Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 1-3

Time to begin the next Survivor Watch-Along, in which we watch a previous season of the show and invite you all to watch along with us. This time, we’re discussing the first three episodes Survivor: Philippines. And we have two new hosts to do it with. (Phrasing).

NOTICE: Because this podcast is unedited, there are some curse words throughout. Those listening with younger people around may choose not to this time.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Survivor Philippines episodes 1-3

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Emma and Matt are taking over the podcast to talk about one of their all-time favorite seasons of Survivor. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Ourselves.
  • The elephant in the room.
  • The tragedy that is the Matsing tribe.
  • Malcolm and Denise: Great pair or greatest pair?
  • Why Jeff Kent hates Jonathan Penner.
  • Why you should never promise crazy an alliance.
  • Whether Survivor or being a child star in the ’80s is more difficult.
  • Karma punishing Mike Skupin before society did.
  • Our new segment for this rewatch.

Thanks for watching along with us!

484 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 1-3

  1. Only seeing Matt here in this live stream while Emma is just this omniscient voice in these proceedings.

        1. At least something does.

          Come on, that was an underhand pitch straight over the plate. Someone had to swing at it.

  2. I’ve watched all three episodes in the past week and still have a hard time remembering that Angie’s name isn’t Julia or Jennifer or Juliet.

        1. Veronica isn’t here. Her doctor called. He had her pregnancy report and told her that she got knocked up.

          1. (Wait, are you joking around about one person or are there two McGees with different disparaging nicknames and I have misplaced one of them?)

          2. I always forget that Quits McGee’s actual last name is McGee. Isn’t “Boobs McGee” a well-known joke name, like Hooty McBoob?

          3. Morgan went far into the game. Plus she showed promise with her lie to her tribe in the first episode about what she found when she got to the camp first. But she never built upon that smart gameplay.

            Julie and Angie never showed any good gameplay.

  3. It wasn’t Dawson, it was Roxy. I just want to correct that now to show that people tune in to Emma and Matt and not to John and Andy.

    1. Thank you, not for the correction, but for doing it in a way that praises me and Emma and not John and Andy

    2. I’m still waiting for the overnight ratings so we can compare the Emma/Matt episode to the John/Andy episode.

      I hope it’s won’t be like Moonlighting where they would have a Curtis Armstrong and Alyce Beasley episode every now and then (because Willis and Shepherd were either working on outside projects or refusing to work with each other that week) and the ratings for those episodes would plummet because viewers wanted to see the main stars.

  4. I’ll watch this tomorrow. But for now …

    Episode #1

    “I think the world saw that me falling in the fire was my greatest failure.” And so begins the Mile Skupin Inappropriate In Retrospect game for this season.

    Russell is on the Matsing tribe. And so begins the 4 episode discussion of The Intentional Matsing Strategy.

    I forgot about when Jeff would say at the start of the game that hidden immunity idols were in play. The first season he didn’t say this, did the players all think “There are no idols this season!”?

    Look how nice Artis is to Skupin. That won’t last.

    Carter jumps off the boat with a chicken in one hand and keeps it out of the water. If that’s the only impressive thing he does this season then … what’s that? It is? Oh well.

    Russell tells his tribe he doesn’t want to be the leader this time. Cut to the next scene …

    I miss sane Abi.

    On a 6-person tribe you make alliances with every person. How could this possibly go wrong?

    If nothing else this rematch has reminded me how much I love the Malcolm/Denise alliance. That hug after he tells her about Zane’s alliances and her little dance!

    Petebro talking about accident prone Skupin. “We’ll see when we get fire what happens.”

    According to the Survivor Wiki the players were given face paint before the challenge, which is why they look like they do when they come in for the challenge.

    The immunity chickens!

    Russell plans strategy for the challenge. Even watching this the first time I knew where this was going.

    “I told you I’m not good at puzzles.”

    We come back after the post-challenge commercial and OH MY GOD IT’S A SNAKE IN MY FACE ABOUT TO ATTACK ME!

    The old “we lost because of me so vote me out but secretly I want you to vote for someone else” strategy. Wait, it looks like this might actually work.

    Russell is an onion. Like Shrek.

    I remember that Zane quit smoking right before the show but it’s not mentioned until tribal so I thought maybe I was misremembering.

    Zane quotes Ricky Bobby when he votes.

    How could Zane’s foolproof plan of asking to be voted out go so wrong?

  5. Episode #2

    So much for sane Abi.

    I love happy Penner.

    Lisa, maybe the reason you feel like you’re not fitting in is because you left your entire tribe to go sit in the jungle alone.

    OMG Roxy’s speaking in tongues! I forgot about that.

    Abi sits out of the challenge. It begins.

    Denise recognizes that this puzzle is like Tetris.

    Russell shows how much of a fan of the show he is by lambasting his tribe after they lose the challenge.


    1. I love happy Penner.

      “Found it! Found the clue!” the happiness oozing from him makes me happy, and for some reason that short confessional hit the sweet spot for me and I was so glad that they included it in the next PreviouslyOnSurvivor.

      I was surprised we saw Roxy speaking in tongues only once. Maybe there was more in secret scenes, or I meshed that together with all her Jesus-talk in my mind.

    2. I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak in tongues. It’s supposed to be a really trippy feeling because the language centers of your brain just shut all the way down.

  6. Episode #3

    After rewatching these episodes, I completely agree with RC when she refused to return for another season if Abi came back too.

    Carter speaks!

    Wait, an immunity challenge 13 minutes in? Is this a double boot episode?

    I remember Abi sitting out almost every challenge, but for some reason I forgot that her twisted knee was mentioned on the show. I thought it was only mentioned in exit interviews (maybe I’m mixing her up with Brenda in Caramoan).

    RC and Denise are putting everyone else to shame in this challenge.

    Jeff Kent says “This is a me game, not a we game.” Hey that sounds familiar.

    The 4-finger handshake. Jeff Kent is 6 years old.

    The start of the one-sided feud between Artis and Skupin. Again, start making the “ARTIS WAS RIGHT” t-shirts.

    Abi finds the HII and yells “I found it! I found it!” I know everyone else was out clamming but I think she would have yelled that even if everyone was at camp.

    I wish we had a whole season of Malcolm and Denise strategizing and complaining about other players.

    I think it was at this tribal when this first aired that I officially got tired of Russell saying that he was willing to give his life for this game. No you weren’t! You just forgot to rest and drink water!

    At least Russell apologized for making that little girl cry.

    Now who will Malcolm cuddle with? It’s a few more seasons until So Kim doesn’t play and then plays.

    Also, my phone’s auto-correct keeps changing “Abi” to “Abu”.

