Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 9 “Still Throwing Punches”

Bunker down and join us as we discuss the ninth episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, and a bit about Pixar movies too.


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs Gen X episode 9 “Still Throwing Punches”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • A “basic ass episode” of Survivor.
  • Tribal council bad blood.
  • How thoroughly Adam screwed everything up and how screwed he is as a result.
  • Jay’s balls of steel for not playing the idol.
  • Comparing Adam chatting with Jay to Jay chatting with Hannah and Sunday.
  • What Adam should do with his advantage.
  • Final thoughts on Taylor.
  • Why is Sunday targeting Jessica?
  • Hannah’s captaining skills.
  • Whether or not Tribal Council is the best time to make a move.
  • The most underrated non-winner, gameplay-wise.
  • Challenges, but not these ones.
  • Two predictions for next week. In order.
  • Pixar films.

For this season, we hope to do a weekly mailbag segment, so if you have questions for next week, you can comment here, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email.

227 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 9 “Still Throwing Punches”

    1. i feel one movie that never gets mentioned among Pixar’s best, but is clearly one of Pixar’s best, is Ratatouille

      1. I would say it’s the most underrated of the Pixar movies. It’s either that or Brave, but Ratatouille is underrated in the sense it’s one of the best and Brave is underrated in the sense it’s really good but not really received like that.

        1. Brave is solid. The mother-daughter relationship is really great and the animation is a technical achievement. It’s waaaaay off brand though. It’s a Disney movie, while Wreck-It-Ralph (released that year) feels like a Pixar film.

          And that’s just not because it’s a princess movie. It’s the fairytale structure that Pixar has never done, while Disney does very well. Whereas Ralph is standard Pixar fare: the secret life of [video game characters, toys, bugs, fish, feelings]… with feelings.

          1. Brave has a bit of Studio Ghibli DNA, too, which adds to the off-brand feel. It is underrated in the sense that Other Scott notes.

          2. It also fired its director halfway through development and the new director wanted too take it in an action direction.

      2. I need to see Ratatouille again, because my first impression of it when it came out was that it was completely underwhelming. I didn’t even care for the accompanying short. I am completely willing to admit I may have been in a bad mood when I saw it or something, but neither that nor Inside Out landed with me the way I wanted them to.

        1. both of those landed so hard on me in a good way. they hit those perfect happy and sad notes that i love.

          1. Incredibles and A Bug’s Life hit me in those ways, as well as Toy Story 3 (the incinerator scene? Holy god did the tears well up). And of course, Wall-E and Up hit me in the feels, which was nice because it means I have learned about your human emotion called love. I mean, our human emotion. I’m not an alien.

          2. WALL-E is the one I always felt guilty for not liking more, because I liked it, I admired it, and yet… I didn’t feel anything during it. (but first 5 minutes of UP is still the best thing Pixar has ever done)

          3. This idea just hit me: Randy Bailey narrating over those first five minutes of UP. Or recreating in a live-action version.

          4. A lot of my emotional response to Wall-E is weirdly tied to the songs they used from Hello, Dolly!, so maybe I should watch that and see if it’s actually Wall-E or Hello, Dolly! that I’m so fond of.

    2. I’ve probably seen Finding Nemo the most, but Toy Story 3 is peak emotional impact for me. The first one came out when I was 5, and 3 came out when I was halfway through college, so Andy leaving home hit hard. Also, the week I saw it went like this –
      Wednesday: Find out good friend from high school’s dad passed away.
      Thursday: Find out the memorial service is on Friday, immediately pack and drive six and a half hours home.
      Friday: Attend memorial service, another friend from high school invites me to see Toy Story 3.

      I do not cry in movie theaters, I legitimately never have. But I sure as hell came close that night.

    3. Here’s my full ranking. I’d say it’s definitive, but frankly, it might look different a week from now.

      Tier One
      1 The Incredibles
      2 Toy Story 3
      3 WALL-E
      4 Up
      5 Toy Story
      6 Ratatouille
      7 Finding Nemo
      8 Inside Out
      9 Toy Story 2

      Tier Two
      10 Monsters, Inc.
      11 Finding Dory
      12 A Bug’s Life

      Tier Three
      13 Brave
      14 Monsters University
      15 The Good Dinosaur

      Tier Cars
      16 Cars
      17 Cars 2

      1. ok here is my list:
        1. Ratatouille
        2. The Incredibles
        3. Toy Story
        4. Inside Out
        5. Toy Story 3
        6. UP
        7. Finding Nemo
        8. WALL-E
        9. Toy Story 2
        10. Monsters Inc.

      2. My list:
        1. Wall-E
        2. The Incredibles
        3. A Bug’s Life
        4. Up
        5. Toy Story 3
        6. Toy Story 2
        7. Toy Story
        8. Finding Nemo
        9. Monsters, Inc.
        10. Inside Out
        11. Cars
        12. Ratatouille

        Michael Keaton going “kachooga” elevates Cars for me out of last place.

