most crowd-pleasing moments in the history of the show.
  • The Aubrious Winner’s Edit.
  • All the ways Andy was wrong last week, oh wait maybe not.
  • Did Tai make the right move for him? Is anyone suggested that he did just lying to themselves?
  • Tai’s advantage: good thing, or sign of imminent doom?
  • How did Scot and Jason screw this up?
  • What did the Super Idol add to the season?
  • What’s wrong with Julia’s plans?
  • The choose your own adventure reward twist.
  • Whose medevac would do the most damage to the season?

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112 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 10 “I’m Not Here to Make Good Friends”

  1. RIP peace Scott. You may have been a bit of an ahole, but at least unlike Aubrey you made compelling TV.

      1. I’ll give her credit for an excellent pitch to Tai this week but she’s also had her fair share of terrible moves. Also, just one man’s opinion but I find her completely uninteresting and I watch survivor to be entertained. So to any Aubrey fans out there, come at me bro!

    1. “You may have been a bit of an ahole”.

      In the same way that the Mount Everest is “a bit” of a hill.

  2. The following is apparently a quote from Probst by way of Dalton Ross via twitter, emphasis mine:

    Once the votes are read, an idol is dead. The exception this season is if you can find someone to pair their idol with yours then both idols are reactivated to form a super idol and you can use that idol to save yourself.

    The implication is that the person voted out has to be in possession of at least one idol to be eligible to use the super idol, and that the super idol cannot be played on behalf of anyone but you. So it wouldn’t have been an option for Jason to keep the idol, he had to give it to Scot. And what’s more, the quote also confirms that Scot was not allowed to give the idol back after the votes were read because it was dead and the exception did not apply.

    1. The problem is that in the structure of that sentence, Probst is talking about an idol that YOU are holding. It doesn’t really speak to two other people deciding to combine idols that haven’t been rendered null to play it for someone else.

      1. I interpret “The exception this season is …” as “The only exception this season is …”. It doesn’t speak to any other possibilities because they don’t exist.

        1. Possibly. I interrupt it still as “we don’t know”. Because Dalton was asking the wrong question.

          Seriously, why did everyone waste time asking Probst and Scot why he didn’t give the idol back? Why did anyone think he could? We need to know why Jason gave it to him.

          1. In the RHAP exit interview he said Jason gave it to him so each of them had an idol, e.g. a display of trust. They were THAT certain that Tai was staying with them. If there was any doubt, then Jason & Tai would have played their idols individually and had the same net effect as using the super-idol.

    2. So, in theory then, last week, only Tai would have been safe due to having both parts of the super idol?

      1. How does “if you can find someone to pair their idol with yours” apply to someone that doesn’t have an idol?

  3. “That’s the problem with trying to bank on rational behavior. It doesn’t always happen.”

    *sigh* Penner

  4. “Has she been at all quirky and fun this season”

    For the most part not, but Andy admitted to liking when she compared Survivor to Oregon Trail, so there is that.

    1. This may seem like I’m splitting hairs, but I consider that more clever than fun. Which is good for me, since I like clever.

    2. I thought I was going to hate her based on pre-game stuff. I like quirkiness, but only very specific kinds of quirkiness (like Shirin). She’s actually been very level-headed, and one of the better confessionalizers of the season. Also, as stated below, she can be quite clever. Even when I don’t like her moves, I think she’s at least being thoughtful and strategic. I would love an Aubry win, and in all seriousness, she has one of the best winner’s edits of the people remaining.

      1. I wonder if her not getting a quirky edit speaks well of her Aubrious Winner’s Edit. She’s not comic relief. She’s a player.

  5. I think next week will be a big week for Michele to see how she is actually playing the game (I think Shirin also said this on RHAP). She has been to 3 tribal councils now this season and in the first 2 she went with her group and in the 3rd she was shut out. She didn’t really have to make any moves until this point of the game, so I (and possibly only I) am interested in seeing what she does or says next week. Will she re-integrate herself into the majority, be left out, or pull someone from the majority?

