Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X preview

It’s time to apply broad generalizations to entire generations based on a sampling of 10 people! Welcome to the Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X cast preview!


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X preview

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Andy and John are back together to preview the theme and contestants for the 33rd season of Survivor. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • The sheer genius of the theme that we certainly don’t think is really stupid or anything.
  • First impressions of the cast as a whole.
  • They sure do seem to like Jesus, don’t they?
  • All 20 members of the cast, young and less young.
  • Andy gives Will a nickname
  • Who we think will be the first boot.
  • Who we think will win.

There’s 20 people to talk about, so this is a long one. Don’t worry; we have no intention of making this a regular occurrence.

155 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X preview

  1. For the record, what every Millennial dude here actually thought when Andy said “Xerox of a Xerox of a Xerox” was “It’s ‘a copy of a copy of a copy.’ Know your Fight Club.”

    1. This Millennial dude was screaming “SIMULACRUM! THE WORD YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS SIMULACRUM!” Or simulacra, for multiples.

        1. When Edward Norton says that line the shot is of him standing over a copier. Watch Fight Club, old man. (Don’t watch Fight Club. Watching Fight Club in your mid 30s is probably a terrible idea.)

          1. 1.) Underoos weren’t a thing for Millennials. They stopped existing.

            2.) You don’t think I had a VHS copy of Fight Club in high school?

          2. In the olden days we thought it was cute to have little kids sing pop songs. In retrospect, maybe it was kinda creepy.

          3. (after enough of this season is aired to prove us correct about how much millennials are awful)

            “I am Andy’s complete lack of surprise.”

  2. Finally, that all first boot season we have all been clamoring for! I like that Andy admits that he is talking out of his ass about Nicaragua because one of the best parts of the season (verrrry high bar to clear of course) is the cross generational alliances between the Fabio, Benry?, Marty and Dan Lembo alliance and the Jane, Holly, Sash and Chase alliance.

    Also to be fair to the youngsters, it’s pretty easy to imagine Julia winning Kaoh Rong if Aubry doesn’t flip Tai. I don’t have the same faith in Will though…

    I am hopeful for the season! I think I like the cast. Probst likes it, which means nothing, but he did say that he thinks the game evolves again so we shall see. The title will make me want to put it low on rankings, but it’s nice to imagine a world where hearing the title will somehow be as pleasant as hearing someone say “Pearl Islands”.

      1. Holy shit, I was going to joke that the best part of Nicaragua was when they previewed the next season at the reunion, but the next season was Redemption Island…

          1. I kind of liked the show cutting away from Holly’s “sacrifice” speech to show Benry repeatedly muttering to NaOnka that she should give up the reward.

      1. I think the FCC job came after the show. But the FCC job was also probably lawyering.

        Related, I realized the answer to the question Andy was struggling with on the podcast. The other Jessica with a stupid nickname is Flicka.

        1. I’m still not finished with my first-watch of Cook Islands (half the finale and the reunion to go), and not only did I forget Flicka’s real name is Jessica, I forgot Flicka was even on this season.

          1. Post Borneo, Flicka, Ozzy,and Cao Boi is probably the largest contingent of one tribe that really thought they were playing Outdoor Wilderness Adventure.

          2. Speaking of copies of copies of copies of character types, there sure were a lot of alterna-girls in those middle seasons.

          3. I suspected you were gonna say Courtney Marit, but I’d lump her in more on the hippie side than the alt side.

          4. Probably too fine a distinction, considering that we’re talking about a show that considers Filipino-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-Americans basically the same.

          5. I’m talking about the middle years, but it is interesting that WA cast both an alt-girl and a female nerd, which reinforces the feeling that the latter has replaced the former as a character type.

          6. Well obviously there are many memorable people in this cast, but the people you don’t remember are pretty dire. That’s Cook Islands in a nutshell: the things that are good about it are very good, but the things that are bad about it are very, very bad. It’ll probably end up in the middle or slightly below in my season ranking. Only the third season where my ranking sharply differs from the site’s (All-Stars and Vanuatu are the other two).

  3. When John started talking about being congratulated for being a dad who goes grocery shopping I busted out laughing because my mom has straight up sat in the car while I went in to do the shopping, that’s how much she hates the grocery store.

      1. I don’t… hate the grocery store, although I currently live in an urban area with a very cramped grocery store that’s susceptible to idiots who don’t know what they’re doing blocking up the aisles.

        The issue is that my mom can’t cook or shop for food. It’s always been my dad who did that, and he taught me to do those things. When he’s out of town for work, I go over to my parents’ house and cook for her because she can’t feed herself. I love her to death, but anything involving food… she’s just lost.

        That’s what I find funny about this.

  4. Just from looking at the height differences in that photo, it’s fitting how the GenX tribe resembles a typical basketball team from 5-10 years ago, with clearly defined roles and many different player types, while the Millenial tribe looks like a modern small ball team, where everyone could play small forward.

