Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 10-12

Emma and Matt engage in some cultural misunderstandings with their episode on the next three episodes of Survivor: Philippines. Including, THE Carter moment. Which was not as we remembered.

NOTICE: Because this podcast is unedited, there may be some curse words throughout. Those listening with younger people around might want to choose not to this time. Blame Emma; can’t take her anywhere.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Survivor Philippines episodes 10-12

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Emma and Matt have taken over the podcast to talk about one of their all-time favorite seasons of Survivor. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Everyone hates Abi
  • The Mandela Effect
  • Penner’s Folly
  • Cultural Differences
  • Abi does something…right?
  • “Sisterrrrrrr”
  • Why people keep targeting our BFF Malcolm
  • Carter Moment of the Week: Farewell, sweet prince

Thanks for watching along with us!

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Andy and John are the hosts of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast.
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403 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 10-12

  1. Episode #10

    Abi tries to convince Lisa to stay with their alliance. Or maybe she’s just attacking her again. It’s hard to tell with Abi.

    The reward involves being able to wash your hair. Malcolm is more excited than any of the women.

    Abi flips the wrong drum. Maybe it’s due to the language barrier and I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s Abi, so I do.

    Malcolm’s confessional during the reward while he’s wearing the robe and a towel over his hair made me laugh.

    Petebro is such a strategic mastermind that he agrees with Malcolm not to discuss strategy during the reward. Genius!

    After the reward, Abi finally pauses to take a breath and someone tries to ask Carter what he liked (the sauces!). But Abi can’t let the attention not be on her and interrupts. Carter looks so dejected.

    “I’m going home soon so I’m not going to cook food anymore. But the rest of you should still feed me.” Who watched this season and thought they could work with Abi on Cambodia?

    If you pause it during the Lisa/Skupin/Penner conversation you can see the exact moment where Penner loses the game.

    Petebro and Abi are out of the immunity challenge after the first section. When some viewers say they don’t care about the challenges, this is what they’re talking about.

    Wait, I could get hit by a car walking from my house to the postbox?!? I’m never going to the postbox again! It sounds like a dangerous place!

    Malcolm can read lips to eavesdrop on conversations at camp? Why don’t more players learn how to do this before going on the show?

    Being a bitch is not cultural.

    Probst, don’t try to make me feel sorry for Abi! Oh wait, she won’t stop interrupting Denise.

    1. I don’t know how serious the question is, but lipreading is really really hard and not that reliable. People who are great at it still miss a lot, and that’s up close.

      1. I mean, people do learn how to lipread for valid reasons. Why couldn’t someone learn how to do it that didn’t require it for hearing purposes?

        People learn other skills before going on Survivor, like how to start a fire, killing a chicken (or rabbit, in Shireen’s case), practicing slide puzzles, etc.

        1. I’m sure you could work on it and improve it, I’m just saying you can’t really learn to reliably tell what people are saying at a distance. I guess there’s no real downside to working on your lipreading, but you’re not going to get movie spy skills. Probably.

          1. I freely admit that most of my knowledge of lipreading comes from movies and TV, so I have no real-world experience. But it is a learnable skill, right? I mean, I’m assuming that if someone becomes (or is born) deaf, it’s something they have to learn how to do. And I’d guess that 99% of the time that deaf people read lips it’s when they’re having a conversation with someone right in front of them.

            But I guess lipreading is not foolproof. TV taught me that you can mix up “six” with “sex”.

          2. I don’t have firsthand knowledge either, but I have been told that it’s way less reliable than it looks on TV.

          3. I don’t want to live in a world where (a) Carter never actually said “There was this sauce”, and (b) TV has lied to me all of my life.

    2. Josh made an interesting point about Penner not saying “yes” to the F4 deal: It may be directly connected to the mutiny in Cook Islands. Penner made a rash decision that time and it burned him, so this time by God he’s not going to make a rash decision, and it burns him. Josh added that this the kind of overreaction a second-timer typically makes, and he speculates that if Penner had been voted out in HvV he might have gotten the balance right on his third time a la Tyson.

      1. It’s certainly possible. I think a similar thing happened with Rob in HvV not wanting to over-promise to Jerri and Coach.

    3. I think it’s important to note here that it’s all your fault that we’ve incorrectly quoted Carter all these years. Fortunately, we’ve still got crystal clear memories of that time Malcolm said “Hold up, bro.” They can never take that away from us.

      1. I wish I could say this was my 5 year master plan finally come to fruition.

        Now I’m afraid to look through my AVClub comments for Caramoan to see if I created the “Hold up, bro” quote too.

          1. Likely. I just scanned that episode’s comments, and while there were about 40 “bro” search results, nothing with “Hold up”.

    4. I think people thought they could work with her because they had those pre-game conversations. AFAIK Abi was in no pre-game alliances, but people thought that what happened in Philippines was not the Abi they knew off-island.

  2. Episode #11

    $500 For pancakes and OJ? Sure. $500 For wine & cheese when you don’t drink wine? Um …

    Carter is a living legend! I must have forgotten that about this season.

    After the auction Abi tries her best to play the victim. She’s as good at doing that as she is at playing Survivor.

    Kudos to Jeff for keeping a straight face during Abi’s “two parts of the message” speech.

    The show finally figured out Abi’s one challenge ability – untying knots.

    Oh good, the return of moral weepy Lisa. How did she end up winning the fan favorite award?

    Of the many things Abi sucks at, add folding parchment to that list.

    (looks over shoulder) “Denise!” Considering how quickly Russell got voted out, thank goodness we got this much of Penner this season.

    Does Skupin’s shirt show a man riding a rhinoceros?


    I forgot about the Abi hug snub. Sorry Kesha!

    The camera follows Penner down the path, then listens to him whistling. This show LOVES Penner (and rightfully so).

      1. I think a lot of people who voted for her were the ones who don’t even watch the show, and just voted for her cause she was in the tv show where a lot of people liked her, or simply due to nostalgia.

          1. Well, when the casual fans decided who to vote for, they thought about it and they took the good, they took the bad …

          2. Your country produced Neil Young. You could rest on that for the rest of forever and nobody would begrudge you it.

        1. Did a lot of people like Blair though? Wasn’t she self-centered and entitled, with a victim mentality when under pressure?

          Wait a sec… holy crap, Blair on Survivor would have been Abi-Maria!

          1. “Perpetually upbeat goofball” is not really a type that gets cast on Survivor. Amy and Maya on Amazing Race are a pretty good approximation of Natalie and Tootie.

      2. I don’t know how other people feel, but for me, even though Lisa’s not one of the best players (although she is pretty decent and it would have been interesting to see what had happened if Malcolm hadn’t won immunity) she has one of my favourite arcs/stories in Survivor. I think she’s the most fascinating case of a person desperately wanting to play but having their ‘morals’ get in the way and having to figure out how to overcome that. Unfortunately it took her the whole season to figure out, but I’d genuinely love to see her play again.

  3. Episode #12

    Abi still thinks the reason nobody likes her is because she’s “too honest”.

    Skupin sees his son and his reaction is like he’s never seen him before.

    “Sister. Sister.” It was weird then, and it’s still weird.

    Time for the challenge … wait, last episode’s preview indicated that Malcolm’s brother was going to say something that could ruin his game.

