Season 34 Casting Rumor Discussion Thread

Martin (Redmond) Holmes of Inside Survivor has released the first list of contestants rumoured to have attended finals for Season 34. If you’d like to participate in discussion of the list of names, you can do so in comments here.

To see Inside Survivor‘s list, visit their site:

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403 thoughts on “Season 34 Casting Rumor Discussion Thread

    1. Wentworth went from being viewed as a non-entity to being one of the most praised young female players ever. I wouldn’t be shocked to find that she’s happy to rest on her laurels and not try to mess with that legacy for a minute.

  1. Wow, seven winners (Earl, Danni, Sophie, Sandra, JT, Tony)? That’s… a lot. Perhaps too many.

    1. More than seven: Earl, Danni, Sophie, Sandra, JT, Tony, Mike Holloway, and Natalie Anderson makes eight. (Nine if you count Sandra twice!)

      I definitely do not think that’s too many. For years, I’ve been advocating for a “Winners vs. Near Misses” season– the greatest players to win vs. the greatest players never to win.

      Looking at the other possibilities, I don’t think this is quite my dream season– but it certainly feels like “Winners vs [SOMEBODY ELSE].” On Reddit, some people are speculating it’s “Winners vs. Jury Members vs. Early Boots.” It’s not exactly what I was hoping for, but if we end up with Earl, Danni, Sophie, Sandra, JT, Tony and/or Natalie A on a single tribe, I will still be very psyched.

          1. hahaha, I hope so. at this point, I think a Michele win would seriously mar Kaoh Rong.

    2. Why? They’ll cut it down to like 4 or something. 2 per tribe is reasonable and what they did on HvV.

      1. Yeah, but like half of this list is winners. Unless we’re getting a very unrepresentative sample, something is up.

          1. Either way having winner returnees makes for better discussion. I mean think about how different the consensus on JT would be without HvV.

    3. I want lots of winners. It defuses the “we need to vote them out, they already won, I deserve it more” idiotic mentality.

  2. I can only assume they’ll reveal Bob Dogg and Kourtney Moon’s names later, just to ratchet up the excitement for the season.

      1. I only had Brian Heidik on my list to disturb Emma when I placed him on a fan-casted Beauty tribe (and it was very successful). I’m not a huge Heidik fan. You should actually be surprised I didn’t include Burton. Stupid, sexy Burton.

  3. I could go for three fewer Worlds Aparters. But, Earl! Earl, man! And…wait, Peter, seriously?

    For some reason Natalie Bolton’s presence makes me the happiest.

    The reaction that hit as I scrolled past Ozzy’s dumb face kind of rolled over me in slow motion: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…noooooooooooooooo.”

    1. What does Natalie B appeal to? If you remember, she was invisible for the first 2/3rds of the season basically, and the rest of the time, she was just a number of the BWB, and making awkward, cringey lines, faces, and some generic strategy talk. She’s not in contention for anyone I want to see return.

    2. Very happy about Natalie Bolton. Her manipulation of Erik and blatant flirting with Parvati made me want to see her back.

        1. I got that.Imo Danni was a better player but Chris was a better character BY FAR.His post merge narrative was incredible and the FTC was brilliantly brutal.Danni,by hiding her strategy turned the story of Guatemala from a potential “How Danni won ” narrative to a “How Steph lost” narrative.So I ,as well as most of r/survivor think that Chris was more compelling,so you’re bound to see a lot of love thrown his way.

    1. Chris would be more appreciated, but Danni is similarly loved, and why not, first original Guatemala.

  4. I’m so thrilled for this cast. There’s only like 4 people I don’t want to see, and all but one probably won’t get on.

    (It’s Chelsea, LJ, Carolyn and Marty, by the way.)

    And there’s so many of my random favourites: Jon Misch, Monica Culpepper, Hali, Peter, plus all the winners who I want to see again.

    1. I’ll go to bat for Chelsea. While she made some blunders, she did at least have a strategy: let Kim build the personal relationships, let Kim make a final-three deal with everyone guaranteed to piss people off, and let Kim double cross them. She assumed the jury would be more bitter with Kim and would perceive her — who intentionally didn’t build those relationships — with less hostility but still recognize she was part of the strategy. Of course Kim being Kim that didn’t work out for her, but I’ll give Chelsea credit for at least having a plan.

      1. Yeah, it’s hard to properly evaluate how good Chelsea was when she’s in Kim’s shadow. Andrea turned out to be a decent player her second time, but you would have never known she was good while watching Boston Rob destroy everyone in RI. Also, if you need sex appeal, Chelsea is a good addition.

      2. I guess that’s fair. I’m just not sure what else she has to offer as a Survivor contestant. She’s almost certainly not going to be one of the better players, and I find her not remotely entertaining either. She was just kind of cold and distant the whole time.

        1. I’ll agree, but to her credit she’s mentioned in interviews that she’s aware those were her problems. Her having some cognizance of her flaws makes me think a little more positively about her chances. Also, I assume some of Kim’s midichlorians will have rubbed off on her and she’ll be able to use her mentor’s Jedi mind tricks to her advantage.

          1. I’m just rooting for a scenario where Natalie Bolton, Chelsea, and some other woman (Alexis, Andrea, Sarah, whoever) lead a women’s alliance against Troy. That’s the only way I’m cool with a Troy return.

    2. When I saw Jon Misch, my first thought was, “Well, I know exactly one person who will be thrilled to hear this news.”

        1. I think they probably wipe him a letter, texted and set up sky writing to make sure they got him.

    3. it’s a good cast and most of the people I don’t like are on the men’s side adn i fully expect more to be added there

      1. Marty became alright with me once he started going on RHAP and talking about how his season sucked.

        1. My whole thing about Marty is he was one of the few people that season actually trying to play the game. So from that standpoint, I’d be interested to see how he’d do on a season that wasn’t populated by a slew of terrible people who don’t play the game well at all.

