Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 13-15

Emily and Matt wrap up their summer re-watch coverage of Survivor: Philippines.

NOTICE: Because this podcast is unedited, there may be some curse words throughout. Those listening with younger people around might want to choose not to this time. Jesus Christ, Matt’s attitude is a problem.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Survivor Philippines episodes 13-15

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Emma and Matt have taken over the podcast to talk about one of their all-time favorite seasons of Survivor. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Finally being rid of Abi
  • Sugar highs
  • Fallen Comrades
  • The tragedy of Malcolm’s shaky hands
  • Who thought they were winning
  • Denise is so great
  • Trolling Jeff Probst

Thanks for watching along with us!

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Andy and John are the hosts of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast.
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286 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 13-15

  1. Episode #13

    Oh look, Abi’s trying to be strategic by lying to Lisa. That’s so adorable, she thinks she’s playing the game.

    Skupin picks Malcolm and Denise for reward, and tells Denise she can have all his food while he’s gone. I guess that hug Abi forced on him after he won the reward didn’t get her anything.

    Abi doesn’t get picked for the reward, and *that’s* what proves to her that she’s on the bottom of the alliance? Hasn’t she been paying attention the last few episodes?

    Denise deserves to win just for spending a day alone with Abi without killing her.

    Another forgotten gem – Skupin’s sugar rush. That image of him feeding Lisa a cookie off of the flipper – shudder.

    “Too late Larry”?

    I guess at tribal Abi forgot about trying to win over Lisa and Skupin and just decided to call him an idiot and a moron for no reason.

    Who is Penner giving the finger to? Lisa? (I guess, based on his jury question later)

    I’m assuming as Skupin is dancing out of tribal he’s singing “Ding don’t the witch is dead”.

  2. Finale

    My takeaway from Probst’s season-recap: Jeff Kent was a superfan?

    So the final 4 gets treemail about a challenge, but they don’t know if it’s for reward or immunity. And neither do the viewers … until they flash the #REWARDCHALLENGE hashtag onscreen. Way to ruin the surprise, Survivor.

    For those that complain that having a reward challenge that gives you an advantage in the final immunity challenge is too powerful, this is the rebuttal (sorry Malcolm).

    For all the talk of how great a physical player Malcolm is, I’d forgotten how great he was with the puzzles too.

    When does Malcolm realize that he’s not winning this final immunity challenge? When he walks in and saw the challenge? Or after Jeff described it?

    Skupin’s wife told him before the season “Make us proud of you.” Too bad he didn’t remember to do that in his real life (rim-shot).

    Malcolm gets voted out. Whose idea was it to to hurt us again so soon after watching Malcolm get voted out in Game Changers?

    Denise finishes her opening speech. At this point the jury should have just stood up and said “Ok, she’s the winner.”

    The jury asks the final 3 questions one at a time? What kind of archaic system is this?

    Carter is asking about zzzzzzzz …

    Denise answers Petebro’s question by inferring how dumb he and Tandang were at the merge not to just vote out the Kalabaw members.

    Penner’s question/speech is as eloquent, wordy and funny as you’d expect. I still wish he hadn’t outed Lisa though. I don’t think it made a difference, but still not a good look for him, despite how he said he wasn’t bitter.


    According to gossip Skupin was so sure that he had won that he was telling people that. How could he have sat through that final tribal and thought that?

    I’m ashamed to say that during this rematch I could not remember who the victims of Newtown, Connecticut were.

  3. Fun fact of the week: I had to look up something about the Sunset Rubdown album Dragonslayer, and, when you go to the Wikipedia disambiguation for the phrase “dragon slayer,” Coach’s page is listed.

  4. PRP Staff Rankings based on new information about their Twin Peaks appreciation
    1. Matt – watches Twin Peaks
    2. Mark – is sometimes confused with Matt
    3. The others – eh

  5. Reunion

    I really hope the rumor is true that, before the reunion, Carter told the other jury members that if Jeff asked a hypothetical “If Malcolm is in the finale 3” question, they should say that they wouldn’t vote for him. Because (a) it’s fun that the players would be trolling Jeff, and (b) it makes Carter more interesting.

    What is up with Penner’s hair?

    Thank you Lisa for trolling Jeff Kent by saying “A million dollars … or even 600 thousand.”

    Why are Angie and Russell sitting in the others’ spot?

    Probst finally says thank you to the audience. About damn time!

    Abi says she has a lot of growing to do. I guess she decided to wait until after Second Chances to start.

    Artis isn’t always angry, he just has the angry version of Resting Bitch Face.

    Carter was hungry.

    Good on Probst for being a good sport with Dawson. And good job on keeping the camera on him the whole time.

    Boy that next season sounds great. 10 superfans!

    I hope Andy puts the Magnum, P.I. theme at the end of this podcast.

    1. That kind of Carter story is what makes me sad that Carter was that way on the show because he seems to be actually funny but it either didn’t pop on camera or he wasn’t like that on the island

    2. Regarding good ole Abi: When I first watched Philippines and Second Chances, it was back to back, unintentionally. So, for me, it was SUPER frustrating to see her basically act the same in Cambodia as she did in the Philippines. Particularly because the narrative of her transformation would have been amazing. Instead, she falls back into the same mannerisms, but hides them behind a facade of being nice and self aware, which she isn’t.

