Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 6 “Play or Go Home”

Peter bungles his way out of the sixth episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, so who deserves the credit? We give this one E for effort, and T for nice try.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Kaoh Rong episode 6 “Play or Go Home”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How much we’ll miss getting to clown Peter.
  • How much credit should we give Aubry or her move to vote Peter?
  • How well did Tai and Scot play the situation?
  • Is it unfair to let Scot shoot baskets?
  • Julia. It’s time to discuss Julia.
  • The Nick and Michele situation and what it tells us about the winner of the season.
  • Part-time models.
  • The top 3 players at this point of the season.

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Note on our Explicit rating: This is not a particularly explicit podcast, but we do have some in our archives that qualify and we are sometimes more lax in our editing. So to comply with iTunes, we’ve erred on the side of caution and put in that rating. However, we will always warn listeners if a particular podcast is actually explicit before it begins.

76 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 6 “Play or Go Home”

  1. I’m pegging Tai to go out in 7th place, due to all the similarities he and Abi-Maria have, chief among them both being fiery Brazillian women.

    1. I’m weird and reading the comments before listening to the podcast. So I don’t know if that’s a reference or anything. And I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the end of the workday on Friday, but that made me giggle a lot.

      1. They discuss Tai’s chances at one point. Mostly I realized I had no reason at all for comparing Tai and Abi Maria while posting but hate using backspace and prefer to forge ahead with my thoughts, no matter how wrong they might be!

      2. Shout out to another person reading the comments before listening to the podcast!

        (What? I had to listen to Kim Spradlin first)

        1. I still listened to this podcast first because that is the order I run with. (I may have OCD*)

          *Not joking about OCD. I do have a fairly mild form of it.

          1. Yeah, I actually run in the opposite order: Know-it-alls, recap with old Survivor, Purple Rock, then voicemails if it’s someone I care about (hasn’t been for a few weeks now).

            I don’t have time for the Wiggle Room (even though I like Josh Wigler) and Bloomberg is too formulaic.

          2. I started RHAP in the break between Cambodia and Koah Rong, so by then I was already listening to Purple Rock, The Tribe, You’ve Got Treemail, and Snakes, Rats, and Goats for my regular recaps (I am little behind in my Survivor Top Ten listening). However, because I started RHAP by listening TEOS, I knew I had to start listening to the Wiggle Room, which is the only RHAP Survivor Podcast I listen to now.

          3. I listen to far too many Survivor-related podcasts but I have a very long ride to work (2 hours) and almost that long back (if I leave really late, it can be as little as 1.5 hours but it is generally 1.75 hrs). RHAP Know it alls is first, but I end up skipping their interview with the person who leaves most of the time and only sometimes lately doing the guest, voicemail, extra podcasts and Wigler. (I always listen to Bloomberg). I’ve got 20 podcasts cued up from RHAP just waiting, some partially listened to. I haven’t even gotten to the seasons 11-30 in TEOS yet.

            Usually second one I listen to is this one or Snakes, Rats & Goats (because it is so funny), depending upon who posts first, and in the case of here, to participate in the postings. The Tribe is usually posts on Monday. I have lately been skipping Joanne and Stacey or at least their feedback one and their interviews.

            I was listening to David and Dwayne and Colin and Dom but don’t regularly listen to them (and the latter’s production is often not very good). I’ve tried Max and Corinne’s. Could never get into Survivor Oz though.

            You’ve Got Treemail is a new one on me.

          4. I like You’ve Got Treemail for two reasons. 1.)Their focus is strictly on the edit and story, so it is almost like a counter to Purple Rock’s focus on strategy. 2.) Their episode is posted by 9:00 AM CST Thursday, so it is the first one I listen to..

            I gave up on Joann and Stacy last season, but I don’t know why. Maybe because I need a hook to get me to listen to a Survivor podcast, and theirs is fairly straightforward, but who knows?

            Also, when you get the time, TEOS is pretty fantastic. I think the third volume is actually the best, because they know what the audiences are expecting to hear. It is also nice because they were able to focus on the games of the people coming back for Cambodia since the bulk of them were in Season 25-30.

          5. I will likely get to TEOS in the off-season after I catch up on Game of Thrones podcast(s) and the various other ones I listen to. But thanks.

          6. I don’t know what the point of Jason Somerville was on voicemails except to try and get his followers to listen because he didn’t know anything about what had happened this season or every before. He kept saying things that were plainly inaccurate. I had to turn it off.