          1. The thing about Marty was that as arrogant as he could sound, he was 100% right that Jane was a sympathetic character who you maybe shouldn’t take to the end.

            So when he’s constantly trying to put a target on the sympathetic character who also gets a ton of screen time because she’s constantly doing kooky things, it comes off looking a lot worse than it really is.

          2. He was one of the few people that the edit showed was “playing the game”.You don’t have to give 200 confessionals about numbers and #bigmovezz to be playing the game

  5. No Jenn but Hali? Not that impressed. I don’t need to see anymore Monica talking about Monica.

    1. Jenn is right up there as one of my favorites, but let’s not forget Miss ‘Murica was adorable in her own way.

      1. Was she? I honestly don’t remember much about her. Was she the blonde-haired guy who didn’t say or do anything?

        1. I think Hali was great and would have been a serious contender to win if the season had played out differently. Michele reminds me of Hali, but apparently that is an unflattering comparison for Hali :/

    2. Probst considers Jenn a quitter, so I’m sure he aggressively filibusters any attempts to bring her back.

        1. I get the impression that Colton and Julie made Probst a lot more vocal about players he has a bad feeling about. Although apparently he was vocally anti-Caleb, so his power isn’t infinite.

          1. Every season I want Jeff to look at the camera and say “I have a bad feeling about this.”

      1. I thought Jenn was a pretty good character out there, but just from her last few days and post show stuff, she seems like a bit of a poor sport.

        Plus she got on the wrong side of Rob C. How do you get on the wrong side of Rob C?

          1. I don’t know the details because I’m not a patron, but it was something to do with her getting too drunk at live know-it-alls for Rob to let her on stage and she took a lot of offense to it. Rob then proceeded to semi-trash her on the next patron cast.

            I may have some facts wrong but that’s the basics of it.

      2. I think considering Jenn a quitter is silly (insofar as she…didn’t quit), but assessing her as a serious quit risk makes sense. I can totally understand concluding that the chance she declares “This is bullshit, I’m out” is too high.

        1. More than full on quitting, I think Jenn might have a tendency to quit being entertaining once she hits a point in the game. And if that’s the case, what’s the point?

  6. What??? I really like this list. I thought we were going to be waiting longer for another returnee season. Fingers crossed for Sophie and Cirie!

      1. I’m kind of against Sophie. She wasn’t interesting the first time, and now she spends her time as a ‘doctor’ schilling for Dr. Oz and actually harming people.

        1. I’m about as big of a Sophie fan as there is, but I’ll concede that her career choices are indefensible.

          1. I think Andy said before that he doesn’t judge people for how they pay the bill, and I mostly agree. However she’s in the one profession that actually makes you take an oath, and then blatantly defies said oath.

        2. WHAT? Is that what she does? I’m in the UK so I see nothing. I’m interested in how a player like Sophie who played well at 21, (she played the only game I think she could have played to win South Pacific), will play in her mid-late 20’s.

          1. Her job was something like producing videos on health topics for his website, so it’s very possible she was only doing things that were science-based, but the taint of association is still there.


    The rest of the list is surprisingly good. I would’ve loved to see Jenn and Wentworth, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wentworth is just waiting to come back later. (Jenn, if she was asked, definitely refused.)

    Is there any chance we ever get Yul back?

      1. On RHAP years ago he seemed slightly interested in playing against Parvati again in an all winners season. My sense is that all winners is the only thing that might tempt him.

    1. Is Ozzy fat in his 30s? If so I’m on board for his return. Ozzy who is shit at challenges would be fun.

          1. HvV Colby may have been bad at challenges, but I don’t get the impression Colby is as off-putting a personality as Ozzy. I think people actually enjoyed being in an alliance with Colby.

      1. As much as I love the idea of a fat first-boot Ozzy, the thought of Ozzy even being associated with another season of Survivor is terrible. And he’d probably take up confessional and reunion show time that could be better spent talking to Sandra/Sophie/Cirie.

        1. Mainly what I mean is the only way I’d be ok with him returning if he was Superman in a Fat Suit.

        1. As much as I feel I don’t ever need more Amanda Kimmel or to be honest Parvarti, yeah I’m down.
          Part of me would love a returnee season that was just a full cast back to play again with same tribe divisions and same location.

          1. The only scenario I want to see Parvati return in is one where there’s someone on the tribe who says “Hey remember on Micronesia when Penner insisted that Parvati should go home first, and nobody listened and they all regretted it? And then remember on Heroes vs. Villains when Rob and Tyson insisted Parvati should go home first and nobody listened and they all regretted it?* Maybe… we should vote out Parvati first?”

            And then nobody listens and they all end up regretting it.

            *Okay, Sandra did just fine.

          2. I do think Parvarti is now too good at the game to go back on the show. The returnees who should be voted out first is: Parvarti, Cirie, Sandra, Russell and Boston Rob.

  8. Guys imagine Natalie A and Sandra on a tribe together. Like every other word would have to bleeped.

    1. Throw in Sophie “WILL YOU LET ME FUCKING FINISH” Clarke and you’ve got one amazing tribe.

    2. Yeah, but you need a match to throw onto the gasoline. The list is really light on potential Rockers or Fairplays (Troyzan, maybe?)

        1. 1) I don’t see Tony getting into a genuine clash with them, and if he just provokes them for fun he knows when to pull back before the explosion happens; 2) if all the former winners are on the same tribe I think he’s very likely to be the first boot.

          1. Tony’s two biggest weakness are that he has poor impulse control and can’t let things go. The same manic energy that powered him through the game also means that de-escalate is not a setting he has. So it’s really one going to take one little thing to start something.

            Kass mistakenly called him a bitch and by the end of the episode he was literally babbling incoherently and waving his arms in the air.

