Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 13 “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”

Andy welcomes Matt to the show to discuss the penultimate episode of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. Is it time for Big MovesTM?

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs Gen X episode 13 “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”

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In this episode, Andy and Matt discuss:

  • The tragedy of squishing these two AMAZING boots together into one episode.
  • If Actual Child Will was screwed no matter what he did.
  • Sunday is nice.
  • Hannah’s decision making and what it says about her as a player.
  • Where are we with Big Moves in a post-Michele world?
  • Two bros worrying about their mamas.
  • Bret’s UTR game.
  • If Ken is still a contender.
  • Predicting sixth through first place.
  • How this season ranks with some of the best final sixes of all-time.
  • If a full and potentially rushed end game is preferable to a languishing and underpopulated finale.
  • Cocktails.
  • TV shows that aren’t Survivor.

For this season, we hope to do a weekly mailbag segment, so if you have questions for next week, you can comment here, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email.

421 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 13 “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”

    1. I’m going to throw this here because podcasts are like radio TV.

      To follow up on a discussion from a few weeks ago, I finished The Eleventh Hour last night, so I have five episodes of TAZ left until I’m caught up. My theory that Davenport is the mastermind collecting Grand Relics is perhaps stronger with the reveal at the end of that chapter. Question for Matt and Sharc, am I good to listen to the Lunar Interlude and the two live shows before starting the Suffering Game?

        1. I would say that the first saga (Here be Gerblins) is alright. Klaarg is the best part probably. But stick around for the next one (Murder on the Rockport Limited) to hear them interact with Angus and Leon. That’ll probably the best representation of the rest of the series. I ran through 50 episodes in 2-3 weeks, if that’s an indication of quality.

          1. yeah Klaarg hints at what is to come, but the show takes off in Murder on the Rockport Limited

        2. What everyone else said. The first chapter is based on one of the intro modules for 5E, and suffers from that, but after that Griffin starts getting really inventive with what D&D can be and has slowly crafted a really compelling fantasy narrative. At this point I’m bummed that it’s gonna be at least a year before we find out how it all ties together.

          Also, they’re all just really funny.

      1. the live shows are like non-canon interludes unrelated to the main story. the actual Lunar Interlude of course needs to be in order

        1. Oh, they’re non-canon? I thought they’d just be temporally displaced canon. I’m going to get that chunk of three out of the way before the next chapter.

          1. ok. I guess it’s no BD Wong because they’re always retconning and sloppy with the canon anyway

          2. Yeah, they’re canon, Griffin just makes it really hard for anything in them to effect the story ever. Live ep 1 takes place in between Crystal Kingdom and Eleventh Hour. Live ep 2 isn’t set at a specific point, but Griffin finally figured out that he can’t weave elaborate plots in an hour and a half, so it’s the tightest one.

            Also, fucking listen to the Lunar Interlude. It features Justin doing the best thing that has ever happened in a Lunar Interlude, and Travis has a clever idea that reveals some plot things that may or may not support your theory.

          3. It’s more than what’s on the scroll right? I had the theory first, heard that epilogue, and so I guess the only reason Magnus is the Red Robe is if the BoB is evil/misusing the relics. But to have The Director actually collecting the relics is an easy twist, and I think Griffin would resist that. So my thought is that Davenport is controlling The Director and plays dumb, where the “incinerator” is just a show and he transports the Relics somewhere else. So now I’m excited to see how this Lunar Interlude shakes out.

          4. I’ll put this in the vaguest way possible:

            Travis decides to have Magnus break into the BoB prison to check in on Pringles, and what Pringles has to say about why he’s incarcerated raises questions.

          5. I love that he’s been renamed to Pringles, but does anyone remember his name? I’m pretty sure it’s Robbie, but I always mix up the characters. Like, I can never remember whether Leon is the conductor or the manager of the gashapon

          6. It’s Robbie.

            And the confusion on the second is understandable. Leon was the train conductor, but the manager of the fantasy gashapon is Liam.

            But seriously, what Taako does to Garfield the Deals Warlock is amazing. It’s the bet idea he’s had since he created Garyll.

          7. I love even more that the sword is just an accessory. I was wondering what you thought was the best thing in a Lunar Interlude, and by the first half I would have guessed naming a place “The Chug and Squeeze” but nope it’s not even close.

          8. the second episode of the Suffering Game ends on a cliffhanger where Taako really, really, really needs to give the sword to Magnus, and I’m not sure if he’s going to.

          9. I just finished that episode and I would think that after Art’s exercise, Taako would have learned to share and realized that Magnus can make better use of the sword, at least in combat. Also, I couldn’t believe it when they sounded relieved by the toxic, regenerating slime monster. In competitive Pokémon battling, healing mons dealing passive damage form “stall teams,” which everyone hates because they’re so hard to beat and when you lose, it feels like a waste of time. That’s the first thing my mind went to.

          10. They learned nothing from that

            The thing you have to remember is that Pokemon doesn’t have a meaningful intelligence stat or the concept of range. In D&D, slimes are really dumb and really slow, so keeping distance and letting your magic users wail on it till it dies is a viable strategy.

          11. Yeah, I didn’t mean that they’d have some great game changing epiphany, but like, maybe work as an actual team once in a while

            Because of how Griffin has seemingly set up Wonderland and the boys’ recent uses of magicks I feel like Griffin is going to set up nerfs for Taako and Merle. The fact that the slimes multiply doesn’t help. I think if the slimes were poisonous or regenerating, it’s a different story. Together they’re a bad combo, and that’s where the Pokémon connection came in for me.

          12. The I just had today:

            Remember when the Chalice told them it remembered being part of a larger whole? What if the BoB is secretly reassembling that whole?

            Also a question:

            If Magnus was a Red Robe we pretty much have to assume Taako and Merle were too, since they all have the same gap in their memory. But Isthus also told them they’ve been her unwitting servants pretty much their whole lives. So… did Isthus know what they were up to and just let it happen, or did she actively help it happen?

          13. I don’t remember the part of the Chalice being a part of a whole, but that supports the idea that someone in the BoB is collecting/reassembling them. I still think that having the Director be that someone is a cheap story though. Outside of her and Davenport, I don’t know who has direct access to the relics.

            Also, I’ve always thought that Red Robe Magnus was from the future. I don’t know why, but maybe I’m not paying close enough attention. If Merle and Taako are also Red Robes, why is the non-magical Magnus the one time-traveling? Either they’re fighting bigger mystical fights or they’re not Red Robes. But the theory that they were three Red Robes and infiltrated the BoB … could be something. The memory wipe would prevent intel leaks via Zones of Truth. But I wonder what can only be done as part of the BoB and not as a Red Robe, i.e. why do the boys need to join the BoB if they were Red Robes first? I guess that question works the other way around too. Though Isthus also says that she can’t interfere with fate too much, right? So I doubt there’s much active help coming from her.

          14. It’s one line during that whole bit at the end of the episode when they’re talking to June-as-the-chalice and they keep just saying “so… you’re the cup?”

            I don’t think the Red Robe they keep meeting is one of them. I think they were part of the Red Robes, but somehow erased that part of their minds after the war so they could start over. Mayb e you’re right and the BoB is lying about destroying the Grand Relics, because they can’t be destroyed, and at some point the boys realized shit was going bad and scattered them where they would be least likely to cause harm, which is what Magnus was doing in Refuge.

          15. I think I didn’t listen to The Eleventh Hour as closely as I should have, and my guesses/assumptions are just off. It makes perfect sense that the Red Robe(s) they keep running into aren’t time traveling versions of themselves. My thought was that they were and the reason they couldn’t reveal themselves as the boys was something something paradox. I wonder if their memory erasure was self-performed without the knowledge of the Red Robes. If it was, why doesn’t one of the Red Robes pop up can say, “Hey boys, it’s me! Redsy McRobeface!” If it wasn’t, why were the boys memory-wiped and expelled from the order while others weren’t? Do we expect the boys to end up on the side of the Red Robes?

