Survivor Cambodia Episode 5 Liveblog – “A Snake in the Grass”

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Guys Angkor didn’t lose!  I do wonder if Stephen worrying about the signal this sends to the rest of Bayon will be a story.  I think it might, and I think it will put a target on his back at the next swap.  But the next time on does have me wondering if an early quit could change the swap plans.  Or maybe we get the swap mid episode after a quit next time.
Three Up:
Kimmi (She drove the vote), Wigles (she didn’t go home and that was a longshot at the beginning of the episode), Spencer (he probably moves into the fourth spot on that alliance.  He is good until the merge is my bet), Savage’s inspirational powers.
Three Down:
Abi (cannot stop digging her hole deeper), original Bayon (I guess we won’t get a Palau merge situation), Terri (man Ta Keo might just throw a challenge to get rid of him).
Savage Corner: Savage won two challenges!  I mean it was mostly Woo, but does Woo win without Savage imparting fatherly support and advice?  I think not.  Plus he and Tasha seem to have formed a super tight two.  It is just a question of whether that will be targeted or will be something they can use to leverage power later in the game.
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280 thoughts on “Survivor Cambodia Episode 5 Liveblog – “A Snake in the Grass”

  1. I can’t believe they didn’t put Abi-Maria in the barrel. That must have taken a lot of will power.

    1. putting the weakest person in the barrel is what cost Bayon. Need someone who can untie that rope quick

          1. Bayon was just screwed because Monica had to participate. She isn’t strong enough to push the barrel and she isn’t tall enough to easily reach the rope.

          2. Ciera participated though, right? I’d have she and Monica were about even, strength-wise.

            On the other hand, I’ve a feeling both Spencer and Stephen are taller than Woo, so might have had a harder time fitting in to the barrel.

          3. Yeah, but Ciera knew from her experience that she could not go in the barrel. Plus, she had Keith and Joe to balance her weakness. Bayon had Kimmi as well, who is not the strongest. I would think that they would have Kelly in the barrel since she has fairly long arms.

          4. It didn’t seem like there was much untying, more like unlooping. Definitely height seemed to be the key factor there, so have Monica push even if she’s not going to contribute a whole lot of force.

          5. And there’s greater opportunity cost with Monica in the barrel. I’m sure Jeremy and Spencer/Kimmi would do fine pushing, just two of them. Monica hurts the tribe the most in the position she was put in.

      1. I just don’t think Bayon had any other options. None of Jeremy, Kimmi, or Spencer would have been very ideal either. Jeremy I guess would be better than Monica. Kimmi and Spencer are too tall/big.

          1. In retrospect, yes. But you understand wanting to have Monica sit for the immunity challenge, non? So they probably should’ve sat Kimmi and used Wigles, but I’m guessing Kimmi didn’t want to (this is also the reason why Jeremy sat at the immunity challenge: Kimmi wanted to do it. Source: bonus scene interview with Jeremy).

  2. I understand why Kimmi rated Monica out. Don’t play a postmerge game pre-merge and lalala…But i can’t help but thinking it was a bad individual decision. I don’t have the maths and the statistics laid out but i have a hunch that Survivor is such a game when if you are female and hope to win, you say yes, yes, and YES to the first female alliance that is available, because it’s gonna be a lot harder for you to win against too much dudes.

    1. so i think we have 13 women who have won. of that 13, 7 have beat men at final tribal. However, 5 of those 7 beat a man that was hated by the jury, one beat a man who wasn’t respected and the other was Tina.

          1. Believe me, if there’s one thing everyone at Purple Rock understands, it’s just wanting to be right.

          2. I think Denise vs Malcom is closer than people think because she played such a strong social game.

          3. i agree, but that jury was young. and the youths liked Malcolm. (Carter, Pete, Abi, Jeff all go for him easily i think and maybe Artis or if he was out Skupin).

          4. No, I think Skupin goes Denise plus Carter and Jeff were with Denise for a bit before merge and worked with her throughout their time after.

          5. nah you are neglecting bro-ship. All three of those guys are bros and I think that is why they go Malcolm

          6. yeah jeff is borderline. the baseball player thing makes me think he might go malcolm but the age thing makes me think denise. artis is probably denise. rc still votes lisa because she want to validate herself. could come down to whether the final boot in that scenario is lisa or skupin. i think lisa goes denise and skupin malcolm

          7. Very good points all round. My love for Denise will never die. Screw Malcolm, he would never have done it without Denise!!!!!