            As to two, I actual wonder if Tony is going to seem like less of threat than we assume. A tribe of not just veterans but winners is going to be a lot less impressed with his ‘sorry guys but I had to go behind your backs,’ routine. (Yeah, I know JT did, but the Heroes weren’t exactly a strategic brain trust.) A strategy of “keep him around for challenges and vote him out if and when he starts going off the rails,” seems possible.

          2. Maybe I’m only thinking of the individual immunity challenges, but I don’t recall Tony ever being all that great at challenges.

            Still, this is why I’d fear a tribe with all the winners together: one of them has to go home first, and I like all of them (though I’d be most devastated if Tony, Sandra, or Earl went home first).

          3. I was thinking of pre-merge challenges. Yeah, Tony didn’t do too great in the individual immunity challenges, which iirc he blames on Cagayan being too puzzle-heavy. But having that kind of bulldozer of a man is useful, if you feel you can keep him contained.

          4. This is backed up by Tony often being one of the first people to get to the puzzle in those challenges.

          5. I actually do think he has a point. That was a stretch where Survivor maybe was overdoing it on the puzzles, culminating in that first challenge in SJDS where the puzzle supposedly took 5 hours to solve.

            I just also find it really funny and ever so Tony that he’s still indignant about it. It’s like, dude, you were immediately coronated as one of the most fascinating winners ever. Who freaking cares that you never won individual immunity?

          6. You are right. On the list, Tony is one of the worst of the men as far as challenge ability. But he also was up against Spencer and Kass on puzzles and Woo and Tasha on the physical part. Trish held her own. Tony was too manic to do well on puzzles. If it were a weightlifting challenge, he’d do fine.

          7. Tony seems likely to overplay his hand. His game required four blindly loyal allies who he could throw under the bus at any opportunity, and in the end it paid off royally when his last ally won immunity and took him instead of the obvious goat.
            in an all-star season, he would not be likely to find such blindly loyal allies.

          8. Tony also had a god idol with powers he wouldn’t reveal that he could wave in people’s faces and say ‘vote me out, see what happens.’

  9. This list has great potential. No clue what direction they are going in but the possibilities are plenty. That being said, here are the 16 people I want to see back (ranked in order of preference)

    1. Cirie Fields
    2. Sandra Diaz-Twine
    3. Natalie Anderson
    4. Sophie Clarke
    5. Natalie Bolton
    6. Danni Boatwright
    7. Andrea Boehlke
    8. Debbie Wanner

    1. Tony Vlachos
    2. Malcolm Freberg
    3. Earl Cole
    4. J.T Thomas
    5. Tai Trang
    6. Caleb Reynolds
    7. Mike Holloway
    8. Jon Misch

      1. I feel the exact same way. I absolutely love every moment of Sandra on Survivor, but I don’t think I could handle it if she played a third time and didn’t win.

        1. On the flip side, if Sandra were to go 3/3 we would certainly be living in the best of all possible worlds.

          1. I guess I would take some small comfort in delighting in her sure-to-be-caustic elimination interview.

          2. I meant to write isn’t. If Sandra isn’t voted off her first tribal everyone deserves to lose to her.

          1. But I ended up having fun trolling him with my acceptance of his opinion whilst still disagreeing!

        2. And I don’t know that I could root for her as much this time around, because I’d want Cirie to get that first W.

          1. I’d still be all on in Sandra. Cirie is great as well, but a triple crown for Sandra is worth another loss for Cirie.

          2. I dunno. I’ve heard that people who win on their fourth try aren’t actually good at Survivor.

          3. It’s a real Rafe’s Choice. I just don’t want to see Sandra sully her 100% record. But I really want to see Cirie win.

          4. How much would I love a Cirie vs. Sandra season? So, so much. Cirie set it up really well shit-talking her after HvV.

  10. guys stop complaining about people who were on second chances not being on this list, no one from second chances is on this list. it is obviously deliberate

  11. Cirie ! Sandra ! <3
    (Though they will have to stay on their toes at the begining)

    They brought back as much bland looking white men as possible (Jon John Mike Malcolm LJ Caleb…)

    Nope List: Peter, Ozzy
    Why ? list: Troyzan, Chelsea, Alexis , Marty, Peter

    1. I’m going to be contrarian (Andy’s ears prick up) and defend the Peter pick – from a casting perspective Peter is pure gold. That Coach*-level ability to spout ridiculous nonsense, make’s production’s job so much easier, because they don’t have to do anything to get material out of him. Here’s how a Peter confessional probably goes:

      Producer: Peter, the sun sure is bright today.

      Peter: Why yes, I do like the feel of the sun on my tight, chiseled back.

      Plus he’s got that thing were he is constitutionally compelled to blow up his own spot at tribal in fascinating ways. I would have taken at least 2 or 3 more tribals with Peter in them. But that’s the thing about Peter, you don’t have to worry about him overstaying his welcome because he can’t. He is always to overplay his hand and get sent home early.

      Which brings us to literally the only risk production takes in bringing him back – that his tribe goes to council early and everyone agrees to hold off on tough decisions and voter Peter out before he makes himself a problem.

      That’s why they’re talking to Peter. He’s everything they hoped they were getting with Vince Sly but didn’t.

      *And unlike Coach, he is apparently like this in real life, so, if Peter comes back, I don’t think we’re getting a caricature of him, I think we’ll get raw, unfiltered Peter.**

      **Oh cool there was still one Peter/phrasing joke left in the tank.

        1. It’s what Andy kept saying during the Second Chances vote – all-star seasons still have pre-merge boots. Watching Peter fall on his face again is preferable to seeing someone I like go out early.

  12. I’m pretty much fine with everyone on that list, with the exception of Jon Misch, Ozzy, and Carolyn. I do not need or want to see any of those people ever play Survivor again. And a few are just aggressively neutral, but I don’t have a problem with them.