    Malcolm has to choose another couple for the reward. Justice says “Brother sister love.” That’s just creepy.

    Skupin asks “Hey Malcolm, ask for another one.” How crazy would it have been if Malcolm had picked someone other than Skupin?

    Lisa realizes that she’s finally learned how to play the game. Wait, hasn’t Lisa come to this realization a few times already?

    Jesus on Survivor would look like Malcolm but play like Carter? “Thou shall have no other sauce before me.”

    Malcolm wins immunity, proving conclusively once and for all that prayers to God on Survivor do not work.

    Lisa is discussing God’s will to Skupin. His response: “Cool, flying fish.” “Look at the size of that ant.”

    Malcolm compares Abi to a Dementor and earns the love of the crossover fans of Harry Potter and Survivor everywhere.

    Ugh. I forgot that Abi made it to the final five. Why Lord, Why?

    I think I fell asleep during Carter’s final words. His monotone is like listening to a metronome.

  4. My Carter moment of the week is when he writhes his way across the balance beam on his stomach. My Carter moments are usually about torso, but this one is about the butt…

    1. I appreciate that there’s been someone here for the rewatch who finds Carter as attractive as I do

        1. Petebro is slightly hotter but I would be more likely to date someone like Carter so it’s a wash

          1. I haven’t had one of those since Jenna Morasca (maybe Anna Khait for about a millisecond).

          1. *gunshot* Fuck JT.

            (sorry guys, I know it’s corny, but I refuse to let that joke stop being funny to me.)

          1. Everything you know is wrong
            Black is white, up is down and short is long
            And everything you thought was just so
            Important doesn’t matter

          1. Yeah, I don’t know where @Max_Jets:disqus dug up that outtake, but this was the whole moment as I remember it:

    1. I knew there was something off about this. But so many people were calling it “hold up, bro”, so I just thought I remembered it wrong.

    1. Oh, it’s actually just tied back in a low bun because it’s hot af (no ac in the bedroom) but thanks anyway!

    2. From the thumbnail I thought she was wearing tie-dye overalls and I was SUPER on board with that. Both the videos *and* the comments section has cheated me.

        1. I didn’t look at it that way. You bring up a good point that “looks like Rupert” isn’t exactly the style most women are going for these days. A true shame.

          1. “Women looking like Rupert” reminds me of the conversation about female Dwarves in the Lord of the Rings films.

        1. I really gotta bookmark that Simpsons nerd gif for things like “high school’s tie-dye club.” He says, seething with jealousy.

          1. Why would you bookmark the .gif when youtube has the real thing?

            Edit: I think this is like the tenth time I’ve posted this in the comments here.

          2. I was outnumbered by popular people in that club. I grew up in a hippie town though, and my school had weird social dynamics.

          3. I went to art school, I understand.

            (yes, this is a humblebrag about who I went to art school with)

  5. I posit this question to a few other PRPers, but I wanted to throw it out to the rest of the PRP Community: Inspired by Kalabaw, what tribe is the most meaningless tribe in Survivor history? Some options I have thought of:
    Mana from Game Changers
    Solana aka Beauty from Cagayan
    Ulong from that season I should watch, Palau
    Nagarote aka No Collar from Worlds Apart
    Sook Jai from Thailand
    Both fan tribes from FvF, but especially Gota from Caramoan

    EDIT: Meaningless means to the endgame.

    1. No to Pagong.

      And Sook Jai has that great scene where they get drunk and toast Robb with two ‘b’s before they vote him off, which is enough to keep them off the list.

    2. I think the fans tribe from Micronesia isn’t that meaningless due to Natalie playing a large part in Erik’s immunity necklace-gave up, and Erik being the recipement from that. And the other ‘meaningless tribes’ in my opininon are:

      Kucha (The Australian Outback)
      Samburu (Africa)
      Mogo Mogo (All-Stars)
      Saboga (All-Stars)
      Hiki aka the african-american tribe (Cook Islands)
      Zhan Hu (China)
      Espada aka the old tribe (Nicaragua)
      Zapatera (Redemption Island)
      Manono aka the men tribe (One Wrold)

      Some of these are TBF a stretch, for example Hiki, Zhan Hu and Saboga but the reason why I chose them, was because even though some people were in the endgame from these tribes (Peih-Gee, Jenna L., Rupert, Sundra) but for the most part weren’t the big parts of it, and were mostly just votes. And there is a case also for Galu from Samoa, but I don’t know if this question includes tribes being the reason the other tribe was in the endgame, plus Brett had a small immunity streak, so it could also exclude this tribe from being considered.

      1. I’d argue against the old people tribe. Holly and Jane were both fairly influential to the end game, in different ways (and quite possibly Sash-invented ways)

        1. This was one I wasn’t completely sure, and in the end I think I agree with you.

        2. According to Stephen Fishbach, Holly Hoffman was important because she led to the creation of the HoHo edit – someone who goes crazy early in the game but recovers and evolves into a skilled player.

          1. I’m making my way through the RHAP Worlds Apart episodes and when Stephen breaks out the HoHo Edit phrase I think he was talking about Shireen. I may have gotten the description wrong – I think he was describing someone who does very poorly at the start of the season and seems like they’re dead in the water, but through chance suddenly finds themselves in a great position (this was when it looked like either the Blue Collar or the No Collar group would be victorious post-merge).

          2. Weirdly, I don’t Shirin fits in with the HoHo editing because she was in a good spot at the very beginning but the swap damages her credibility and the merge tanks it. Meanwhile, Carolyn has all of the trademarks because she could have went home first.

          3. The way Rob and Stephen describe it, Shirin was in a bad spot because Carolyn couldn’t stand her and either her or Max would have been next to go if White Collar had gone to tribal again because Carolyn, Tyler and Joac were aligned . Plus Shirin annoyed almost everyone on the swap tribe with her Survivor trivia discussions with Max. Max getting voted out was just what she needed.

          4. But Shirin never climbed out of her early-season hole the way Holly overcame her panic attacks and turned into a boss. Quite the opposite, being the ostracized nerd remained Shirin’s problem and ultimately doomed her (not that being excluded from the Asshole Kids Club is a mark against her IRL).

          5. I’m listening to the WA RHAP episodes, I haven’t finished them yet. At this point (Hali voted out) both Rob and Stephen are both saying that Shirin is in a very good position and could make it to the end (although they don’t think she can win). After Max left she got in good with Joe/Jen/Hali (although at Ponderosa Hali thought that Shirin voted for her and that Will was still with them). Plus her interactions with Dan (“Somebody oughta slap her”) put her in a very favorable light.

          6. Hey ADS, they’re asking me what the plan is for Aussie Survivor coverage. If you’re still interested in dual-teaming it with me we should get together and figure out how this works.

          7. Yeah, I’m up for it. I’m not around week 2 and I’ll probably need week 3 to catch up, but otherwise I don’t think I have any schedule conflicts. Is anybody else going to cover it? Do you want to do anything pre-season like a cast assessment? I guess you can PM me on Twitter.

          8. I can’t DM you on Twitter because that would require me having a Twitter account. Hit me up at sharculesev2@gmail.com.

