Survivor Analyst Russian Roulette: Ciera Eastin

Time for the next edition of Survivor Analyst Russian Roulette, where the authors of this site are randomly assigned contestants from the upcoming season of Survivor: Game Changers and must give an honest assessment of what to expect from them. Next up: Ciera Eastin.

Editor’s note: Since six entries didn’t feel like enough for this series, we invited some more regular contributors to the site and put them through the randomizer. Long time friend of the site/commenter Ms Woozah decided to join the party.

Hey, did you guys know Ciera voted out her mom?

Despite this being Jeff Probst’s favorite, nay only, thing he remembers about Ciera Eastin, there are actually a few more elements to the young mom’s gameplay, even from her first go-round on the show.

It took her a while to warm up to the game, but on Blood vs Water, Ciera was actually a fairly decent liar when she wasn’t committing Survivor matricide. You may recall her casual manipulation of pure-hearted Katie Collins, for instance. (Editor’s note: Pure-hearted? Katie knows “it’s a game, bitch.”) Towards the end of BvW, Ciera was also was the key swing vote in the epic tribal council rock draw, proving to the returning players that she was finally a force to be reckoned with. It can be argued that this moment, in fact, was a much Bigger Move than voting out a mother who was going out anyway.

Coming off a season where she was responsible for several iconic moments gave Ciera an unquenchable thirst for making Big Moves. In Cambodia, Ciera was on the winning tribe for most of the pre-merge so we didn’t see too much of her at first, until suddenly she emerged with a simple battle cry: “Play the game, ya losers!”

Ciera’s penchant for lying and taking risks was put to the test early in the merge when she tried to convince Jeremy that Savage was out to get him. It didn’t exactly work, but then her luck seemed to take a turn with Wentworth’s idol play and an “anybody but me” willingness to go along with Fishbach’s plan to take out Wiglesworth. By then, Ciera- along with Wentworth and Abi-Maria- had received a reputation for being slimy gamers, as their alliance was dubbed the perhaps-problematic-but-still-pretty-cool name “Witches Coven.” (Or, as Kimmi called it – “Witches COH-ven.”)

I kind of loved the Witches.

Her fatal flaw, ultimately, was being viewed as too dangerous and disloyal to keep in the game. (Editor’s note: also, getting idoled out by someone other than the vote-getter, which is kind of a hard thing to anticipate when you think about it.)

Best Case Scenario

In my dreams, Ciera of the Witches Coven teams up with the Black Widow Brigade’s Cirie and Queen of Survivor Sandra to form the ultimate women’s alliance, the Royal Widow Coven (Editor’s note: That’s gotta be the title of a YA fantasy book). They can include Michaela as an honorary member, and take down the douchebro club of Troy, Brad, and Ozzy in humiliating fashion. Ciera is dropped by her new Coven at number 4, as Sandra is the real queen of the “anybody but me” game, dammit, and she knows to take Ciera out.

Worst Case Scenario

Between her two seasons, Jeff Probst’s constant hyping, and by literally making it her mantra, Ciera now has a reputation as a “Big Moves” player. This could and should be seen as a threat, even in a season full of so-called “game changers.” I can see the others being wary and wanting to take her out before it gets too far, perhaps even pre-merge.  

Most Likely Scenario

We’ve already seen how Ciera does with a group of all-returning Gamers. She plays too hard and comes across as an unpredictable threat post-merge, going out shortly thereafter. It seems unlikely that she’ll change things around too much. I do think other people in the cast (Sandra, Tony, Malcolm) will be seen as more of a threat than her at first, and if she’s smart she’ll do her best to keep them by her side as shields as long as possible. But I don’t see her lasting much longer than sixth or seventh.