        A Bug’s Life is my sentimental favorite in that, although I had seen Toy Story, seeing A Bug’s Life is what really got me into Pixar. But even with it being a sentimental favorite, even I would have to admit to enjoying Wall-E and The Incredibles a tiny bit more.

          1. I was in college when it came out, went to see it in the theater and loved it. Then afterward it became one of my “movies to nap to” (movies I’ve seen enough that I can just throw on and fall asleep–note: this is not a thing that happens now that I am a dad) or, similarly, “movies to watch while sick with flu” (which is mostly either this or The Thing).

          2. I’m not sure, but I’m excited for him to be old enough to start showing him basically all of them. I figure it will either be Toy Story or A Bug’s Life though.

      3. Dead at “Tier Cars.”

        “WALL-E” is one of my favorite movies, period. But I’ve been called out on relating to WALL-E the character too much, and thus have a natural bias. My rebuttal is usually that I *choose* to be isolated from other people, and why am I even bothering responding to you, goodbye sir.

        1. WALL-E
        2. Inside Out

        3. Ratatouille
        4. Toy Story 3
        5. Toy Story 2
        6. Up
        7. Toy Story Original Crispy

        8. The Incredibles
        9. Finding Nemo
        10. Finding Dory

        Everything else, I haven’t seen. I’m far less of a completist than I thought. Huh.

    4. Also fun fact: I went to college with John Lasseter’s son and he looks an awful lot like college Andy in Toy Story 3.

    5. For the action and the humor, The Incredibles and Toy Story 3 top my list.

      Also, best Yahoo Answers question I’ve ever heard: “What’s the name of that animated movie with all the cars in it?”

        1. Yessir. Though wouldn’t it be great serendipity if I had no clue what you were talking about?

        2. I’m almost completely caught up on the Adventure Zone and I’m thinking about diving into MBMBAM. Is it as fun when they’re not diving into a rich fantasy narrative and their drunk dad isn’t fucking up everything he touches?

          1. Intimidated scared or “I want to join this cult, but at the same time, it’s a cult” scared?

          2. I don’t listen to the Flop House, so I don’t know anything about that fanbase. I haven’t encountered any terrible MBMBAM fans, but also, almost everyone in my life knew nothing about Serial at the time of the S1 finale, so I’m a bad person to judge podcast listeners.

          3. The MaxFun shows I listen to are MBMBAM, JJHo, JJGo, Baby Geniuses, and B&D Network. Based on what Sharc and Matt are saying, I might switch out YMIW for the Adventure Zone as my “Kill 4 Hours On This Flight”-cast

          4. God B&D is such ridiculous fun. I thought it was good, but the whole ‘fifth meat’ thing took it to great.

          5. Rich Beef Sausages is probably my favorite bit that’s ever been done on a podcast (with an honorable mention to the Monster F**k and Horatio Sanz describing peanuts). I think B&D is the only podcast I don’t listen to at 1.5 speed because the timing is so impeccable.

          6. Also up above where Matt and I are talking about the train arc: That’s arc 2, so it hits it’s stride quickly.

          7. honestly by the middle of arc 1 they are charming Clarg and that is the moment where you know whether this is for you or not

          8. I was watching a show (Ghost Stories) with my brother last night and the episode involved people getting trapped in mirrors. I constantly baffled my brother by saying “What?” and “Come on” throughout the episode.

          9. I’d like to think at my most creative moments (which all appear on the Internet) my interdisciplinary humor can be as garrulously incisive as Elliott’s. But in real life I’m very introverted and an Eeyore, so: Dan.

          10. Okay I was going to wax rhapsodic on Pixar but I am IN on this subthread.

            I got to see the D.C. live show over the summer, and since the recording failed, I am one of the very few people who will ever know how awesome it was. Just in time for the end of the world.

          11. Oh, man. I admit I am way behind, but I still check out their FB group everyday. In fact, there have been some intermittent Survivor discussions (I remember one was right after Jenny’s earwig incident).

          12. I just found the podcast in June, and became officially obsessed immediately (perfect timing as the live show was a month later). Still plowing my way through their back catalog. It makes perfect sense that Elliott has become the head writer for the reboot of MST3K because The Flop House has filled an MST3K-shaped hole in my heart that I never knew was there.

            I bring this up because I know the FB group is pretty thriving, but I haven’t been there yet….mainly because Facebook has been super obnoxious for a couple years and in 2016 has become generally terrifying, from what I understand (or, as a Facebook poster would put it, what I am told by the “lamestream media”).

          13. For the most part, it is a really cool group and you can be as active as you want to be. However, about once a month, there is some sort of drama where somebody will say something really out of line and everybody calls them out on it. Oddly enough, it has been pretty good the past couple of weeks, but that is because the audience base is almost universally liberal and the Trump supporters are very quiet now.