            I figured don’t feel like we need a pre-season cast analysis, but I thought a cross-talk for episode 1 would be good, then build a convenient schedule for the rest of the season and do another cross-talk for the finale.

          9. Nicaragua has left a large crater in my memory, but that sounds like it would apply to Kathy VO.

          10. Yet another crime Nicaragua is responsible for.

            This is likely my last post on this page – I am at the airport waiting to get on a plane for a week’s vacation. I will have to binge all the remaining episodes the day I get back to be ready for the final video.

          11. No joke, I have seen the first episode of Nicaragua more times than any other episode of Survivor because I kept forgetting that I’d seen the season.

            I admire your dedication. Have a fun trip!

      2. I thought Samburu but Brandon’s stupid decision to side with Boran and T-Bird’s hinky vote for Lex saved them in my mind. Saboga is more meaningless to the end game of All Stars than Mogo Mogo in my opinion.

      3. I would argue if that your tribe holds the clear majority on the jury they cannot be meaningless towards the endgame. This is because they select the winner

        1. Good point, I didn’t think about that. If we use this criteria, then we remove Kucha, Samburu, Zhan Hu, Manono and from Barbara’s picks Pagong, Sook Jai and both Fans tribes.

    3. If meaningless only applies to endgame then I think Ulong has to win, though they’re hardly meaningless to the overall season.

      Instead I’ll give other candidates:

      1) Galu from Samoa, who get special recognition for being meaningless despite having a huge majority.
      2) Zapatera from RI. Same as Galu, but at least they didn’t have such a huge lead that they blew.
      3) More controversial: Manihiki, the African American tribe in Cooks Island. Sundra is the least focused member of the underdogs, Nate has an OK story but still goes out soon after the merge, everyone else was irrelevant.

    4. The not Casaya tribe? Even though Terry was at the endgame, he managed to be pretty much meaningless to it, other than the Cirie boot

  6. I have no proof of this, but I strongly suspect Spencer asked not to have to vote for Kass at the merge in Cambodia. She had just saved him, and I don’t think it was altruism, I think he wanted to be able to look her in the eye and say “there’s nothing I can do, I’m not a vote against you.”

      1. It’s a tough spot for him there because if he is straight up with her in saying “I tried my best but I don’t have much pull with the group and I can’t flip enough people so it’s you” he risks the Wentworth/Savage situation happening one vote earlier, though they did actually split the vote here. Being straight up my have saved her from campaigning against him so hard though

          1. And more importantly, wouldn’t spend two and a half weeks campaigning against him at Ponderosa

  7. Finally, Survivor New Zealand is over* and there’s a lull in my summer schedule that’s allowed me to catch up on the Philippines re-watch (I probably won’t be around much the week of the finale). I don’t have a ton to say except I just love this season. As soon as this rewatch is over I feel like starting over at the beginning.

    Philippines was one of the first seasons I watched, and it’s interesting to see it again now that I have many other seasons under my belt. I appreciate Denise’s game even more now, I understand why Abi stuck around for so long (which was incomprehensible to me on my first watch), and I have a bit less tolerance for Lisa’s wishy-washiness (although she has a better grasp of what’s going on than I remembered).

    One of the possibly underrated things that makes this season a delight is how crystal clear the narrative is. Part of that is that this a rewatch, of course, so we know where things are going, but also it helps that there are three solid pairs in the post-merge, which cuts down on the number of moving pieces. Plus we have an abundance of great narrators.

    But I also think that an unintended consequence of defeating the edgic-ers in recent seasons has been to make storylines somewhat incoherent. It really stuck out how, in the episode where Abi won immunity so they voted out Penner, they showed Denise before the credits spelling out exactly what would happen. No way they make that editing choice now.

    *You go to hell. You go straight to hell, Survivor New Zealand!

    1. I have stumbled across a couple threads on Reddit where people ask whether Survivor NZ is worth it and people generally respond with yes. Its almost enough for me to make a Reddit account to try and save these poor people

  8. Oh, fun story: roommate was in California last week and sent me a picture of a Three Twins store with the caption “this place is apparently owned by a Survivor player.” I had to remind her that she watched Neal play Survivor because, well, it’s Neal.

    When I asked her how she knew that it turns out that the friend she was staying with has a friend who fucked Neal.

    1. When I first read your post I thought it meant that there was a sign outside of the store that said “This place is apparently owned by a Survivor player”, which I think is even funnier.

    2. Can I ask if they fucked Neal because survivor or just general romance and attraction? Is that rude?

      ……………I have zero attraction to Neal…

      1. I think it was at a wedding, but I kinda zoned out on the story because it was about Neal.

    3. I recently bought a bunch of T-shirts from Brendan-from-Tocantins’s new company and sat there wondering why the CEO’s name seemed familiar and then was impressed/confused/worried that “Brendan Synnott” sounds familiar because he was basically the merge boot in Tocantins.

  9. I’m afraid I’m already two other seasons beyond this watch and have already forgotten a lot. 😶

    I will never forget: I hate Abi. Probst trying to make it about cultural differences chaps my ass.

    Penner delights me, and I was sad to see him go.

    Malcolm gives good narration.

    Denise impresses me on so many levels.

  10. Holy crap, I did this!!! I nearly spit out my Honeycomb as I was watching the video on my phone this morning. I had no memory of creating this myth, and in the following years where it became a legend I had no clue that it was my creation (if I had I would be bragging about it so much that I would be even more annoying().

    Part of me is very sorry to all of you (especially Emma and … Matt?) for starting this myth that fooled so many people (including me). But a larger part is very proud that I inadvertently created a Survivor memory that still stands the test of time (I inceptioned all of you!). You can be sure I will be mentioning this for years to come, further annoying all of you! Woohoo!

    “This is the West Survivor, sir. When the legend becomes fact … print the legend.”

      1. I miss the Ave-Maria thing. Was that your work as well? I was a lurker at the time.

  11. My favorite thing about this season is how Penner reclaimed the hat from its tainted association with Russell and made it safe again. It’s ok, hat. It wasn’t your fault.

    1. Penner wore the that hat first. There was the whole thing in Race Wars where Yul made a point of bringing it to him at tribal council after he got blindsided.

  12. As I listen along and you all bring up how savagely Denise destroyed Abi-Maria and how much Abi-Maria deserved it, all I can think is that it’s fucking crazy that Denise still got her vote. Between that and her super upbeat Ponderosa, Abi-Maria may actually go down as the least bitter jury member of all time. Has anyone been targeted that ruthlessly on the show and totally been able to get over it like that?

    1. I completely agree. To be fair, she was against Lisa and Skupin, so it could’ve been just a case of ‘the least of three evils’, but even in Cambodia she was was talking about who played the best game in her jury video IIRC, so I still stand by the assertion that she is just really gracious when she loses, and I like that!

      1. I’ve never been a fan of the person Abi-Maria, but I have a special love for the player Abi-Maria, only because she is such an interesting player and results in such interesting game play by those who have to deal with her. The idea that she’s actually a gracious juror goes against everything I would expect and brings yet another interesting element to Abi. Particularly given the comparisons between Philippines and Cambodia Abi. So interesting.

        1. I actually enjoy Abi-Maria as the wild card. And she’s got a chance to join the very exclusive “Three For Three on Good Seasons” club someday, a club comprised of Parvati, Penner, and Amanda.