      That all being said, I would not be surprised to hear she was goaded or steered into some of that behavior. Production wanted to push the ‘second chances’ narrative, but I’m sure they were also aware that not everyone was going to have a fascinating metamorphosis. And if Abi didn’t seem ‘changed,’ it wouldn’t take much to tip her back to Philippines and get all that juicy drama. And they got it, a lot of the late post-merge and early pre-merge revolve around Abi and those dealing with her, same as Philippines but with more agression, lol.

      1. Abi’s “change” in SC lasted about 15 (?) minutes until she lost her bracelet. Even if that hadn’t happened, I don’t for a second believe that she would have been a changed person. After Philippines I heard from people on RHAP episodes that Abi was a nice person in real life, but what Rob C often says it that you can’t be a character on Survivor – the show reveals who you really are. And Abi is just a miserable person to be around – if she’s playing a character, it’s more likely that when she’s not on Survivor she’s playing a character i.e. a nice not-insane person.

        I’m one of the few people that don’t seem to dislike RC, but I completely understand her decision (according to gossip) not to submit her name for SC when she was told that Abi was also in the mix.

        1. I don’t disagree with you for the most part. My main point was: The best outcome for production was either Abi was completely changed, so they could spin that narrative, or she wasn’t changed at all, so they could get the drama. Given everything you said, it seemed like the first was not going to happen, so production would want the second. And they got it.

          1. I think when Abi comes back (yes I said when…she is a given for a Villains slot), we will see if she has really changed.

            Also, does anyone else feel like someone Punked her by taking that bracelet? I have heard inklings that Vytas did it, but I have also that Production did it.

          2. Would not be surprised at ALL if either did. I mean, it defined an early part of the game. Also, i agree that we will see more Abi, but i think we are less likely to see a change here then we were for Cambodia. That season was all about changes and improving, and she didn’t. If she comes back again, it will likely be as a Villain (or some other bullshit word they use in the theme), and at the point she and everyone else will know the shtich. It would actually be weirder if she came back for HvV2 and was nice, then being the exact same on the ‘become better’ season. lol

          3. Really? Wow, that is a VERY curious thing. I mean, just the differences in this case if they added Abi. My immediate reaction is that the majority of the PRP community, and more, would HATE that. BUT, then i think about the season, and how it panned out, and I’m thinking maybe it wouldn’t have been the worse.

            Sandra would have LOVED Abi. I would have LOVED watching Sandra deal with Abi. I LOVE SANDRA. Maybe Sandra could have latched on to Abi as the weirdest meat shield possible. She’d be like “Hey, sure, vote me out, but what about this hot angry mess?”

            Thank you Barbara for this amazing late afternoon mind explosion.

          4. Eh, I wouldn’t mind that personally. I really enjoyed her presence in both seasons she played, and I think she only improves it rather than detracts from it.

          5. Oh, I agree with you (partially, I could NEVER even with Abi, but I enjoy watching her be terrible), but I’m just guessing (and maybe I’m wrong?) that the majority of PRP-ers wouldn’t be thrilled with Game Changer Abi.

            And honestly, if our exhausting discussions of Abi (on multiple occasions) prove nothing else, it’s that there is a better argument for her as a game changer than a handful of the actual cast. Probably even Sarah before the season…

          6. You are welcome. If you are interested, I can hook you up with the list of those in contention, but beware: it will make you wish that those left behind were in Game Changers

          7. I started to read through this, and it got me very excited, and then I noticed all the details below, and I had to work VERY hard not to read all the placements and spoil myself over and over. But I did get spoiled on Guatemala, so there’s that. I’ll have to bookmark and come back in like, 6-12 months, when i’m finished. lol

          8. Oh, no problem, not your fault at all. I’ve accepted spoilers as a part of being on the site, and regardless I’d never blame someone else for that.

            Plus, I asked for it, lol

          9. Honestly, don’t. I only saw one winner I didn’t know, and I’ve forgotten the name and season, so it will be one of those where i’ve got a hunch but i’m not sure. Which isn’t that bad, because it allows for very interesting viewing.

          10. You know what, I can picture Brad or Tai, because we watched them deal with Debbie. I mean, Abi may lose her cool, but she’s never done a screaming, laughing hysteric toddler fit. Tai and Brad marched onward through that admirably.

            However, watching Michaela deal with it, would be a joy. Because Michaela, is BAE. I’ll watch her deal with anybody. Michaela vs. Abi would probably produce at least half a dozen amazing quotes. How could it not? You can’t contain greatness!

          1. I’ve never met a Survivor in real life but I find it hard to believe that a person could be awful on the show but be 100% opposite in real life.

            Prove me wrong, fate, by letting me meet some Survivors to form a sample size!

          2. I don’t know, I know some people in real life who are generally lovely, but maybe they get hangry or maybe they’re cranky when they’re tired or maybe they don’t handle high stress well. In real life, they manage these tendencies by carrying granola bars or whatever, but I wouldn’t want to see them on Survivor where they can’t escape the thing that they don’t deal well with.

          3. I personally don’t find believing that a dehydrated, food-deprived and game paranoid person may be harder to deall with, especially if they have a higher temperament (which I guess Abi has).

          4. Wasn’t Abi pretty awful mere days into this season, when she was in a majority alliance and had lots of food and water?