    As for her edit, it reminds me a bit of Spencer’s last season but not as in your face. She lays out her overall strategy, but it doesn’t make a ton of sense when looking back at the season as a whole. Possibly a FTC loser? I could also see it just building her up to be an underdog, because it’s always nice to have a good underdog. Could still be a winner too, obviously.

    1. I’m not seeing the Spencer edit connection at all. Spencer had an agonizingly awkward forced plot about his personal growth, including learning how to LOVE. Spencer had his relationships with Kass, Jeremy, Shirin and others at the center of episodes. Spencer had people talking about him as a figure in the game all the time, both as a threat and an ally.

      OWM…said something cool about Nick one time. She’s gotten much less of a build-up at this point than Aubry/Tai/Jason/Cydney/Julia/Mark. At this point I think the null hypothesis is that Michele is a casting miss who doesn’t figure in the season’s story. She could be a medevac, she could go out at final 6 in a boring fashion, she could even be a third place shut out at FTC. But nothing we’ve seen demands a dramatic turn in Michele’s story.

      1. Yeah, it’s not nearly as big as Spencer’s edit. I guess the similarity I’m seeing is the unnecessary content they get when they seem to have little effect on the actual events taking place. There have been likable contestants that don’t fit into the season’s story like Sierra and Jefra that were ignored more than Michele. Michele is still getting a couple of confessionals each episode to show where she is at and has gotten almost twice as many confessionals as Julia, who is more relevant to the game and most people seem to find more engaging. It’s possible that they’re just changing the edit style, but she is getting a good amount of content even if people find it forgettable.

        1. A big disconnect for me is when people keep saying that Michele is getting a lot of time. For the ENTIRE season, I feel like she’s been getting the bare minimum amount of time. What many are reading as “this must mean she will be significant” I think could just as easily be “they think she is pleasant to look at”.

          1. To be fair, she HAS gotten almost twice as many confessionals as Julia while doing noticably less than her fellow Beauty tribemate (who’s pretty pleasant to look at in her own right). The bare minimum of time this is not- it just feels that way because almost none of her confessionals are memorable in the slightest.

          2. I haven’t seen the stats so I’ll believe you if you have (it’s possible that my perception isn’t the same as reality). And definitely early on Julia was more absent than she. I FEEL like that’s reversed of late (hard to say if that’s true). But more significantly, Julia has been given a story. Michele has not.

            I also wonder if people are overly reliant on confessional counts. Maybe it means something that all we get for Michele is confessionals? Like, maybe it’s a negative that the only screentime they can give her is the ones that are most easily shoehorned in?

          3. Here is the Sucks thread with the counts if you are interested: http://survivorsucks.yuku.com/topic/126057/Survivor-Kah-Rng-CONFESSIONAL-COUNT?page=1#.VxqWDPkrLIV

            I find it plausible that she is the Tyler of the season, but her edit still feels unusual for someone that won’t be at all relevant. That said, the editors have done a great job of making us understand everyone’s place in the game which doesn’t happen with every season. If that’s their goal, then pushing most of her screen time to confessionals makes sense.

          4. So looking this over (and I’ve never really looked at these before, so I may be analyzing the info in different ways than is standard), Michele has had the fourth most confessionals among remaining players, which is significantly less than the top 3 of Tai, Aubry, and Jason (two ahead of Cydney).

            However, among the whole cast, she’s 12th in confessionals per episode. Now, this is a little unfair given that early season boots tend to get higher concentrations due to their limited run time. So if you take out the pre-swap players, she moves up to 8th out of 13. Remove the pre-merge, she moves up to 7th out of 11 (just barely ahead of Neal).

            So that’s probably more air time than I give her credit for, but still… not that much. Especially if you consider that she doesn’t get much else BUT confessionals.

            I honestly don’t know what this means vis a vis her edit-based argument. But I do think that it shows I’m not too far off in thinking that people are exaggerating her level of exposure.

          5. For sure, anyone that thinks Michele is or ever was dominating the edit is delusional. It’s just a significant amount of content for not having made any moves or been involved in any conflict, which is unusual compared to past seasons of similarly under the radar female contestants.