          7. Yeah, there’s a lot of voicemail guests I don’t care about too much.

            I’ll probably listen to voicemails for Tyson, Mike Bloom, Nicole and Akeeva Winnaker that haven’t done it yet this season. Or anyone else unexpected Rob schedules who I deem interesting (all in on a Randy voicemail segment, for instance.)

          8. I like both Angie Chaunce and Jessica Leise, I enjoyed their voicemails, also Intern Amy who does the Bachelor rhapup was good too.

          9. I gave up on Bloomber midway trough Cambodia, but I decided to give him another shot and he’s improved greatly. It’s still about the formula, but he’s doing a good job of combing through exit press and social media to bring in useful perspectives.

  2. “I’m sure Peter is very competent at other things in his life…”

    You’d think, but shouldn’t he out of all of them be able to finesse the situation when confronted by a stressed-out elderly person who wants a yes or no answer right now, dammit?

    1. Giving clear cut answers in stressful situations can actually be a bad idea for doctors, especially surgeons, because you don’t want to say anything that might make you legally liable.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying–he may have zero emotional intelligence, but he should at least have a script for talking someone down without actually committing to anything.

        1. I think we actually saw his script, but this situation was complicated for Peter by the fact that Joe was attempting to act as a human lie detector. Peter used a lot of deflections that may have served him very well when trying to calm a patient or their loved one, but since Joe was looking for lies instead of comfort the typical tricks fell flat.

  3. Cue the Michele fans destroying you guys. I agree with your assessment of her though. I really do not know who will win this season. This is the first season in a long time where I could not even put money on who the front runner is.

  4. I am someone who picked Michele as a winner and I fully agree with you. I picked her on the basis of her being a cypher and this season looking like it’s full of personalities who seemed abrasive or too weak. I don’t think on the basis of her edit she will win but I do want “I don’t need to be carried, bro” to be a winner’s quote.

    Also Debbie has been playing the best game for weeks. She is really good whilst also seeming terrible. As I said in the live blog, she’s off the wall cuckoo bananas to not be taken seriously enough and she’ll make it.

      1. Probably not happening. Someone over at the AV Club has a friend who works with Debbie at Red Lobster, and apparently she’s like this in real life, too.

        1. I was 100% sure this was authentic not playing a character for her. That doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to clarify all her game moves at FTC and win the whole thing though. So far she’s the most deserving to win.

          1. She’s really a paradox–she seems to be genuinely a nut but at the same time fully aware of how she’s perceived (“self-aware Coach” should be a non-sequitur). I wouldn’t expect a Sideshow Bob-style monologue at FTC, but I can easily see her saying “while you were laughing at me and taking me to the end as a goat, I did this, this, this, this, and this”.

          2. I don’t think she’s that self-aware but I do think she’ll be able to explain her moves but won’t ever reference the fact she’s mad.

        2. If you want further proof, check out her interview she did with Dalton Ross today. No, this is not a spoiler. They have started to have one merge cast member do an interview around the merge. I don’t remember who did it for Cambodia, but Shirin did it for Worlds Apart.

  5. I just got back from a rare Friday session with a student. He’s a good kid and really smart, but he’s a private school jock, and so far we hadn’t really found anything to connect over. Then midway through our lesson today he says “you don’t happen to watch Survivor do you?” It wasn’t the best thing for productivity short term, but it was a lot of fun.

    He stopped watching after Redemption Island and decided this was the year he was gonna pick it back up. So far he’s loving it. It’s a long weekend, so he’s gonna try to watch Cagayan on my recommendation.

      1. He’s actually a huge Boston Rob fan and likes Redemption Island. I think he was just at the point in his life where he suddenly had options in the evening besides stay home and watch tv, and Survivor kind of fell by the wayside.

        1. If he, as a hormone-addled teenage boy who last watched Redemption Island, is more upset by the exclusion of Shane than the exclusion of Nat Ten and Stephanie Valencia, I’d say there’s hope for America’s future.

          1. I got a sense that he likes the big characters. His favorite season is China and he made a point of bringing up Judd.

            Literally the only opinions he had that made me sigh was that he doesn’t like Parvati and that he’s *sigh* really digging Kyle.

          2. Eh, he has time to grow. I was disappointed at the time that Ozzy lost and have thankfully passed that phase. I am glad you found a means of connection.