          1. Yes. And the unpredictability makes her an entertaining villain/foil. I say this despite the fact that she was personally responsible for the early boots of nearly everyone I hyped for Cambodia.

          2. Agree and Agree and Agree. For me, she is the ultimate player that I love to hate. I don’t enjoy her personality, but watching others try to handle her is fascinating. She isn’t a goat, she’s an exploding goat. Great if you can get her to the end, but at any moment she can explode and ruin your game. For many people, it’s a matter of how long you can hold on before you have to hot potato that shit.

          3. I love watching Abi play Survivor. I’d even go so far as to say Abi is a player I would love to play against, provided she was always in the opposite alliance of mine.

          4. I think Guatemala is the most underrated season of Survivor and Stephenie’s fall from grace arc is a big reason why. I look forward to telling you and Andy how wrong you are on Guatemala whenever the updated season rankings come out.

          5. I look forward to that.

            Though I am sad that I’ll have to wait at least until the next season rankings update to weigh in. No way I’ll be finished soon…

          6. I tried to watch it again about a year ago. I just couldn’t get into it. I’m sure the post-merge was probably a lot better, but the pre-merge was dragging.

          7. Agreed about the pre-merge kinda being a slog with the exception of that first episode being one of the best they’ve ever done. I remember watching it live and both the shock of returnees leading tribes and then the forced march was a hell of a way to start a season. Then Stephanie turned heel, lost badly, and I was sad forever.

          8. I think it gets definetely better after the first vote of the swap, and even more after at the merge.

          9. I love Abi-Maria on Survivor, and I’m also going to stop being coy about it and just proclaim my crush on Abi-Maria.

    2. I think Abi’s vote was more of her voting against Lisa and Skupin rather than voting for Denise. She felt that Skupin was never in her alliance and was totally useless, and that Lisa was a naive player who betrayed Abi many times.

  13. I’ve been out for a little bit, because of terrible LIFE, but during that time I managed to slog my way through Thailand and have begun Amazon.

    I’m getting so close to “I can get loud too, what the fuck!” i can taste it. Also, bravo for the wonderful hidden twitter reference. If I had twitter I would have done the twitter version of giving praise. retweet?

    1. I hope you’ll like the Amazon! It’s one of my personal favourites, especially due to the post-merge.

      1. I’m pretty excited for it. With Thailand behind me, i’m really excited for the next 3 (Amazon, Pearl Islands, All-Stars) even though I expect to dislike All-Stars overall. I’m also toying with jumping to post-HvV after All-Stars, mainly because I want to get Nicaragua and some of the other often hated seasons out of the way.

        1. Yeah, while All-Stars is a really important season not only in Survivor but also in who reality TV, cause there weren’t any returning players before, it’s still in my bottom 5 seasons. After finishing it I wouldn’t have it that low, but after thinking about that season more, it just kept falling in my rankings. And maybe jump to the other hated seasons maybe after watching a season that you like, so you can at least have some good taste in your mouth watching it (unless you’ll like All-Stars of course).

          1. That’s a good point. I’m honestly just very weary of leaving 20-24 till after HvV, because I’ve watched all but two of 25-34, and I don’t want the last seasons I watch to be the doomed block of seasons that are consistently seen as bottom of the barrel, lol

          2. Ahh, okay. I was hoping you still had 27 in the mix. Yeah, watching some of 21-24 early probably wouldn’t be a bad idea (maybe wait on 23 because of Coach/Ozzy), but 26 and 29 aren’t the worst seasons to end on.

          3. Yeah. I’m still weight if I want to end on HvV. Part of me worries about hyping it too much, but i’m also aware of a significant amount of details regarding the season. Comes with the territory of not having seen one of the best and most popular seasons. But I certainly want to see all seasons prior to HvV before I watch it, that way it’s the most authentic viewing I am able to have, lol.

          4. I was so-so on HvV when I first watched it without knowing most of the players and then really enjoyed it after I got caught up, so I second this.

          5. HvV is one of, if not the, best seasons, but I would never recommend it as the first season for a new viewer – there’s way too much history and back-story necessary to fully enjoy it.

            Even a little thing like Colby and Jerry next to each other in the stand-in-a-doorframe challenge and saying hi to each other means so much more if you’ve seen Australia and All-Stars.

          6. I had seen Palau and then Fiji onwards when I first watched it, and my favorites generally left unceremoniously, leaving me with strangers and people who got on my nerves in the endgame. Years on as a more intense Survivor fan I found a lot more to like about it, but I’m still a Micronesia #1 person.

          7. I think that’s a very solid plan. It was certainly great fun for me to watch after this latest season.

          8. I really liked 29, but it is a fairly divisive season, in that people love or hate it I find

          9. I once found the entire season airing all day on some TV channel and just sat and watched from the Rocker boot ep to the Jeremy blindside . It’s surprisingly easy to binge

          10. I was at my uncles house when I watched it and can’t for the life of me remember the channel

          11. I wouldn’t rewatch it or anything. I think a large part of its problem lies in knowing everything that went on that didn’t make air, and that tumbles it down the rankings hard because it makes the ugliness so much worse

          12. Watch the four episodes with the commentary track by Tina, Rudy, Jenna M. and Rob C. so you can listen to Rob troll Rudy by asking him questions like “Rudy, when Ethan did that, what were you thinking?”

            Skip the finale’s commentary with Rupert, Jenna L., Rob M. and Amber where Rob laughs at how upset most of the jury is during the final tribal council.

          13. What happened? I don’t know if I don’t know about it, if I’m forgetting it, or if I’m forgetting that something I know about didn’t make air.

          14. I don’t know if it is what @disqus_sjBnbSyo83:disqus was talking about, but Rob M., Lex, Kathy and I think Tom had a pre-game alliance, and were all really close friends before the game. This pre-game alliance was a main reason for things happening there (the main one being voting out Jerri over Amber, when Boston Rob asked Lex him to), and when Boston Rob betrayed them, it affected their real-life friendship, and it wasn’t just between some group of people who didn’t knew each other, and is happening to this day. If I said some things wrong, or if Maritimer wasn’t alluding to that, someone please correct me.

          15. OK, I turned out to know all this and just got paranoid that there was MORE I didn’t know. I need to get a handle on my gossip paranoia. I’ve done this before!

          16. Pretty much what @superduperfan:disqus said. But it wasn’t just them, other people like Colby and Ethan were very pissed off about their boots as well too the point where they were sniping in post-game press and it seemed to affect their real life friendships as well. Basically, everyone when it with colossal egos and left all sore and bitter. Everyone took everything super personally, which as John noted was a little bit funny but also really sad

          17. I always worry that oblique comments like that refer to much worse things I don’t know about. Phew! All Stars was only about as bad as I thought!

        2. I liked All-Stars the first time I watched it. The ugliness is rough at times but otherwise it was a solid not great season

          1. Unsurprisingly, I’m a fan. It helps that I don’t really care about any of these people’s feelings. So them getting ugly over destroyed friendships bothers me none.

          2. People getting ugly over destroyed friendships annoys the bejeezus out of me. Just be fun and entertain me, you whiners! Stop messing it up with your little feelings! Although it does make me feel smug about never liking KVO.