          6. Sierra, Jefra, and Wiglesworth are the main ones I was thinking of. You could probably add Kimmi, but that might have to do just as much with the way she went out. Wiglesworth was supposedly playing a good game. Jefra apparently started the argument between Kass and Sarah at the merge. We got little insight into Sierra’s strategy, which seemed to be form close bonds and go to the end with the unlikable people. None of them got a lot of content to show where their heads were at though.

          7. I might argue with Kimmi because she got the entire Monica episode. Also, Production didn’t want anything to do with Wiglesworth which rendered her boot episode to be so random since we did not see her “talk to everybody” like Ciera claimed. Instead, she is often seen at Savage’s side, but rarely talking. But, Jefra is also interesting to include here since these three are all young attractive women-coincidence?

          8. If Michelle wins, the winner she’d remind me the most would be Fabio in Nicaragua, except a lot less fun. Featured in nearly every episode but not really a part of any of the ongoing stories (other than memorable bits in Naonka and Marty’s stories, just as Michelle was a memorable bit in Nick’s story).

            But it is just really hard for me to wrap my mind around a Michelle win. She would literally be the least interesting or amusing winner ever.

          9. Fabio is the comp I’ve been making in staff chats. Other people will suggest Natalie White, but as I’ve been saying, they at least showed her do a few things like kill a rat of befriend the other tribe. We haven’t seen any of that from her. She’ll just hang around, then be the person they don’t hate at the end (presumably, the other person would be Jason and this is a final two).

            I think she has the potential of being even worse than Fabio. He at least won four immunities, at least two of which he HAD to win. I can see Michele getting to the end without having to win any immunities. Or maybe no more than one. Plus, we had a good sense of him as a personality for most of the season. She’s a blank slate.

          10. Yeah, I don’t think she has anything on Natalie, who designed one of the best winning coattail strategies in the history of the game (granted that she also had one of the least appealing yet most ingenious goats in the history of the game as well). I completely respect her game and I actually found her pretty endearing, although she’s far from one of my favorite winners.

            I agree with your perspective on Fabio. Like Mike Holloway, he won immunities when he absolutely needed to and so he was able to make the final three; I can respect that. He’s also more entertaining a character than dull Michelle. My other least favorite winner besides Fabio, Amber, is still far more strategic a player than Michele and was marginally more entertaining as well (her love story, endearing at first but eventually nauseating, was at least a story). If Michele wins, she easily takes their place as Worst Winner.

            My new favorite that’s-so-Michelle Michele moment: at tribal council, Probst asks her an interesting question. She “responds” by repeating his question back to him in the form of a statement. With that same blandly engaging affect she uses in almost every confessional. She is a true master of stating the obvious. This is a potential winner?? Too painful to contemplate.

          11. I think people think it’s way more airtime than it is because it feels so out of place and shoehorned in. I’m hoping the editors are fucking with us, they’ve picked her and said “the fans always go on about edit so we’re going to use this nothing character to fuck with them”.

          12. Define ‘bare minimum’. I mean, there’s an old muscley guy who always looks grumpy, and may have given zero confessionals since the merge.

          13. Maybe I exaggerated with bare minimum. It just really doesn’t seem like she’s gotten much time to me.

            I’d say Joe hasn’t even gotten the bare minimum. Still, I think we have a better sense of who Joe is (in relation to his role in the game) than we do Michele.

          14. It’s very possible a standard Joe interview is just him responding to everything with “fuck you.”

      2. I’d argue that Michele’s quote about Nick was more about Nick’s story than Michele’s.

        1. This is a point we’ve made when we’ve gone off on long tangents about the “Michele winner’s edit” in staff chats. It seemed at the time like it was all about her, but now it seems likely that it was just part of Nick’s arc.

    1. I never really entertained the possibility of Scot or Jason winning, but frankly I would have preferred over Michele because at least they’ve been doing things and had moments of being interesting/entertaining. I’d prefer to like the winner of the season, but it’s not necessary. What would infuriate me would be for a winner to have done NOTHING.

