Survivor Cambodia Episode 7 Liveblog – “Play To Win”

Welcome, welcome to our seventh week of live coverage of Survivor Cambodia.  Follow us on Twitter and Storify!

And we’re out. Thanks for reading!

As for who’s Rising and Falling…

Rising: Wentworth (for reading the situation and going from the minority to the right side), Abi (for shutting the hell up), and Spencer (who didn’t even need an orchestra this week to grow into a real boy)

Falling: Ciera (for studying under the master of Chaos), Tasha (for losing her cool multiple times and being every bit as unpleasant as we thought), and Savage (pretty soon the dads get overtaken by the hot new things and cooler dads)

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A Survivor fan since the end of season one, Mark hasn’t finished One World, but still thinks Kim is overhyped.

Top 5, Baby: Cambodia, Cagayan, Heroes vs. Villains, Pearl Islands, and Palau.
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179 thoughts on “Survivor Cambodia Episode 7 Liveblog – “Play To Win”

  1. Maybe Joe should have lost that challenge. It just confirms to everyone that he is a threat and makes the target on his back that much bigger.

      1. True, but if he had lost they might be able to be convinced that his challenge prowess was exaggerated.

        1. again though he was basically winning team challenges by himself. This reputation isn’t just based on past seasons but what they are seeing in front of them

          1. I had forgotten the blindfold and blocks. Of course they were blindfolded so they didn’t see it.

      2. I’m ready for him to either go or turn stone cold villain. Nobody likes a happy, friendly challenge beast.

        1. Just massive shit-talking and crotch framing and screaming taunts after every challenge win? That would be pretty amazing. They’d have to just start playing wrestling heel entrance music for him at some point.

          1. They’d only do that if they could cast Savage or Jeremy as the heroic alpha male that would stand and oppose the villainous Joe.

            (But let’s be real here: they’re never making the pretty boy evil.)

          2. I think the name Daniel means that only God is supposed to do that.

            But maybe Daniel Bernoulli?

          3. This is weird because when I first saw Spencer he immediately reminded me of a friend of mine named Daniel.

          4. Daniel Murphy? He sucks for most of the game and shows up and the end, only to lose at the final hurdle?

    1. There is always a possibility of everyone turning against Joe. Always. He’s too much of a traditional merge boot to throw away immunity.

  2. So Ciera had the throwaway Savage vote, and Wentworth is probably still close enough to Spencer to know that he wasn’t going with the minority and made the mercenary vote

    1. didn’t someone request 4 people receiving votes last week? And didn’t I say something like nah that’ll never happen. Well apparently I’m an idiot

        1. I guess she knew that Kass was gone, but did not want to write her name down. Plus she was probably angry with Savage.

        2. My theory: She didn’t want to vote for Kass in case she made it to the end and then would have an easy vote, she maybe thinks she still has a chance to get in with Tasha, and figures her relationship with Savage is beyond repair so fuck it. If that makes the most strategic sense, I don’t know. But I follow her logic.

          1. I’d add that she perhaps knew Kelly was voting Kass, which means that she could more safely throw away her own vote.

            i also think there’s some advantage to Ciera in generically poking Savage. She’s the presumptive next boot, so she wants to spark chaos and irritation. Hurting Savage’s feelings is as good a play as any. Of the nine person main majority, he seems the most likely insurgent to overreact to a meaningless vote.

          2. Oh sure, but I don’t think Ciera would have embraced spite if there was a compelling strategic reason to go another way.

          3. I think her and Kass get on and are possibly actually friends so she wasn’t voting for her. Tasha is a player who will consider Ciera later if she needs to Savage won’t because he’s a straight line player.

        3. Yep, totally a fuck you! Plus I think her and Kass genuinely have a bond and she didn’t want to vote for her.

  3. As the episode began and people starting talking about numbers, I thought that Kass and Ciera had positioned themselves very well by voting out Woo last week, thus denying the Savage Alliance their crucial 7th vote. But then they immediately threw it all away by running into camp throwing gossip meant to stir things up. What were they supposed to get out of that?

    Also, what does the Gerard Manley Hopkins excerpt mean for Stephen’s edit? I’m sure it was just the editors including a fun moment, but I like the idea there’s some clue buried in the poem’s symbolism as to how the season shakes down.

