Purple Rock Watch-Along: Survivor Nicaragua Episodes 12-14

Welcome to the next three episodes of Purple Rock Podcast’s (well, Matt’s) watch of Survivor: Nicaragua. Read my live blog below.

A reminder before I dive back into my running thoughts of Survivor: Nicaragua- I am spoiled on the following things: I know who wins, I am pretty sure I know who is second and third (I have figured out the order through the magic of editing), and I know who quits- so basically I know what is about to happen. With that out of the way, to the liveblog!

Episode 12 – “You Started, You’re Finishing”

Previously on Survivor: Severe storms almost washed away camp, fire burned up food, Holly melts down on day 5 and is now allied with Chase and Jane. On day 13 NaOnka wants to quit, Chase keeps her around. On day 15 Purple Kelly wants to quit (and we see her talk) but she is blindly obedient to Brenda and Sash. Holly and Jane led a “conspiracy” to take out Brenda, Sash doesn’t play his idol and Brenda goes home. Purple Kelly didn’t see it coming.

Purple Kelly gives the opening confessional! She is on the bottom.


Holly goes to NaOnka and tells her that she trusts her despite her name coming up. Naonka says she is aware that she scares people. Chase outlines the main alliance of himself, Holly, Jane and NaOnka. Benry and Dan not mentioned or heard from in the breakdown. (Fabio, Sash and Purple Kelly are seen as the outsiders)

Another major storm, and a scintillating discussion of mud.

NaOnka says she is anemic and this causes her joints to hurt in the rain and cold. Purple Kelly now melting down.

Fabio here to mansplain how to deal with the rain amid the complaints.

Fabio and Benry talking about how it would be great if NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit. (Editor’s note: If the seven other people also quit, that would be great too.)

Chase is talking to NaOnka about quitting and NaOnka gives Chase the idol and is basically about to quit. Chase is all, “Hey I got the idol now, if NaOnka doesn’t quit I’m not giving it back.”

Jane struggling with the numbers, Holly explaining it to her. They are trying to pull in Sash, but Sash wants NaOnka and Purple Kelly around (and doesn’t want to work with Benry, Fabio, and Dan for some reason).

I want to note for those not watching along that everyone here is talking about Purple Kelly and NaOnka quitting as if it was a done deal.

Oh boy! A reward to watch Gulliver’s Travels starring Jack Black and Jason Segel!

Somehow Nicaragua avoids being the worst for once.

Dan was not selected for the reward challenge and he is sitting in this gigantic chair that makes him look like a child. He even wriggled his legs.


Dan makes a smart bet- I wonder what his bookie thinks of that performance.

Right after winning reward, NaOnka quits. Jeff asks if “anyone else wants to quit” and Purple Kelly is like “yo Jeff, right here.” Jeff says that NaOnka doesn’t seem like a quitter. Then says Purple Kelly what about you?

Jeff not willing to just let this happen, giving them the afternoon to think about it. (Editor’s note: We did the same thing to Matt when he proposed watching this season.) Really giving them the rundown here.

Jeff offers them something here: if one person stays behind, he will give them enough rice to last for the rest of the time and give them a tarp. Holly does this, despite NaOnka getting ready to quit and Dan not actually competing. Benry is killing those two for letting Holly do this instead. He is pissed. Holly is also pissed at NaOnka.

Fabio is thankful to Holly (he notes he wasn’t going on the reward anyway). Holly trying to get Purple Kelly to stay. Is this entire episode going to be people trying to convince them not to quit? UGH.

Holly is all, “I just got you a tarp and more rice. What are you still complaining about?” Purple Kelly in confessional: “I’ve been sucking it up for 28 days.” (Editor’s note: One thing she didn’t suck up? Air time, amirite?) Holly’s tough love is not the way to get through to her I don’t think.

She certainly did suck for 28 days.

NaOnka is now cheering and bragging about winning, despite moments ago talking about quitting.

Chase is now also killing NaOnka. NaOnka is not “no fool”, she says. Why would she step down? Of course, it would not occur to a fundamentally selfish person to do something selfless.

Benry is laughing at this movie like a 3rd grader.

This movie!

Purple Kelly making up for all her lack of screen time this episode.

So we go to a tribal council. It is of course raining. Jury reaction to them saying they wanted to quit: Alina is shocked, Brenda has a giant grin.

Holly mentions Jimmy Johnson, smash cut to Marty looking like he is holding in a fart. Holly and Jane trying to keep them in the game.

NaOnka starts complaining about her joints, and Dan gives her a look like “are you fucking serious?”

NaOnka says she has a shot to win and the entire jury starts cracking up.

Benry compares Gulliver’s Travels to the current situation. There is your plug.

NaOnka quits. Purple Kelly quits. Marty shakes his head in disbelief.


Jeff is really rubbing this in, he asks what should be done with their torches, NaOnka is all what you did to those other guys, and Jeff goes “but they didn’t quit.” I think that is the moment that NaOnka realizes that people will hate her when watching the show.

(Jeff does snuff their torches, but keeps them at tribal so they can see them every time.) Also Jeff is a lot more forgiving to Purple Kelly than NaOnka and there are probably a lot of reasons for this, but it mostly comes down to attitude.

Alina is literally crying. Brenda talking about NaOnka:”I gave her so much more credit.”

No one who is forced to watch this season is impressed.

Episode 13 – “Not Sure Where I Stand”

Previously on Survivor: Sash had a day where everything went wrong- he had an idol, NaOnka and Purple Kelly. But then NaOnka gave an idol to Chase and then she and Kelly quit. There are now two alliances: Chase, Holly, and Jane vs. Benry, Fabio, and Dan. Sash is in the middle and actually in good position.

They propose naming the chicken after Kelly and NaOnka because they were both chicken. Sash thinks his path got harder because he doesn’t realize he is the swing vote and has an easy path to final four.

Sash is now saying he is playing the idol next tribal council because he thinks it is putting a target on his back. This is stupid. Why would they target him? He knows he is 4th, so why burn the idol now? (Editor’s note: But the characters, tho! This season is so underrated.)

Sash thinks Jane could beat Chase. Chase thinks Sash and Holly will be going on rewards soon. Let’s see if that actually does happen.

Chase is destroying this reward challenge. If he actually takes Sash and Holly that could decide the vote. Holy shit, Chase does not take Sash! HAHAHA WOW! That was stupid as crap.

“HAHAHA WOW! That was stupid as crap.” –Survivor: Nicaragua

I take back everything I said about Chase. That was dumb beyond belief- especially not taking Sash after telling him he would.

