Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 2 “Kindergarten Camp”

Two episodes into Survivor: Kaôh Rōng and it looks like we already have a train wreck tribe. Even better, we have an epic train wreck tribal council to discuss. Should be more fun than an ear infestation.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Kaoh Rong episode 2 “Kindergarten Camp”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How does someone go from frontrunner to DOA so quickly?
  • What is Brawn doing? Why are they doing this? HOW are they doing this?
  • Are we getting a stealth Alecia winner’s edit?
  • Were Big Brother fans wrong about Caleb? They are, after all, Big Brother fans.
  • Do we like these impossible-to-obtain idols?
  • Pathogens is just a made up word and all water is safe to drink, right?
  • Why is there a sudden growth in the opinion that Liz is in danger?
  • Stepping up our ridiculous medevac scenario game.

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88 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 2 “Kindergarten Camp”

  1. The Big Brother fans are not wrong about anything. I watched the Live Feeds in which you get to see everything that goes on in the house. Caleb was a stalker, pathological liar and an idiot.

    There is an hour long Youtube video called “Caleb and Amber: The Stalkermance” if you want to see what a Brandon Hantz stalker, creepy misogynist he was.

    He is a pathological liar and even his parents admit it. There is a long list of lies of all the things he made up about himself on the feeds including taking credit for a song he never wrote, lying about going to West Point (there is even a Youtube video of this) and claiming that his dad invented a new breed of dog (which his own father has denied.)

    Additionally, he was an idiot in the game. He created an alliance (The Bomb Squad) in the beginning that ENDED in Week 2. A new alliance (The Detonators) was formed without his knowledge that he had no clue about until the end of the game which is what made him such a joke. EVERYONE manipulated him including the mastermind of the season Derrick, who manipulated Caleb into thinking he was a goat (only he was dumb enough to buy into it).

    And don’t even get me started on the revisionist history that he was “loyal”. It’s bullshit. He wanted Amber (his fellow alliance member) out just because she felt forced to go on a date with him. I also saw him have conversations at Final 4 about cutting another of his alliance members (Cody) in order to take the goat (Victoria) to the end. His “loyalty” schtick is bullshit he keeps repeating just for his own ego. He also had delusions of being Fan Favorite (he didn’t even make the Top 3) and thought he would be famous enough to play in concerts with Luke Bryan after BB.

    At the end of the day I think he’s actually a good person. I loved him on BB16 because he was an entertaining delusional idiot who we could laugh at. But his Golden Edit on Survivor is a fucking joke, they don’t need to desperately make him out to be a hero. It’s inaccurate.

    1. I believe you. Survivor editing is a much different thing. I just like teasing BB fans (even though I literally don’t know how good the show is or is not).

      1. For me personally, I probably like the concept of Survivor better overall. And even though I like to bitch about Probst and the Survivor producers they aren’t near as bad as Alison & Rich are for Big Brother and how much they have rigged certain seasons for somebody to win. The pros to Big Brother is you can watch the feeds and actually know everything that is going on. Live Feeds are the only saving grace of BB because you don’t have to rely on the edit to tell the story. Big Brother is definitely more cheesy/trashy though.

        1. First off: Caleb Reynolds, Inevitable Season 32 Victor.

          Secondly: Not that I’m biased, and I’ve only known the guy for two episodes, but Caleb is great (from an editing perspective) because he has an easy range of establish caricatures that help the editors ground him with absolutely no effort. So far Survivor is using the easy-going, good-old-boy JT-style spin, but the stereotypes he exudes — ex-military jughead, uncultured southern, womanizer, brash youngster — can easily be applied and no one would bat an eye. Who he actually is as a person is irrelevant. He’s basically a walking TVTropes.

    2. He still has plenty of time for his edit to take a nosedive. However, the fact that Probst has a massive broner for him makes a nosedive somewhat unlikely.

  2. Pausing midway through the podcast: I get the dynamics of normal high school because I see them present all the time in popular culture, but I also don’t understand them because I went to art school.

    Also as the resident drunk of this blog/podcast, I’m gonna go ahead and be the one to say it – in evaluating Jennifer, concerns about the addict having poor impulse control should have been a bigger factor.

    1. Agreed with both. I also don’t fully understand the dynamics of normal high school because I went to a unique one without classes. Although even in that element, the abnormally attractive were “popular” (and in fact, were some of the only kids known throughout the school).

      But, yeah, the impression I got of Jennifer throughout her tailspin is that she’s too reactive to be good at Survivor. Although probably reactive enough to be cast to be on the television show that is Survivor.

      1. Yeah it didn’t always work that way at my high school. Social dynamics were weird. Granted the most popular guy in school was also the most attractive guy in school, but that guy’s name was Donald Glover, so special circumstances.

        1. I should clarify that being unattractive doesn’t necessarily preclude one from popularity, provided they have other desirable traits (athletics, in a band, etc). But more that you don’t typically see a lot of smoking hot pariahs.