    1. I think spreading gossip can be a good tactic but it has to be plausible and I don’t think Savage was a good target for that because everyone knows he is going to bro down with Jeremy.

      1. All I could think was tell them he wanted to replace Stephen and Kimmi in the alliance with Woo and Wigles. That is believable and might turn Stephen’s head.

    2. It could also have been a way to build tension during what I’m sure was a day of little footage due to weather. I found that whole sequence to be a perfect example of how fucking good the Survivor people are at their jobs. The shots, the editing, the music. They captured so much.

        1. I did. Fishbach is reading is stupid poem and everyone is just fidgeting, trying to read issue other, itching to get out there and talk strategy.

    3. I think that stuff with the gossip was after the numbers had turned but edited out of order to give more of a storyline. I think Savage went after Kass for the Woo vote. The merge screwed them, had they gone for Spencer then the Bayon lot has Woo as well and there was no chance, I imagine Kass, Ciera or Wentworth would have been targeted anyway. Without the merge they can throw a challenge and get rid of Savage, with it they were 6 down without Woo immediately and 7 down with him in the game.

    4. Wasn’t the poem about the awesome power of nature or something? I figured it just fit with the shitty weather.

      Not that that really explains why it was included in the show, unless it was part of Stephen’s whole ‘one of these things is not like the others’ vibe.

      1. As someone who writes a post every week making jokes about the show, Stephen’s edit is a godsend.

  4. My review will be coming later. I need some time to think over this episode. I was watching this episode with my brother, who does not watch the show. It was kind of fun to see his take on the episode and explain some of the strategy to him. During one of the pauses to explain things, I wound up getting the greatest photo of the season. It will be making its appearance in my review. Sometimes things just fall into your lap.

      1. So many great things about this video – the dramatic sand/scales intro, “toilet shower where I’ll write my novel,” armpit hair, and my favorite – the sexy slo-mo Kass beach walk

      1. One of the first things I noticed about Chunks was the fact that he was a he. There is a pretty filthy joke about a male dog named “Chunks.”

    1. “I didn’t shave this because I may wear a tank top to Tribal Council.”

      I cracked up a bunch. Never change, Kass.

    2. I loved the woman who brought Kass the cheeseburger. The look on her face was, “This is what you Americans eat? Whatever.”

    3. I like her view of being on the jury, she won’t be bitter, she’ll be like a CSI looking for the facts and she’ll try and make it fun.

  5. So what are we assuming happened here? Kass ran the plan by Spencer and Spencer was like, ‘yeaaahh, but I’m on the Ciera side of the vote so I can’t actually do anything for you.’

    1. nah, staying in the big majority keeps the target off Spencer. and he tipped off Wentworth probably because they are still working together

      1. Yeah but in the outro his vote was for Ciera. Which means that was what he was assigned to do by the nine, and there was no way he was going to flip that for a 5-5 Kass-Tasha tie because it benefits him not at all for people to be hunting for one of the 4 who flipped.

        Like I think Spencer gave confessionals about being the swing because he knows that’s what production wants and is good at giving production what they wants, but I’m not actually sure he was in a position to swing the vote here.

        1. that is a good point. If he was assigned to vote for Ciera then yeah he couldn’t swing it anyway. It is good vote split strategy to put the swing votes on the number two option to prevent the scenario they were discussing here

          1. As we saw it, the vote was planned by the dude who saw firsthand what happens when you give someone in the majority side of a split vote the chance to freelance. It wouldn’t shock me to find out Spencer was a Ciera vote for a reason.

          2. I hope Spencer was put on the Ciera vote for that reason. People thinking that far ahead is something I really appreciate

          3. I would think it had to have gone down that way. When Kass was talking to Spencer, my thought was “wait, why would they put Spencer on the Kass side of the vote. That’s an insane mistake.”

          4. Well if he and Joe were a pair for this vote they could have made it 6-5-3. Do you think if the target had been Savage or Jeremy they’d have been more interested?

      2. I did wonder if it was Joe or Spencer who tipped her off. I think both of them seem to value her.

      3. I suspect Jeremy, Savage, Kimmi & Stephen wanted Kass gone, and Joe, Spencer, Keith & Wentworth were fine following the plan because it was not them. Splitting the vote a bad move that could have backfired horrifically though.