          5. I didn’t participated in the rewatch, but from what I remember, it was just her being overly paranoid on RC, and her being “dead to her” based on that panaroia. I of course may be wrong, but That’s how I remember it.

          6. Yeah, Abi’s problem is less food and more that, the second paranoia starts to creep in, her instinctive response is “hello, darkness, my old friend.”

          7. I mean, the start of the end of her friendship with RC was that she saw RC talking with Skupin. If you are friends with Abi, you are not allowed to talk to anyone else. Ever.

          8. I feel like Abi was born to be on reality tv, but she chose the wrong one. Drop her in Real World or Jersey Shore or any Real Housewives franchise, she’s be golden.

          9. Exactly. She belongs on one of those shows, not Survivor. I understand the argument that she makes a great villain and creates conflict and drama, but if someone does all of that I want them to be a good player. Abi is not a good player.

          10. I am one of those people who really likes watching others deal with Abi, for the exact reason that she is unlike anyone else. She’s the ultimate wildcard, in the form of a double-edged sword. But I understand and accept that this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

          11. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again (and may be writing a longer piece about it for the site), Survivor needs some bad players. Watching people navigate dealing with Abi is fascinating to me. I want to see who tries to touch the hot stove and how they get burned.

          12. I always wonder why the second and third group just don’t get together to vote her out.

          13. I think as mentioned below its circumstance, but also there are people, as we all know from roommate experiences, who are fun to hang out with but hell to live with. I’m not sure if Abi fits this but others who were hated by their castmates – Sierra from Tocantins comes to mind – may fit into this

          1. Possible, but then again she did win the RHAP Miss Survivor over Kim (the Goddess) and Chelsea. It’s a microcosm of the Second Chances vote, but she was able to galvanize a lot of online support that probably wouldn’t have otherwise voted in that competition. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had managed something similar for SC.

          2. True, but I still think she would have been able to galvanize enough online support to beat Monica Padilla.

          3. Maybe, but she seems like the person who would pull out all the stops to win. She even accepted Russell Hantz’s help in her Miss Survivor campaign. Plus she stripped down to her bikini top during the Miss Survivor video debate.

          4. Even Stephanie Valencia didn’t stoop as low as accepting Russell’s help in a campaign.

  6. As far as I’m concerned, the best argument for a Katie return is the mutual admiration thing she and Denise seem to have going. Speaks well of her.

    1. Oh yes! I forgot to mention I was more intrigued by Katie when Denise said she was a potty mouth. My kind of woman. 😉

    2. Unfortunately, I agree Katie’s time is probably past, regardless of the age thing. To draw that deep, even for a second chance season, it would have to be either a recent player or a classic pre-merge with a bigger story. Even for a SC season, I would think your options here are Petebro, Lisa, and maybe Jeff Kent

    3. And she’s still in her 20s! They’ve cast late-20s bikini babes in the past! Especially on returnee seasons.

      1. The show better hurry – her Survivor life-clock hand-crystal is going to start blinking soon.

          1. I know Liberty Valance because I got on a Jimmy Stewart kick years ago and watched a bunch of his movies. It has a great last line.

            I’ve never actually seen Logan’s Run and only know about it through pop culture osmosis, including this clip, which is probably how Survivor casts its female players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YoCrXmtMjc

          2. I own Logan’s Run on DVD. It was a gift. I’ve watched it multiple times.

            Can I tell stories about drugs here, because there’s a real fun story related to that.

          3. Nope, it’s the episode where Homer goes to Florida for spring break and the family accidentally kills a famous alligator. For some reason that episode is hated by Simpsons fans, but I can’t hate it because it contains one of my favorite Simpsons jokes ever.

            (family escapes from jail, runs into the car)
            Homer: Let’s go!
            Lisa: You can’t drive, Dad. He’s got your license.
            Homer: I’m gonna try anyway. (starts ignition) It worked! It’s a miracle!

            I don’t know why I love that, but it makes me laugh every time. Homer’s joy at the car starting is just glorious.

  7. Here’s a little sneak peek of what Wyatt Nash aka Jesus Matt is up to:

    Sorry if you can’t watch this internationally, but it is a preview for a Hallmark movie. This is his second. Lisa has been in two since Survivor, but they have not bridged the gap yet.

    1. Wyatt Nash was also in the Netflix show Dear White People. Pretty good show. I recommend it.

      1. He was also in the sequel to Flowers in the Attic. So… uneven career.

        Granted Kiernan Shipka made the mistake of attaching herself to that franchise, too.

      2. Oh I forgot he was in that. I watched the pilot, but it felt like it was just going to be a stretched out version of the movie. Does it end up doing more than was in the film?

        1. I guess it’s kind of like that but it does expand on more topics than the movie. The big difference is developing the characters more. They feel more like real people rather than these blank figures there to deliver a message, which is something I think the movie suffers from a bit.

        2. I agree with BD. I think it is well worth a watch, and one of my favorite new shows this year.

      3. I love that show! I didn’t realize it was Matt at all until we just rewatched his season and something kept nagging me until I finally looked him up. I was shocked, tbh.

  8. I find this stretch fascinating because its almost a counter to the “6 is too many in the finale” argument because here, 4 is clearly not enough, even in a good season with good characters. There is surprisingly little to analyze. There are some decent character moments, but the F4 was clearly going to be either Malcolm or Denise with the other one winning the game. They did not need 2+ hours to tell us that story.