          8. He’d have been gone way sooner in the merge without Denise! DENISE FOR LIFE. Ok we’ve found my Savage, but I have better reason because she won!

          9. I rage defend the female winners I think get too much criticism or not enough recognition (not that Denise really fits this), mainly Sophie Clarke and Natalie White. Natalie White is not the worst ever winner, not when Bob Crowley and Fabio exist, also better than Jenna Morasca and Amber.

          10. Jenna has a real strong case for me as worst winner. I agree that Natalie White is underrated. And that Sophie played her season perfectly for her situation

          11. I sometimes wonder what a less Coach heavy edit would look like for South Pacific, there is no way they didn’t have enough material to put together a Sophie is smart as fuck and bossing shit edit.

    2. There’s a weird circularity to Kimmi’s approach, at least based on what we saw.. She rats out Monica for looking ahead to the merge (although she still wants to boot a Ta Keo)…and so she goes after Monica for what Monica might do at the merge.

      On a basic level, I feel like it is rarely a good idea to vote someone out for saying they want to be more closely aligned with you.

      1. I wonder how much Kimmi thought about it before she told the rest of her alliance about that discussion. I feel that Kimmi is pretty impulsive.

    3. Monica wasn’t playing a post-merge game though. Playing a post-merge game would have been trying to flip things on Stephen or Jeremy. She just wanted Spencer out over Kelly.

  3. My dream of the Purple Widow Alliance is shattered. Darn it Kimmi! Does sisters before misters mean nothing to you?

    1. I’m all for the women standing strong against Probst’s dreams of what this game should be, but Kimmi, Monica, and Kelly are not exactly my ideal alliance for that.

      Now if we could’ve somehow made it Shirin, Peih-Gee, Kelley, and Kass? I’m in. 100%. I’ll even let you throw Ciera in there.

        1. Was she that strategic? Didn’t Tyson run the game that season? From what I remember Ciera just voted for her mom.

          1. She did a good job of keeping her and Katie alive when they were on the chopping block during Brad Culpepper’s reign and also told a really great lie claiming to have the idol to get Katie to admit that she didn’t have it. Going to rocks is pretty gutsy too, even if it was more impressive on Hayden’s part.

          2. The idea that Ciera is one of the best strategic minds of the past decade surely must be some kind of ironic joke.

          3. She’s not bad. Completely snowing Katie into admitting she didn’t have the idol might be in the top 15 purely positive strategic moments since HvV, but even that may be stretching it.

          4. I also really enjoy that little scene where Katie stood behind Monica and Tyson’s hammock chat and you just hear “Mawn-ica, Mawn-ica, Katie’s standing right there”.

          5. Forgot to mention this in my main post, but I liked the Thirdpersonica callback in last night’s episode where I think it was Kimmi said “Monica is just out for Monica”.

            Monica is doing this for Tyson, Monica is not doing this for Gervase, Monica is doing this for Monica.

      1. To be honest the idea of Kelley, Ciera and Kass emerging from that 5 strong alliance gets me excited (not like that you perv).

        1. I don’t know if I can see those three being tight, though (not like that, you perv). Their personalities don’t seem like they’d mesh well. Although if it’s a marriage of convenience where they just all agree that others need to be targeted, that could work.

          1. I think of all the women left they are the three most likely to put personal feelings aside for an alliance.

          2. With Abi, Kimmi and (to a lesser extent) Tasha, that is absolutely true. I think Kelly could do that but I have a feeling that she is not long for this game.

          3. I know. I am saying that Wigles could be a fourth if they needed it because she is one that plays with a mix of strategy and emotion. But, she is not long for this game.

        2. That would actually be fantastic. All of them have great character arcs that could be helped by being in a strong alliance with strong females.

      2. I agree with you on the ideal women’s alliance for this season. Oh for the Babe Brigade that never was.

      1. Probably, but she could have doubled down on alliances by agreeing to vote out Spencer, if she could have gotten Jeremy and Stephen to agree. It would have expanded her options.