  6. I will also say this: I enjoy the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and while Stephen’s delivery wasn’t particularly elegant, it was perfectly passable.

      1. I thought it was fine. He had a good sense for the meter of the poem. He maybe shouldn’t have done it in the moment, but his instincts about how to do it were basically good.

        1. It was as good a moment as any. The framing of the scene really threw him under the bus I think. Different music and different reaction shots and that could have looked completely different.

    1. being the smartass I am, if i was there i would have been like “That was very nice Stephen. I have a poem too. There once was a man from Nantucket…”

  7. Theory I’ve been wondering about for a while – Is the narrative of this season “bad shit keeps happening to Savage, but by sheer pluck he perseveres?”

          1. No, Abby is Job.

            Sure, her family wasn’t stricken down but she got this splinter this one time and it really hurt.

        1. Still think Stephen turns on him at some point. There was a pointed “we have Stephen” question from Savage to Jeremy this episode. Savage is going to be the hero that is taken down by ‘weird’ Fishbach.

        2. I think the narrative is really pushing the second chance angle though, so we should be looking for someone clearly articulating what went wrong with their game the first time, and correcting it this time around. Savage doesn’t really have that.

    1. I am watching this show completely wrong if that is the narrative! Dear God I hope that’s not what we’re seeing. It would take all the fun out of watching that blowhard, waiting for the blindside to finally happen.

      1. Ask yourself: is making Savage look bad by being against players like Fishbach, Kass, and Ciera something you think CBS Survivor WANTS to do? Isn’t the opposite more likely?

        1. I’m confused by what you mean. Can you restate that in a different way? Are you saying that CBS doesn’t realize that they have been highlighting some of worst qualities (as well as what makes him appealing)?

          I feel like I’m seeing an updated version of his Failed Leader character from Pearl Islands. Surely the editors must be aware of that on some level.

          1. I’m saying the things that bother you about Andrew Savage might not be viewed as negative qualities by the people that make this show.

          2. Ah, gotcha. Well yeah I’m sure that I look at most of the characters differently than how Probst looks at them. But I don’t think that the editors of the show and Probst (and the rest of the producers perhaps) are always on the same exact page. For the most part, yes. But I don’t think they march in lockstep.

            Also, I’m not sure anything necessarily “bothers” me about Andrew Savage the character on Survivor. In real life I’d find him intolerable. On the show I find him vastly entertaining while not rooting for him in the least – and that’s because the edit has included his moments of hypocrisy (showing his complaints about liars while later highlighting how he lied to Spencer) and poor strategizing (showing his error in offering up Ciera last episode, showing his petulance when not getting his way regarding Ciera this episode).

            I’m actually reminded a lot of Rupert in All-Stars, as far as Savage’s edit goes.

          3. Yep, the same Rupert whose megalomania in building a failed shelter and weakness in blindly following Romber was very clearly, I’d say even gleefully, highlighted by the editors.

            You do realize that he won that Player of the Season due to the afterglow the country was still feeling about him from Pearl Islands, right? I would say the same thing happened for Malcolm in Caramoan.

          4. I know that didn’t hurt. But I also don’t think that the editors of All-Stars were invested in making their most popular player look bad.

          5. I think things a lot of us dislike about Savage aren’t a problem with the average viewer. Although I can’t see how his “they are all liars” thing didn’t come across as being really fucking childish, has he ever watch this game?

          6. Yes, this show really does seem to love liars and hates the people who dislike them in favour of integrity. Just the sort of thing Facebook Survivor fans rally against.

          7. Especially integrity among and between big, strong, handsome men who are good at challenges.

            The Survivor editors and Probstes HATE that.

          8. I am reminded of when I rewatched All Stars and played all the bonus commentary tracts. I was shocked to see that Lex, Kathy, Alicia and Shii-Ann recorded a track for each of their boot episodes. These were tracts were borderline unlistenable. The highlights: whining how Romber was mean to them; how they were robbed; questioning why Rupert chose to take Jenna (his closest ally) and Amber (who had been separated from their group and was in love with Rob) on a reward trip instead of Rob and Lex (who finished second and third in the challenge); & yelling at Shii-Ann for voting for Lex (because she was on the bottom and needed to not make waves). This reminds me of Savage’s mentality.