          16. In the last Lunar Interlude, Travis asked Griffin what the static Magnus feels in his brain when he tries to comprehend the picture is like, and Griffin confirms that it’s the same as how you hear things if you haven’t drunk of the void-fish ichor. Which suggests that there’s a second void-fish who is hiding some part of the boys’ past. So, two theories, and I’m gonna start with the one I think is both most boring and less likely to be true:

            1.) The remaining Red Robes don’t remember the boys and don’t have any clue who they are or why they’re doing this.

            2.) The Red Robe they keep encountering was their accomplice. He set it up for them to scatter the Grand Relics and used a void-fish to wipe the boys’ memories so that nobody could find them or the Relics. Now he’s watching them slowly bring all the Relics back together, and he’s like “what the fuck guys, that’s the one thing we’re not supposed to do,” but he can’t say anything about it because it will just come out as static.

          17. Well that thing about the static and that multiple void fish are confirmed, so Occam’s Razor on how their memory got wiped. I don’t know if I agree with your first theory because The Red Robe was surprised when Magnus said he doesn’t trust him. This would lend credence to the idea that the Red Robes, or at least one in particular, remember the boys or their relationship in some way. I like the second theory, but If that specific Red Robe knew ostensibly everything except the Relics’ locations, then are there not ways to communicate around the static? The scroll kind of got there because Magnus got fuzzy about everything but his face. But the boys have communicated with people before by being vaguely specific and avoiding the static. This Red Robe would have more to say than “Hey, stop that, you guys need to trust me.”

          18. I just started the Boston show, and my favorite TAZ line ever is now “The bottle says 18% alcohol, but it’s actually just 5.”

          19. That’s an amazing line, and there’s lots to love about the Boston show, but it’s uneven. Griffin wrote a story that really needed two or three episodes to unfold and then made it worse by adding in a battle that includes 6 npcs (7 once Taako fucks things up.)

            The Max Fun Con show is way better. He leans the other way and gives a barebones plot that’s super on rails with an environment for the guys to fuck around in.

    2. Everything else I watch, ranked (Series edition):

      Mr. Robot
      Better Call Saul
      Broad City
      BoJack Horseman
      Rick and Morty
      Game of Thrones
      Jessica Jones
      Bob’s Burgers
      RuPaul’s Drag Race
      Brooklyn Nine-Nine
      House of Cards
      Orange is the New Black
      The Good Place
      Luke Cage
      Drunk History

      1. “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

        Oh, good, there are three of us, now. That means we can hijack threads once s9 starts.

        1. My best friend watches and loves it. He had me watch an episode last time he visited, and it was good but didn’t hook me. I dug the lip synch for your life thing, at least.

          1. I believe it was airing when Survivor: Worlds Apart was airing. It was the season premiere of RPDR for that season. I believe there was a nude challenge?

          2. I’m sorry you got a bad episode in a bad season. That was S7, and there’s pretty much consensus that it was the worst season yet (excluding All-Stars 1, people are kinda divided on that)

          3. That episode does at least have Violet’s double dress reveal, the moment so good they had to build a challenge around it (and then pretend Alaska didn’t ignore the challenge.)

          4. I was so gagged by Lil Poundcake tho. I think if she wanted to make a funeral shroud out of garbage bags, it’s be on brand for her. But it totally sounded like something she came up with after the fact; it totally wasn’t executed well.

          5. Oh, yeah, in the moment I was like “yay, Lil Poundcake!”

            But she kind of just said fuck it on the first part because she knew we would all gag at the Lil Poundcake reveal and pretend not to know we had been tricked.

          6. Yeah, pretty much because she must have known it was fixed for her when she went in. She could have burned an effigy of Sharon and still have won. (and I know they’re on good terms, but I just picked a queen)

          7. I feel like a lot of people have turned on Sharon thanks to her post-show behavior, but I get what you mean. I watched the whole season thinking, this is Alaska’s coronation, but I didn’t care because there was a lot of cool stuff in the interim. The one part I felt not great about was 15 minutes into the finale where it was clear that they were just not bothering to tell any stories that weren’t about her.

          8. There are a lot of queens that I wish were on AS3 instead, because they never stood a chance against Alaska. But then everyone would cry bloody murder if they were snubbed from All-Stars. But I’m trying to think of who would fill out AS3, even though we have like, four more seasons to go. It’d be nice to have Willam back, but it won’t happen. Ivy and Dela both seem like they’ve moved on from Drag Race. Milk and Ganja maybe? Idk if Delta and Darienne would be put on the same season because regardless of size, they seem to have very similar personalities. I love Tracy in UNHhhh, but half of that is the format, the edit, and Kayta. At most, I’d say two from Kim, Chi Chi, Naomi, Thorgy, and Acid. So with about half a cast filled out, there aren’t a lot of headliners.

            Anyway, that’s a lot of stuff to say that AS2 was the crown pinnacle of casts and it was wasted on The Alaska Show.

          9. I’m not a fan of Lasagna. For me she’s in the same category as Courtney Act where they’re pretty and look good in the expensive outfits they can afford. But that’s it.

            If I had to fill out an 8 person cast for AS3:

            Katya (bring back Katya until she wins)
            Adore (sure, I’ll give her another chance)
            Kim Chi
            Pearl (we need one glamour queen)
            Joslyn Fox (I always keep it foxy)
            April Carrion (gone too soon)
            Darienne Lake
            Jaidyn Diore Fierce

          10. Agreed on April and Ganja. I would say that I like Ganja’s looks (as long as they don’t come with her sounds). But she can afford much better outfits now, and she’s so sickning now

          11. Hey, Courney Act also made the top ten of Australian Idol, IIRC! So that’s… not much, but something, possibly. She got like two singles out of it.

        2. The cast isn’t even announced and I already have favorites. The last season to follow an All-Star season was one of the best, so I hope S9 follows that trend.

          1. I went to art school, majored in theater, and have had a lot of gay roommates. I’ve absorbed stuff by osmosis, but, at the end of the day, I like girls. I have this avatar in part because I think Hayley Williams is hot.

            But seriously, I wasn’t just gonna assume you were a fan, the third is Ms. Sweaterfan. Are you gonna join us in our little Drag Race corner when the next season starts?

      1. It really is as good as advertised. That said, I find it’s good to take breaks between seasons to let it soak.

      2. I got to season 6, and that season is just a fucking slog. I guess they had some extended episode order to stretch the season out, and it clearly shows. I think I made it 6 or 7 episodes into the season and just gave up and never went back.

          1. Here’s a counter: John has terrible taste in TV. So… take that into consideration.

            (Says the guy who hasn’t watched what made him stop).

          2. I actually loved the show (with the exception of the as-awful-as-it-was-billed “Christopher” episode). But they’re clearly spinning their wheels in season 6 before they get to the finale.

          3. To be fair to you, I’ve heard this opinion about the final season from others as well. Frankly, the bloat has me uneasy.

          4. there is a definite “when are they going to get to the fireworks factory!” vibe to it (but there are some fantastic episodes as well)

          5. oh man that episode is so shockingly bad that you kinda wonder if it was made as a bet or something

    3. Besides the now finished Westworld and Rectify, here’s what I’m watching right now:
      -Brooklyn Nine Nine
      -This is Us
      -The Good Place
      -The Affair (for my wife)
      -Shameless (ditto… although I used to really like it. It’s just past it’s best before date now).
      -The Flash and Supergirl (but I’m weeks behind on both)

      1. I should make it clear that this is just a list of RIGHT NOW. I watch plenty of other shows that aren’t on right now.

      2. I forgot about Shameless. At some point I was just watching for Mickey because Debbie got aggravating and Fiona wouldn’t learn from her mistakes. So I stopped watching (I know something happens this season, but I’m not caught up on it)

        1. Shameless needed to end awhile ago. Which isn’t to say it’s been all bad. It’s just that they’ve had to manipulate the characters in directions that don’t make sense just to get more stories.