          14. Aaaaaaahhh

            I just got to Taako conning Garfield out of the Flaming Poison Sword of Burning Rage

            I was on the way back from driving to three different fucking grocery stores to find dried chickpeas, so that was exactly what I needed.

          15. I’m not officially caught up and frustrated we’re probably not gonna find out what happens next until next year, in part because I think the Wonderland elves are one of the most entertainingly ridiculous things Griffin has devised. (Also, this is making me miss having Travis on Can I Pet Your Dog? more than I already did.)

            I just realized I still have the donor content to listen to, so I’m doing that now. Currently like a third of the way into the first live episode.

          16. Actually now that I think of it, as great as that was I still like Magnus eating the Philosopher’s stone. The glee with which Travis announces it, Griffin’s incredulous reaction and explanation of why this won’t work, Travis’s insistence on doing it anyway and immediate regret – it’s the perfect storm of things that make the show great.

            And then there’s coda where they have to figure out how to get it out of Magnus without ripping his butthole open.

          17. Piggyback question: I’m up to the upload on MBMBAM, and the first episode of Adventure Zone didn’t quite do it for me (mostly the bang for the 2-hour buck wasn’t enough). Should I keep pressing on? And after how many episodes should I decide if I’m in or out?

            And Sharc, I think it kinda depends on your favorite brother. Often times the balance feels like 50% Griffin goofs, 30% Travis, 20% Justin.

          18. Yes. It takes a minute for them to find the rhythm, but once they do it’s incredible.

            The first arc is pretty standard “explore a cave” D&D with a little bit of goofing off, but as it goes on Griffin starts weaving this elaborate cosmic plot and they get better at coming up with creative solutions to what he throws at them. Also they just start being dicks to like half the people they meet, in a hilarious way.

            So you end up coming for the jokes and staying because you really want to find out how this all ties together. It’s like Lost if you had confidence that the creators had an endgame in mind, but also with dildo jokes.

          19. I would argue it’s the ten straight minutes of them bullying Jenkins, but I’m pretty sure that’s the same episode.

            But Garyll is where they really establish that there are no rules to this.

    6. I should post my rankings:

      Seen and Feel Comfortable Ranking:
      1. Finding Nemo
      2. Inside Out
      3. Toy Story 3
      4. Ratatouille
      5. Wall-E
      6. Toy Story
      7. Up
      8. Brave
      9. Cars
      10. The Incredibles
      11. Cars 2

      The only movie that is anything less than awesome in that list is Cars 2.

      Seen but can’t remember well enough to rank:
      A Bug’s Life
      Toy Story 2
      Monsters Inc

      Have not Seen
      Monsters University
      The Good Dinosaur
      Finding Dory

        1. For the chance of earning another shout out and actually agreeing with you I will say that Alejandro Innaratu sucks.

          1. Alejandro Innaratu is the perfect example of a director who just over directs and throws all kind of crap at the wall and people mistake it for brilliance. Every now and then he does hit upon something brilliant with his direction, but that’s more because with all the stuff he tries it’s pure probability and most of the time he just downgrades what he’s trying to get across.

        2. I’m still trying to figure out if you guys knew I did the snake draft and were still going with the gimmick or honestly forgot.

    7. What makes me so mad about Cars is that there was potential there. A world of cars is kinda cool. Unfortunately, they decided to just Doc Hollywood it. I will give a small credit for some decent vocal performances from Paul Newman (obvi) and Larry the Cable Guy…when he is not doing his schtick.

      Don’t get me started on Cars 2 aka Mater Bond.

      OTT: A girl from my home town who is like 10 years older than me ended up marrying “Larry’s” best friend. As a result,she has wedding pictures with Best Man Larry The Cable Guy.

      1. A problem with the entire Cars franchise is that it also moves away from the Pixar brand. It’s not about the secret life of cars, it’s just “what if cars were people, but also animals?” There’s no secret life there, because people don’t exist in this nightmare world.

        And thus, there is no deeper meaning to any of it. It’s just mediocre stories that swap out humans for cars and thinks the differences are funny in of themselves (you see, instead of food… they eat gasoline! What if it were artisanal tho? But also, they’ll have wasabi for some reason). So, yeah, they remake Doc Hollywood and parody James Bond… BUT WITH CARS!

        1. Well done.

          Another problem behind why Cars fails is that they try to make this a heartfelt movie by combining it with Lassiter’s true passion: Route 66. A Pixar movie about Route 66 could potentially work better than this.

          1. The parts of Cars that are about that are the decent-to-good parts. But it’s wrapped in a bunch of poorly thought out stuff.

            And I say that as someone who wants these movies to be for kids first and foremost and understands that they’ve been very popular among boys. I just feel like they would’ve been popular anyway. So they could have also been good.

