Purple Rock Watch-Along: The Amazing Race 7 Viewing Plan

After joking about doing this for at least a year now, the jokes are becoming reality. Which, by the way, is exactly how the podcast willed itself into being. So start guessing what other long time running jokes around here will one day become reality. Until then… it’s time for this Survivor website to cover The Amazing Race.

I said in my recent defense of Boston Rob that a key to understanding his appeal is to have seen him in this season of The Amazing Race. So if you haven’t already and are interested, now’s the perfect time. If you’ve seen it before and want to re-live one of the more exciting seasons of reality TV, this is a good time for that too. We’ll be watching three episodes a week for the next month and discussing them as a community.

And since I want new viewers to come along, the weekly write-up will be spoiler-free. No discussions about what happens in future episodes, no hints. If people want to get into that in comments, you’re welcome to, but please put them between spoiler tags like so:

Coverage will consist of weekly written posts by me. They won’t be live blogs, and I hope that they won’t be recaps either, but we’ll see what they become when I write them. Here’s the schedule:

  • August 24h: Episodes 1-3
  • August 31st: Episodes 4-6
  • September 7th: Episodes 7-9
  • September 14th: Episodes 10-12

Note: The next season of Survivor debuts September 27th.

As for how you can watch the season, I’ve been told that it is on Amazon Prime, but not CBS (not so) All-Access. Someone else would have to check Hulu for us, since none of these services are available to me. They released the season on DVD, so you might be able to track it down that way (as I have) via purchase or the library. If anyone knows of other means to watch the show, feel free to share in comments if you are comfortable doing so.

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Co-host of the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast and the Canadian of the group, Andy has been watching Survivor continuously since the very beginning and likes to treat that as some kind of virtue to lord over others.

Favourite seasons: Heroes vs Villains, Cook Islands, Palau, The Amazon, Cagayan
Favourite players: Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin, Tony Vlachos, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Rob Cesternino
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59 thoughts on “Purple Rock Watch-Along: The Amazing Race 7 Viewing Plan

  1. WTF it’s not on CBS All-Access??? This increases my deep ambivalence about that service.

    Good news though: it’s on Hulu.

    1. I don’t have CBS All Access, but from what I understand, they previously had all TAR seasons there, but now it’s just clips from them, and the only season to watch there is season 29, the last one aired (and probably will go down, if/when the next season airs, and it will replace it).

      1. Yep. That’s what will happen. I sent them an email and they made some excuse of not having the rights to show the old seasons, only the current one. Boo, CBS!

    2. I first noticed it had been removed from CBS All Access shortly before I realized all past seasons had been added to Hulu. My hypothesis is that they figured no one is subscribing to CBS just for Amazing Race so they could make a quick buck with Hulu licensing fees. Hopefully they don’t try the same shenanigans with Survivor!

      1. Well, they already have almost all the Survivor seasons on Hulu. The only ones missing are like, 2-11 and the most recent. Though for someone like me who does have cable, All Access is essential to watching the live seasons.

        1. Oh interesting! We recently had to suck it up and get cable again to qualify for a better internet service with a special rate. At first my husband wanted to refuse on principle (didn’t want to contribute in any way to the cable company’s growth stats lol) but he finally caved and now we have the most basic cable package possible, so I guess I can watch new Survivor seasons that way now. If Hulu had just a few more seasons I would probably be willing to dump CBS All Access altogether πŸ™‚

          1. I did that in my last apartment. I got a cheaper rate for higher speed internet, with cable included, but it was a special rate and within a year and a half, it was WAY more expensive. So, when I moved apartments, I changed to an internet only package. I get calls/mail all the time saying all the million things they will give me for free if I add cable, but at this point, I don’t need it, I don’t want it, and I don’t want the headache of having to complain when my bill doubles in a year cause they start charging me for all the free things.

  2. I don’t want to take all the credit for this becoming a thing but I will take some of the credit. As far back as the comments during Kaoh Rong I have suggested TAR 7 as a rewatch. Now over a year later it has happened. This must mean my dream of a Palau rewatch must be on deck.

  3. I’m excited. I’m also curious to see what people who may never have watched Amazing Race before think of it. If there are any here, that is.

    1. I’ve watched episodes, but i’ve never actually sat down and watched a season of Amazing Race. Do I qualify?

    2. I’ve never seen more than the adverts for Amazing Race, so the whole thing is utterly foreign to me. Unfortunately I’m a bit busy and probably won’t join in. I only commented so I could both raise and crush your hopes in one fell swoop.