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Ms Woozah

Ms Woozah

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224 thoughts on “Survivor Analyst Russian Roulette: Ciera Eastin

  1. I think Ciera’s reputation is that she’s a sneaky, untrustworthy player who is so eager a proponent of “BIG MOVES” that she’s worth eliminating early. I don’t think that’s the reality, but I think Ciera on Cambodia absolutely destroyed her ability to be trusted in a returning player season or go deep again.

    1. I think she is a really easy first boot pile on target. People see her as a) a massive strategic threat and b) a challenge liability and that makes her an easy name to throw around at the first vote

      1. Yup. I could easily see her as a first boot. I could also see her sneaking by a few votes and suddenly she’s in the top 8 without really having to make waves.

  2. I just really don’t think we need her back so soon. We just watched her!

    The difference with Varner is that he was barely in that season and it was more of a revelation of what he could do. With Ciera I just don’t see anything we haven’t seen before. Snooze alert.

    1. Yeah, overall, too soon for her to come back for a third run. Varner gets a pass because he is a golden god.

    2. I tend to be entertained by Ciera in both her previous appearances and will likely be again on this season. I agree with you though that it was too soon for her to come back. She seems to be really in love with this game and hell bent on being the quickest to join the four timers club.

    3. She’s back because she knows how to give production what they want:

      (1) Knew they’d eat up the story of voting out a loved one, even when it really wasn’t necessary. It was a 7-1 vote: she easily could have thrown it away and no one in the majority would have cared.
      (2) Shook up her alliance and went to rocks.
      (3) Tried to push bottom-tier players to make rash decisions to change up the status quo.
      (4) Overly dramatic emoting during tribal and in the jury.
      (5) Good confessionals.

      She’s up there with Penner as “understands it’s a TV show.” But all that being said, you’re right: she’s not bringing anything new to the game.

      1. I’d be fine with her later but it’s 3 times in 4 years. I don’t need to see Ciera on Survivor nearly every year!

          1. I’ve said this before elsewhere but I’ll share it again here. I want Ciera to make to the loved ones visit. Laura comes out and they win the challenge. Probst then informs Ciera that she could go on the reward or the other players can go with their loved ones. She chooses to give up the reward, forcing Laura to leave immediately. Essentially, Ciera voted out her mom again.

          2. That would be wonderful. Do you remember the story about what Ciera said about her loved one in her second season? I thought she said that Production told her she couldn’t pick her mom, but I can’t remember and/or I am combining it with what Stephen has said about why he couldn’t bring JT.

          3. I don’t remember her mentioning that but I can see Production saying that. Also, Stephen bringing JT as his loved one would’ve been the greatest.

          4. Well, you can’t say no to Ciera but say yes to Wentworth (especially since Wentworth had a fiancee that could have easily went, pun not intended, in Dale’s place).

          5. Ha! As if Ciera would let her do that. She would at the first TC vote her out and say “In my dream you voted me out, and I’m won’t EVER let you do that. Only I am supposed to commit pathology in this family. P.S. #BigMovez4Evah.

        1. I find Ciera like, super-duper pretty so I’m cool with it, but you’re totally correct that it’s the same boring shtick. I’d frankly also think a little extra maturity may help her chances *and* give people time to forget how sneaky she is, but, again, the super pretty part.

          1. Man there is just no accounting for taste. I just don’t get it.

            To me Ciera is like the annoying kid sister of the girl you want to date. Just nothing there for me.

          2. I highly appreciate smirkiness in a woman. I appreciate it so much that even after I checked out her Twitter account I’m *still* attracted to her. And let me tell you, that was a pretty terrifying Twitter account.

          3. I’m scared to check out her Twitter. I’ll be back. *Checks Twitter*

            Oh God, she is a Pats supporter.

          4. Oh, well now I feel like I should probably cross Ciera off the list of Survivors I most want to have a drink with.

          5. I haven’t actually ranked them and that sounds like a big project to consider all the Survivors, though Courtney is a solid choice. Instead, for now, I’ll rank this season’s cast.

            Game Changers I would most want to drink with.

