Survivor Cambodia Episode 9 Liveblog – “Witches Coven”

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
I have nothing to say because Wigles went home.  Get it nothing to say?  Just like Wigles!  There are a lot of interesting things here, not the least of which is seeing how that big alliance is breaking down.  I wouldn’t have imagined that Jeremy would follow Stephen and Spencer, but the interesting thing is that only 5 votes were read, so Jeremy can play the plausible deniability game.  Still this game just got a whole lot more unpredictable.  Especially with the most inert player removed from the game.  It would be fun if all the people like that were eliminated.
Three Up:
Jeremy (he is James-ing it up right now.  Two idols!), Stephen (won a physical challenge!), Kelley (There can be only one!)
Three Down:
The entire group of the less strategically inclined.  Wigles, Keith, Kimmi… bad news for those not playing the game.
Savage Corner: He may be on the jury but he could still rock a beanie and get off a nice burn about how much they are suffering.  Savage Corner continues!
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254 thoughts on “Survivor Cambodia Episode 9 Liveblog – “Witches Coven”

    1. Holy shit was his edit all over the place tonight. Probst yelling at him during the challenge, obsessive strategy talk that everyone seemed reluctant to engage with (even the ladies), actually winning an advantage, and then looking like Gollum under the shelter with said advantage. So many emotions right now.

      1. The edit also pushed that he was the one who brought these votes together. So who knows what the fuck.

        1. Bright side folks, he is now the last runner-up standing! I personally thought he would be the first runner-up gone, but this is good for him.

        2. Is Stephen the villain of the season according to the show? Could that be the edit? Could he be getting the Hantz villain, but strategic threat and mover edit?

          1. You know, once you start comparing yourself to MACBETH on camera you really shouldn’t be shocked by a villain edit.

          2. I could see the edit doing that in order to serve the casual’s agenda of YAY JOE! BOO STEPHEN! BOO STRONG WOMEN!

          3. I don’t think that’s precisely it, the Hantz edit is way more sinister, but I wouldn’t be shocked if what we were seeing was him driving to the end and failing to convince anyone to vote for him, again.

          4. I think this is it. He could wind up in the finale with someone like Wentworth, Ciera or Spencer and completely fail to win against them.

          5. I think Stephen’s the hero. I think there’s supposed to be a lot more sympathy and understanding that he’s a reasonable guy than a lot of people on here assume.

        3. I actually feel better about Stephen’s prospects than I have in a while. He’s now calling some shots in the alliance, and can probably make a case at the end for playing the hardest, even if he wasn’t always playing the smartest (aka, the Tony Vlachos strategy). And we’ve seen the “arrogant Jeremy gets blindsided” thing happen before.

          Although the last of my Pick 4 was eliminated tonight, so I’m really in no place to predict anything…

          1. Monica, Peih-Gee, and Varner. I’m currently tied for second-to-last. I never though Wiglesworth would end up giving me the most points this season!

          2. I’m sorry. 🙁 Yeah, I’m shocked that Varner had so few points which is the reason why I’m currently sucking on my team. He has proved to be a real Angkor on my team. Haha.

          3. I think I spotted one other person that had lost his/her final player tonight. So at least you’re not alone in that.

  1. I called Stephen getting the idol. You guys called me crazy, but who is laughing now? He is totally going to blow it though. I am going to say either Stephen or Jeremy goes next. Jeremy is either going to win or he is going to get royally blindsided. No other option.

    1. Feel like Stephen and Jeremy make it to at least the final 5 and have to duke it out at that point. So much has been made about how they are basically the closest pair in the game.

      1. I think that was illustrated by the fact that Jeremy uses Stephen’s term at Tribal. Is that a way to show that he knows strategy to the jury while also deemphasizing Stephen?

    2. And I said there was no way.

      Reminder: There are a lot of horrible predictors on here, but I am by far the worst.

  2. So, is the Ciera/Kelley/Abi alliance called Witches Coven or The Three Witches? Personally, I like Witches Coven.

    1. Holy shit at that Troyzan tweet saying they should replace the W with a B in ‘Witches Coven’. Shout out to our great leaders for pointing that out.