  4. Thank you Keith for giving me some much needed Fantasy League points for winning the reward challenge!

          1. probably not Kelley… so Ciera or Terry? It was a weird moment too because Probst was coming as if to give news, not as if he was called into camp

        1. It seemed like it was Ta Keo because Kass got a crying confessional. I don’t know if they would wake up the other tribes about that.

          1. Do you remember exactly what Kass said? Maybe it wasn’t a medical thing at all. Maybe it was bad news from home. I think she said something about how it “hurts” which may mean something different.

          2. It was something along the lines of “the worst kind of news”…Let me see if I deleted the episode off my DVR and I will come back.

          3. She says it’s “the worst kind of news”, which has got to mean a child. Positive vibes to the past.

      1. My money is on a Keith Medivac. That would explain why we have seen so little of him. Either that or Ciera, but these things are almost always men.

        1. I better get all of the gloating outta my system this week in the SAVAGE League. If I can still gloat…

          Edit: I think I can still gloat.

        2. Don’t you dare say that! After his impressive showing tonight (and yes, I did call it impressive), it would break my heart to see him leave so early.

          1. I would hate to see him go too, I find him entertaining. But he just seems to be the likely culprit. I have also been on a prediction roll, having guessed the ousters of Shirin and Monica. I honestly don’t want anyone from that tribe to go out though.

        3. I’m just hoping for Terry, for me Keith is a likeable Terry, he’s good in challenges, clueless but a nice guy. The way he talked about playing with Josh and Reed made it clear, yeah maybe he’s a bit of a hick but he’s not really homophobic or racist or even particularly sexist.

          1. I mean there’s that, but more importantly I just can’t take pleasure in his misfortune if it’s about something real.

          2. I do but if my choice for who is on my tv screen for 5 more episodes is Keith v Terry it’s Keith every day of the week.

      2. Just a warning…the person who quits is a pretty well-known spoiler out there (it’s the one thing I’ve been spoiled on unfortunately; came across it by accident), so just be careful this week on Survivor blogs, etc.

        1. I never saw the actual spoilers, but context clues from the previews and preseason stuff made it easy to piece together. 🙁

        2. For the record, if it does appear here, I’ll be deleting it.

          If you see it posted here, let us know immediately (either via Twitter or gmail: purplerockpodcast).

          1. We thought about that, but it still allows for spoilers (for instance, no one chooses the spoiled person). So we’re just going to do something different this week.

  5. Here is something I have been thinking the last few episodes: Is it possible that Woo could win this? I did not think so at the beginning, but he has been featured prominently, has been given the inspiration confessionals and the first shot of the season was him at the Cagayon finale. I think it is an extremely small chance of victory, but I wonder if they are setting up the seeds for him.

      1. It’s what I’ve been saying since the start. Maybe I can get some people on this bandwagon I’m driving.

    1. I feel like “Tasha’s Choice” of Woo versus Abi will reappear sooner rather than later. Is she going to go with the timebomb or the loyal lap dog? Also, how will that choice impact the rest of her game?

      1. I am really hoping to see a story line of Tasha reaping the consequences of aligning with Abi, then someone else reaping the same, and then someone else… I want aligning with Abi to be this season’s moral lesson!

        1. I think we’ve gotten enough of that. The worst thing a season can be is stale and only telling one story.

          1. It is hard for me to see that getting stale, particularly when there are so many other narratives being juggled during this season.

        1. Yeah, but at least in this situation she should be able to see the giant red flags. When Kass flipped, it was at least a surprise. Abi has proven that she’s not the most solid ally. So while getting burned by Kass in Cagayan was forgivable, this one would be all on Tasha.

          1. Does Tasha think trying to drag Abi deep is a good idea? I felt like that was kind of the implication of that whole confessional.

          2. Yeah, I think if Abi makes the merge most people are gonna be like ‘yeah, let’s end this now,’ but that confessional at the beginning where Tasha is talking about what she wants to do vs. what she should do made it sound like she thought clipping Woo and keeping Abi was the thing she should do.

          3. She will regret that decision, but that makes me happy because at least FTC will be lively for once since I started my Survivor fandom (which was SJDS).

        2. My secret hope is that Tasha drags Abi to the jury, cuts her fairly early in the post-merge and then gets to the end and has to deal with a very bitter Abi at Final Tribal.

