Survivor Cambodia Fantasy League Scoreboard- Week 7

It’s merge time, and thus merge bonus points time! Read on to see how your team is doing in the Survivor Cambodia fantasy league. 

fantasy league scoreboard- Cambodia

Weekly plug for the awesome visualizations one of our commenters made for the fantasy league: If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Just 11 of you- a paltry 7%- had Kass on your team. So while we may have lost some potential TV gold, there was very litttle collateral damage to our fantasy standings.

Individual scoring table

Quick scoring notes: Since there was a vote-splitting plan, everyone except Kass, Abi-Maria, and Ciera get VTEP points this week. Wentworth gets points for abandoning her alliance and joining the correct side of the vote. Ciera does not, even if the “fuck you” vote for Savage was funny.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Total
Abi Maria111132312
Peih Gee11000002

Pick-4 League

Hope you enjoyed your brief stint at the top, TiminSoCal. Ispeakllama has taken the all-too-temporary perch at the top of the standings. And props to Jeff Probst’s Hairpiece, both for having a great name and for vaulting into sixth place.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1IspeakllamaJeremy- 19Joe- 23Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2079
2aj hillerJeremy- 19Joe- 23Savage- 16Wentworth- 2078
3DutchJoe- 23Savage- 16Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2076
4TiminSoCalCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Keith- 19Wentworth- 2075
4GeorgeCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Joe- 23Savage- 1675
6sirlivealotCiera- 17Joe- 23Spencer- 13Wentworth- 2073
6Jeff Probst's HairpieceJoe- 23Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2073
8Saturday Night PalsyCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Keith- 19Tasha- 1772
8Lisa LJeremy- 19Stephen- 16Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2072
8MCMoss14Keith- 19Savage- 16Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2072
11turgid_legumeJeremy- 19Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2069
12Overshoppe.comAbi Maria- 12Ciera- 17Joe- 23Stephen- 1668
13Something QuirkyCiera- 17Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2067
13HectorTheWellEndowedJoe- 23Tasha- 17Wentworth- 20Woo- 767
15Louie LeeCiera- 17Spencer- 13Stephen- 16Wentworth- 2066
15Adam BCiera- 17Savage- 16Spencer- 13Wentworth- 2066
15ebolamonkey84Jeremy- 19Joe- 23Varner- 4Wentworth- 2066
15CrappySpencer- 13Stephen- 16Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2066
15AndreSurvivorKimmi- 16Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2066
15Team lillewieKeith- 19Kimmi- 16Wentworth- 20Wiglesworth- 1166
21No Eyes in BlindfoldKimmi- 16Spencer- 13Stephen- 16Wentworth- 2065
21bookplayerKeith- 19Spencer- 13Stephen- 16Tasha- 1765
23m0nit0rmanCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Monica- 8Wentworth- 2064
23doctor wuJeremy- 19Monica- 8Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2064
23Everyone is someoneKeith- 19Kimmi- 16Terry- 9Wentworth- 2064
23True AlainerAbi Maria- 12Jeremy- 19Spencer- 13Wentworth- 2064
27this bear is tops bloobyJeremy- 19Tasha- 17Wentworth- 20Woo- 763
271qaz2wsxCiera- 17Joe- 23Stephen- 16Woo- 763
27Alex CCiera- 17Savage- 16Spencer- 13Tasha- 1763
30Barbara AndersonJeremy- 19Keith- 19Varner- 4Wentworth- 2062
31bder19Ciera- 17Tasha- 17Wentworth- 20Woo- 761
31MattsGoddessesKimmi- 16Monica- 8Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2061
33rygelCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Varner- 4Wentworth- 2060
33annieCiera- 17Keith- 19Varner- 4Wentworth- 2060
33FloworefsJeremy- 19Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2060
33free7694Savage- 16Tasha- 17Wentworth- 20Woo- 760
33PhillipKeith- 19Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2060
33Special Agent PhileJoe- 23Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Woo- 760
33tanjaJeremy- 19Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wiglesworth- 1160
33Michael DyerSavage- 16Spencer- 13Wentworth- 20Wiglesworth- 1160
41LizJeremy- 19Stephen- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 2059
41Benjamin KrautkramerJeremy- 19Savage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 2059
41Ethan KyleKeith- 19Stephen- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 2059
41BenAbi Maria- 12Ciera- 17Spencer- 13Tasha- 1759
45Dr.HorribleCiera- 17Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2058
45MonsieurTJeremy- 19Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2058
47dig dougCiera- 17Kass- 17Savage- 16Woo- 757
47KarterpillerCiera- 17Kass- 17Keith- 19Varner- 457
47thetallman_ZCiera- 17Savage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 2057
47Jim AndrewsJeremy- 19Monica- 8Spencer- 13Tasha- 1757
47Purple Rock JohnMonica- 8Savage- 16Spencer- 13Wentworth- 2057
47Brooke RKeith- 19Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 16Wentworth- 2057
53DoublelayHalfJeremy- 19Kimmi- 16Tasha- 17Varner- 456
53Joseph FinnJeremy- 19Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Woo- 756
53chicago95Jeremy- 19Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2056
53cazkayeJeremy- 19Shirin- 1Stephen- 16Wentworth- 2056
53VeronicaMarsIsBrightTonightKeith- 19Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2056
58Mike SweeneyAbi Maria- 12Kass- 17Keith- 19Woo- 755
58RoswulfJoe- 23Monica- 8Tasha- 17Woo- 755
58Streets_AheadKimmi- 16Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2055
61We Want Good TVCiera- 17Monica- 8Spencer- 13Stephen- 1654
61notJennCantDanceKass- 17Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2054
61Brenda4evahCiera- 17Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2054
61BananasCiera- 17Shirin- 1Stephen- 16Wentworth- 2054
61Max_JetsJeremy- 19Kimmi- 16Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 1754
61LimpopoPeih Gee- 2Savage- 16Stephen- 16Wentworth- 2054
61Violina23Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2054
61Lira2012Joe- 23Kass- 17Shirin- 1Spencer- 1354
69Purple Rock EmmaMonica- 8Stephen- 16Terry- 9Wentworth- 2053