    1. Oh, also, I explained the format for Cambodia to him and when I got to the point where Shane was a candidate and didn’t get picked he was like ‘what the fuck, America?’

  6. I will say in the heat of the moment, Aubry’s vote was so fantastic in the same way that Wentworth’s first idol play was! It is rare to see women take control of a vote like both of them did. Now, I can see how Aubry wasn’t in real control of that vote because she was pushed into it by Scot and Tai. I also see how she just jeopardized her relationship with Joe, even if she didn’t vote for him to leave. I know a lot of edgic was predicting that what content Joe has had has a lot to do with Aubry, which makes me wonder…will Joe lead a mutiny against Aubry?

    The correct answer is probably not.

    Also, isn’t it interesting that as soon as we get rid of Anna, we finally see Michele and Julia as separate characters? Julia has some great reads of the room while Michele has some decent social awareness (and yes, I am docking her for sulking in the water).

    1. My guess on Anna is that they might want her back and knew she was going early, so they gave her a ton of camera time to make her more memorable. And since the girls were a group, it was easy to just give Anna all the confessionals and worry about focusing on the other two later.

      1. That’s fair enough. I know that the hot rumor is that Production is not high on this season because of the fact that a lot of people that they liked went home early. That has to be people like Darnell, Anna, and Caleb.

      2. I really don’t want to see her back. It’s pretty obvious she’s liked because of her appearance. I didn’t notice until the RHAP voicemails that she shouts every confessional, it’s jarring.

        1. Oh, I’m with you, but let’s not pretend appearance isn’t casting’s top priority. On top of that, a lot of people seemed drawn to her so some reason (including, what, 40% of this blog’s pick-4 teams), she has a built-in fanbase from the poker world, and some (not me) will say she got an unfair swap.

          And maybe they’re right. Maybe she’ll come back and be like a Wentworth who, no swap to screw her this time, goes on to dominate. Maybe she’ll lie provocatively on the beach and stare into my soul with her biddy eyes. Maybe she’ll flounder and flame out. Either way, I don’t think they were subtle in their intentions of making her look favorable in case they want her back some day.

          1. I think she got an unfair swap but I don’t know if she’s got the skills that Wentworth has for marketing or a personality that people will like on social media.
            Also I nearly used the word “attributes” instead of appearance.

          2. The Wentworth marketing skills is a really great point. In theory, Wentworth should not have gotten on because she was probably the most forgettable woman in the pile (it depends on your views of Mikayla and Stephanie). However, she was aided by two big things. 1) She was the only young blonde girl, so casual fans who were needing to pick a 10th female may have picked her. 2.) She worked her ass off getting on Cambodia. She did all of the rounds pre-Cambodia (multiple recap episodes etc.), so by the time the voting was announced, many hardcore viewers knew enough about her to think that she had potential to make the most of her second chance…and she did.

          3. I think that Wentworth genuinely enjoys being part of the online Survivor community and that was a big plus on her side. She got herself active at the right time, slightly before Second Chances was announced. I think had there been a stronger line-up of women she could easily have been bumped and also she had recency bias on her side. She wasn’t even the 10th woman on my ballot, she was usually 8/9 and then I’d throw a vote at Abi-Maria or Mikayla (because I hated how Brandon treated her).

          4. I don’t remember where she was for me, but she was someone I always voted for because I liked her appearance on the Tribe. My 10th place female and male rotated frequently. Heck I didn’t even vote for Jeremy consistently because I did not like him on SJDS. Anyway, she has definitely made the most of being a pre-merge boot.

          5. Wasn’t she also in the Ms. Survivor contest? She had established herself with fandom as well where the other forgettable women (Stephanie, Mikayla and Natalie Tenerelli) had not.

    2. Aubry in no way was like Wentworth’s idol play. Aubrey was confused. Wentworth was strategizing. Very different, IMO.

  7. Did you catch the latest 30 second promo? It ends with Probst making a surprise appearance at the camp of the merged tribe and saying, “Once again, the game has changed.”

    My initial reaction was that this was after a challenge where someone stayed behind to be looked at by medical, and they found something serious that required them to be pulled and this is Jeff’s way of breaking the news to the rest. Actually, my initial reaction was that he was delivering some rule update or a twist, but he would just do that at the challenge, he doesn’t need to make a personal appearance at their camp for that.