    I think the issue is that they have to plan how to show the endgame before they know how the endgame is going to go. In some seasons, putting the F6 into a single episode could work, especially where a clear three takes control and runs with it (like Cambodia, if they didn’t have that crazy tribal, would have been okay) but is seasons where there are still moving pieces like MvGx, it creates rushed and bad storytelling.

    In this season, a final 5 finale would have been ideal, which I guess was likely the plan before Dana’s medivac.

    1. In regards to your second paragraph, I would assume that they do not plan how the episodes will flow until after the season is filmed. Like, I’d assume they have a rough idea, but my assumption is they schedule all their challenges, boots, merges, tribe swaps, and just play the game out. Then the editors get a ton of footage with a ton of notes, and decide what to show in each episode. Otherwise, just as you said, they could plan for an epic final 4 and get zero action, or they could plan to show the last 3 boots and FTC in one episode, and get some crazy multi-idol, high drama boots.

      1. I think the response to this here is kind of. Its at least partially based on their episode buy each season but also their planning by day. When you’re booting 6 people in 6 days towards the end, the plan is towards a F6 because less time between boots means less content for episodes. So I think at the beginning of a season, the map is laid out for a F6/F5/F4 finale with flexibility for contingencies @superduperfan:disqus

    2. In the first 12 seasons, where there was a F2, the final episode with 4 people was fine, cause there were 2 vote outs plus a FTC, but in this scenario where there is only 1 vote out, it just becomes unecessarily prolonged (so China, and Caramoan even though it had 5 people, but Erik was medevaced), but like @badplayer91:disqus said, I think they do not plan how the episodes are structured until it isn’t finished (but I may be wrong).

      1. In the early years, didn’t they also have a segment where the jurors spoke before FTC, what now is the jury speaks videos released online. The jurors were also kept seperate from each other so there was no discussion, if I recall correctly. We had the fallen comrades tribute which took up time. We also had both opening and closing speeches at FTC. So a final 4 was ok.

    3. I’m only about halfway through the video, so don’t know if this is mentioned, but I’m assuming that Dana’s quit/medevac is what made the finale start with 4 people and not 5. If Dana hadn’t left as she did, the finale would likely have started with 5 people and Production wouldn’t have had to change one of the challenges into a “reward where you win an advantage in the next immunity challenge” challenge.

      1. 100% in this case. I was just using it as a contrast point. I’m not sure Survivor would voluntarily do a F4 episode with one boot anymore

          1. You know that actually is kind of true when you remember how close Peter and Liz were to getting pulled for infection when they got voted out.

          2. Remember they had the choice to make Kaoh Rong a final 2 but they decided to go with the remove a juror twist instead.

          3. Once they got down to three players left, they knew that if they made it a final two it would probably be Michele vs Tai which could have led to mass suicides among the viewers.

          4. I doubt that for two reasons
            1. It would have been a close final 2 with some debate compared the final tribal council we did get.
            2. The season would be more positively on if Aubry was not there in the end. People could say that winner deserved their win and there would be illusion that Aubry could win if she won that final challenge.

          5. 1. Michele vs. Tai would have likely been 9-0 (or however many would be on that hypothetical jury) with Michele winning. I can’t see anyone that didn’t vote for Michele in the actual finale voting for Tai in this hypothetical.

            2. While I agree that part of me wishes that Aubry had been voted out just before the finale so she could be in the “She was voted out before the final tribal because she would have won” group, I still don’t think that a season with Michele winning over Tai in a final two would be seen positively. Any good will built up until that point would be dashed away by having to watch that final two. It’s like when Rob C. gets voted out before the final two in Amazon – after that it’s Jenna vs. Matt, and who really cared by then?

          6. I agree that Michele probably stills wins. However, I think the vote would have be different then what we got with Tai having two strong votes in his corner in Aubry and Neal. There is also the fact that Michele would have to explain herself against two well spoken jurors that could have convinced others instead of what happened with Nick.

          7. Hmm. I think you’re overestimating Aubry and Neal’s likelihood to vote for Tai. There’s a reason he was a zero-vote finalist and seen by almost everyone as a perfect person to take to the end with them. In a final two with Tai, all Michele would have to do is be nice, not insult anyone, remind the jury how she won challenges and didn’t piss anyone off.

          8. To be fair this is just a lot of guessing towards an endgame that did not happen about people who mind set we do actually know.

          9. Well, we’re not picking 2 random people that didn’t make it to the final tribal. Both Michele and Tai did make it there, so it’s not that much of a leap to hypothesize what would happen if they were there without Aubry. I don’t suddenly see Tai suddenly getting a bunch of votes he didn’t get in the actual final tribal – if no one voted for him against Michele and Aubry, why would they suddenly vote for him against just Michele?

    4. Oh they plan the season in advance with the classic cycles. They know how many episodes the season will have in advance and the producers have the events cycle based on numbers. The cycle can be changed but only when they are forced to (during a med-vac or other unpredictable circumstances.). Otherwise, they are stuck in the production cycle and the show has to make due with the footage they have to make the episode exciting.

  9. You know what: thank God Malcolm lost. Not only would he not have been brought back for Caramoan, making that serious so so much worse, but this was the coronation era of Survivor where they had no qualms parading the winner for the whole season and burying everyone else. If Denise had lost at F4 I can’t imagine how buried she would have been in the edit with Lisa, Redacted, Penner, Abi, and Malcolm gobbling up all the late-game screen time.