          3. Parts of the ugliness was entertaining until it just got stupid and annoying and thats what made it suck for me. That and the ugly behaviour ruining players I had liked

        3. All-Stars is such an important season because it was the first time they brought back players and no one (the players or Production) knew how it was going to go. Everyone but Rob* seems to come into it like it’s a dinner party among friends and they’ll play the game again but it’s all in good fun. Rob doesn’t come into it caring about friendship or fun – he wants to win, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

          * Well, maybe Jenna Lewis too.

          1. I loved Cambodia Kimmi, but I think Jenna Lewis started off as a much better Survivor player (more mature/less of a hothead in her youth, came to plaaaay in All Stars in a way we didn’t see from Kimmi-who-had-seen-Borneo, although we never saw Kimmi-who-had-seen-seven-seasons play) and so I have higher expectations for her now. I would hope that her game would be similarly tempered by age/maturity.

            Actually now that I think about it maybe they’re more similar than I thought. We never saw pre-kids Jenna.

            Anyway, Jenna popped up on RHAP around Second Chances when everyone was talking about bringing back old-school players and I was really impressed with how she talked about All Stars. Bring back Jenna!

          2. That’s the big difference between Jenna and Kimmi–we have only seen mom Jenna because she had her twins so young. Now, we get to see her after having four kids.

      2. Where is Amazon available since it’s not on Amazon (the irony)? Or is it only on pirated streaming?

        1. CBS All Access has all seasons. I don’t know if Amazon is streaming anywhere else. I don’t think it is.

          1. Aha, that’s the secret! Don’t know if I can add another service (we already have cable, netflix, and amazon prime). I’ll ponder it.

        2. Like indescribable hat said, on CBS All Access. And I think it’s maybe on Hulu, but don’t take my word for that. Since I live in Europe though, I had to use some other streams.

      1. I love Tocantins! Were you comparing it to the Thailand slogging experience, or did you enjoy it?

      1. We’re watching it now because I made my fiance watch Heroes v. Villians and wanted him to see the follow-up. Also so that he would understand why I felt Debbie wasn’t the most annoying/crazy player ever. I loath Philip.

  14. RE: the Heroes vs Villains split vote.

    If they had any inkling that Tyson was about to do something so monumentally stupid, they should have absolutely assigned him to vote Parvati. In fact, in retrospect, it would have made most sense to have Tyson, Jerri, and Coach vote for her, as each of them seemed most opposed to her.

    Before checking, I wondered if they just went the simple route and had the men vote for the man and the women vote for the woman, which would make sense from the standpoint of keeping it less complicated.

    But nope. Jerri, Coach, and Courtney voted for Parvati, while Sandra, Rob, and Tyson were supposed to vote Russell. Which makes me wonder if Tyson INSISTED on voting for Russell, all so he could enact his brilliant plan to vote himself off.

    1. Oh my gosh, I hope not. I wonder if these factions is how Rob saw his alliance splitting up because he was definitely closer to Tyson and Sandra and he always has to have his bro and a weaker lady.

  15. Big Brother thread to discuss the umpteen million episodes that have aired since last we spoke? Gosh, there’s a lot of this show.

    Also I’m finishing up BB6 and I have no idea why it’s a beloved season.

    1. Hahaha, I like BB6 but I know what you mean.

      I have so many opinions! Last week was so satisfying to watch play out, but I do wish it had been twist free so that Cody would only have himself to blame for how badly he fucked up. The den of temptation is already driving me nuts, so I hope the twists get phased out season 17 style.

      Paul’s plan was both bad and unsatisfying. Is there anything better than a couple going up on the block together? It’d be the most entertaining option and it’d be the best strategically, but instead he has to go with some cutesy plan that makes the week crawl by. I have to root for him through his safety because I don’t want to lose Christmas (who is in so much danger because of that damn twist), but once it runs out I hope he gets cut quickly. Hoping for a Christmas/Josh final 2 with a late season battle of wits between Christmas and Dom. A man can dream!

      1. I think Christmas and Dom are doing some nice work to position themselves far in this game and I would love them doing battle in the endgame.

        1. I don’t think Josh is bad. He seems as a really good dude, who is a fan, but often gets emotions take over. He’s not at the top of my rooting interests, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get far.

          1. Unfortunately, I did not. I can always change my opinion, and maybe if I’ll find some time I’ll check some of his clips. It’s just based off of the things that I’ve seen on TV.

          2. I do feel for him, but I don’t like him enough as a player to want to see him succeed at this point.

          3. Oh, from what I’ve seen, I absolutely do NOT think he’s a good player. It’s just that for me, being a good player isn’t my only metric for rooting for people. And Josh isn’t in my top 5 main rooting interests, I don’t know if he is even in the top half, it’s just that IF he gets far, I didn’t see so far really much to root against it (aside from maybe overturning Paul).

        2. I was very excited about him pre-season because I loved his energy, so I’m disappointed that his excitement has dropped so much. I’m here for a game turn around though. He seems to know what he has to do, and I think Christmas could use him to her advantage. I also find him likable in his own way. Megan even said she loves him on her periscope! I don’t find him too bad to look at it either…

          1. I just…yeah, do not agree. He is just retched on the feed stuff I’ve seen and is really socially unaware to an uncomfortable degree. Plus, he also does that whole “way too aggressive and loud only to fall apart and claim too much sensitivity” thing that is beyond annoying.

            Are you basing this only on the televised shows and pre-season hype?

          2. No, I’ve seen him on the feeds too, but I don’t watch too often. He’s definitely socially awkward but I usually feel for him because everyone just ignores him. He doesn’t seem very self aware, but I think he at least understands the game well. I also think he genuinely is very sensitive.

            I’m not saying he’s my second favorite by hoping he’s final 2 though – I hope he loses to Christmas and I think he would be a good person for her to take to the end.

          3. Yeah, but Steve was actually good at the game!

            I don’t mind sensitive. I mind someone who screams and shouts about how good he is and then feels bullied all the time without taking into account his own actions. Which is not at all to say that I approve of bullying.

          4. I guess I haven’t really seen that since the feeds started, but I don’t know.
            Steve was also very socially awkward and recognized Vanessa as a good player, pledged his loyalty and convinced her he was with her to the end, and blindsided her when he cut her. I could see the exact same happening here, because Josh does understand the game in that way. His problem would be getting jury votes, but there’s plenty of time for people’s impression of him to change too.

          5. But Steve didn’t get in fights with all the others, so yes, jury votes will be hard.

            What did you think of the show last night? Did you think his yelling at Cody was wise? I’m not a Cody fan, but to me, it just made Josh seem a bit unhinged.

          6. I didn’t watch yet, but I’m guessing he didn’t look good.

            I might take a break for a week until Paul’s safety is up honestly – I did the same for BB Canada 5 this year and then caught up after and I don’t regret it. Anyone being off the table makes the game hard to watch for me and I think it’ll be easier when I can zip through the week.

    2. BB6 is my all time favorite. I’m curious to know what you didn’t like about it.

      As for these recent batch of episodes, losing Cody is big for entertainment purposes. This house badly needs a shakeup from the current status quo.

