Survivor Cambodia Episode 3 Liveblog

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Ok so this episode was scary for the Purple Rock staff.  I thought my boy Savage was going home for a long time and then I got even more worried when Varner looked to be in trouble. But it seemed that camera lingering on Peih Gee was indeed a clue that that alliance would be blown up.  I do not think this new Angkor alliance is that tight, but I also think there is now no trust between Woo and Varner and Abi.  This is now two times that Varner and Woo have been on opposite ends of a vote when they began the day in an alliance.  And I think Angkor is going to continue to lose.  On Bayon, Jeremy continues to get a great edit.  Not just because of the idol (which was slick), but also because we saw him be the only one on that tribe making bonds (ok Spencer too, I guess).  But Jeremy is in a good enough spot, that I think he is a major power player this season.  And on Ta Keo, that tribe isn’t going anywhere guys.  They aren’t going to lose a challenge in this set up.  Calling it now.
Three Up:
Jeremy, Tasha (she got the credit for turning this vote, well done Tasha), Monica (guess who got a confessional!), Woo’s puzzled face.
Three Down:
Spencer (stop showing emotion in a weird robotic way), Varner (he survived, but he showed some serious cracks in the armor), Woo’s chances of being on the right side of a vote.
Savage Corner: Checking, checking, yep, I still love Savage.  Duh.  This was super dicey guys, and for a long time I thought this was it and he was going home.  But nope! Tasha and he managed to play on the rifts within Varner’s alliance and turn the vote the way they wanted it to go.  Now the only question is did they make the right choice or will this be shades of Tasha and J’Tia?

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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194 thoughts on “Survivor Cambodia Episode 3 Liveblog

    1. Yeah, it looks like the whole season of polling won’t be ruined by spoilered jerks (not that all the spoilered are jerks, just those who post in prediction polls).

      1. The other day I accidentally ran across a “boot list spoiler” on Tumblr. It had Peih-Gee in the final 3. So I think we’re safe from here on.

        1. So- and this is 100% a story about me being stupid, not about Madame Woozah doing anything wrong- ironically Discus’ email notification for this of all post totally spoiled me on the boot.

          Sigh…I have yet to adapt to moving to the West Coast over the summer.

          1. I’m in the UK, I just have to avoid disqus and twitter until Thursday evening. I got spoiled last week on twitter.

      2. Considering how many of those were predicting Peih-Gee to go far based on her weight loss, we now know pictures aren’t always accurate. Who would have thought?

        1. Maybe she got terrible food poisoning on the pre-jury trip or something! this is exactly why I avoided pictures of them post-return from Cambodia!

        2. don’t most people lose like 60-70% of the weight they lose in the first week. Like it doesn’t take long on a starvation/exhaustion diet to just burn off some weight before stabilizing a bit

          1. I didn’t know that. I feel like there has to be some variables like how many rewards did your particular tribe win, etc. For example, I can see how the Angkor people could lose a lot of weight because they now have nothing to eat easily. Poor Woo won the rice but has no access to said rice.

          2. i feel like late in the game the survival situation has steadied to the point where people aren’t losing that much weight anymore, plus rewards are better at that point

          3. Fair enough. I just remember Mike looking really skinny in the last few episodes, but then again, his major rewards wins were the candy bar and two separate feasts that weren’t actually feasts.

  1. I decided to stay up to see the switchup and now I just have to be up to 2am to watch the whole thing.
    Also Shut the Front Door is just Shut the Fuck Up in not swearing right?

      1. You lot and your not swearing. Here someone would have just said “oh for fuck sake” and it would have had to be bleeped.

        1. To be fair, there’s only a certain subset of us that censor ourselves.

          The rest of us don’t give a fuck.

        2. I don’t know that not swearing is so much an American thing. Also, don’t forget Ciera has small children, she might have trained herself to stop.

          Plus there’s the super religious thing.