      1. Granted, but that’s still something, and obviously with the whole “three returning medivac players” theme plus him making the finals they wouldn’t totally bury him. Abi is a firecracker, Lisa is the celebrity, Penner is too damn compelling, and a Malcolm winner story sells itself. Denise is the logical choice when you’re looking to cut screen time, and the only reason they couldn’t is because she won.

        Counterpoint to my own argument: Sophie

        1. They still try to cut Denise’s time. TEOS points this out as we have no idea what Denise was doing during the merge because it was all about Malcolm and the Kalabaw men and Tandang.

  10. Update on BadPlayer91’s early season Survivor sprint: I’ve completed Amazon, which was 98% blast and 2% disappointing finale, and have started Pearl Islands, which one episode in has been 65% blast and 35% SANDRA! Her screen time is like cocaine for my weak soul.

      1. I smell a Best Survivor Premiere Episodes article in the making….

        But if Guatemala doesn’t make it, know that you’ll be dead to me.

          1. 6 Best Survivor Premiere episodes.

            1. Pearl Islands
            2. Cagayan
            3. Heroes vs Villains
            4. Cambodia
            5. Philippines
            6. Guatemala

          2. My only major problem with the Cambodia premiere is the opening confessionals. Either give everyone one or give a select few one. Don’t give everyone who makes the merge minus Stephen and Keith and add Varner one. We voted for this cast. We want to see everyone up front with their thoughts.

          3. My anticipation for Cambodia was so high, more than any other returning players season before. I was more aware that one of these returning players was going to win and one was going to be voted out first than ever before.

          4. My anticipation for Cambodia was higher than any other season because a) I was too young to actively think about how awesome All Stars was, b) I wasn’t watching Survivor when Heroes vs. Villains was on, and c) I was cautiously excited for Game Changers.

          5. I don’t know if it tops those 6, but All-Stars has to be up there, for the sheer novelty of that Premiere

          6. The All Stars premiere has a lot of fun little moments: Colby’s reaction to seeing Jerri, Jenna M’s reaction to see Richard in the buff right in front of her, Rudy in general…

          7. Yeah, that premiere is great, especially considering at the start no one really knows how to play against people they already know, and that it will be like a party among friends. Then Boston Rob and Jenna L. ruin everything.

          8. You also got to love Mogo Mogo immediately campaigning against each other. I think the biggest flaw of All Stars is the tribe divisions because of how almost all of the great players going into All Stars (Richard, Colby, Lex, and Kathy) are all on one tribe while you left two winners and Rob C. to drown on the other tribes.

          9. Rob C talks about his own situation in this season . either on his All Stars commentary or in various RHAP episodes, but because of the high number of Australia players and how they needed to be split up, it really dictated how the rest of the players got divided. I remember him going through it step by step once, and he concluded that there was no other way for him to be on another tribe. And I think that if he had been on another tribe, he would have survived until at least the swap.

          1. So you’re saying you don’t want to cram in extra and totally unnecessary work at the last possible minute? That doesn’t sound like… oh wait.

          2. There’s an Australian Survivor joke in there somewhere. Or Survivor New Zealand. Ah, who am I kidding – I never watched either of those shows.

          3. I recruited a second person to do Australian Survivor reviews with me to reduce the workload. And now I’m encouraging him we should do extra work for the premier.

    1. Amazon is Top like 8 for me. I actually like Jenna as a winner because its what truly started to show that Survivor is literally anyone’s game

      1. I don’t necessarily dislike her as a winner, she falls more into the ‘meh’ category.

        But I agree, it really does start to show that there is no one way to win Survivor. Which is probably one of the best things and most frustrating things about Survivor.

  11. So, Matt and Emma talk about Abi and Denise being one of the bickering duos in Survivor history. Who else would you have up there?
    I would go with:
    Tony and Kass
    Shane and Courtney
    Sandra and Russell

          1. “And my wife … Morgan Fairchild! Whom I’ve seen naked!”

            Hey, remember when Morgan Fairchild was a thing?

          2. I saw that episode because Say Yes to the Dress is one of roommate’s guilty pleasures.

        1. *Proof that Sandra is my kind of person* In Episode 1 of Pearl Islands, Fairplay has a confessional about his ‘jokes’ and how he knew that would be an advantage and how he can always make people laugh, and before I can even begin to roll my eyes, they cut to a confessional of Sandra being like ‘I don’t like him, he thinks he’s funny but he’s not” *heart*

      1. Besides the “Drop your stack” exchange, do they really bicker a lot? My memory is that they’re aligned for most of the season. Albert wants to do some crazy schemes, which Sophie talks him out of, but I don’t remember them bickering a lot.

        1. It’s more towards the end, but she does yell “WILL YOU LET ME FUCKING FINISH” to him during an argument.

          1. My favorite running gag of SP post-merge players appearing on RHAP is that they are almost always asked “Is it true that if Brandon Hantz had made it to the end he would have won?” and Rob is always surprised when they answer “Yes”.

          2. I’m working my way through the RHAP Worlds Apart episodes and surprisingly there are lot of the potential Second Chancers as guests (shocking!), including Jim Rice. And one of the questions is about Brandon winning, and Rob is shocked by Jim’s answer.