            Thank god the finale contained commentary commentary from Romber (plus Rupert and Jenna L.). They mostly just mocked the bitter jury and confirmed that they regretted nothing. It was full-on asshole commentary, but I needed that after listening to 4 episodes worth of hypocritical whining.

      2. I don’t think that is likely going to happen, but it is a possibility. I think there are five frontrunners currently: Jeremy, Spencer, Tasha, Wentworth & Joe. I could see Ciera, Savage, Stephen & Kimmi playing spoilers though.

    2. Oh god I hope not. I did think at the end of this episode, “shit, the alliance I don’t like is going to control this”, I also know that that alliance is getting the hero edit and Kass’ was the sneaky bad weak alliance. I’m still holding out hope for Ciera and Wentworth to go well now (partially pick 4 and partially a genuinely liking for them as characters).

      1. It’s not necessarily a winner’s edit, if that makes you feel better. Its not dissimilar to the edit Spencer got in Cagayan, and that made him a fan favorite but not a winner.

      2. I think Ciera has an uphill battle ahead of her, but I bet Kelley can slip through once the herd is thinned out a bit.

        1. I am kind of thinking that Kelley is going to be on the block soon. They have shown that Stephen is gunning for her, that she was close with the losing alliance, and the previously on showed her obtaining her idol. I wouldn’t be stunned if her name came up soon. She will likely save herself with the idol though.

    3. Here’s a question: what would an Andrew Savage winner’s edit look like and how would it be different than what we’re getting?

      1. I don’t think it’s impossible, in part because we’ve now had 3 episodes that kicked off that way, I’m just saying a lot of people thought this was Spencer’s winner’s edit, too.

        If there was nobody else who was plausibly a winner I’d be more convinced of it, but we are still getting multiple people set up, and more importantly, I think this episode only served to underscore his biggest vulnerability. He just does not have the skillset to consider how people he trusts might be working against him he’s made that obvious, and these players are smart enough to exploit that.

        In other words – it’s plausibly a winner’s edit, but it’s just as plausibly setting up a narrative about how Andrew Savage is Too Noble for this game.

        1. I’m not saying he’s the winner of the season. I’m just saying (and largely agreeing with you) that I think people are wrong in assuming they’re setting him up to fail. Sure, there’s definitely been times where things haven’t gone his way. But that doesn’t mean he loses a season. It means those things happened and can be obstacles for him to overcome.

          Take Jeremy, for instance. He’s looked great throughout. However, he hasn’t had any adversity. He’s gone to tribal twice. Savage had to fight his way through Angkor. And to get past Kass/Ciera. It would be easy for the show to build a heroic arc for him that would feed red meat to their base from him overcoming these obstacles.

          That might not be what they’re doing, but if they were going to build him a winner’s arc, it wouldn’t look too much different than what they’re currently doing.

      2. I think it would probably look like this.

        Fun fact: I watched this episode with my brother, who does not watch the show. He referred to Savage as DILFy.

    4. I feel like they wouldn’t have included the “fuck them. Pieces of shit” confessional if he was the eventual winner. I was distracted during the beginning of the episode and had to rewind because I couldn’t believe he actually said that.

      1. Unless they think that viewers would think that Chaos Kass and Ciera are lying pieces of shit. I don’t know if we’re all remembering how disliked Kass is among the common fan.

  8. I’m glad we didn’t get much Abi this week, but I would have liked to know if Tasha tried to get Abi back on her side. She turned courses pretty quickly there (no surprise, but she was all in on Tasha before the split)

    1. if she did it didn’t work. If there is one thing you can count on Abi for it is completely changing her alliances after a few days

    2. Probably not. Maybe if it looked like things were going to go to the wire she would have made a pitch, but the less contact you make with Abi, the better for you.

    3. I’m honestly curious what happens with Abi next week. This is the first time this season she’s been on the wrong side of the vote, so it’s likely we’re about to see her most irritating form: pity party Abi. Which means we may be nearing the point where everyone says “let’s put a hold on strategy for 3 days and do what needs to be done.” And that in turn could lead to interesting stuff if one faction decides not to uphold the truce.