            TROYZAN SUCKS!

          2. You mean to tell me you participate in staff chats with me every week and you still haven’t caught on to the fact that I don’t read what you guys say?

        1. I love that you have to actually clarify with “Tarzan” it was. One World is the worst (aside from our Goddess Kim)

          1. I just remembered a “Zan” that I wasn’t voting for. I just didn’t remember if it was “Troy” or “Tar”.

          2. Don’t worry, I did. Fun fact: there is a terrible nightclub in my hometown called “Zan” and I gladly say no to that.

      1. I was going to throw that in the liveblog and say something, but I’d rather not give him any attention at all.

          1. Even Rob C. hates Troyzan. He briefly had him on his first “Survivor Thinktank” and Troyzan spent his airtime yelling about how the show needs to get back to “survival”

        1. That was the dilemma I had about whether or not to retweet it. He’s the worst.

          Second worst. RC exists.

          1. I just said “Second worst. RC exists.”

            Oh wait. Are you pulling a John and not reading what I actually wrote?

      1. She’s consistent. Immediately sided with the dudes when Monica even suggested a women’s alliance. Kimmi might be one of those women.

      2. In all defense of Kimmi, she is the one that started Witches Coven. The Three Witches was Stephen’s baby.

          1. Yeah, but I don’t know if I feel super offended by it. At least it is better than the dumb ass girls alliance, right?

  3. Why the hell did Jeremy go along with Stephen’s plan? I understand Spencer, but pissing off 4 close people to save Kelley Wentworth and oust Kelley Wigglesworth was not a great plan. His alliance can ditch him and still have the numbers to get rid of the Witches. I guess the idols made him really cocky.

        1. Yeah, I think Keith will understand and roll along. This could be the time when Joe decides to really push his jets and get out Stephen or Jeremy.

        2. Keith’s been on the wrong side of the vote a bunch of times and he eventually shrugs and forgets it. Joe knows what’s up and that people everyone likes are targets.

          1. I do think he will be alarmed that he was not included in the dominant plan. I could see him attempting to go after Stephen, Spencer or Jeremy.

          2. Is it even that everyone likes her? Fishbach gave a confessional that Joe and Kelly are arrogant as hell. Which is amazing, because he’d previously been around Andrew Savage.

          3. I’m just going to lean into my pet theory and ask if it’s possible that Stephen misread a total disinterest as arrogance.

          4. That was just standard-issue butthurtedness. Fishbach was projecting his own insecurities on to Joe and Kelly.

          5. Surprisingly enough considering that he is almost a demigod, I can’t picture Joe being arrogant. And Wiggles… well, I can’t picture her being anything,

          6. I think if you’re a typically neurotic person, confidence can easily be read as arrogance. I have no doubt that Joe carries himself with an air of supreme confidence (because, c’mon). I don’t think it’s arrogance.

          7. Yeah, to be clear, I’m not declaring it one way or the other, because I haven’t met the dude and on screen he frequently comes off as kind of a cipher.

            It might be arrogance. It might be wholly earned self-regard. Not ruling out either.

          8. I have a different tolerance/definition for arrogance. I don’t think confidence needs to be hidden and put no value in displays of false humility.

          9. Also the difference between arrogance and confidence. There’s a line that I don’t know Joe has crossed (literally, I don’t know. I’m not there). But I can totally see someone opposed to Joe would feel he has.

          10. Seriously Keith is Sandra, anyone but me, but without the ability to do anything strategic outside that. And better with balls.

          11. I’m starting to suspect Keith’s alliance have just banned him from speaking at tribal council, ever. Best to be on the safe side.

    1. It turns out that Kelly’s plan of doing nothing ever left her with no enemies, which is understandably terrifying if you’re a person whose game plan involves the expectation that you will make enemies.

        1. I still think she was doing the ‘Burnett promised me a bunch of money regardless of where I finish, so who the fuck cares,’ but we’ll probably never know.

    2. I think he valued his alliance with Stephen enough to let him have his way this time around. He’s got two idols, which probably gave him the confidence to do it, but it’s also about building further trust with Stephen, tying Spencer closer to them, and courting the future jury votes of the witches.