            1. Sandra
            2. Varner
            3. Aubry
            4. Andrea
            5. Malcolm
            6. Michaela
            7. Cirie
            8. Tony
            9. Hali
            10. JT
            11. Zeke
            12. Ozzy
            13. FFSDT
            14. Tai
            15. Ciera
            16. Caleb
            17. Brad
            18. Sarah
            19. Quit Drinking
            20. Troy
            21. Debbie

          6. Sandra and Varner would both be great drinking buddies since they would just talk shit about everyone else in the bar. It would be amazing. Malcolm would be good because i could draft off his appeal.

          7. That is exactly why those two are at the top of the list. I thought about moving Tony higher but I fear he might be too overwhelming for me.

          8. I’m pretty accustomed to rooting for Survivors I’d never want to spend time with, so it has little effect on me.

          9. How come? I wasn’t the biggest Kobe fan myself though watching him play from around 2006-2008 was one of my top moments as basketball fan.

          10. I prefer players who pass out of triple teams.

            I don’t dislike him, and liked him more when he became cranky old man Kobe, but there was definitely some frustration rooting for him at the time.

          11. Ciera is my answer to the question “which Survivor are you weirdly attracted to”.

            Well, her and Ken, I suppose.

          12. I must be pretty basic. I had to go all the way back to Darrah in Pearl Islands to find a Survivor I’m attracted to who remotely belongs in the “weirdly attractive” category rather than “straight-up attractive”.

            On a related note, I’m in the middle of watching Micronesia and I really think Alexis got lost in the shuffle.

    4. Agreed, I think she herself would have benefited from a longer gap too, when people wouldn’t so distinctly remember her yelling to make BIG MOVES

    5. I agree that it’s too soon. But I’m also not gonna sit here and tell a woman “don’t worry, that TV show will still be interested in you as your youth fades away. Wait it out”.

      Sophie, the youngest winner ever, was already scooped by a younger, more popular version of her.

      1. BTW this is the perfect way to dismantle me from arguing with you. My antipathy of Ciera is overrun by my current sense of justice about society not being fair to women.

          1. Can I join the PRP feminist book club? Because that sounds like a combination of things that I love

          2. I’m in. I’ll get the ebook from the library today. Judging from the description it sounds like I am gonna have some Thoughts.

          1. I’ll try my best but I may be more concerned with letting Sophie know how much of a badass she is, which is something I did the first time I’ve met her but would feel compelled to say again.

          2. Thanks for this. I still don’t see how she could have respected him before working there. He’s always been a bad person

      2. Hey, in their season preview the Snakes Rats & Goats guys mentioned in passing, like it’s common knowledge, that FFSDT was a substitute for Sophie, who production couldn’t reach because of an outdated phone number. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. Can you or @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus corroborate? Damn, the season would be 150-200% better with Sophie. It would also explain the imbalance of former winners.

        1. No, that is not correct. I, along with Andy, believe that Sophie was replaced with Aubry since Sophie kinda had a #salty tweet about how she didn’t want to see a more popular version of herself (aka Aubry) win around the time of the KR finale, which was also around the times the cuts happened. So, Sophie may have believed that she got replaced winner for winner, but no, she didn’t. FFSDT replaced Natalie, who apparently had a CrossFit related concussion like the week before they left for Fiji.

          1. I just re-listened to relevant part of the SR&G podcast, and I got it wrong. They say that Sophie was the first choice to replace Natalie, and only after not being able to contact her did they reach out to FFSDT. So they were attempting a winner for winner replacement. Around 2:02 here

            That really sucks about Natalie. I don’t do CrossFit but I am a kettlebell devotee, and I figure it’s only a matter of time before a Turkish Get Up goes wrong.

          2. Yeah, Sophie was out of town when they were forced to look for a Natalie replacement at the last minute. I’m guessing she took a vacation with the time she was taking off in case she made the cut.