    1. Popularized, at least in my mind, by Stacey London in the American version of What Not To Wear.

  2. ok guys, my stream has gone down. I’m going to bed, I’ll torrent and watch tomorrow at lunch. Have fun Matt, best wishes for Savage but not really.

  3. On one hand I’m happy because it wasn’t Varner, or even Savage, since I really want that Savage/Stephen throwdown that’s been heavily foreshadowed. But on the other hand I really love Peih-Gee. But I also voted for Abi and love her shenanigans. While realizing these people are mad for keeping her in the game this long.

    What a great season. Every boot is breaking my heart. (Give or take a Vytas)

    1. The “fun” of Abi is wearing off, now I just think everyone is stupid when she survives a vote. But yeah this is why I voted for her, although I only expected her to blow up once or twice before being booted.

  4. At first I was confused, but I think I got it. Once again, Varner is scared of a tie. He can’t predict Abi, so as long as it’s not him, he’ll sacrifice his ally to not break 3-3.

    1. If Abi, Savage and Tasha are voting Peih-Gee, why force a tie. He can work on Abi later and now Woo looks like the odd man out.

    2. It’s weird he didn’t convince Tasha and Savage to go for Abi though. He and PG seemed to be pretty tight and he knows how unpredictable Abi is.

      1. I’m guessing they told him that they wanted Peih Gee gone and he decided he was in no position to propose terms.

        1. Yeah, and I just read Matt’s reasoning above. Makes sense, but at the end of the day you’re still keeping a ticking time bomb around.

          1. oh yeah, i mean the story of the season is that Abi crushes all who ally with her. But the thing we forget about these types of seasons is that there are so many threatening people, that there is always the option of using Abi to eliminate a threat rather than just getting rid of her.

          2. If you are Tasha and Savage voting Peih-Gee makes perfect sense, you haven’t seen that Abi is a full blown basket case and you know that Peih-Gee is 100% with Woo and Varner. But if next week Abi swings and it’s Tasha or Savage going I not be surprised at all.

          3. I agree about the time factor btw, which is just that you may not realize how untrustworthy Abi is after this short amount of time

        2. I think that’s why Varner kept repeating “Savage and Tasha are deciding this vote”. I was a way to tell Peih Gee and Woo that it’s not his decision.

      2. Matt was spot on above: PG just wanted to take Abi out, so she could go back to her old alliance in peace. If they voted Abi out, they would survive this week, but continue bottom. With Abi there, Woo is now on the outs, and they might even try to convince them to take Abi out if things get dangerous. They are in way better position this way.

        1. Unfortunately, Woo is now on Abi’s radar because he “wrote her name down twice”. I have a feeling that he may be one of her next victims down the line, despite his physical strength.

          1. When she said laughing at the end, “You wrote my name down twice now,” it sounded *really* scary.

        2. Yep, Abi could easily swing, all it will take is Tasha saying one innocuous thing and Varner could grab her for a vote but Peih-Gee is definitely voting with Woo and Varner next time.

  5. I know I’m going 100% against the tide here, but I find it weird people say how crazy and unpredictable she is for turning on Pee-gee, when PG said herself when voting, “I’ve been wanting to take you out on the first vote.” She says she thinks she is on the bottom and people say, “Ha! Crazy Abi!”, but Shirin in her exit interview said the tribe wanted to vote Abi out last week, and I’m pretty sure if there was no swap she would be going home now.

    She may be annoying and abrasive, but she has been playing well to avoid being voted out (although of course her social game is horrendous). Ok, you can ban me now.

    1. Abi’s doing fine at keeping herself in the game, but she seems so toxic that I imagine she finds her way to the bottom of any alliance she ends up in.

      (You’re not banned. It’s fun to have one Abi supporter here.)

    2. She was not crazy to vote out Peih Gee tonight. She was crazy to make an instant enemy of Peih Gee on Day One for no reason (apparently, it started even before the bracelet nonsense).

