Purple Rock Watch-Along: Survivor Philippines Viewing Plan

You know how Malcolm was taken from us far too early this past season, robbing us of hours of entertainment in his signature brand of charmy snark, athleticism, and nerd references wrapped in a pleasing appearance? It’s time to rectify that. It’s time to re-live peak Malcolm, an Iowan we were actually excited about, and one of the best seasons of Survivor in recent memory. It’s time to re-watch Survivor: Philippines.

In perhaps even more exciting news, this rewatch will mark the debut of the Blackjack and Hookers podcast duo. That’s right, Emma and Matt are taking over the show – may God have mercy on us all.

They will be doing weekly video podcasts on Philippines starting June 15th. The podcasts will broadcast live on our YouTube page around 10:00 pm EST Thursday nights (with one exception), posting on our site as video and audio podcasts the following morning. Since a goal of these shows is to make it easier for us than regular shows, these will not be edited (barring major technical issues), so we apologize ahead of time for the reduced audio quality.

Here’s the order we will discuss them:

  • June 15th: Episodes 1-3
  • June 22nd: Episodes 4-6
  • June 29th: Episodes 7-9
  • July 10th: Episodes 10-12
  • July 20th: Episode 13, Finale and Reunion

Note: this will be a re-watch for both Emma and Matt. We realize some people might be watching for the first time, and might even be largely unspoiled. Our advice for these people would be to hold off on listening to the podcasts or participating in comments until you’ve seen the entire season, as future events will be discussed throughout the season. Maybe you should binge the whole thing before the 15th!


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      1. Featured comment! I’ve hit the big time!

        (sits back in chair, enjoys the moment, which I know will be fleeting)

  1. This is awesome as Philippines is the best. Not only does it have Penner, but it also has Penner. Plus some other non-Penner stuff, I guess, but who’s watching for that?

        1. Penner: (discussing who to vote out) So what do you want to do?
          Carter: Katie or Penner? (pause, realizes what he said) Katie or Denise?

          1. This season is so fucking good. GOD I can’t wait to talk endlessly about the amazingness of Carter.

          2. My favorite Carter anecdote is before the reunion, the jury members anticipated Jeff asking them “Who would have won if Malcolm was in the final three?”, and as a joke, Carter convinced everyone to not say “Malcolm” if Jeff asked this. This led to a shocked reaction by Jeff (and the audience) when the jury said that one of the others in this hypothetical final three would have won.

            I don’t know if this is true, but I heard it after the reunion, and I choose to believe it.

          3. I like this story. I am also choosing to believe it, since it seems to line up with what I’ve heard of Carter outside of Survivor. Also, I fully support any and all trolling of Jeff

          4. I’m just gonna quote the words of a genius on Carter:

            “I’m at a loss as to what to say about Carter. Supposedly he’s one of those casting misfires who are really exciting during the process but fizzle out once they’re on the island. Maybe Carter was even fun for the first two weeks of the game and they didn’t have time to show it because Tandang and Matsing were busy being dumpster fires in opposite directions. Whatever it was though, Penner’s decision to trade away all of Kalabaw’s food (which is peak Penner) clearly breaks him, and afterward he’s like a ghost shuffling through the season.

            I think he’s kind of a number for Jeff Kent for a minute, until Penner gets Kent voted out (man, Penner just completely wrecked Carter’s game). Then he’s, I guess, a number for Skupin, which is the most humiliating circumstance I can imagine. Then they run out of other people to vote out and he’s gone.”

  2. So you’re making me watch a season I’ve already re-watched within the past year? This is absurd!

    What’s that? Nobody is making me do anything?

    I’ll be good.

    1. I’m in the same boat, but I actually like it because I can listen and chat along even if I can’t keep up on the episodes because its all still fresh in my mind

  3. I’m aware its probably total bullshit, but I want to talk about the rumour that 2 Survivors are going to be on Big Brother this summer – a s33 male and a s20 female. Courtney and Jay on Big Brother would probably convince me to actually get the live feeds

    1. Don’t tease me with Courtney when it can just as easily be Candace based on that description. Because Game Changers reinforced my belief of always hating everything until proven wrong, I’ll instead expect the mighty duo of Candace and Paul, taking Amazing Race by storm.

      1. I’m keeping my hopes up dammit, while fully aware its going to be like….yeah, Candice and Paul. Or Sugar and Taylor

        1. Or Danielle and…well you already covered the dud MVGx males. I guess one of them.

          1. Paul!

            It would get … crap, I can’t remember which one of us was the Paul fan (Sharculese?) … well, it would get them to watch.

          2. Canadians still have duels, but it’s all in good fun. No one dies, and everyone shakes hands and hugs at the end, and goes to Tim Hortons afterwards.

          3. As a Canadian, duelling is no longer against the law for me. Though also by law, the weapon must be poutine

          4. So pure that he shouldn’t even be in Survivor in the first place, right 🙂

          5. Paul will be … America’s Player!

            I have no idea what this means, I just re-listened to Rob C’s Clue podcast and Eric Stein was the guest and he kept talking about being AP on Big Brother.

          6. He voted however America voted for him to vote. Same if he won HoH – he nominated America’s choices. It was kind of an odd twist

        2. I don’t really believe the rumors either, but Sugar and Taylor were my first thoughts.

          1. Me too, because I immediately assume the worst. But that would actually surprise me if it were those two

          1. Big Brother has faults but no way someone like Taylor could win. *looks back on previous BB results*. Never mind, you’re right.