    6. Yeah, I agree. Ciera is too close to her original season to be a fan favorite back for more, but too far from her second season to qualify as an unknown entity immediate returnee. I think that the combination of being a highly known entity and not an ‘oldie but a goodie’ will make her an easy first boot to sell.

  3. Seems like there may be more GIFs on this page than the rest of the Game Changers analysis pages put together. Not that it’s a problem.

    Nice write-up, Ms Woozah. I expect nothing less than an exorbitant amount of eye rolls from Ms. Eastin this season. Even if she gets voted out first, there should be a fair bit of this happening.

  4. I’ve somehow said everything I wanted to say about out Ciera in other posts that weren’t about Ciera. I feel like she is someone that generates a lot of attention. More attention than her game ability should require. I think she is a good but not great player. She improved from BvW to Cambodia but has garnered too much of a reputation thanks to Big Moves and voting out her mom (such an overrated move). I see her being someone people will point to as a threat early. That being said, I think she can still find a way to sneak along, maybe aligning with other players to make big moves on bigger threats. She has one of the widest ending scenarios of anyone on this season.

    Also, shout out to Ms Woozah, who I would flat call the official head of the NYC PRP/fan community (wear that crown), for the awesome article.

    My prediction: Post Merge Boot

    Previous Predictions
    Pre Merge Boots
    Debbie (everyone boo her)

    Post Merge Boots

    Final Boot



    1. Thanks! And yeah I think there’s only so much that can be said about Ciera. I find her a really entertaining presence, but I think everyone knows what’s up with her at this point.

      1. I’m assuming you mean Ms Woozah should be wearing one, even though you responded to me. If so, I agree. If you did mean me, I do look good with a tiara.

  5. I hope Ciera makes the merge so she can give us some crazy-eyeball reaction shots on the jury.
    She shouldn’t be viewed as a huge threat early on, but could be targeted for challenge weakness. Especially if she winds up on a swapped tribe with Ozzy. Frigging Ozzy.

    1. One thing to note about her “challenge weakness” is that on Bayon and then her swapped tribe nu-Ta Keo, she was apparently valued for her puzzle ability. They had enough muscle, so having someone to do puzzles was an important part of their balance. (I say “apparently” because I didn’t notice her being a standout, but they won, so I’m guessing it wasn’t hearsay. I’m guessing that sometimes being willing to do puzzles and then not screwing them up is enough).

      This season has a similar make-up of a heavy concentration of muscle, which makes those without muscle less vulnerable. The bigger challenge would be if she winds up on a tribe post-swap with a need for muscle.

      1. Yeah, Ciera is good at puzzles but she was always on a tribe with one of the Survivor Puzzle Masters, Kass. She also swapped onto a tribe that had two decent Puzzle people in Joe and Wentworth. So, her puzzle ability may be a bit overestimated.

    2. See I think of Ciera as a perfect early boot because she isn’t a classic challenge help pre-merge and she has a reputation for being sneaky and making big moves, which are all things taht would send warning signs off in me right after hitting the beach

      1. But what if you hit the beach and are like, “Hey, Ciera’s fun to hang out with!”

  6. I kinda wish I was a teen mom like Ciera (but not really) because being pregnant at 30 is wrecking my body – and 30 isn’t even that old!!! Who knew that pregnancy can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, restless legs, insomnia and sciatica?? *whine*

      1. Why didn’t anyone warn me???? JK 😛
        But lately I’ve been watching ‘how to sleep comfortably’ videos online and they’re all like “To start with, you’ll need 12 king sized pillows” lol

        1. Sounds about right. 🙂
          My wife found that the memory foam for the mattress helped a lot.

        2. The answer to “how to sleep comfortably” is to have the baby, then wait until the baby is like 2 years old. Then you can sleep comfortably again.