    3. I think it totally makes sense for her to take out Peih-Gee but it would have made more sense to take out a strong Bayon player. Especially one as loyal as Savage as you have to expect at a merge he will abandon you for his original alliance. But Abi doesn’t do logic and that’s the problem, she is more dangerous to keep in the game because she is the most difficult person to predict, remember why Yul kept Penner: because he was logical and predictable and to Yul that was a better person to compete against.

      I don’t blame Abi for going against PG but as Andy has said there is no reason for her to be against PG, she made her an enemy for no reason, without ABi’s own actions they would still have been strong enough to stick together.

  6. The amazon tab in the corner is trying to entice me with Survivor: South Pacific. You suck at your job, Amazon programmer.

  7. Man, this season has started so strong! I think it may be on pace to have at the very leas one of the best pre-merges ever.

    1. This one is pretty good. I think Heroes vs. Villians, Palau and Pearl Islands are the only ones rivaling this so far.

      1. So, I guess that means that this season has had the right mix of character development and strategy.

      2. I’d say last season started off almost this good for me.

        Really good starts to seasons are rare. So, this has been exciting.

        1. I would agree with that. The season premiere was strong and most of that prejury stuff was good. I think that Cambodia trumps Worlds Apart for three fairly unexpected boots whereas WA had two and then Nina’s totally expected boot.

    2. It helps that the season’s biggest star has been a key part of every vote thus far. Varner is the gift that keeps on giving

      1. Agreed. I just wish that he would win more challenges so I can get more points off him in the fantasy league.

          1. I just hope that he doesn’t get voted out because of his physical limitations. However, it’s weird that Savage and him didn’t bond more over being the merge boot in their seasons.

          2. I know I’m a Savage booster, but I think that was on Varner’s end. The first thing we hear Varner say upon arriving is “that guy is going to be annoying.” And Varner was in the majority (he thought) so i wonder if he just avoided him

          3. Varner was way too comfortable post-swap. He had his four and was already preparing his next boot.

          4. Varner is at his best when he is scrambling. I don’t know how he not only deflected blame there, but also got in good enough he knew where the vote was going

      2. I agree that “the season’s biggest star has been a key part of every vote thus far.”

        I’m just starting to think the season’s biggest star is Abi.

  8. That was the dictionary definition of playing a post-merge game while still pre-merge. Peih-gee was a strong competitor and they got rid of her in favor an insane, unpredictable, weak, mentally-unstable goat. Bye bye Angkor, you’re going to lose every challenge from here on out, and you deserve it.

    1. Peih Gee is rational, but a strong competitor? I am not so sure of that. Is she stronger than Abi? maybe. But they are close I think.

      1. I agree; the edit, at least, seemed to point that an important reason for voting out PG instead of Abi was that she was worse at challenges, especially for Savage (when Abi was talking about her committal to the tribe in challenges, Savage was in total nodding mode).

        1. Savage was also nodding at both Peigh-Gee and Abi’s statements about why they should stay. He’s a career nodder.

      2. Hmm, maybe I’m thinking more of Original Peih-Gee from Survivor:China, the challenge beast, from however many years ago, and not current Peih-Gee. Admittedly I was not paying much attention to how she was performing in these current challenges vs. Abi. But Abi is such a maniac that either way, this strikes me as a batshit-crazy move for how post-mergey it is. TOO EARLY.

        1. uh.. original Peih Gee was definitely not a challenge beast. Are you thinking of the right person at all?

          1. If i remember right, they were also not especially athletic challenges. one was a trivia challenge!

          2. Yeah, one was a memory challenge and the other was the classic “do physical exercise and answer questions about Chinese inventions” challenge.

          3. Wait, I just realized something….she went home tonight partly because of a puzzle that she was working on. Man, she is really not good at puzzles.

          4. I thought it was strange that Woo was doing the puzzle and not Tasha. Was there a swap-out at any time between the two?