      This was how I saw it happening (last week. Obviously, this week changed things):
      -Between the idols and Julia flipping, Cydney and Aubry were the next two out.
      -Joe was medevaced.
      -Tai was taken out at final five (already used his idol).
      -Julia taken out at final four.
      -Michele wins a final three against Scot and Tai without having done ANYTHING. No “anyone but me”. No “attached herself to the biggest goats”. No immunity run. Nothing. She hung around because she was the absolutely least threatening person there (which is why the Joe medevac came into play, otherwise it would’ve been him), and people hated the other two options (that she didn’t even choose. Hell, she may have only voted with them on the Tai vote).

      And, of course, worst of all would be all the people who could brag that they saw it coming. Seriously, if this happens I will hate this season more than Nicaragua.*

      *Not really. But I’d WANT to.

      1. There are seven left with four episodes to go, doesn’t that make a final 3 impossible? Now let’s say the medevac happens in a way that can’t be a standalone episode (maybe someone passes out immediately after tribal). Production realizes they’re looking at a three-person finale. After briefly considering a one-hour Fallen Comrades segment, they call an audible and decide to bring back an Outcast. In a wild coincidence, each of the jurors votes for a different person. Scot wins the rock draw and comes back in the game. Jason wins the final immunity challenge and we get our Jason-Scot final 2 after all.

        1. If the medevac happens in a way that can’t be standalone, the schedule is kind of screwed. No one wants a 3 person finale. The last time that happened was Australia which is one of the worst finales of all time.

          A final 3 is still possible with a reward challenge in the final episode and they slowed things down more than the last couple seasons.

          1. That’s a scary thought, but I have to hope that if the nightmare scenario you laid out had actually happened, they would have messed with the schedule somewhere else in the season to preserve the finale (maybe by giving us a ‘to be continued’ episode without an actual vote out or something?)

          2. Yeah I was just trying to concoct a scenario by which we get the Jason-Scot final 2 after all. My point about seven left with four episodes to go still stands, though. We must be getting a final 2 with the third medevac a standalone episode, otherwise they would have made the Alecia boot its own episode. Unless (and I just thought of this) the medevac happens in the finale. That would really suck.

          3. They actually mostly did a final 3 episode in Panama as well (I think they added an extra episode for some reason), but they did have a TBC right before the final challenge in the penultimate episode leading into Cirie being eliminated at the very beginning of the finale.

            The problem with going in with 3 for a final 2, or 4 for a final 3 is that they’re going to have to make a reward challenge, and its going to probably be for an advantage in the final immunity challenge, which is dumb.

          4. I think the problem with Panama was that Bruce’s medevac happened a)so late into the game and b.) in the period between the reward and immunity challenges, which meant that their challenge schedule was screwed.

          5. This is another reason why Cook Islands is a reaction to Panama (20 person cast, stuck with the four tribes for one extra episode, offered extra chances to avoid Pagongings…

          6. I think you are being too kind to the finale of Australia. It is the worst Survivor finale.
            A) There was only one challenge, the ever exciting Fallen Comrades (I love this challenge admittedly, but it cannot be the only challenge in the episode)
            B) They were functioning with a 42-day season, so naturally there was a lot of filler time.
            C) We got a 15 minute (probably) sequence of arts and crafts
            D) FTC was really subdued, which is shocking considering that Jerri was in the closer position.

  6. My hope is that, if Joe is medevac’d, he’s every bit as pissed off in that moment that he is apparently in life. I don’t know why, I just find it hilarious how angry he is all the time.

    This season has been really kind of sneakily awesome, minus maybe the episode where Caleb died.

  7. I agree Aubrey made a great move by flipping Tai. I disagree its one of the greatest plays of all time. We have seen previous players talk other people into flipping before. It happens almost every season.

    1. It may have been hyperbole due to excitement. Even while I was saying it, I started to try and stop it. I think my issue is that when I started talking, I had structured the pacing of my sentence off. I wanted to say “not only the best move of the episode, but possibly the best of the season”. But for some reason, I made the second part about equal to the first, making it feel like I was building to a third. And I left myself with few options to go.

      1. Now I feel like going on a rant about how “some people on the internet” are calling this the greatest move of all time! Those Aubry fans are so ridiculous and over the top!