      1. But did it make the cut because he was crying about his mom, or did it make the cut to illustrate Abi in full Topper mode

        1. Yeah, that Abi scene was irresistibly spectacular television. Therefore the entire sequence tells us nothing about who wins or goes far.

          1. Irresistibly spectacular is the exact phrase for it. I watched the Woo scene, was really moved, and thought about how much I enjoy all of the characters and how this is definitely a good season. Then I watched the jaw-dropping Abi scenes, was both nauseous and really amused, and thought about how much I enjoy all of the characters and how this is a fantastic season so far.

            But I don’t think those scenes say anything about how far either Woo or Abi will go.

        2. To me an important fact is Woo got a major confessional during it. They just could have had him tell a short version of the story and have Abi go off, and it would have had the same impact from an Abi perspective.

          1. It’s weird that you have a favorite Dilbert characters. I just thought you should know that.

          2. I would agree with that. But, it seems like this is painting Tasha as the one in control. Although she is in a power alliance with Savage, Tasha is going to be the determiner of who goes home next from that tribe.

          3. this is definitely true. Tasha is the one that edit is focusing on, but it is interesting to see how close Tasha and Savage are now

          4. Did Savage get a confessional tonight about this dynamic or at all? The only words I remember him saying was about how Varner was in that better place known as Ponderosa.

          5. it wasn’t a confessional but he was talking to Tasha and called her “like a little sister” and that what they have done was pretty damn impressive

          6. Yeah, that’s right. I wonder if this is showing that Tasha is going to backstab/vote him out down the road.

          7. I can’t logically describe why I think this. I just have a hunch that a lot of blood is going to be on Tasha’s hands at the end of this season and some of it will belong to Savage.

    2. I’d say his chances have risen from zero. In part because he set such a low bar, things like his passionate defence of himself last week could convince people that he’s an actual player now.

      1. That is pretty much my thought too. I do think it is a long shot, but I would not zero-percent him. I would still zero-percent Abi and Keith though (and also Stephen, who until the strategy portion of this episode, has been made to look like a complete fool).

    3. I don’t understand why people count him out so much in the first place.

      He nearly won Cagayan, and it’s not like that season was Nicaragua in terms of strategic play. Sometimes you don’t have to be a brilliant strategist to win even the most competitive seasons. You just have to have the right combination of traits, and Woo has them, just in who he is.

      1. Because Woo’s almost-win in Cagayan came as much as anything down to people having other priorities than voting out an affable physical threat, which is not always a replicable scenario, and it wasn’t implausible to suggest that Woo didn’t have the tools to adapt to a playing field that was less suited to him, or necessarily even the interest in doing so.

        That he seems to be at trying comes as a genuine surprise.

        1. I don’t see the Woo of today as all that different from Cagayan Woo- but I also think he has a skillset that is actually extremely well adapted to returnee seasons. He has perhaps the best loyalty rep in all of Survivor, and that kind of reliability is gold in the more complicated machinations of a returnee season. He’s always a mild threat due to his non-abrasiveness and physical competence- but a returnee season offers a threat rich environment that keeps the focus away from him at the merge.

          And finally, I think he plays as less of a jury threat on a returnee season. This cast is stacked with people who value DOING things rather than being pleasant-ish. That makes it more likely he gets dragged along as a goat- and all it takes is one unexpected major strategic move for Woo to not look like a goat at all. I’m not convinced anything we’ve seen suggests he’s willing to make that move. But clearly the assembled body sees more strategy in Woo’s windings than I.

          The dream of a Kass-Woo final is alive!

        2. There’s always better priorities than voting out Woo, though. He’s not the challenge threat Joe or even Spencer is, and you know his loyalty is strong enough that if you can overthrow his alliance and make him your guy, he’ll stay your guy. The question with Woo is a lot less about getting to the end and more the combinations he needs to win once he gets there, and I don’t think he has the style that would be able to manipulate things into the combination he wants.

      2. I just didn’t see this collection of returning players and gamers deciding that losing to Woo was something they’d want to do when it came time to vote for a winner.

        1. Yeah, I could definitely see that pre-game. Though the collection of the greatest players of the first 7 seasons decided they wanted Amber to be seen as the greatest of all of them. It all depends on the alternatives.