    Other thoughts before I start listening:
    There isn’t a single player that jumps out to me for a winner pick. I find it even hard to tell who will be the favorites of the field, despite listening to a few preview podcasts already.
    I decided on my pick 4 team (Bret, Ken, Michaela, Mari) after watching the videos for the first time and it wasn’t that difficult to come up with four names I kind of like (even had a pool of 8-10 to choose from, which helped a lot, when I saw the first team in the table was the exact team I decided on before logging in to make my picks), but it seems everyone comes with some warning signs of differing sizes, and the next podcast crushed what little confidence I had in the two picks I felt best about right away, so I’m pretty sure there will be some changes to my team after wednesday.
    (In fact, if your team looks a lot like mine and you want to add Zeke, better act quick!)

    Finding someone on the older tribe, whose chances I like, was especially hard. I ended up with two on my team, but they were two of only 2 1/2 X-ers in my pool.
    I like the young tribe better individually and in the pre-merge, but as far as a winner pick goes, let’s just say I’m ready for the surprise announcement of a third tribe and 16 extra days, or returning players X+Y as team captains. Many of them show some promise, but just as much potential for an early demise.

        1. Greg Ostertag works even better.

          Either way, rolls of the tongue much better than what CBS/Probst/Burnett came up with.

          1. And his little brother, Kostas, I assume, in order to make a bunch. My Alma Mater recruited hiim for a hot second.

  5. Thanks for the preview, gents.

    Gotta say, this evacuation tease makes me wonder if we’re in for Survivor: Small-Town Rec Center. Of course, Probst will insist on keeping the challenges and “hidden” immunity idols.

      1. In today’s bit of Canucksplaining:

        The word is spelled Canuck. You Americans don’t even know your neighbours well enough to get their slang term spelled right. Or hockey teams I guess.

      1. I think that’s the point. If they keep lowering the ‘nerd’ bar, they’ll eventually just get to normal people who are slightly odd. Like you.

          1. Wow, all of Nicaragua and part of RI in the time it’s taken me to watch the last four episodes of Cook Islands (although to be fair, I’m also watching Australian Survivor).

          2. Amy you are plenty cute and woefully under-appreciated (Sotto voce: but maybe don’t stand right next to Rashida Jones and Tina Fey all the time, y’know?).

      2. Emma is def too cute to get cast in that Sophie/Aubry/Hannah role. TBH I’m surprised Survivor casts them as they are not very traditionally attractive.

  6. On Inside Survivor a little while ago, Julia from Kaoh Rong did an assessment of each castaway and predicted how they’d do. I loved this little bit on Will: “First words: ‘Bitch stole my title.’ Second thoughts: Yeah, I’m salty.” It has nothing to do with anything, I just like it.

    It’ll be interesting to see how things will turn out–no clear favourites from what I can tell (but I suck at reading people, so don’t take my word for it). I haven’t really watched any of the videos (except the Jeff Probst assessment one which is always a good basis for choices, and I don’t remember it anyway) and skimmed the bios. My choices for pick-4 are based on very little information, and I don’t know if I want to watch the other videos, ’cause then I’ll just panic and worry about my choices (like this podcast isn’t doing that now). I’ll do the sensible thing and panic when the season premiere comes, frantically changing my picks as soon as the episode ends like everyone else.

    1. I also don’t research and make picks based on instinct, so you’re in good company ’cause I fucking rule.

      1. I also did no research and only looked at 4 bios. Fuck it, I did loads of research last time and my pick 4 was a disaster.

  7. How did you not mention the dragons!!???? Michelle is completely insane.

    “I love studying science and history, but I’ve obviously learned nothing about either because I still believe in dragons.” Add in a touch of religious nut-jobbery and we have Coach-level delusion potential.

    1. Come back Monday for my blog post. I intentionally avoided discussion of it in the podcast because I didn’t want to step on my own jokes.

    2. Yeah, I had a note about her calling herself a skeptic, but obviously not knowing what the word meant. But the convo drifted elsewhere.

  8. Winning the game is a good prize (Chris is my winner pick) but what the contestants are really competing for is my love. One of these people will join the likes of Natalie Anderson, Wentworth, and Cydney as the player who I consistently sing the praises of. The player who I highlight all of their quotes, root for their accomplishment and somehow bring them up in nearly every discussion to almost the point of creepiness. This season’s leading contenders are David, Hannah, Lucy, Mari, Michaela and Zeke. Hannah is the leader in the clubhouse but anyone these players could receive the Black Dynamite Stamp of Approval. An award I just made up but is already nearly as powerful as being named Sole Survivor.

          1. “…Dan is Rupert.” “Dan’s not here to steal shoes; He came to steal hearts” All that article is missing is emoji.

            Of course, other people made poor choices that season as well.

          2. I originally assumed that was going to be a thread with 100 comments or so and I just happened to comment way more back then.

            No, it’s just I was commenting on this site before most people got here.

  9. I also thought we were Gen Y. Gen X was my older brother, the Singles, Reality Bites age group. But somewhere along the way, I guess people decided Gen Y didn’t quite take and to roll it all into X? I don’t know, but now I have Generation Dissociative Disorder.