    4. Broadcast Television:
      -Bob’s Burgers
      -Brooklyn Nine Nine
      -New Girl
      -This is Us
      -You’re the Worst
      -The Good Place
      -Pitch (It’s soapy, but there’s a GIRL playing BASEBALL!!! How could I not watch?)
      -Better Call Saul
      -Game of Thrones
      -Silicon Valley
      -Rick and Morty

      -Master of None
      -Orange is the New Black
      -Jessica Jones
      -Luke Cage
      -Bojack Horseman

      I’m also currently working my way through Hannibal on Amazon Prime. I may have missed something as well.

        1. As a millennial, she rejects our notions of what’s “on now”. Which makes for really shitty conversations about the now.

          They’re the worst.

      1. I think I’ve probably asked you before, but have you watched Please Like Me? I think you’d like it.

          1. It’s like a sort of more relatable You’re The Worst. Like, if not personally relatable, you know people similar to the characters.

    5. I’m gonna go in two opposite directions:

      Marth and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party: It’s dumb, friendly fun and just the most soothing thing in the world. It’s the one show my roommates and I all agree on. Martha is a little stiff at first, but she gets in on the joke by the end of the first episode, and from there on it’s hilarious. And the cooking is good! Apparently Snoop was taught how to cook by his mom because “women love a man who can cook,” and, even when he’s not aware of the technical elements of his dishes, he knows what he’s doing. And then they all sit down and have a good meal while they joke together. Seriously, every episode is like wrapping yourself in a ball of warmth and love.

      The Path: Okay, The Path is a little old, but I’m about to rewatch it so I’m gonna count it. If you have not watched it, go fucking watch it. It is not the rawest show Hugh Dancy has been on. It is not the rawest show Aaron Paul has been on. Both of those thing are impossible. But it’s a tightly knit character study about what it’s like to be wrapped up in a cult and all of the performances are fantastic.

      1. Oh shit, I forgot Search Party.

        90% of people are going to hate this show. It’s basically Girls crossed with Lost, but I swear it’s better than that idea sounds. It’s a weird, fucked up exploration of what it’s like to feel adrift in your 20s that I can’t believe aired on TBS. It perfectly captures every aspect of the confusion of trying to be an adult when you’re not sure how while at the same time crafting a good mystery story.

        1. So it’s about being adrift in your 20s? I have some questions:

          1. Did anyone tell them life was going to be this way?
          2. Are their jobs a joke?
          3. Are they broke?
          4. In terms of love life, what are we talking here? Thriving? Or more of a DOA situation?
          5. If you had to pick one gear that it feels like they’re stuck in, which would it be?

          1. 1. No, they all have shitty parents.

            2. For the most part, no. The whole premise is that the main character is stuck in a shitty job she hates, while the supporting characters are all on promising career paths.

            3. 2 of them are, 2 of them are not.

            4. Mad fucked up, except for Portia, whose love life I think we see nothing of.

            5. None, because I’m pretty sure only like one of them knows how to drive.

            Don’t fuck with me John, I will fuck with you back.

          1. It really is not for everybody, and I accept that. But if you are willing to put up with how terrible everyone is it’s a great show.

    6. I’m all over the place with TV. I’m actually looking for new stuff to watch now.

      Half-heartedly watching:
      Halt and Catch Fire
      Insecure (not so much half-heartedly as watching when I get around to it)

      Finished/caught up on:
      Great British Bake Off
      Planet Earth II
      Masters of Sex (“finished” in the sense that we finally just gave up on it)
      Last Week Tonight
      Better Call Saul

          1. I think I’m 2 episodes behind, but it’s been really good so far. It starts a bit slow, but I think I’ve enjoyed each episode more than the last. I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it.

          2. The only problem with watching the Korean shows is convincing my wife to watch them, and it’s because they require your undivided attention to follow the show. It’s not like Survivor where you can glance at your phone while Probst is narrating a challenge; not speaking Korean means your eyes have to be on the screen reading subtitles at all times.

          3. Separate from the issue of having to watch the screen constantly, I find The Genius and Society Game cognitively exhausting to watch (and I don’t have to take care of a newborn!). I can confirm that Society Game suddenly hits its stride sometime around episode 4.

      1. Last Week Tonight is always entertaining. I actually enjoy watching Better Call Saul more than Breaking Bad.
        My wife and I just started watching The Great Holiday Baking Show. Mary is on it. It’s ok, but while the Americans don’t *ruin* it, they lack a lot of the charm of their British counterparts. On the baking side as well as the judging.

          1. They even use the exact setup as the British version. And the differences are subtle- a very slightly faster pace, a greater focus on who the bakers are, less charming people in the Mel and Sue roles- but it’s enough to kill off most of the charm for me.

          2. The things I like most about it are replicated exactly from the British version: the artwork of the dishes, the bit where they show everyone sitting on their stools pensively pondering what they just baked, and Mary. Oh, and the technical bake, which I would so love to try doing at some point.

    7. everything I am watching right now:

      Brooklyn 99
      New Girl
      Agents of Shield
      The Flash
      South Park
      Legends of Tomorrow (I don’t why either)
      Star Wars Rebels
      Ash vs Evil Dead
      Bobs Burgers
      Last Man on Earth
      The Good Place (forgot this one initially)

      there are also a few shows I am one season behind on but am catching up on with Netflix/Amazon before the next season like iZombie, The 100 and Vikings (but already was too slow on this one). And more shows either ended their season a month ago like Atlanta and You’re the Worst or are starting their season in the winter like Archer and The Americans

      1. I forgot about Last Man On Earth but I really like that one. The last few episodes have been too much drama though.

        1. i feel that the show peaked with the Sudeikis plot last season. not sure it will recapture that

          1. Yeah, and the episode where Tandy and Lewis went back to Tucson probably came the closest to reaching that feeling.

      2. The Americans is probably the best show I watch. Everything about it is basically perfection. If there are no acting awards before it ends then it will be an Elisabeth Moss not ever winning for Mad Men level tragedy.

        1. The Americans got seriously intense and exciting last season, after many good, but kinda slow-burning seasons. I’m very excited for it to come back.

          1. I have one more episode left. I usually let it all air, download it (it isn’t on tv here) and then watch it in the summer but Australian Survivor took over my summer viewing schedule this year.

            I can’t watch it weekly, it’s too intense.

        2. You already know the basics of ths this, because you were there when I was going through this, but my thought process during the Emmy’s was “Tatiana Maslany is a nice courtesy nomination, but she’s not winning, so I hope it goes to Kerri Russel. Oh… fuck yes.”

          1. Yep, now it’s Keri Russell’s turn. Tatiana Maslany’s job is harder than any other actor, she has to play multiple nuanced characters and she does it so well, she can play a clone pretending to be another clone and have the viewer know exactly which one it is playing the other. But as far as complex characters I think Keri Russell is a step above everyone else on TV right now. Elizabeth is so unbelievably layered and Russell’s performance as her is so nuanced and so so good. This season watching her build a real friendship with a subject and then have the war inside her about what she wants to do vs what she has to do has probably been her best work. And dealing with Paige and everything too.

            I also think that Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich have both been nomination worthy and I think Holly Taylor has been superb (even if she has very active eyebrows).

    8. Things I’ve watched recently:
      Brooklyn Nine Nine
      The Good Place
      Crazy Ex Girlfriend
      Fresh Off the Boat
      You’re the Worst
      Black Mirror
      High Maintenance

      Things on my list:
      Halt and Catch Fire S3
      Mr Robot S2
      iZombie S2
      Search Party

      I’d list podcasts and video games (just bought a PS4), but I only have so much free time.

    9. Rectify is incredible. I’m a couple episodes behind because I don’t want it to end.

      Other highlights right now:
      Black Mirror
      Crazy Ex Girlfriend
      The Society Game
      Steven Universe

      I am also bingewatching old seasons of Big Brother…

        1. It’s going well actually! I recently finished BB4, which I really enjoyed and thought was undersold a bit. I just started BB8 because I was very curious about the Donato dynamic. I really want to watch All Stars but I still need to watch 2, 3 and 5, and BB2 sounds too slow for me right now.