        1. “Reason we called him Hornacek Two-Times is ’cause he always said everything twice

          1. That’s better than my previous name, Hornacek Tightlips.

            “Hornacek Tightlips, where’re you posting about Survivor?
            “I ain’t sayin’ nothin’.”
            “But what’ll I tell the other commenters?
            “Tell them to suck a lemon.”

      1. Malcolm: The other members of Matsing aren’t half bad.
        Denise: Nope, they’re ALL bad!

        (watching Philippines)
        Malcolm: Boo!
        Denise: Boooo!
        Malcolm: That was the worst season I’ve ever seen!
        Denise: It was terrible!
        Malcolm: Horrendous!
        Denise: Well it wasn’t that bad.
        Malcolm: Oh yeah?
        Denise: Well, there were parts of it I liked!
        Malcolm: Well, I liked a lot of it.
        Denise: Yeah, it was GOOD actually.
        Malcolm: It was great!
        Denise: It was wonderful!
        Malcolm: Yeah, bravo!
        Denise: More!
        Malcolm: More!
        Denise: More!
        Malcolm: More!

    1. I think it was at this tribal when this first aired that I officially
      got tired of Russell saying that he was willing to give his life for
      this game. No you weren’t! You just forgot to rest and drink water!

      Perfect. Specifically that stupid hyperbole of his always bugged me to no end.
      Although if that were to be true and Hot Take #1 from the recent RhaP-episode were also true, Jefe Probst and M.Burnett would know where to start when casting for that season. They could even play with open cards and negotiate a compensation package for his family upfront.

    2. “I remember Abi sitting out almost every challenge, but for some reason I forgot that her twisted knee was mentioned on the show. I thought it was only mentioned in exit interviews (maybe I’m mixing her up with Brenda in Caramoan).”

      1. Yes.
      2. How dare you.

      1. I only meant mixing her up with Caramoan Brenda in that she basically disappeared in that season until the loved ones visit, so much that Rob and Stephen were calling her “Purple Brenda” and during every exit interview Rob would ask “What is Brenda doing?”
        And it was from one of those interviews that someone said that Brenda had hurt her knee (?) during the first episode and that’s why she wasn’t participating in challenges, but that was never said on the show.

  7. Of course Malcolm wants cookies though. The “sleeping situation” shows that pretty clearly.

  8. As a practicing Catholic, I really appreciated Denise’s comments on religion. Of all the things God cares about I don’t think Survivor is on the list. Denise is awesome.

  9. I’m gonna throw Random Notes down before bouncing.

    This was an appropriately chosen rewatch season for the inaugural season of the Jeff Kent Fan Club fantasy league.

    Dawson estimates Jeff’s career earnings at $30M. LOL

    I submit a motion to subtitle this season as Survivor: Philippines – Butterface Island

    “I’m playin’ chess the best way I know how. And hopefully, imma king me.”

    Seeing Carter on Survivor is inspiring. Cuz I’ve got a little ab definition, and Carter got cast with little else besides that.

    I don’t love the constant visuals of Skupin getting injured, but I do love the idea of a constantly injured Skupin.

    1. “I’m playin’ chess the best way I know how. And hopefully, imma king me.”

      It’s a statement that is both wrong and probably very right.

    2. “Dawson estimates Jeff’s career earnings at $30M. LOL”

      I don’t follow sports so I knew nothing (and still don’t) about Jeff Kent besides what I learned through Survivor. But according to the new Funny 155 list, his career earnings are $86M!!!

  10. Who are you, Emma? Attractive means “a slender girl and a buff guy?” Are you not the woman who first directed my attention to the beauty of Samoa Brett?

    Phew, you have distanced yourself from these views by invoking “society.” Thank god.

      1. Sooo cute. He’s just lovely. I’m really indebted to you for bringing him to my attention.

          1. Man, you miss all the dirt when Russell drives you away from a season in the first two episodes. (I did watch eventually go back and watch all of Samoa.)

          2. Oh yeah, I just meant I never bothered to read Samoa press or anything, since I didn’t watch it live and then didn’t particularly care about it.

          3. Coincidentally, Brett used to go to the same church as Laura M. before moving away, and then they wound up on a tribe together.

    1. Emma’s definition of “beautiful” has been highly suspect ever since she vetoed Brian Heidik for the Beauty tribe on the hypothetical All Stars Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty season.

      1. I wasn’t listening then but I fully support Emma in that decision. (I’m learning in our recent discussions that we apparently have almost the exact same type though)

        1. Psychopaths can be beautiful! Poor psychopaths, all the things that they have to deal with in life and now even the beauty of their person-suits are being questioned by judgmental Emma and Maritimer! Tsk, tsk.

      2. I’ve never agreed with her more about anything. He’s so gross and creepy! He looks like Aaron Echolls!

          1. Super fair given my description, but you should probably watch Veronica Mars because it’s great. And apparently you’d think Aaron Echolls was hot.

          2. I know they’re both widely regarded as good-looking, but I just do not go for that brick-shaped head look, especially with sort of puffy, fleshy features on top of it. Yuch. Logan is the only Echolls for me.

          3. I don’t know if you watch iZombie, but Jason Dohring is on it right now and there was a scene where he is totally naked (except obviously strategically shot to cover him since it’s the CW) and it is VERY good.

          4. I’m catching up RIGHT NOW and checked this during a commercial! Big fan of that scene. When Jason Dohring first showed up on iZombie I literally squealed. Although of course I prefer him on Veronica Mars, ’cause I like ’em young. (He’s in his early twenties there, not actually a high schooler, don’t panic anyone.)

  11. As someone who has dated girls like Abi, you either choose to learn your lesson around 28-30 or you never learn it.

    1. 😱 I mean…

      This may be the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen you write.

      *Words fail me*

      1. In case it’s not clear, I’m shocked you’ve ever dating girls like Abi. *shudder*

          1. Wow, it’s been like, 5-6 months since I watched that season, and with all my other watching and PRP-ing, my opinion of that group is almost completely changed. The only person I feel the same about is Abi, which isn’t great for her…

          2. If that five had held together the gap between Cambodia and Game Changers in the ranking would be a lot narrower.

          3. I would actually be A OK with this group of 5 dominating, as long as Ciera or Kass wins. The Kass/Savage arguments and more of Abi Maria & Woo together would be wonderful.

          4. I had to open that just to be assaulted with Dat Ass. She has a big one because she is one. 🙄

      2. I just traded a guy I met in a parking lot car accessories for.. things. Reports that I am good at decision making are vastly overrated.

  12. As someone who is around the same age as Emma, I would freak the fuck out if I saw Blair Warner in person. Facts of Life was awesome viewing for young Denzel.

    1. As someone who is a few years younger than Lisa and watched Facts of Life during its initial run, I was always more into Jo myself.

      1. You must be in my age group then. I was totally and inappropriately into Jo (serious girl crushing) and also her *cough, sure sure she’s straight* boyfriend [George Clooney].