    1. Maybe they are about to do a reinactment of San Juan Del Sur. We were all convinced he was winning the second Josh went home and then Jeremy was immediately voted out.

      1. Yeah but this is an actual season of Survivor, and not some weird Amazing Race ‘Island Edition’ spinoff.

    2. That’s kind of one of the reasons I’m leaning towards Jeremy not winning. I’m not all in on the Spencer victory theory I proposed last week, but Jeremy getting to FTC and then just… not being able to make the sell to people he burned is not a thing I see as out of the realm of possibility.

      1. That’s my thinking. They certainly do have others set up to slot right into the winner’s edit if Jeremy falls: Spencer, Tasha, Wentworth, or even Fishbach. But right now, though…damn. Jeremy better call his coworkers, because he’s on fire.

        1. The problem is he needs to come up with something more compelling than “Nat balled out,” because he that was dire. And he has to do it without long-term access to food or a bed.

          Otherwise I think we’re heading into a Todd v. Amanda scenario of ‘given multiple good options, the Jury will reward the person who is enthusiastic about what they did.’

          1. Again, I’m not saying that my theory that Jeremy takes threats to the end because he overrates his chances is definitely going to happen, I’m just saying it’s not implausible.

            Also, I’m not gonna deny, I’m partially wishfully thinking about how maybe we could have an FTC where the jury is really torn again?

          2. The one hint in the edit that I think you should pin your hopes on is that he brings Stephen. Because we’ve had a lot of Stephen-JT references. And if anything says Second Chance, it’s Stephen taking a JT to the end and winning.

          3. I’ve talked about that. My speculation is that Jeremy isn’t the JT half of that scenario, which would be a pretty fun dramatic reversal.

          4. To be clear – this isn’t a wild theory about how Stephen wins, it’s a wild theory about how Spencer wins.

          5. No this is the Jeremy-Spencer FTC I was speculating about last week. I really don’t think it’s off the table.

          6. Jeremy does seem ridiculously confident that he could beat Stephen in a finals situation. I’m not convinced that I’d be that confident against a player as articulate as Stephen (especially since I think we have to assume he’ll have learned his lessons from his last final).

          7. Other than that though, we’ve never ever seen Jeremy not be able to articulate something properly. I think Jeremy wins against anyone left in FTC except maybe Joe.

        2. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Tasha recently, and Wentworth’s story seemed to kind of end this week – it was presented way more as Ciera making that move than Wentworth. Stephen and Spencer both seem very possible though, after this episode.

          1. I have a sneaking suspicion about Stephen that I’ll try to flesh out on this week’s podcast. I’m still working through this theory to see how insane it is.

    3. The reason I was almost sure that Jeremy wouldn’t be the winner was because they had a lot of good winner quotes from him that they just weren’t showing. Now I see that is because they had even better winner quotes to show. I think it is possible that he doesn’t win, but right now it looks pretty good to him.

      1. But they also didn’t make him look like a fool last week over Kelley’s idol play. They had the perfect confessional and everything, but no dice.

  4. Also, who didn’t predict that Jeremy wouldn’t find the idol after we got a mention of it in the Previously On segment?

    1. This edit couldn’t have been more clumsily constructed to let us know that Jeremy gets his second idol

      Like a lot of Jeremy’s game this season, I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s like, yeah, you’re playing a great game, but the theme of this season is fixing what you did wrong the first time, and we’re not seeing Jeremy fix what he did wrong the first time, which is get too close to people who might knife him. If anything, we’re seeing him double down on it with his tight bond with Fishbach.

        1. Yeah, that stood out to me. As soon as he lost a challenge (which wasn’t that big of a deal), he gets huffy. At least with Stephen, he was sad because he was losing the chance to potentially change the game. Jeremy was getting huffy because…I don’t know why.

      1. I’m not sure if Jeremy even understood what he did wrong last time. (According to his soundbites) He seems to think the having Val around and being to big a physical threat doomed him, while I don’t think either of those things played into his demise.