            Also, are you watching this upcoming season? I would like to talk about with people from PRP.

          2. Did someone really win who was Taylor-like? Maybe the winner of BB5 was kiinda in that category, but they still were MUCH better than Taylor. I’m spoiled on all winners, and the only other winner that I think could be of similar vein may be from BB9, but that’s as many as I remem- oh wait, BBCAN4, yeah, totally someone could.

            But for real, was there any other Taylor-like winner, unless you’re talking about someone who was close to winning?

          3. That was more of a joke on BB casting in general being full of Taylors. While getting close, I wouldn’t say the Taylor type has won, but they are always around.

          4. Apparently, there won’t be any contestants from California, which if I’m not mistake was a large part of casting before, and there will be more east-coasters. I don’t know if it was the problem with casting people from California, but at the very least there is already a small change.

          5. The big problem is that more often than not the contestants from California are usually the last minute contestants. Some of them have talked in their pre-season press about being picked up by a casting producer at a bar 3 weeks earlier.

          6. I knew I wasn’t gonna like it, but my Cody crush convinced me to watch for Paulie which was a … mistake to say the least. I ended up going for Corey. I hope for better this year, but I’ll probably quit by late August like I always end up doing

          7. I liked Tiffany (probably a top 3 cast member from the season, though that is a low bar), but she definitely had too big of a target for being associated with her sister.

          8. Yeah, it was. Which was unfortunate. Tiffany was a good player, as mentioned, but too big a target. Paulie was a good player but a shitty person unfortunately

          1. Didn’t he also cheat with his secretary when he was running for a president?

    2. It would be so awesome, and I would also try to sign up for the feeds (by some other way cause I’m an European). The other good possibilities that would also convince me is them being Cirie and Adam. Adam cause he’s I think a Big Brother fan, and someone who production after seeing his season and his confessionals and said “That guy is made for Big Brother!”, and Cirie cause “The woman who got off the couch 12 years ago, makes her dramatic reappearance, where she gets. On. The. Couch. AGAIN!” just writes itself. Basically any combination of these 4 would be great, and is the only crossover that didn’t happen from these 3 CBS reality TV shows…. which means it is false, and I’m getting my hopes up for nothing. Hey, a man can dream!

      1. Those two would also be amazing. Adam is a leading contender for sure – he would be good at it, a good character and would want to do it. I’m less certain its something Cirie would want to do, but she would run laps around the idiots they normally put on that show

        1. The thing that could keep him from going, is (by his own words), “one of the most toxic communities ever” (I’m probably misquoting), which from what I’ve seen from last few seasons, I kiiinda agree. He could still go, and his own answer was “Maybe.”, but that could be what makes him to go or not (if he is really asked to go of course).

          1. That’s true, he did say that. A conspiracy theorist would say that’s covering up him playing next season, but that would be an aggressive way to cover it up. It is a pretty toxic community. I don’t play in BB communities or social media at all. I used to tweet about it a bit but would get random tweets back calling me an idiot (or less nice things) so I stopped.

          2. That’s not even the toxic part of the community. The really toxic part is people doxxing the heck out of these houseguests to the point that they are threatening the lives of their family members.

          3. But you have to understand them, cause they are watching feeds 24/7 they know the person better than their own mother, so they have right to threaten them, his family and friends you know.

          4. Oh yes, the houseguests and their families take it hard. Its terrible. People fucking suck. If I had a family member on BB I would lock down all my social media and have my family do the same

          5. I was trying to remember the really nasty example I had in mind and I think that was it. But didn’t someone more recents family go through similar? I want to say Vanessa

        2. Man, she would do great. Big Brother’s casting brief is “Casaya, but boring.”

          1. Now he just needs some cheesy lines!

            Contestants really need to have a big personality to overcome the BB DR problem. I’m nervous to see almost anyone from Survivor on the show. The difference in how much I enjoy Hayden on Survivor and Hayden on Big Brother is huge.

    3. Coutney the fire-dancer? Awesome!

      Oh, I read the names first and didn’t see the season numbers.

    4. Also, all of Canada is currently consumed with saving Big Brother Canada, so none of us can pay any attention to any other country’s Big Brother right now.

          1. I don’t think Canada’s first two networks, CTV and CBC, were around in the 1940s. MITV wouldn’t be added until … the 90s (?).

      1. (I’m Canadian) but yes, this is an affront. At the very least, give it back to Slice

          1. I put it my 2 cents on Change.org Your version has better production values, actual twists, and good casting. I really enjoyed binging the first 4 seasons, and following this 5th one. Would like to see it return. Would also like to visit the country too, Hopefully both come true in 2018.

          2. For some reason, ever since last November, more and more Americans want to visit Canada. It’s a mystery why …

      2. Wait – BB Canada is on the brink of cancellation? Seems like that’s been the most successful series for them! I just binged 4 seasons of BB Can (1, 2, & 3 throughout season 5 as it went along) over the past few months (I watched season 4 last year). It’s even better than US Big Brother.

      1. If it’s Cirie, why would they say “s20 female” and not “s34 female”? Why reference her from her 3rd season and not her 4th (and most recent) one?