  9. You could really feel the seams creaking on the clunky edit tonight. The show wanted us to think that the minority alliance had a fighting chance going into tribal council, but based on the votes everyone must have already known it was game over and that Spencer was never with them. I did like how they caught Ciera’s snarl when Savage walked past her on the way to the vote. She must know that there’s no reconciling there, so she tossed off his name as a taunt. And Wentworth, ever shrewd, slips right in on the majority vote.

    Speaking of edits, that brings up another question, which is the order of events. The episode seemed to be edited to make it seem like Kass and Ciera went on this rampage making everyone uncomfortable and fighty, and that’s why they found themselves in a shrinking minority. But to me it almost seems like that must have been the effect, not the cause. They must have realized that Joe and Keith had flipped to the other side, with Spencer trending that way as well. That leaves very few options, and it seemed like they were outright desperate, hence the bad gameplay of stirring shit and making up lies.

    I’m somewhat curious how Joe and Keith bailing on their final five agreement with Kass, Ciera, and Wentworth will come into play. Joe I can understand flipping, since he feels like he’s in a do-or-die situation in terms of being a gigantic post-merge target, but Keith… two weeks ago we have these clips of him being all, “This is the first time anybody’s come to me with a good offer” and feeling good about taking a solid group of five deep in the game. And then the merge happens and poof, it’s like he never knew those women. There probably wasn’t time for the show to cover his flip, as they had to build up other stories, but I wonder what’s on the cutting floor. It seems like Ciera is not going to be around much longer, and therefore she probably won’t have time to make anything out of Keith’s betrayal, but Wentworth will hopefully go farther and I wonder if anything will ever come of it. (Again, if we’re talking about a player known for their strategy, then I wouldn’t read too much into a flip like that, but Keith seems like a guy who’s not got a lot going on in his head and who would regard flipping as a much bigger deal.)

    Looking ahead, it would be easy to say that it’s going to be Ciera next then Abi-Maria (possibly with Wentworth’s name brought up, but I don’t want to mention such unspeakable thoughts.) Ciera does not seem to have too many friends remaining, and she’s poked the beehive of Savage, so I just don’t see a way forward for her. The big question is Joe — when will he lose individual immunity, and who will be willing to pounce when he does? We know that Stephen is champing at the bit, and there may even be a sufficient number of stragglers left at the bottom when Joe does become vulnerable who could be scooped up and used for a blindside, but would he really jump out from his alliance to take a shot? (You just know Savage would love for him to try that as it would finally give him cover to boot Stephen for disloyalty. I’m not enjoying the spiteful, vindictive side of Savage at all.) Or would he have to convince them to move from within? That doesn’t sound like something Savage would be down for, but Jeremy’s a realist and knows Joe has to go the moment the opportunity arises. So I just don’t know, maybe Abi-Maria sticks around yet again and is used as a number.

    Finally, I just have to vent about the incompetence of the Survivor channel on Youtube. This week marks twice that I’ve been spoiled just for watching promotional videos. This week it was because they had shots of Joe at tribal council and you could see the immunity necklace. They took that promo video down a day or two after posting it, and replaced it with another promo where they tried to CGI out the necklace, but it was still partially visible. And last week it was a promo video showing the switched tribes with Terry missing. Again, these are official CBS videos. The worst part of it is that I might not have noticed these things if I hadn’t scrolled down and read the comments, which pointed out all the things the videos spoiled, and also added their own additional spoilers, so I was also spoiled on Kass going home this week. Dear CBS: One, turn off fucking comments until the episode has aired, and two, have an intern go over the videos for spoilers before posting.

      1. Keith did say that it looked like the numbers were going with Kass and he was fine getting rid of her.

      2. I see Keith as a less adept Sandra player, he’ll go anywhere the wind blows as long as it isn’t him but I don’t think he has the skill like she does to make it not her.

        1. He’s like a half-Sandra. He has her ability to go with the flow, but not the hustle to make sure you always know where the flow is going.

          Never forget: Keith is the guy who got back from losing a challenge and took a nap, and then got pissed when he didn’t know what the plan was.

