Survivor Fan Friction – Kelley Wentworth

Continuing our latest series of essays where one of our columnists writes an ode to one of their favorite Survivor players, while defending them against any potential naysayers (both real and imagined). This isn’t a place to be fair and balanced. This is a chance to let your fan freak flag fly. Next is Taako from Teevhii on the best Survivor Kelley.

Why She’s Great

Reality competition shows live and die by their casting archetypes. These productions bring in people who can fill a role, specifically one that the audience can recognize and relate to. A commonly-used archetype would be the young, athletic blonde. With the exception of shows like The Bachelor (where young, athletic blondes compose the entire cast), these players often advance far in the game but frequently fall short of winning it all. There are still players from this mould that break through, dominating the competition and winning the hearts and minds of a fanbase with exemplary gameplay. Survivor had one such player a few years back. Her name was Kim Spradlin.

Yes, I could put Wentworth’s name there, and the intro would still work. But as John would tell you, it’s never the wrong time to praise Survivor Goddess Kim Spradlin. I don’t need to tell you why she’s great. She’s a Survivor Hall of Famer, and y’all voted her the best winner in the show’s history just a while back. That Yul guy she beat in the bracket wasn’t bad either. They’re both fantastic players that have something in common (besides presiding over the pantheon of Greatest To Ever Play). It’s nothing stats-based, and you can’t find it in the wiki. It’s purely based on intangibles; ya know, the things the scouts use to separate the complete players from the merely toolsy. And while that sounds sporty, trust that we’re about to nerd out hardcore. The thing that Kim and Yul have in common is that they embody the best qualities of each of the Hogwarts Houses. I can’t (or won’t) cite a source here, but I’m sure the PRP commentariat will back me up on that. Moreover, I’m sure they’ll agree that few Survivor players can be viewed the same way. Anyway, the claim here is that Wentworth represents all four houses as well. Kim and Yul are the greatest; Kim, Yul, and Wentworth are Slyvenhuffindors (sp?); ipso facto, Wentworth is also the greatest.

Now, if you haven’t read any of the Harry Potter series, get your life in order here’s the quick and dirty on Hogwarts houses. In Year 1 at the school, students put on a magic hat that peers into their souls and assigns them to a tribe who they will live with for the next seven years. Gryffindor is for the brave, Ravenclaw is for the smart, Slytherin is for the douchebags cunning, and Hufflepuff is for (and I’m literally quoting here) “the rest.” But to break it down further, the Sorting Hat elaborates on the specific qualities that distinguish each house and it can do that because it sings a song every year but, like, also I told you it was a magic hat, talking is probably the least impressive thing it could do.

Gryffindors are set apart by their daring and nerve. That sounds like someone who is willing to make big moves. While Wentworth’s ally Ciera played a large role in founding the Big Movez™ culture, Wentworth made some of the biggest moves in a season defined by them. She’s a player to be sure, and like a true Gryffindor, she stared down every challenge and every opponent without flinching. Also, her Twitter is a delight (that’s @kelleywentworth, go follow her), and you should look at it if you think she doesn’t have nerve.

Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence and wit. First, Wentworth’s got wit (again, that’s @kelleywentworth). The girl can give a confessional. Fishbach makes a living literally narrating Survivor, and she did laps around him as the narrator for Cambodia. For intelligence, you can watch any episode from her seasons and tell how smart she is (yes, even the San Juan Del Sur ones that she’s not in. Compare her to Jon Misch). It may also be worth pointing out that she was targeted across the span of two seasons for being too big of a strategic threat.

Hufflepuffs are defined by their work ethic and patience. Her SJDS bio cited her work ethic as her proudest accomplishment, and her constant maneuvering from an underdog position to Final Four in Cambodia reflects that. As far as patience goes, she spent half of the game in an alliance with Abi.

Slytherins are known for their cunning and craftiness. So let’s start by pointing out that this is the woman who gave us “Sneaky Sneaky!” But to spell it out, she grabs not one but two idols out from under her tribemates’ noses; she plays off of her opponents’ discord to advance far into the game; and she’s willing to dump an ally (i.e. Kass) when the need arises. She’s a Slytherin in all the best ways.