        1. I don’t think he does, either. And while a Jeremy win I solidly not off the table (again, I think Jeremy is in a really good position) it just doesn’t seem to match up with the storyline we’re being fed.

        2. Not being a big physical threat, but being a big threat in general. He’s a smart affable guy and people like Jon outright didn’t want the threat of having that around.

          So Jeremy has tried to surround himself with guys that seem smarter and more affable. He hasn’t done a great job, because everyone still sees him as a massive threat, but he’s trying to change that perception.

        1. I mean, Jeremy is an obviously smart dude who has a lot of stuff going for him. I’m not going to say 9 times out of 10 he wins his season, but maybe 3 times out of 10, which is still pretty huge. His big problem is that he gets super cocky,which leads to undervaluing or just straight up not seeing threats against him. That’s fixable, I’m just not sure he’s fixed it yet.

  5. My power rankings:

    1. Jeremy: 2 idols, has the most allies, is in the majority alliance, and has got the requisite winner montage clips.
    2. Spencer: If he can get rid of Jeremy and Joe at some point, he could easily make an endgame run.
    3. Joe: You can’t vote out that which is immune.
    4. Tasha: Lost some power this week, but is still in a great position and can muscle her way further in.
    5./6. Wentworth/Ciera: They are at about the same level. Wentworth has made the big moves while Ciera has been plotting them out. Wentworth is likely going to be targeted first, but is slightly likelier to win immunities (although she has not been great at challenges). Put whichever one you prefer higher (I like Ciera more, but think Kelley is slightly likelier to win).
    7. Stephen: Weird ass edit. He has power now, but I get the feeling he is going to get humiliated at some point. I have been saying that for the past few weeks though, so I may be wrong. I don’t think he can win against Jeremy, Spencer, Wentworth or Ciera though.
    8. Kimmi: You need to get back on camera, girl. You have improved though. I think the producers are not interested in your story.
    9. Keith: Spits.
    10. Abi: Duh.

    1. Still don’t get how Tasha is in a good spot. She needs all goats to win on some sorely-lacking likability.

      1. She is still in a controlling position with the dominant alliance and she has been given a pretty good edit so far. I think she could get Savage and possibly Wigglesworth’s vote.

      2. If you look at it purely in terms of who has options to get to the end Tasha is sitting pretty. But yeah, I don’t think she has the skills to win in front of a jury.

        1. Yeah, Tasha doesn’t seem good at pretending to be nice to people outside her alliance (it looked like she didn’t want to give Ciera the time of day at that reward). And when the majority of the jury will end up being people outside your alliance…that’s a problem.

          1. Tasha can’t win in front of a jury ! I agree she’s like savage. Only nice to people on her side ! Should be interesting end game! I just hope her and Collins don’t win

        2. I wonder about her ability to talk at FTC too. I think her perfect final 2/3 is Kimmi and Abi. I think everyone else can either talk up their game better than she can or are Keith and are really likeable.

          1. I think if you wanted to neutralise Tasha at tribal council, you’d need to get her agitated. Put her on the defensive and I think she’d struggle to remain composed under fire.

          2. Good thing Tasha didn’t send someone to the jury who 1.) doesn’t like her and 2.) has stated an intent to interrogate the final three like tribal was a courtroom. That could go pretty poorly or her!

    2. Jeremy : apparently he’s the first person to knock up his wife and wants to provide for ! I’m so over the sappy story that my head is being beaten with! Don’t other people have stories to tell? I’m not moved!

          1. That’s fine. Most of us have players that we like or dislike. I like Jeremy. He’s not my favorite, but I like him.

          2. I find him perfectly unobjectionable. He’s not entertainment personified and he’s not Troyzan or Colton. He’s also quite good at the game.

          3. Honestly I was finding him a little grating at first, and I say this is as someone who likes Jeremy. It felt waaaaay too early for him to be talking about how he was gonna Boston Rob this thing. That irritation has dissipated since then, for obvious reasona.