          1. 17 is an interesting answer. I enjoyed that season. My favorite is BB6. Also I had the privilege of meeting Eric from BB8 at the Live BB recap podcast/KIA and he was pretty awesome.

          2. I used to have the weirdest crush on him back in the day. BB6 is Janelle’s first season, right?

            My justification for Season 17 is that the cast is shockingly solid for a modern-day Big Brother cast. Once you are down to the jury, everybody passes the Plinkett test.

          3. Yes, that was Janelle’s first season.

            The cast did work well in BB17

            Did you watch BB Over the Top? I thought it was surprisingly decent.

          4. It wasn’t but I also had very low expectations about the online version of Big Brother. I thought it would be awful.

          5. I loved the cast (and their confessionals!), but America’s involvement made it hard for me to fully enjoy it. I did get pretty invested at times though, and was way too happy with the final vote.

          6. That was part of it. He was the only returning player so people thought he had an unfair advantage going in because he already had a fan base. The two sides of the house were very divided, and the fans were also very divided with which side they were rooting for. The America votes went in favor of Jason’s side of the house probably 2/3rds of the time, and when America didn’t go their way a couple times he threw a tantrum about how terrible the other side of the house was and complaining that America could vote in their favor. He spent a lot of the season spewing lots of hate about the other side of the house, but the fans still stayed divided and the vote was apparently very close. Brent from RHAP gets into it here if you are interested, but skip down a few paragraphs to “HERE’S THE REAL TEA”: https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/5g6snp/eric_stein_is_gonna_be_on_tonights_rhap_with_rob/daqm67y/

          7. I didn’t start watching until Shelli and Clay were on the block, but 17 (and Vanessa in particular) got me into the show. My only problem is that the confessionals for the show seem to go downhill sometime around/after BB10, but otherwise I really liked it.

          8. Yeah, BB18’s confessionals were god awful, but then again, almost everything about BB18 was god awful.

            Important note: the current “show-runner” took over after All Stars, but you really notice the massive change until really 11 (aka when she was desperate to bring back Jessie/save Big Jeff).

      1. You and I have to browbeat @purplerockjohn:disqus into watching Society Game. MJ fighting!

        1. MJ is amazing. I most recently watched Seolhwa (don’t remember the spelling) get eliminated and was pretty crushed, but the episode was so good and I’m very excited for what’s to come.

          1. I legit want MJ to play Survivor. I don’t care if she doesn’t speak English. In fact, it would probably be better that way.

          2. Hey, would you be interested in pitching a Society Game recap or podcast series as off-season content for PRP? I don’t think anybody is recapping it or podcasting about it anywhere. I couldn’t handle doing it alone, not after watching sharculese suffer through his Australian Survivor recaps. I actually don’t know if I have enough time and/or interest to do it at all, but maybe if it’s something you’re interested in. Just brain-storming for now.

          3. Hey, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I like the idea and I do wish there were more places for people to discuss it, but it also sounds pretty intimidating. I would definitely consider contributing to something like that, but would also not be interested in taking the reins due to a combination of the commitment and a lack of confidence in my ability to be interesting and/or provide any insight.

          4. Yeah, I’m hesitant to do it for the same reasons. I was actually hoping you’d want to take the lead and I could be the contributor.

            Watching episode 8 last night I realized that one problem with recapping Society Game (among many) is that it started with way too many people (22) and they’re being eliminated too slowly (kind of like Australian Survivor). Even at the start of Episode 8 there were 13 people left, the same number a season of The Genius starts with.

          5. I finally finished episode 8 (maybe another reason why I am not the best person to cover the show) and yeah, I only now feel like I am able to keep track of everyone.

            I am very happy that MJ is still crushing it because I was pretty worried about her after the end of episode 7. She’s almost unbelievably good and probably one of the best players I’ve seen from any of these shows (Survivor/Big Brother/this). It’s also nice to have the two very different societies going, because MJ’s domination could get boring in a One World/Redemption Island way if we didn’t have Madong to offset it.

      2. Oh, I forgot to list Crazy Ex Girlfriend! After my music segment, it shouldn’t surprise you that “Ping Pong Girl” was a highlight for me.

        1. Yes! Ping Pong Girl was great. It’s easily my favorite Josh song and should be getting more love in general.

          1. Although “Friendtopia” gave me life and was like, exactly what I needed to watch during these tumultuous times. Girls taking over the world, y’all.

      1. Have you heard/seen The Ricky Gervais Show? I don’t think it’s on any of the streaming services but most if not all of it is on YouTube.

          1. He was part of An Idiot Abroad. While I have not seen all the episodes, what I have seen is hilarious.

          2. An Idiot Abroad is essentially a sequel to The Ricky Gervais Show. If you like the first one I can’t recommend the second highly enough. As I said it’s on YouTube.

    10. Oh also, all of the Viceland lineup. I didn’t expect good thing from a tv channel made by Vice, but they’re fucking hitting it out of the park with smart, relevant documentary programming. Gaycation, Weediquette, Black Market, and Noisey are all required viewing.

        1. I had no expectations for it, but it’s really good. Deep, deep dives into serious issues hosted by smart, clever people. They also have Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens, which is the dumbest thing ever but tons of fun.

    11. On right now: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Simpsons, Society Game

      On hiatus: Atlanta, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Leftovers, Archer, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, BoJack Horseman, Master of None, Rick & Morty, Broad City, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, Louie, Better Things, Transparent, American Ninja Warrior, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Adventure Time, Regular Show

      Didn’t watch at the time, binge-watching now: Parks & Rec, The Genius

      Waiting in my iTunes library/Netflix queue: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Halt & Catch Fire, Rectify

      Still on, but I abandoned: Mr. Robot, Last Man on Earth, Homeland, Modern Family, You’re the Worst, Jessica Jones

      1. I think my still on but abandoned shows list is longer than most of my other ones. I give up on shows real quick. Usually I don’t regret it.

        1. I’m kind of the opposite: I try to be very selective about starting shows, but once I do I tend to be there to the bitter end. The Simpsons has a lifetime pass from me (mostly but not always to my regret these days), as does Star Trek (I got through the entire run of Enterprise on sheer stubbornness).

      2. I think you are officially the first person I’ve talked to in 15 years who still watches the Simpsons….

        1. Like I said below, lifetime pass. The key is not to compare it to the glory days of the first 11 seasons or so. In fact it’s actually on a bit of an upswing from the nadir of the late-teens, early 20s seasons.

    12. Really enjoyed Westworld overall. I’m watching old episodes of MST3K at the moment (like, specifically as I’m writing this), and the wife and I are watching Happy Endings as we missed it when it was on. Other than that, we tend to rewatch a show we’ve already seen and enjoyed from time to time. The Wire, Sopranos, and Justified all have made that list. We need to find some new shows.

    13. Okay, having listened to your description of what you like about Rectify – I don’t know if The Path is available in Candada, but seriously, if it is, watch The Path. It’s all of the same things you love about Rectify..

      1. I was interested in it, but it never crossed my path. I’ll have to see if any of my streaming services carry it.

    14. SNL
      Drunk History (which just ended on Tuesday…but still)

      This year, I have really gotten into reading, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube gaming videos despite the fact that I am not a gamer. I have also watched Samoa through BvW (with the exceptions of One World and Caramoan), so I have definitely done my share of Survivor viewing.

      1. I feel like there is one particular Survivor season you’re missing. I can’t put my finger on it though.

    15. Game of Thrones
      Better Call Saul

      Washington, DC sports teams
      University of Kentucky basketball/football

      I really don’t watch a lot of TV, it’s never been my thing. I’ve been in to a few other shows but none of them held my interest. I *did* watch the whole run of Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother, and I am sporadically an Archer fan (love the show, it’s just easy to put down for a while and pick back up so that’s how I watch it).

      1. Unlike Friends, whenever I see a HIMYM rerun in syndication I regret that I was living outside the US in its heyday and missed it. But too late now, there’s just too much good current TV.