  13. Its bullshit, no way in hell Danni or JT are coming back as for Sandra … please god if you do one thing for me in my life let Sandra come back and not be first boot

  14. Randomly strung together thoughts:
    Where’s Rupert?! (jk jk nooo) I’m not interested in seeing Ozzy again. Very minor interest for Malcolm and Andrea. I love Sandra but her Survivor story seems like it’s complete. I’d rather see Cirie on a Redemption Island/South Pacific style season with only a few returnees. My memories of Carolyn have already faded almost completely.
    Alexis, Troyzan, Peter, Chelsea, Jon, John, LJ, Monica: meh
    Marty, Caleb, Nat Bolt, Mike, Tony, Tai, JT: eh, sure why not
    Danni, Earl, Debbie, Sophie: YES PLEASE

      1. Yeah, in my original comment, I said Nat Bolt was the one making me happiest, but let’s be real: it’s Earl.

  15. Well, if they do bring back Sandra, and I totally hope they do, they must bring back a lot of returnees and winners, especially those “scarier” ones like Tony, so that she has a shot of winning. If she comes back for the 3rd time and wins again then that would be the high point of my life. The other one I would be excited to see again is Cirie, the rest is kind of so-so. Why is there no Kim in this list? If they are making a 3rd All Stars, they have to bring Kim back.

    1. To follow up on John, Kim was on RHAP recently. She is about to finish popping out 3 kids in short order, but she and her husband are serious about this being the last. She’s conflicted, but open to returning once the newest one is old enough.

        1. Spelt is show you spell that word. It’s called English Bruv, which one of us is in England?

  16. New thread:

    Pick one (just one) player you hope to get added to this list.

    I’ll start: Michele (obviously)

    1. As a real answer, I removed players who clearly seem to not want (or are available) to come back, like Yul, Ian, Kim, Colleen, etc.

      So my pick is Brian Corridan. I liked him on Guatemala, liked him more on the Survivor’s Strike Back blog that CBS used to have. He’s shown that he’s still into the game and has a good presence on Twitter. His cliquish stuff with the Wine and Cheese is a little annoying, but we’ve kind of depleted the superfan quota of late, so he’d be a good add (since there isn’t one currently. Other than maybe Malcolm).

      (I was going to say Denise, but since Malcolm is already here, I’d rather not have them together again).

      1. Brian is a good pick. That Guatemala season is incredibly underrated. My pick is Trish from Cagayan.

          1. Trish deserves another go, she was entertaining and after playing with Tony she can ope with anything.

          2. Absolutely, would I want to hang out with her? No. WOuld I watch her happily on Survivor, yeah.

          3. I was thinking Brice first, Morgan second. Unintentionally hilarious is still hilarious.

            But I also wouldn’t be shocked to find out that Brice is one of the unleaked names, given that he has a lot of fans and is actively campaigning to come back.

          4. Counterpoint: None of the people who ran active “Bring me back” campaigns are on this list. No John, no Neleh, no Brice, no Coby, etc.

          5. As this isn’t a “second chance” one do you think they are saving those they think will be vote getters for a possible Second Chance II?

          6. No, I imagine there are at least some of those names that they just aren’t interested in having come back regardless of theme.

          7. Possibly, I do wonder if there are some who are campaigning they may want to keep so that the Second Chance II list has people willing to build momentum for the season byt campaigning hard.

          8. I don’t know if John is still persona non grata with CBS, but I think all of those names could be in the pipepline.

            Actually if they’ve made a list of old-school players who are likely to get the Kimmi Kappenberg Award for Most Improved Performance, Neleh has to be somewhere near the top.

      2. I was surprised to not see Denise in the mix! It sounds like she is interested in returning at some point.
        I would like to see Brice return before he is completely forgotten, because a full season of Brice would be gold.

        1. Rob said something about Denise being too busy to do RHAP this season, so maybe they asked and she couldn’t make the commitment.

          1. That’s a good point, and could be possible, but Sophie and Natalie A have both done episodes this season.

          2. Yes but maybe other than casting, her real life is keeping her busy. Neither Sophie or Natalie has a kid or husband or practice. If she’s going, she might have to make arrangements for her clients.

          3. Isn’t Sophie trying to teach Dr. Oz how to science? That’s got to be more than a full time job (and a futile one at that).

      3. Only one?? Since I’m a rule follower, I have spent literally hours thinking about this so that I can narrow my pick down to just one person. Assuming that the eventual cast is made up of a relatively representative mix of the people on the potential cast list, my criteria were that the person I picked had to fit well with the rest of the hypothetical cast and ideally offer something that isn’t already represented in the current list.
        And that person is: JAISON
        I went with Jaison because he’s a great athlete, has a bit of a ‘tude sometimes, and may or may not have some strategic chops. I’d like to see how he would do out of Russell’s shadow.

        My first instinct is always to want to see more of the great older women who have played in the past, but they’re actually pretty well represented on this list already. Also, my #1 older woman pick would have been Trish and there’s already more than enough Cagayan on there…

        1. Good choice. I’d add that, of everyone on that season, Jaison seemed most affected by the rain. By the time he gets voted off he’s basically semi-catatonic. It would be interesting to see him play in better conditions.

          1. But isn’t he the kind of tall, low-body-fat guy who always gets really beat up by the conditions? I’d hope he’d be livelier in better weather, but that worries me.

      4. damn man, what the hell is damn wrong with you damn guys, man, that no damn person has yet said damn Judd, man!

      5. T-Bird, because I’m feeling a little mystified at their choices of Cambodia snubs and we know she wants to come back.

        1. Ok. Tattooed Angie (not cookies) from Palau who surprisingly was a decent player and good at challenges but just got on a very bad tribe.

          1. I totally forgot about Angie. I did really like her when I watched Palau (she got me for being picked last and then next episode totally owning the challenges). That’d be great if she came back.
            “We’re not going back to immunity!”