          5. Okay, I couldn’t exactly remember. But out of that bunch, Woo doesn’t seem like the puzzle type (I haven’t seen Cagayan).

          6. Woo did have the advantage of doing that puzzle during Cagayan (or seeing it done). actually i remember one puzzle in cagayan that he and Uncle Cliffy totally rocked

          7. It might have been a height issue. Not that Woo is particularly tall either, but maybe taller than Tasha?

          8. That’s what I was wondering myself, once Peih-Gee was handing Woo pieces at the top section.

          9. Good to know. I guess I assumed that he was a dummy because of his decision to take Tony. Man, I need to watch Cagayan.

          10. Of the two I would focus on Cagayan. Blood v. Water has an insane post-merge- all but two of those tribal councils are fantastic and the weak ones are a double boot episode, but all of Cagayan is insane in all the best ways.

          11. It’s the Tina and Vytas vote-offs. They both do the best they can to make their exits fun, but it’s a fairly rote piece of business that has to happen after Tyson takes control.

          12. I liked the pre-merge memory challenges of One World (le women dominated that one) and Worlds Appart.

  9. Savage was such a grump tonight…he really has a hard time dropping the tribe unity thing when sometimes you just need to let it go. He’s lucky that Tash was there to do the heavy-lifting and exploit the crazy “I don’t recall” Varner dynamic, because otherwise Savage would have been toast.

    1. I thought Tasha showed why I originally had her in my pick 4. I dropped her because of the God stuff (I can’t deal with a contestant who thinks God cares about a reality tv show) but I felt she had learnt from how she lost Kass and used it in taking Abi. Had it been a different Bayon woman on Angkor I think there is a good chance that Savage is gone.

      1. It also helped that of all the Bayon women, Tasha is the one probably closest aligned with Savage, meaning she is the most reluctant to just burn him if it isn’t working. Ciera/Monica/Kass/Kimmi would probably all be more opportunistic.

        1. You are right on that front too. I can’t think of sny substitutions you could make to Angkor that ended in a Ta keo person going, this was the perfect(worst) 4 people for it to happen with. If Abi or Peih-Gee were swapped for a Kell(e)y I think they are ok, stick Spencer or Dietz instead of Woo or Varner and they would have been able to hold it together better but Varner is trying the Anyone but me game and Woo isn’t savvy enough to even get on the right side of the numbers let alone hold Abi-Maria and Peih-Gee together.

          1. I think once you have Varner, Abi, and Peih-Gee, the fourth is irrelevant. Abi will flip on Peih-Gee, and Varner will be too terrified of a tie to even bluff a 3-3 result to flip Tasha-Savage.

      2. I didn’t like her tirades on twitter during Cagayan that I thought crossed a line regarding Kass (Among other things, she favorited tweets that were telling Kass she should die, which was not exactly classy), but I picked her also because I think she has good game instincts.

        1. Yeah, I decided to do my pick 4 on people I like and can root for, that’s why Tasha got removed.

    2. Savage is not a person built for tribe swaps, and he’s not good at recovering once things stop going his way. Luckily, Tasha is alright at both of those things.

      1. I had the same reaction. When they were at Bayon lounging on hammocks and winning challenges, Savage was king and Tasha stayed in the Shadows. Once they actually had to play Survivor, Tasha took the reins completely.

        Which isn’t really meant as a knock-on Savage- just emphasizing that everything we see from a happy tribe that has never gone to Tribal gives limited information about what will happen and who will matter at crisis points.

      1. Agreed. While he may be a challenge beast, I can see the three women having major issues with him.

          1. I’ve been on Team Kelley since the Drew boot episode of SJDS, but come on, after that confessional how can anyone not love her? It’s physically impossible.

        1. Actually if he slips up and says something offensive as contestants have said he does now and again the tribe he is on is the wrong one for it. Joe isn’t the kind of dude who will be ok with that and Keith will go with consensus.