        1. Early HIMYM was great, although it was weird that they centered a Friends-type show around the Ross. (I never had interest in rooting for Ted to be happy.)

          1. This is how thoroughly I missed the entire Friends era: When you say “the Ross” I legit don’t know if you’re referring to Barney or Marshall.

        2. If you ever get the time I couldn’t recommend HIMYM more. I haven’t seen an other sitcoms that appeal to me recently, so when I feel like sitcom watching it’s reruns of HIMYM.

          1. I recommend it with a qualification: as soon as you worry that it’s not as good as it used to be, walk away. It never recovers.

          2. I had a higher tolerance for late era HIMYM than most. But a lot of that is because I don’t watch much tv so I get attached to what I do watch. I can definitely walking away from HIMYM if I had other shows.

          3. I am incredibly disloyal to TV shows now that there are far more quality shows than there is time to watch. I’ll let a new show recover from a stumble, but old shows rarely do. Because it’s less of a stumble and more of an old series showing its age.

            My mantra is typically “you know, instead of gritting through this mediocrity, I could be using this time to watch a GREAT show instead”.

        3. I was a fan, I got into it during syndication and watched season 5 on as it aired. It did go slightly downhill at the end, and I didn’t hate the IDEA Of the final episode, but the execution.

          My favorite episode is probably the one called “Spoiler Alert” where everyone calls each other out on their annoying habits and they suddenly can’t ignore them. That’s where the show has so much fun with its narrative liberties, and edits the exaggerations in.

          Curious how @andythesaint:disqus feels about the Canada jokes 😉

    16. Right now:

      Waiting for:

      Dr. Who Xmas special
      Call the Midwife Xmas special

      Working on Bojack Horseman.
      2 episodes of Gotham still on the DVR
      Walking Dead
      Dirk Gently (BBC) – love this. Behind 2 episodes.
      We have the Dr. Who cartoon of the old lost episodes with the 2nd doctor (they had the audio but not the film so the powers that be recreated it as animation) on the DVR. I have not been impressed.
      Preacher – still have 5 episodes left. Like it when I’m watching it but can’t get myself to watch it.
      Last seasons 12 Monkeys, Better Call Saul and the Americans are still on DVR. I’ll get to them during break, along with the Bob’s Burgers that I have ready to stream.
      My hubby has been running a lot of Steven Universe and Adventure Time so if I’m around, I half watch.
      Hubby also always has Ghost Hunters, Paranormal whatever, and stuff like that going so if I’m around, I half-watch. He also runs a lot of Trek and Futurama. And Grand Pre racing which bores the heck outta me.

      Just finished:
      Ripper Street
      Poldark on Masterpiece
      Indian Summers on PBS
      I’ll probably watch whatever comes up next on Masterpiece.
      The 100 – I can’t figure out why I like this program as it is on the CW. It might be Henry Ian Cusack.
      Halt and Catch Fire

      Still need to watch last season of Sopranos and True Blood and finish Another Period. I have a DVD of Ash v. Evil Dead first season that I need to get to. I want to see Transparent, Black Mirror, Rectify and the Path. I have access to the first two. Call the Midwife should be coming up soon too.

      1. Since everyone is recommending Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, maybe I’ll give that a try if its on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

    17. The CW Superhero series (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow)
      iZombie (waiting on new season)
      Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
      The Americans (caught up a few months ago, excited for new season)
      Fargo (waiting for new season)
      Bob’s Burgers
      Steven Universe
      Star vs. the Forces of Evil
      We Bare Bears
      The Amazing World of Gumball

      I’m kinda into animated shows, as you can tell (just look at my avatar, pun intended), so if you’re not into “kid’s” shows, I can understand that, but there are some really amazing series that some people won’t give the time of day simply because they are animated and therefore “just for kids” (though I’m glad to see people like Bob’s Burgers and Steven Universe too).
      If you haven’t seen it, I recommend Gravity Falls. Easily one of my favourite shows (if not my favourite show) from the last few years. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s basically like Twin Peaks/The X-Files if those shows were made for the whole family. Fun fact: it’s also where I got my username from.

    18. What I’m watching now:
      Please Like Me
      Supergirl (a week behind)
      The Flash (I’m only up to episode 5)
      Hard Quiz
      The Good Place

      And I’m rewatching 30 Rock and NCIS and Community and Black Hole High.

      I’m also partway through a Danny Bhoy set on Netflix, which I only got the day of Gilmore Girls. So other than that I’ve seen Demetri Martin:Live At The Time, and rewatched some Bo Burnham so I could rate it.

      1. For Flash, are you talking about the current season, or the first season? I’m not loving the current season.

    19. Watching now:
      Game of Thrones (I finally got around to watching it – still on season 2)
      The West Wing (All of a sudden it’s really big among people my age who weren’t old enough to watch it when it was originally on. I’m slowly making my way through season 5, but I haven’t watched since the election.)

      On hiatus:
      The Americans
      Silicon Valley
      Better Call Saul
      Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
      Jessica Jones (it’s supposedly coming back in 2018)

      I’m hoping to get into some more shows once I have time during winter break.

      1. I’m a newbie to Game of Thrones too. I am up to Season 5. It was impossible to not be spoiled on a lot of the major things, but I managed to not always know the CIRCUMSTANCES and exact characters involved in a few events…

      1. It was certainly up there. I’ll have to do an end of the year list to see if it was truly #1.

        I will also have to do an end of the year list due to my own pathological issues.

      2. I won’t call Atlanta show of the year because I can’t separate how good it was from just wanting Donald (he is just Donald to me, I knew him when he was an awkward teenager) to kill it, so I’m gonna put The Path over it, but Atlanta was obviously up there.

    20. Let’s see….

      Currently on TV this Year:
      – This is Us (It fills the hole “Parenthood” left in my life. Mock all you want.)
      – Agents of SHIELD (Going downhill, but still not boring)
      – Walking Dead (I binged it about a year ago. It kinda sucks now, but I’m invested)
      – Project Runway (While I fold Laundry or play bills… I miss when it was about creativity not drama)
      – American Housewife (As a non-rich, non-skinny stay-at-home mom living in a overpriced NYC suburb, this gives me a few laughs)
      – The Americans (The first few seasons were kinda a slow burn but it’s gotten REALLY good)
      – Game of Thrones (Started watching over the summer. I’m up to Season 5)
      – Westworld (I’ve only watched 1.5 episodes, but I’m intrigued, and since we might cut cable after the new year, I am prioritizing finishing it before I hand back the DVR so we don’t need to pay for HBO until GoT starts again)

      Not sure, may Give up on soon:
      – Doctor Who (I binged the reboot when I had my second baby and was up all night, Moffat should have stuck to writing directing 1 or 2-shot episodes. He hasn’t been a good show-runner since series 5)
      – Mr. Robot (Stellar, but trippy first season, the second season was a let down. I’m not sure if I’m going to bother)
      – The Flash (It was excellent season 1, alright season 2, and I’m losing interest this season. Too hand-wavey)
      – Big Bang Theory (I was a fan in the beginning, I feel invested, but it rarely makes me LAUGH anymore)

      Want to Watch (Once we cut cable and go full-on streaming)
      – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I took season 1 out of the library, it was fun)
      – Jessica Jones (heard great things)
      – Mozart in the Jungle (Despite the melodrama and unrealistic depiction of the industry, it’s a world I’m fascinated by as an amateur musician, so I’ve been meaning to catch up on season 2)
      – Master of None (I heard it was fun)
      – Breaking Bad (Never got into it when it was on the air)

      On a related note, I wish I read more actual books…

  1. Since I wasn’t on the podcast this week and I promised sharculese I would answer, let’s talk favorite cocktails. Please respond with your own list.

