Survivor Cambodia Premiere Chat: Staff Hopes and Fears

Like every Survivor fan on the Internet, the Purple Rock Podcast staff spent the morning discussing the upcoming season and episode (only a few hours away!). We already made our predictions, but what do we WANT to happen? What DON’T we want to happen? That was our discussion, and we thought we’d share it with you.

First Boot that Would Bum You Out the Most

Andy John Emma Mark Matt
Vytas Shirin  Stephen Varner

Andy: Vytas, because what it suggests about the visitors to our site and what we may have to deal with all season. Other than that? I’m not sure. I’m pretty agnostic about these things.

Emma: Ignoring the meta game of Vytas… Probably Stephen, honestly. Maybe Kelley, especially for fantasy purposes.

Andy: Stephen is up there too. That’d be disappointing.

Emma: Oh, Varner would be a bummer, although we’ve at least gotten a lot of entertainment from him already.

Mark: Varner would be disappointing because he and the fans have built him up so much, and we’d be robbed of confessional gold. See: Outback.

Matt: My answer is obvious. (President of the Andrew Savage fan club)

Andy: Maybe Savage, just because there’s become an undercurrent of Savage resentment that I’m reflexively being contrarian against.

John: No comment necessary.

First Boot that Would Bother You the Least

Andy John Emma Mark Matt
S31_tasha_tTasha Woo
S31_kimmi_t Kimmi 

Matt: Kimmi

Andy: Kimmi is probably the right answer. Although I’d probably be happiest with Tasha. Tasha going would come with the benefit of making me look smart, which is obviously always the most important thing to me.

Matt: Right, of course Andy.

Emma: The only reason I wouldn’t want Tasha to go are the unfortunate implications.

Matt: Ditto for me on why I’m hesitant to say Tasha. Oh, Joe. If Joe goes, I give zero fucks. Because it just gets a boot we know is coming out of the way and it provides first boot intrigue.

Andy: I’d be a bit bummed with Joe. Just because I want the emerging conventional wisdom about alliances and threats to fail. Spencer would bother me for similar reasons.

Emma: I would be more bummed if Spencer went than Joe. Although Joe is the closest thing to a cute guy right now.

Mark: Kass has built herself up so much as the ultimate troll that the bridge collapsing on her would be poetic.

Winner that Would Bother Us the Most

Andy John Emma Mark Matt
Shirin  Keith
Keith Woo

Andy: Another fun question: which winner would bother you the most? For me it’s Shirin and it’s not close. For obvious reasons. (Those obvious reasons being that John would be insufferable. No shade on Shirin, I just can’t deal with it).

John: Keith

Emma: Keith

John: Woo is a close second.

Matt: Woo

Mark: Woo!

Andy: Okay, so it wasn’t that fun a question.

Most Interesting Possible Winner

Andy John Emma Mark Matt
Kass Kass Kass Varner Kass

Andy: Who would be the most interesting winner? Varner, right? Maybe Shirin? Both would have really interesting paths to victory.

John: Varner. Savage would be interesting if he basically plays the same game as before and wins, because there’s an argument that he was on the path last time.

Andy: Savage would be a remarkable emotional journey, but would probably be edited in an insufferable way. Like more obvious than Mike. Because if they have a chance to give Savage a hero winner’s edit… they’re hitting that sumabitch HARD.

Emma: But Matt would be so happy.

Matt: Yeah, Savage winning would take away the allure of Savage.

John: A Kass winner edit would be balls-out amazing.

Andy: John wins. Kass winning would be the most  AMAZING thing ever.

Matt: Kass would have the best freaking winners edit ever.

Emma: Kass would be pretty amazing.

John: Oh my god, it would be mind-blowing. People would lose their shit.

Andy: We would be the only place on the internet celebrating her week to week, it would be delicious.

Andy: Felt bad tweeting that we reached a consensus without Mark, but we had a quorum.

Mark (much later): Exciting winner? Varner because of the Second Chance theme, while also being a worthy player. I think Wigglesworth, Stephen, and Kimmi would get good stories from this, but they wouldn’t be as compelling.


So what are your picks? I’m sure you’re having a hard time thinking about anything else, so share them in comments below. It’s almost time to start the season!

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Co-host of the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast and the Canadian of the group, Andy has been watching Survivor continuously since the very beginning and likes to treat that as some kind of virtue to lord over others.

Favourite seasons: Heroes vs Villains, Cook Islands, Palau, The Amazon, Cagayan
Favourite players: Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin, Tony Vlachos, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Rob Cesternino
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22 thoughts on “Survivor Cambodia Premiere Chat: Staff Hopes and Fears

  1. Vytas is also my winner pick and on my fantasy team, so that would be a triple disappointment.

    Question: If Woo won playing the exact same way as he did in Cagayan, would that add some legitimacy to his playing style? He basically had Cagayan won if not for the single dumbest move in the history of Survivor, and if he won here by not being *quite* that dumb I think it would make people think.

    I think Kimmi would be the winner that bothered me the most, but since Kimmi has no freaking chance that doesn’t really matter.