          1. Might was a term chosen purposefully. I just thought I picked up on a whiff of recognition between the two.

  10. Anyone else thought that the Spencer confessionals coupled with the Jeremy interaction screamed winner’s edit?

      1. For Spencer! He was like, “I used to treat people like chess pieces, but now I’ll start relating to them and treating them like people,” and then they show him talking to Jeremy and cut to Jeremy in a confessional saying he is in bro-love with Spencer.

        1. I interpreted that much more positively for Jeremy than Spencer, but maybe. I thought it was like Jeremy is doing everything tonight! finding idols, connecting with people, etc

          1. Yes, I agree: Jeremy also got a great edit this episode (and he already had a quite good edit)—-he is certainly looking like a contender to win. I just feel that Spencer got a “beware the new Spencer” edit that doesn’t make much sense if he doesn’t go quite far (and it would make a lot of sense if he wins).

          2. Yeah, it seems like a lot of survivor editing effort for his “Oh well, at least I learned and improved my social game” after being voted out. I’m thinking (hoping) he is making it at least to the finals.

            I’d love to see Kelley, Spencer, and Jeremy in the finals. It would be fun to have 3 relatively likable finalists duke it out. (It won’t happen, but a girl can dream…)

          3. Jeremy’s early SJDS was similar, he went in and made some decent bonds with people. It always seemed like part of his threat wasn’t just he was a firefighter but that he was a good guy who people liked.

          4. But, I am getting a better vibe off of him this go-around. He’s not as cocky as he was in SJDS and he’s not flat out hateful about how stupid his tribe is.

          5. But, he had Natalie, Kelley, Reed, and (depending on your viewpoint) Missy on that tribe. Coyopa was the dumber tribe.

          6. So Kelley, Natalie and Reed then? It was an almightly dumb season. I feel like Drew Christy pulled the collective IQs down by about 10 points.

          7. I think you and I have discussed SJDS more than any two people since the last recap podcast of that season!

    1. I’ve already said this twice on Twitter, but all that screamed for me was the need to a spin-off ofJeremy teaching Spencer how to love.

      1. I’m not sold on him in the game but Jeremy is doubling down on the impression I had of him in SJDS, he is a really good guy. He is nice, kind, he’s a firefighter, he really loves his wife and he can talk to women like they are people. I wanted him to say to Spencer “kid, it’s not that hard, if you love her tell her, if you don’t find the one you love”.

        1. I think Jeremy’s weakness might be that he thinks he is more strategic than he actually is. Because he has a lot of positive qualities, but I think he overplays his hand. Either that or his actual weakness might be a rigidity of thinking similar to Savage

          1. I agree, still seems like just an all round great guy. I bet he’s a really good dad.
            On SJDS I felt he was taken out as a social threat not a strategic one, he thought he was strategic but they all felt he was a good dude with a dangerous story.

        2. I think his has fairly good instincts and is incredibly likable… but we haven’t seen him on a losing tribe yet, so it’s hard to say how his strategic game is holding up.

  11. PR crew, I really hope you add a gif of Varner flipping off the rain to your arsenal. Biggest laugh of the night for me.

  12. Another important realization: Stephen has now officially done better than Rob on his second season as Rob was the third boot in All Stars. I just had to say that.

    1. This is true. However, they are still tied in the category of “Tribal Councils survived” in their second season.

      1. I love how Rob wanted to note he got 14th place, just to set the low bar as high as possible.

        1. I forgot that Jenna quit right before Rob’s boot. I also forgot that Stephen has yet to survive a tribal, but he could….maybe.

  13. Fortune Telling: That Varner scene at Angkor screamed “jury”, right? Spencer vaulted into my winner’s bracket (for now), and I’m adding Tasha to the “repeat their first chance” motif after the Luzon-esque blowup and misfortune. (That makes Savage the new Spencer, right?)