69HeisenbergAbi Maria- 12Ciera- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2053
69RockerJeremy- 19Kass- 17Spencer- 13Varner- 453
69Kent McKKass- 17Spencer- 13Stephen- 16Woo- 753
69MenschJeremy- 19Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Varner- 453
69Other ScottSpencer- 13Stephen- 16Tasha- 17Woo- 753
69Disgruntled GoatStephen- 16Tasha- 17Terry- 9Wiglesworth- 1153
69sten storKimmi- 16Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2053
69Diego ArmandoSavage- 16Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2053
78tocantinsMonica- 8Tasha- 17Wentworth- 20Woo- 752
78Martin RegalaCiera- 17Monica- 8Stephen- 16Wiglesworth- 1152
78thejefrablindsideCiera- 17Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 13Wentworth- 2052
78WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerJeremy- 19Spencer- 13Stephen- 16Varner- 452
78BananaGrubJeremy- 19Keith- 19Shirin- 1Spencer- 1352
78WaffleStackTasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 20Wiglesworth- 1152
78Untitled Clint Howard ProjectPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2052
85Prom KingJeremy- 19Monica- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 2051
85SagoPalmCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 1351
85Jacob SWAbi Maria- 12Jeremy- 19Terry- 9Wiglesworth- 1151
85Jonathan MichaelsStephen- 16Tasha- 17Wiglesworth- 11Woo- 751
85Mechanical SharkSavage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 20Wiglesworth- 1151
85Mohamed RaoufKeith- 19Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1151
85Sinan FaiadShirin- 1Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Wentworth- 2051
92JackJeremy- 19Stephen- 16Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1150
92ZacharyJeremy- 19Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 13Stephen- 1650
92forever1267Savage- 16Spencer- 13Tasha- 17Varner- 450
95Carol DowningCiera- 17Monica- 8Tasha- 17Woo- 749
95fransesquaCiera- 17Monica- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 2049
95bassmanxviCiera- 17Jeremy- 19Peih Gee- 2Wiglesworth- 1149
98Purple Rock MattMonica- 8Savage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 2048
98SG StandardTasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 20Woo- 748
98Andrew SwiftSpencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 20Wiglesworth- 1148
101Zachary ChongJeremy- 19Monica- 8Stephen- 16Varner- 447
101ninaptimeSavage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 20Woo- 747
101XL PelicanKeith- 19Tasha- 17Varner- 4Woo- 747
101Ryan DeschampPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 16Terry- 9Wentworth- 2047
101Friend ChooserJoe- 23Savage- 16Shirin- 1Woo- 747
106Micah GillJeremy- 19Kass- 17Monica- 8Peih Gee- 246
106Lisa MansfieldCiera- 17Terry- 9Vytas- 0Wentworth- 2046
106Tovah AthaPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 17Wentworth- 20Woo- 746
106Scarlett3639Savage- 16Shirin- 1Spencer- 13Stephen- 1646
110gouisKass- 17Monica- 8Stephen- 16Varner- 445
110Come On In HereKeith- 19Monica- 8Wiglesworth- 11Woo- 745
110hornacekKimmi- 16Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 20Woo- 745
110Keep Calm and Hodor OnKeith- 19Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 2045
110Gipsy DangerCiera- 17Joe- 23Shirin- 1Varner- 445
110PeachykeeneJoe- 23Peih Gee- 2Savage- 16Varner- 445
110Wet Biscuit McGleeSpencer- 13Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1145
117vaderdawsnJeremy- 19Shirin- 1Spencer- 13Wiglesworth- 1144
118Maulik ShahCiera- 17Monica- 8Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 1643
118Kemper BoydCiera- 17Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 2043
118VoicOffPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2043
121Ellen CCiera- 17Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 2042
121NearlyNinaJeremy- 19Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 17Varner- 442
121Crystal LynnePeih Gee- 2Stephen- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 2042
121jackdw97Shirin- 1Tasha- 17Varner- 4Wentworth- 2042
125Purple Rock MarkMonica- 8Savage- 16Spencer- 13Varner- 441
125Michael SMonica- 8Stephen- 16Tasha- 17Vytas- 041
125MrBurkesButtonsSavage- 16Stephen- 16Terry- 9Vytas- 041
125Ara MorinSavage- 16Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 2041
129LawsKass- 17Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Wentworth- 2040
129Ryan JaydenStephen- 16Varner- 4Vytas- 0Wentworth- 2040
131Icarus ArtsKass- 17Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 16Varner- 439
131Brandon BryceJeremy- 19Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Tasha- 1739
131SarahPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 16Tasha- 17Varner- 439
131EmandScoutinBKPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 13Varner- 4Wentworth- 2039
135Crom DeluiseCiera- 17Keith- 19Peih Gee- 2Vytas- 038
135prettyboyprobstKimmi- 16Peih Gee- 2Savage- 16Varner- 438
135Robyn HipA$$Keith- 19Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 13Varner- 438
138Rachel KoeperMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 20Woo- 737
139indescribable hatCiera- 17Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 1636
140Count BulletsulaMonica- 8Stephen- 16Varner- 4Woo- 735
140WeAreGonnaGoToMatchesCiera- 17Shirin- 1Spencer- 13Varner- 435
142Ms_WoozahMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 2034
142TJ FaulknerShirin- 1Spencer- 13Stephen- 16Varner- 434
142Space CowboySavage- 16Shirin- 1Spencer- 13Varner- 434
145mayvenMonica- 8Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 2033
146jordan deckerShirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 20Woo- 732
147John CCiera- 17Monica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 431
148SurvivorFanTyKimmi- 16Shirin- 1Terry- 9Varner- 430
148torchoflawPeih Gee- 2Savage- 16Shirin- 1Wiglesworth- 1130
150I was saying Boo-urnsCiera- 17Shirin- 1Terry- 9Vytas- 027
150Rob BrodeurPeih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 2027
152KingoftongaMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1125
153DrVanNostrandCiera- 17Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Vytas- 023
153BCG519Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 16Varner- 423