Fabio says Chase chose the two least strategic people to go with him. Fabio said this!

Sash immediately makes a pitch to the other side to go with them. Dan challenges Sash with “so you might side with them.” Dan doesn’t trust Sash. No one trusts Sash. But he does realize that, yes, he has to trust Sash. He has no choice.

Holly thinks Chase made the wrong choice and Chase admits it to Holly immediately. He calls himself stupid. Holly and Chase are having this whole discussion without Jane. Jane is not the brains here, Chase and Holly are. Chase says he will do damage control tomorrow.

Fabio wants to convince Sash that siding with them is the right decision. Benry says Sash knows what is good for him. Then later Benry calls Sash shifty. Also, the four guys kill the chicken. I love the pettiness of killing the chicken when other people are at reward.

Jane comes back and is crying over the dead chicken and saying, “They didn’t have to eat her.” Then says she would have released the chicken. She makes a chicken memorial complete with tiny cross.

Chase lays out the plan: yeah, we don’t trust Sash but we need to make him think we do by throwing Jane under the bus even if it isn’t true.

Benry is nervous because there are a lot of “variables.” There is one variable, and it is Sash.

Benry goes to Chase and suggests that he vote for Fabio not Benry.

Sash throwing Jane under the bus to Chase, trying to get him swear on his mother or father. Chase won’t do that. So Sash then asks him to do that without swearing, and Holly comes up and they agree to either Benry or Fabio.

Benry sees Sash talking to them and tells Fabio and Dan that they are doomed. Benry is going home tonight. Calling it.

Benry comes over and is trying to get allied with them instead of Jane. He says Jane is a threat to win. Is Jane that well liked? I guess so? I have no idea why. Jane sucks.

Immunity challenge is a spatial puzzle involving gold coins. Jane is “cheering” them all on and driving them all nuts.

Sash wins! Benry and Fabio both had a chance, and they are the two names on the chopping block.

Sash comes back from the challenge tooting his own horn, saying he is ready to win the million. He says that Fabio/Benry won’t make it to the final because they are physical threats.

“But I don’t know about tha-at”.

Fabio asks Sash to let him know if his name comes up. Because he thinks it is him. Fabio thinks that Sash is still a swing vote but that they are close. Fabio sitting back and being “cool.”

Chase tells Dan that everyone is saying Fabio. Sash wants to keep Fabio and Benry guessing and is telling them different things. Benry and Dan want to know who the other name to tell Fabio is. They say Jane at first, Benry says no he won’t believe that, he would vote Holly.

Fabio believes it’s Holly.

Sash is speaking off screen while the editors show a snake. METAPHOR.

This episode is giving me a good idea why Sash is not liked. He makes this overly complicated, in a way which leaves bad feelings for sure. And he enjoys this extra twisting of the knife.

Probst introduces NaOnka and Kelly as “our two quitters.” Awesome. Love it. (Editor’s note: Probst has his faults, but he’s a great host.)

Talk at tribal is about how Benry and Fabio are physical threats. Jane on Fabio: he’s “not the smartest on the puzzle.”

Benry is pretty confident it will swing his way tonight, he says as he stares down Sash.

Fabio says people approaching Sash doesn’t concern him, Holly says it should because you have to talk to people and know what is going on, can’t just sit back. (Editor’s note: Well, actually…) Camera cuts to Brenda grimacing.

Marty is super confused by the two votes for Fabio (they were from Benry and Dan). Benry goes home.

Like all of us, Benry just wants to “peace out” on this season.

This episode came down to Sash as the swing vote, but he really never felt in play did he? It seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would go with Chase, Holly and Jane. It makes sense too, especially with everyone admitting that Jane is a jury threat. The episode even set everything up for Benry and the guys to make a pitch to Sash, with him not being chosen for reward. But there was maybe about 5 seconds of doubt as to where Sash would go.

Episode 14 – “This is Going to Hurt”

Previously on Survivor: Since the beginning of the game, Chase has been a portrait of indecision- he was allied to Shannon, crushed on Brenda, then NaOnka gave him her idol. Now he is in an alliance with Holly, Jane, and Sash, and voted out Benry (despite telling Benry vote would be Fabio).

Sash pulls Fabio aside and tells him that Benry was targeting him. Sash says he is in control, and Fabio is out next unless he wins.

Fabio: “They believe I am more gullible and naive than I am.” He wants to make them say, “I didn’t know Fabio was that smart.” (Editor’s note: And thus we witnessed the first and only time anyone has ever said, “I didn’t know Fabio was that smart.”)

Seems like we are at the family visit portion of the game.

Chase observes that they are all people and not alien replicons from beyond the moon.

They exchange long protein strands just like us!

Dan’s kids are exactly what I imagined.

Fabio goes to Chase and pitches a reward that is them and Sash. Hmmm…..

Jeff announces the loved ones are here and says, “Chase, here is your mom.” Chase looks to the ocean, not understanding where she is hiding.

I wonder if Fabio’s mom is like, “Wait, why are they are calling you Fabio?” Oh wait, Probst told her and she said, “That is a good nickname, they used to call him Jud the Stud.” Jeez mom, overshare much?

We went three moms for Fabio, Sash, and Chase. (Editor’s note: Motherfucker, if I have to edit in one more Oxford comma…) Dan has his son. Dan’s son can’t stop kissing him. Jane has her daughter. And Holly has her husband. Would’ve been funny if we had the perfect old/young divide with kids and parents.

Chase and his mom win. Lets see if Chase brings Sash this time. Jane says Chase will probably pick Sash, and he does. He gets another pick and he takes Holly. (Dan: “He’s a scumbag.” His son: “Don’t worry about it.” I feel like they have had this discussion a lot.)

Fabio is crying and saying he would have taken Chase. Stop winning rewards and pissing people off, Chase!

Fabio asks why Chase keeps taking Holly, Dan says he is done with the three of them (grouping Jane in there). Jane takes it hard, too. The three of them are just stewing. Jane thinks she is 4th in that alliance (probably true).

Chase wants to keep Holly close, but he is worried about the jury. Probably a legit concern. He keeps making unpopular choices, but the only way to avoid that is to not be in position to make the choice.

Fabio asks Chase how it was, Chase says it was great, Fabio says, “That was a rhetorical question,” and Chase is like huh? Fabio may be smarter than we give him credit for. Fabio is pissed at Chase. Decides he has to win immunity.

Challenge requires memorizing a puzzle blindfolded. Fabio wins!