      1. Jeremy
      2. Spencer
      3. Kelley (This was a crucial episode for Kelley- she could have been buried post-idol play. Instead she got game power and leadership of an alliance with a cool name. She also got her name back).
      4. Stephen (I think there’s a real chance we just saw the turning point in a redemption arc. After weeks of floundering, he not only convinced people to make a big strategic move but he WON A PHYSICAL CHALLENGE. Up to now, we’ve seen endless footage of him failing to reach these goals. Now- is the world Stephen’s oyster?)


      5. Joe (This episode looked like the Joe Rubicon for me. Before now, there was some hope he could survive a vote shielded by Jeremy or through other strategic wackiness. Now? If he’s eligible, he’s gone)


      6. Tasha
      7. Ciera


      8. Kimmi
      9. Keith


      10. Abi

      1. Interesting that you saw Kelley getting leadership of the Witches Coven, as I read it as Ciera who was leading them and managing the negotiations with Stephen. Guess I’m going to have to watch it back again and see.

        1. I definitely saw Ciera as the leader/spokeswoman. Obviously some of that may be relationship factors (i.e., her being closer to Stephen than is Kelley), but still.

          1. I could easily be wrong- my viewing of the episode was broken up by stupid life stuff. While I agree that Ciera was the conduit to Stephen, I thought the episode treated Wentworth as the center of the alliance. Indeed I saw this as more illustrative because Ciera was doing the actual work.

            In any case, I still think she got enough attention this week (especially some boring screen time about growth) to keep her in the top tier, though maybe I’d drop her below Stephen the Redeemed

      2. Tasha’s gone from key factor to non-presence pretty aggressively. It’s like Ciera is a vampire who is sucking the edit out of her.

      3. Also, in the off chance that Stephen Fishbach is reading this, he’s kicking himself for not having ‘crossing the Rubicon’ in his list of stock egghead nerd references.

    4. 1. Jeremy – I mean, they built the winners edit. Now it’s just a matter of whether it’s a red herring or not.
      2. Stephen – So much of the season has been presented from his perspective, both in a positive and a negative sense. It’s a winner, FTC loser, or Spencer in Cagayan edit. But I think he’s sticking around a while either way.
      3. Spencer – Not a lot the last couple of weeks. His place in the game is a little unclear. I don’t think anyone really wants to stick around with him until the end either. The path is there, though.
      4. Kelley – Good edit, better position than last week. Don’t know who she has really fighting to keep her in right now though. Stephen basically saved her because it would be boring to get rid of her.
      5. Keith – Keith is just a strategic nothing on a strategy heavy season, which is why the edit isn’t there. No one is even considering getting rid of him and he can win at the end.
      6. Ciera – I don’t really think the story is there with Ciera.
      7. Tasha – Edit’s disappeared, she’s a threat, and she’s no longer in a good position. Uh-oh.
      8. Joe – He’s reached the point where as soon as he doesn’t win immunity, he’s gone for sure. There’s still many really good challenge competitors left. Not great.
      9. Kimmi – Bad edit. Bad position. Her main alliance mates just abandoned her. Great.
      10. Abi – Abi winning this season would be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. Kind of a letdown after the highs of last episode. Was that really the best confessional we could get from Wiglesworth in her boot episode? I feel like the monkeys on that island have had a more compelling story arc than she did.

    1. I think the evidence pretty clearly demonstrates that yes, that probably was the best confessional we could get from Wiglesworth in her boot episode.

      1. Is Wigglesworth Two the most disappointing return of all time? Real excitement surrounding her return, probably the biggest overall of any returnee this season, and then…nothing. Absolutely nothing.

          1. Probably for viewers- less so for casting. I think I would make a distinction between “we thought they would come back and be awesome, instead they came back and sucked.” And “we thought they would come back and be part of the season’s story, instead we could have used a cardboard cut-out.”

          2. JT was pure entertainment his second time around and Stephenie was an enjoyable villain. Their presence added greatly to their respective second seasons.

        1. For me, at least, the excitement was already over after seeing (and conducting!) some of her preseason press. This was a pretty predictable outcome.

  7. I just realized something: when Abi busts Joe for searching the idol, he is right by tree mail. He was dangerously close to finding the clue and had no idea.

      1. I don’t know if he is at the right spot, but you can clearly see the tree mail in front of him and Abi tells Kelley that he was right by tree mail searching.