      I think Paul is badly displaying his safety. I would’ve preferred for him to lay low while having the couples target Cody and Jessica. I don’t think Paul gets Neda’d but he will have a big target on his head after next week.

      I’m interested to seeing how the Dom/Mark/Elena relationship is going forward. Dom is doing a lot of work trying to plant seeds that Mark should turn on his own showmance and I think it will work.

      I have grown to like Alex more than I thought I would and think she can go far once people start to target the couples/Paul.

      1. I don’t hate BB6, but I find a lot of the cast increasingly insufferable. The Friendship is gratingly smug and moralistic, particularly Ivette, from whom we hear the most, so of course I’m rooting for the underdogs to come shake things up, but Howie and Janelle are no picnic either. It’s just this endless grudge match between two unlikeable sides with little interesting gameplay besides Maggie’s moves against James. I miss Kaysar, who seemed like a lousy (read Big Brother) version of Yul.

        1. I think the dislike I had for them is a big reason why I love BB6 so much. Rooting against them was so much fun and as a big Janelle fan, I so badly wanted her to conquer them all.

          I thought Maggie played a great game that season as well and should be mentioned among the greats of BB.

          I was a big Kaysar fan and the week he took out Eric was one of my favorite ever

          Also, I did watch this as a 15 year old when it first aired, not sure how I feel about it now.

          1. I’m impressed with Maggie, but I think her preciousness about lying plays better however many years ago. I think that the season feels a bit dated is hurting my enjoyment of it, but probably the main thing is that I’m not fully on board with Janelle, so I don’t have a real rooting interest once Kaysar leaves. Or eye candy.

          2. I’ve been trying to rewatch it for awhile but keep getting distracted by other things. Are you watching BB7 after 6?

          3. No. I’ve seen 8-10, 13-14, 18-19. I think I’ll go back and watch 2-5 (and maybe 1) so that I can watch 7 after that.

          4. 1 is the only season I’ve never watched and have no desire to. I enjoyed all of 2-5, so I think you’ll have fun with that.

          5. I have a fear of running out of TV, so I might try 1 just to put off the inevitable. I should try it right after a season I really enjoy though.

          6. “No, I sealed your partner’s fate.” I’m getting chills right now! It might be my favorite week of the show.

            Maggie blows me away. Her gameplay really elevates the season to another level.

          1. Come on, Yul has a better handle on how to play these games at least. I’m actually a pretty big fan of Kaysar, I just don’t compare people to Yul lightly.

          2. I remember having a crush on him. Also, Survivor fans, Kaysar’s Muslim faith was a minor storyline for him because he prayed five times a day, usually in the backyard.

    3. Twist sucked. I loved the idea of blindsiding Paul first week. This is the kind of play CBS should want out of newbies and they done fucked themselves

      BB6 was my second full season. I loved Howie and his alliance so much, which is why I liked it I think. Also was a big James fan

      1. It’s a sad day when they feel the need to bubblewrap their returnees like this. They already have a huge advantage! Let them sink or swim on that!

      2. I think had Paul not had this protection, this could have been a wonderful play. The problem was that Cody did not say anything to his allies, so he was blindsiding them too.

        1. Not only that, he put Christmas (a person who was their ally), instead of Ramses or Jason, which would’ve greatly lessened the damage

          1. Dude, decide on your priorities. It’s ok having side deals, but if you have to choose between cutting either a main deal or a side deal, you cut a side deal! You could’ve explained it to Ramses or Jason that he wouldn’t have put them up if Paul didn’t have that protection (which would be true!), but cause of it he didn’t have any other option, or make up some other lie or something!

          2. Like, wow, I don’t believe it that the only returning player, who was popular on previous season would be a main contender for an american vote! Unbe-freaking-lievable!

          3. I swear when I dropped in on the feeds someone was telling someone else that Paul would definitely get the first temptation. This doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere, and I don’t remember who it was or when it happened.

        2. Even blindsiding his allies, it would have been decent, I think. He could have gotten them on board the “Paul’s a colossal threat” train and/or the Jeff Kent “fuck returnees” train. I just don’t think that was as good a sell with Christmas

          1. Eh, I think his alliance would still have been pretty pissed off as they’re pretty enamored with Paul. For one, Dom wouldn’t have had to put in nearly as much effort into flipping Mark if Paul had stayed the nominee. I think Cody fucked himself much more than the twist did.

          2. I don’t know if Paul would’ve gone home if he didn’t have that protection TBH.

    4. I’m really liking this season so far! And I take this moment to announce myself as an Alex-truther, and pronounce that she is winning this season with the same persistance as Michele-truthers back in the day. Tge only person so far that I’ve grown tired of is Jessica. And I’m really happy that Jillian went home last week, if she survived that,, she would’ve for sure made the F4 as a goat, and not an entertaining one at that (I hope they won’t do battleback this year cause of that). Others already showed glimpses of being either a fun character (Cody has been histerical all thes episodes), or a player who we should look out in the future (for example Dominique from what I’ve heard). And the whole Garden of Eden has been a fun theme in terms of visual set, and the Den of Temptation is an interesting twist, but I would actually like a recipiment of it to have ACTUAL consequences of having it, and it not being just Care Packages with an additional curse for someone else. For now I’m enjoying it, and I hope it keeps up.

      I hope I’ll finally be able to talk about previous seasons, but I haven’t been watching for now, cause of the ‘TV slump’ which I had since I finished BBCAN5. I have been reading to slowly heal it (rereading Harry Potter to be axact, I’m on the 6th book now- seriously, if someone haven’t read them, do it! They Are so good!), and I think I’m slowly getting over it, so I hope I can talk about some older BB or/and TAR seasons with you all. But from the first 5 seasons that I’ve watched- I liked BB2, but I feel it isn”t as great as people are calling it (even though it’s important in the reality TV genre), BB4 was a big ‘meh’ for me, but it does a have some really great moments, and the main twist is fantastic, and I loved BB3 and BB5 (a really underrated season) and I highly recommend them.

      Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.

      1. I haven’t watched the feeds much, but I’m excited to hear buzz about Dominique since I liked her at the start and would love to see her do well. I totally agree that the set looks cool this season (those apple walls!) and that “consequences” should fall on the person who makes the decision. They’ve been pushing the “temptation” thing a little too hard all along. Julie called the choice between a vote and a competition a “temptation” for Cameron, Christmas, and Jillian, for example. That’s just a normal choice!

        1. I’m not an American, so I can’t watch them, so it’s only from what I’ve heard from others, but the fact that she isn’t on the show that much (even though it’s counter-intuitive) means that she isn’t targeted as of right now, so I hope she will come out more in the show later.

        2. I just read updates, but Dom is clearly there because she wants to be the next Oprah and from some accounts she’s a horrible interviewer on the show within BB she’s created. She’s also in this odd place with Mark. So far, almost no edit on the televised shows so production finds her dull.

          1. It’s a serious problem. Maybe I’m just becoming an old fuddy duddy, but I need way more than showmances to be entertained!

          2. Count me among the fuddy duddies! My favorite reality TV relationship is Allison and tWitch.

            (That’s a So You Think You Can Dance reference, the point of which is that they got together behind the scenes. I do actually think they’re great though. Oh and tWitch is a stage name. There, I think I’ve made my confusing reference less confusing.)