          2. I understand that feeling, Andy. Two of my former professors actually wrote an academic book about the portrayal of masculinity in Pixar movies (note: I have not actually read the book, but from what they discussed of their research, it is really interesting).

          1. I’ll have to take your word for it. The lineup was too long and my kids don’t give a fuck about Cars.

    8. Tier 1
      1. The Incredibles
      2. Finding Nemo
      3. Toy Story 3
      4. Up

      Tier 2
      5. Wall-E
      6. Toy Story
      7. Inside Out
      8. Monsters, Inc.

      Tier 3
      9. Finding Dory
      10. Ratatouille

      Tier Cars
      11. Cars

      Haven’t seen in a very long time
      Toy Story 2
      A Bug’s Life

      Haven’t seen
      Cars 2
      Monsters University
      The Good Dinosaur

      Feel free to tell me why I have Inside Out way too low.

    9. Favorites: Toy Story, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3

      Almost as good: Up, WALL-e, The Incredibles, Inside Out

      Good: Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life.

      You’re Just Coasting: Finding Dory

      Didn’t Like It: Brave, Monsters Inc.

      Didn’t See It: Cars, Cars 2, Monsters University, The Good Dinosaur

    10. I once again have to tell the story of one of my favorite audience outbursts.

      I was watching Brave (and not really enjoying it) in a relatively full theater. In one scene, Brave girl starts yelling at her mother and tells her mom that she hates her. A woman near the back of the theater then yelled out “SLAP HER”.

    11. Oh, additional Pixar story: I was briefly dating a girl and we watched Up as she hadn’t seen it. The whole time she said, “this movie is so unrealistic.” Needless to say, it didn’t work out between us.

  1. Empathy is totally something you can fake. I fake empathy all the time. Todd faked empathy like a champion. It’s just a very advanced for of lying.

      1. I’m making it look like I’m listening while you tell me that and I checked back in frequently enough to have follow up questions based on the the feelings you expressed.

    1. Agreed completely. Which is why it’s bad structural TV. You can’t remind us of it without tipping us off.

        1. It’s not like there was a ton they could do with all the footage of Natalie and Jeremy hunting for an idol that didn’t exist.

      1. Maybe you don’t need to remind us until the episode after she leaves, when someone will be finding it in their bag.

  2. So is Jay really a divisive character? It seems like he is often lumped in with Taylor and I just don’t see that; Taylor is dumb, Jay is not.

    Jay is playing the game so hard. He is clearly a fan of the show (him bringing up the Survivor theme music is great). He understands the game mechanics really well and even if his strategic play hasn’t been perfect, he knows that it is better to make a move too early than too late. He gives honest, funny, strategic confessional. And he seems to be a likable, friendly guy. I really want to see Jay win.

    1. I think there’s a Jay edit that makes him an instant fan favorite. For whatever reason (which we’ll find out in the coming weeks), that’s not the edit we got.

      1. I agree with this. I think it’s more likely he’s being set up as the season’s main antagonist than he is the winner. However, I wonder how much of how Jay is perceived was unavoidable due to his association with FigTails.

        1. I think even then, there’s a way to spin it as “the smart player who’s dragging along the dead weight ‘power couple'”

        2. Jay was a player on a tribe with a decent number of smart people, and he surrounded himself quickly with all the dumbest. The one exception was Michelle, and we saw a couple of weeks ago that he didn’t listen to her at all when she was making perfect sense about Adam. Jay and Taylor where fixated on destroying him, when Michelle could clearly see that nobody on the other alliance gave a crap about him.

          Jay never connected well with any other smart players. That’s left him with nobody to really strategize with, while his opposition had a number of solid players all talking to each other and comparing notes.

    2. Some people were down him in the liveblog comments.

      Jay’s definitely not playing an amazing game (he had to vote out his closest ally this week and is still stuck on the bottom) but he definitely wins the Rodney Lavoie Jr. Award for Exceeding Expectations.

        1. Would you have told me before the season that Rodney was the guy who was gonna cobble together the majority alliance?

      1. I actually had fairly high expectations for Jay. It just sounded like he was a person who could fit into most environments, and that’s proven to be true.

        He just has to watch out that he doesn’t over-strategize his way out of the game, and to his credit after a bad week last week he played this week exactly right.

        1. I mean, I guess if you spend everyone season championing the most unlikely candidates possible, eventually it has to pay off.

          I eagerly await next season when you’re boostering Troyzan. and he ends up winning. 😛

          Oh, god that’s going to happen now, isn’t it.

          1. Jay was never an unlikely candidate though, even in preseason it was clear he was smarter than the average surfer bro

          2. I feel like I’ve made it clear I don’t read preseason press, I just make decisions based on what they look like.

            That’s how I ended up all on board with Paul.

          3. Please, I only booster people I like.

            Next season has so many of my favourites that are everyone else’s that you really won’t see me doing this with someone unlikely. Probably.