Sash thinks Fabio winning screwed up the plan. This is true. This vote seems like either Dan or Jane- Dan as the last outsider, and Jane because she is a threat. Fabio is lecturing Chase about voting Jane out.

Chase, Sash and Holly are meeting to decide if they want to take Jane to the final 4, because they want Fabio next. Honestly this does make sense as a Jane vote because Dan ain’t ever winning a challenge.

The brain trust.

Holy shit, Jane comes up and asks if they are still 4, and no one will say anything. She asks if it is her and no one says anything! This can still be a 3-3 vote tonight! What the ever-loving fuck are they doing?

Jane is spending more time now cursing out Sash and Chase rather than, you know, going to fucking Fabio and Dan and forcing a tie vote! What the fuck?!? Jane: “I am not going to give up” (neither will she talk to Fabio and Dan). She does douse the fire, though. (Fabio is standing there with just this expression like if he doesn’t move, maybe Jane won’t see him. Jane is not a T-Rex, Fabio!)

Dan: “Listen, there’s things- ah, nevermind” Probst: “Just tell me or I’ll dig.” I love this exchange.

Jane laying into them, Jeff wants more. Jane going down swinging and calls Holly a thief for stealing Dan’s shoes.

Chase basically says Fabio and Dan are next, then confirms that that is the plan in front of everyone. Again, this is a clear 3-3! What the fuck are they doing?

Jeff is now doing a voice. He asks why they don’t vote together. Jane says vote for Holly, which defeats the purpose of dodging the idol. This is apparently the last time they can use their idols, which makes this a stupid time to band together. If they play their idols for themselves and tie the vote then Dan goes home. That would definitely help Jane, but not Dan.

This tribal council is so fucking stupid. Like they had a chance here if they discussed it before, but airing it all like this makes it useless. And since this is the last time to play idols anyway, it wouldn’t have worked.

So, yeah, Sash and Chase play their idols. We get 5 votes for Jane, and Jane voted for Sash (I actually like this because Sash might have been too arrogant to play the idol but Chase wouldn’t be).

What passes for a fan favorite for this season.

Closing thoughts:

Hoo boy, these episodes. If the Brenda episode last week made me mad, these just depressed me.

Let’s start off with the double quit episode, or what I will call “the one way that Nicaragua stands out as truly awful.” We talked earlier about how Nicaragua does everything bad, but nothing all-time spectacularly bad. But I can make an argument that this is the single worst episode of Survivor ever. So I will do just that and let you decide.

Quite simply, Survivor works because it has a rise and fall of action that must culminate in a tribal council at the end of the episode sending someone home. Now, sometimes this is twisted so that there is a medical evacuation, or even occasionally, someone quits. When this happens, the episode is usually enervating, just drained of its typical energy because the show is building to an anticlimax. There is more dead time typically. Occasionally, the show uses this time to find something interesting. One of the best quit episodes is in San Juan Del Sur, where they use the extra time to set up the strategizing that typically happens at the merge. And while it is subverted at the end, it also sets up the reversal in the next episode.

Contrast that with what we saw in the double quit episode here. In this episode, the intention to quit is announced at the reward challenge, immediately after it has been run. That is roughly 1/3 of the way into the episode. We have seen the show deal with boots this early; typically they just forge ahead and have a regular episode for the rest of the time. And that is good! Instead, we spend almost the entire episode waiting for two people to quit. There is little suspense that they actually quit- NaOnka gives her idol to Chase, so she has already made up her mind. And Purple Kelly is talking so much (relatively) that you know she is gone too. So we merely endure a long grueling march to the inevitable finish, complete with Jeff Probst moralizing. It is quite simply a slog, and a slog is the worst possible thing an episode of TV can be. (Do I actually think this is the worst episode ever? Maybe. It is certainly in the conversation.)

So let’s move on and talk about the other two episodes this week, or as I call them, “The moment where Chase reveals he is a giant idiot over and over and over and over again.” Let us take his many mistakes in turn.

First is the one where he realizes is a mistake soon after he makes it. He wins the reward, knows he should take Sash, and doesn’t take Sash. Now to be fair to Chase, he realizes this is a mistake the second he leaves. This mistake doesn’t bite Chase in the ass because Sash was always going to be with Chase anyway. Chase was at least an erstwhile ally, whereas Fabio, Benry, and Dan were never his allies. So while this was a mistake, it was not a huge one. It merely demonstrated again that Chase’s head was not in the game. It does demonstrate how bad this episode was, though. Once again we have an episode where the conclusion seems foregone, Sash is always siding with Chase, and the show is not very effective at hiding this. The only question is whether it will be Benry or Fabio and frankly I think they were right to target Benry.

But then there is the last episode we watch this week where the tribal council might just have caused my head to explode in frustration. So let’s talk about how everyone just flat-out fucks the fuck up.

First of all, everyone knows the vote is going to Jane. So why don’t Dan and Fabio get together with her before tribal to try and force a 3-3 tie? Maybe if they were smart they could even have caught Sash or Chase napping and not playing their idols which would actually mean that the tie would have value. (If both Sash and Chase play their idols, then a tie would lead to a rock draw where Fabio wouldn’t draw because of immunity, Sash and Chase wouldn’t draw because of their idols, and Jane and Holly wouldn’t draw because they were tied, so Dan would go home rendering a tie useless, but Dan should still tie the vote the first time to see if this is the case and then change his vote on revote).

Still, if the players had thought this all through, we saw no evidence of it. Instead, we are left with no reason why Fabio and Dan are not voting with Jane. Even if they aren’t voting with Jane though, Chase’s sheer clueless bravado is incredible to witness.

Chase announces to everybody who the final three is when the vote can still go 3-3! And his allies clearly don’t want to admit this, because there is no value to it, but Chase basically forces them to do so. I can’t even adequately describe how bad this clusterfuck is, you have to watch it to truly grasp it, but the entire thing is a series of blunders and missteps that is unbelievable to behold. I would never have expected this sequence to play out on Survivor because I would never expect people to be this goddamn stupid.

That said, if Chase realized that the idols made tying the vote useless, I wish he had said so because then it’s a power move that has the jury impressed at his foresight. But again, there is no indication he knows this, he is just blithely sure his three will get their way at this vote.

So what of the other remaining players? Dan is still around because everyone knows they can get rid of him at any moment: he is never winning a challenge. Sash is a snake and that final 7 episode showed why he didn’t get more run, because he overcomplicates everything to rub in his eventual decision to the losers. The way he plays Benry and Fabio off each other is just unnecessary. Holly has shown over the last set episodes that she does have a strategic idea and I could see her beating Chase and Sash if that was the final three. But we also got a glimpse of her flaws in the game when she lectured NaOnka and Purple Kelly to stay in the game, which was the exact wrong tactic to take with them. She sees the game from her point of view and not anyone else’s. Not a fatal flaw, but certainly a significant one.