            And I think a couple of episodes later Sophie is the guest (or maybe it’s the other way around) and Brandon comes up and still Rob is surprised by her answer (“Really???”).

          3. I’m pretty sure Jim Rice only does RHAP because he thinks it’s good promotion for his business.

          4. Fuck if I know. I kind of zoned out on RHAP because listening to multiple hours of coverage of Game Changers felt like homework.

          5. During that episode, Jim did agree to give 25% (?) off all purchases at his stores on a certain date (the day after that episode came out) if the customers said “RHAP” when they came in.

            Plus, let’s face it – these guests during season 30 knew that appearing on Rob’s show was good promotion for getting them onto SC – Jim Rice, Kass, Vytas, Spencer, Kelley. And was it a coincidence that Stephen just happened to be co-hosting KIA that season? All part of his master plan to get the RHAP bump.

          6. I’ve been listening to old RHAP episodes for the past few years to get caught up to where I first started listening (SC) so a lot of the time I have no idea the exact date the episodes were recorded. But I’m inferring from your comment that it was likely … mid-April?

          7. Actually I just checked and the Jim Rice episode was March 27th, so April 20th would have been 3 weeks into the future. Plus on that podcast Jim says either “tomorrow” or “later this week” for the discount so there’s no way they’re talking about 4/20 as the date.

          8. Well, the now defunct(?) Survivor Oz had it much worse with the older school candidates like T-Bird coming on to recap AND Jeremy and Val were doing the fantasy league sorta thing against Ben.

          9. Personally, I had no idea that the online vote was a thing until they aired that clip with Jeff at the end of the later WA episodes. So if I had been listening to RHAP back then, I probably would have just thought “Oh, Rob is getting a variety of guests that aren’t usually on the show.”

          10. So am I. What the fuck is wrong with all of them? He’s an unstable wreck, amplified by an insane type of religious conviction. He’s a terrifying and unstable person.

          11. Truly the best example of what the players are seeing is 100% different than what the viewers are seeing.

        2. I suspect South Pacific is edited to avoid certain moments that might contribute to the narrative that Sophie is a bitchy know-it-all.

          Which sucks, because the worst thing about South Pacific is that there should be more Sophie.

          1. I think the problem is that Sophie knew she was the smartest person there and didn’t really care about hiding it, and that they were already treading into “how dare this kid who’s just out off college think she’s smarter than Coach and Ozzy” with the edit they did give her.

            Like, we’d love the edit where Sophie is allowed to be a smart-ass all day, but I don’t think the mainstream audience would be happy about it.

          2. That’s completely fair, but I think they have to build up to that moment where Ozzy says to Sophie “The jury doesn’t like you” instead of it coming sorta out of the blue.

          3. Plus she was female. We’ve had smartass guys pretty early ala Rob C. I can think of several: Rob C, Rob M, Penner at times, Cochran, Spencer, Tony, Tyson, Pete, Brian C., etc. to varying degrees of success and most are well-liked. But I still can’t think of any women who would fit the bill.

            edit: I did think of one. Maybe Kass.

          4. Yeah, up until the last few episodes (from what I remember) SP is edited as if Coach wins and Sophie is going to be a no-vote finalist (or get voted out at final 4).

          5. If they had twice as much Sophie & Albert, but still placed a lot of focus on Coach as a cult leader, South Pacific would be really high for me. I might have to watch it again as I think the season might be better in my head than it is in reality, but it’s interesting damn it!

          6. It is in Africa territory for me, where the lows are really awful and barely watchable but the highs are some of the best Survivor moments ever.

          7. More of Sophie being a bitchy know it all might get Jesus Island out of the bottom 5!

          1. My memory of that season is like if I was watching a movie where Coach was the main character (no, not 180) and Sophie was just a supporting character, and then in the final act Coach’s character dies and Sophie suddenly becomes the main character that we follow for the last 15 minutes.

            Sort of like what happens in the William Friedkin film To Live And Die In L.A.

  12. Another question (somewhat) inspired by this rewatch: How many people have come into the finale as viable candidates to win, but then the finale becomes a hatchet job as to why they can’t win? Here’s who I got (Important note: they have to make FTC and FTC cannot be included as part of the hatchet job):
    Brad Culpepper

      1. I feel like I’m mentioning RHAP a lot here (enough to get me banned, probably), but I love the Cagayan recap episode right before the finale where Cochran is the guest and lays out his theory that Woo is 100% going to win and almost convinces Rob.

        1. And I don’t think many believed that Tony would win. The main contender was Spencer, but after he was voted out, I think Woo was the second option (I may be wrong, cause I wasn’t watching then).

          1. Without Spencer there we don’t get “do we fight for it?”

            How do you forget that?

          2. Give her a break – she’s spending most of her time keeping her ear to the ground to get us the juiciest gossip.

        2. “Woo was definitely not seen as a viable winner.”

          Not according to Cochran. Pretty sure he had a Powerpoint presentation to explain it.

    1. I’m trying to remember exactly when the wheels came off the Ken train. I know it kind of happened in the Will boot, but I think he was a viable winner but was cut down in the finale?