  4. Thank goodness it’s on Hulu. Well, i’m currently watching All-Stars, so I see no reason to not join this and keep my Boston Rob steam engine chugging along! Maybe i’ll even consider swapping things around in my Survivor-completion adventure to watch South Pacific soon. Or maybe if i’m getting tired of Boston Rob, i’ll not, lol.

  5. Exciting! Like I said previously, I probably won’t join cause I just watched it in December last year, plus I’m making my way through my first-watch of BB6, and I plan on focusing on all the BB seasons. But I do plan on commenting, and discussing it from what I remember during the watch-along.

    But to those who aren’t set on whether to watch it or not, and didn’t watch it before, I highly recommend it! It’s a great season, with mostly a solid cast, good route, and is exciting throughout, with just a few tiny problems. Personally, from the ones that I watched, I like season 3, 5, and 29 a bit more, but it’s hard for me to see it being outside the top 10 after seeing all of them. Once again, highly recommend it.

    1. Is BB6 the summer of secrets? I’ve been putting BB on when I get up in the morning and just letting it play until lunch. I think I’m maybe 1/4 of the way into that season if I’m not mistaken. They just did that super long HoH where they had to press a button without releasing it.
      I’m liking it so far! And I can’t believe how many Survivor twists were originally done on BB (playing with partners, for example). How far into the season are you?

      1. Yes, that’s the one. I’m actually exactly that far into the season too, only that you are a bit further cause I didn’t see the HOH play out yet! I’m also really enjoying it, but it hasn’t blown me away just yet, but I can’t really complain about the quality. And that place where we are right now makes it a half-way point if I’m not mistaken, cause I think there are 30 episodes.

        1. Crazy! I agree that it’s solid but not amazing, as far as seasons go. I think they’re suffering from a similar casting limitation as San Juan Del Sur where they ended up with a bunch of teams of okay characters instead of a full roster of excellently cast individual players.
          I’m enjoying watching BB seasons for the first time because I’m completely unspoiled (except I guess for the former winners who’ve gone on to Survivor and TAR) so even though I don’t like it as much as Survivor or TAR, it’s fun in a different way. Plus there are SO MANY episodes (a good thing when you have time to kill).

          1. Yeah, mostly in these pairs there is only one star, like in SJDS, but I do really enjoy these better casting choices from them, and it’s good that the better ones go further than the worse ones.. And I’m actually spoiled for all the winners, and with a general understanding of who the stars were, but I don’t know everything, like big moments mostly. But, it doesn’t take away from my enjoyment, and I really liked the older seasons from what I’ve seen with season 3 and 5 being my favourite so far.

    1. Hey, so I know the Fan Friction series is dying down as the new season quickly approaches, But I wrote a thing about a ‘Special’ player where do I send it?

      No offense if you guys don’t wanna post it, I had a blast researching and writing and I think its a fun post.

      1. purplerockpodcast at gmail dot com

        And we’re still over a month away from the next season. Crazy, huh?

        1. It’s just a hop skip and a jump past the Amazing Race rewatch. I can’t keep up w you folks. You are active through the whole off season in this place.

  6. I was, as ever, over-eager and already started.

    In related news, my fiance and I got in an argument about Rob, and now he’s not watching the rest of the season with me. He was sucking all the joy out of it for me by saying things like “he’s just such a smug, arrogant jerk” and “I don’t understand how you can stand how he’s behaving”. Gah!

    1. This is the most charmed I am by the Boston Rob brand of arrogance. I’ll probably talk about more during the rewatch but I think I like Rob the most here because he seems to be having so much fun with all this.

      1. Beats the hell out of grimly determined RI Rob who just wants to win so he can be done playing Survivor goddammit.

      2. This is “Man, I cannot believe I’m still managing to milk money out of being a Survivor contestant” Rob. He doesn’t care if he wins, he’s just having a blast

      3. This may also have something to do with the fact that Amazing Race is
        inherently a much more fun competition than Survivor. You get to spend
        all day with someone you love on a world tour.

        Sure beats sitting on a beach all day, paranoid and bored out of your skull.

    2. One of my favorite Amazing Race moments of all time is in the first episode of TAR7, and has nothing to do with Rob and Amber, and I’m looking forward to mentioning it next week.
      But yeah, this is Rob at his best. If you don’t like Rob on this, there’s no chance of liking Rob at all, I’d say.