    Kass is indeed the most interesting possible winner. I have no idea what this season would look like, but it would have to be an all time great meltdown by pretty much everyone to make it happen, right?

    1. I don’t think anyone disagrees that Woo’s game in Cagayan is a way to win Survivor – it’s not that radically different from Fabio’s game. What it’s not is a way that makes for compelling television. An affable idiot emerging unscathed from burning wreckage is not the thing I watch this show for.

      1. I had a long reply written, and I couldn’t quite find a way to describe Woo’s game simply. It’s basically loyal soldier willing to turn on the commander, and people forget that Woo did momentarily turn on Tony at the urging of Kass and Spencer in the final 5 and Tony kind of followed Woo there. Just not at the end, because Woo either had no idea how Survivor juries work, or overestimated his likability.

        The thing is, it’s never happened on Survivor where the weaker member of a strong pair turns on the other one at the end. Maaayyybe Denise, but I don’t think that really qualifies. For whatever reason, the ones who can don’t, and the ones who are going to never get the chance.

        1. I would be interested in hearing your alternate way of characterizing Woo’s game, if you want to try, but honestly, there’s not a way of framing it that could like the version of Cagayan where Woo votes out Tony and beats Kass by default. That’s an unsatisfying conclusion.

        2. Put another way: Can you win playing the game Woo played in Cagayan? Yes. Woo could have won playing the game Woo played in Cagayan, if he had voted out Tony like he was supposed to. But he didn’t and the season is much better for it.

          Also, I heavily disagree with this:

          Tony kind of followed Woo there

          Woo voting out Kass isn’t a thing that just happened. It happened because Tony said all of the things to Woo it took to make that happen, and it’s that little twist that takes Tony’s win from great to spectacular.

    2. The convergence of events that would have to take place for a Kass victory are so crazy as to be inconceivable. Which is why it would be the most amazing thing ever. Legendary stuff.

      1. The term balls out amazing is dead on. I have to say there is little chance I would not adore that season.

  2. I don’t know any spoilers. I just get a vibe that the majority of Ta Keo want him out because of his attitude. Kass getting a winner’s edit would be fantastic. Would it resemble Tony’s?

    1. I should clarify that I do think there were plenty of reasons why someone might choose him, even a plurality of persons. It’s just alarming that both first boot selections were so overwhelmingly for one person. Less so for Bayon, since Kass is the odds on favourite and has been since before Jeff announced the cast. But for such overwhelming group think for Vytas? It has me concerned. I’d hate for our weekly poll to turn into a stealth spoiler operation (although I’d stop doing that if it started to look like that was the case).

      So the best thing for me would be for it to be proven wrong. Then I won’t worry about what talking about this season on the internet will be like. I should also add that I don’t question the honesty of our core group of followers. But the group has grown, so it’s hard to say what the influx was like.

      1. If the boot pick is weirdly accurate two weeks in a row I would say go ahead and kill it. (Honestly, I might even be fine killing if it’s Vytas tonight.) I generally don’t vote in it and find it more an occasional curiosity than anything else. If it went away I wouldn’t weep.

        1. The death of the polls wouldn’t be that a big a deal (although we may try and make those posts more interesting this season). It’s more what it would mean for other modes of online conversation. Although, it hasn’t seemed to be an issue comments-wise, which is the better form of engagement anyway. I just really don’t want to hang out in a spoiled community.

          1. Yeah, I don’t want that either. Be as aggressive as you have to to not be that place. I think the long term benefit will end up being better than the short term loss.

          2. I agree, I think the majority of us want to watch the season fresh with not spoilers. Someone spoiled HvV for me and I remember thinking “nah, that can’t happen” and then it did and by final 6 I disliked that person SO MUCH.

          3. Put me down as another vote for killing the polls if Vytas goes home tonight, or if there is a pattern going forward. The reader’s vote is some fun goofiness, but it’s definitely not worth it.

            Hopefully your readership just really hates Vytas.

  3. After reading this post, my dream for the season involves a replay of the Cagayan Final Three scenario leading to a Final Two Tribal (with, I dunno, Varner subbing for Tony). Except this time, after winning immunity at Final Three, Woo says screw misguided notions of honor, and takes Kass to the end.

    Our host’s fondest hopes for a compelling season or darkest fears of a boring season, on the razor’s edge at final tribal!

  4. Ok, I’m going with the form.
    1st boot- Varner, Peih-Gee, Kass (Varner more so than Kass & PG because I expect more from him this season, so Varner going out so early would really leave me devastated)

    1st boot+ Ciera, KelleyWent, Woo

    winner- Woo, Jeremy (I’ve heard his gameplan and I don’t think it translates into an appealing season)

    winner+ Kass, Varner (Varner winning would be exciting and satisfying in all the right ways, but the mindblowing possibility of watching Kass on her journey to eternal bragging rights would dwarf even that)

    addendum: I’m new around here, but I didn’t vote for Vytas on that poll (Fish and Shirin iirc)

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