    2. I don’t know, I am becoming a bigger fan of Aubry each week and also recency bias so who knows how objective this is, but I think this might be one of the best plays I’ve seen and the best move since at least San Juan Del Sur.

      Aubry’s social game with Tai and her pitch are of course being praised, but Tai is very close to his alliance and is likely going against his best interest which is a combination that is not that common in flippers. With this vote, she is also excluding Michele who was connected to the alliance by Cydney. By flipping Tai, she creates a new majority of 4, defuses the super idol, and becomes the closest ally to everyone in her group of 4 (similar to Natalie A in the Final 4 of SJDS) which is an amazing position going into final 7 and a world of difference from where she was before this move.

      I also think Trish flipping Kass is one of the greatest moves though, so maybe it depends on how long your list of greatest moves is.

          1. At this exact moment, I can’t imagine doing one next year. But that’s mostly because I haven’t yet developed the amnesia of how time-consuming it is.

  8. I was thinking about this while procrastinating at school today: For as much derision that the “Tyler Perry/God/super idol” gets, it has provided four seasons four pretty distinct storylines.

    Panama: It was an extra shield to protect Terry from Crazy Casaya
    Cook Islands: It was used as the ultimate bargaining tool by Yul to get Penner to flip.
    Cagayan: Tony used it to screw with people’s mind (specifically by lying about the rules of said idol).
    Kaoh Rong: Obviously, it built up to a great moment of “good” defeating “evil” with the “hero” of the season not saving not only one of the “villains” but also the main proponent of getting the idols together.

    Maybe this is why the super idol still remains on the list of viable twists and stuff like the Medallion of Power doesn’t-it still has the ability to create drama even when it is not used as it should be intended.

    1. I really like the super-idol in this season. It’s really difficult to get people that trust each other enough to actually use it as a strategy. And as we see here, it can go horribly wrong (for someone in the idol alliance, obviously it went very right for most of us viewers). In spite of some decent results in the past, I still think the single super-idol completely controlled by one person is just too powerful.

      1. I can see that absolutely, especially in Cook Islands, where it was basically Yul’s ticket to FTC because of the rules at the time (I still like him as a winner though). But, I wonder if Production is going to skittish about this iteration of the Super idol since there is a massive chance that idols don’t get played.

        1. I think Yul’s ticket to the FTC was A) getting Jonathan to flip (I’m not sure a regular idol wouldn’t have done that) and B) being in the Aitu-4 alliance. I really don’t think Yul’s idol is what kept them from flipping on each other. Particularly since they never took the other side’s offers to flush it.

          1. They had chances to get rid of the idol. Adumb asked Ozzy and Sundra to vote with him against Yul at final 5 to remove the idol.

        2. Production may not agree with me, but I’ve never thought that an idol has to be played to help the story. James going out with two idols was great. Yul wooing Penner was a good moment. Generally, watching people get blindsided with idols (like Scot) is fun.

          1. I think they do agree with you. I’m sure production would like to see them played a little more often than they are sometimes, but I think they’ve made hay with players that go home with ones in their pocket. Which is why the idol works: it’s one more potential story thread.

    2. This is a really good point. I have always kinda liked the fact that every time the “Tyler Perry/God/super idol” has been in a season, it has never been actually used (as it is supposed to be). I’m not sure how I would feel if it actually was played, though. Would our opinion of it change if it was played after a vote was read? Would we dislike it more so than we already do?
      That said, I agree with DrVanNostrand in that it’s being used pretty well this season, because it requires 2 people to agree to using it–which can prove to be difficult. They both have to lose their idol in order to save one of them. It’s a little more intriguing that way, as we have seen this past episode.

      1. I actually think if it had been used this season, especially in this episode or the last, it would’ve been fine. Mostly, because of the two idol thing. It basically would’ve had the same effect of them just playing the two idols before the vote.

        In Panama, it wouldn’t have been that big a deal either, since Casaya was perfectly happy to sacrifice Aras to get it done.

    3. I think instead of the Tyler Perry idol, they should introduce the Tyler idol. The dynamics of this idol are that it may not actually exist, and if it does, it is powerless and contributes nothing, absolutely nothing, to the game.