        Although who am I to argue with the queen of Survivor gossip?

          1. When you say “s20 female” my first thought is “a female who played on season 20 and never again”. If you ask a casual to describe Cirie by mentioning one season and her gender, who is going to say “season 20 female”, arguably her worst season?

          2. The answer to this is “some random guy on the Internet trying not to give too much away so he can keep attention on himself” so it is plausible

          3. This is true. But regardless of his reliability as a source, I imagine part of the reason to leak is brief internet fame, and teasing S20 Female likely results in more attention than S12, S34, or even S16

      2. I heard that too but I feel Cirie is unlikely. I just don’t think she’d be interested but I would be happy to be wrong about that

  4. Hmm, a whole season of watching Skupin. How many “inappropriate in retrospect” things will he say?

        1. I suspect he got a somewhat negative edit so that his boot would be seen as a positive moment. His allies Abi and Petebro were such obvious villains that they needed the comeuppance to be sweet

  5. Great! I won’t be unfortunately rewatching with you guys, cause I just watched it 1 year ago, and I have other reality TV to watch, including Survivor NZ. But I hope I will be able to join at least some discussions.

      1. Cause I’m unfortunately only at episode 3 lol. I plan on actually watching the other episodes today and tomorrow, cause I didn’t have time before now. I also didn’t watch the recaps to not spoil myself, but I promise to watch them after watching an each pair of episodes! I’m sorry I didn’t contribute as much, but I should watch the previous episodes before the next ones, so I will begin to comment on the next one.

      1. Totally not a joke. Also not a joke: One of the challenges was a singing contest, complete with a live backing band, and one player was medevaced because of a car accident.

          1. I was briefed on this yesterday. Apparently there was also a Medivac after a contestant got in a car accident. I am still wrapping my head around why a car was involved in Survivor.

          2. I choose to believe they brought out the car for a car reward challenge and it accidentally ran over a player. And if I never bother to look it up, I can keep pretending this is true.

    1. I would have thought his vocals would have carried him through the karaoke section.

  6. Oh, right: has anyone had a chance to listen to Aubry’s new podcast, Odd With Aubry? Her first guest was Troy, and it’s a 45-minute Troysplosion. The highlight is probably the part where Troy mentions owning twelve marmosets. Overall, I think it will be a fine podcast, but I honestly thought it could have been odder. It did serve to reinforce my preconceived notion that, had I grown up and gone to school with Aubry, I’d have found her compellingly strange.

  7. Ahhhhh I’m so excited! Great choice. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I think the thing that most raises a season of Survivor in my estimation is a successful charming unlikely-friendship alliance.

    1. It certainly helps. I enjoyed the Spencer-Tony dynamic. And Sandra-Courtney, though less unlikely, was still great.

      1. For me the classics of the genre are Stephen and JT, Malcolm and Denise, and Cirie and Aras giggling on a boat.

  8. I’m very excited. Philippines is my third favorite season ever. (HvV, Palau). So many great storylines, characters, a top five episode and one of my favorite duos ever.

  9. Oh good, I think this season is actually on Amazon. I remember very little except Lisa cried a lot…

          1. Speaking of that, what do you think of Amazon? I don’t think I’ve ever seen your thoughts on it.

        1. I was hoping Pearl Islands would be there because that’s (supposedly) the best of the stretch I didn’t see (Between Australia & All-Stars)).

      1. Can you tell me what number it is? So much harder to find based on name than number on Amazon.

    1. I’m watching your season right now. Just how drunk were you on that catamaran?

      1. In fairness, it’s Iowan. But Andy is Canadian. Or, to fuck that one up the way he fucked Iowan, a Canadanian.

        1. What’s worse is that I originally had it as Iowan, and then for some reason changed it.

        2. My province’s capital city is Halifax, and its residents are called Haligonians.

          I have never understood this.

          1. I dated a Haligonian for over 2 years, and I didn’t know that.
            (He was living in Toronto, though.)

  10. And Philippines prepares to join China on the list of seasons I’ve seen 3 times, but not the list of seasons I can spell without thinking about it.

        1. That was just a really long path to make a “Miallilens vs Gen X” reference. Philippines definitely takes some thought if you don’t have a reason to spell it regularly.

          Also, *flummox.

          1. I don’t feel like finding the “that’s the joke” .gif so just pretend I posted it.

          2. I couldn’t just ignore the joke but I’ve used up all my creative energy for the day. So instead of telling another joke I just took the lazy way out and corrected you.

        2. Me toooooo. I still think to-morrow when I write it or I may double the wrong letter. My spelling ability is approximately 3% of what you might project from my general nerditude.

        3. As someone who currently makes his way through the Amazing Race seasons, let me inform you that Rob&Amber essentially got eliminated on their second try (S11) because they failed to spell “Philippines” correctly.

          They even had a chance to check the spelling. To be fair though, they also didn’t know that’s where they messed up. But still, I believe double-checking the spelling of “Philippines” would be one of the first things I would do upon being told I’ve made a mistake in the task, even when the difficulty of said task mainly arises from getting the order of several places right.

          1. The edit makes it seem like that’s what did Rob and Amber in, and they did indeed suck at that challenge, but there was another travel bunch after it, rendering it moot.