          4. I don’t know if you deleted the last part to hid your shame, but since nobody’s reading this anymore, I’ll say this. I think he’s gonna be pretty muted, honestly. Without his alliance of bros I don’t think he has any moves.

            If he somehow ends up on a tribe with Tony, maybe they can do some damage, but I don’t see them putting those two together.

      2. I agree. He’s not playing an amazing game. He is not stupid but he has too much arrogance to be playing an amazing game. He can’t see things from others’ point of view until after they go against him.

      3. Honestly, he is better than Rodney, but currently doing worse. He could be extremely dangerous if he were to be brought back.

  3. I think Jay didn’t play his idol because he probably told Will to vote Taylor and thought Will was on board with it. I think Will got spooked by the ice water in Jay’s veins and tried to get rid of him instead. That would explain Will leaking the info that Jay has an idol in the preview of next weeks episode.

  4. Also, (off topic but I think there are people here who’d appreciate it) I just walked by David Price. He knocks Keifer Sutherland out of the top spot for “Famous people I’ve seen in the wild”

    EDIT: I forgot that Keifer Sutherland knocked out Rascal Flats a year ago. Price-Keifer-Flats go 1-2-3

    1. I wandered past Erika Christensen in Manhattan once. I also did some work as an extra on Olive Kitteridge and the new Ghostbusters, but neither of those would be “in the wild” I suppose.

      1. I don’t know that I’d recognize Erika Christensen. I’d probably see her from a distance and think she’s Ronda Rousey.

        1. I had seen her in Traffic and from the ads for Swimfan. And when I saw her my initial thought was “did I go to school with her?” Then it dawned on me right as I was walking past her. She was on the phone, I respected her privacy.

          1. I’d never stop someone. If they were sitting around not doing anything, I might say hi, love your work, etc. But no pics, that’s over the top.

          2. For Ghostbusters, I had to run down a city block pretending to be chased by ghosts, and Kristen Wiig was about three feet behind me. It was awesome, but I didn’t say anything until after the fifth take or so, and I told her “you’re doing excellent work.” She laughed and said “Thank you. And so are you.” Hearts-a-flutter.

          3. I’ve always wanted to get into extra work. My dad has three seconds of screen time in Home Alone and was in crowd shots for Transformers 4, The Fugitive, and What Women Want (anyone recognize the last film?).

          4. Every time extra work comes up in conversation (more often than you think), I mention those four credits, and no one ever knows that one.

          5. a good friend of mine appeared in the Spatula City crowd scene in UHF. Of course it is impossible to pick any individual in that crowd out, but he is somewhere in there

          6. The Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt opus?!

            I’m visible in Olive Kitteridge (available on HBO Go or HBO Now), episode 4, near the 30 minute mark, in the airport scene. I’m in the other security line adjacent to Frances McDormand. I got to use my own luggage! (I’m the bald guy.)

          7. Also, it’s a pretty fun time if you get the chance to do it, and are also in a scene where stuff is actually happening.

          8. I thought very hard about doing crowd work in Moneyball with my kid, but decided not to because all the shooting was in the dead of night. I really wish I had done it.

          9. I had the opportunity to do a few more days of night shooting on Ghostbusters but couldn’t due to my actual job, and was bummed about it. I would have gotten to be in the metal show scene and also got to be one of the military soldiers brought in at the end.

          10. That’s awesome — can you been seen in the movie? I admit I had no desire to see the remake. To some people I know that apparently meant I was anti-feminist.

          11. Not that I could tell. I’d need to like, watch it frame-by-frame, but I think the shot starts about a second or two after I’d already left the shot.

      2. I know Erika Christensen from Parenthood. Because that show was awesome and I don’t care how many people make fun of me for it (Including my husband)

    2. I have not listened to the podcast yet. Since I regularly go to conventions, I’ve met many in the wild. I have to ask though who is David Price? If he’s a sports figure, I pretty much won’t recognize the name.

      While I did not actually meet her, my hubby met Whitney Houston sort of. She is from NJ and had a house in Madison (a fairly wealthy town) or Lake Hopatcong (some of it is wealthy. I think she was originally from Newark. As part of a Star Trek (yes I am a geek) club we were in, we dressed up as men and women in black for one of the Men in Black movies doing a recruiting event at a theater. My husband is very, very tall and at the time was very slim, and in a suit, with the right shades, he can look official. He was carrying a silver sprayed supersoaker so it looked like one of the giant guns and we had various oddities painted so they looked like equipment used by the Men in Black. At the theater in Morristown, New Jersey, he stood in the back of the theater like something was happening while I went and sat down because I do not look official at all and the theater was getting crowded. Whitney came in to see the movie wearing a white Gilligan hat a couple of minutes into the previews so no one saw her. She came up to him and said he looked cute and then went and sat down.