    1. Here are some other things that pregnancy can cause:
      Darting eyes
      Uncontrollable falling down
      Geriatric profanity disorder (or GPD)
      Chronic nagging

      1. Ohhh the heartburn. And it definitely doesn’t help that my biggest cravings so far have been pineapple and orange juice :/

        1. For a while in my first trimester, all I could stomach was pita chips, watermelon, and Mike & Ike candy

  7. Great article! And I’m totally looking for “The Royal Widow Coven” at my local library tonight 😛
    I enjoy Ciera on a character level, and the fact that she was able to stand out at least for a short time even in a packed season like Cambodia is a testament to her entertainment value. I see a similar run in her cards this time, unless she is really lucky and hooks up with a majority alliance (though majority alliances don’t really seem to be her thing). My big fear for Ciera is that she is an easy early target because anyone using the “meat shield” strategy that is currently en vogue can paint her as a sneaky schemer believably enough to make an argument that they need to take her out right away while keeping around some of the bigger threats as a distraction. I think a smarter move would be to take out the really, really big threats (Cirie, Tony, Sandra, etc.) early and save Ciera as an easy post-merge boot when she inevitably goes crazy and becomes a witch (*sexist comments made ironically*)

    1. I hate her chances this season. She’s proven to be unstable as part of both a majority and a minority. She is an aggressively non-complacent player and convincing liar, and no one – especially not returnees – will want to work with that.

    2. I really hope Ciera can Crazy Ex-Witch it through this season…her story is definitely a lot more nuanced than that.

  8. I’m probably the person who’s gonna root for Ciera the most on this site. I understand why some people can be little put off by her due to her “Big Movez” mantra but I did understood what she tried to accomplish. And I do find her as really likable and I would be REALLY happy if she somehow pulls off the win. But unfortunately I see her having a BIG first-boot upside, cause even though she is smart, she could overrate her abillities and put herself in a bad situation from which she can’t recover. But still I just love her too much to not root for her and I hope her eye-roll game is as good as ever (and I’m hoping there will be Black Brigade Part 2 which will consist of Andrea, Aubry, Michaela, Sandra, Ciera, Cirie and Hali).

      1. I’d say just below the favorites list. I really liked it, but I think I saw it too soon, before I had seen most of those players previous seasons. I’ll need to rewatch one of these days.

      1. I mean, basically all of reddit hates it. But that’s easily the one I like the least on her list, even though bae won it.

  9. Thanks for the shout-out gal! And I’m honored to be in the same sentence with the legendary Dawn.

    Hope Sandra gets taken down a peg this time out!

  10. I am meh on her, but that is probably because I started with her second season first (I don’t have enough energy to discuss that second season right now). But, let’s be real: Survivor saw Laura Morett as their chance to mimic Sarah Palin. Laura even calls out that fact in her Samoa bio by saying that she is a “fit Sarah Palin” Instead of Alaska, Laura is originally from Hawaii. Instead of snow machines, Laura is into motorcycles.

    So, Ciera is basically Survivor’s Bristol Palin, which means that she should have been a dud constantly in the shadow of her mom. But instead she turns out be a bit of a firecracker who quickly overshadows her mom in terms of popularity by fans and Production alike (maybe that is due to the fact that Ciera has never openly complained about Production like Laura has, but who knows).

    I think Ciera is one of the few people that I honestly believe could be the first boot.

    1. Even though I’m much higher on her than you, she REALLY could be first-boot cause she could be seen as not worth keeping around if she doesn’t find an alliance reallyy soon.

  11. The whole “Ciera was a bust in Cambodia” narrative is a fun example of how results-oriented a lot of analysis is. Because rubbing people the wrong way due to pushing for Big Moves was certainly her edit.

    Her reality was that she was the third target of her minority alliance (the first two being Kass and Kelley) who worked her way into a majority that she was the head of until being idoled out in a very unique way when someone decided to save a doomed alliance partner with one of his two (!) idols. If Jeremy doesn’t make that move (that a lot of people still think wasn’t worth the trouble), Ciera might’ve been in the middle of flipping the entire game in her favour after being down big in numbers (largely because she wasn’t a Bayon Bro, but sure, we’ll say it’s because she was uppity). But he did, so she failed.