    5. Hurricanes- You’re going to notice a few things about my cocktail list: it’ll tend towards sweeter drinks, and it’ll often be drinks that can get you buzzed in a hurry. I first experienced hurricanes at a Howl at the Moon. My initial impression was, “What is this fruity shit? Are we drinking Kool-Aid? How about we get something with alcohol in it?” Within an hour I was wrecked and yelling “PLAY SOME SKYNYRD!” (It’s what drunk southerners do. It’s innate.)

    4. Whiskey sour- Ideal for when you’re going to be nursing the drink for a while.

    3. Long Island iced tea- Because sometimes you just want to get fucked up in a hurry. They’re wildly expensive when you go top shelf, though.

    2. Vodka and cranberry- In general, I’m not a liquor snob. My tastes are pretty low-brow, because I did most of my drinking when I was poor. But cheap vodka is rough and terrible. Top shelf vodka is smooth and delicious. If it’s really good vodka, I just add the cranberry for a splash of color.

    1. Captain and Coke- My go-to drink. I love rum, and the spice in the Captain Morgan is the perfect amount of bite.

    1. At home my go-tos are gin & tonics or mojitos if I’m drinking with my wife, martinis or old fashioneds if I’m drinking alone (yes I started drinking the latter ironically while watching Mad Men, now I just like them).

      At a bar or restaurant I’ll try ordering a caipirinha (as a mojito substitute) or sazerac (as an old fashioned substitute) on the off chance they have the ingredients.

      I used to drink White Russians because of The Big Lebowski, but ultimately I decided mixing alcohol and cream is nasty.

    2. 5. Green Vesper – Looks like the Green Lantern’s piss. Tastes amazing.

      4. Moscow Mule -The craze is played out, but the drink remains tasty. Although I don’t know a good place to find ginger beer right now.

      3. G&T – Simple and classic.

      2. Mint Julep – Sweet and stiff. The quintessential Southern drink. Yes, you have to make your simple syrup ahead of time and make sure you have crushed ice, but it’s worth it. When I lived in DC we had mint growing wild in the front yard and I could just pick it as I needed it. Is there a julep cup sitting on my shelf right now, just in case? Yes, there is.

      1. French 75 – Y’all knew my number one was gonna be pretentious. DILLIGAF. If I can find a bartender who knows how to make a French 75 I am in heaven. It’s exactly what it’s intended to be – like a canon shot to your face, and the combination of gin, champagne, and lemon is perfect.

        1. I accepted that everyone was gonna roll their eyes when I picked French 75s as my favorite, but I can’t help it, they’re just that good. I know you’re not going out to eat any time soon because baby, but, next time you do, order a French 75, then, when the server looks at you like you’re a crazy person, explain that it’s just gin, champagne, and lemon juice, and that the bartender definitely has instructions for it they’ve never looked at. It’s worth it, trust me.

          1. No, once Jen realized that nobody was gonna work with her she said “fuck this” and went and lived in a cave by herself. It’s the little hole where you see Mike and her comforting Shirin after the Will thing.

            It was Mike who started sleeping on the ladies’ couch.

    3. We have the same top answer. Unfortunately i fucked it up by moving from Florida to Brooklyn. NY charges ridiculous amounts for Captain and Coke at bars.

    4. I like this one.

      5. Woodford Reserve and Woodford Reserve
      4. Mint julep
      3. Blanton’s and two cubes of ice
      2. Wild Turkey Rare Breed and two cubes of ice
      1. Woodford Reserve and two cubes of ice

      I definitely didn’t go to college in Kentucky…

    5. I’m a vodka drinker; I usually stick to V&Ts or vodka martinis (“extra olives, like what you think is an absurd amount plus 1, and can you please put it in a rocks glass instead of a martini glass because I WILL knock it over,” yes, I say this aloud to the waiter/bartender every time), and sometimes I’ll do a screwdriver or V&cran.

      On occasion I’ll order a rum and diet, or a G&T, but I’m kind of over all the other liquors since my twenties when I was, let’s face it, a black-out binge drinker. College! Good times.

      If people are drinking wine, I’ll go white over red 90/10. I don’t know anything about wine, really. I just usually point at the second-cheapest choice and hope for the best.

      Beer, I like ambers and cider. I don’t like stouts. I guess my favorite brand is Killian’s.

      But my favorite alcoholic beverage is the frozen margarita (any flavor) at the Heights on Broadway and 112th, right outside of Columbia University. Road trips to NYC are planned solely around this drink.

    6. Rum and Coke is also my go-to drink. While others may not like it as much as me, Dr. Pepper also works as a substitute for Coke (my dad affectionately calls this one “The Doctor and the Captain”).
      My parents make hurricanes at their annual Mardi Gras party. They are pretty good. Fun fact, if you didn’t know: Hurricanes were Prohibition drinks–they were made to taste fruity specifically so you couldn’t taste the alcohol in them. (Side story: Last year, my folks hosted a get-together with my sister and her friends to test out the hurricane recipe. Pretty sure we went through like four full bottles of rum)
      My folks also like making Mexican bulldogs (or beergaritas–margaritas with Corona in them) at parties, and those are great as well.
      I also dig Black Russians–tried it out at home, guesstimating the amount of Kahlua and vodka, and it seemed to go alright. I haven’t tried White Russians because we don’t have cream at my house.

    7. I like to pretend to be an adult and order Manhattans.

      Sour drinks are also easy to make because they all have the exact same ratios just different ingredients.

  2. I’m only halfway through the video but I keep thinking “I didn’t know Matt was so short, why doesn’t someone get him a booster seat?”

  3. OTT: Last night, Purple Tally and I finished Blood vs. Water (solid season, between Cambodia and South Pacific for me…I really liked South Pacific) and she dropped a pretty big bomb on me. She knows names of players and she has no idea if they win or not, except for one. When I asked her the prominent names of players, she said Tony and Jeremy, which is super sucky. Then I asked her who she knows is a winner and she said “Michele”.

    TLDR: Michele continues to be the worst despite the fact that she may be in a relationship with either Jay or Adam.

        1. Wait, I didn’t see Jay but I did meet his sister and got a picture with her and Michele. So take what you want with that information.

      1. Black Dynamite mentioned this but at Live KIA, she came with Jay’s sister and many thought it was odd, especially since it is assumed that Jay’s sister lives in Florida.
        On the case of Adam, apparently at Live KIA, they seemed really close as well. However, apparently Michele tweeted out a picture of them out playing pinball, which has everybody going WTH.

        Of course, this could be a Nick/Michele thing as well, so who knows?

        1. Speaking of which, when I was going back through the Survivor history posts to find the quotes from my Most Useless articles I wanted, I saw one from like May I thought for a second had Ken as the header image.

          It was Nick.

          1. I mean, Nick is pretty hot. He kind of looks like Ken if you left him out in the sun too long.

            ….God, I’m so glad the site is up and running again. I have so many important things to say

  4. Did you guys just spoil what the offseason rewatch season is? If so, you’ll definitely to need counter-program with a good season, the way the rewatch was Gabon and then HvV last time. I suggest Micronesia, mainly because I haven’t seen it yet.

    1. I’ll say this: a rewatch won’t be the only thing we do. We’re still in discussions, but I want to make sure we’re giving you guys the opportunity to come here and have all sorts of on- and off-topic discussions.

      I’ll also gladly welcome proposals/solicitations/whatever.

      1. Good. I now talk to people here more than some of my IRL friends. If that goes away for a few months who knows how I’ll cope.

        1. I’ve been almost completely off Facebook for the past month (because I’ve had absolutely no desire to post anything except for George Carlin’s seven words, plus fire and poop emojis), and I’ve spend most of that freed-up time here.

      1. I think there’s only one season Matt hasn’t seen. And Andy sat out the Gabon rewatch, too. Coward.

    2. I mean I would like for them to cut to the CHASE, but since this time where there is a lot of HOLLY just hanging around (which can be quite a distraction), I can see why they wouldn’t just give us the official news like a ceremonial medal/SASH.

      1. Nah, I get why they want to keep it hush-hush. There’s bound to be some gnashing of teeth and BRENDA-ing of garments when they announce it. Personally, I like the idea of rewatching a bottom-tier season and then a top-tier season. It’s a good BREND-a.