    2. Not even a joke answer: Lil. No one would get me more excited for a new season than the return of the scout master.

    3. This is a really tough question to answer. Probably for me my go to name in Nat Bolten is on the list but apart from her I’d say Sean Rector.

    4. A bit of cheat since it’s not one person, but I think you’ll allow it: Wanda Shirk and Jonathan Libby. Not because I think they’d be any good at Survivor (although Wanda and whatever tribe has to live with her 24/7 is guaranteed to be comedy gold), but because no contestants have ever been more screwed by the production process (which is not to say they didn’t make the right call for Guatemala).

    5. This is super hard. Yul probably would’ve been pretty high up, but obv. not available. Denise would definitely be my pick as well, but I’d bet she was asked – I’d be surprised if she wasn’t.

      Deena Bennett. That’s my pick.

      If she’s not available, then Michelle Yi. If only because she got so screwed.

      I considered Christa Hastie and Vecepia Towery, too. Part of me also wonders how someone like Katie Gallagher would do in new Survivor, post Courtney Yates and with a lot less of a focus on shelter building and whatnot.

    6. I already picked a bunch in a previous post, so there’s a lot of people I could choose, but if I have to pick one, Michelle Yi, from Fiji. She deserved a second chance after getting screwed over by a twist (and Dreamz). Plus, her presence in Fiji always made me happy.

    7. Erik Cardona. That guy was so entertaining, and I’d always rather see returnees who went out by overplaying than the other way around,

      1. He gave good jury reactions too. That’s always part of my consideration, are they a good juror.

    8. Matt used to constantly say that he wanted Andrew Savage to come back, and that turned out pretty well. So I’ll keep banging the drum for Bob Dogg. I think he had plenty more to offer, and I think he’s great as comic relief.

      1. My question about Bob is if he wants to come back at all. Maybe the dude just never got into social media, but you wonder about people who have disappeared that much – maybe they put Survivor past them.

        1. I had come to that conclusion right up until the moment I saw Bob in a picture with a bunch of other random Survivors. He’s at least still in contact with some of them, so I’m going to hold out hope.

    9. Here’s a guy who was mentioned below, but not actually chosen as the one: DREAMZ! He could have a killer redemption arc. (I might have gone with Judd, but Matt got the name out there, so I’ll leave it at that)

  17. Generally, the (rumoured) returnees fall into 4 main categories for me:
    Yeah! Alright!: Earl (fuck yeah, make it happen), Danni, Cirie, Sandra (though I’d be cool if she didn’t come back, she don’t need to prove nothing to no one), Natalie Anderson and Bolton, Sophie, Tai, Tony
    Yeah, Alright: Andrea, Caleb, Carolyn, Chelsea, LJ, Mike, Jon Misch, Debbie, Sarah
    Yeah…um…alright…ok…: Alexis, Hali, Malcolm, John Cody, JT, Peter
    Yeah, no: Ozzy (I liked Ozzy the first time, and maybe the second, but after that, we don’t need more of him), Troyzan, Monica, Marty
    If this was the choices of who would come back, I would so want to see Cirie win.

    Other possible choices I’d like to see: Teresa “T-Bird”, Kelly Goldsmith (could be interesting, if she maintained hatred levels that she had for Lex), Sean Rector, Vecepia, Shii Ann (I wonder how she would’ve done if she was able to do Heroes vs Villains), Shane Powers, Becky Lee (just for the stone cold looks), Michelle Yi (if only she was an option on Second Chances), Erinn, Taj, Francesca (I always feel bad for her being voted out first, twice, and feel like she could go far if people think she isn’t a threat–which she shouldn’t really be considered as one (only 6 days as a Survivor, excluding Redemption)), Lisa Whelchel, Brice, Drew Christy (not really, I’d only want to see an epic demise if he was on)

      1. Oh, I have no idea if any of those last picks are available at all–I don’t scour the internets as much as the rest of you, so I’m not up to date on where any of them are at. I’m just saying ideally, I’d be more inclined to see these people on a returnee season.

        1. I would LOVE Erinn to come back, I’m just letting you know this may not be a casting overlook but because her life is too complex right now. She is probably my number 1 cast want for Second Chances II.

          1. I’m also extremely pro-Erinn. I think her game was SUPER underrated (not to mention, she is great in confessionals).

        2. I’m actually kind of surprised that Sean Rector isn’t on the list. If they’re looking for old school players they could bring back that could fit into the modern version of the show, I think he easily translates. He could fairly easily be a Varner-like revelation (though hopefully not a Varner-like 4th boot).

          Shii Ann is another good candidate, given her “Get over yourselves, it’s a game” final jury speech in All-Stars.

          1. Shii Ann was one of the first people I thought of – I think she’d be an interesting person to return post-all stars.

          2. Shii-Ann also was RC before RC, using her jury speech to congratulate herself for seeing Amber as a threat. People focus on Lex, but All-Stars also would have turned out differently if Shii-Ann didn’t make her jury vote about herself.

          3. Shii-Ann’s was like the 5th most memorable jury speech that season.

            But now you’ve compared her to RC, so I’ve changed my mind on her completely and never want her to return.

        1. Still, I don’t see her wanting to leave a 1 year old. At that age they still breast feed.

  18. I was discussing this list with a friend who is a total spoiler seeker, so I don’t know if her theory is hers or she read it somewhere. But she said none of these people are from Cali, and there are more potentials that didn’t fly in for final casting rounds. (I’m not fanatical enough to know where past contestants live with the exception of people from Boston. You know, Rodney.)
    So take this theory with many grains of salt.

    1. He’s not from there but doesn’t Malcolm live in California? Plus, if it is coast vs. coast, you don’t pick Malcolm to represent the east.

    2. Hmm. Interesting. Maybe Redmond’s source tracks the air travel production is paying for, and would therefore miss the local returnees? Just off the top of my head I would think Vince Sly is a no-brainer to return.