        That said, I would have fangirled all over myself if I saw Blair on a boat next to me!

      1. She’s arguably the character with the biggest arc over all the seasons. I mean I ‘d say she and Jo get more plot lines than Natalie and Tootie.

          1. Blair always made me laugh the most so I think that’s where my fandom comes from. I would more easily be friends with Jo though.

          2. Maybe it’s because we were contemporaries, but she was all the mean girls ever as far as I was concerned.

  13. My favorite thing about Denise is, no matter who is talking or what is being said, she is nodding at them, which must be some sort of therapist tic. I enjoy this because it is something I do as well. What I’m trying to say is, I think I would win survivor because I nod a lot.

    1. It’s soothing and affirming just to watch her have conversations with other people.

  14. I had forgotten how brutal Russell was to Angie at that third tribal council. He completely eviscerated her and does not look good doing it. You are awful at Survivor. Also, no one should be willing to die for this game show. I don’t understand how that is a point of pride for this man.

        1. I just watched the part of Africa where they shoot a cow with an arrow point blank! What a day!

          1. And the cow’s just standing there like nothing’s going on. There’s acceptance of other cultures, but that scene is just weird.

          2. I think I accepted it as a culture that i’m ill-prepared to comment on, but I also didn’t love watching the cow freak out, and I can understand why animal activists would have a problem with that…

          3. One thing about the Masai is that they are great protectors of cows. Rarely eat beef and are really focused on conservation and protecting wildlife in general.It’s hard for me to imagine an animal activist not being down with how Masai treat animals, if they took the time to understand their culture.

          4. These are all things I did not know. What I meant was more that i’m sure there are plenty of people who saw that episode, in particular them shooting a cow with an arrow, and were upset and/or angered about it.

          5. Yeah I remember being a bit traumatized by it when I first watched it, as a wee lad. But then the season became an inspiration to visit Kenya, which I eventually did, and now here I am on an internet forum pontificating about why it shouldn’t be traumatizing to watch. Full circle? Ish.

          6. I had a glass of fresh cow’s blood when I was in Kenya a little while ago, visiting a Masai village. Didn’t watch the arrow part (I’m soft), but the cow was still standing right there in front of me while I drank it. Awkward.

          7. I forgot to mention that they mixed milk in with the blood so that it was a strange pink color. Apparently only real Masai men drink the blood straight. Blood with milk is served to women, children… and I guess tourists like me. But not survivors, if I remember that episode correctly.

          8. Oh good, that makes me happy. I will now revise my memories accordingly. That sentence should also now read “Blood with milk is served to women, children, survivors, and me.” I’m as manly as a survivor!

    1. I imagine Russell Swan (or as he was called during Samoa, “Black Russell”) watching the Kaoh Rong episode where Caleb is medevac’d saying “Now THAT’S a Survivor player!”

    2. I remember saying this as the season was airing, but after those confessionals I remember saying, “No one wants to see you die! This game is not about dying- in fact it’s called the exact opposite of that!”

    3. For some reason I feel guilty for not liking Russell on either of his appearances, but really, just about everything he does on the show bugs me. His histrionics are the only minus for me in this great season. It’s such a relief when he’s finally gone.

        1. It’s my third time watching this season so I think I will treat myself and just fast forward through him from now on.

      1. Don’t feel bad. He was obnoxious in both outings. It was much more fun to watch him go out the way he deserved in Philippines.

  15. I feel like a lot about Malcolm can be explained by looking into his recent past. How is he so hot without being bland and entitled? Why does someone so generally excellent flirt with Angie more than he knows is wise? I have a theory. http://www.dartmouthsports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=591965

    We have only known a Malcolm who was everything Reynold could ever want in a bro, but in his college years he was not the cutest, not the smartest. I’m sure he did fine in college. He’s Malcolm! He’s delightful! But he’s also a guy who hasn’t always been fawned over the way is now, which is probably how he got so delightful. And at 24, he hasn’t quite reached the point where he can ignore the newfound fawning.

      1. If that’s where he found his long hair and stubble look, hell yes. I think losing the football player diet (and training) plus frat bro drinking probably helped. Bulky and clean-cut is just not that boy’s look.

          1. Sure! This conversation just went over my head. Was anyone that on Friday Night Lights? Not that I recall. They all looked pretty good. Hmmm…

          2. As a severely scrawny straight guy who only watches baseball, this was a bit of a reach for me as well.

    1. “Favorite Musical Act: Kenny Chesney”… that was hard to read. I’m going to pretend I never actually read that.

  16. Hey guys, sorry about the camera only showing me. We aren’t entirely sure why that happened and trust me we wouldn’t have chosen me to focus on if we had the choice. We didn’t realize this was happening until right near the end, we’ll figure it out for next week

        1. Yes. Emma is Blackjack and Matt is Hookers. If Matt podcasts with someone else that person will presumably have to be Blow.

          1. Back when we assigned the nicknames, it was agreed that Matt had to be Hookers because if I was it would be sexist.

  17. Penner’s problem is that he treats every interaction as a chance to rationally maximize his potential outcomes, and he doesn’t bother to hide it because he doesn’t understand that the only other person who plays Survivor that way is Brian Heidik.

    He’s really funny though. He’s got that going for him.

    1. I think he gains some points with his tribe (and the viewers) in a later episode when he comforts one of his tribemates (Dana?) who is so weak from the conditions that she is medevac’d/quits the game

    2. But his misreads are what make him so much fun. Philippines is my favorite of his seasons in part because he has so many odd blunders, and his misread on Jeff Kent is so bad that it’s entertaining. They’re like Iago and Othello if the play were a comedy.

      1. Its also Jeff Kent’s fuckup, because Penner really is his ideal ally but hes so hhng up on voting out the returnees that he cant see it.

        Dont get me wrong, it was a smart move on day one, but at a certain point Kent should have asked himself whether he should just work with Penner.

        1. Oh absolutely. It’s maddening because Jeff Kent is *almost* a very good player at this game. He’s the sort of “second chance” person that would be fun to see if he can come back and maybe ease off a bit. He can’t, but it’d be fun to see him try.

          It’d also be fun seeing him in an all-returnee season and simultaneously targeting everyone.

          1. Would watch. Though it would have to be something like “Million dollars gets donated to that players sponsor charity” otherwise it would be such a petty concept (I’m sure some amount of pettiness will be brought to that season regardless). This would also probably open the door to an all-celebrity season, for which i’m all thumbs down.

          2. Yeah. It’s not a winner’s season, in fact, no winners aloud. Just rich, wealthy people fighting for charity. Teams could even be broken down based upon how they got their millions. Like, the entrepreneurs who built their company from nothing, the investors who made money through financial and real estate markets, the rich kids who inherited fortunes. Then we could have some fun generational-esque banter about how “I had to work every day to make my money, and these rich brats were handed a silver spoon” and the younger people being like “Life isn’t all about work, I just want to enjoy the world and sleep in”

            The more sharks from Shark Tank they can get on, obviously the better it will be. Lori would be amazingly entertaining on Survivor. Same with Kevin. and Barbara.