        Ah screw it, this online Scrabble dictionary is no help: BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA.

      2. It’s funny you should mention this festive season. There was a great satire of the Jesus’s life, called “The Life of BRIAN”. Like Jesus, BRIAN was like a potter, and his followers, the CLAY. Soon, the season will be over, and I’ll be suffering through a bitterly cold JANuary. As this issue is debaTED, Andy and JOHN should remember that if they don’t pick one particular season, they are ROBBing Matt of the opportunity to see it for the first time. I can’t work any more names in so… PENNY for your thoughts?

    1. In a display of how boring the episode was, none of the Purple Rock commenters commented about Survivor

    2. For all her vacillating, and even though most of the jury is going to feel betrayed by her, has Hannah ever strayed from voting in lockstep with Ken and David even once, not including vote splits? The answer may surprise you.

    3. I just want to say that David is a low key good at challanges lol. He was really good in both of the past two challanges. He was killing the first one until his hilarious disk throwing.

      I was reading Jeff Pitman’s article yesterday and he’s actually second in average finishes behind Jay.

      It’s just so funny how things shake out.

          1. No, that’s a completely normal thing for dudes, even those who can grow hair on their faces. I have one little little patch on my right jawline that doesn’t grow, but it’s small enough that it’s completely covered up by the rest of my beard.

            On the other hand, when I talked about this on the live blog thread, someone pointed out that plucking his beard may be a nervous tic for David, and that’s where the patches come from, which also makes sense.

          1. Yeah, it definitely felt like a BB confessional to me. I just don’t even understand the rules or the goal of Big Brother? Plus it seems like they exclusively cast terrible people, and I don’t talk to most humans for a reason.

          2. I mean, I’m just a gallows humor guy. But the last 24 hours of Russia news (to include the likelihood of Tillerson as SecState) is really laughably insane, even though the election rigging has been an open secret for months.

            Also, as I just said on Twitter, I Googled “tillerson putin” and my whole browser crashed. Pandora pretty much record-scratched. So, it’s just that kind of life we’re living right now.

          3. I mean, there’s plenty of blame to go around, but I feel like the PRP community ought to be madder at Mark Burnett.

          4. This is to be expected at this point, right?

            Also, if you want something really bonkers, check out the connections that Leonardo DiCaprio has to Trump on Lainey Gossip. It will blow your mind.

          5. Didn’t I just hear that Leo met with Donald and probable actual First Lady Ivanka about climate change? That should have been fun. Lord knows we’ll never get a press conference about it, though.

            I have all sorts of problems with Leo. (1) Will his voice ever change. (2) Like he formed a group of man-children and called it a certain “posse” which need not be repeated. (3) Crustache. (4) Fine he was good in Gilbert Grape and The Departed, and I will admit he looked pretty hot in his tux in Titanic BUT ONLY THEN

          6. It’s only a contradiction if both of us are human.

            Valid point on the nuking, though. Enjoy humanity’s final weekend! We humans had a good run.

          7. Can it be Monday morning? I have to be in Court and it might be a jury trial.

            And I thought you were talking about a snowstorm at first.

          8. I’m in litigation support and it’s so comforting to me that most attorneys I know hate going to the courthouse as much as I do. I was getting poached by a firm earlier this year and in my interview I expressly said “I am not working trials anymore.” They hired me anyway.

          9. I mean, I’m in a separate lit support department where I handle technical stuff, mostly data management (i.e. fixing all the spreadsheets), but I also get tasked with a lot of copy-editing and cite-checking because everyone else in the world can’t write/is inept.

          10. I don’t watch it either and feel the same way. The guy above looks like an idiot. He actually makes Taylor look smart.

            Wait, I am here now.

    4. I disagree with the guys and would see most of this final 6 again.

      Adam and David are gamers. I am always for people who want to play coming back, screw the story.

      Hannah is insane and is a good monkey wrench.

      Ken is obvious. Especially if they edited him more goofily.

      Jay is obvious.

      I mean they’re better than like Terry and Monica Padilla.

    5. I haven’t listened yet because I haven’t had a drive to or from work since this was posted, but I think Jay really screwed himself by playing his idol.

      The big thing Jay had going for him was they could never aim for him knowing he had the idol, because he had no close allies. They had no one to split the vote on. So invariably they choose someone to get the minority of votes, and then that someone figures it out and comes up with a counterstrike. And suddenly time and time again there’s no votes on a vulnerable Jay.

      The problem is that now as soon as he doesn’t win immunity it is much much easier to just team up and vote him out. That idol was actually his protection, not in that it could save him if he got votes, but in that it prevented him from getting voted for in the first place.

  5. Andy, when you talk disdainfully of small conversations where people ask about each other’s backtstories and feelings, it’s like you’re daring me to talk more about Todd. Because, rest assured, I will talk more about Todd.

    1. I want to make clear that I don’t disdain those thing and actually think they are more key to the game than anything else, moves or strategy included. They just aren’t as good for a TV show.

  6. For personal reasons I would not mind if ADAM turned up again. Although he will likely be making cameos in the future.

      1. But when they have an all-star season, like Cambodia, and fans are given control, storyline, complete or not, won’t really matter. People will vote in whom they like from the choices given.

        1. I don’t know which podcast threw this out, but I know 1 did: We probably will never have another open-themed fan vote again. I can definitely see Adam being considered a “Hero” though for a Heroes vs. Villains 2.

          1. If they do a Hero v. Villain one, I’d see a lot of this cast on the Hero side. Then they bring the WA cast back (except Mike) for the other side (and Jason and Scot). Let’s hope they do not do one.

          2. What was the reasoning behind potentially not doing another fan vote? Surely Cambodia was a successful enough season that they would be happy with the choices that fans made and be willing to do it again…

    1. I expect that we will see a lot of this cast in talks to come back whether their stories are complete or not. They could put them on the ballot for a retuning season like Second Chances II (if applicable and they need a second chance).

      My picks would be for a potential return: Jay, David, Hannah, Adam, Michaela, Zeke and Jessica (for the way she left) andKen (to see if he learned anything, can play more modern and the audience liked him/still likes him, even if some turned on him later. Also, if they can put 6 out of the 10 women on the second chance list to be voted because they look good in a bikini*, they can put one guy on the list for looking good in general).

      The only ones I see absolutely coming back at some point though are Jay and Jessica. Jessica because there are not as many females to choose from (and she looks good and has a brain and tried to make moves) and because of the way she left the game.

      *Although Wentworth turned out to be a good player.

      1. Uh, did you miss the Slip-n-Slide challenge in Cambodia? I think you got your share of eye candy, lady.

        And to take your point seriously: I actually think casting turned a corner a few years ago about casting people (of both genders) primarily because of the way they look in a bathing suit. On the female side, Julie McGee was the last one IMO. Nowadays, your Anna Khaits and Jenn Browns are there to play the game. I suspect it was a wake-up call for casting that Stephenie, Nat Ten, and Mikayla* all failed to get voted into Second Chance.

        *Although Mikayla had a genuine second chance narrative.

        PS: I actually would like to see Will play again, but not until he’s in his mid-20s.

        1. I too thought Mikayla had a second chance narrative because she was sent out by a religious (conveniently religious) creep for doing nothing.

          You don’t think Rachel and to some extent Figgy was cast for that reason this season? And Alecia, Liz, Jen L. and OWM last season?

          And who says I shouldn’t get more eye candy? The guys have been getting it for years. Yes, Jeremy looked great in Cambodia but the rest of the guys … meh. Not into Joe Anglim.

          1. What @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus said about Rachel and Figgy. I think Alecia was cast to be the thorn in everybody’s side (mission accomplished!), Liz was brainy, Jen. L seemed like the complete package (she was my pre-season winner pick) and had a redemption story if the show wanted to play that up. OWM? Well, beats me but also she isn’t that good-looking IMO TBH.