            Instead, what hurt them is that A) their cameraman was stopped at customs at the airport (not in the edit), and B) their boat was slower than the cousins.

          2. Well I wouldn’t say it rendered it moot, as that challenge dropped them from first place to the second of two charter flights that departed hours later with I think only two other teams, but I admit to knowingly leaving out some factors that contributed to their faith. Of course not out of malice towards your boy Boston Rob, but only to stay on topic as much as possible.

            I didn’t know about the custom trouble and I hate that they always seem to sweep that stuff under the rug (although with the cameraman being the one held up here, I at least understand why they wouldn’t have compelling material to show us – but they still could have made some kind of mention of the incident).

            But how much time could that have really cost them, seeing how they were still neck and neck with other teams later on (and that is despite having a slower boat than the cousins? But it seemed like a short ride anyways, and boat speed is always a random factor. Still, I watched this just days ago, but I would have to take another look to say for sure who arrived when in respect to each other at the boats and the little post office).

            The roadblock (search a letter in a bag of mail) itself also had big random component, but the edit sure made it look like Rob wasn’t particularly quick, but at the same time kind of sloppy about this task. I’m sure Amber would have done much better. :b

  11. Super pumped to watch Philippines again! I’m currently going in chronological order and about to finish Pearl Islands, but I’ll definitely take a break to watch Philippines. How much do I love Philippines? Top five baby!

  12. Nice. This is a strong contender for best season ever for me. I freaking love this season. It also put an end to the worst Survivor stretch of all time.

    This season has it all: Odd couple alliance, Underdogs, Idol plays, Villains that are fun to root against and get satisfactory comeuppances, A beloved narrator, The greatest vote out speech of all time, A shocking romantic moment, Our most beloved invisible contestant, A pedophile getting repeatedly injured. This season is wonderful.

        1. It’s even got an intentional matsinging.

          Wait, what’s that?

          That’s that thing where a tribe decides that they would be better off going into merge down numbers, so they throw challenges.

  13. I just watched Philippines, and then re-watched part of it, as this season is my go-to for getting people into Survivor. It’s just so well-rounded and enjoyable, it makes for a great first Survivor experience.

    So i’m not sure i’ll watch along, but i’ll definitely crash in on the discussion with lots of thoughts…

  14. TANGENT: In the past two weeks I watched Australian Outback and Africa. I loved the first despite it’s age, and I was NOT a fan of the second, at all. I’ll probably dive into Season 4 next week.

    1. So unfortunately I will be still the only Africa fan here. It isn’t perfect, but I still have a sweet spot for it.

      1. I will give you this: the location is really unique for Survivor. It creates a very unique atmosphere, and presents some very unique issues and circumstances for the cast. That I see as a positive.

        But I just couldn’t get past the cast. I was apathetic or disliked most of them, and the two people I kinda liked did almost nothing, and then one turned out to be a tool, heh

        1. I could see why someone wouldn’t like the cast. I hope you liked at the very least liked T-Bird, cause I wouldn’t know what to think of you!

          1. Liked, yes, but in general, I was pretty apathetic toward her and Big Kim. I had a strong hunch on the winner, and as things progressed, it just became more obvious that T-Bird wasn’t going to make it, so I just wasn’t invested.

            Everyone that I remotely started to care about either got a quick swift boot, or did something that made me dislike them.

          2. You also didn’t like Ethan? I don’t remember him doing anything bad really, unless you just didn’t care much about him also, which I could understand.

          3. My thoughts on Ethan are varied. He seemed like a nice guy, particularly toward the end, and he was attractive, so that didn’t hurt. Of the final 4 and final 3, he’s the one i’d be most happy to win, so that’s good.

            My main impression of him and that whole tribe was largely impacted by the first episode and the Clarence Incident, which seemed to be fueled by some racial tensions. Ethan wasn’t central to that like Tom or Lex, but he was a part of it, and seemed firmly convinced that Clarence was ‘the kind of person’ who couldn’t be trusted. He and others had less of a reaction when betrayed by members of their alliance then when Clarence opened beans. So that made me pretty uninterested in him doing well.

          4. I understand the issue. I don’t think that I’m autothirized to talk about this topic, cause I’m not as well versed in it as probably some here are. This defintely doesn’t look good, but at least with him and some others I could pin this as being extremely hungry, and cause of that his emotions could be hightened, and at the later stage he and others were so exhausted that they couldn’t really even lash out at someone, but that’s just my theory, and it may very well be wrong.

          5. Yeah, I know there is the thought that the cast may have been more likable if they were starving and exhausted, but personally I can only speak to how they were, not how they could have been. And my immediate reaction was that there was some racial motivation to the Clarence issue, whether subconscious or not. It was also interesting that Clarence said later that he felt like he was somewhat of a leader for the group, and after that he was like the janitor. Again, I don’t have the facts to say anything for certain, but following the incident the ‘leaders’ where those most vocally angry at Clarence…

          6. It’s one thing to be angry about the beans but the way they kept going on about the beans was way too uncomfortable to just be about beans. Also, even that wasn’t racially motivated, I’m convinced that Big Tom’s vote in a later tribal to “teach Clarence a lesson” sure as hell was racially motivated.