          They all seem to love Woo though. Between Peih-Gee’s “good luck, Woo,” Varner’s “You’re awesome” while casting his vote, and Tasha’s confessional this past episode…I mean there’s breadcrumbs for a lot of people at this point, but there’s something going on with Woo’s story this season.

          1. To me, Occam’s Razor suggests that the present build up has been to Woo being the Abi-Slayer. Almost all the breadcrumbs have set him up as the antithesis of Abi.

            At the same time…this probably is what a Woo winner’s edit looks like.

    1. I think he may be the person who leaves…Almost all of his airtime has been about him feeling good about his tribe/alliance/game play. But, sometimes second chances have to end for other reasons besides the tribe voting you out. After all, Terry is an older guy…he could be quietly suffering out there and we wouldn’t know.

          1. I’m double posting but I think she said something about how it “hurts” which could mean a number of things.

          2. Kass says, “It’s worst than anything you can imagine”. Also, in the “Next Time on Survivor”, Probst basically confirms that someone is quitting/medevaced because he says ” one survivor’s time in the game is about to run out”.

          3. Has any player (other than Johnny Fairplay) ever lost a loved one while competing? And if that were the case now, what if it were Wentworth’s dad, Monica (mom), or Wesley *spits*? We would already know this information as fans.

          4. what if it wasn’t a death but just (and i use this lightly) just someone seriously ill, but who recovered. That might be enough to pull them out of the game but not filter to everyone

          5. The closest thing I know of was Tanya Vance (the second boot from Thailand)’s dad died while she was in sequester.

          6. I guess I was somewhat wrong. Tanya’s dad died after she was voted out but stuck at loser’s lodge.

          7. Sort of Jenna M. in All-Stars. It wasn’t while she was competing, but Jenna did leave the game because her mom took a turn for the worse and her mom died eight days later.

          8. She made the right decision, she had not great reason to be there beyond a bit more fame so she took off.

          9. From this convo and what I know about what’s happened in the time since the game, I believe I’ve figured it out. But I won’t write it here for fear of it being semi-spoilery (even though I have not been spoiled – yet).

      1. Yeah, he is one of those possibilities. I am certain it isn’t Kass and I don’t think Wentworth or Joe are going out by medivac either.

      2. In what situation do olds suffer silently? I need to meet the old people you know, because the ones I know will complain endlessly if the temperature is even a few degrees away from their ideal.

        1. Haha. I meant to say that the show would have edited out his complaining since they are trying to make him have a fairly positive edit.

          1. I imagine they probably have edited out some of Terry’s rougher edges. They probably did the same in Panama, which is insane because even then most people came away thinking Terry was a social disaster.

          2. He reportedly offered Peih-Gee the chance to be the 6th or 7th spot in their alliance, which is hilarious.

          3. At least there he was offering people the chance to go to the end with no resume. So, if anything, he’s backsliding.

          4. Yeah. But, his backsliding could be tied to his newfound understanding of the social game…oh who are we kidding, it’s Terry.

  6. So 2 interesting thoughts: If we get an early quit or medevac, do we get an immediate swap? And is there a possibility that Bayon wanted to go to tribal? Jeremy was either insinuating that sometimes you need to go to tribal (or was making fun of monica) on twitter. And remember Jeremy sat out that immunity challenge for some reason

    1. Jeremy’s strength wouldn’t necessarily be of much help in that challenge, so him sitting out doesn’t necessarily mean they threw the challenge (though I did make the joke that Stephen was throwing it).

          1. Keep in mind that this challenge was only played for two tribes, so the targets could be more spread out. Also, there was more people playing in the challenge and the pre-slingshot portion was better in Worlds Apart.

          2. The slingshots need a baseline amount of strength, more than people like Abi Maria or Monica Padilla have.

            The nu-Nagarote people like Carolyn, Jenn, Hali, Kelly Remington are strong enough to manouevre them anyway they wanted though. Also, they believed that they could win.

          3. Abi taking one half-hearted shot and then sprinting off the platform got a big laugh from me, though.

          4. Yeah, I like how that’s how the game is set up. Everyone has to take a shot, but not everyone has to hit a target.

          5. I’ll go strictly physics here: What they actually need is to understand how to use their body weight. Yes, if they were just pulling with their arms they might need strength. But holding on to the sling and leaning back exerts a much greater force than just pulling would.

            So you really only need a baseline level of strength if you have terrible technique.