          2. Apparently her audition video was epic.

            I say apparently, because I saw it and thought she was very Michele in it.

          3. We remember it as her being bounced because Brandon wanted to bang her but the reality is she went because she was Sophie and Albert’s number and Coach wanted to keep Edna as his number instead.

      2. Well, Wentworth had two advantages to her potential casting. Yes, she does look good in a bikini, but she also had a “What Might Have Been” edit, which was greatly increased by the Drewchebag episode.

      3. I would rather see Michelle again than Jessica, I don’t think Jessica has the constitution to be a good player.

      1. I was looking forward to that accent. Maybe she’ll say something interesting at FTC and give you another chance.

  7. Hipster pandering: Christmas comes early with the Vince Guaraldi Trio, along with some wintry-themed inclusions such as Joni Mitchell, the Decemberists and Bon Iver (Nice shirt, Andy). Also, Christmas Snoopy chillin’ in the corner!

    Matt, has anyone ever told you that you kinda look like Matthew Rhys? That is not a bad thing.

          1. My dad has a fairly extensive vinyl collection that I know he doesn’t use. I want to get it from him one day. Would be a cool way to listen to most of the music I really like.

          2. That’s how I got started, I got them from my house after my father passed away. Just don’t let them throw them out.

          3. I think my favourite record is the Pet Sounds vinyl that has both Stereo and Mono versions included, one on clear green vinyl, one on yellow.

            Also, you know, it is one of the best albums of all-time. But mostly the colours.

    1. that is a very good thing! thank you! (and no i never heard Matthew Rhys, but until the past years my hair used to be much curlier)

      1. I’m not saying that you’re secretly a Russian spy, but I’m not saying that you’re not secretly a Russian spy.

  8. I just finished watching China, and I loved it. I wanted to watch another old school season, but I wanted to try a less beloved one. So I was between Fiji and Thailand. Are they really that bad? (Like unwatchable?) Which one do you recommend? Or do you recommend another (bad) old school one?

    1. Fiji is better than Thailand.
      A few real standout characters and some really fun gameplay BUT it has the worst concept of all Survivor seasons.

    2. Fiji has possibly the worst stretch of Survivor episodes premerge but has some stuff in the post merge that makes it rewarding. Thailand is maybe more consistently watchable but has a boring post merge and it doesn’t have the couple stand outs that Fiji has. I think they’re definitely the weakest pre-Gabon seasons along with All Stars, with Africa right behind. Fiji has moments that people still talk about so maybe it’d be the better choice.

    3. I’m watching Fiji for the first time right now (I’m at F7). I agree with Max_Jets that the first handful of episodes are just terrible, but it improves a ton after that. I haven’t seen Thailand but I’ve heard it’s just uniformly bad all the way through.

      Fiji and Cook Islands are definitely #1-2 in worst twists in Survivor history. Cook Islands’ is worse on paper but at least they had the decency to abandon it almost immediately.

      If you’re into the eye candy, Fiji has an above average number of athletic guys and arguably the show’s most adorable woman.

      Other older seasons that IMO don’t get enough love are Vanuatu and Guatemala (which is not to say they’re top-tier seasons).

      1. Yeah, I followed the advice here and started watching it, and I can tell from the first episode that the twist is indeed complete BS. It bothers me less that one tribe is “lucky” and the other screwed (because Survivor is just unfair), what really bothers me is that it goes against its own name, survivor, to give a tribe a built house and even a sofa. I was waiting the entire episode for the moment that they would give them a TV and a stove.

        But anyway, (bad) twists in Survivor are a complicated thing: some of the worst twists produced some of the best seasons. Cook Islands itself is good, but many people think the Pearl Islands twist is the worst ever, and the season itself is my favorite; even China that I just saw has a horrible horrible twist, but the season as a whole is great, and you could argue that even Cagayan (the best of the modern seasons) has a crappy twist (the Tyler Perry idol).

        1. I completely agree about “unfair” twists–they’re fine if they throw a monkey wrench into the game (I was fine with the outcast twist, for example) but not fine if they have a chilling effect on gameplay. The problem with the Fiji twist is that the adverse effect it has on the game is entirely predictable, and it’s mind-boggling that production didn’t see it ahead of time.

          I’m in the minority but the Tyler Perry idol knocks Cook Islands down a peg in my ranking. Yul almost certainly would have won regardless, but the TPI made him almost completely unstoppable (put another way, it paralyzed everybody else). I actually forgot about the TPI in Cagayan. It wasn’t great but at least it added to the chaos.

      1. I’ll follow the unanimous opinion here and go for Fiji. It is interesting that the Survivor Historians actually like the season, so I’m interested to see which of my favorite Survivor podcasts is closer to my personal opinion, after I finish it.

      2. I watched It’s a Turtle a few months ago and haven’t gotten around to picking the season back up. I was waiting until it got good, and now that I watched the one really good episode, I haven’t been excited to continue even though I know the post-merge is pretty good.

        Earl, Yau-Man, and Michelle are great. Everyone else is terrible. Especially Rocky.

      3. I watched It’s a Turtle a few months ago and haven’t gotten around to picking the season back up. I was waiting until it got good, and now that I watched the one really good episode, I haven’t been excited to continue even though I know the post-merge is pretty good.

        Earl, Yau-Man, and Michelle are great. Everyone else is terrible – especially Rocky.

        1. I feel compelled to note that Anthony is not terrible. He’s not great, but he’s absolutely not terrible. Looking at you, JEFF.

          And then there’s Dreamz. I’m not comfortable saying Dreamz is terrible- I mean, he’s obviously terrible at Survivor- but he’s an absolutely fascinating character. And best of all, his oddness shapes the game. He’s not a Keith Nale sideshow, he’s an emotionally conflicted pivot point.

          1. (Context: I haven’t reached the endgame of Fiji yet, but I have a vague understanding of Dreamz’s role in it) I’m not even sure Dreamz is terrible at Survivor, in the sense that he usually has a good read on the state of the game and what other people are thinking. He just seems to have no idea what to do with that knowledge. That makes him different (and better at Survivor) than other wild-card players like Shambo or Sugar.

            Anthony is an interesting case. There has to be a complex story there that they didn’t tell because ultimately he didn’t have any impact on the game. I think part of it is that being on a season where 7 of the 10 men were very athletic alpha-male types got into his head, but on the other hand that certainly didn’t intimidate Yau-Man.

          2. Yau man was older though and a teacher so he was probably used to dealing with lunkheads like the four horsemen. He also earned respect when he was the one who could open the box at the beginning. And in general being older he probably did not care.

          3. Dreamz is one of the most fascinating characters ever on Survivor and how the show treats him is equally fascinating. he is one of the primary reasons that though I will never say Fiji is good, i will frequently say it is an interesting season

          4. I always thought Anthony was an earlier version of the neurotic or game bot type nerds that are now popular to cast.

    4. I’d say that Fiji is a little bit of “a tale of two seasons”. It’s a dreadful first half followed by what I think is a really solid second half. I don’t think Fiji has bottom five downside, as opposed to Thailand.

      I’m rewatching Thailand right now. It’s more interesting than I remember it being. I won’t go as far as to say I like it, but it’s watchable.

    5. Another vote for Fiji. The pre-merge is rough (in that we are watching a lot of awful people be awful to other humans in a Survivor season structured to maximize this), but by the merge some really interesting and/or appealing characters have emerged. And the endgame is gripping stuff- to the extent that final tribal is focused less on “who should we vote for?” and more on “what the hell just happened?”

    1. I think (although I’m not sure) that it may be lingering issues with our web host. They’re the reason the page went down for a few hours last week, and I think you might be seeing cached versions of the page.

      I’ve had a few instances where it’s shown me older versions of the page, and it was usually resolved by hitting refresh.

      1. It also sometimes randomly sends me to the mobile site for no reason. I’ll come back half an hour later and it’s back to normal.

        1. Yeah, I have no idea what causes that one. That’s an ongoing issue. I’ve tried a couple things to fix it, but haven’t been successful so far.

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