      Later, walking back to the car, many people came up to us asking if there was some kind of security issue because they thought the super-soaker was real and he was from the government. (As an aside, the Secret Service did have an office in the same set of buildings at the time. I worked there and these huge guys (no women at the time) used to come in with bags where you just knew there were big guns)).

      1. I’m a little bored right now waiting for my boss to review something so I can leave for the day. Sorry for the long post.

      2. 1. He’s a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

        2. My gut instinct was that Whitney was from Texas. And then I knew why that was wrong.

        3. I think it’s safe to say we’re all geeks here.

        4. That’s cool that she approached your husband because most encounters are the other way around. What super soakers were you using that the convincingly passed as real guns? Most I’ve seen look like they belong in a cartoon (kinda like MIB guns)

        1. It was painted silver so from a distance I suppose it could pass. I do not remember the brand. Up close, probably no as convincing.

    3. My only real celebrity stories are as follows: My family was driving through Atlanta on route to Orlando and we see a cream colored Rolls Royce driving slightly ahead of us. My dad remarked that we were likely passing an Atlanta celebrity. We looked at the driver and we passed and it turned out to be Ted Turner.

      I was also within inches of Richard Benjamin (director of My Favorite Year). His daughter was starring in a play at a local theater and we passed each other entering and exiting the men’s room.

      I also unknowingly had a conversation with a man at a Mexican restaurant who turned out to be former Michigan State head football coach George Perles.

    4. I used to live on the same street, maybe 100 yards away, from Aki Hoshino. I doubt any of you except maybe @Purplerockmatt knows who that is, but if you were Japanese you’d be pretty impressed.

    5. This is a fun thread.

      I remember I was out with 3 girlfriends seeing “Hairspray” on Broadway in 2005, and we were right by the Ziegfeld theater where they were having the premier for, I believe, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. There were about a hundred Daniel Radcliffe fan-girls waiting to see if they’d come out. At this point, presumably, the movie was being shown and nothing was going on. But we did glimpse Dolly Parton being escorted into the theater. We never realized how SHORT she was!

      That was only the 2nd best part of the night. Kevin Meaney (RIP) was in the show, and we waited by the stage door and I got to watch two of my best friends ask him to say “That’s not right!”. It made his day since nobody knew who he was, and they giggled like 7 year old girls.

      Most of my other celebrity interactions have been at a stage door from broadway shows. After Cabaret, I got to say hi to Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams. Everyone KNOWS how amazing Alan Cumming is, but Michelle was a pleasant surprise, and she was sweet and seemed genuinely touched by people’s kind comments. Ken Wantanabe was also a great sport with my daughter after seeing “The King and I” last April.

    6. I was riding or driving in a car in the east side neighborhood of Milwaukee when I saw a truly remarkably dressed individual, from behind. He had long, greasy black curly hair, was wearing like a backwards black kangol type hat, sunglasses, and a ridiculous blue and yellow like bowling shirt with a glowing virgin Mary printed on it, and black jeans. I elbowed my buddy and said something like “get a load of this guy” as he began to pose for a picture on the street corner, I assumed because the people wanted a photo with such a gaudy individual. Whe the light changed and we drove past him, it was clear that it was Carlos Santana. “Oh Shit that was Santana!” and we laughed our heads off that we we’re giggling at his outfit.

      Also, because my friend’s Dad owned a car dealership, he would give a rookie on the Sox and a rookie on the Cubs a car every year in exchange for a bunch of tickets in the player’s family section behind home plate. After a Cubs-White Sox game in 2006, the famous one where Michael Barrett punched AJ Pierzynski in the face, we got to go in the player’s entrance after the game to meet Boone Logan and Carlos Marmol, the rookies who got cars that year, but since it was a high profile game there real celebrities there too, and I shook hands with Rod Blagojevich and Bernie Mac. Bernie Mac was wearing a blue velvet jumpsuit, and the back of the jacket had embroidered into it “Who Dat?!” then a cartoon picture of Bernie Mac, then “It’s Bernie Mac!” Some fantastic clothing from Bernie.

      Also then-governor of Mississippi Kirk Fordyce did like a media appearance on my neighbors lawn in our tiny town of Gautier, Mississippi. I jumped up and down behind him trying to get on camera because I was like 8.

  5. I’m glad Andy mentioned SCTV, as I have had Martin Short singing “Pardon me miss, but I’ve never done this with a real live squirrel/Pardon me miss but I’ve never been kissed by a real live squirrel” before he is mauled by a cougar stuck in my head all week, and that opens the window for me to mention it.
    Part of me wants Adam to be booted soon, and part of me wants Adam to stick around so he can keep digging his hole deeper and deeper. Like, Adam is already where Tai was at during final tribal in terms of how everyone else in the game views him, and Adam still could have four or five episodes to go to make things so, so much worse!

    1. Though Tai was well-liked and overall non-threatening. Adam is (maybe?) drawing dead in the same way, but his strategic volatility makes everyone more on edge.