      1. Jeremy has kind of sucked in challenges in general, no? The one IIIC he won in SJDS was a memory challenge.

    2. I did not get that decision when you’ve got Kimmi there, although Kimmi wasn’t a huge problem in reality.

          1. If you have a proxy server service (like Hola), you can watch them via I’ve found trying to do it via YouTube too frustrating.

          2. Hola allows hackers to use your internet connection FYI. I have a paid one but I haven’t been bothered yet to watch them.

          3. I did not know that. Figured that there was a cost for a service that is clearly doing something hinky. No more bonus videos for me!

  7. My big complaint about this episode was Spencer’s voting confessional. I don’t think Kelly is the godmother of “I didn’t come here to make friends”. In fact, her major flaw in Borneo was due to making too many friends with the Pagongs. Am I wrong here?

    1. “I’m not here to make friends” always felt to me like something Kelly was trying to convince herself of, not something she was telling us. It seemed pretty easy for Rich, Rudy, and Sue to go off in the jungle and debate how to make everyone else look stupid, but I think Kelly struggled with it a little more because she really did want to do things like play fashion show with Colleen and Jenna.

        1. Yeah but was it a good idea? Being paranoid and voting off your allies for no real reason is not really a good thing.

          1. Yeah, i would not qualify it as “badass”
            You could try to keep Monica under control, promise her that the girl alliance would come to life later in the game, vote out whoever you wanted and keep your tribe strong.

            Monica was getting on her nerves and that’s why she voted her out but it wasn’t the best move.

          2. it is the sort of move you make if it has been 13 days and you haven’t been to tribal yet. lots of petty annoyances building up and itch to make a damn move

          3. People put too much emphasis on orchestrating a vote and not enough on whether orchestrating that vote is actually good for your game or not. There’s no trouble with sitting back if the majority is voting out people who its in your best interest to vote out.

    1. Even if you let us (meaning the Purple Rock staff) have 100 guesses as to who would have controlled tonight’s vote, Kimmi would never have been the answer.

      1. we got halfway there! we said Kimmi pushes for Monica, but then we thought, but then it backfires on Kimmi

    2. Do you feel like she has an old-school thing with Kelly? I felt like that might be part of the reason she’d keep Kelly around, she’s loyal and they must have met a fair amount 15 years ago when the survivors were huge news.

      1. No, she didn’t want to keep Kelly around. She was annoyed at Monica for Monica’s suggestion of keeping Kelly over Spencer.

  8. The sad thing is that Monica was absolutely right — you most certainly vote out a Spencer before you vote out a nothing like Wiglesworth. As a viewer, I certainly want to watch Spencers and not Wiglesworths, but as a player you’ve got to realize that he’s got ten times the game she does. She’s the loyal pawn that takes orders, just like Woo. And let’s forget this nonsense about having more connections to Original Ta Keo. Original Ta Keo is worthless at this point. It consists of Abi and Terry who are both in terrible situations and the next to go on their respective tribes; Wentworth who has already sealed the deal with a new alliance; and Woo who is forever clueless and will go with the majority in any situation. That’s who you’re worried about Wiglesworth running back to? Yeesh.

    But Monica framed her argument poorly, and she picked the wrong person to make it to. For those errors she’s gone. I’d personally rather have seen Wiglesworth booted because she’s giving us nothing and at least Monica can give confessionals. But I think we have to conclude that perhaps Jeremy and company perhaps did not make the best long term decision there. (And again, as a viewer I’d much rather have Spencer around, so I have no issue with how it played out.)

    1. For what it’s worth, Monica wouldn’t know anything about the old Ta Keo except for the numbers, which are still less than the Bayons. But we know as viewers that the Ta Keo alliance is shaky, Monica doesn’t. Simultaneously, the new alliance Wentworth is building has the largest potential to poach old Bayons, so in an (slightly) alternate reality, Monica’s all-girl alliance would have been the best shot

      1. One wrinkle is that Spencer has been pushing the narrative of a Ta Keo firmly united against him very hard to his local Bayons. At least Jeremy and Stephen seem to have bought that (not untrue) story.

    2. Then she shouldn’t have said to Jeremy and Stephen that she was cool with Kelly and then talking to Kimmi. She should have said “guys, Kelly is loyal but she doesn’t play, we can get her onside, Spencer, he plays, he’s liable to flip on us. And getting rid of Spencer over Kelly we lose nothing in challenges”.