      1. I think he was a contender in the pre-merge, but post-merge the only passenger was Colin Stone.

        1. In the edgic/hardcore fan community he was but casuals were still on the Ken train I thought

          1. Oh yeah, casuals were still on the Ken train because while Ken got nothing from the merge to the Will boot, Adam was making near fatal to his game mistakes and Hannah was Hannah.

      2. He pulls a Brad where he is extremely visible in the pre-merge but once the merge hits, he’s purpled. The big difference is that he doesn’t become as big of a jerk as Brad does despite voting out his closest ally.

        1. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. No matter what he did, cut David, keep David, he was not winning with that season’s cast, a bunch of self-proclaimed gamers. I’m not sure if he kept David, or let David and Adam make fire even would have gotten him any votes.

          1. He also made a time-honored mistake of claiming his game was all about integrity and staying true to who he was. That argument has rarely held up as i’ve watched the early seasons, and there it was considered really important. By the time Ken came around, it’s the double-edgiest of swords. He keeps David and his ‘i’ve got integrity’ argument is blown away by someone who truly played the game. He boots David and his words ring hollow. If anything, Ken’s crippling moment was allowing his integrity to bind himself to David. He relinquishes the ability to show his skills by letting David do most of the work, and by the time he regains some of that power to take David out, he’s lost face with everyone else. He can’t convince them he’s the mastermind, he can’t argue integrity, he’s just lost it.

    2. I can’t say Stephen or Spencer because I don’t think either ever had a meaningful chance at winning before the finale (unless they had managed to cut the winner in the final episode).

      1. I think @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus meant from the viewers’ point of view, as who was thought of as a possibility to win it all.

        1. That is exactly what I mean. Now we know that Stephen was drawing dead at Final 5, if not earlier, and Spencer was drawing dead for sure at Final 6, if not earlier (like Stephen’s boot).

  13. Big Brother thread?

    First off: BIG BROTHER CANADA IS NO LONGER ON HIATUS AND RETURNING IN 2018 and I am very excited about it.

    Anyways… With the whole self eviction mess kicking off the season mixed with Paul’s safety and now the battle back, the game hasn’t really felt like it’s had much forward momentum yet. It’s made me kind of check out and just follow update/RHAP, but that should hopefully change in the upcoming week.

    I’m bummed that Dominique wasn’t the player I once thought she would be and I’m also sad to see her be sent out the way she was. I’m kind of conflicted about who I want to win the battle back. Jessica has been much more interesting without Cody, Cameron seems like bad television even if he was the most screwed, Jillian doesn’t do anything, and Dominique coming back immediately would be weird. I guess Cody or Dominique (who I am still fond of) would be the best options. Josh and Mark are children. Paul needs to fall for this season to be any good, but I have no idea where anything is going.

    Meanwhile, I am quickly making my way through Big Brother 5 and slowly making my way through Big Brother 2. I’m enjoying both, but it is wild that there are 11 full episodes in season 2 with only 5 contestants left. Thank god Will and Nicole are there.

    1. I’m so torn on the battle back too. I like Cody but I’m also worried his return will ruin Jessica. On the other hand, I don’t want any of the other three back really, and Cody is kind of cute so Cody it is. I really just want him to come back and go after Paul and his stupid alliance and blow the game wide open.

      I’m so over Josh. He can go anytime. I still like Christmas, I think I’d like Elena if she was out of Paul’s alliance, same with Alex. Kevin is hilarious. Aurprisingly, Jason may actually be my rooting interest at this point though

      1. Jason is probably my rooting interesting right now too, as he seems to be the sharpest of the outsiders. Christmas is still my favorite, but she doesn’t have the underdog factor and is so closely tied to Paul.

          1. No that’s true, everyone thinks he’s an idiot. But I feel he could play the Johnny Mac game and get credit

      2. Cody’s only cute if you saw a picture of him and never watched a minute of BB.

        Agree on Josh. And it bugs the shit out of me because no one (besides Mark I guess) has any reason to put him on the block.

        And I’d want Cameron back in the most, not cuz I think he’s interesting or anything, I just think he’s the best bet to shake the game up. Everybody knows what Cody’s about, and if he doesn’t win HoH off the bat, he’s going right back out the door.

    2. YES!!! I was SO bummed out, when I heard that it was coming onto a hiatus, especially cause I just watched it.

      I didn’t see the last episode yet, but yeah, Dominique didn’t do herself any good by just speaking in riddles the whole time. She HAD information, but just didn’t give it, cause she was scared that it will backfire on her, but when you’re a target and on the block, you HAVE to give something to have even a chance of staying.

      I’m still enjoying the season, but I agree with you that it feels like it has only began, and we will soon see how it will turn out. And yeah, I hope Paul will have a downfall in the next couple of weeks. It’s not like I dislike him, but just that his power feels really cheap cause of the production trying to him in the house by the ‘friendship bracelets’ or ‘necklaces’. He plays a good game for now, I do admit, but I’m KINDA hoping he gets Neda’d somehow.

      For the battleback, my ranking would be:
      1.Cameron- to be fair my no.1 option would be ‘no one’, not necessarily cause I really dislike anyone here, but just that I would be more interested in the state we are in an see how it turns out. But alas, I would most likely to see Cameron, cause he’s such a wildcard with him being gone on the 1st night, that it would be interesting to see how he, and others manage that.
      2.Dominique- simply cause, I really like her, and maybe there is a chance she wins HoH and gets power. But aside from that, I don’t know she will convince anyone to align with her if she doesn’t win.
      3.Cody- while he was a really fun character, due to him wanting to align with Paul (which to be fair, I don’t know would work out, but still), and Jessica is much better without him, and she has much more potential to be actually a good player than him.
      4.Jillian- cause……no.