    1. That Varner scene could’ve screamed jury, except did you see his smile during it? It was like he was reeling in these suckers and playing on their weaknesses. I love the Varner show.

    2. To me, it screamed “not jury.” He seemed incredulous at the idea of settling for a jury spot.

      Whether that means he flames out next episode or wins the whole thing…I dare not speculate.


    1. I think the problem here is that you set your expectations too high with the job you assigned to her.

      1. Nah, I knew this was going to happen the second they lost, just doesn’t mean it hurts my soul any less

  15. I’m going to blame Matt’s internet for not fulfilling my request to let you all know that I predicted that Peih Gee was going out once I saw the tribe divisions (after we recorded our podcast). I figured all the acrimony between them on Twitter, I figured it was because Abi had burned her like she burned Shirin.

    1. yeah I forgot your request at the beginning because I was freaking out over Savage, then I was freaking out over Varner, then I was like ok thank god I can relax

  16. All I know is if I was Vytas, I would be INSUFFERABLE to Shirin and Peih Gee when they got to Ponderosa. “So… any interest in voting Abi out now?!?” “How did that Abi alliance work out for you?”

        1. Rumor was that he realized that he made more money teaching yoga than he did for being 20th place, so he rolled bounce. In fact, he was reportedly teaching yoga a couple of days before everybody else came back from Cambodia, which in hindsight was a major clue that he did not do well.

          1. I have heard that newborn line a lot and I don’t know how to feel about it because his son, according to Survivor Wiki, should have been like 16 months old at the time. Also, there are other parents on that show, including Jeremy, who left his pregnant wife behind, and Ciera, who has two young children. I am not a cold-hearted, but that just felt too much like an excuse to me.

          2. Vytas was willing to leave his child to win Survivor. Not to hang around the entire time after he lost Survivor. There’s a difference.

          3. Fair enough. I guess as a childless singleton, I’m tired of that particular excuse from him.

          4. Was he? I thought that it had been less than a year. But idk. Anyway, yes but so far they are still in the game. Obviously Vytas was willing to leave his kid for a while, but 20th place probably wasn’t seen as worth it.

          5. Maybe it was just an excuse, but as someone with two kids I’ll say that being away from them for 45 days would be difficult no matter how old they are. After playing for only three days, I’d gladly forgo the meager first boot money to get home and see my kids.

          6. Yeah, and apparently he was dumb enough to have his pictures taken and put on facebook, and that’s why everybody knew he would be first boot.

        2. It’s happened before, but it’s heavily frowned upon. Basically I guess they can’t force them to stay if they’re not on the jury. Culpepper bailed in BvW too.

          1. I find it amusing that Culpepper bailed but also got sued for insurance fraud after BvW because he received $175k in workers comp from the NFL insurers then proved he was in better physical health than he had said by going on Survivor.

          2. I wonder how Production (and Probst) would feel about it if it was a woman that chose to leave Ponderosa early.

  17. I really am loving the HII twist this season, Jeremy’s grab didn’t have the tension of Kelley’s but it really is adding a little extra to the challenges. Now I’m hoping that the one at Angkor produces a little extra drama then what we’ve gotten so far, something like Varner finds the clue but Abi is with him when he does, or maybe Abi gets the idol but everyone sees her grab it.

    1. If Abi gets the idol, I would be amazed if she doesn’t immediately start bragging about it to everyone within earshot.

    2. We’ve seen two clean executions. We need to see a fail or two now. Ideally, Abi has the info, tries to go for it, fails, and is spotted by her tribe failing at it.

  18. Survivor is really great when one tribe turns into a total dumpster fire. I can’t wait for the next episode to see Angkor lose again and get more of Varner trying to manage nitroglycerin. (And I say that as someone with Tasha on their pick-4 team, so it’s not like I hate these people.)

  19. Savage. Varner. Tasha. 3 of my 4 people on one tribe. Last night was a nail biter.

    I feel your feelings, not Spencer feel. Real feel.

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