          3. Hahaha, I knew exactly who you meant because I love SYTYCD on about the same level I love Survivor. Shhh, I hope they don’t throw me off this site. 😉

          4. OMG yayyyyy I love SYTYCD too. How ’bout all those Emmys Probst stole from Cat Deeley? How relieved are you it’s back this summer? How much better did the children work out last year than you expected? How are you liking this season so far?

          5. Cat Deeley is, hands down, the best host of any show ever! I am thrilled it is back and actually cried when I thought it had been cancelled.

            Err, I did not enjoy the kids at all. Mainly because I saw it as a form of child abuse and could not bare seeming them cut. This show is exhausting and difficult for adults!

            I am loving this season! My heart is lifted by each episode, and I’m so grateful that these amazing talents got this opportunity. Also, trying to watch World of Dance, and I am now hate watching it. SYTYCD does everything right that it gets wrong.

          6. I thought the kids would be a complete disaster, but then some of the Robert and JT dances wound up being among my favorites ever. I was worried the kids would just be cutesy and not capable performers in terms of emotional range, which wound up being less true than I feared. I’m not sure they justified the concept though. A lot of the older kids were good, but why not let them cook a few more years and put them on the show at 18? Only JT consistently justified casting children because he and Robert opened up all these new choreography and storytelling avenues.

            Honestly I think they’d benefit from going a bit older in casting adults. I feel like they’ve been putting more and more 18-year-olds auditioning for the first time on the show. Back in season 10 I thought Jasmine and Aaron blew the other couples out of the water in the maturity of their performances, and they were the oldest woman at 20 and the oldest man at 25. I assume they go young for the benefit of their teen-heavy audience.

          7. Yes, I really wish they’d go older as well. But then, I am all about the emotions and maturity of the choregraphy. It’s like watching Travis Wall then and now. He’s always amazing, but his work resonates so much more fully as he ages. I’d even extend the cut off age.

            In any case, so far this season, I have my hopes up. I’m a little concerned about the Academy, and I hope it works well.

          8. Oh and I think they did tone down the workload for the kids, which of course was necessary but also limited what the show could do.

          9. They were still having to do multiple dances a week which is way beyond what most normal humans can do. Think about how hard each week is on Dancing With the Stars for the so-called celebs with one dance. I stand by it being too much, but I’m cranky like that when it comes to child labour.

          10. Come back to us!

            I started watching later and I’m heartbroken that I can’t ever watch the older seasons (legally).

          11. Well that’s not promising. I had heard, basically, “oh, she’s in good with everyone, which is great except people might be starting to notice.”

          12. I think she’s doing very well and has been super likable so far, but I could also see some things blowing up in her face. She’s definitely a gamer though, and I think her being successful in the game would benefit the season.

      2. I’m so disappointed by Jessica. She could be good but she should have cut Cody loose when it became obvious she had to

        1. Yeah, she made the mistake of pushing too soon and hard to get Christmas out when emotions were still high. Then she doubled down even after her allies told her they absolutely weren’t going that direction. Her cutting herself from the rest the house is a really bad look.

          1. She could have even recovered from pushing too hard if she back off when her allies shut it down, instead of cutting herself off

        2. Before the season, while I really liked her pre-game press, I just had that inkling in my gut that she won’t be that good. I hoped I was wrong, but alas (and she may get better if Cody really goes, but I really haven’t been liking what I havd been seeing from her).

          1. I didn’t really do pre-game press so I just had the week’s worth of TV, and she seemed to have a solid strategic head on her shoulders

      3. Buying stock in Alex is smart. Even though she started on the other side of the numbers, she has slowly built enough relationships with people in power to the point that she is no longer a target. She does have work to do though as she still isn’t in the main alliance.

        1. Exactly. The worries I have for her is that she could have a hard time winning a final vote, cause she’s a small…. woman and would be seen as getting dragged by others (and that claim may be true in the end, but it may still haunt her even if it isn’t true), and she may do some hasty moves ala “I will target the showmances” to Cody (I personally loved that, and I could argue that it was just her reading the room for Cody, and knowing that he respects that, but I don’t have any evidence saying that it was or wasn’t the case). I will still root for her, and I really do think that she has potential to take it all.

        2. I have to say, one of the weirdest things about BB is that every season is that there basically just a main alliance and then some other people, not two alliances. It just so weird to me. Like, Alex’s job isn’t to spearhead another alliance, its to make herself a spot in the main alliance

    5. I think the televised shows have been really well done, but I hope they add way way more of Kevin who is, by far, the most entertaining houseguest.

      1. “And the girl makes me breakfast in the morning. If a woman made you breakfast in the morning, would you vote for her?”

        I seriously need to watch some clips of Kevin on You Tube or something, he’s so great.

        1. My first thought was that it was a reference to Josh’s constant crying, but “Crying = Victim Noises” is too on the nose for Serial Killer Cody. Like, legit Buffalo Bill shit.

  16. Also, am I the only one who had never heard of The Mandela Effect before? I mean, I knew of the idea but had no idea it had a name.

    Survivor rewatches teach you new things!

    1. I didn’t know the name for it either until today. But the name itself is super-weird–I was basically an adult in 1990 and I don’t remember anybody being surprised that he was still alive, and I can’t fathom how anybody younger than me but over the age of say, 15, could believe he died in prison.

        1. You know what’s even weirder? I only just saw that movie a week and a half ago… I spent 3 quarters of it waiting for “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

          1. When you are not prepared for that moment, it possibly ranks as the funniest moment in movie history. It is certainly up there.

      1. Should I? I don’t get this reference, but I’m always happy to find new weird things to say to my sister.

        1. Oh, I was referring to Justice greeting Lisa as “sisterrrr” and just adding the “little” in front.

          1. Ohhh I see. I don’t generally do that, but I might at the Survivor family visit. Real talk: I would give everyone a lot to make fun of if I went on Survivor and made the family visit and my sister or one of my cousins showed up. (I love my parents, I just don’t think I would be such a weirdo with them.)

    1. I call my little sister that. Although I also call several of my students that. Tory, Abby, Libby, Jackie, I guess Gabby now, I have a bunch of little sisters.

      Also, roommate and other roommate are siblings, and I’ve picked up their habit and started referring to them as ‘your sister’ and ‘your brother’ when talking about each other.

        1. I thought it was a little weird when I moved in, but they refer to each as ‘my brother’ and ‘my sister’ so eventually I started just going with it.

          1. It sounds perfectly normal for them, it’s just a little, “stop hitting your sister!” coming from a third party.

        2. I mean, it’s things like “I bought more paper towels because your sister told me we were out,” so I think it’s fine.

    2. I get called “Sis” by my brothers and I call them “dude” or their full name just to be the annoying little sister. Also, if you haven’t figured out that I am a little sister to older brothers, then I hope it explains the witchiness.

  17. I forgot about Lisa’s confessional right after Malcolm won immunity. “Malcolm wins immunity! And Lisa’s plan has been shot into smithereens [which happens to be the episode title]!” I just love the way she says that.

    1. She’s a really fun presence on the show! Someone should put that woman on TV.

  18. When Matt got back online after his computer crashed and for about 30 seconds we heard him but only saw Emma, I thought it was karma for the first episode.