          1. It seems odd to say, but I don’t think Keith is actually a good alliance partner. You’d think he would be, since he’s comfortable letting others do the planning, gives off an air of being a straight-up guy, and isn’t particularly threatening. But, he’s isn’t all that loyal, is he? Keith is a good number to have while voting, but he’s not a partner. He goes where the majority goes (at least when given the opportunity).

          2. I would say he’s not even a good ally on paper. He’s incredibly mercurial and basically everyone who ever worked with him except Natalie ended up getting burned, and Natalie only had to work with him for one vote.

            Everyone talks about Ciera voting out her mom, but Keith idoled out his own son, and spent waaaay less effort trying to convince Wes to take the idol than Ciera did trying to shift the vote to Katie.

    1. Two things:
      -I’m guessing Keith’s reasoning wasn’t any more than “looks like more people are voting against Kass than with her”.
      -The entire social media team for Survivor are incompetent. It was funny for awhile, but now it’s just insulting to people who would do a better job. Even for free.

    2. I really wish the editors would know when to give up on trying to create suspense going into tribal council. I know you like the shocked faces when the votes are read and all, but it really makes things look, as you say, creaky in hindsight.

    3. Kass clarified in her interviews that Joe was the pivotal vote. Keith, Spencer and Wentworth all followed Joe when he decided to go back to his Bro alliance. I guess Joe figured he would stand out as less of a target in that alliance. And I agree that chaos stuff happened after they knew they did not have the numbers. I think Savage came in insisting that one of those 2 should be gone, Jeremy did not want to rock the boat so went along with it.

  10. Questions: Do we think that had the target been someone more enticing than Tasha that Joe and Spencer would have considered it?
    Does Stephen realise he’s low on the Bayon totem? Does Kimmi?
    Also Wigles is totally final 3 goat right? She is Woo.

    1. I don’t know if I realize whether Kimmi and Stephen are on the bottom of the Bayon totem. Gotta admit that seems like a nice final 3 for Jeremy.

      Woo is not a goat. How dare you.

      No, I think once things started going in the Kass direction, and Keith flipped it was game over for Joe and Spencer in the swing vote department.

      1. You are right about Kimmi and Stephen are amazing as the final 3 for Jeremy. but I wonder how big a fight it will be for him to get them passed Savage and Tasha. Kimmi and Stephen are lowest in the mind of Savage and Tasha I think.

        I mean Keith is just going with numbers, Joe and Spencer with the 4 is 6 is still a enough with a split vote on the other side. But I think Spencer and Joe don’t want to upset the applecart and will be more likely to be able to work with Ciera, Kelley and Abi (if she were a normal player) after voting out Kass than they would be able to work with Bayon had they voted out Savage/Jeremy.

    2. I get the feeling Jeremy is doing a great job at making everyone on Bayon feel like they’re important. Stephen especially seems to be acting as Jeremy’s right hand. Altough with Savage and Joe back in it, he might feel like he’s on the outs again.
      I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t win when sitting next to Wigles in the final 3, except Abi and maybe Keith..

      1. you never know what can happen between now and then but right now, no I don’t think Wigles can win.

  11. Anyone else think Tasha deliberately spelling Kass’s name wrong on her ballot paper was just unnecessarily petty? Not a great look for her.

    (Also neither of the Sierra’s are on this season, still, why do people keep talking about them?)

    1. It was definitely petty. Kass did just try to screw over her game though, so unnecessary is in the eye of the beholder.

  12. Lots of freaking out over a merge a 13! I personally think it was a good decision, as the players were still mostly focused on what to do until the merge. And with a final three, 10 is a nice round number for the jury. Do you think there would’ve been less scrambling if the merge had come at 10 and everyone was more prepared?

    Also very relieved both Kelley and Spencer decided to be smart and stick with the majority.

    *old voice* “Back when I was young, there was a marooning with 100 people! 100 I tell ya!” (though that was a pretty shitty start of the season)

    1. When you said a couple weeks ago that you started with Belgian Survivor I kind of wanted to ask you if that was the one that did the hundred person season.

      1. That was the one! I wouldn’t mind if that format was never used again, it’s kind of like having at least 50 first boots in one season.