Haters Gonna Hate

Viewers of Survivor should plainly and simply be able to appreciate Wentworth just by watching her play. As a player and as a person, Wentworth has been one of the best castaways in recent seasons. Yet Wentworth hate still exists out in the wild. To find some specimens of the Kelleydae hateraeinae, I ventured out into r/Survivor and entered the search term “Wentworth.” (Editor’s note: should’ve also search K***** W*******, which is totally a thing because children are silly).

Wentworth tries too hard. Her confessionals felt so unnatural

God, I know right? It’s honestly so dumb when people who went through an extensive, rigorous casting process and left their jobs for two months are, like, playing up to the camera. Can’t you just act normal? What, just because you got on the show, you need screen time now too? Some people, man.

Her pleas to not be considered a “wasted spot” felt so contrived

Well, maybe we can back up a little bit and remember that large portions of the fanbase claimed that Wentworth did nothing in SJDS, didn’t deserve her spot in Cambodia, and robbed T-Bird of a spot by being cast. So yup, this spot of tension was totally contrived.

The story of her second chance turnaround falls completely flat because there’s such little personal attachment to it

Wentworth’s story centers on a superfan striving to finally succeed at a game she loves. Yeah, it’s not the most compelling story, but it’s not like Keith and Joe were playing for orphaned Syrian refugees. Are Wentworth’s motivations too gamebotty or something? What would it take for Wentworth to be personally attached to her own story? Would Monsanto have to swipe Dale’s farm out from under him? Or would it have sufficed to adopt a “Spencer-bot Learns To Feel”-type storyline?

I found Wentworth kind of annoying and equally as arrogant as Spencer was in Cagayan; Spencer was at least funny

Yup, the best castaways are humble. Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama, boy, wouldn’t you like to watch them play Survivor? And I mean, all the best Survivor players were humble. Sandra who? Plus, if you found Wentworth annoying and unfunny, well, that’s on you.

Wentworth has 0 chance at being in the Funny 115

I don’t understand the reference, and I won’t respond to it. Is that supposed to be a bad thing?


Well to start, I think y’all know how you should feel about vanilla. But point taken, you might think that Wentworth is boring. You might think that she didn’t make an idol play that turned the game on its head.

Didn’t Ethan Hunt a Hidden Immunity Idol out from under the shelter, that’s for sure. And definitely didn’t have the decency to provide an even adequate confessional for a voiceover.

And it’s not like she set in motion THE MOST HISTORIC



Psh, as if.

I have a hard time appreciating anybody who needs an idol to stay in the game

This one is almost too stupid to validate with a response, but I’ll do it anyway. Know who else would’ve been eliminated if not for idols? Yau-Man, Amanda, Russell Hantz, Parvati, Penner, Malcolm, Mike, and Jeremy. I mean, people just tell me these players are good though, I can’t really tell because they needed an idol to stay in the game.

This last one is one that no one would ever say aloud

But I believe it plays a role in the Wentworth hate. I won’t say what it is explicitly, but I have a feeling that if you can’t tell why some people might be instinctively inclined to dislike Wentworth, this might apply to you. I’m not pointing fingers. But I’m sure there are people who disliked Wentworth (who found idols, won challenges, and played off of a fractured opposition to reach the finale) and really liked Jay (who found idols, won challenges, and played off of a fractured opposition to reach the finale). And then maybe the problem doesn’t lie with Wentworth.

Embrace Debate

Listen, I know you’re thinking it. I can hear you saying that I’ve cherry picked and excluded San Juan del Sur to make Wentworth look better than her entire Survivor career would indicate. But just because Neville Longbottom was a doofus in the first few books doesn’t mean that he’s not a badass by the end of the series. And to be clear, that’s not saying that SJDS Wentworth is a doofus; she was targeted and booted early because her greatness was palpable. The Drewchebag Episode shows it (and by the way, y’all wouldn’t get that cinematic masterpiece without Wentworth). Cambodia displays her greatness in its full glory, and her game in Cambodia is worthy of recognition on its own. But then we made a way to equate her to Kim and Yul. She’s a complete Survivor player. I mean, what more could you ask for? But of course, some people will remain unconvinced. And to those people, I leave this quote from Queen Kelley herself:

Those people who truly “hate” me for whatever f*cking reason aren’t going to change their mind. Those people I just don’t give a shit about. Because hating someone you have never met who is on a nationally televised reality show, shows more about your character than mine.