Finally, there is Fabio. Let me just say that I actually think Fabio is a deserving winner at this point. He has done a good job of staying below the radar long enough to give him a chance to go on an immunity run to the end. Is it a good game? Hell no! But it is a respectable path to victory.

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

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  • Black Dynamite

    Purple Kelly Confessional Count through 11 episodes (not including recap episode I couldn’t be paid to watch): 5. What a character she was, what a season of Survivor!!

    The only interesting story left in the season is Chase’s further self burial. His play makes me more appreciative of the players in power positions that actually stick the landing.

    • Purplerockmatt

      It is funny because I have spent most of this series defending Chase until these episodes where it is just indefensible.

      • Black Dynamite

        I actually liked Chase as a player in the first few episodes so it’s extra disappointing for me to see him crash the way he is right now.

        • Alkanarra

          Meanwhile I was fine with Sash’s unlikely underdog story until he won immunity, found himself in the swing position, and went on a Christy Smith-inspired power trip. Say what you will about Boston Fourth-Times-a-Charm Rob, but it goes to show you’re 100% correct about respecting a power player who doesn’t muck it all up for no reason.

        • Purplerockmatt

          I honestly think he played a pretty decent game right up until the Brenda boot. That was the beginning of his downfall

      • sharculese

        Yeah, I was avoiding saying anything about it because I was waiting for the worm to turn.

        I think your writing about his early game was a necessary corrective for how he often gets viewed, but, man, he plays the end game poorly.

      • Hornacek

        Chase reminds me of pre-Yankees George Costanza in that every instinct he has is wrong, so he should really do the opposite.

        • Assistant Dragon Slayer

          Does that make Brenda Susan or the Yankees?

          • Hornacek

            I guess his music career is the Yankees since that’s when he made it big after the show. Brenda got voted out because Chase convinced her to lick the envelopes for treemail.

            Dan is definitely Newman.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Oh my god: Jimmy T = Uncle Leo.

          • Purplerockmatt


          • Hornacek

            Did Jimmy T ever talk about a nephew who worked for the Parks Department?

  • purplerockandy

    One more week guys! Can you feel the excitement? Aren’t you glad we did this?

    • Black Dynamite

      I’m glad as long as Palau is coming sometime soon, which Barbara Anderson needs to watch.

      • Purplerockmatt

        yeah this one has been a bit soul sucking, I might have to postpone the inevitable third part in the trilogy of terror watching I have been doing (that would be Thailand, now the only season I have not seen)

        • purplerockandy

          I’ve been thinking that as well. It’d be ridiculous if 3/4s of our watchalongs were of abysmal seasons.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            I’ve said this before, but I really thought the pattern established by rewatching Gabon and then HvV is the way to go–if you’re going to let the snake bite you, immediately drink the anti-venom.

          • purplerockandy

            That was the plan, but there just isn’t the time. Matt finishes this next week, then we’ll have another season a month after that (during which, we’ll have some preseason stuff to take care of). Hopefully, Game Changers is the anti-venom we need.

        • Black Dynamite

          I never finished Thailand because it was so awful. I’m actually going to finish this season. That’s how awful Thailand is.

          • EmAndScoutInBK

            I’m 150%-200% positive that Thailand is my least favorite. Probably. This is making me rethink Nicaragua as the worst.

          • That is the one season that Tally checked out on.

          • Purplerockmatt

            you guys all have me so excited…

          • I am going to keep an open mind about Thailand, just like I did for other seasons that I rewatched recently. Hopefully, I get there eventually.

          • Black Dynamite

            Along with…

          • Cambodia? Dude, I just rewatched it and I don’t know if I am ever going to do a full season rewatch again.

          • Black Dynamite

            Because nothing can top rewatching Cambodia. Look at us finishing each other’s sentences.

          • Wrong end to that sentence….there are at least 9 seasons that I would rewatch over Cambodia right now.

          • Black Dynamite

            Name them.

            It’s been awhile since I’ve done rankings, as I very slowly work on the top ten of my 33 Best Episodes list. These are the top ten seasons of Survivor I would rewatch right now from beginning to end. The criteria for this list is I picked seasons I haven’t rewatched all of in the last year. Also I chose seasons that I think are great, could lead to great group discussion, haven’t watched in awhile, has Natalie Anderson or has been somewhat forgotten and is deserving of rediscovery.

            1. Palau
            2. Pearl Islands
            3. Philippines
            4. Guatemala
            5. Tocantins
            6. Australian Outback
            7. Micronesia
            8. Cook Islands
            9. Cagayan
            10. San Juan del Sur
            10b. China

          • Purplerockmatt

            I actually really want to rewatch Philippines

          • Dude, it is fantastic. Even the “dull” episodes (aka the two Kalabaw tribal councils) are still interesting.

          • Purplerockmatt

            I have been saving it as a reward for some time. it will happen, just a matter of when

          • It’s just fun.

          • Diego Armando

            Ah good plan. I saved Pearl Islands for last in my Australia-All Stars rewatch for the same reason.

          • Diego Armando

            Philippines is easily in my top 3 seasons.

          • sharculese

            As someone who has seen SJdS twice, good call on not letting “has Natalie Anderson” be enough to get it to make the list.

            Also, as someone who watched China for the 3rd time last summer, do it, and focus on paying attention to every little thing Todd does. Dude is a master of small moves and I wish it was medically feasible for him to play again.

          • Black Dynamite

            Shit, I did edit to include SJdS but now I’m regretting it because the premerge is so fucking awful. Fuck it, SJdS is back out.

          • That pre-merge kept SJDS off my list. Yes, even I, resident Cambodia contrarian, have standards about my love for SJDS.

          • purplerockandy

            Plans are always subject to change, but there’s a good chance that our next rewatch will be determined by the winner of the next season.

          • Black Dynamite

            Now I’m not so sure I want to root for Andrea.

          • purplerockandy

            I think the entire internet would like to listen to me talk about 13 episode of Rob Mariano dominance.

          • Black Dynamite

            I would but only for Amazing Race 7.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            As if we didn’t have enough reason to root against Troyzan…

          • purplerockandy

            So much on the line.

          • Purplerockmatt

            J.T.! J.T.! J.T.!

          • HvV
            South Pacific

          • Black Dynamite

            Fair enough. South Pacific is a garbage season but would be interesting to talk about. Also, Sophie is a badass.

