Quiz: Which Survivor are you?

Have you ever wondered how you’d do if you actually played Survivor? Now is your chance to find out- without having to get up off the couch.

What type of player are you? The strategic mastermind? The social savant? The challenge beast? Take our quiz and find out the definitive, indisputable truth.

Which animal are you?

Choose your method of transportation

Time to eat! What's your choice for lunch?

What is your favorite book?

Which Jeff Probst is your favorite Jeff Probst?

Who is the worst Survivor player?

Who is this?

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter which Survivor you are; it’ll help confirm our suspicions about some of you.

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121 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Survivor are you?

          1. I got two horrible results on both quizzes. Now I hope Troyzan wins this season. I hope he beats Cirie and Aubrey at FTC.

          1. Chet seems about right though. Like, I’d probably do marginally better than Chet, but only marginally.

        1. In order to avoid further confusion between the two of us (since we definitely both exist and are definitely not the same person), I think everyone should just refer to us as The Chets from now on.

  1. I got a hunk of cardboard. Apparently it was on Koah Rong, but I have no way of knowing.

  2. The first question is redundant because we’re all poodles here; we seem nice at first glance, but we’re actually all humungous assholes.

          1. I just always assume we call her Alicia Calaway, because let’s never let someone think she is Alicia Rosa.

  3. I’m Chet, which is the perfect punishment for me because it comes with a gif of him diving badly. Why are there so many belly flops on this show?

      1. But you’d think people applying for this show would at least attempt to learn how to dive.

        1. Diving is one of my few skills. I have a really nice racing dive and a running dive but I can’t actually swim well.

          1. I’m a better diver than swimmer. I struggled with learning to actually swim as a kid.

      2. Chet isn’t that confusing, but I wonder about the people who are strong swimmers but lousy divers. I suppose you must be right.

    1. Because if there is a belly flop, they will ALWAYS show it because it’s funny 😉

  4. Um… I don’t even know who Tyler is . Please assist. I have a bad feeling about this. Is this Tyler of the the Tyler Perry presents the Tyler perrys I can do immunity all by myself idol?

    1. If you need help remember who Tyler is, good news: he has an incredibly detailed Wikipedia page that does not at all look like he wrote it himself.

  5. I got OWM which….you know what, I’ll concede. Probably fair.

    *Leaves to go examine all her life choices.*

  6. Tyler here.

    Between that and Andy last week, these quizzes are offering a depressing but not inaccurate window into my soul.


    1. I also got Tyler and I wouldn’t be so upset about if there was a different picture for him.

  7. This is amazing. I got Cirie, just as I suspected! (I stopped reading after ‘C’ as I’m sure no other Survivor legend begins with the same letter and I couldn’t imagine you making a quiz to troll your readers.)

  8. this is nonsense I got purple Kelly. Who other players openly asked why she didn’t talk.

    The real answer is Zane from Philippines because I smoke and probably wouldn’t quit in time and there is no way in hell I’d keep my mouth shut.

    1. If I remember one (or two) things about Purple Kelly I think I know why you got her…

    2. That justification for Zane also works quite well for Shane.

      Also that rhymes, and I’m into it.

  9. I got Michele.
    Is this because I said BRob was Amber’s husband? Because, if so, I’m not sorry about it, and I’ll take what I got.

  10. Actual answers:

    1. Owl
    2. Barefoot
    3. a poached egg on toast with spicy mustard and a basil chiffonade
    4. yeah, let’s still with the dog book
    5. dick pick Probst, don’t care if it’s fake
    6. Ken
    7. A dude who has candy in his van

    1. 1. Meercat
      2. Public Transport
      3. grain bowl
      4. haven’t read a book in almost a year
      5. Smug Probst
      6. Corinne
      7. Andy’s One True Love

    2. 1. Cheetah
      2. Car
      3. French fries!
      4. The Book Thief
      5. Water-ski Probst
      6. Zane
      7. Andy’s dad

          1. It’s by the same author, and I thought it was pretty decent, though haven’t read it in years. I’ve never read The Book Thief though, and am curious about any similarities.

    3. 1. Hallucinogenic coyote, voiced by Johnny Cash
      2. Windowless white van
      3. Today: Steamed pork bun, a banana, and kombucha
      4. Impossible to answer. I’m currently reading Killers of the Flower Moon and it’s pretty damn good.
      5. Helicopter Probst
      6. Lisi
      7. A visually similar image search on Google returns photos of Russell Hantz (not a joke)

    4. 1. Doggo
      2. Sedan
      3. Shawarma
      4. Gatsby
      5. “Trashing Michele” Probst
      6. Shamar
      7. Some douchebag

    5. 1. Crow
      2. Mazda
      3. Protein Bar
      4. Sticking with graphic novels
      5. Dan destroying Probst
      6. Colton
      7. 2nd best player (behind the queen)

  11. Also guys as we speak I’m finally getting around to watching last weeks episode. That’s how little I care about this season.

      1. Unless something changes drastically in the last two episodes, I think Game Changers is a lock for third-best returnees season. Fortunately, All-Stars sets the bar really low.

        Definitely not top 10, definitely not bottom 10. Close to or slightly under the median. But again, depends on how it ends.

        1. I think it is definitely near 20. I actually think that it is a game of chicken between All Stars and Game Changers for worse. All Stars had the far better cast, but some darker moments. However, there was some interesting strategies employed by several different people.

          1. I will at least argue that All Stars had an important historical impact on the game. Rob helped revolutionize the game and this season is the reason why couples alliances are so feared.

  12. I got Alec. Then Purple Kelly. Then Alicia. Then Tyler. Then Michele.
    At this point, I’m just going to see if I can actually get everyone.

  13. I got Chet twice. I don’t even remember who Chet is. If he played between Australian Outback & All-Stars, then that’s why 😉

          1. I think by the time I realized it was happening, you guys were too far for me to catch up!

    1. Kathy famously asked him if being gay meant he wanted to be a woman. How could you forget that gem?

  14. I got Michele. Hey, I can handle being a boring millionaire so long as I’m a millionaire

  15. Here’s a quiz:

    PRP staffers are:
    A) Mean
    B) Mean
    C) Mean
    D) All of the above

      1. It would be a fair and just world if you and John had gotten each other on last weeks quiz.

        1. Also, my wife took the quiz. It would’ve tore our household apart had she gotten John.

  16. I tried it again, picking the worst options I could find and got Alicia. The quiz works.

  17. I got Purple Kelly, though I love that the picture isn’t even Purple Kelly. Oh well haha.

  18. You are the world’s biggest monsters!!!! I am not a Michele!!!! I can barely tolerate being a Mark (Matt?), but this is where I draw the line!!!!!

  19. I got Michele. I don’t understand how I could have gotten a random person who wasn’t even on Survivor, and who most certainly did *not* win her season!

  20. Hector as I quickly scrolled back up through this: “(*slight gasp at large BR picture*) I don’t know who that was, but he looked very American.”

  21. “I got Alec. You’re only here because you have a sibling that’s an even bigger idiot than you are. Although let’s be real- it’s close.”

    Which is actually true, but I would have preferred Baldwin is we’re talking siblings.

  22. Guys, I took the quiz but got somebody named “Michele”. I thought the point of this quiz was that I would learn which Survivor I’m most like. Couldn’t you at least include an actual Survivor player?

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