      Edit: To be perfectly clear, I’m not pounding the table for the coconut vendor’s return, I just think that from production’s perspective, as with Peter there’s plenty of comedy gold left in the mine.

      1. Oh, man. The total lack of self-awareness of a Peter/Vince duo could be the stuff of dreams.

        /I don’t see Peter going with his attitude towards the show on Twitter lately though. He’s a real WTF pick. Even more so than Ozzy.

      1. I’ve seen a couple other names floated elsewhere, some of which would be interesting (though some of which would be extremely “meh”).

          1. They haven’t returned yet, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. (Though really I’d be fine with seeing Jenn again- even while agreeing with Andy’s assessment that Jenn may just be too willing to give up when things aren’t going her way.)

          2. That’s my guess why she’s not on the list. Jenna Morasca did the same thing but bounced back.

          3. I want to see Jenn back. I’m okay with Rodney, Mike, and So (but if they are on the borderline with the people I am more okay, then they are getting tossed). Hali and Sierra are inexplicable add-ins.

          4. Though I don’t want to see him, I am surprised Rodney’s not on the list so far. He still made sexist remarks and fueled Will but wasn’t as terrible as Will and Dan were, I guess.

          5. If he comes back I’m totally choosing Rodney for my Champions League fantasy team.

          6. I don’t know about that. While he could make it far, he doesn’t win challenges in the post-merge. I actually think that he rivals Sandra for losing the most post-merge challenges. He even lost the fire-making challenge.

          7. It was a joke. I picked Rodney last time around in Outcast’s. It was horrible.

          8. I think the cast of Worlds Apart is pretty good and certainly stronger than One World. The season just played out poorly with Dan and Will making it so far.

          9. Agreed completely. And I get that they think they lack dynamic women to bring back, but I don’t think So or Sierra are filling that void for them. I’d rather see Liz, Jenny, or Anna from this season before either of those two. Even Morgan from Cagayan had more of a narrative arc than Sierra.

          10. Agreed! I think So has the “What if?” potential, plus she is dating Malcolm. Sierra has nothing but being a pretty face to her name. Also, Anna (IIRC) correctly is on the unofficial second list.

          11. I disagree. Sierra was a solid under the radar player that would’ve won if not for Mike’s crazy immunity run – she would have crushed Rodney, Will, and Carolyn (or Dan) on that f4 challenge. i

          12. Worlds Apart is a season that would have been great with a semi-inverted boot order (or even an inverted one, imagine a f3 of So, Vince, and Nina). I can see why production would want to bring a bunch of WA players back. So, Max, Joaquin, Hali, Jenn, Sierra, Rodney, Carolyn, and Mike all seem like players production would like back.

  19. Important question: Which of these players is Natalie Bolton most like to make a pass at in her FTC question?

      1. I was gonna pick someone else, but then I checked to see how old everyone is–I did not realize that Natalie Bolton was 40. I really don’t have a choice but to pick Danni. Anyone younger than her and it would just be creepy.
        Conversely, who would most likely make a pass at Natalie Bolton in the FTC question? Or, perhaps, who wouldn’t?

        1. Because when they’re similar ages, propositioning someone on national TV isn’t creepy at all!!

          1. Okay, yeah, I didn’t word that properly–creepier. It’s still creepy when they’re making a pass at someone, but when it’s directed towards someone younger/older than them (substantially younger/older, I mean), then the creep factor goes up a notch.

  20. I guess something to keep in mind about players like Alexis and Hali showing up on this list is that some of the more WTF casting choices on returnee seasons in the past have actually proven to be pretty good players. I think the magic ingredient there is time. If someone who was young and immature their first time playing comes back several years later, they may actually surprise everyone by being pretty good at the game. Some examples that come to mind are Boston Rob, Parvati, Kelley Wentworth, possibly even Cochran? I’m not necessarily calling Alexis or Hali as the next BRob, but it at least makes me slightly more interested in them as potential players on 34.

    1. I actually had this thought too. That’s why I’m pretty indifferent about people who were as UTR as Alexis (and Hali, though Hali made a bigger impression, I think). You gave some great examples – the WTF casting factor was huge for Parvati, Boston Rob, Amber, etc… I also was indifferent about Chelsea because I’ve heard nothing but great things about her from the One World cast. Plus, she was playing against Kim, so I take that into account, too – but I haven’t re-watched the season in a while. I’m just going off of a few interviews I heard lately that praised her.

    2. I remember Alexis was a big fan who seemed devastated when she was booted. I think hunger is also a factor in some of those surprising returnee success stories. At this point if someone seems really excited to go back and they didn’t get on my nerves the first time, I’m not mad about it.

      1. Great point, and I think it applies to 3 out of 4 of my examples above. I vaguely remember hearing that Alexis was a superfan, and I think she’s fairly smart too (Northwestern alumna I think?). I may be tentatively buying my ticket to the Alexis hype train…

        1. Yeah, she was kind of in the Anna spot where we wanted her to be the secretly brainy beauty! And in her case I do think a couple years more life experience could make a big difference too.

          Just curious, who’s the one example you don’t think was hungry? I’m guessing Parvati or Cochran because I feel like it applies to them less, but I can also see it for all of them…

          1. Yeah Parvati was the one I left out, mostly just because I didn’t think she was ever much of a fan of the show before she was on, and thus I’m not sure how desperate she was to get back after Cook Islands.

          2. Oh, yeah, that makes sense. I was thinking of her confessionals at the beginning of Micronesia where she’s like, I’m not just the flirt, I’m not here to freeze and starve and not win. In her case it’s more like once she’s coming back she has something to prove.