    1. And remember when Emma said in episode two “Hey Russians, I don’t know if you’re listening, but if you could hack Matt and make it so we don’t see him that’d be great”? It’s all coming together now.

  19. My mom, who watched these episodes with me although she does not generally watch Survivor, says, “I know who Carter is. He’s the pretty good-looking kid who, by keeping quiet, manages to stay in the cool kids’ set throughout high school, despite not being all that mean or good-looking.”

  20. Having two hosts talk about how easily they cry at things is the most off-brand thing you’ll ever hear on The Purple Rock Podcast.

  21. I successfully made it back from Indy. Sharcule and Barculese helped me go 5-4 in the Pokémon Nationals (6-3 if not for bad luck with speed ties). I even beat one of the best players there, Tommy Cooleen. I had no idea who he was when I faced him.

    I am off to the land of Denise next week for a family reunion. I will let you know if I have a run in with her or Sarah.

  22. So, I am working, and I have to write some SQL scripts for our Programming team to run, and one of the things I have been typing over and over in these scripts has been “sysdate.” And it’s to the point now that when I type it, I shout out “sysdaaaaate” like I’m Justice.
    Thanks, Philippines.

  23. It’s Prime Day everyone. Don’t forget to buy all kinds of useless shit from the PRP link!

    1. I’d feature this comment for your excellent pandering, but I’ll be honest and say that Prime Day generally kinda sucks. There’s not that many great deals unless you’re buying Amazon’s own devices.

      But hey, if you disagree and love their sale, please buy via our link!

      1. I just wanted to remind people. I ended up buying a ton of shit, and almost forgot to click through with the PRP link. If people have been waiting for a good deal on an Echo (that won’t arrive for a month), now is the time.

      2. Yeah, that does seem like mostly the point of Prime Day. I’ve been needing a new practice amp for a while and waited specifically for Prime Day. Nuthin. I ended up buying one at Guitar Center today.

  24. @sharculese:disqus Let’s talk TAZ.

    So it’s not like I’m tracking HP and relishing the dice rolling, but I think that opening fight sufficiently shows why the D&D aspect of this podcast is so important. It gives the McElroys a structure to riff on/improv with and it allows Griffin to essentially fix his outcome while leaving the intervening plot completely undecided. He gets to move forward with his overarching plot while not railroading the story. THB get to be totally creative with their fighting styles and are throwing out goofs and one-liners left and right. Maybe the other RPG system (or specifically the plots used in that system) just needed room to breathe, but I think this is a terrific return to form for TAZ.

    I want to know Lup’s plan for Phandalin. My best guess is cleaving the dragon glass disc from the earth and using it as a buzzsaw to tear through The Hunger’s tendrils.

    And [DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT] if there was ever a time for our good soft detective boy Ango to go full dragon, that was it. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

    1. I zone out whenever they take damage rolls, especially because right now there’s no way Griffin is letting them die. Maybe in a few episodes, but not right now. The fight was fun, and “I jump on the rhino’s back.” “Of course you do.” is gonna be a series highlight, but I’m just so in love with Griffin’s storytelling now that the back half is what sold it for me.

      As for [Double spoilers], nah, it’s too early to pull that trigger. I’m not worried because it didn’t happen this week.

      1. Actually, [DOUBLE SPOILERS] Ango’s freak out could be viewed two ways. It could be Griffin really underscoring that Lup was in the Umbrastaff (tho Juice and everyone listening must have known). Or it could be a panicky paranoid dragon boy who thinks he’s just been revealed. Two things?

  25. For people interested, Redmond has just revealed a cast for season 36, which has just ended in real time. Of course it’s just pictures and their names, and two most notable things about it are, a)It’s a 20 person cast, and b)it’s really attractive, like REALLY attractive, plus really young.

    Here is the link for the people who wanna take a look at it:

    1. Before I look: Young and hot is not all that promising for the show, but that a supposedly hot cast is young makes me hopeful that at least I’ll appreciate some of the hotness.

      After I looked: Yup, at first glance I like the look of the 18-year-old model. Shocking. Oh and also the 20-year-old model/personal trainer.

      I feel like I’m looking at a Big Brother cast, mostly because of the ages. The oldest woman is 34!

        1. I’m thinking the literal teenager will probably look like a squishy baby person to me once he’s moving and talking, but for the most part I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m a little gross.

    2. Mmmm… not really feeling it among the women*. And I find several of the S35 ladies quite attractive, so it’s not just knee-jerk disliking the new.


    3. The male side seems like they looked at Jay (and Ken I guess) and went “hey, turns out we can have males who are hot AND have deep characters, give me 10 of those please” I’m not saying that they’ll all be Jay but that may have been the thought process

    4. Yeah, there are def some good Hotties in here. After our only man-meat, Malcolm, was an early boot, they had better give us a season with some hunk.

      First Impressions:
      Michael Yerger: Yum
      Chris Noble: Yum
      Desiree: is probably going to have to work hard not to be my favorite?
      Kellynn: (is your name missing an a or e?) Chicago represent!
      Stephanie Rae Johnson: (I promise to make Carly Rae Jepsen based jokes as much as I can, which may not be much…) Chicago represent!

    5. I guess it’s not surprising that who I find attractive/interesting doesn’t quite go with the majority.

      Brendan– yay, a teacher and whoa, he’s a looker.

      Wendell– by far the face I’d most want to look at on a day to day basis.

      Desiree– she is stunning!

      1. PS I have knee-jerk negative reaction to those whose job is entertainment/model because I don’t like casting to be done based on looks. I’ve always preferred seasons with lots of ages, ethnicities, careers, and varied looks.

        1. Now that I think about it, has anyone in Survivor or even Big Brother did well, or was a universal liked character, who was a model or worked for entertainment(I guess someone did in TAR, cause the format doesn’t put them in a disadvantage)? I’m probably banking on someone obvious, but I can’t think of any at the moment (and I still haven’t watched most of the BB seasons).

          1. I really need to see BB6 soon. I hope you don’t overhype this season and/or her!

          2. I’m curious which Survivor season(s) would you call overhyped (I don’t use the word ‘overrated’ cause I hate it so much). I would personally say Cook Islands. I liked it, but I just don’t think it’s top 5, hell even top 10 season.

          3. Cook Islands was the second season I ever watched, so I love it dearly and uncritically. Cagayan (and to a lesser extent Heroes vs. Villains) are two that I love a fair bit less than everyone else does, although I still think they’re really good seasons. I find Samoa almost unwatchable. I think I value contestants I like personally and want to root for more than many viewers.

          4. I understand your choices. While HvV is probably in my top 10, I wouldn’t still put it in top 5. And Samoa isn’t in my top 20, so I can agree with you on that (but I did like it).

          5. Penner was an actor/writer. Others have mentioned some of the models/pageant girls, but I am sure there are many more. Especially on BB.

          6. I checked, and Jenna was a swimsuit model (so that’s another one model who did well), and Amber was an administrative assistant.

      2. Agree with your picks, though almost all of them look they could be attractive but it’s hard to tell from a picture. Jacob actually looks promising too but I need to see him talk.

        1. I completely meant to mention Jacob as well! But yes, once we see them move and talk it’ll be a whole other story.

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