          7. I 100% agree. If I had managed to convince myself that this was just a genuine incident, when people kept saying ‘teach him a lesson’ it was super clear what was going on. They all but said ‘we have to keep him in his place.’ Big Tom would go on to give Clarence a handful more votes just to remind him that ‘he’s on thin ice.’ By the time we get to the merge, it seems like voting him off straight away would have felt LESS racist. Instead, they keep him around, make him jump through hoops and work real hard to earn their trust again, and then boot him as soon as he’s a threat. Yeah, not terrible Survivor strategy, but it was hard to pretend there wasn’t more going on here.

      2. I like Africa. Its not my favourite but I like it. The first few boots are boring but then it picks up. The cast starts to show flashes of what’s to come strategy wise. Plus I like most of the characters – Ethan, Big Tom, T-Bird, Kelly, even Brandon. Not a big Lex fan but he’s a good villain

        1. Lol, your list of people you like is almost my list of people I don’t. Particularly Brandon. I can’t fault Survivor too much, as they were casting gay individuals at a time when few shows would, but so often the resulting portrayals were anything but favorable.

          1. It has been a LONG time since I watched Africa but I seem to recall Brandon’s edit being kind of bizarre. He was a bit of a bratty kid but he was interesting, yet Survivor did cast him as a bit of a villain, which I don’t think he was. He’s one of the few I blame Survivor more for his portrayal than the way he was

          2. I mean, in regards to portrayal, they mostly just followed up discussions of him as ‘lazy, sneaky, weak’ with scenes that made that seem true. But, as the same time, the majority of his confessionals showed him talking poorly about his closest allies and women in general. I think there was more of a confrontation between very conservative and likely homophobic Frank and, as they say on the reunion show “the ever flamboyant Brandon” but rather then show that, the show just kinda portrays them as unfriendly. Which is an issue, because many of Brandon’s motivations make a lot more sense in an anti-Frank context, particularly him flipping on his only allies and supposed ‘friends’

          3. Yeah – there seems to be something missing from Brandon’s edit and I think that’s it – he and Frank probably had a real blow up. And I totally understand his motivation in not wanting to align with Frank. I feel like Survivor was at this point too focused on “this is our gay contestant, look at him” and didn’t give Brandon any depth beyond being the “gay contestant” which was stupid and annoying but not his fault

          4. How could Brandon and Frank have a real blow up? Brandon was so excited to hear he was going on a date with him.

          5. Also, in his boot episode, after talking down about Brandon as a lazy homosexual, Carl also talks down about all the young people and says he’s worried about ‘Generation X’ I thought it was amazing that Survivor has been on long enough for Generation X, originally seen as the lazy, misguided youth who lack any work ethic, to be replaced by Millennials, and now Gen Xers are looking down on Millennials as the lazy, misguided youth who lack any work ethic. I can’t wait for the next generation of lazy, misguided youth who lack any worth ethic to get on the show and replace the Millennials.

          6. I wonder after how many generations people will begin to understand that it young people lazy cause of the year they were born, but cause they are freaking 20-something year olds and are still immature at that time.

          7. I’d say there are a lot of factors, so it’s really just generalizations that are the problem. I mean, Joe Anglim is anything but lazy. Immaturity definitely played a part in Survivor Africa, but Silas wasn’t lazy, he just liked waking up later.

            When someone wakes up seems to often be a considerable factor in whether they are identified as ‘lazy.’ But a lot of different jobs and lifestyles yield a lot of different times that people get up. And studies have show that teenagers do better in school when they wake up later, because their bodies need more sleep during puberty. So while I agree that the ‘young’ half of Samburu seemed annoying and lazy, the old half was also insisting that they conform with their ‘up early, work as hard as possible, never relax’ mentality, which isn’t how you make a tribe. So, in the end, i didn’t like any of them, which was a great way to go into the merge, lol.

          8. Yeah, there are always exceptions, and there are changes in the way of thinking of new generations, cause we are definetely very different from how people were in medieval for example. The lesson is this, old people=good, young people=bad.

      3. Africa is decent. The location was unique and deserved to be tried out at least once. The characters were good and there are good moments. It is my not favorite season but overall I can still say that I like. Have fun with that weird season Marquesas next week.

    2. Samburu is interesting to watch, but yeah Boran is uncomfortable even though their appeal is supposed to be likability. I do like Kelly Goldsmith though.

      1. After Clarence, Kelly was the next person (and last person) I cared about. She seemed to be smart and have a good awareness of what was going on and how things were developing. Unfortunately, her boot is because Brandon was so against just voting with Frank, then he preferred to betray his alliance and friends. We know this move costs Brandon all of what little face he has, so basically Brandon throws away his game, and Kelly’s, to show his dislike of Frank. Fun.

        Unfortunately, at FTC Kelly is, in the immortal words of Michaela BAE, a bitter Betty. She complains that she doesn’t think Ethan or Kim deserve it, then asks them to pick a number (which they both fail at. Kim chooses 3 out of 1,000, and Ethan picks a number in the 800s rather than just 4 to assure himself the vote…). Personally, i find the ‘pick a number’ gimmick pretty disrespectful to the game, so my final impression of Kelly wasn’t very positive.

        1. It’s funny how some jurors try really hard to have a moment and just end up burning their likability in the process. I tend to give the earlier season “pick a number” more of a pass, but it is annoying. & she just copied Greg! We’ll always have her Lex hate though.