Champions League

Remember last week when I said you all were fools for changing the scoring to allow Emma to take command of the Champions League? I take it all back. Enjoy the view up here at the top with me, Dutch.

Also, I’m not gonna lie here: I’m actually mildly worried that fransesqua is going to take the lead in this league at some point. Not win, but take the lead. (If Joe is voted out next week and this never happens, forget I said anything.)

Team Player 1 Pts 1 Player 2 Pts 2 Total
Dutch Savage 16 Kimmi 16 32
Purple Rock John Spencer 13 Keith 19 32
ebolamonkey84 Jeremy 19 Wiglesworth 11 30
Purple Rock Emma Wentworth 20 Terry 9 29
Disgruntled Goat Tasha 17 Abi Maria 12 29
fransesqua Joe 23 Shirin 1 24
The Cage Varner 4 Kass 17 21
nearlynina Peih Gee 2 Stephen 16 18
tocantins Vytas 0 Ciera 17 17
SG Standard Monica 8 Woo 7 15

Savage League

How is it week 7, and I’m just now thinking to make the joke that Gouis fared so poorly in a league named after Andrew Savage? Massive failure on my part. Anyway, Team Sexypants (XL Pelican) stays on top this week with his two beautiful human specimens. Team Charlie Brown (Adam B) had the football yanked away this week.

