Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 5 “Idol Search Party”

It’s time for a tribe swap and a swap of hosts as we cover the fifth episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs Gen X episode 5 “Idol Search Party”

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In this episode, Andy and Matt discuss:

  • How much better will this season be for not having to feature the Gen X tribe.
  • If Sunday and Bret are doomed.
  • If Michaela is getting the WINNERS EDIT.
  • If Adam is flipping.
  • How Taylor compares to past intelligence-deficient players.
  • Jessica discussing her advantage with Ken.
  • A couple of Okies.
  • David’s EPIC performance at the challenge.
  • What the David Wright idol doctrine is and whether there needs to be one.
  • Was Chris right to move against a Gen Xer?
  • Michelle’s attempt to target David.
  • Why some people have turned on Ken and why they’re wrong.
  • What individual challenge we would be best at.
  • If we’d like to see a back-to-basics, more survival-based season again.
  • What gimmick we’d like to see Survivor try or try again in the future.

For this season, we hope to do a weekly mailbag segment, so if you have questions for next week, you can comment here, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email.

131 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 5 “Idol Search Party”

    1. Yep. He’s my doppelgänger.

      We’re still not sure how Christopher turned out so blonde. Fun fact: both these boys are a quarter Japanese.

      1. I know a few guys who were BLONDE as can be as a kid, and wound up with sandy-brown hair as an adult. It can be weird.

      2. My sisters are half Asian (Bashkir, specifically.) The older one you would never guess unless you were told. The younger one has slight epicanthic folds and once you know it’s like “oh, yeah, of course” but it’s nobody’s first assumption.

        1. I have a cousin who is Chinese. She has 3 sons from a white, brunette father. The oldest looks like his father, the middle looks Asian and the youngest has red hair and freckles. If I didn’t know, I would not guessed that any of the three were related to the others.

      3. I’ve got dark brown hair and was that blonde at his age. (pedantry: he is blond as blond is the masculine spelling, one of only two gendered words in English).

  1. I loved the shot of Christopher (?) crawling on the floor in the background as Andy and his other son are at the computer.

  2. I would actually be interested in another school yard pick tribe season but with three tribes. It’s been awhile since they’ve done it and I think the extra tribe could bring interesting results. One thing though is I would want them to do draft in a snake style format.

      1. My first draft for the question was what gimmick would you like to see brought back with minor tweaking. One World was my pick. It had some interesting potential, but was torpedoed by that terrible cast.

    1. I’d like schoolyard pick too, it can create interesting dynamics that the producers wouldn’t put together to start.

      1. Counterpoint: Gabon.

        I’m kind of kidding. I don’t think it would always go that horribly wrong, and there is probably no tribe configuration that could’ve saved that awful cast. But the initial tribes were a disaster there.

        1. I’d say the disastrous school yard picks are the thing that comes closest to saving that season. The cast was appalling and it led to a shit season but the picks made it fucking funny in the middle.

  3. Gary actually played for Central Michigan University. Dannie happened to visit that stadium, likely for covering a Jayhawks game, and saw the shrine the school had created for Gary.

  4. To be fair from the press release photos it is two challenges with the blindfold one being the reward, and also on a kind of funny note you said everyone that could be a caller on Ika Buka expect for person that is the person they decided to be the caller.

        1. Me too! I was listing everyone on my fingers and saying, “Ok, now there’s definitely a sixth…”

      1. I mean I thought of the sixth option, as he’s one of the people I really like on the season, but I thought they’d want his strength on the running around part.

        I was really thinking Sunday would be the best option and was looking forward to it.

  5. Yay, thanks for pronouncing my name correctly, Andy! 🙂 (I get a lot of “F. Jordstone” from people around Millenial age. My theory is that they aren’t teaching world geography in US schools anymore…)

          1. You have another chance to get it right: my birthday is next Tuesday (10/25), so if you’re doing happy birthdays… 😀 (Of course, I completely disagree with you about Survivor Original Recipe not being as hardcore or dangerous…remember Colleen’s *legs*?? She was scurvy-ridden!)

          2. Sure I remember Colleen’s legs. Do you remember, like, EVERYONE’S legs and back last season? Like the guy who had to get pulled from the game because of it?