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii

312 thoughts on “Survivor Fan Friction – Kelley Wentworth

    1. I am sitting here thinking, “Can I hastily revise mine?” And then deciding, “No, for I am far too lazy for that.”

    2. Kemper, I read yours and Em’s, and I thought, “oh shit, people are actually making solid arguments, I should have done that instead of doing some bullshitty riff on Hogwarts.” I went back in and changed a few things because of it.

      1. I came close to referencing symbiotes in mine, but all that did was lead to me talking about Venom for a while, and I *really* drifted off track. Like, more than usual.

      2. I love your riff. We did winners. It’s easier. I’m glad someone did Wentworth. She’s a strong woman and I like it.

  1. Bravo! Melding Harry Potter and Survivor, well done.

    Personally, Kelley was probably the person I rooted for the most when watching Cambodia. I wasn’t really rooting against the Jeremy-Spencer-Tasha alliance, but Kelley represented a lot of the things I most enjoy in a character, and thus I wanted her to succeed the most. Anyways, given that lens, and that I wasn’t really involved in online survivor at the time, I’ve not been overly privy to the Kelley hate, nor do I care for it.

    Also, the idea of a season with both Kelley and Jay, sounds amazing. Let’s do that! Hype train begin!

      1. I also think that they could be put on either Heroes or Villains tribe, and there wouldn’t be any real conterarguments that either of them belongs on the other tribe.

          1. I was going to say the complete opposite, but I agree, either could be on either without much hubbub.

          2. I think Kelley is going to be the reverse Parvati of this situation where Abi and Kass (her allies in Cambodia) are on the Villains tribe while she is on the Heroes.

          3. Supposedly Parvati was supposed to be on the Heroes, but the other players flipped out and threatened to revolt because they thought she had too many allies there.

          4. That’s why she is wearing yellow while all of the other villains are wearing red and black. Meanwhile Candice’s outfit minus her bikini is black and red while all of the Heroes are wearing either iconic outfits or blue/green.

          5. Which leads to the question: if Parvati is there, does she convince the Heroes to have actual strategy, or does she just get cut down after they eliminate Cirie?

            Oh also, awesome kid’s opinions also included that Game Changers would be a better season if Cirie won, so Kid. Knows. His. Shit.

          6. I think she would be fine because remember the Heroes were dominated with that Micronesia and Rupert pre-game alliance that only took out James because of his injury.

          7. Also, he’s right, but GC could have also been a better seasons if they had just for 1 fucking second let us believe Cirie could have won.

          8. I wouldn’t disagree with that tribe assignment, but I really hope it doesn’t happen. Like, in general. I’ve always held that I LOVE HvV (ranked number 1 season for me) but I hope and pray they never do it again. The second time won’t reach the greatness of the first, but more importantly, the distinction between heroes and villains is slowly dissipating from Survivor. Like in MvGX, who would you say was the villain of that narrative? I don’t see one there, but there are tons of players I’d want to watch again. It was like the War of the Five Kings, minus Joffrey. So I’d love Wentworth and Jay to come back and play, but I’d hope it’d be some other theme than HvV2 (and also not completely arbitrary like Cambodia).

          9. Are talking originally from 21 to 39, or returnees who played in that stretch are fair game? Bc I’d want to see how that cast shapes up. Without S35-39, I’ve got:

            David Wright
            Jeremy Collins
            Joe Anglim
            Malcolm Freberg
            Mike Holloway
            Andrea Boehlke
            Aubry Bracco
            Cydney Gillon
            Denise Stapley
            Kelley Wentworth

            Jay Starrett
            Kyle Jason
            Phillip Sheppard
            Rodney Lavoie
            Tony Vlachos
            Abi Gomes
            Carolyn Rivera
            Kass McQuillen
            Sarah Lacina
            Sophie Clarke

            I have a few alternates (like Natalie Anderson and Kim Spradlin, but I’d save them for All-Winners), but female villains was tough to scrape together. My next two were Alicia Rosa (no thanks) and NaOnka (who’ll never be asked back; then again, Colton came back).