  13. Mostly to get a handle on my own thinking about the edits, here’s a ranking. Note that this reflects only my predictions of how likely players are to win, not their present stature in the game, or how likely they are to come in second rather than twelfth. I feel like the game is still in so much flux that edits are a much more important clue than alliance structures right now- everyone has options.

    1. Spencer
    2. Jeremy
    3. Wentworth
    4. Savage

    5. Tasha (Drops a tier this week- this episode pushed the idea that she isn’t growing. This is a growth narrative season)
    6. Stephen

    7. Kimmy (Good game spot)
    8. Ciera (Bad game spot)

    9. Joe (perhaps the hardest to place- he’s playing a different game than everyone else, and a game where edit means much less)

    10. Keith (dropping this week- he flipped and the show didn’t care)
    11. Wigglesworth

    12. Abi Maria

    1. I’d say I agree with the tiers completely, maybe I’d fuss with the ordering within them a bit. Oh, but maybe move the Joe tier over the Kimmi/Ciera one.

      1. To be honest, the only within tier ranking I feel strongly about is Wigglesworth below Keith. I still think that is the 0% line.

      2. Agreed. Joe actually has a shot. What if the narrative is “Joe is amazing and this time he played with every alliance and pulled it out and is perfect in every way”

        1. Judged purely on edit, I’d put Joe at the bottom of the first tier. But he’s such an obvious target, and winning ALL THE IMMUNITIES is so hard… But every week he survives, his chance of winning increases notably.

          I may also be trying to reverse jinx him.

    2. Keith’s edit has been baffling. I was never a Keith guy, but if you’re going to bring him back, USE HIM. The fact that Stephen is getting Keith’s ‘comic relief’ edit is bizarre.

      1. I think the lesson is when you have a season with a good cast, you don’t need Keith. His value is in providing colour among the bland.

    3. I still have Tasha in that first tier. I don’t think the episode really pushed much from a Tasha perspective, I mean, I wouldn’t want to work with Kass either if I were her. And it has pushed the ways she was going to change her game in other spots.

      I don’t think she’s as likely to win I guess as the Jeremy/Kelley/Spencer group, but it wouldn’t be a surprise either.

    4. Actually. I think this is pretty accurate. I would probably put Joe in the number 6 or 7 spot though.

    5. It is a good ranking, I would only change Savage to TIER 2 (still 4th, though); I feel that if he were the winner they would emphasize more the hero edit (and there is material there, like the hero challenge), and they would talk less about how the game has changed so much and is too fast for him (this one in particular feels like a loser’s edit). Joe should also be jumped to 5th place based on edit, although I understand that it is difficult given our preconceptions about his chances in the game.

      I would put the 0% line between Stephen and Kimmy. Although they Kimmy and Ciera were in the winner’s tribe, a lot of people there got decent edits, and they (and below) got basically zero screen time. Ciera is getting the pre-boot “she exists” edit, and Kimmy is getting more (although still quite small) screen time simply because there are now less players in the game.

      Finally, as I said in AV Club, I feel very confident right now that Kelley is winning this game (the only possible contender to me is Jeremy, but I feel he could be getting a stronger edit if he were to win—see his bonus confessionals). She is the only one getting a true winner’s edit with blatant winner’s confessionals, all others fluctuate between tiers 1 and 2 (especially Spencer, I don’t feel his story is a winner’s one).

  14. What was with that weird edit after Probst said to put their torches in the fire? It cut to an overhead shot of the Tribal area. Weird.

  15. Survivor Scholars — with 13 people, and Kass on the Jury, are we having a final 2? They don’t usually have an even number for a jury, do they?

    I found Kass pretty endearing this season. I kinda want to hang out with her now, which kinda freaks me out.

    1. It’s the norm now. Every season since Philippines has had an 8 person jury other than Cagayan. Micronesia also had an 8 person jury, but I don’t think they intended for that to happen before a certain post merge medivac.

    2. We don’t have the episodes to support that. I think it’s a Final 3 with a 10-person jury to avoid a tie.

      1. You can never avoid a tie when there are three people in the finals. Unless it’s a jury of one person, there’s always a chance that a tie happens.

        Friggin Americans. You’re completely unable to understand how non-binary voting choices work.

        1. I was about to upvote that, then I realized that you’re really not one to throw stones for not understanding how math works.

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