      I’m still really enjoying this season, and my favourites at this point are: Alex (who has SUCH an obvious winner’s edit), Kevin, Jason, Ramses, Elena, and for now I’m giving it to Jessica, but I still don’t trust her with it. The only players who for this moment, I wouldn’t like to see them win are Paul, and Raven.

      And I’m glad you’re enjoying both of these seasons, especially BB5, who gets too much bad rap. BB2, while a good season, suffers in my opinion from a weaker first half, aside from the 1st week, and the toothbrush incident, and the ‘middle’ episodes where there is no POV, so it feels sometimes pointless. But I still like it. BB5 has a weaker 3rd act out of 4, but I really like all the other ones

      1. I really want to talk about BB5 and have a lot of opinions on it (mostly positive), but I’ll try to wait until I’m finished. I just made it to final 6, and I’ll just say that I’ve been very pleasantly surprised and it could end up being my favorite of 2-6.

        1. Out of these, I still find BB3 still the best (and is still my favourite season), but BB5 is a close 2nd. I hope we can talk about it once you finish it.

      2. I know you were being facetious but one of the good things about BB is that they can’t really make a winners edit

        1. It is SO WEIRD. After years with crazy internet Survivor fans, I don’t know how to watch a show like this without edit thoughts popping into my head sometimes, and I keep having to remind myself that they don’t know what happens next week any more than we do.

          1. Happens to me too. I starting thinking about the edit but then I realize it’s not actually a thing

          2. This season feels like such an anomaly because, with the exception of Cody, everyone else who has been voted out has had a very small edit. Dominique may be the exception here, but even then, she didn’t really come out as a character until last Sunday night.

          3. The edit has been godawful. All sorts of interesting things have happened in the house that haven’t been on the televised show. It’s become ridiculous. There is, at this point, no way for anyone to know almost anything about half the houseguests. *I’m probably overly frustrated at this point*

          1. Yeah, from a good side: we can see the game play out live, and it is more exciting not picking up on some “edit clues”, and just root for some people you want, but from a bad side: winner may be unsatisfiying, cause we can see all the things they did, and they might’ve done some bad moves, so it removes from the argument that always the best player wins. In my opinion good overweights the bad, but it’s still there.

    3. I too had my hopes for Dominique dashed this week. Yikes.

      I think I’m rooting for Cameron because it seems potentially interesting to have someone they barely met tossed into the house. I don’t have strong feelings though.

  14. I don’t know if anyone else agree with me on this, but I really don’t appreciate the way the Internet is pushing me to play Dream Daddy. I’M UNPRODUCTIVE ENOUGH, I DON’T NEED THIS TOO!

        1. I’m so intrigued, but i’m also at work. So like, why I really don’t think I need to worry, I gotta be a bit careful with what I click on…

  15. Thanks, Matt and Emma, for doing this. It’s been fun re-watching this season. I had forgotten how much I liked it; this was a great reminder.

    If we’re going to continue the trend of re-watching old seasons in-between the new ones (bad ones in the winter, good ones in the summer), which seasons do y’all want PRP to cover next time, both for bad seasons and good? This is assuming they haven’t already been decided:
    My vote is for Thailand and Pearl Islands, respectively.
    Alternates: Redemption Island and Cook Islands, also respectively.

    1. While I probably will still not participate: for the worse ones Fiji or All-Stars, and for better ones The Amazon or China.

    2. I vote Fiji and Palau, which are the third and first seasons I watched. I have revisited neither and really enjoyed both the first time around, so Fiji is my way of getting around the fact that I don’t really care to revisit any seasons I considered bad.

    3. I was going to say i’d support any I haven’t yet seen, but then I remembered i’d have to be careful, as the podcast likely would discuss spoilers same as for Philippines. So, I guess i’d support any that I already know the winner of…

      So, Redemption Island, Fiji, All-Stars would be good, lol. Though if my current off-season viewing pace keeps up, I likely will have some of these done before winter. Definitely All-Stars, as that’s up next after Pearl Islands.

  16. I’m listening to the RHAP Worlds Apart recap episode with Jonathan Penner as the guest, and he drops these Philippines tidbits:

    – Penner didn’t know that Jeff Kent didn’t want to work with him and wanted to vote him out from the start until he watched the season air. It never came up at Ponderosa, where Jeff spent most of his time reading a biography of the head of the Mormon Church and didn’t participate in the group activities: card games, drinking and karaoke.

    – The reason he refused to give Lisa a yes/no answer when she came to him for a final-four deal is because Skupin and Carter had told him that Lisa was the next one to be voted out and he didn’t want to say “yes” to her and then vote her out and potentially lose her jury vote.

    – Artis was not a recruit; he was a big Survivor fan and had sent in a tape to casting 19 times. Lynne Spillman (head of casting for Survivor) said (not sure if she said this to Artis or Penner) that the tape he submitted that got him on Philippines was the worst tape she had ever seen. Maybe he was like a Dan Foley type and they decided “This guy is going to keep submitting tapes until we put him on the show, let’s just do it and then we’ll be rid of him.”

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