    3. Going back to Rob’s (I think) theory that returnees play like the winner of their season, that makes a hell of a lot of sense, given the interactions Yul and Jonathan had at the merge in particular

      1. Yeah, its probably nore accurate to say that Yul works so well with Penner because they have a similar approach to the game, Yul is just better at it. It’s the same reason he follows Candace when she mutinies – he cant imagine a reason she would do it besides it being optimal strategy.

        1. Yeah, as I was writing I was kind of getting there too – Penner was already like Yul in that regard and its why it worked so well. Unfortunately for Penner, he comes across as sneaky whereas Yul comes across as honest

      2. Especially the interactions Yul had with Penner, where he was very explicit about it since that is actually the best way to work with Penner.

        1. Yeah, Penner seems to respond best when you’re 100% straight with him. If you try to be coy he doesn’t like it.

          1. Unless your name is Lisa Whelchel and you are point blank asking him to be a part of your alliance. Then he suddenly gets shy and coy. There’s only room for one actor in a Penner alliance.

    1. I’m guessing the NFL is more expensive. Which is odd, since CBS is a corporate partner and all.

  18. I rarely give any credence to “Survivor is fake” accusations, but the initial sequence on the boat is awfully fishy:

    Jeff: “Three tribes of 5? Whaaaa?”
    Zane: “I sure hope there are no celebrities this season.”
    Roxy: “I sure hope Russel Swan isn’t on this season.”

    1. the only thing that would have made that better is if when Russell arrived he went “Surprise motherfucker!” or as I call it pulling a Doakes

    2. Not sure how many of these players are fans that have watched most/all season (we know Malcolm, Lisa and Dawson for sure), but I think everyone would have seen enough Survivor to know that they wouldn’t be starting with only 15 players.

      Also, of the previous 3 seasons, 2 of those season had 2 returning players. Even casuals/recruits suspected that the season would include a couple of returning players. And once they found out they were split into 3 tribes, probably everyone assumed there would be 3 returning players.

  19. Fun Fact: The “Survivor I’m Most Like” for the first, second, and third boots were Brandon, Brandon, and Fabio in that order.

    1. I never noticed it. I think RC got a raw deal. She’s smart, athletic (especially good at swimming), and a gamer. Still, she chose to immediately think she could trust Abi so her spidey senses must be damaged.

      1. RC is probably the best female swimmer in Survivor history But, I think there is something in her social game that doesn’t make it to the edit but you can just sense it.

        1. Hmm, I didn’t get that. I felt like Pete and she would have done well if Abi hadn’t convinced him RC was a liar/traitor. Still, Pete made me far more annoyed on every level than RC ever did.

          1. This is so true, and I was so surprised by it that I’m believing what I’m reading in this thread.

          2. She’s not treated very nicely. And she’s also not a very nice person. I much prefer Abi’s insane eyes and joker’s version of a smile to RC’s horrible, horrible fake laugh.

          3. Maybe I was just so horrified and annoyed by Abi that I missed this fake laugh people keep talking about.

          4. I hate her justification for voting for Lisa at FTC. To quote her voting confessional “The minute I got on the raft, I wanted you gone because I knew what a threat you really were, so you certainly deserve this vote.” In other words, you’re getting my vote because you proved me right. Thanks

          5. I can’t be upset about it, because I’m happy Lisa got a vote. She definitely voted better than Carter.

          6. It’s kind of funny to hear justification for votes some of the time. RC’s could have just as easily been that she voted for Lisa because she only knew Denise for a couple days but spent weeks with Lisa. Cydney could have said that she felt a little closer to Michele than she did to Aubry (but would probably never say that because she cares about Aubry.) I suspect both of these might be the real reasons, but they justify it in different ways.

          7. I buy that from Cydney, but I do not buy that from RC because of her confessionals in the early going on Tandang. Had they went to tribal early on, she would have voted for Lisa.

      2. From my memory of this season, I never understood why RC has gotten so much hate from the internet fans since then.* I’m not an RC fan, but I don’t dislike her. I didn’t remember anything she did on the season to deserve such scorn. Didn’t she give an interview post-game where she made some questionable claim about … I can’t remember, didn’t she compare the conditions on Survivor to …something? (it may sound like I’m being coy but I seriously can’t remember what this was)

        I’m paying attention to her during this rewatch to see if I missed something the first time through. So far, I’m not seeing anything bad besides making an alliance with Abi, which seemed like a good idea at the time – how was RC supposed to know that Abi was an unhinged psycho? (oh wait, it’s just cultural, never mind). Plus she killed it in that swimming challenge. And I didn’t have a problem with her laugh.

        * I can understand why the RHAP fans hate her after she beat Kim during the Miss Survivor competition and then did nothing with RHAP during her reign.

          1. On RHAP there was a lot of “Kim and Chelsea split the One World vote” talk, but that is just ridiculous. Who watched One World and thought “You know which of these women would make the best Miss Survivor to represent the show on RHAP? Chelsea!”

            What helped RC is that she had a campaign manager and a lot of people working for her to get out the word for people to vote for her (I think Russell Hantz was on her team). But for Kim and Chelsea, I think all they did was tweet to their own followers to vote for them and that was it. They got steamrolled by RC’s political machine.

          2. Apparently she wanted it so she could say she was Miss Survivor for that year. She didn’t do anything with Rob or the podcast so all she wanted was the title.

          3. (looks up Twitter account) She has her season listed in her bio but now being Miss Survivor – shocking. Although her Twitter handle is @RC_Survivor – a big no-no to have “Survivor” in your handle (according to Rob C).

            And her banner picture is her in the leopard-skin bikini laying down on a beach.

        1. Those feel like comments I would like to see in their original form to properly assess. Too bad.

          1. if it makes you feel better John showed them to me when he first found them and they were as heinous as he represents them to be

          2. It’s incredibly bad. She also condescends to the interviewer about how awful Obama is going to be for Israel.

        2. Eek! Yeah, that was…unwise? Horrible?

          The first one. The second just seems a bit catty and potentially true though Abi’s narcissism means the thought never occurred to her.

          1. Gotcha. I don’t find either very attractive, but I did note that RC has a perfect body for her leopard bikini.

            Personality always influences who I find attractive though…unless that person is Lenny Kravitz or early Jude Law, then it’s…don’t speak.

    1. To strike fear into the hearts of men? To rejuvenate her pores?

      Katie is the brunette right?

        1. I legitimately thought Katie’s name was “Katie Dawson” for a while. I couldn’t figure out why I only knew 17 names from this season.