        1. I noticed that too, but I thought it very weird that their toilet would be right in front of tree mail.

          1. I think Abi was just changing because she has her bathing suit in her hand. Maybe she was switching out clothes before she went to aqua dump.

      1. Thank you! I am rewatching the episode right now and Jeremy says that it was in the huge tree near treemail but not at treemail…he was explaining it badly.

  8. Stephen really needs to cool it on the “this strategy is groundbreaking!” talk. Maybe he should instead realize that Survivor is pretty different than it was 15 seasons ago, let alone with an All Stars season. I mean Tony Vlachos happened for god-sake.

      1. OH! It’s incredible! I’m so happy either Stephen or Spencer was going to get it. The Survivor producers may have overcorrected after the Dan fail last season, but I don’t even care.

          1. The coolest thing about this advantage is the potential to create dissent. If you use it well, you might get a situation where 4 people promise on their family’s lives that they voted for X, but X only got 3 votes. Imagine the paranoia that would create.

          2. Yeah, that is not clear so far, but given that the advantage is used when casting the vote, there is no reason the other players have to find out if he even used it or not.

          3. He literally has to announce that not only he’s using it, but also pick the person who doesn’t get to vote. Everyone will know what it is and how it’s used. (Which is to say that he doesn’t steal an already placed vote, he steals someone’s ability to vote).

          4. Which will make for great tactical thoughts and rethoughts and over emotional analysis of those thoughts in confessional before. Is it telling I’m getting over Stephen?

        1. I have one worry about that – remember how much time they spent hyping the vote doubler pre-Worlds Apart? This is the first time we’ve heard about this new advantage, which makes me wonder if maybe the gun never leaves the mantle.

          1. I kinda wonder if the reaction to last season was so much more negative than they’d imagined that they just decided to look at everything they did last season and do the exact opposite.

          2. The only way Stephen doesn’t use it is if he gets blindsided before he can. He’d play it just to be seen playing it.

          3. I agree, but, despite being in a better position than last week, I don’t think a Stephen blindside is completely off the table.

          4. I feel like they didn’t want to hype anything about this season that wasn’t in the premiere after how last season went.

      2. If played properly this could be amazing. Although I kind of hope he has to use it on Jeremy at 7 and goes out via idol.

        1. That would be kind of funny if people kept getting idoled out with the double vote, but I think that would kill the twist from happening again.

          1. What I’m really hoping for is that Stephen and Jeremy will be able to use a combination of the vote stealer and an idol to defeat a split vote, because that would be awesome.

            That would of course require the unlikely scenario that a) they’re both on the bottom and b) enough people who seem to hate each other are willing to come together to achieve it, but it would be cool.

        2. If Stephen tries to use his advantage to take out Jeremy, he will get burned. Because he’ll be tipping him off, especially if he takes away Jeremy’s vote.

          1. well yes but Jeremy’s idol doesn’t have to be played on Jeremy and he doesn’t have to take Jeremy’s vote to get rid of him…

          2. They say returning players try and emulate their season’s winner… but you are right. The more correct point is that Stephen doesn’t have to take Jeremy’s vote. Also I think Jeremy will pull the trigger on booting STephen before it’ll be the other way around.

    1. But, here’s the thing: If he wasn’t mentioning strategy, would we be reacting the opposite way? Would we be saying that he sucks at strategy? Yes, he is going overboard, but this is someone who clearly overthinks things. So, minor shifts in strategy to us are massive shifts to him even though he talks about Survivor Strategy for a living. Keep in mind also that Tocantins was not necessarily a massive season of strategy when compared to your Cagayans or even Blood vs. Water.

    2. I would not be at all shocked to find out that Probst has made it very clear what kind responses he wants to hear from Stephen at Tribal Council, and that he’s willing to re-roll the tape if necessary.

      1. I think it’s telling the Probst has been repeating Stephen’s theory. Just have to decide what it’s telling.

        1. I’m skeptical- I can see Probst embracing the “fundamental change in the basic strategy of Survivor” narrative for the sake of the puffery.