          • I actually like SoPa a lot. I think the pre-merge is fairly interesting and the end-game is probably the darkest Survivor that I can not only handle but actively find interesting and intriguing.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            As always, I recommend watching Palau and Guatemala as a set. Otherwise I cosign this list. I might drop Cook Islands (I think it’s one of those seasons where everybody knows the good parts by heart and has completely forgotten the bad parts, which are pretty bad) and watch, say, Panama or Vanuatu instead (on the grounds of being somewhat unfairly forgotten). But it seems crazy to watch Vanuatu instead of Cook Islands.

          • Black Dynamite

            Panama is a good one for forgotten seasons, plus it has Cirie. I only wanna Vanuatu if I can skip every scene of the men’s tribe in the premerge.

          • Tally has that in her top ten, I think. However, I think it may drop because she doesn’t realize how boring post-swap La Mina is.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            I actually think the Vanuatu men’s tribe is one of the better pre-merge story arcs ever, the way the pudgy middle-aged dudes demolish the douchebros and then immediately get destroyed by the women.

          • Black Dynamite

            Interesting, maybe it’s because I couldn’t stand most of the pudgy middle-aged dudes, especially Rory. God, he was awful. I found the women way more intriguing to watch.

          • purplerockandy

            Survivor: Vanuatu is the 2016 U.S. election of Survivor seasons.

          • Holy crap, that’s kinda brilliant. Although Twilla seems like more of a Jill Stein type than Hillary, it makes sense.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer

            Dammit, now you have me thinking of timelines where Dan wins World’s Apart.

          • Assistant Dragon Slayer
          • Side Character

            I would disagree if only because Chris is a way better politician. And he could make/fake an apology when needed.

          • Hornacek

            … finishing each other’s sandwiches!

          • Diego Armando

            I kept my mind open too. It lived up to its hype.

          • Diego Armando

            You were correct. Thailand feels like you are watching a bootleg of a season that never aired. I’ve never yelled at my TV more during a season.

        • Diego Armando

          That will suck your soul as hard as this season. It even has a situation where a person is told they are on the going out next and should feel grateful for that, with that person being able to force a tie.

          Thailand makes Nicaragua look like Panama (aka mediocre)

      • …..

    • Alkanarra

      I legitimately couldn’t have finished watching it without the impetus, so I’m about as happy as a man watching Nicaragua could be.

  • Mike Hirsch

    It doesn’t help that there are more episodes this season than there would be now. Makes it feel extra long.
    I think my favorite moment on this season, and it’s a minor enjoyment, is when Holly is giving her selfless speech about giving up the reward while the camera is focused on Benry telling NaOnka to give up the reward. Which brings me to my eugoogily for NaOnka:
    Always awful.

    I will never understand why production thought it would somehow be compelling to feature her constantly for someone who would wind up quitting. I get it from a “‘characters'” (extra quotes to emphasize the sarcasm) standpoint, but someone that awful should be relegated to at best, a supporting role and not be one of the main players of a season. Maybe they thought it would make Fabio more sympathetic, and, I guess that works, but still. Ugh. This fucking season.

    • It also doesn’t help that a few of the episodes cover 5 days of time because the quit episode (IIRC) only covers one day with the exception of the cold open.

    • Purplerockmatt

      look at how goddamn boring the two episodes post-NaOnka are and I think that is why they feature her. this cast is just BORING

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        Not just boring, but when NaOnka isn’t being awful she’s actually a decent narrator. If the editors had decided to purple NaOnka, who else would even have been capable of picking up the slack in terms of narrating the season–Brenda? (yesss!) Sash? (Nooo!!!), Holly? (meh, considering how jittery and paranoid she was until around Day 25).

    • Hornacek

      I think the reason production feature NaOnka constantly is because she is involved in a lot of drama (pushing over Kelly B, leaning on Alina and Chase after the swap, stealing the food), and they decided to punish her for quitting by making her appear like a horrible person (not that hard a job).

  • EmAndScoutInBK

    At this point in the game, I think I was definitively rooting for Holly. And also, F Jane. She’s the worst. Couldn’t stand her.

    • Black Dynamite

      Holly has bounced back nicely from the shoe madness earlier in the season. A decent redemption arc overshadowed by awfulness.

      I also can’t stand Jane and she got progressively worse as the season has gone on.

      • EmAndScoutInBK

        The “bounce back” for Holly was very Kathy V-O.

        • I think it takes Holly way too long to “bounce back”. In that regard, it is very similar to Lisa Whelchel.

          • sharculese

            On the other hand, they felt letting Holly get to the end was too risky. Nobody, not even Skupin, was worried about Lisa.

          • Good point. I think once Holly comes to life, she never truly bounces back to her pre-swap persona. Lisa has multiple breakdowns until F6.

          • Max_Jets

            Sure, but Skupin was delusional and thought he would beat Denise.

          • Saturday Night Palsy

            Just watched that season!

        • Hornacek

          Also very Aubryesque.

  • Okay, so it’s time for everyone’s favorite(?) running gag: Barbara Anderson’s Gossip Corner and it’s a double scoop of Sash
    1) Purple Kelly was pushed into quitting by Sash so that he could have a guaranteed spokesperson on the jury. That begs the question: Is Sash stupid enough to rely on a 19 year old to be their voice on the jury?
    2) The big gossip corner: Hello, MortgageGate! So, I wanted Matt to pay close attention to the Jane boot because of the wonky editing. And there is a big reason why supposedly: Sash said that if Jane got on the jury and voted for her, he would pay for her morgage. Unfortunately, Jane didn’t read the fine print as he would vote her out first which causes her voting confessional for him to be “You can lie all you want to.” Sash also mentions in his voting confessional that Jane’s behavior at Tribal and camp today was “disgusting”, which makes you wonder that Jane being Jane blew up about going home and mentioned the lie. On that note, it is very similar to Clarence vs. Diane in Africa.

    • Black Dynamite

      I’ve heard the second rumor (most likely from you) and tried to find clues in the episode that would support it but came up blank.

      Also, I’m still upset about the Clarence situation. He was treated so unfairly.

      • That Clarence scene is uncomfortable as fuck. When it starts off, you’re sympathetic- “Yeah, I get it. You guys are starving and that wasn’t cool of him. You’re mad. That’s probably justified.” Then it’s like, “Ok, I think the point has been made.” Before it finally ventures into, “Is this really just about beans?”

        • Black Dynamite

          I also never forgot Big Tom’s vote for Clarence a couple tribals later that was to “send a message.”