          3. Funny enough, she applied for Amazing Race with a friend, didn’t get in, then got recruited for Survivor

      2. yeah, I think some of these “legendary” players are either going to coast or try the same strategy that worked for them before, to disastrous results. Mike and Tony are going to crash and burn, probably.
        but the hungry players, the ones out to prove that they deserved another chance, those ones have the potential to follow in the path of Wentworth/Kimmi (who didn’t get a fair edit, but that she got to f6 and almost flipped the game on its head, goddamn idols, speaks to her gameplay).

  21. Ack! I’ve been waiting to post about this. My feelings:

    Yay without hesitation: Danni! Earl! Natalie Bolton! Natalia Anderson! Sandra (I don’t care how many times she plays, she is gold. Also, I’d love to see if anyone is smart enough to boot her early this time)! Tony! Sophie (caveat – she was initially on the hesitate list, but I bumped her up)!

    Conflicted Yay: Cirie – I love her, but a 4th time is a lot for any player. Andrea – again, enjoy her as a player, but not sure I do enough for a 3rd time.

    Indifferent: Hali. Alexis. Caleb. Tai. Carolyn. Chelsea. Marty. Mike.

    No thanks, I’m good: Water Felon Debbie. JT. John. Jon. LJ. Malcolm. Monica. Peter. Sarah. Troyzan.


  22. Hey, wait a second. 15 of the 28 people on this list are from seasons that filmed within the last three years. Why would they have to go through the casting process at all?

    1. From what I understand ,returning players have a different casting process than newbies .Theirs is more health/physical related as opposed to psychological stuff

    2. Probably because their thoughts on going back on the show are colored by how their first season went, so casting needs a better sense of what kind of player they might be on the second go-round.

  23. Could someone give me a good explanation why Natalie Bolton would be wanted on Survivor again? Other than being aligned with a bunch of favourites, asking a super awkward jury question, and carrying out Cirie’s plan on Erik, what did she do? And nothing that I mentioned makes me want to see her again, as almost any player could do the first, given the right circumstances, the second just makes me cringe, and put her farther down my list, and the third, anyone that can listen to instructions, and manipulate young men (many attractive females could do this) could do it

    1. Agreed,not to mention she was super invisible for the first 10 or so episodes of Micro and super obnoxious for the second half.People remember her because the BWB was legendary,but apart from that,she wasn’t interesting in any way

    2. Smart, funny and interesting LGBT woman, a member of one of the best alliances in the history .

      1. Smart? Funny? I don’t see any of those qualities, she was a cringe worthy attack dog for Cirie and Parv. (On the show) Just because a boring person is on an entertaining tribe doesn’t mean you want them back.

        1. That’s your opinion dude, her confessionals were entertaining to me. You don’t have to want her back, that’s cool, I and a lot of others do.

    3. she’s weird as hell, and has a lot of potential to be an entertaining character. Now that production knows fans love her, they’re more likely to give her a bigger edit if she’s cast again.

  24. I’m excited for Earl, Aubry, Carolyn, Cirie, Hali, Jeff, Penner, LJ, Malcolm, Marty, Sabrina, Tony. confused for no Denise. Why is Ozzy, Monica, and Alexis on the list?!

    1. Alexis doesn’t bother me, she was 21 when she played, she showed some chops but was taken out after a swap left her vulnerable. Wentworth showed those types of players can make good on promise.

      1. I wasn’t excited about Wentworth being back anyways, but she proved me wrong. But Kelley wasn’t interesting in the first game. Alexis was so boring in Cagayan.

        1. Plenty of people I thought would be terrible returnees have been great Parvati is a great example of that.

          1. Flirting is a huge part of social interaction. Some people are just better at it than others. Parvati is completely amazing at it. It’s as valuable as how others built their social bonds.

          2. Can I be honest? Being biased against players who flirt is being biased against a certain type of young woman who often need to flirt because other contestants don’t take them seriously.
            There is a huge difference between a player like Morgan who has nothing else going on but her looks and a player like Parvati who has flirting as part of their game play arsenal.

  25. So what theme do we think this will be? I heard it won’t be a HvV, so I’m thinking winners vs something?

    1. Seems likely that if they’re going three tribes they’ll either do one tribe of winners or sprinkle 6 winners across three tribes, no?

      1. If we can’t have an all-winner’s season, a tribe of winners is the next best thing. Can you imagine the egos? Or how they would determine who’s “least deserving to be there?” I’m giggling just thinking about it.

        1. My worry: Let’s say the tribe is 6 people- Sophie, Tony, Earl, Sandra, Danni, and JT. If they lose the very first immunity challenge and need to lose their least-athletically-competent member, guess who’s going home.

          1. Let’s not underestimate Tony’s ability to do something comically inappropriate almost immediately and getting people to wonder if they want to deal with 39 days of him. Sandra is real good at working with distractions and Tony is a distraction-making factory.

          2. I’m just bracing myself for the inevitable. Everyone now knows how quickly Tony will burn you based on whim and how unpredictable he is, so who would risk partnering with him? No one suffers from “they know how I play the game” syndrome as much as Tony.

          3. Well they all kept Abi last time thinking they could control her and she’d be a good goat.

    2. SPOLIER:
      Old BJ Anderson gave me the heads up on twitter that it’s Mirrors. Each tribe will have someone who is a mirror of someone on the other tribe.
      Female pre merge, male winner, female screwed by swap etc etc.

        1. No this came from a reddit/facebook imgur she sent me at the weekend. but the lists were very similar.

      1. ‘Mirrors’ sounds like SUCH a Probst-as-pseudo-philosopher theme that it must be true. I can’t wait for him to start gazing into his reflection’s navel, and then for him to shiver and shake when the navel returns the gaze.

      2. I see it in the women for sure but not sure if 2 tribes or 3 but my guess is 2 if it is mirror images.

        Aubry v. Sophie (obvious one since Aubry claimed the to Cochrane’s and Sophie’s lovechild).

        Natalie Anderson v. possibly Sara Lacina – physical ability

        Sandra v. Cirie (based on their lack of physical challenge ability, social skills, likability)
        (Although it could be Natalie v. Sandra as winners and based on their mouths – and I love them for it.)