  6. I will follow Andy’s lead in choosing a woman from an older season as the most underrated player. Julie Berry from Vanuatu! She had great social game. She did a great job integrating herself into the men’s tribe with Twila during the tribe swap. She figured out that Twila had a final 4 deal with the men and lied to Twila by telling her that they made the same deal with her, making Twila stick with the women’s alliance which gave them the numbers in the post merge. She also had the smallest target on her back when the Chris/Eliza/Twila/Scout alliance formed. Julie also nearly got Chris to flip to her and Eliza at final 5, despite her probably being the biggest threat to win. Too bad she dated Probst so she will never return.

    1. I watched seasons 1-9 (and 11 and 12) after I’d been hanging around Survivor fans for a while. Usually when I watched a season I already knew the winner, recognized the names of some major players, etc. When I watched Vanuatu I was mystified that I’d never heard of Julie (and that she’d never come back), so this pick makes a lot of sense to me.

      1. Yeah until you find out she dated Jeff like straight after it makes no sense Eliza came back but she didn’t. Then it makes sense.

    2. I like this pick. Julie had a great social game, but I never got the impression that Chris ever seriously considered breaking from Twila and Scout. He was fully aware of the great situation he stumbled into there.

  7. I think Will goes out first next week because that can flush out Jay’s idol and Will has been so invisible that double elimination victim is practically written on his forehead.

  8. I was also thinking Becky from Cook Islands for underrated non-winner. When the question came up, she was whom I first thought of, so I was pleasantly surprised when Andy picked her.

    I like the “Touchy Subjects” challenge because it’s one of the only challenges that focuses on the social aspect of the game (as opposed to the physical and mental). It’s always interesting to see how everyone views everyone else. I’m not sure I’d want to win, because if I was aware of the social dynamics of the tribe, I wouldn’t necessarily want everyone to know about that.

    1. The key to breaking that challenge is to just choose yourself for everything. Or, as the SJDS crowd did, just decide in advance who you want to win.

      1. One guy did this in Australian Survivor. He picked himself for all the negative ones and picked the top guys for the positive. He nearly won. The winner was actually an idiot who seemed to be pissing off everyone by being honest.
        Also SJDS was a trivia contest not a burn book.

      2. I kinda liked how Big Brother did it during HoH challenges, where they did ‘Majority Rules’. For each question, you pick the answer that you believe everyone else will pick, and you’re right if the majority chooses the same answer as you.

    2. Rob had the right idea in Amazon for this challenge – he deliberately guessed the wrong answer every time so he never had a chance to chop someone’s rope and get anyone mad at him.

      1. You sure that was Rob? Because Rob won that challenge in Amazon. Also, they didn’t have any ropes to chop; it was just the first to get 5 right would win.

        1. Oh wait, I was thinking of the challenge where you had to answer trivia questions about the Amazon right, but if you got an answer right you got to chop someone’s rope (3 chops and you’re out). I can’t remember if it was on the show or his commentary but he said he knew that getting even one answer right was dangerous because he didn’t want anyone mad at him for chopping their rope so he deliberately got all of the questions wrong.

          You’re right about the “Touchy Subjects” challenge – Rob won that one (his only individual win).

      1. There is but one Neat Lady of Survivor and that is … MONICA (imagine it said the way she uses her name in the 3rd person).

  9. I’m thinking that maybe Jay is like Boston Rob in that he can’t play from the bottom. I’m not confident that Jay can work his way out of this. I think he needed to keep his alliance strong and let his charm do the work.

    I’m not nearly as high on him as you guys, I think he has some of the worst parts of Spencer the first time around. He is such a sore loser! All his muttering after tribal about “smart move to be on the bottom” calling GenX a cesspool, and when people were pointing out at tribal that they had all been on the wrong side and he acted like a straight up brat down to petulant faces….

    He does have good moments, I like that he said he wasn’t there to screw around and I thought he was really understanding with Sunday.

    …. But then he is pretty condescending with Hannah.

    I get that he was trying to bury Adam at tribal but it’s never a good play to get self-righteous about morals when you are guilty of what everyone is upset over.

    1. I see lots of good elements in his game, but like you, also so many bad elements. He’d probably be much better as a returning player, if he matures a bit, and reflects on where he went wrong this time.

  10. I actually enjoy the challenges a fair amount. Kind of an embarrassing confession: back in the dark middle phase of my Survivor fandom, when Russell Hantz (among other things) was driving me away from Survivor, I would sometimes skip ahead to the challenges because I found them kind of mesmerizing even when I didn’t care about anyone. I think I watched some of Gabon and a lot of Nicaragua this way, and probably tried it in Samoa and Redemption Island before bailing on those seasons entirely.