      1. I wouldn’t say nothing. Spencer has been pretty damn good in these challenges so far (he was the best at skeeball, he was the best at the slingshot…)

        1. Spencer has easily been their best challenge performer. Easily. He probably would’ve done much better than Jeremy in the hero challenge last week.

    1. I like the image for this week, but I liked when you broke the mold last week and used a non-Survivor image (though admittedly it’s funnier when you do that sparingly).

      1. I was tired and just inserted the first image I could find. I went to see Bridge of Spies at around 6:15 and came home to watch the episode later (the movie was pretty good). I then had some writers block, and eventally cranked something out at around 11:30. Like you, most decisions I make can be attributed to laziness. Thank you for your thoughts.

  9. I was distracted by something shiny, and missed all the strategery about Monica before Tribal Council. So I was also blindsided by this. And that’s good since I have Spencer in my Fantasy Four.

    Wigglesworth has had little screen time, but I think her exit, likely somewhere in the middle here, will be an emotional one. That seems so long ago, on the other side of history.

    I couldn’t tell if it’s an animal bite / attack that’s sending someone home, or if it’s some “horrible bad news from home” that sends someone back.

    1. I kind of wish once in a while we could have an episode where we see nothing of strategy and are all surprised.

      1. Start with an in-media-res opening of someone getting voted out, then rewind to see how we get there.

  10. All four Cagayan players and all three San Juan del Sur players remain. So I guess preseason talk about how worrisome that was to some people might have been a little overstated. (Or at least the people that it worried didn’t have the votes to do anything about it.)

  11. I’m sticking around here this week rather than the AV Club because I’ve heard rumours of spoilers in the comments.

    How Was the Episode
    My initial reaction was underwhelmed, but after thinking about it this episode was somewhat fascinating. People say things like “You have to deal with poor players” all the time, but they’re so unpredictable that can be tough to do. Monica would be right 98% of the time that there’s not issue bringing up the potential of a woman’s alliance with someone who would benefit from such an alliance if it were to come to pass, but Kimmi just decided “nope, not working with you.” Maybe the issue was less that and more alienating Kimmi in the first place unintentionally, which I think Monica has a bit of an issue with going back to Samoa. Those were some great GG (as Jay from Historians puts it) from Monica in the beginning of the episode – talking about being there for 39 days so you need to preserve food? If they air that you’re a goner.

    Woo Watch
    More like Woo winner edit watch, amirite?

    This Week in Surprises
    So much for Varner’s message to Kelly about working with Kimmi and Monica. Monica put her name down and Kimmi got Monica whacked for even suggesting that they not put Kelly’s name down.

    Next Week on Survivor
    Spencer starts a fire, talks about how after all the days he’s spent on Survivor, he now appreciates the impact of fire and feels connected with the early humans. Nessun dorma plays in the background.

    1. I said outloud “Monica’s going”, I was on my own eating my lunch in an empty office. Then I thought “glad I made that swap of Monica for Wentworth”.

      1. Thank you. I just kept hearing Rupert saying Drake and it came to me like a vision. A tie-dye vision.

          1. Well, everyone gets to have one brilliant observation about pop culture and Survivor. This just happened to be mine. Also, I may have been way too distracted by Drake’s dancing all day.

  12. All jokes aside I was legit impressed with Spencer this episode. It’s easy to know you shouldn’t go against your worst instincts, but it’s hard to do, even when you’re not starving and stressed. Point for exhibiting that level of self-control.

    1. They’re laying it on super-thick with the Spencer growth arc. But I’m enjoying it, because I think it’s legitimate.

      1. I think that they’re just throwing that in there because Spencer is one of the “good guys” and they want to show that he made the most of his second chance before he gets booted. Varner gave a lot of talk about his second chance (his “quest”) as he was about to turn 50 and then ended his run with the phrase “this is just the beginning of the next part of my life” (or something like that). I think the editors were trying to give the fans something positive after his boot, and I think they did a good job. I don’t see Spencer making it to the end.

  13. Haha thought the same thing about Savage’s “he’s in a better place, now” comment. Nothing like a little dad encouragement (or big bro in the case of Tasha) from Savage!

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