    1. This is all true. But I did watch her boot episode again before writing this, and the reasons her name kept coming up by the other side were phrases like “untrustworthy,” “unpredictable,” “has a sweet face but will gut you in a second.” So yes, unfortunate that she was idoled and if she stayed she could have changed things around, but there was a very real reason her name was the one on the other side.

      1. Which are the things you put in the edit of a boot episode, yes.

        But… she got three votes. That’s what did her in.

        I’m not saying she WOULD have turned around. The votes were fairly fluid that season. But, post-merge, she was actually LOWERING the number of votes cast against her as the tribals went along (she had four at the Kass boot). Which is a positive indicator of her ability to get people to work with her, if even for temporary objectives.

        She worked with one player to remove Kelly. Worked with NEW players (including Kelly’s main ally Joe) to get rid of Stephen. Who knows what would have happened after that?

        1. I’m not going to argue here too much, especially since I agree that Ciera was starting to play a solid, malleable game. Regardless, the edit of the episode helped cement her reputation as a Big Moves player, which is going to be her biggest hurdle to overcome in this season.

          1. I want them to align. I want all the players I like to somehow all align with each other. This season is going to be too much for me.

          2. Understandable, I’m of the mindset that the world continues to crumble around me, just please give me happiness somewhere, anywhere. It’s in no way a fair trade or anything but I’ll take anything good from any avenue.

          3. There’s at least four major targets on that tribe who would be best served aligning against the also-rans, lest they take control.

          4. I think it’s similar. Then will depend on what they themselves do to fight it or increase it.

            I think a lot of pregame fears fall by the wayside quickly once players get out there and new fears take their place.

          5. Ciera has a slight challenge advantage, but is likely seen as “sneakier”. Her trademark BMs will scare people, while people will make the same old mistake of “oh Sandra can be gotten whenever”

  12. I really hope Ciera isn’t the first boot because, as the excellent gif-game above illustrates, Ciera has a lot to offer the internet.

    My other hope is that Ciera gets more of a story this season – I really enjoyed Cambodia while watching it, but afterwards, was a bit bummed that so many of the female characters didn’t really get a story in the same way as the dudes (hi Tasha + Kimmi). Maybe it was because the dynamics of the Blood v. Water season made Ciera’s story so interesting, but i feel like she has a lot more to offer, both strategically and character wise, than confessionals where she explains how great reward is because you can talk to people. Much as I feel eye-rolly now about how much CBS has touted the Mom move that didn’t really matter, I loved that episode at the time and even though it didn’t really matter it was a pretty big deal – not sure that I could do it.

    Or as Black Dynamite said in a different post, we can hope that she makes it to the family visit, wins the reward, and then in a Brenda-style twist has to vote out her Mom again, at which point Jeff Probst explodes and Varner immediately takes over as host 🙂

      1. I suspect Cirie would also have a strong hosting game, though obviously she should focus on winning this season.

        1. Also: Cirie seems to share Probst’s affection for alpha winners and disdain for under the radar winners like Sandra, so it would be a smooth transition.

          1. Cirie’s all giggle commentary becomes the new ‘dig deep.’ Also really hope the simmering Cirie v. Sandra feud becomes a story this season…

          2. The question though is will Cirie be able to fit in Michele disses in nearly every interview she does? Probst has fine tuned that routine.

          3. It’s almost like Probst isn’t a big fan of someone who was clueless about the things going on in the game winning Survivor

            (Like PurpleRockMatt and Probst, I will take every opportunity to diss Michele)

          4. I love everyone in this thread just taking time to drive by diss Michele. She is the worst

          5. Probst’s shoes are too big for one person to fill. If an all-winners season is unfeasible, have a different former winner host each season. Sophie’s tribal council questions alone would be worth it.