  9. Jeremy’s body language was absolutely hilarious when Stephen was making his Wiglesworth pitch. He looked like Stephen had just farted in his face or something. Kudos for going with that clip to set up Wentworth as the probable boot.

    And I’ll be honest, maybe I’m not the most sophisticated viewer, as I had pretty much convinced myself it was Wentworth going into that tribal council, which was tearing me up because she’s wonderful and I’ve liked her since the Drew boot episode of SDJS (and she’s on my pick-4 team.) So I had been managing expectations, is what I’m trying to say here. Then they kept showing these closeup shots of Wiglesworth at tribal council which stuck out as a little odd, and I held on to a sliver of hope. And then I was joyous! Apparently Wiglesworth actually had a confessional, which I didn’t even notice until someone mentioned it. I had to go back and re-watch, and it was the most perfunctory confessional ever. She stated basic facts about the vote in a humorless and emotionless fashion.

    And that kind of keys into the next point, which is this episode brings up so many questions about edits. Wiglesworth had a terrible edit, and yet everyone out there seemed to think she was a threat. I almost busted a gut laughing when Stephen was talking to the three girls on the outs and he referred to Wiglesworth a power player. I mean come on, seriously? And then it became clear as things progressed that he actually felt that way and it wasn’t just a line to the girls. She didn’t upset anyone, and she talks to everyone regularly — does that make you a power player now? We haven’t been shown a shred of anything from her in terms of strategy, but apparently she was threatening enough to Jeremy and Spencer for them to get on board with Stephen’s crazy plan.

    And speaking of Stephen, what kind of edit is he getting? He’s been getting a crazy amount of screen time. Does that mean that he’s just a good narrator, or does he go really deep? Is this what a Stephen winner’s edit looks like? And Jeremy, my god. It doesn’t get any more winner-edit-y than tonight for him. Perhaps they’re setting him up for a big fall, but I don’t know — do you really show a guy crying about loving his wife and kids if you’re just setting them up to be voted out? That moment seemed very tender, and trademark reunion clip.

    But who knows. Maybe it’s foolish to try to read into edits, but that’s what I come away from this episode thinking about more than anything else.

    1. So the Wiglesworth thing is two-fold. 1) I think the way Stephen was describing her was not a power player in the sense of someone who will make moves, but as someone who people like and would vote for at final tribal. 2) We don’t see this because she doesn’t matter because she didn’t even get close to the end and because she is giving them such bad tv they aren’t even bothering with her.

      1. I feel that Wigglesworth was possibly a power player in the “old-school” sense of the word. They mentioned that she was closer to Joe than anyone else, she seemed (although neither get any screen time for us to know for sure) quite close to Kimmy—and both are really old school, so that might bond them together—, and she seemed to go well with Keith (he certainly seems to like the old school game more than new school one).

        So that is already 4 people in a 7 people main alliance. I don’t think it was ridiculous for Stephen to say the three of them were on the bottom, and maybe they felt that Wiggle was what glued that sub-alliance together (she was the closest to Joe, Kimmy can be abrasive, Keith is Keith, and Joe is immune), which made her a big target.

    2. While to us, who have the benefit of the edit, it looks like “Wiglesworth hasn’t done anything” to people who are living in that in the moment it can totally look like “Wigleswoth hasn’t done anything to anyone” which is a bigger terror the farther you get down the line.

      Was it to early to target her? I dunno, probably, but you have a solid number of people who realize they’re not on the top right now and are willing to do anything to churn things up.

    3. I too was convinced until they kept showing Wiglesworth reacting (or not as the case may be) to what people were saying.

  10. Also, who else is tried of the balancing immunity challenges? Even if they have been slightly varied, they have all tied into balancing yourself. Why can’t we do something slightly different, like the hold your arm tied to a bucket of water over your head challenge?

  11. Another fun fact about Stephen: If the next tribal council is on Day 27 and he survives that, he will have lasted longer than JT in his second outing.

      1. Hey, we could still get it. After all, we know that Stephen likes his literary allusions and references. He could write a wonderful letter to Joe before he votes him out.