          1. I can’t remember the exact quote but it had to do with the fact that Tyler and Carolyn were like swingers at a key party during the merge episode. His three shining moments: winning immunity, giving Mike the clue to the HII that would take himself out, and talking about key parties. #ObviousWinnerTyler

      1. The paradox of the Tyler idol is that it never appears in the game but also never wastes an opportunity to remind you that it was totally there for the preseason.

  9. Complete non sequitur, but I’m watching Say Yes to the Dress and Jaclyn from SJDS was on there doing the final fitting for her wedding dress – she even got to meet Pnina (not that anyone knows/cares what that means). She mentioned Jon a bunch but never brought up Survivor.

      1. I’m gonna bet it’s cross-brand issues. When Fairplay was on Pawn Stars he didn’t mention Survivor, and I’m sure it doesn’t take much to get Fairplay to bring up Survivor.

        1. Here’s the problem with that theory. When Whitney Duncan was on, they showed a picture of her and Keith during South Pacific at the very least. So, they are comfortable with showing that but not with mentioning it?

  10. I totally called that this way of dealing with the advantage this way could fix the auction. However, I’m a little disturbed that I’m in Probst’s mind like this. I feel an odd compulsion to turn my guest room into a shrine to someone named Rob…

      1. There would be many ways to fix the auction. I just happen to really like the one they did this season. The little swimming sprint between Spencer and Stephen was also quite good, but I still like this one better.

        1. I liked it too but I think the were too many options a should have just been loved ones let’s put advantage. Even better would be actual loved ones v advantage.

          1. Actual loved ones vs. advantage would be so cruel. “We flew your loved ones out here on a 17-hour flight. Now they can watch you decide you’d rather go for an unknown advantage over time with them.”

      2. Not really. For one, the issue isn’t the advantage itself, it’s how everyone waits on it. For two, part of the drama of an advantage is to see who’s willing to go for it. Having someone just randomly stumble on it saps it of that drama.

          1. I really liked it to, making it the choice like with Fishbach and this also gives that indication of who is playing.

        1. I think it’s possible to make it work. Wentworth stumbling into her second idol clue by picking the right disc played pretty well on Cambodia.

          I also don’t think it’s optimal and I’m not attached enough to the auction that I feel trying wild things to save it is worth it. The auction might have outlived its usefulness. I’m fine with that.

          1. I personally ~am~ attached to the auction, but I also agree that it’s broken. The two solutions I can come up with are 1) stop including advantages in the auction altogether (which would be so boring for most people who aren’t me) or 2) do something like they did in this episode, except go even further. I would still give them money, and then make everyone declare up front if they are interested in competing for an advantage. The advantage people could do some sort of endurance challenge while everyone else gets just tons of food and comfort and family love. I’m picturing like little fenced off areas with buffets/showers/massages/skype calls home that are like $100 per 15 minutes or something. Basically something so ridiculously extravagant that it’s a huge trade off to go for the advantage.

      3. I’d be sorta down for it being a covered item. Forces them not to wait until it shows up, and then any mystery item could possibly be an advantage–there may be no advantage at all. But Andy is right, there’s less drama when you don’t know where it is and who actually wants to go for it. In any case, the “choose your own reward” challenge was a nice change of pace, and I’d like to see more of that–it seems the best way (that we have seen so far) to solve the advantage issue.

        1. They just need to keep changing things up each time so we don’t have broken auctions. Shirin broke it by saying if no one bids above 20 for letters then we all get them for 20.

  11. “Has she been at all quirky and fun this season”

    I don’t know what happened to the pre-game version of Aubry (maybe living Survivor happened?), but she has never appeared on our screens. I thought I was going to hate watching her before the season started, but this Aubry is awesome and easily my favorite player this season. I’m also on the Aubrious Winner Edit bandwagon now.

    I agree completely with your arguments and the Super Idol in it’s current form never bothered me at all. The only thing I was really worried about before the season with the Super Idol twist is that I thought there would be more Idols floating around in an effort to make a Super Idol play more likely. Luckily production has continued to cap the number of Idols in the game.

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