          10. Pete as in Philippines Pete or Dr. Obama Pete? And Natalie Anderson shouldn’t be on the Villains, if only because that tribe will target her and Tony first.

          11. Sarah played an incredible game and would make sense on a villains tribe, but I really hope she never returns because she was such bad television. She’d be the only pre-merger, but I wouldn’t mind throwing Figgy in the mix.

          12. Except Lucy played a bigger villain role than Figgy did. As did J’Tia. There are better pre-merge choices.

          13. I think Figgy fits better in a second chance season, but I wouldn’t be at all be against her returning, even in HvV2 (but Michelle would be at the top of my returning list even higher than Adam, David, Jay, Jessica or Figgy).

          14. I would seriously love that. There are so many people that I would like to play again.

          15. Do you think an All-Winners season could be the goal for 40? I guess it really depends on winners in the next 5 seasons, but it would seem logical that if they think they can pull it off, 40 would be a smart place to do it. HvV2 could be a backup, in the event they aren’t happy with their options at that point. Then again, who knows at all, lol

          16. I really think it’s strange that everyone considers S40 as the magic season for a big to-do. Is Probst that close to retiring? I would think S50 would be the one to do something over the top.

          17. I think it’s more of just any time you hit a 10. I mean, I see no reason that both 40 and 50 shouldn’t both be big to-dos. But then again, I feel like every season is a big to-do, lol. And I thought Game Changers was a big to-do, and it certainly proved itself to not be at all.

          18. Mainly cause it’s 20 year anniversary when Survivor first aired, and it will be aired during that time (or filmed, I may be wrong about that).

          19. Filmed. Borneo aired in the summer because CBS had no idea how it do and just wanted a property they could run opposite Who Wants to Be a Millionaire during the off-season. Probst made a point in the Cambodia marooning about how it was taking place the same day the first episode of Borneo aired.

          20. True, true. Sandra, Parvati, Kim, Denise, Natalie A, Sophie, Tina, Sarah, and Danni maybe if scheduling works are the ones I can imagine Probst wanting back. Problem is that they’re only 9 and there’s only a handful of other female winners, none of which are coming back.

          21. When Tyson was on RHAP during Worlds Apart they got into the all-winners discussion and Tyson seemed to be hinting at some kind of mental health issues that Jenna M. has that Rob was very eager to shut down discussion of, so I don’t know if she can play again.

          22. Interesting would be of they would’ve done an all-winners, HvV2 or other type of all-star season for season 39, cause of “39 days…”.

  2. Nothing to add, Wentworth is great. Great shit here, Taako. Also, maybe it’s because I never step out of the PRP bubble, but who are these haters of Natalie, Denise and Wentworth? I feel like my future piece will inadvertently feature the most controversial figure in this series so far.

    1. I saw some Wentworth hate on reddit, or that at the very least she’s overrated. But I didn’t see any Natalie or Denise hate really (but I think the purpose of their posts was that some people don’t call them one of THE best, even though they deserve it).

      1. Fair enough. I guess I haven’t considered the not loving them enough angle. Also, I should note that I’m aware that there is one glaring reason while someone may not like those three people, but they are shitty people with shitty opinions.

        Also, I look forward to your piece about a certain spectacular person, Sdf. I feel like we aren’t worthy of that piece, it would be so great.

        1. I’m so sorry to dissapoint you, but I decided to write about someone else. Like, it’s my first post, and that spectacular person is so spectacular that I wouldn’t forgive myself in not showing the full spectacularness. I would absolutely love to pull it off, but unfortunately, I’m not fully sure that I would be able to do this at this moment. I’m still at the process of planning mine essay, but I hope you all will like it at least to some excent.

          1. I’m sure it will be a very good read. Now, if you wanted to make some sort of bet where I guess who it is…

          2. Hmm, interesting idea. Why we haven’t thought about this before in like, IDK, April.

    2. I was very, very skeptical of the idea of bringing back Wentworth. I was happy to be wrong.

      1. Probably not. I’m waiting for the Ciera entry. That would be some good, polarizing stuff.

      2. You’re exactly the person I had in mind when this series was pitched. I think my exact words were “I want Other Scott to defend some bland ass player I can’t fucking stand.”