          1. Ah, I get what you’re saying. But I had a graduating class of 44, mostly culled from the biggest weirdos in the county, so we didn’t have room to make anyone a pariah.

            Although, granted, I was one of four white kids in my graduating class, so it’s possible there are dynamics I just didn’t know about.

          2. Being in a band helped me out less than I’d have hoped, although I have overheard the following said about me at a show: “He’s better than average-looking” (said in about the most shrug-worthy way you can imagine, where she really hit the “average” hardest).

          1. He was a grade above me but yes. If this is a crush thing you’re not alone. Basically all of the girls and also many of the boys were in love with him. We once had a school dance where one of the main attractions was that Donald was going to be in the kissing booth.

          2. I’m legitimately grateful to have known the dude, because he’s a genius. Even back in high school he was doing weird, arty shit that ended up super cool, and I really hope he gets to indulge more of that.

        2. Wow, you’re way younger than the impression you give in writing (to me anyway). Not nearly as cool as Donald Glover, but I went to high school with the Treasurer of the US (you’ve never heard of her but her signature is on your money) and a couple of above-average major league baseball players who’ve long since retired.

          1. I went to school with the model Lily Donaldson (she was the worst) and to Primary School (elementary) with the much younger woman who married David Schwimmer.

          2. I went to school (and played intramurals with) the greatest female hockey player of all-time.

            Because, Canada.

          3. Because I am from the east coast of Canada, when I travel I always tell people that I am Sydney Crosby’s cousin. Works every time.

            Although I did go to high school with original Street Cents co-host Benita Ha. She was the lead in *every* play.

          4. She’s 30 now and he is 49, they met when she was 21 too. They have lasted though so I can’t fault it too much, it’s just so weird that a kid that I have photos of us as toddlers in a paddling pool (her brother and my brother were friends and our mums got on really well too) is married to Ross from Friends.

      2. I thought Canadian school would just be a bunch of people being excessively polite and trying to one up each other with their apology skills… and moose wrangling.

    2. Jenny was my pick to win the season, but as soon as she said “poor impulse control” I thought “OH NO SHE”S SHANE POWERS!”

      1. (Jenny stands up on her stool at tribal) THIS IS MY STOOL! NO ONE ELSE CAN SIT ON IT! IT’S MINE!

    3. (You went to art school and live in my city. Do we know each other?) I don’t understand high school dynamics because I hid with friends in the basement between classes for three years. This kind of explains my contributions to the team.

  3. Also, too:

    “having the same boxes”

    Oh dear god. Ahem.

    *clears throat*


  4. I stopped paying attention at the point you started talking about Emma and started thinking about how I could get Emma, Barbara Anderson and Violina23 together take one of you with us and women’s alliance you out of your own podcast.

      1. We’ll find another name for our crew, but if we stick with Survivor based women’s alliance names it will involve something I personally find to be a bit sexist like witches, black widows or maybe praying mantises.

  5. Although I did comment that Jenny was the resident puzzle solver on Brawn and they may be screwed, Scot isn’t bad at them. I would be nervous for Alecia if there is another puzzle because I would bet they would put her on it to watch her fail and then blame her for failing when she says that she is not a puzzle person

  6. There’s a missing commenter shout-out in this weeks episode. Not me, I’m talking about Mike Hirsch’s Neal-and-the-bees medevac prediction.

    1. Also, someone came up with a Debbie and the lobster medevac as well. I know that I came up with the Red Lobster’s Revenge name for it, but I don’t remember who it came up with the original idea.

    2. Shit, you’re right. That was amazing. That’ll have to be mentioned next week (though don’t count on it, my memory is shit).

    3. My latest prediction is far less interesting: Nick wins some sort of chocolate at a reward challenge, eats it, gets a zit, gets super depressed, recedes from life in a Brian Wilson-style fashion and needs to be evacuated.

      1. I like any Zoolander-esque scenario for Nick. Maybe Beauty could win a deluxe fire starting kit and Nick could die in a freak kerosene fight accident.

    1. I’m interested in the theory that because she was actually shown saying Joe could get medivaced means she is pulling the winds of fate towards herself.

  7. You all brought up an excellent point about how Brawn isn’t terrible at challenges, they are just super unlucky. This reminds me a lot of Matsing. There were at least two challenges that they came dangerously close in getting second place in, but they just couldn’t close the deal.

    1. Survivor is a high variance game. I think the best ‘manly sports analogy’ would be baseball. The best teams are winning like 60% of their games. A 2 or 3 game losing streak is not that unexpected. Survivor challenges are so bizarre, that random losing streaks are very possible. When you get to Ulong levels, OK, maybe you just suck (and Tom is a silver haired god).

      1. Good points. We consider Ulong and Matsing among the greatest disaster tribes in Survivor history yet they couldn’t be wildly different. Ulong voted out their strongest female first while Matsing voted out the weak link in the challenge who asked to be voted out. By the by, I think it is interesting how many tribes get the rap of being “disaster tribes” when they weren’t that bad Cough Matsing cough.

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