          1. Well, he has already referenced Melville and Shakespeare. What are some other big literary figures that he could reference that casuals would also understand? Maybe Rowling? Seuss? Dickens (possibly)?

  12. If you guys haven’t watched Wiglesworth’s Ponderosa video yet, which i understand because who cares, there’s a scene where Savage spells out that just because they’re not in the game anymore doesn’t mean there’s not a pecking order, and that Kass is at the bottom of it. It’s amazing in all the worst ways.

    1. I just watched it, but only to answer the question of whether her Ponderosa video would be entirely Savage and Kass. It wasn’t. I was disappointed.

        1. I really was just annoyed that they were wasting so much time on Wigles. I was hoping for something like Tyler’s Ponderosa last season, also known as Shirin’s second Ponderosa video.

    2. I don’t really want to watch it, because really, who cares. But that sounds shitty. I’m also over discussing Savage and his Savageness. This episode was so much more relaxing for me not having to really consider him.

    3. This may actually be his douchiest moment because yeah be all about your alliances in the game but don’t be a full blown jock arsehole at Ponderosa. It doesn’t look to me like Wigles gives a fuck about whether she’s closer to Savage than Kass. It does matter to Savage to be liked better or by more people than the other people there.

      1. Honestly, as much as I joked about it last night, in the sobriety of tomorrow I’m inclined to agree with you. It’s not game, it’s just… bullying, and I don’t know what else to call it but that and I think that might be the keystone of what’s going on here. He’s just a bully, a man who needs to exert power over other people in very small, very cruel ways. And there’s nothing I respect less than a bully.

        1. Yep. He’s the guy who has never been less than the biggest thing in a room in his whole life, he’s the kind of guy who looks down on guys who are cruel to women and people smaller than them but doesn’t notice he’s that guy. At the beginning I thought I didn’t like him because he was a bit patronising and paternalistic. Now I dislike him because he’s just a dick who can’t handle anything not going his way.

    4. I really liked Wiglesworth in that Ponderosa vid. I can see why she would have made terrible television to give visibility to, but in terms of her personality I liked it a lot.

      I can see why she may have been seen as a threat at the end.

  13. I’m hoping the editors are throwing us a curve ball with Jeremy’s edit, because yeah, I’d hate it to be so obvious that he’d win. My implausible theory is that the “second chance” theme applies to the editors as well, and they’re fixing the Mike winner edit of WA by giving Jeremy a “Jenna Lewis misses her twins/too bad, she’s still getting voted out” edit from Borneo.

    1. Obvious winner’s edit is obvious, but I wouldn’t equate Jeremy’s edit with Mike’s last season. The main reason it was inconceivable that Mike could possibly not win that season wasn’t so much Mike’s winner’s edit, but the horrible edit everyone else had. This season I can think of at least 3 or 4 other players that could reasonably win this season. So it is not set in stone as of yet.

      1. Agreed that it’s not set in stone. I’m sort of hoping for one of the other 3 or 4 players that could win to do so, just because, for me at least, their edits are far more compelling to this point, so that if they managed to win, it would be kind of awesome.

    2. I only managed to watch the first 30 minutes of the episode before I set off for work and felt quite deflated by how predictable it’s all been so far and then was happily surprised by the boot. If he wins I will be a little disappointed by the season because his edit was so obvious. I never minded Mike’s edit because he was playing with the Goat Farm and even believing one of them could win made me sad.

  14. Matt, I only just noticed Savage Corner and I have to say, I take issue with your claim that Savage “rocked” that hat. He most certainly did not.

    1. Hasn’t Savage’s beautiful model wife taught him men in their 50’s who dress like frat boys are sad? Honestly, beanie, backwards baseball cap and that necklace.

          1. In my personal fan fiction, Joe made it for Savage sarcastically.

            “No really my bro, this is what the young people are wearing!”

          2. In your fanfiction did Joe give it to Savage when he was 11? because it’s basically the same as the shitty one he wore in Pearl Islands.

            SO BAD

  15. I really don’t think there is an evolution in the game in terms of voting blocks. They are all just playing Sandra’s “I don’t care who goes as long as it ain’t me” game.

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