      1. Mine isn’t controversial but would generate more debate in the comments rather than nearly universal praise.

    3. I really wanted Sandra and was bummed I could not get it. It would likely have been too long to publish though.

  3. So, with the success of the PRP fantasy baseball league (by success I mean actually getting 12 people to say yes), it seems like an opportunity to pitch the PRP fantasy football league. Football is right around the corner and it’s fantasy game is enjoyed by millions all over the world. IMO it’s even better than watching football. So, if there is any interest in starting a PRP league, let me know.

        1. Now you’re up to two! I definitely have a place in my life for a 2nd fantasy football team.

    1. I used to love fantasy football. It really is the best sport for fantasy leagues (fantasy basketball kinda sucks, even though the NBA is awesome). Unfortunately, I’ve stopped watching the NFL, so even though I’d love to shit-talk you all, I feel like it wouldn’t go as well when I’m drafting my team and saying “Oh, I remember Colin Kaepernick! Double-threat QB! Can’t believe none of you all have taken him yet.”

      1. I thought the same thing when Kaep wasn’t picked up by an NFL team but it’s because he wasn’t good enough not for any other possible reason. Nothing to see here.

        I never played fantasy basketball. It’s too bad it’s not great since the NBA is absolutely the best.

      2. Same here. I’m down to one legacy fantasy football league, and because I don’t watch football anymore, every draft day I’m like “Hey, I can’t find Clinton Portis in the rankings.”

        I think baseball is the best sport for fantasy, though. If you lose a star RB or WR you’re screwed, but in baseball there’s enough talent on the waiver wire to replace, say, 75% of a star player if you know what you’re doing.

        1. But it has Survivor legend Ashley Underwood, so it can’t really be worse than football.

  4. Wentworth is great, as evidenced by my referring to her by her last name. That’s how it works, right?

    Hufflepuff. *scoffs*

  5. Big Brother talk: Fuck this season

    This show is really frustrating right now. Paul is still running things in such an outwardly dominant way that you would think people would be ready to flip but they are still drinking the kool-aid. Alex is the biggest culprit of this as she believes Paul can never betray because it would hurt his friendship brand. Paul is in the process of turning on Mark and Elena. Good read on this, Alex.

    Jess and Cody are the noms but Jess has the halting hex and it should obviously be used but she is hesitating and considering just letting Cody go. While Cody is bad for her game, not using the hex would be a horrific decision.

    I’m over Josh. I can’t stand his talking shit constantly and then playing victim when anyone stands up for themselves. His treatment of Mark is tiring and I’m not here for the constant needless provoking. He is also turning me against meatballs.

    I still like Kevin though, so it’s not all bad.

    1. I just hate the mixing of newbies with a small number of returnees. Paul running things would be interesting if Paul was new, but I don’t get impressed at all which makes it so boring. The target on the back that people talk about for the returning players never comes – a returning player makes it to the end of every single season of Survivor or Big Brother that they are on (with the one exception involving the returning player getting taken out by a dumb twist after running the game). I need someone else to impress me!

      1. Speaking of Karens, does @superduperfan:disqus want to talk BB5?
        I saved a post in a google doc last week and was waiting for a Big Brother thread to pop up.

        I think a lot of Big Brother seasons – 2, 6, and 14 come to mind – are carried by a couple key players where the season would fall apart if you removed one of them from the mix. This is not the case with Big Brother 5, which has a great cast from 14th place to 1st with almost all of them coming to play. Nakomis is who I had heard about the most, but to me she was just another part of the great ensemble of players and doesn’t stand out more or less to me than Karen, Will or Marvin. Those 3 really surprised me, considering I had heard almost nothing about them. Drew is kind of bland, but somehow not boring and plays a pretty good game. Diane is a star and runs that house. Cowboy…well, Cowboy I just did not enjoy watching at all.