    1. Gen X originally meant the kids born after the baby boom but before the boomers themselves started having kids en masse. So very roughly 1960-1975. Gen Y was the kids of the boomers. But when the idea of a Millennials generation took hold, Gen-Yers who couldn’t plausibly be described as having grown up with the Internet got reclassified Gen X, and Gen X kind of lost all meaning.

  10. I’m glad Andy refuses to let the whole ‘GenX knows what it means to do hard work!’ thing go. Most other outlets are at most slightly befuddled by this line of thinking.

    If anything, people younger than me (I am in the purgatory age of 32) seem to really have the hustle. Working multiple jobs and having other schemes just to make ends meet. Millennials are super entrepreneurial, creative, and just are used to the struggle. GenX-ers kind of just fell into standard jobs before they became impossible to find and have held onto them (this isn’t to say they don’t work hard, because that’s what people who are adults tend to do).

    1. as a high end of what Survivor considers a Millennial (despite most sociological standards say 1980 births are the beginning) I feel like the real divide is those who left college/school pre banking crisis. My brother is 3 years older than me and went into teaching at 21 and now has a very good well paid job that he has been progressing in for 12 years. I was unemployed for a year after graduating, I have jumped job to job and had periods without employment ever since. I am now looking at yet another end of contract job search at the end of this month.

      1. FWIW, I graduated university right when the US economy tanked at the end of the first Bush administration, and Gen-X was just starting to become a thing in the culture (the Douglas Coupland book and Slacker came out around that time). It obviously wasn’t of the same magnitude as the GFC, but we also supposedly were going to have our career prospects permanently hampered. It didn’t work out that way.

    2. I’m glad they said what I’ve been saying for years: When we were the Millennials’ age, we Gen-Xers actually had a damn movie made about us called “Slacker”! It’s mostly just a function of age, not the so-called “generation” you were born into. Yes, generations have certain particulars that may shape them a bit (Gen-Xers really were born in the demographic trough after the baby boom, so we were 20 to a class and had way more slightly dated playground equipment and textbooks than we needed, but we were also hopelessly crowded out in the culture by entitled boomers on one end and their bratty kids on the other; Millennials really did grow up with Internet access and all that entails). But for the most part there’s a generation of singletons entering the workforce and/or doing the grunt work, there a generation raising families and at the peak of their careers, and there’s a generation of empty-nesters near retirement age. Today, it’s Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Boomers, but 20 years ago it was Gen-Xers, Boomers, and Greatest Generation-ers. But the criticism of the generations of each other is the same except for the particulars (“these damn kids addicted to TV” turns into “these damn kids addicted to video games” turns into “these damn kids addicted to smartphones”). What boggles my mind is that people who really should know better continue to buy into it as the move up into the next age group.

      1. Yeah, we’re the generation that created the term McJob. We were the Microserfs. We certainly weren’t slaves to our work.

    3. Seriously. The millennials in my office are ones that stay late – all the 30-50 year olds are out of here right at 5.

  11. I’m only half way through, but for every other player, John describes them, and Andy says he thinks they may be the first boot. How many people are being eliminated in the first episode?

  12. I only started watching Survivor during the last season and then found the podcast, during the off season all I have really watched is this show 😅

    I’ve watched 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 30, 31 since 32 (whole seasons I’ve found easily) ended and not even in that order (I watched Parvatis 3rd season, then 1st and yet to see her second) I haven’t watched reunions tho, I even find that the spoilers don’t really ruin anything.

    Really looking forward to watching a season week to week while listening to you guys with more of an understanding of the game!

    1. I found the purple rock spoiler free rankings, cheers guys! I have watched the top five without even knowing so thought I should watch a lower rated season, I’m just finishing up the Vanuatu reunion! ( So glad new Destiny updates are out so I can freely watch as much Survivor as I want until I have to go to work!).

      Not as bad as I was expecting, do I dare brave season 21 next?!

      1. Yeah, I find Vanuatu to be pretty good and it does have some fans. Go for it! If you can survive the Fiji pre-merge, you can survive anything. It’s a complete mess and doesn’t have any good strategy, but it’s not actively boring. That said, if you wanted to brave a bad season that will be more likely to be referenced in discussions around here, One World (24) might not be a bad choice.

    2. Since this I’ve watched 17, 22, 27, 29 and currently watching finale of 4. I’m so behind on all my other shows as i’m so addicted!

  13. Long time AV club lurker, infrequent poster there and here. I hear they are dumping us. Is this where the Generation War will be waged over the next couple months?

    Send me a page when its time to start, I will give you a call from the Blockbuster payphone.

    1. I’ll page you with 911 so you know it’s important. And yes, this is where we’ll be gathering to put The Youths in their place.

    2. I’m sad the AVC reviews got dropped. I know it’s partly our fault, but still. I’ll miss Carrie’s take.

  14. You guys are nearing Aaron Sorkin levels of flattering your audience. (But I agree we are all WONDERFUL.)

    Cansplaining? Eh? Eh?

      1. The basic argument was Aubry was a lesser copy of Shirin. You called her part of the lessening of the nerd girl archetype.
        Shirin 1.0>Shirin 2.0>Aubry>Hannah

        (Though I understand from John’s perspective saying she’s a lesser version of Shirin is not at all an insult.)

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