    1. i enjoy the challenges when i’m watching them, but they rarely stick in my mind. they are an integral part of the game, so enjoying them shouldnt be shameful

  11. I would like to add that I did admit that Jay and Taylor gaslighting Adam is one of those things that are bad to do in real life but can be advantageous in the game. And that Adam is very very bad at the game.
    It just gives me teenage flashbacks

    1. Yeah I was going to post something similar.

      This is how I saw it:
      1) Jay/Taylor catch Adam off guard. They include ONE piece of truth.
      2) Adam owns up to that piece of truth, and is immediately on the defensive trying to explain it
      3) Jay/Taylor KEEP Adam on the defensive by piling on other pieces of half-truths
      4) Jay/Taylor watch Adam flail because they know Adam can’t STAND people thinking he’s dishonest or untrustworthy.

      I think Adam is a person who tends to care too much about what people think of him, and wants to be seen as a noble/honest person. This is intensified by his knowledge of the importance of the social game of Survivor. I share this tendancy to care too much, and it is one of the many reasons I’d be AWFUL at Survivor. So as much as it was entertaining gameplay, and right on point for making Adam look like a fool, I couldn’t help but feel for him.

      At least he didn’t cry, because seriously, you guys — RAGE TEARS ARE A REAL THING!

      1. “Adam owns up to that piece of truth, and is immediately on the defensive trying to explain it”

        Defensive AND tries to downplay it. When he admits to his advantage he says “if I lose the reward, I can play my advantage and it will be like I won it” (or something close to that). He tried to get away with not saying “I will be stealing it from someone else”. Taylor made sure to clarify.

        1. Taylor is right to clarify, he needs to dig Adam a grave. Adam’s moves here are to throw it in the fire, explain calmly that he only kept the reward as a way to try and reconnect with Taylor and then throw it in the fire again.
          I feel I would be as bad as Adam, although I have experience of agreeing with politicians whilst thinking they were complete morons which might help.

  12. Just wanted to add that for the longest time, I kept mixing up Jay, Taylor, and Will. I have since decided that Jay is the guy that looks like a less muscle-y Jon Snow.

    (I’m almost done with Season 4 of Game of Thrones… I was going at a pretty decent pace at the end of the summer, but my progress has been slowed by the television season starting…)

    Have you guys ever done a “how would these characters on do on Survivor?” That could be fun…

    1. I was just thinking about “How would Westworld characters do on Survivor?”

      EDIT: I’m not caught up on the latest episode. Please no one spoil it (can’t be too safe on the Internet).

        1. Is that a hint at something? Did Maeve set Westworld on fire? Oh god, it’s all burned down hasn’t it?

  13. As for the most underrated players the correct answers are:
    Becky Lee
    Holly Hoffman
    Dawn (but I agree the tide is turning)

    I do like the call on Malcolm, he got a lot of deserved respect for Philippines because he would have won had he got to the end but Caramoan and Joe have sullied his reputation. He is no Joe; Joe doesn’t know how to play the game, he’s a better at challenges Savage from all the stories from the season (enough that I believe it, multiple players have mentioned he was bossy and a bit self-righteous), Malcolm knows how to play and knows how to play around his physicality to some extent, Joe thinks he should be rewarded for it.

    1. Here’s another contender: Colby Donaldson.

      People have basically rewritten what kind of player he was in the Australian Outback due to his return appearances and the shifting standards of the game.

        1. That’s definitely the case against him, although the show and public reaction to the players was drastically different at that time.

          1. If public reaction is one of the criteria, then I must unfortunately nominate Rupert. He basically won Survivor without winning Survivor.

          2. I reject the narrative that he took Tina because of ‘how it would look’. Even if he takes Keith and wins, he would have been as big a star out of the most watched season of survivor. A ‘good’ guy winning the most watched season after 5 immunity wins. Pretty much the first prototype for your quintessential casual fans’ favorite.
            It is much more likely that he ended up taking Tina because of the whole atmosphere the season was played in with the good guys vs bad guys narrative that would make a modern survivor fan puke (something which has added to that season not aging well). I agree with Andy that Colby does not get credit for strategic decisions in that season, but it is just that I don’t think all of them were good. Choosing Tina’s alliance over Jerri’s at multiple times during the season was not the best call.

      1. This is fair. And because he was so so sad in HvV. His Australian Outback performance is very very good but as we all know the last impression you leave is how you will be remembered and HvV Colby was just so sad.

      2. I was thinking the same thing – at the time. This was an Alpha guy that no one was gunning for. Nowadays, he’d be in danger toward the end of the premerge pretty much every time he did not have immunity.

    2. I am glad that the tide is turning on Dawn. I agree that she lost because of faults in her own game but she still make key strategic plays in the game using the social connections she had, which ended up benefiting Cochran. I know this site is in the bag for Cochran but I do find his win as the most overrated one in the sense that other weak wins get a correct reading from most fans.

      1. She allowed Cochran to use her own emotional connections and didn’t do a good enough job of explaining that those relationships were real but would have stopped her getting to the end so in the context of the game she had get rid of them.

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