          1. Remember when Natalie Bolton’s FTC question to Parvati was basically “Were you flirting with me? Cause there was attraction there, right? We were flirting?”

          2. I’ve said it before, and I know Kemper has as well: Shoot your shot. Maybe she saw that as her best chance with Parvati.

          3. I mean, no judgement. You gotta do what ya gotta do. But as a viewer, I was like “what is happening?”

    3. Africa is truly one of my least favorite seasons. I’ve only re-watched it out of obligation when doing a full series rewatch, and even then it’s a slog.

  15. Aw shoot! I was hoping for another Nicaragua watch! Wasn’t NaOnka like the first Michaela! Remember when she drank tea out of Kelly’s leg?

    …I feel kinda gross now. I’ll just go.

    1. This site should do a rewatch of Nicaragua every year. Like that podcast (A Good Idea At The Time?) that watched and reviewed the movie Grown Ups once a week for an entire year.

      … and I’ve just been banned from the site. Well, I had a good run.

      1. The Worst Idea of All Time.

        When they got done with Grown Ups they switched to Sex and the City II.

        1. I remember that they continued the podcast when they were done with another movie. Oh, the humanity!

          1. They also do a crossover podcast with the McElroy brothers called Til Death Do Us Blart. Every Thanksgiving until they die they have to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop II, and if one of them dies they have to find a replacement so the podcast can continue forever.

          2. I’m sure in their heads they start the countdown as soon as it’s over. “Well, it’s only 364 days until I have to watch this terrible movie again.”

  16. Hooray! Phillippines (sp?) is one of my Top 5 seasons, so I’m 100% down with this rewatch. And it’s available on Amazon Prime, so double hooray!

    Two bad things about this season: (1) a small piece of Survivor trivia spoils everything pre-merge besides the boots (but we’ve all watched S25, right?). (2) If you thought extra-textual information ruined your viewing of S34, this season’s gonna be some and a half.

    Also, I was talking about Survivor with my mom and sister, and we got to this kind of game where they give a number and I list as many cast members as I can from that season. Though they were shocked I could do 10 from a season, even though 10 is pretty easy. But my sister said 28, which, Bingpot!, best season ever. I rattled off the Brains, ran through the Beauties, and finished with Brawns. “Tony, Woo, Trish, Cliff, …, Lindsey, … and … um … I’m forgetting a lady Brawn. … Oh wait, Officer Sarah.”

    1. I am not proud that I could rattle off the boot lists from Cagayan through Game Changers.

      1. I could rattle off boot lists from Borneo to Game Changers……yeah, I have no life.

      2. I realized about a month ago that I can explain the plot of San Juan del Sur in great detail. Great detail.

    2. I am in awe of this ability. I’m rewatching Phillipines, and I legit don’t remember the boot order at all. This makes rewatching very exciting!

      1. The small piece of trivia was that Denise was the only person to attend every tribal, which spoils everything but the boot on any given episode.

        Unless you’re taking extra textual info, which is a reference to Skupin.

          1. Recently, having watched S25 has been spoiling me on some earlier seasons, mainly because I know Denise is the oldest female winner. For example, in Africa I was confident Kim would lose only because she’s older then Denise. . But, such is the pitfall of the order in which i’ve watched thus far.

            Also, I knew when joining PRP that I would likely pick up a ton of spoilers, but I weighed that over the joy of participating on PRP, particularly for live seasons, and I definitely made the right decision.

          2. If there isn’t any way to themself spoiled, knowing the winner isn’t the worst thing to be spoiled. I was spoiled on over half of winners, and while that part of the suspence is gone, it makes you focused on the journey itself, rather than the outcome. The downside of this is of course that you don’t like the winner, but still the previous plus still stands, and the worst outcome is that the road itself also isn’t that good (and it applies to my theory that people were complaing more about Edgic during Kaoh Rong and Game Changers, because they didn’t like what they had said the outcome was, while in seasons like Caramoan, Blood vs. Water, Worlds Apart and Cambodia they didn’t, cause they liked the coming end result, while people probably also said that the outcome was obvious then).

          3. The Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: come for the spoilers for previous seasons, stay for the typing cat animated GIFs.

  17. Hope y’all are ready for me to fanboy the hell out for Denise all season because oh my god she is THE BEST I am so excited for this.

  18. I’m sure this’ll be talked about in the first post, but I have to say that Ghost Island sounds like it came straight out of a poorly written Scooby Doo fanfic.

      1. In my country, translated to english it is Zombie Island. I used to watch it a lot when I was younger, and is definetely spookier than normal Scooby Doo series or other movies.

    1. I can’t read the name Scooby Doo with a straight face anymore because I saw a tweet with a girl that laughed herself to tears when she “remembered that Scooby Doo’s full name was Scoobert Doobert”.

    2. I just want there to be production people constantly shouting “boo!” from off camera the whole season.

  19. For the people interested, the title of season 36 was revealed and it is Survivor: Ghost Island, as @Taako_From_Teevhii:disqus said. What the them is uncertain at the moment, but we can guess that the title is referencing this, possibly ala Redemption Island or Exile Island, but it may something different entirely. What do you guys think of the title, and is it better than HvHvH, or worse?