          3. Fair point. Still, I don’t recall the producers ever letting casts nearly starve — to the point of them hunting, cooking, and eating rats! — after the first couple of seasons.

          4. I’m pretty sure they were eating rat because they were given rat traps in Borneo. Considering how starved of protein they are, even today, I’d bet that most tribes would love to have rat traps. Hunting down rats one by one is inefficient (though it should be noted that Russell’s favorite ‘goat’ did just that in Samoa).

          5. We’re on the transfer from Libra to Scorpio right now. Mark and I would be Libras and anyone after me would be Scorpio.

            As for Survivor winners, do I look like Max Dawson?

          6. Actually, the sun transited into Scorpio on the evening of the 22nd this year. Max Dawson a winner? HA!

          7. So how does it work if the days change? Do you suddenly undergo a personality shift? Or is it what the horoscope was at when you were born?

          8. No idea; I don’t do astrology stuff. I’m just cognizant of the cusp dates because it’s always a big argument in my house whether my husband is a Scorpio or a Sagittarius. People who do astrology have told us both, but apparently charts are spotty for the early 60s; some of them don’t account for there not being federally mandated daylight savings time the year he was born.

  6. Regardless of the fact that Emma actually hung out with Andy’s family in real life, I bet she’s jealous that Matt got to see Christopher and Alex in this podcast.

    Update on hipster pandering: ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s in Andy’s background. Now that the tribes have swapped, it’s only fitting that we get a new mix of music (big ups for Daydream Nation and If You’re Feeling Sinister).

    1. Does it bother me that I don’t have Daydream Nation on vinyl? Maybe a little bit.

      (It’s readily available, but generally prohibitively expensive when I feel like I have money to spend. Which is not often anymore).

    2. it was impossible to see because of the camera angle, but i was sporting an old band t-shirt myself honoring my childhood favorite: Pearl Jam

  7. damnit, I’m gonna have to watch this one on youtube for the CuteKidSightings (TM), aren’t I?

    (It’s like the Purple Rock Podcast Easter Egg…if it wasn’t right on the screenshot)

      1. Big missed opportunity not getting a #15 Spreewell throwback jersey (which I actually saw someone wearing IRL about a year ago).

  8. Sorry for going long on this one, btw. Matt was the Andy with his long answers, while I remained Andy.

    1. I listen to RHAP and Historians, so I can deal with long podcasts.

      But I enjoyed the in depth look at things.

  9. The twist I want to see is Sophie’s Choice challenges: the winning tribe chooses either immunity or reward, and the losing tribe gets the other one. So you can avoid going to tribal every week but camp life would be terrible, or you can argue to take rewards if you think you’re safe enough to survive tribal (and you never should think that).

    Sorry if that’s something y’all mention this podcast, I haven’t listened to it yet

    1. I would watch Survivor: Sophie’s Choice if the premise was that there’s no jury and Sophie gets to pick the winner.

          1. One of my favourite things in Survivor is that Sophie appears to genuinely hate Albert in real life just like on the island.

  10. Just got to the who would be Ken’s best bro part of the episode and while Savage is a solid pick I think you guys missed the real answer, Ryan O! I recently rewatched Pearl Islands with my GF (for those of you who have done this, is showing good old seasons to your significant other not one of the great joys of life?) and man I forgot how awesome Ryan O was. Question for your next podcast, is Ryan O never coming back one of the great injustices of the 21st century? Answer, yes.

    P.S. Forgot just how delightful Pearl Islands was. This might be heresy, but for my money, better than Heroes V Villains.

    Edit: Matt, with all your Savage love there has to be a special place in your heart for the Rhino right?

    1. The problem with Pearl Islands is that A LOT of screen time is Lil feeling sorry for herself and demanding that others do the same. Sad Lil’s moping is great as a Disqus commenter, less great as an element of a TV show.

      The problem with Pearl Islands is not Ryan O, who is indeed delightful.

      1. I totally agree that Lil sucks and I understand how that is a major flaw of the season for a lot of people. Me, I’m a horrible person who enjoys watching shitty things happen to shitty people, so I got a TON of schadenfreude from watching Lil. The true crime of the season is that she gets to come back and somehow inexplicably makes it to FTC.

