Quiz: What is Your Survivor Jury Question?

Finale time is upon us, and you know what that means! No, actually, no pictures from inside the live set, as I won’t be making it to the live finale and reunion show. But it does mean we’ll be talking about jury questions!

Of course, with hundreds of castaways having served on the jury, there are many unique questions and statements jury members have made to the finalists. But I find that the majority of them fit into four broad types. Take our quiz to find out which one you would ask if you were on the jury.

What kind of snack do you prefer?

Someone on Facebook makes a political post you disagree with. What do you do?

Who is your favorite white girl pop star?

What’s your favorite social networking site?

What’s the deal with Millennials?

The most important person at this Tribal Council is...

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

A popular musician who you didn’t really listen to has died. What do you do?

Share your results using the hashtag #prpquiz.

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Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Micronesia, Cambodia, Cook Islands, China, Philippines

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73 thoughts on “Quiz: What is Your Survivor Jury Question?

  1. “You’ve accepted your fate and want to make sure everyone has a chance to explain themselves.”

    I’ll take it!

  2. I got Pick a Number. This is no way I wouldn’t ask some long winded, overly convoluted question. Have you seen my posts here?!!

    Also, still waiting for the Which PRP commenter quiz.

  3. Pick a number. While its true that both a) I would know who I was voting for, barring someone wowing me with strategy I didn’t see and b) I probably wouldn’t give much of a fuck and vote for my friend, I would at least try to come up with a real bullshit question

      1. I feel like the reason I will have accepted my fate is because i’d already had a booze fueled rager and done all my bitter, angry complaining back at Ponderosa. Then i’d be over it for the rest of my jury stint. (Over raging that is, not over booze…)

        1. I would probably be the same way, unless I was the last juror. Drink it off, get pissed, get over it, enjoy my boozy vacation for the next however many days and try my best to remember very little of it

  4. I got “What was your most important move in the game?” Respectable, though cliche. I’d like for people to talk about their smaller moves rather than their big moves (I refuse to hashtag that).

  5. Sidenote: Love that the thumbnail is the Blood vs. Water FTC. I wonder if this shot is before or after Monica cried because everyone was mean to her…

      1. Me four!

        I wonder if anything but the answers to the sixth question went into the results…
        (but not enough to check for myself)

  6. “What was your most important move in the game?”

    Basically yes. Because I’m more concerned about being able to say that the person that beat me was good at Survivor. I’d be crushed if I lost to Fabio.

  7. What was your most important move in the game?

    Not accurate. My question would be “What did you think of me, Mike Hirsch?”

  8. “What was your most important move in the game?”

    Yeah, I think I would ask something like that, but like Side Character, I think I would also talk about their “small” moves.

    And having a question, about my favourite Disney movie without Mulan, is a disgrace.

    1. I was mad they didn’t have Beauty and the Beast. But Mulan would be a good pick.
      Also, are they just trolling us with Shrek?

        1. Oh, I like Shrek, but it’s not a Disney movie. That’s why I was confused by its inclusion.

      1. Pro tip: if your question is “are they just trolling us with…” the answer almost always is “yes”.

  9. I got stuck at the lack of Carly Rae Jepsen.

    (But really, I’m “accepted my fate” Malcolm.)

      1. For sure, & obviously putting CRJ there would make the choice too easy for everyone so you made the right call.

      2. I had a hard time with this one bc I listen to none of them and 3 of 4 you’d have to pay me to listen to.

      1. Why wasn’t this song a #1 hit for weeks you ask? I’m not sure there is an answer to this great mystery.

          1. I only found out about it from a Griffin Mcelroy vine. Now it’s pretty much just E*MO*TION and Humanz all day long.

        1. Pretty much every review of that album, which is amazing, was that it was criminally under-appreciated and under-publicized. Reasons as to why more publicity wasn’t thrown at it, i’m not sure.

          Though having compared it to her previous two albums, I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked for it to be a little more subdued. CRJ has had a bit of trouble trying to shake the moniker of ‘the Call Me Maybe girl?” and may have been looking for an album that drew fans by building a bottom-up reputation. She wouldn’t be the first artist to pull odd album antics to re-align their fanbase. And hell, she played Hipster-Heaven Pitchfork last year with a bunch of other names you’ve never heard…

          1. Yeah, that album is really good, and got cred from people who normally look down on straight-ahead pop in a way that it might not have if a Taylor Swift-like publicity machine was making it omnipresent.

            I hadn’t seen the video until now, but I’m almost certain I saw the shot at around 2:05 being filmed. Film crews shoot in Shibuya crossing all the time, so I didn’t make an effort to see who was being filmed, but I remember the clothes and the back-up/pirouette move. I would have been out of frame on the right, across from the Tsutaya sign.

  10. There was a long stretch when I was a kid where I wasn’t allowed to watch Disney movies because my mom found the premises to be sexist, so I don’t really have a frame of reference for that question.

    1. Me too! Then I watched Beauty and the Beast in high school and everyone said, “Oh, you’ll love it! It’s so great! A classic!” and I was like, “This is some deeply disturbing shit, much worse than I had imagined, what is wrong with you all?”

        1. Thank you! I had a lot of loud fights about this at the end of high school because everyone else was brainwashed in early childhood.

  11. There’s something wrong. My Costanza answers didn’t generate “How many zeroes in a million?”

  12. I got “What was your most important move in the game?” because I’m boring and even tempered, apparently. I often wish I could be meaner >:[

  13. What have you done with Cirie Fields in the voting-Ozzy-out-of-Micronesia question? Is this also the joke? Is it about her edit this season?

    1. I had the text before I had the pictures and just needed something to go with it. But also Cirie wasn’t in the final two anyway so.

      1. Ohhhh wait I really didn’t get the question. “This Tribal Council” being the hypothetical FTC with me on the jury, not the TC where Ozzy was voted out. Reading comprehension!

  14. *Yeah, I prefer salty snacks over sweet snacks*

    *scrolls down and sees that alcohol is an option*

    *frantically refreshes the page*

  15. Oh, and I got the Greg Buis question. I’ve never been more satisfied with the result of an online quiz.

  16. I answered different stuff and go the same question. It was what was the most important move.

    1. That just tells you how good this test is. Can’t be fooled by changing answers, your jury question is your jury question.

      (I got Lex first, but today I got Greg and Heidi – in just three tries total, too.)

  17. “Who deserves to take your spot in the Final Three?”

    I have nothing to say to that, except #notallAustralians with the smashed avo. I don’t like avocado. And yet I still can’t afford a house.

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