        • And that is the biggest difference between him and someone who gets compared a lot to him: Keith. Yes, Keith did have that super awkward confessional about spending time with Josh on Exile Island but he never ventured into coded language about working with Josh and Reed. In fact, he was extremely open to it. That is the thing about Keith: he is so unexpectedly open-minded. Him during the Cambodia temple reward is extremely sweet. I can not really say the same about Big Tom.

          • Diego Armando

            Keith is the much better version of Big Tom, since he has the humor and charm, but not the uncomfortable race relations and general perviness.

        • Diego Armando

          That was sooooooo uncomfortable. God, Africa sucked. It was still better than this though.

      • Like I said to John, I believe that the evidence is the wonky editing of the second half of the episode. It actually reminded me of the Cambodia merge episode where the editors were SUPPOSEDLY editing around the race element to Tasha and Kass’s fight, so there is no reason why they were so TENSE on screen.

        • Black Dynamite

          If there was a race element to the fight between Kass and Tasha, I would be very disappointed in the show ignoring it completely.

          As for the wonky editing, I agree that is evidence towards the rumor being true, though I’m still skeptical of it being true.

          • Reportedly, after the whole Tasha basically lying to Kass (IMO for Kass screwing over in Cagayan) and turning the Bayon Bros against Kass and Ciera, Kass supposedly compared it to a lynch mob which is not something you throw around an already agitated Tasha. I think that fight helps to set up Tasha as being a prime FTC goat.

          • Black Dynamite

            If true, I would be just as upset as Tasha was. I can’t stand hyperbolic comparisons like that. It’s incredibly insulting.

          • I don’t know if that is the exact phrase and I also don’t know if Kass meant it, but knowing Kass, she probably did, which scares me. There’s a fine line between trolling and insulting and she should know that by now.

    • First of all, please don’t use the -gate suffix. I hate that shit. Besides, Mortgageghazi is funnier.

      I have no idea where that Sash rumor came from, but you left out my favorite part (note that I’m about to spoil the final tribal council here)- that production told the jurors that they weren’t *allowed* to vote for Sash at FTC. This is why I think the rumor came from Sash himself, because it’s an insanely fucking convenient excuse for getting blanked at tribal council.

      Regardless, I haven’t seen or heard any actual supporting evidence for this other than some people repeating it at Reddit and claiming it must be true because everyone keeps repeating it.

      • Purplerockmatt

        I love that spoilered part (something that i have figured out already thank you), and ha yeah this is such bullshit.

        • But it makes Nicaragua slightly more awful, right?

          • Purplerockmatt

            nah it doesn’t change my reaction to anything that happened there when that tribal was such a clusterfuck anyway

      • Black Dynamite

        I think your explanation makes the most sense.

        • However, there is a key component to this story that makes it seem slightly more legit-the fact that nobody is allowed to talk about it. If that wasn’t a thing, don’t you think Marty, being Nicargua-hating Marty, would have blew up the lie multiple times by now?

      • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

        Piggy backing off of this, the Brenda/Dawn incident of Caramoan is Dentghazi, right? I’m always seeing people refer to it as Teethgate, and I can’t believe they’re missing such an easy lay up.

        • Hornacek

          Dentghazi sounds like it’s a scandal because someone dented another player’s car. Denturghazi is better.

      • First of all, I am sorry for saying the g word, but that is how I have always read it. But you are right-Mortgageghazi is much better.

        My personal belief is that the “evidence” is the episode’s wonky edit. Don’t you think Jane would have multiple confessionals saying that Sash promised her this and that? I do. I had actually also heard that you could never watch the voting confessionals yet the transcripts were available on Survivor Wiki, so who knows?

        • I believe the prevailing conspiracy theory is that the producers were so mad that Sash violated this rule, because then they’d have to explain the rule to the audience and it would make the story so terrible and you’d only have 2 of 3 eligible at FTC and blah, blah, blah. So instead, they screwed him by just making him ineligible for votes.

        • Wonky editing is potentially good evidence, because I’ll admit that you’re not going to get me to rewatch this episode in order to prove that theory invalid. But it could just be that “wonky editing” is based on what Matt has said all along- these people can’t narrate action for shit.

          I think they probably would’ve wanted to bury NaOnka in the edit, but they couldn’t because they had no one else to tell what was going on. Who are you going to have explaining the action? Fabio? Dan? Jane?

          • Purplerockmatt

            I also think the wonky editing is to hide the stupidness that is going to occur at tribal. seriously jane, dan and fabio never talked about making the vote 3-3? really? never? the wonky editing preserves suspense and it allows probst to roast them for seeming to miss the obvious

          • I could see Jane and Dan being like “I am not drawing rocks for him/her”.

          • Maybe Holly, but that would mean Holly is really carrying more of the story load than she should as primary narrator and journey storyteller. While there are others who did that (like potentially David and Aubry), there were other characters there. After Na’Onka is gone, you basically have Holly and Fabio as your only sources for a similar feeling to joy.

      • How many people on the Millennials tribe know that Watergate was/is a hotel? I am thinking four max.

        • Diego Armando

          I have.

      • Diego Armando

        That would explain why Probst hated him, but I think it was because he was a slimeball.

        I remember recording the finale and watching it the morning after. My brother (hasn’t watched the show since All Stars) was sleeping on the couch. He woke up halfway through the show and watched the rest with me. During some scene involving Sash, he turned to me and said “That guy is an ass”.

    • Hornacek

      Isn’t Purple Kelly 20, not 19? “Give us the benefit of 20 years of life experience.” or whatever Jeff said to her before he realized he should never talk to her at tribal again.

      I really think that if NaOnka didn’t quit that PK probably wouldn’t have quit. I think she saw NaOnka saying she was going to quit as permission for her being able to quit.

      I’ve heard about the mortgage rumor for years and was watching this time for any signs, but didn’t see anything. Jane seems to hate Chase, Holly and Sash equally, although she did vote for Sash, so maybe that’s a sign? It’s one of the few reasons I’m looking forward to the reunion, to look for more clues.

      • Purplerockmatt

        PK definitely doesn’t quit without NaOnka qutting.

        • Hornacek

          She does seem to be a follower and not a leader.

      • I think there is one potential big clue at the reunion, which is usually the biggest hint that something did go down.

      • Diego Armando

        She didn’t vote Sash. The game was decided by one vote

        • Hornacek

          Jane voted for Sash in the episode where she got voted out.

          • Diego Armando

            Oh, I thought you meant later.

          • Hornacek

            (German voice) Your tags, they do nothing!

        • Fix your spoiler tag.