        1. We’re not that far apart- people actually being mean to Lil is indeed kind of fun. The problem is that for every minute of that, we get five minutes of Lil complaining about how people were mean to her once, and might be mean to her again.

          It is a testament to how great the rest of Pearl Islands is that it can rise beyond having a series-worst twist that yields an awful finalist in a Final 2.

      2. I find Lil hilarious the whole way through! She is probably the 3rd best part of the season, after Fairplay and Sandra.

    2. I was gonna say Ryan O for Ken after Andy brought up Savage there, but at that point I was loving the Savage joke too much. Also Ken would be Savage’s new Ryan O. (And yeah I’d like to see Ryan again)

      1. Can you imagine if they had brought back Ryan and Savage for Second chances? Bromance for the ages…

        1. Gossip Queen Scoop-ish: There is a lot of controversy about Ryno with Second Chances. I can’t remember everything but Ryno said he was in the final round where they brought out like 48 or so (along with Jenn Brown) but got cut. Kass then responded that he wasn’t, to which Ryno showed their receipts of their pre-gaming….

          If I am misremembering this, feel free to correct me.

          1. That is interesting I hadn’t heard that. If true, heartbreaking!

            Edit: although he never would have made the final vote, people have such short memories for greatness.

          2. I believe Ryno tried to tell production to get Hayden out of the mix, as he didn’t think he should be on Second Chance when he had already won Big Brother, which led to the feud. I don’t know much else, but I like to believe Kass comes out on top because she’s the best (and obviously she does because she’ll probably be cast a 3rd time)

          3. I thought I remembered Hayden being involved, but I can’t remember how. I still think it was odd that Hayden gets knocked out of contention when you had multiple people who were on Redemption Island (thus having a second chance to get back into the game). Admittedly, Hayden did as well, but still…

  11. @andythesaint:disqus: Another week, another unidentifiable black CD cover: Fishbone “Truth and Soul”?

  12. I think the gimmick I’d most like to see? Constant tribe swaps. Every pre-merge episode, Jeff gets to say “Once again, the game has changed. Drop your buffs.” The buff budget would be through the roof! It would be mayhem.

      1. They’d still have tribes. They’d just be changing it up each episode. Then go to their separate beaches.

  13. Ken and Savage are a match made in heaven. I can guarantee Savage has gone on the exact same rant about vinyl.

      1. I agree. I think Jeremy would be a much better match. Also Yul or Earl, Aras 1.0, Ian, or Malcolm.

  14. Questions for future mailbags:

    1. Who is your all time favorite player who has only played once and didn’t win?

    2. If you were on a future Survivor season and you got to pick any five players from past seasons to be in your 6 person tribe, who would you pick? The only rule is that the tribes had to be equal numbers in gender including yourself.

    1. And I turned 26 yesterday. So this is one of the two days of the year I’m the same age as Black Dynamite!

  15. You guys badly miss the point of why people don’t like Ken. I don’t need him to be a jock, an overconfident douche, or a smooth talker or something. I just need him to be interesting in any way. It’s you guys who are blinded by his looks, not me. No one would find his character even remotely interesting if he were some average looking dude. I agree with you on only one thing, which is that he fancies himself quite the pseudo-philosopher. Unfortunately, ‘pseudo-philosophers’ are some of the most obnoxiously boring people on the planet.

    1. This is fun. I want it to be a thing all season. We’ll minimize your reasons for disliking him; you’ll minimize ours for liking him. The battles will be fierce. The judgements will be facile.

      It’s gonna be great.

      1. I feel like I stand in the middle where I both see what’s fascinating and boring about Ken. He’s boring in that his personality in general is kind of milquetoast, but he’s fascinating in that he’s such an anomaly from what you usually get from someone who looks like him.

        1. This is how I feel about him. I really do like Ken, and think he seems like a good person. I’d like to know him in real life. But a lot of the love thrown his way seems over the top to me. If you combined his personality with David’s body he would not be received like this.

          *I’m also not saying this is a bad thing. I remember how I felt about Morgan McLeod, and it’s not like her personality was a contributing factor. That’s an extreme example, but it’s the same idea.

          1. She has even less personality than those robots from Westworld. Maybe there’s something there…

      2. Yeah, but your reasons for liking him are dumb and my reasons for thinking he is inoffensively bland are smart. (am I doing it right?)

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