      2. I get the feeling that if anyone had to take over for Probst, CBS would pick Parvati. I can’t say whether I would agree with that choice or not, but I think it’s more likely that winners would agree to host, as opposed to former Survivors who still want to get the win. In that sense, Parvati might be the most likely replacement.

        1. I dunno, this is CBS we’re talking about. I would think they would want someone as close to a young Probst clone as possible, like a Ryan Seacrest or Chris Hardwick type. The only person who really fits that mold from among former winners is Aras, but no way.

          1. This is true. It may not even matter anyway, since it looks like Probst is on a healthy diet of Paul Rudd Anti-Aging supplements.

          2. Has anybody ever seen Jeff Probst and Richard Alpert in the same room together? Hmm…

          3. Oh hey, I just realized I need to bug you about fantasy stuff. I need your email.

          4. I don’t think so, but they changed it recently. I think if I follow you then you can send me stuff at least.

          5. As a person who loves Adam more than any ordinary person should I would be really happy (but only after he could play 2nd time for example in season 40).

  13. Part of me wonders how dedicated Ciera actually is to the “big moves” mantra. In Cambodia, it seemed more of a last chance plea to avoid the boot. Spencer even said, “I understand why she’s pushing that argument, given her position.” It seemed more like, she tried to find someone within the mega-alliance to work with and turn the tables, everyone said nah, and rather than accepting her fate, she tried to loud-mouth them into actually doing something via Tribal Council, with the hope that when she got back to camp maybe something would happen. The result of this, though, seemed to be painting Ciera as this “big moves” trailblazer, something that i’m sure Jeff pushed. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, but the edit says she is.

    Maybe there are interviews / Ponderosa stuff i’m not aware of where she more distinctly talks about loving big moves?

      1. Bruce Kanegai and Joe Del Campo say no.

        ETA: Really should have looked downthread. /typing cat gif.

    1. I think it’s somewhere in the middle. She was pushing it because of the position she’s in and because it’s good TV. But I also think Ciera the player thinks that you have to make big moves to achieve in Survivor. Maybe a part of it was that people didn’t make a move on Tyson before it was too late. Maybe it’s being in the Tony era of Survivor and what Natalie did in the post merge of SJDS.

      1. When Ciera was shouting “you have to make big moves!” what she really meant was “I have to make big moves!”. Fair or not (spoiler: not fair), someone like Ciera has to make big moves or risk an invisible edit. Jeremy, OTOH, felt like he had to avoid being seen making big moves, and he’s got a million reasons to think he was right.

    2. I know it seems like I’m stanning for her, and maybe I am, but for me, I’m not really hear for criticizing one of the few women on that season that wasn’t content to sit back and play in Jeremy’s shadow. She FOUGHT to stay in the game, and was even starting the have some success.

      Also, my personal mantra is that players who want to actually do things on Survivor or preferable to those who do not. Even if it’s less advisable for them personally (which I don’t think was the case with Ciera. When things were going well, she sat back and integrated. When they weren’t… like when Andrew Savage tried to use her as bait in a Spencer vote… she didn’t).

      1. I wasn’t criticizing her, so much as just thinking through this idea of Ciera as the ultimate ‘big moves’ proponent. I watched Cambodia before joining and getting involved at PRP, so it was interesting to compare my thoughts of her as someone really fighting to stay in the game, in whatever way she could, as compared to someone who truly believes big moves are the only way.

        I’d say, the edit portrays her as a “big moves” player, but the situation she was in, and the tribal council votes, portray her as a more balanced player using a variety of tools to try to better her place in the game, one of those tools being some ‘big moves’ talk to get people thinking.

  14. Little black dress and big earrings. Fancy. I knew I should have gotten dressed up for my avatar.

      1. Am I the only one who assumed @AssistantDragonSlayer:disqus is wearing karate pants in his avatar but the rest of us are Winnie the Poohing it?