        Hali v. Alexis (they went out around the same time, are the same age, have similar hair)

        Chelsea v. Andrea (both went further, etc. Weren’t both farmgirls?)

        Monica v. Carolyn and/or Debbie Wanner (ripped older women that are near or older than 50)

        Natalie B, Dani and Sabrina are a little harder to put a mirror image on so far

        1. I think the mirror may be more about their previous games than their personality types. Because let’s be honest if they have Sandra vs Cirie or CIrie vs Sabrina it brings up some bad thoughts.

          1. That’s what I thought I was describing – their games.

            Some are very hard to classify.

        1. Pants. Although solves the already solved problem of all the winners going early on All stars.

          1. and the trend has stayed broken. Tina made it deep in BvW as well and Aras made it to the merge. From the way it’s told in interviews (which we obviously must be skeptical about) the booting of winners was started by Jenna because she was looking for a way to unite easily with people in her tribe and going against Tina the winner was the easiest way.

  26. The list of potential players has been updated on Inside Survivor.
    Now added are Penner, Sabrina from One World, Aubry (yay!) and Varner. Actually, all 4 Yay!.

    1. Yeah, I’m good with any of those. And I feel like every season with Penner on it has been great, so it’s a good omen if he’s involved.

      1. Well there has to be more to that list because if they invite 30-40, and cast 20, the list as it reads now is 23 people. (Plus whomever they choose from Season 33.)

      2. Yeah, Penner is one of those who could come back every few seasons, and I really don’t think I’d mind in the least. For the foreseeable future anyway.

  27. I feel like there’s got to be some sort of really elaborate theme in mind here, but I’m just completely perplexed.
    Then again, maybe this is just what All Stars 2.0 looks like…

  28. New names to the list:

    Aubry – I’m down. If you’re going to bring people back from this season, she’s probably #1 for me.

    Varner – He’s a good character and narrator, but I’m not sold on his game play. The end of his game was a train wreck in Cambodia, and for all his talk about moves, he’s terrified of ties (even if it means sealing his inevitable fate).

    Penner – Again, fabulous character and narrator, but I don’t think he’s a great player. Also, 4 times is too many, I think. Cirie is probably the only person I want to see play 4 times, and I even hesitate there (despite loving her character and gameplay).

    Sabrina Thompson – Indifferent for the same reasons that I was indifferent about Chelsea. I haven’t re-watched One World in a while, but I remember liking her fine. And I cut her some slack for being the runner up – she was playing against Kim. There’s potential there, I think (despite being the runner up, a lot of people won’t know her game) – but who knows. Hence, indifferent.

    1. What I noticed about most of the potential players were very good to great at the physical part of challenges with the outright exceptions being Sandra, Cirie and Varner.

    2. Sabrina’s biggest problem was she got stuck with Kim and idiots who couldn’t see Kim was a huge target. I doubt Sabrina would ever have been able to get Alicia and Christina to flip on Kim as they thought they were in the final 3 with her and Alicia thought she was going to beat Kim easily (she is a delusional idiot). I’d like to see her get another go of it. Plus as we all know it’s not their best demographic for returnees.

        1. You know what I mean, there is a much smaller pool of players to pick from and because of the unfortunate run of WoC being the first boot a lot of them aren’t big characters. Remember Francesca was seen as WTF casting decision for Caramoan because of her being a first boot.
          The most successful black woman in recent seasons came back and finished second, who else is there but Sabrina and Cydney?

    3. let me just say that I’m thrilled that Survivor is finally casting female nerds (Shirin, Aubry). It was generally not an archetype they cast before. well, does J’Tia count? lol.

  29. Remember how the Survivor community was kind of dreading Kaoh Rong because it was almost certain to be a post-All-Stars disappointment like Vanuatu and Nicaragua? (not true in the case of Vanuatu, BTW). I for one could stand to wait until say, season 38, before we have another all-returnees season. That’s partly because Kaoh Rong is unexpectedly good (so far) and partly because I think the sweet spot for returnees is second-time player, non-winner, and the pool is a bit empty of those right now (although there are still T-Birds and Shanes out there). There have been 16 third or fourth time players, and the list of those who _didn’t_ tarnish their reputations is very short (IMO, Boston Rob, Tyson, Tina, Penner, and Parvati).

    1. I agree, I’ve been loving Kaoh Rong and a great all newbies season feels more pure than a great returnees season, where reputation and out of game relationships aren’t a factor. I loved watching Cambodia, but I also think having so many good players constantly trying to out strategize each other makes the chaos start to feel a bit meaningless, like how having so many bad players in Gabon or Nicaragua makes the game feel pointless. That said, seeing some of the names on this list does get me excited. Also, I would add Cirie, Jerri and Coach to your list at the end.

      1. I think some did not like Cirie’s antics in HvV. I’m right there with you on Jerri though. However, I do not want to see Jerri without Colby, and I don’t think Colby is coming back.

        1. I love Cirie, but I’ve always thought her skill lies more in her amazing ability to get people to do what she wants in the moment, rather than crafting the perfect long term strategy. Her actions in HvV are a good example of this – she dug her heels in to make the moves she wanted to make, to the extent that she alienated the rest of her tribe.

    1. Nonsense woo-peddling pisses me off. But, yes, it is everything one would imagine it to be.

        1. My favorite part was the juxtaposition of the pseudo-spiritual text (including bible passages!) with those extremely sexy pictures. But hey, that perfume oil ain’t gonna sell itself.

          1. There is something about her sexy face that makes me laugh every time I think about it. Her cast photos are gold.

    1. I will take one more Penner and then I need everyone to admit that although he’s a good narrator he is a bad player.

      1. Why does everyone assume Penner fans think he’s good at Survivor? We know he’s not, he’s just awesome anyway.

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