    1. Redmond posted promo pics and one had the caption of something like medical stopped by to check everyone out, then their was a photo of “concerned Probstface”. So it sounds like maybe they find something. BUT Peter’s exit interview said he also had to fly back to the US for surgery like Liz so he could be evac #3.

      1. I hate to burst this bubble but Diego and I had this conversation in the liveblog. In last week’s “Previously On”, Jeff made a point to mention how Caleb was Mother Nature’s first victim. That means one large thing. Since Liz was medevaced out of Ponderosa before Caleb, that shows that the show and Production are not counting Ponderosa medevacs (which is probably a good thing since if the rumors are true: we are going to get 2 more in-show medevacs, which means that almost a third of this cast got sick during the duration of the show). Add to the fact that some people (primarily Peih-Gee) also got infected while out there and not to mention the two times that medical got called during the show based off of Cambodia and we have a new top of the list for “We are never ever ever going back to that country”. Cambodia joins Marquesas, Guatemala, and (probably) Kenya/Gabon.

        1. Shame about Gabon as it was really pretty and a nice change of pace aesthetically. It’s been forever since they did a non-beach setting (Tocantins?) and man is it getting old.

          1. I think Gabon is off the table because of how remote it was. Bringing in the jury was quite the ordeal. I do agree that Gabon and Tocantins are two of the most gorgeous looking locations they went to, but they like the islands. However, I will give them props for finding locations for three distinct camps, which is a major knock against Nicaragua

        2. “Never going back to that country” is a bit harsh for Guatamala I think. You could just as easily do a Nicaragua like beach front location where the heat isn’t quite as oppressive.

          1. I am clearly not very observant. Give me 2 minutes to watch again. … I’m back, they showed everyone in scenes but the final “again the game has changed has 3 people missing. So I still don’t know who it is.

          2. I’m pretty sure that they show two of those three people looking at the boat in the scenes right before that one.

          3. Fine! I’ll watch it AGAIN and see. Or you’re can just tell me in the prediction thread later!

          4. Ok, I watched again. They show almost everyone reacting to boat arriving and then 3 people are missing when the “game has changed” thing is said. I don’t think it’s definitive but it is likely it’s who I think it is(and who I think you think it is). I joked that time I said I’d be happy if they did Survivor in a field in Idaho as long as the game play was intact and it’s true. I don’t think many viewers want it to be tough and real surviving any more, we want to see the game.

    2. Congratulations, CBS marketing team, on find the still for your promo that most thoroughly accentuates Tai’s bulge.

      1. Maybe they felt the need to overcompensate in the other direction after Anna’s boot episode.

  8. Also, as the person whose name John forgot, what I am actually going to miss most is the “Peter/phrasing” jokes.

  9. I want to bring two points in hindsight.
    1.) Why was two shooters needed for the RC when only one of them got to shoot the ball?
    2.) Aubry’s apt comparison that she is both Sophie and Cochran has officially come true now that she has flipped on her original tribe in order to avoid drawing rocks.

    1. I also wonder about 1 as well. Maybe the other two people (Joe and Julia I believe) both took one or so token turn and that was edited out.

      As for 2, nice.

      1. It was Cydney for ChanLoh, but it still makes no sense. Why not have another component so one person is forced to shoot the whole time?

        Thank you for your compliment about Aubry and Cochran. It hit me after looking at Aubry’s hair at the RC for the 80th time (which fulfilled the hair of Shambo description).

  10. Have been listening to/liking your podcast! BUT, #1 I cannot believe that you all loved Peter so much. He was so bad, that’s not even an enjoyable train wreck…at this stage in the Survivor lifespan, how did he even get on the show??? Ugh. He was the worst. #2: I cannot believe (again) that you actually seriously discussed Tai as a potential winner. There is NO WAY I’d keep that guy around any longer than necessary. He’s, like, a quintuple threat and you’d have to be Peter not to see it. Unless I’m Scot who now knows the potential for a super idol. Everybody else: do the work and get Tai gone if you want to win (and ps…I LOVE Tai as a character and a person…hence my comment…he would absolutely win on niceness alone if he got anywhere close to the final 3). I haven’t seen the spoiler ad yet but my picks for 2 of the final 3 are Debbie and Neil. Just from the edits, it seems like those who don’t get time on screen now don’t because they’re going to have plenty of time down the road. Neil might be my pick for the win!

    1. Nah I agree with Andy and John. Peter was an absolute hilarious trainwreck. He wasn’t malicious or mean so what’s the problem?

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