          1. I think its possible that the Kalabaw women are the most under-edited unit this show has ever seen. Like, I know a lot about Survivor and I possibly would still get Dawson and Katie mixed up if they were standing in front of me. I also couldn’t tell you a thing about any of the three of them, other than that Dawson is the one who tried to make out with Prosbt

          2. IIRC, Katie’s time to shine will be in challenges later on. Ok, maybe she won’t exactly shine, but Jeff P. will make mention of her.
            When I initially watched Philippines (not live) I was pretty excited about Dawson and seeing her buried by the edit like that was a real bummer. I also thought Dana could be cool (if she’d just stop going after Penner!). I assume the two former at least get to talk when the latter is quitevaced?

            Edit talk:
            But the whole Kalabaw women-edit actually makes a lot of sense, given the time-limits of the show. Not only because they’re of no consequence to the post-merge and the focus on the returning players, but their whole tribe plays barely into how this season progresses.
            I haven’t re-watched beyond episode 3 yet, but I was really impressed how much focus the show put on the inner workings of the Tandang tribe in that third episode. Had it aired nowadays, I’d probably complain in the liveblog-comments that there is no suspense about who’s going to tribal (ok, most likely I wouldn’t as I’m usually busy enough reading the liveblog during the broadcast, but that’s what I would have been thinking) with all the strategic movement within and so much conflict set up for Tandang.
            But (if my memories about the season are not totally off) I think this edit really pays off when Tandang on the surface holds all the cards post-merge, but we know they are bursting at the seams and bound to break apart. Then it’s really important to understand the Tandang story, whereas the red tribe got decimated in the two-tribe phase, their remnants quickly gone with the wind after the merge (or named Carter).
            All we need to know about Kalabaw is that they didn’t like Penner, so we don’t blame him for ditching who’s left of them when he gets the chance.
            And of course they couldn’t have cut anything from the Matsing story. Their struggles were entertaining, but also laid the groundwork for the divide-and-conquer-glory that transpired after being dissolved themselves and coming back together.

            These first three episodes were a great reminder for why I loved this season so much in the first place. Usually when I tried to remember what was so great about Philippines, I think about that great merge episode, the Matsing story and that it had Penner, Malcolm and Abi-Maria, but now I think the season-long edit was just as important. Sure, Matsing was handed to them on a plate, but they also made the most of it.

          3. Yeah, The Katie thing is coming up quick
            Dana could have been awesome. Unfortunately the flu does her in. Dawson definitely gets to talk during the quitivac because she talks about jumping Probst. I don’t remember if Katie does
            On the edit: I agree that it makes sense, given the story that had to be told. they don’t end up mattering, nor does the story of Kalabaw really. That said, they could have had just a little bit more exposure. Personally, I could have done with a bit less Russell S but I get that he was instrumental to the Matsing shit-show story

          4. Damn, I forgot there was foreshadowing for “the Kiss”. (apart from her being a big fan)

            I get not wanting so much Russel Swan on your screen, but after everyone spoke so glowingly of him coming out of Samoa, i appreciated every scene that debunked him, and it also made for a good juxtaposition with Malcolm &Denise’s sheer competency.

          5. I also thought he was unbelievably badand without a shred of self-awareness in Samoa, and maybe that’s why I called what very well could have just been people defending him or saying nice things about him as a person “people talking glowingly about him”.

            But just going from my unreliable memories, I think Probst, his former Galu-tribemates (especially Dave Ball comes to mind), possibly some of Rob’s guests at the time and probably some/most of the more facebooky fans I heard from at the time spoke highly of him.
            (I often consider the listener feedback show from the SFP as my window into the minds of the casuals and FB-Survivor fans – which isn’t exactly fair to the hosts and many/most of the participants, but all the more fitting for the rest of them. Plus, they do have a facebook group for that podcast.)

          6. Haha, I just read an old comment from you where you mentioned reading sth. in a facebook group.
            Of course I wondered if that could be the same by any chance, but figured it’s probably the Tribe’s or PoS. I’m in neither, as I don’t frequent FB very much. Like I said, that’s what I got the feedback show for.

            But there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with them! How else would we know what the people on the streets are telling Probst, when they run into him? We don’t live in L.A.!

          7. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to type out something – like “something”, “somebody” or “respectively”.

        2. Hey Gossip Queen, what did Dawson do to get the last name treatment? And are she and Wentworth the only female last-namers?

          1. I believe Dawson just insisted on it because that is how she is referred to in real life.

            Wiglesworth got the last name treatment in Cambodia. Towards the end of BvW, Monica got Culpepper.

          2. In a deleted scene from the premiere, on the boat Jeff calls her “Sarah” and she says “Jeff, I am a superfan of this show and I would love it you called me by my last name, like the other Survivor greats you call by their last name like …” and Jeff interrupts her saying “I already went through this just 2 seasons ago. Whatever.”

          3. Ugh and then Brad stole it from the beginning of Game Changers for literally just showing up being all masculine and shit.

          4. Yep. Pre-game she said she has a friend named Sarah, and that she herself is referred to as Dawson.

            But I wouldn’t put it past her to have made that up only to get last name treatment.

    2. It scares me that I had no clue who you were talking about, and I watched the whole season this week!

      But she’s the beauty pageant gal, right?

  20. Here’s the thing that tickles me the most about Malcolm chosing Denise as his alliance so quickly. Not only is she female, but she’s older. Even in this season we see the whole younger people immediately being annoyed by older people trope, but Malcolm doesn’t roll that way at all. In fact, throughout the season he proves himself adept at appreciating the abilities and deficiencies in all people regardless of gender or age or race. This is something I feel I have very rarely seen from any one on Survivor, let alone a 24 year old fit attractive male.

    Since I don’t have your amazing memories? Who else has ever played this way?

      1. I know he as a podcast now right? Is this the same Rob, RealDeal is talking about?

        Sorry that I am so bad at this.

      2. Yes, Rob and Deena was the comparison I was thinking of. Although they didn’t meet until the swap, I always mistakenly remember them as being aligned from the start.

          1. Wait, is that one of the seasons Amazon prime doesn’t have? I may not have ever seen it.

        1. Psst, what does this mean? Also, if it’s too exhausting to fill me in, I can look shit up.

          1. No worries. Before Amazon, Rob was inspired to align with an older woman after watching Big Brother. During pre-game Ponderosa, he was sizing up Jeanne as a potential alliance mate. That did not work since Jeanne did not make the merge.

          2. It is The Evolution of Stategy, an audiobook where Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler go into detail on the first 30 seasons of Survivor. It is not free (I bought it for 45 USD a couple of years ago), but it is fun and worth it.

          3. @stormofcuteness:disqus The first chapter of TEOS for Borneo is free, so you can download it and listen to it without paying to see if it’s something you want to pay for the other 29 chapters.