    1. Personally, I really like the title, it sounds kinda badass, while it does sound as a Scooby Doo fanfic as Taako said , but it keeps me intrigued, and is for sure better than last 6 or so titlles, so that’s a plus.

      1. I absolutely agree. I thought that was an actual location on Fiji, which is a fantastic change to the recent pace. I am just dreading whatever twist that is referring to.

        1. Yeah, I don’t know what this will be. Personally, I like when they try new stuff, but we’ve seen how some new ideas panned out (RI, The Outcasts, MoP). One of the ideas that I saw as a theory for what it might be is that the last person voted out may come back to “haunt” them till the next tribal. If they would make this strictly not game related, and only them messing with their camplife, but if it is game related, it depends on how many restrictions they have. It may be something else, but that’s probable, and at the very least I hope they won’t be able to play again. One hope I have with this, is that it will make the TC cementary based, and maybe even night challenges, seriously how cool would it be!

    2. Best guess: Redemption Island that also gives the boots some sort of Outcasts twist to haunt the remaining players and to resolve their unfinished business. Though regardless of if that’s right or wrong, I’m sure it’ll be terrible.

    3. That sounds like a worst idea then Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. At least that shows a tribal division while Ghost Island seems like at best an idea will be horror theme season. More than likely it will lead to a twist like Redemption Island or Outcasts where player that were voted will still have impact on the game.

    4. It’s certainly strange, but I’m all for trying something other than ever-more contrived ways to divide tribes by occupation/personality type etc.

      My best guess is along the same lines as what @Taako_From_Teevhii:disqus said.

      My second-best guess is that the Exile ship in Game Changers was a trial balloon. Maybe the outcasts hole up in the ship so that they don’t benefit from Ponderosa-style luxuries before re-entering the game? Maybe the “ghosts” are former players giving advice?

      My third-best guess is there’s a “ghost island” in southern Japan where they mined coal until the 60s or 70s, and now it’s all crumbling roads and apartment buildings. It would be super-cool to set the show in a post-apocalyptic wasteland instead of beaches and jungle for once (and don’t worry, casuals: If you film in Japan in July the men will be shirtless and the women will be bikini-clad).

      1. And this will be the first season from quite some time that the tribes aren’t divided by some sort of gimmick, or the whole cast based around it like Cambodia and Game Changers. The last one was actually if I’m not mistaken, the season PRP crew will be rewatching, Philippines.

        At least they’re trying something new, and if it will be bad, then we will just put the season behind us and move on. I’m optimistic at the moment, but you don’t know what they may come up with.

          1. Yeah. My counter-argument is that it wasn’t a full casting gimminck, and it only affected the casting of 3 people, not the whole cast, the same goes for RI and SP. And even OW I can’t really say that was a casting gimmick, just that the division was men vs. women. The seasons from 21-25 were kinda the grey area, but they went full force from Caramoan onwards.

    5. The name is incredible and much better than the absurd HvHvH title. I’m actually pretty pumped to find out what it means. Depending on what the name is referring to I think this has potential to be really cool.

    6. I love the title and regardless of what twists are involved, I hope that the overall mood of the season is informed by the title as mentioned by others, it brings to mind a spooky vibe with lots of skulls and night challenges, etc.

      As for guesses at what the theme or twists might be, the previous guesses are as good as anything I can come up with I particularly like the idea of filming taking place on the actual Ghost Island in Japan (although I think we would find that out pretty quickly, since filming locations usually leak really early). I also like the idea of players having to deal with the ‘ghosts’ of players they have voted out in some way. Not totally sure how they’d pull that off, but it could be really interesting.
      The other idea floating around my head is a bit more of a vague concept, but I wonder if they would attempt to build a cast of new players trying to ‘exorcise ghosts from their past’ in some way. This could be a lot of things, from ex-cons or recent divorcees to people with relationships to actual former players whose shadows they want to be free from. I wouldn’t necessarily mind this as the theme, although I agree with other posters that it would be nice to have a season with pure theme-free casting.

    7. I was thinking perhaps it could be a Real World Skeletons type of thing, like Blood vs Water but with poor relationships from your past.

  20. I’ve started watching and I want to tell you all about how hot I find slightly-younger-than-me-now Malcolm even though real-time Malcolm has always been a yeah, I see it, but it’s not for me kind of thing, but I am trying to save it for Thursday. But you guys! I get it now!

    1. I think Malcolm’s attractiveness is unusual. He has all the hallmarks of being a hunk, but seems just a half-step away from official hunk territory. There was a period where I was like ‘hm, he looks hot, but maybe he isn’t hot?’ but then the further I got along, the more convinced I was that he was very attractive.

      1. Ah yes, the hunkmarks. He does have kind of an unusual-shaped face, but that smile…

        1. Yeah, his smile is A+ hunk. He has an athletic building, but he isn’t super muscle man ripped. He has great arms, but they aren’t ultra-defined guns. I think this allows Malcolm to play the role of eye candy without seeming one dimensional.

          1. Yeah, I’ve always considered Malcolm and Andrea a matching pair in that they both hit the middle of the Venn diagram where looks, strategic smarts, and secret nerdiness overlap. Note that this is not an endorsement of a Caramoan rewatch.

          2. While i’ve got not evidence as to her nerdy-ness, I would be 100% un-stunned if she were to bring up Cylons, differences between GOT show vs. books, or the well-documented conspiracy of Sith Lord Jar-Jar Binx.