          • Diego Armando

            Deleted it.

    • Assistant Dragon Slayer

      This is definitely a side-discussion to Mortgageghazi, but is what Sash allegedly did all that different from Yau-Man giving the car to Dreamz, which far from being hidden in the edit was the source of almost all the drama in the endgame of Fiji (there certainly was no drama about the boot order)? Everybody focuses on what Dreamz did, but I think that at best, Yau-Man only in a technical sense didn’t violate the rule against splitting prize money (Sash would also have been violating that rule in spirit). Is the difference only that Yau-Man is lovable and Sash isn’t?

      • Purplerockmatt

        to me this is the difference: Sash cannot pay a mortgage until he gets off the island and basically sees if Jane upheld her end of the deal. Whereas Yau-man has to first give the car to Dreamz and then Dreamz has to fulfill his end of the deal. So Dreamz can receive the car without following through, but Jane cannot have her mortgage paid without following through. it makes the latter much more coercive

      • sharculese

        All Survivor rules (except the ones about safety) exist in furtherance of ensuring a good tv show, and are voidable if contrary to that purpose. Sharing prize money is generally forbidden because it depresses competition.

        Letting Yau-Man give Dreamz the truck was pretty much guaranteed to foster drama and was far enough removed from the final victory that it was a no-brainer to let it slide.

        Sash paying Jane’s mortgage is a dicier case, but it’s one I think production knew they weren’t going to have to seriously entertain.

        • Right because there is no immediate physical pay off to that offer. Jane doesn’t happen to have the mortgage papers that Sash can put his torch to burn them.

      • First of all, excellent comparison ADS. I wonder it is the fact that it was a prize and not actually money. That has actually caused me to ask a question: When was the last auction that you could combine cash with somebody else?

  • Hornacek

    I know Matt skipped the recap episode, but 2 things worth mentioning: Purple Kelly has a confessional (!!!) which is immediately followed by a Benry confessional where he says “Purple Kelly is a waste of space.” (at least he didn’t call her a dirt squirrel). And in the “Next time on Survivor” preview Jeff says “And Purple Kelly finally has something to say.” – when this first aired even my younger naive self knew she was gone in the next episode.

    In the “Previously on Survivor” recap Jeff talks about PK wanting to quit on day 15 (?) and show a confessional for that. Were her wanting to quit and that confessional included in previous episodes? I think the first time it was mentioned was in the previous episode (the clip-show).

    I knew the Gullivers’ Travels reward was coming, but was still unprepared. Jeff describes the theme of Gullivers’ Travels and I’m thinking “Wait, is that really the theme of the story?”

    Why is that giant chair there? The teams don’t have to put their dummy in the chair, it makes no sense. Yes, one person will sit out this challenge but they usually have sit-outs sit on a bench. Why is the chair so big? Because of GT? Is there a large chair in the story? (SPOILER: I never read the book, but it’s based on the Ted Danson mini-series, right?)

    “Anybody else here wanna quit?” When this first aired my younger naive self wasn’t aware of how much behind the scenes knowledge Jeff had of what was going on so I thought he didn’t know that PK would speak up too and he was just asking rhetorically.

    Still can’t believe NaOnka wouldn’t give up her reward for the tarp/rice. Remember the good old days when she was pushing over a one-legged woman?

    “If I stayed I could win a million dollars.” Part of me wished that NaOnka didn’t quit and made it to the end so she could be eviscerated by the jury and get no votes. I also wish Jeff has asked the remaining players (and jury) just before she quit “If NaOnka made it to the end, would you vote for her?” just to see no hands go up.

    I looooove pissed-off Jeff.

    Alina cries because she feels bad for her fake-friend (and stolen food co-conspirator) NaOnka.

    I wish they hadn’t shown NaOnka’s and PK’s final words.

    Chase promises Sash that he’ll being him if he wins reward. Everyone knows this won’t end well.

    “They will be taken and executed.” Jeff, speaking for the viewers’ wishes.

    I forgot about Jane crying over the eaten chicken. I should have known there were still more reasons for me to think she’s a wacko.

    “… and our two quitters who quit at the last tribal council where they decided to become quitters by quitting … they quit.”

    In the opening credits where they list the jury they’re in the order they left the game – why is PK before NaOnka?

    Chase promises to take Fabio and Sash if he wins reward. Deja vu! From the previous episode! From the same person!

    So are we talking about how hot Fabio’s mom is?

    If just Jane and her daughter run her farm, who’s running it now? The dogs?

    Another “scumbag” usage! Did Dan really think Chase would take him?

    So what was on the note Chase found at the reward feast?

    Fabio schools Chase on what “rhetorical” means. Winner’s edit!

    All Chase, Holly and Sash have to do when Jane comes up to them is say “We’re voting for Dan.” Man, they’re so bad at this game.

    Jane is *shocked* when her alliance turns on her. Apparently she wasn’t paying attention to the previous ~30 days. Or previous 20 seasons.

    Jane pours water on the fire. Why didn’t I remember this when Kyle Jason and Scot (not 3 people) did the same thing 11 seasons later?

    I don’t think Jeff’s mother sounds like that.

    • 1) Are you saying the boot order (as shown in the preview) was Alina, Marty, Brenda, PK, Na’Onka?
      2) Fabio’s mother is gorgeous.
      3) Jeff’s mom should sue him for that impression.
      4) I always took Alina crying as Alina being mad about them quitting.

      • Alkanarra

        Oh yeah, Alina was pissed they quit. She didn’t even show up that night when they arrived at Ponderosa, which definitely lost her some Ponderosa host points. Kass’ position is still very much secure.

        • Even with what she supposedly did to Spencer’s chances of winning?

          • Alkanarra

            If you’re like me and don’t much care for Spencer then sure, absolutely!

          • Fair enough.

      • Hornacek

        1) Just double-checked: Alina, Marty, Brenda, Kelly S., NaOnka, Benry. The previous episode (the one after the double-quit) didn’t show the jury in the opening credits. Since NaOnka is the first one to get her torch “smuffed” she is the 12th player out (4th jury member) and PK is the 13th player out (5th jury member). So the opening credits should have Alina, Marty, Brenda, NaOnka, Kelly S., Benry.

        4) I don’t know, NaOnka did such a great snow-job on Alina, convincing her that she was her friend, I took it as her being sad for her friend. Who else is she rooting for in that group?

        • 1) Yeah, that is odd. I don’t know how Survivor messed that one up.
          4) Fabio? Benry?

      • Diego Armando

        Na-Onka quit before Kelly did, but the credits showed Kelly first (both had X’s on their photos). That always bugged me.