          4. I know it’s a month later, but I think that Borneo may not be an accurate gauge for what the later chapters devolve into. I believe Guatemala and Nicaragua are also free if you know the password.

      1. I agree with you about Cirie. Somehow I think it’s easier to go younger than older, but that may be my own bias.

        1. Older people only have to remember to know that younger people are human. Younger people have to imagine.

          Both seem surprisingly challenging.

      1. Hmm, I feel like his didn’t feel very authentic to me, but I wasn’t the Jay fan that many were.

        1. I think Jay could be included. He and Sunday had a pretty legitimate bond that we didn’t really see, if I recall post game press correctly.

          1. My original comment wasn’t just about one pairing, but how he treated everyone regardless of gender, age, race which is why I don’t think Jay fits.

          2. Maybe it was just the theme and the edit, but I felt like there was ageism there, but I may be misremembering.

    1. The Tagi Four were certainly an oddball set. Credit to Richard Hatch? Credit to all of them?

      1. That 1st season was so great because it feels like none of those 4 would get cast now.

        1. It was certainly a very cool different thing, but my god, we didn’t get a ton out of Kelly Wiglesworth when they brought her back, you know?

          1. Yeah, they made a huge deal about her, and how she was returning after 15 years, and then they kinda seemed to throw it all away. I wasn’t around for Cambodia, and I ain’t no gossip queen, so not sure if there is more to that or she just didn’t too much.

            But from my viewing, I got the impression she just didn’t seem very thrilled to be there. Like, she mostly just seemed bitter about having lost in Borneo (saying it haunted her every single day?) and then resigned to working hard and getting booted eventually. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she was upset about how different Survivor was, or was unhappy with how the game is played now and thus kinda lost her zest for it.

          2. They just shouldn’t have cast her again. She’s really not very interesting in Borneo either, other than her position in the game. She’s by far the least interesting of the Tagi 4 and her most memorable moment is being monologued at.

          3. Go back and read (yes read because unlike everyone else who got in touch with PRP when they were campaigning for Second Chances Wigglesworth would only do e-mail) her incredibly terse interview with Emma.

            Even before the season started it seemed like she didn’t want to do this, and I always assumed production offered her a bunch of money to come back.

          4. While all of that is probably true, I believe there were multiple accounts during and after the season of players who spent time with Kelly Wiglesworth on a tribe that season, saying that she was actually very connected in the game and in a great positition until her eventual boot.
            This time she just wasn’t giving production what they wanted (meaning interesting confessionals, not what your dirty mind suggests! – Although, I guess it can be two things. Nevermind.), deservedly resulting in only a minor role in the final edit.

          5. So she was like a Danni Boatwright type player rather than disgruntled and disinterested. I much prefer that!

          6. At least that’s how I remember it from all the additional media material I consumed during and after Second Chances.

            I also look at that in a “Good for her!”-kind of way, but you can’t blame production too much for almost editing her out of the season with so many characters there who want the screen time and can deliver.

          7. For the record: we also did written interviews with Varner and Wentworth (which Emma did over the phone), but that was for our benefit. We didn’t have time to podcast everyone. Either of them would’ve done podcasts with us.

            We also started an email interview with Peih Gee that we never finished. We should’ve just called her. That was a crazy time. And way too busy. But fun. (I believe we haven’t done another interview since – our choice).

          1. TBF, Kelly actually was cast just a few seasons ago. And I suspect Joe del Campo and Trish were cast in the hope that they’d be Rudy and Sue, respectively.

          2. True. But that was because they needed her for SC. I don’t think she’s dynamic enough to get cast as a first timer now
            I thought about the Rudy/Joe thing, at its probably true. But I think Joe is an argument they wouldn’t try for a Rudy again – they can’t cast someone as crotchety as Rudy for fear of them saying non-PC things and then you just have a boring old guy.
            I never thought of the Trish/Sue comparison. I considered putting her with Hatch because aggressive older woman is something I could see them trying for again

          3. Sue is a slam dunk. Kooky older lady, crazy accent, drinks beaver poop. She’d get on any season.

            (Edit: Now that I think of it, she’s not that old. She just fits that casting niche well. Maybe she’s just ‘kooky lady’.)

    2. Agreed, although it’s not like Malcolm or Denise had any viable alternative partners on Matsing.

      I think it’s an extremely strong move to form an “Odd Couple” partnership. Others that come to mind: JT/Stephen, Earl/Yau-Man, to an extent Tony/Trish.

      1. Well, I guess I’m saying a lesser guy would have made an a main alliance with Angie.

        1. I think the spirit of the question is more about symbiotic relationships deliberately sought out. Everything about Casaya was an accident.

          1. A magnificent, glorious accident. Even the way they chose each other, with their awful reads on each other, was a fantastic disaster.

          2. *ahem*

            It’s “how do you know if my apartment is shitty?”

            Because Courtney was as crazy as he was. That’s what makes them great.

          3. I was going by the quotes on the description of this exchange on the Funny 115: http://funny115.com/v2/30.htm

            Sometimes Mario Lanza makes up funny quotes, but for this exchange I think he uses the actual quotes. After Shane says “I’ll drive up and I’ll kill you in your shitty little apartment. And I’ll drive over to my club and that’ll be it.” she says the “I don’t have a shitty apartment.” line.

      1. Weren’t they just the brainy dudes over 30? It’s been a long time since I saw Fiji, but I don’t remember them being an unexpected pair.

        1. Not to take any shine away from either of them, but Yau-Man probably benefited from Earl’s social game, and Earl probably benefited from Yau-Man’s knowledge of the game.

    3. Given that my focus is on early seasons right now, I’d say all the first 3 seasons have some weird FTC combos. Hatch and Wigglesworth? Colby and Tina? Kim and Ethan? Maybe not as “odd couple” as others, but certainly not the people I’d expect at the end together.

        1. Ah, this is true. I was basing it mostly off my first impressions. Looking over the tribes in the first episode, I don’t think I would have put them together versus some of the other people, except that I knew the final two, lol. I definitely did not expect Colby to side the Tina and Kieth over Amber and Jerri in the beginning, but props to him for leaning the right way. Silas would get a similar choice in Africa, and he chose the younger fun people, which eventually was a big part of his boot.

  21. If anyone needs to know, Jeff Kent’s career earnings was $86 million.

    He’s been on the HOF ballot for five years now, and was on 16.7% of the ballots this year (well short of the 75% you need for inclusion).

    1. There’s a GIF showing his annual earning in his entry in the new Funny 115 list, totaling $86M

    2. Is the takeway that he was good enough at baseball to get very rich, or that he wasn’t good enough to get into the hall of fame?