          3. It’s more of a gut feeling than anything specific (and could be wishful thinking, TBH). Both Malcolm and Andrea are self-effacing and ready to take themselves down a peg in a way that’s habitual for nerds and quite unusual in people that incredibly good looking. Note how Reynold and Brenda, for example, don’t have that quality (I really truly am not trying to make a Caramoan rewatch happen).

          4. Oh my god. I am laughing so hard. I was trying to copy that image to share with the guys on slack, and I slipped and accidentally clicked “make picture desktop background.” This is my work computer.

          5. This has a lot to do with it. A big part of Malcolm’s appeal for me is that he appears to identify with the misfits, and the latest Funny 115 entry, when he puts his hand on Cochran’s shoulder, gives Cochran a small coronary, and then they both get these shit-eating grins on their faces, and you see them become friends for life in that moment. It makes Malcolm more appealing and more attractive in a moment like that.

    2. I feel this. I always understood the objective argument for why Malcolm is attractive, and I do find him good looking, but not in the stand out way I find say, Jay, hot. Even when watching Philippines I found both Pete and Carter more attractive.

      1. Oh man, don’t encourage me. I’ve always found Pete hot in a kind of evil looking way, but on the rewatch I am also appreciating Carter, particularly Carter’s torso and Carter’s legs. The poor guy kind of has resting doofus face though, and with his edit that’s most of what we see.

          1. I don’t remember Carter catching my eye early on. Not to say anything bad, I just wasn’t struck either way. Then later, I was struck in the negative way. Partially due to his resting dumb face, partially because his mouth seems to be allergic to the Philippines, the result being that it slowly implodes, becoming smaller and more puckered with every episode.

          2. My first watch I don’t think he did either until post-merge. But my second go around I noticed him much quicker. He’s attractive generally but his island hot is really when he starts to be noticeable, doofus face or no

          1. I’m talking thighs, not calves. You don’t really get the full effect unless he’s down to his underwear.

      2. To me the appeal of Malcolm has never been his physical appearance, though I always thought it was because I don’t like long hair and he bears a resemblance to a cousin of mine. I feel so validated!

  21. Wait, wait, I know: Ghost Island should just be filled with Rupert’s voice booming “WHO VOTED FOR ME,” reverberating all around the island, slowly driving everyone insane.

    1. So, furthering on with this, there should be this massive, 200-foot statue of Rupert that emerges from the sea on like day 2 or 3, and that is what bellows WHO VOTED FOR ME. Then every few days, another statue emerges. Like Sandra, whose statue says “I CAN GET LOUD TOO, WHAT THE FUCK?!?” and they keep adding statues that bellow things. And also breathe fire.

      1. And a row of silent moai on a ridge overlooking the beach, shaped like Cowboy Rick, Brett, Whitney, Carter, and Purple Kelly.

      2. “Survivor will not be renewed for season 37. The show became wildly unprofitable in its 36th season by deploying wildly expensive talking statues that would occasionally breathe fire. Several of the contestants received undisclosed settlements from the show after being treated for their burns.

        Reached for comment, Host and Executive Producer Jeff Probst said, ‘I felt like we, as a show, made the biggest move of all- having the statues set fire to people who refused to make big moves. Unfortunately, the lawyers for the plaintiffs saw it differently.’

        “Boston” Rob Mariano, the winner of the 36th and final season, says he was grateful to have been associated with the show. He said he was particularly humbled by the show having him begin playing on Day 38, when he won an immunity challenge and proceeded to final tribal council against an accused serial killer. Eight of the nine jurors voted for him to win the million.”

        1. Also, when season 36 actually starts, I will definitely be complaining about a lack of prohibitively expensive ghost statues.

  22. I rewatched the first 2 episodes…

    * Holy GOD, Russell and the mansplaining. I totally repressed my memory of him in this season, but OOOF
    * I have nothing but positive memories of Denise, but I forgot how good she is at just speaking to people without agression, and just listening to them. She’d make a good therapist.
    * Malcolm is exactly as delightful as I remembered. Can you blame him for accepting free cuddles?
    * Jeff’s face when Angie says “COOKIES” is priceless. And totally gif-able. Although she does have a point. Cookies DO make everything better.

    1. I’m in the same place!

      Russell was cringeworthy every time he opened his mouth in episode one. He got better in the second episode but he is still pretty clearly one of the worst players of all time.

      I won’t comment directly on how I feel about Angie.

  23. So, I’ve rewatched the entire season because it’s so binge-able I just couldn’t stop myself! It was so great my fiance watched it for the first time.

    Will tomorrow never come?!

    1. I love Philippines, but really you don’t think that pre-merge is a slog at points? I had to watch episode 3 in 10 minute chunks.

      1. Wow, not at all. Probably because I truly had no memory of almost anything so it was all new again, and I am a horrible human who delights in watching people suffer in the rain. Plus, my outrage at Russell and love of Malcolm/Denise fired me up.

      2. I wolfed these three episodes down like a dog with a Greenie. Philippines was the last season I didn’t watch live, and somewhere around the fourth season I watched overall, and I wasn’t plugged into the Survivor blog/podcast industrial complex yet. It’s fascinating to re-watch this season as a much more sophisticated viewer.

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