    1. Ha. I thought it was just a plain black shirt. Was feeling snazzy with the earrings – those avatar things are too addicting.

      1. Yeah, although the aging tools are useless unless you’re like, 80. My avatar really should be grayer at the temples.

        Also, my deltoids are bigger.

      2. They are super addicting. I spent way more time than I’m willing to admit working on mine before I ended up going with the first design I put together 30 seconds into the process.

          1. It’s a plot to control everyones avatar on this website. Wake up sheeple!

            “First they came for our avatars, and we said nothing”

          2. Andy edited my avatar in PhotoShop to make my eyes properly hazel and to keep my freckles from looking eerily uniform.

          3. I don’t think I could say the same thing about myself and any other commenter here. Well, maybe if Denzel is a big Survivor fanatic.

          4. This is all setting up to be a Parent Trap remake once you guys meet at Survivor camp this summer.

          5. Could there some correlation between PRP participation and weird eye color? Mine are light brown around the pupil and olive green around the perimeter. For the purposes of my avatar it doesn’t matter since I chose an eye shape that looked right when I was working on it but is too small shrunk down.

          6. Holy shit. I’ve gone half a century, walking around with these eyes, thinking that hazel is the color of Liz Taylor’s eyes.

          7. Oh honey…

            For the record, hazel isn’t really a color. People (and eyeshadow palette designers…sigh) sometimes think it’s like amber, but it’s really more having dual-toned irises, typically in a green/brown combo. Like us!

            Liz Taylor was said to have violet irises, or at least a really deep blue.

          8. My eyes look green from far away, but up close, I have specks of blue and brown floating in there. I have been told they are cats-eyes and yet another thing I inherited from my father.

          9. Grey blue with a yellowy “sunflower” around the pupil. Colour inherited from my father, yellow around the pupil from my mother.

          10. I guess my eye color is accurate but I didn’t care too much because I knew I was going to cover them anyway.

  15. I always forget about the Jedi mind trick she pulled on Katie to get her to reveal she hadn’t really found the idol. That is much more impressive than “She voted out her Mom!”

    1. Yeah, there is definitely more to her than “She voted out her Mom.” And having recently watched that, it wasn’t like she suddenly turned on her Mom. She realized that being the last loved-ones in the game was a liability, told her she might vote her out, and she was pretty distraught about it. Not saying that it should be an easy thing, but as the one thing she’s consistently know for, I would expect it to be a little more of a cold blooded, ruthless kinda thing.

      1. Also, Laura was slightly okay with it. She didn’t want it to happen, but she understood it. I think Laura’s confessional about Ciera’s plot is one of the more heartbreaking confessionals I can think of.

  16. Keeping the PRP Fantasy Baseball Spampaign rolling, I’m asking @Alkanarra:disqus, @purplerockandy:disqus , @AssistantDragonSlayer:disqus, @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus, @corndogshuffle, @diegoarmando, @HankScorpio, @kemperboyd, and @otherscott:disqus to PM me on Twitter here with your email, and I’m going to send you a survey that will help set up the league. Anyone else can PM me too, but if it’s not the “Jay has an idol” clip, I’m going to block you.

    And if you’re not a part of this league but want to end the spampaign, help me bug everyone in the league to respond. It’ll be over before you know it.

      1. Aside from you posting your email in a comment, that would depend on which platforms you’re on.

  17. I think Ciera can win, but will be targeted early due to all her hype. Waifishness will not help her either.

  18. Ciera is a player I really like who I’m kind of hoping gets bumped early, possibly even first.

    Because SOMEBODY is going to get axed premerge for being a perceived challenge mediocrity who is also a strategic threat…and I love all of the alternatives more than Ciera.

    She is my fandom human sacrifice to the gods of “winning challenges.”

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