      1. It’s both, though I think he belongs in the Hall and is being kept out for stupid reasons.

        1. To be clear, @badplayer91:disqus, the stupid reason isn’t that he was juicing, it’s that he was an asshole to reporters. I also think he should be in the HOF, but it’s far from a slam-dunk case, so if we’re going through a period where it’s getting tougher and tougher to get in, he’s exactly the type of player who’s going to get left out.

          1. To be clearer, the stupid reason I was referencing was that the Hall refuses to address the ballot size issue, but it can be two things.

      2. He is a very good baseball player who is good enough to stay on the ballot (if you fall below 5% you are removed from the ballot) but not good enough to actually make it into the hall.

      3. He’s in the Hall of Very Good. In other sports, he’d be a Hall of Famer with his numbers. Baseball is pretty picky and there’s a lot of backlog now that we’re dealing with the consequences of voters being sanctimonious with their votes vis a vis the steroids era.

    3. Unrelated to Jeff Kent but bc ITT: Baseball, I failed to properly Constanza my lineups and left 10 homers on the bench this week. And I’ll still probably beat Andy! Just wanted to make that trash talk public, that’s all.

  22. I had forgotten that this was the first season with three starting tribes. It’s really funny to see the tribe chyrons with Tribe 1, Tribe 2, and Tribe 3 on them, as if the editors were concerned that viewers would get confused.

    1. All Stars had 3 starting tribes. This was the second time they did it.

      Yeah, I did notice the “TRIBE #” chyrons. They really thought the viewers would get confused by the 3 tribes.

      1. Ah, I haven’t seen All Stars yet! I suppose it’s due to the fact that it was almost ten years earlier that they decided to use the Tribe# chyrons to help viewers adjust. Although I suspect they underestimated people’s intelligence a little there.

        1. They do tend to underestimate the viewers’ intelligence, however not all viewers are as attentive and intelligent as us internet fans. I’m sure some of the casuals were confused. “Wait, there are three tribes? Which one are we watching now?”

          One World was the first season where everyone lived on the same tribe from the start. I think for the first episode they had onscreen chyrons during some dialogue scenes because the producers were convinced viewers would not be able to keep all the players straight.

          1. The name chyrons in the first episode of One World reminded me of the Fox network when they aired NHL games back in the 90s (?) and they responded to viewers’ complaint about the puck being hard to see by putting a glowing circle around the puck. And when a player shot the puck they would put an arrow-shaped animation to indicate the direction.

            Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grOttsHuuzE

            Anyway, in both cases it just feels like the network doesn’t think the audience is smart enough. Yes, in the first episode of a season they’re all new characters (well, usually) and it takes awhile to figure everyone out. But viewers had been doing it for 23 seasons, I guess they thought with everyone living on the same beach we’d be hopelessly lost.

    2. it’s funny, because as someone who never learns tribe names, that still would help me. I tend to think of tribes in terms of people, like the Penner tribe, the Abi tribe, and the Malcolm and Denise tribe

  23. Is there an audio only version that I’m too stupid to find? I was going to listen on the drive I have to make later but don’t want to have to stream the video

    1. Assuming this will be added to the normal PR podcast feed sometime today.

      To match the visual problems with the video, I’m assuming they are still working on removing all of Emma’s audio from the podcast version so we can only hear Matt.

        1. Good thing “Game Changers finale” and “mistake” go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  24. I will be out of town this weekend, so this is going to be a good driving Podcast. I will be commenting on the next episode though.

    1. But by listening to the audio version instead of watching the video you miss out on almost an hour of watching Matt!

  25. The audio version of the podcast is now available, which is probably the better way to experience this one given the technical issues.

    On that note, a discussion topic for the day:
    What is the best 80s TV show theme song?

    Facts of Life isn’t the answer, but I feel it can be in the discussion like Jeff Kent is in the HoF discussion.

      1. We’re pretty sure that’s correct, but we’re doing the research.

        Golden Girls?
        The Greatest American Hero?

        1. I grew up in the 90s. I cant hear the GAH theme without auto-translating it to “believe it or not, George isnt at home.”

          1. My brother’s longtime girlfriend, who I lived with for two years, recorded herself singing it as her voicemail message. Unfortunately, unlike Jason Alexander, she is not a trained Broadway performer, so it was just her screaming into a shitty cell phone mic. Every time I had to call her I would think, “please don’t go to voicemail, please don’t go to voicemail.”

          2. “Where could I be?”

            The best part about that parody is (besides it being awesome) they played it in its entirety twice.

          1. The first time I saw the movie I had already been watching the series for years. It weirded me out during the opening credits to hear someone singing “Suicide is painless …”

          2. Oh, for me too. It totally freaked me out that the song was about suicide! Changed how I heard it from then on and added a lot more pathos to my feelings about it.

          3. If it helps, “Suicide is Painless” isn’t really about anything. Altman wanted the lyrics to be dumb gibberish, so he took the music and gave it to his teenage son to put words to.

      2. Late to this convo, but here’s why Golden Girls is better. I can sing you two lines of the Cheers theme – it’s the two lines that everyone knows. I can sing you the entire Golden Girls theme. My familiarity with theses shows is about the same.

    1. Agree about Perfect Strangers.

      Tied for second: Family Ties, Growing Pains, Cheers

      Instrumental theme: Hill Street Blues, The A-Team, Night Court.

    2. Not locking anything in yet, but for now I’m going with…

      DuckTales? DuckTales.

      1. My father’s name is Cyril so this show held a special place in my heart.

        (No, my real name is not Cedric)

      1. If you’re going kids TV, aren’t you required by the UK Constitution to support Thomas the Tank Engine?

          1. Whoever was narrating when I made the mistake of buying a Thomas DVD for my 3-year-old in 2004.

    3. Well if it does not require lyrics, the theme from Star Trek: TNG which I think started in 1988.

  26. My favorite Carter moment is in episode two when he’s cutting up the bamboo with Jeff Kent. He’s completely silent and the scene is not about him, but it is the Least Clothed Carter in underwear and sneakers.

  27. Just finished watching the video.

    My favorite Carter moment of these episodes (I already mentioned it in my Episode #1 notes) was when he jumped off the boat with a chicken in his hand, and he manages to land so that the chicken doesn’t go in the water. I think it’s all one move but he immediately tosses the chicken onto the raft. It’s quick but pretty cheap, and like all great Carter moments, he doesn’t say anything.

    At the end when Emma and Matt were talking about believing in yourself I think if we had been able to see Emma we would have seen a replica of this banner on the wall behind her:

      1. 2016-17 are two years of terrible people succeeding, so not too many reminders needed for that. The joy is nice tho

      2. Lately I’ve been seeking reminders that they can fail. Luckily, other countries have been helping out on that front.

        1. I work in politics they succeed at every level. It’s amazing. We’ve just had 76 people killed in a fucking high rise fire because of the levels of incompetency from local government.