        • Hornacek

          They can’t even say that it was an editing trick because we see PK sitting with the other players when NaOnka walks out, and we see that NaOnka is not there when PK walks out.

  • Assistant Dragon Slayer

    I’m surprised Brenda isn’t fucking pissed when NaOnka and P. Kelly quit. Remember, she got voted out on Day 27 and this is happening on Day 28. I guess she had all day to think about it and realized that it was her own damn fault that her alliance slipped away.

    Let’s play Alternate Timeline: I’ve always assumed that if the double-quit had happened on Day 27, giving Brenda a three-day reprieve, she could have recovered and gotten to the F3 with, say, Dan and one of Chase or Sash. But I forgot how hard Holly and Jane were gunning for her. I think Brenda could have reeled Chase and Sash back in, but I don’t see how they get to five unless they pull in at least two of the Fabio-Benry-Dan voting bloc, and why would they agree to that?

    • Purplerockmatt

      Brenda seems kinda pissed by the end, before that she seems to find it funny.

      Brenda wasn’t winning this game even with the double quit because as you said, Holly and Jane had made up their mind about her, and I think Fabio and Benry and Dan go with Holly and Jane over Brenda. Maybe it gets Sash to play the idol though because they are all closer to the end at 7 rather than at 9.

      Also did you ever consider that it was Brenda keeping NaOnka in the game because she thought NaOnka was her closest ally right up until the scrambling before her last tribal?

      • Assistant Dragon Slayer

        Well, I think it was the idol keeping Nay in the game at least as much as Brenda. She was just all-around complacent after the Marty boot. Yes she lost NaOnka but she also lost Sash.

  • SpicyMayoJaySimpson

    For all the Survivor fish out there (and I know there are a handful of us here), the Drag Race S9 cast is up with their Meet The Queens videos. I was rooting for Shea anyway, but Alexis’s entire look had me gagged, and Sasha seems like she’ll be a great personality (her promo look was whatever, though I expect she’ll have a gag worthy aesthetic). And no way in hell will she even get close to sniffing the crown, but Kimora is gon be a goddamn mess and my body is ready.

  • tocantins

    So, I’ve watched the last episode as well, but I’ll keep the discussion spoiler free. (And save material for next week.)

    The first thing I think we agree since the beginning of this season is that episode 12 is quite possibly the worst episode of Survivor yet. (That gives the idea of a ranking of worst episodes to date.) I really almost stopped watching the season after that episode (in fact, I am sure that if not for this watch-along, I would have), and I am one of the few that actually wasn’t hating the season before that!

    5 minutes into the episode, it is completely clear that both of them are quitting. (I even got the impression that at least some of the confessionals were given after they left.) But instead of just getting this over with and trying to salvage the episode by making it just bad (as opposed to the worst ever), Jeff feels the need to beat the dead horse for an entire 40 minutes, hoping perhaps to make an example out of them and avoid more quitters in the future.

    So it becomes a dreadfully slow walk of shame for the two players, while basically everyone in their tribes, Jeff, and even the jury bullies them to stay in the game. Now, I know quitting sucks, but we have to remember that this is a game where you put people to starve and stay in the rain, totally against their comfort and even health. If someone wants to quit because they are hungry and wet, you let them freaking quit. In fact, maybe it is your fault for casting a 20-year-old, who apparently never had to even cook her own food in her life, and a woman with serious self-restraint problems (possibly even due to poor childhood).

    It is funny that I knew that they were going to quit the show, but I had completely different expectations. The way they are villainized (in my opinion way more than any other quitter, unfairly), I had always assumed that they were in an alliance, and when they lost an important vote and were on the bottom, they just said, “Whatever, I’m out.” Their quitting for me is quite understandable, and it was actively ironic to see people that almost quit themselves, like Dan and especially Holly, throwing so much shade at them.

    (Super mild spoilers forward.) The show also goes out of their way so many times to shit on them that it is mind-boggling. Even at the torch walk in the end, their shields are crossed. Did they ever do that to anyone else? Or that ridiculous, “What should I do to your torch? I’ll keep your torch here as a reminder.” The last time I can think of something like that was with Osten, more than 10 seasons before. And when I heard that they changed the Jury vote because of them (even though the change in itself is reasonable), I thought they would have done something ridiculous at FTC. But they both behaved perfectly there. (Maybe their problem was with their vote? We can discuss this more next week, I guess.)

    Anyway, maybe one of the things that bothered me the most about this season was Jeff. Because of all that, mostly, but it also bothered me the ways he directly interfered with the game. There was one endurance challenge where Jane was giving up and he actively bullied her to stay and ultimately win it. And now, when he directly told the other 3, “Why don’t you get together and vote against them?” (Which, by the way, was a completely crappy advice.)

    • Purplerockmatt

      So a few things: I feel that Jeff, even more than usual, is playing the audience surrogate this season. That means he has to interpose himself into the action even more than usual because people are so inert. So the audience is wondering why not tie 3-3 when it is so clear, so Jeff has to ask that.

      As to why they shame the quitters more than usual, i think it is all because they are jury votes and NaOnka in particular took that as a badge of pride. They dont want people in the future to get to the jury and be all “well i made it this far time to quit” so they disincentivized this behavior in multiple ways. We have had other quits before but they were all early game, and these werent even those type of borderline quits we see where the medical reason might be enough and its hard to tell. I still wish they had just let them quit there and gone on with the show as normal though. I think the production decision to draw it out was just stupid. And I also assumed they quit because of either a particular bad weather event (which this one didnt seem any worse than normal) or them being the next two to go

  • Max_Jets

    Hey, some praise for SJDS’s quit episode! Survivor has done a good job with the merge medevacs/quit, as Joe’s medevac in Tocantins and Neal’s medevac in Kaoh Rong are both pretty good too and set up the next episode well. The problem with this episode is that it derails the entire season, while the other ones feel like they’re building tension.

    As for the worst Survivor episode, I don’t think we’ll ever see one worse than Sue’s quit in All Stars. At least for ep 12 here, the show itself is edited…fine. The Sue quit episode makes me feel like the show itself thinks all the Sue hate is pretty dope while Alicia is just there to play devil’s advocate (even though Alicia is great in that episode). It also makes me actively root against multiple players I had liked on their other season. I don’t have much love for All Stars anyways though.

  • forever1267

    I just want to thank you for that .GIF. I shoulda woulda coulda hit that….! Okay, probably not coulda, since he works for the other team. But I woulda!

    • purplerockandy

      You’re welcome.