Team Player 1 Pts1 Player 2 Pts 2 Total
XL Pelican Wentworth 20 Joe 23 43
Saturday Night Palsy Jeremy 19 Keith 19 38
Ms Woozah Stephen 16 Kimmi 16 32
Adam B Spencer 13 Kass 17 30
Violina23 Tasha 17 Abi Maria 12 29
Purple Rock Matt Savage 16 Terry 9 25
Purple Rock Mark Peih Gee 2 Ciera 17 19
Count Bulletsula Monica 8 Wiglesworth 11 19
Diego Armando Varner 4 Woo 7 11
Gouis Vytas 0 Shirin 1 1
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  • gouis

    Curse you Savage!!!!!

  • Adam B.

    Spencer, it’s time to become an Immunity Beast. Bring in the finest puzzles and challenges from throughout the land!

    • purplerockpodcast

      First of all, I completely support this. Go Spencer!

      Secondly, Spencer doesn’t even necessarily just need puzzle challenges to win. The guy is legitimately good at challenges. But Joe is also out there, and is both more athletic and maybe even better at puzzles. So we could have another Ozzy/Yul situation, where Spencer is consistently the 2nd place finisher (except for when it counts).

      Thirdly, I think Kass scored more points for you by coming in 13th this time than she did in Cagayan when she came in third.

      • this bear is tops blooby

        Comparing Spencer to Yul?! Blasphemy sir!

        • purplerockpodcast

          Not in terms of hotness!

          • this bear is tops blooby


          • purplerockpodcast

            Ahhh, I see the confusion here. I was saying that I wasn’t comparing Spencer to Yul in terms of hotness.

          • VoicOff

            In wich universe is Spencer hotter than Yul ?

          • purplerockpodcast

            None. That was kinda my point there.

      • sharculese

        Can I just say that I completely buy the theory that Yul was sitting back and letting Ozzy win challenges he might have been competitive in. Go back and watch the final 6 immunity challenge. It does not look like Yul is trying.

        • andythesaint

          I think he was not giving max effort. I also think Ozzy probably would have beaten him even if he was.

      • SirLiveAlot

        If Spencer becomes an immunity beast it may be enough for me to get to the top of the pick 4.

  • Purple Rock Emma

    Congrats to XL Pelican on his truly top notch Savage league team. I’ve been eyeing it for a while, but now that Joe is in a solid position, man alive is XLP the one to beat.

    • ExtraLargePelican

      Thank you. Team Firefighter is coming on strong, though. The chances of Joe being in FTC are basically nil, and those jury vote points add up.

      • Saturday Evening Palsy

        At least I gloated while I could.

  • this bear is tops blooby

    Really regret picking Woo over Joe now. It was really just a coin flip decision between the two after my first 3 picks!

    • Disgruntled Goat

      I had the very first pick in the Champs league. What the hell was I thinking not taking Joe?

      (I know what I was thinking, that he would be booted the very first time he loses individual immunity. That could still happen. That SHOULD still happen.)

  • Ethan Kyle

    Well I think at this point if you don’t have Joe you’re kind of screwed

    • purplerockpodcast

      I’m pretty concerned that Joe will rattle off 3-4 immunity wins before he falls this time. And that’s a nice chunk of points.

      • ExtraLargePelican

        I would like to point out that Joe was picked second-to-last in our league. Abi, Kass, Shirin, and Woo all were picked before him.

        • purplerockpodcast

          Yes, but it seemed incredibly risky to take him when he seemed like a strong possibility to be targeted early. High risk is now yielding high rewards.

        • andythesaint

          Classic overthinking. I got Tony second-to-last too. This is what happens when nerds play fantasy sports*.

          *Note: Of course I know that nerds play fantasy sports. It is a nerdy pursuit.

  • Violina23

    So I guess I was correct to pick Abi over Kass after all… who woulda thunk it…

    • Roswulf

      You are that confident Abi racks up another six points before the end?

  • Dutch

    That combined mom/dad strength in Champions league for the win! Why yes, I’m enjoying the view from the top.

    In other news, I desperately need a Jeremy blindside to return to the top spot in pick-4. I don’t see that happening for quite a bit, unfortunately.

  • Something Quirky

    Hector is very pleased with this. I think it’s cute, but if I don’t ultimately beat him I’ll be torn =p

  • Ispeakllama

    I’m going to enjoy my time at the top because it probably won’t last long! Can’t believe all my players are still in the game! 🙂