  28. What is with Pete’s chyron? There are a lot of engineering jobs around! Is it there just to taunt me with the thought that mine would say Engineering Dropout?

    My actual theory is that he was working in something other than engineering but they wanted to underline that he’s secretly brainy. I suppose he could easily be a recent graduate still job hunting, but Engineering Graduate always strikes me as an odd label.

      1. Given my idea of Pete as a smart guy who makes inexplicable choices, I feel like it’s probably your second guess, and goodness knows they have plenty of those chyrons.

    1. I figured maybe he had just graduated before filming, but John’s model theory is certainly plausible.

    2. The charitable explanation is that he was a grad student and they didn’t write the whole thing out

      1. I thought about that, but why not just Engineering Student, as they would for someone in med school or law school? Who cares if we wonder if he’s an elderly undergrad?

        …I am thinking too much about this.

          1. That is not a terribly surprisingly answer, but I’m impressed that you hunted it down.

    3. Almost as weird as calling someone “pre-med” or “pre-law” in their chyron, in my opinion. I work at a university and it feels like about 75% of incoming freshman declare pre-med on their application, while far far fewer actually end up as doctors. Although it’s a pleasant surprise when someone like Eliza starts out as pre-law, comes back as a law student and is now a practicing attorney. In other words, go Eliza 😀

      1. Pre-med at least indicates a certain sort of student, one who is taking the required science courses and descending slowly into madness until they change their mind. Pre-law I guess is a major some places, but otherwise just means you kind of think you might go to law school if you don’t think of a better idea.

        1. I think you mean “you don’t come to your senses and pick literally anything other than law school”

        2. True! It just makes me twitch a bit because the school I work at is mostly low income/first generation students and sometimes it feels like the only idea they’ve ever considered at matriculation is pre-med, even if they have absolutely no scientific aptitude. Luckily most of them get sorted out eventually 🙂

    4. I would never have learned the word chyron were it not for Survivor. Yet another reason for my doubting friends and family.

    5. This reminds me of The Amazing Race season with Millie and Chuck (Dating for 12 Years – Virgins) and how for that season it awkwardly colored some of the other teams (“Amanda and Chris – Dating”). I feel like Television Without Pity noticed that and imagined Amanda or Chris watching with their grandmother and having to explain why their chyron was different.
      Good times.

      1. If you have that sort of grandmother, all you have to do is act very coy and shocked that anyone would discuss such matters with a TV show.

      2. Also didn’t Mille and Chuck’s chyron change to just “dating 12 years” at some point?

  29. Fun story time: the only reason why I am aware of the Phillies being a thing is that my alma mater produced one of their bigger stars. That’s why I now have to sorta care about the White Sox.

          1. Um, I’m pretty sure Kodiyashi was from Japan. Though if BJ gives the Phillie I’m sure I could get the Southsider

          2. Oh, so we’re talking Jake Burger with the Sox. I hope he produces enough that you have more reason to care about the Sox (though I will say that there were still better picks on the board when we took him).

          3. I mean I am a still an intermittently cardinals first and foremost. But it’s cool to see people from my university going to the major league. I had a former student on that team but he ended up being a DH, so I think his major leage chances were dashed.

          4. No doubt, no doubt; the team comes first. The White Sox drafted someone from my school and I actively resented it because I thought it was a bad pick.

  30. Well I didn’t watch these episodes because I figured I’d be giving birth and coming home with a newborn this week. But alas, I’m still pregnant a week after my due date >:[ Induction is scheduled for Monday, so maybe I’ll pass the time this weekend watching the episodes and listening to the podcast…

    1. Holy real life events, Ms. Sweaterman! I am so excited for you, and I hope everything goes quicker than it seems at this moment. *hugs*

    2. Congrats on Baby Sweaterfan when they show up. I was a week late and I was still only like 6 pounds so fingers crossed for you.

    3. Be careful about binging too much though. You don’t want to go into delivery and the only thing you can hear is Probst shouting “you gotta dig deep!”

      But seriously best wishes and all. I hear Cookie is a great baby name.

  31. Hey @sharculese:disqus, neither of us started a TAZ thread, so here goes: This one was bad and not good with one exception. It felt again like an episode of “Pick an activity and Griffin will tell you how that goes.” Obviously Taako and Lip were great, but I’m glad there’s only one episode left in this arc.

    1. But I’m enjoying “pick an activity and Griffin tells you how that goes!”

      I don’t want it to last forever, and, honestly, I’m also glad this is the penultimate episode, but this has been a fun breather. This episode also had a lot of the scene setting I wanted out of Stolen Century – How Lucretia became the director, discovering what the voidfish, (sorry, Fisher) can do, the lich stuff. We needed that to get everything in place.

    2. I’m not a huge fan of the format of this arc, but there are still some fun moments. Everyone seemed to enjoy making their gifts. Taako’s terrible aphorisms made me laugh. However, the format is less effective at character development and advancing the plot in my opinion.

  32. Holy god, I had no idea out Skupin. I *did* have to google it. I wish I hadn’t.

    DAMINT Survivor contestants that I looked back on semi-fondly. Can you NOT do horrible things to other people? PLEASE??

    1. It will certainly change how you feel during a re-watch of Australian Outback. I’m not saying I would wish falling-into-a-fire upon anyone, but it did make me a bit more apathetic to the situation.

      Also, you can follow that up with cackling at Jeff Varner as he gets a post-merge pre-jury boot.

      Oh joyous Hindsight!

  33. To everyone who goes through 54 minutes of podcasting like it’s nothing and isn’t above adding contemporary podcasts to their season’s rewatch diet, I have some recommendations to make.
    Let me just lay out some of your options:

    – The Tribe was still at its best at that time. The production value is above and beyond anything I’ve seen from other TV-podcasts before and after them. John, Adam and Paul are still the regular hosts (although having “guest hosts” and guests was a pretty common occurrence even then), and Paul was at the height of his Survivor Stump game.

    – Survivor Philippines also marks the official launch of the Survivor Know-It-Alls series with Rob and Stephen.
    (the first ever KIA covers episode 2 – which is some good trivia to know, in case it comes up in a PRP offseason quiz)

    – the line-up for Rob’s regular recaps was also nothing to sneeze at: His first three guests that season were Yul*, Kim and Aras (followed by Yau Man for ep.4).

    – Of course Jo Ann and Stacy were also doing their thing (recap+interview+feedback-show)

    * I was surprised to hear him refer to a possibly upcoming swap/3-tribes-to-2-contraction as “first merge”, almost 4 years before Australian Survivor aired. He also had some good advice for Rupert’s campaign for Governor (“lose the tie-dye and shave, maybe?”), shared some concerns over the downsides of political newbies getting voted into office that ring painfully true today, and was just generally a treat to listen to.

  34. Zomg, I go away and come back to find my very first featured comment!
    *easily excited* 🎉💃

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