      1. Too true. I will continue to love Boston Rob, and umm, he really really won’t. πŸ˜…

  7. This was the first and possibly only TAR season I actually watched start to finish. The best part is I only know the placement of two teams and one particular scene so this will be like a full on new watch for me, just kind of spoiled

  8. At some point in the last few years I started watching this season and wandered away after an unknown amount. Will it be like Nicaragua where I eventually realize I watched almost the whole thing and it made no impression? Probably not but we’ll see. My current guess is that I watched fewer than three episodes.

  9. Hey folks, gonna do a bit of self-promotion here. If you’re not watching the current season of Australian Survivor, you are missing out on what is shaping up to be a fantastic season of Survivor.

    To be clear, I would never ask anybody to watch AU Survivor instead of TAR 7, but if you have time to watch both I really recommend it. Seven episodes have aired so far (out of what will probably 20-25), so it’s not yet impossible to catch up. Also, if you start now you benefit from the fact that both sharculese and I were unable to watch last week (there should be coverage of at least week 2–episodes 4 and 5–sometime this week).

    Probably the easiest way to watch from outside Oz is on Daily Motion. Several users are uploading episodes but the following one seems to be the quickest (note the spaces in the user name):

    Survivor New Zealand ( 2017 )

    1. I’m so very tempted, but I have approximately one thousand other things I need to watch, including 15 and a half seasons of Survivor, 1 and a half seasons of American Horror Story, 6.8 seasons of Game of Thrones, a re-watch of 9 season of Buffy, a re-watch of Firefly, and at least 3 episodes of the Amazing Race. So, I’m going to have to hold off for now…

      1. I hear ya. Just in TV shows on Netflix (ignoring movies, other services, and, y’know, books) my backlog includes OITNB season 5, Kimmy Schmidt season 3, Dear White People, Sense8 both seasons, Halt and Catch Fire all seasons, Rectify all seasons, and Parks and Rec seasons 4 to the end. I did manage to recently finish Master of None (great) and GLOW (very good but not great, but then again I’m down for anything Ally Brie is in; Marc Maron was amazing).

        1. A lot of those you mentioned fall into my secondary list of ‘Things I would almost certainly enjoy and need to watch, but haven’t even considered because of all the other things i’m dedicated to watching’

          I also forgot Walking Dead (I’m like, maybe a season behind. Season 6 broke me…) and the final season of Parks & Rec.

          1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’ve never watched an episode of either Buffy or GOT because I know for a fact I would fall completely down the rabbit hole on both.

          2. I’ve only missed I think maybe a season of Buffy. When I was little, my family watched it, and my mom said we couldn’t anymore during one of the darker seasons. So i’ve been meaning to go back and watch all of it as an adult, lol.

            For Game of Thrones, I was very dedicated to reading the books prior to watching the show. I did that over the last two years, but rather than the books getting me excited for the show, it was the opposite, I didn’t want to relive all the hell that is the early narratives. So much of the book, and the early show (from what I know) is a slog of people being repeatedly shit on by life, again and again. So I needed a break before starting. Also, around when I finished the books and was ready for the show, I really dove into Survivor, so priorities shifted, obviously. I’m planning to finish All-Stars, join the Amazing Watch-Along, and transfer into watching Game of Thrones during the next live season. lol

          3. Season 2 of GoT in retrospect: do you like Theon? No? Um…crap. We’ll fix that for Season 3.
            Oh, we won’t? Um…crap.

          4. That makes more sense regarding the chronology then compared to the books. Cause, Theon is a big part of the 2nd book, but basically disappears in 3 and 4, then reemerges as Reek in the 5th book. However, book 4 and 5 are the same time period, but at this point there are so many characters he split them between two books. So, if you aligned them for a show script, Theon would be a bit more all over the place. Particularly given that Ramsay has a much bigger part in the show.

          5. Yeah, it makes sense from a storytelling standpoint for the show to do what it does, it’s just…damn I hate the Greyjoys.

  10. Looking forward to this rewatch – the older seasons of TAR (with the exception of Family TAR) have much more of an appeal than the later (after season 15 or so). Will be nice to follow Boston Rob and Amber in TAR again. Been awhile since I’ve seen that season, so will almost be like new.

  11. Rewatching now. I couldn’t wait until Thursday to mention that this season first aired in 2005.

    Nothing fucks you harder than time. β€”Ser Davos Seaworth

  12. I re-watched all 3 for this, and… I cannot remember who won this season, which is a good thing. I did remember that insane food challenge, though, certain to be discussed later.

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