        As for the twin twist, I will say that for the first half of the season I desperately missed watching the Nolan twins. Adria and Natalie were SO dull and it was so boring to watch switch in and out and tell the audience several times how we just don’t know what it’s like to go through it. Then we get the reveal, which is excellent, but I dreaded having them both in the house together because of how boring I found them. Well thank god Adria won HOH that week, because her HOH-itis was glorious to watch. I know the downfall of the twins is considered the weakest part of the season, and it probably is because of how good everything else is, but I still really enjoyed watching it and it felt like a great pay off to all of the weeks we had to watch them before especially when we get to see Marvin calling them out. I really did love to hate them.

        Big Brother often limps to the finish, but season 5 has one of the best endgames I’ve seen, if not the best. Final 6, 5, 4, and 3 are all interesting evictions. Drew and Diane’s relationship is fascinating to watch play out. Diane is one of the most interesting reality TV contestants I think I’ve seen. She’s such a natural at the game, but she’s also such an emotional and insecure mess. What did you think of their relationship together?

        1. I think BB5 was a huge season for the evolution of the game. We saw bits and pieces before with Dr. Will and Danielle Reyes but this season everyone came out to play and it became this super awesome strategic game for a few years before production fucked it up.

          1. It’s really too bad. The consistency in Big Brother’s early years is much stronger than Survivor (which hit some higher highs but much lower lows), and I wish we could get that show today.

          2. Unfortunately Allison Grodner took over after All Stars and while there are strong seasons right after All Stars (8 and 10 especially), there are some definite WEAK seasons.

        2. I pretty much agree with all you said about BB5. I was afraid going in, cause a lot of people put it at bottom half, but it surpassed all of my expectations. Like you said, great cast, and entertaining basically the whole way through.

          Project DNA is such a great twist. Like, it’s so hard to believe that they found two people, who didn’t know each other, who were also brother and sister. And the reveal of the twin twist was great to watch, with Michael saying it was Holly, and reactions of others.

          And what you say about the fall of the twins is actually interesting. While I didn’t love them, maybe cause they were on the side of people I liked, so maybe I had levtover rooting interest, it didn’t make me enjoy that part as much, cause I didn’t embrace them as the villains. I still think that it was the weakest part, but it isn’t bad, and other parts were just so amazing, so it’s not the worst thing to say.

          Like @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus said, everyone came to play, and it was great to watch.

          Cast was fantastic, with Diane, Marvin and Nakomis being my favourite. But I also enjoyed people like Will, Karen (who should’vee gotten a better edit), Jase and Drew.

          I fully agree with the end game being fantastic. I would’ve like to see Diane win, but we could’ve have worse (I liked Michael, but he was such a trainwreck, that it would’ve been really disappointing).

          Diane was obviously the best player, and I really liked, but it was sometimes frustrating to watch her, cause often didn’t own up to her gameplay, like at the Karen boot. But despite that she was really entertaining, and played a great game.

          Diane and Drew’s relationship was really fun to watch. How it came to be, was a bit ironic, due to what Drew did prior to it beginning, but it was one of the main things that was so great about it.

          I loved this season, and is my 2nd most favourite from the US ones that I’ve seen (BB3 being my favourite). I still have a long way to go to watch all of them, but I hope, I will like at least some of them at least half as much as BB3 OR BB5 (the next 3 season streak especially looks super promising).

          The only I have for you, is do you think that Diane would’ve won against people who were on final 3? I would like to believe so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be annoyed by her attitude throughout the game.

          1. My feeling while watching it was that she was never going to have the jury votes, but it seems like the fan consensus is that she would likely have won. I don’t think she would get the twins or Cowboy’s vote, so then she would need all of the other 4 votes to win. Maybe Karen would be the swing?

            Diane’s gameplay was messy, but no one could stop her. She kind of reminded me of Ika at times, but unfortunately Drew was no Demetres.

            I think my favorite part of the season might have been the whole Drew/Diane/Marvin kiss drama, which was just nuts. The scene where Drew is telling Diane he wants to break it off, Diane is floored, and then Drew walks it back saying he was joking was fascinating. To me it felt like Drew was being genuine with Diane, realized that by telling her this he was blowing up his game, and then faked the relationship and played her from final 6 on.

            Also, who do you think actually invented the backdoor? My impression from the episodes was that Nakomis and Marvin both came up with it independently.

          2. People say that from the feeds from way back then,they’ve got that Marvin was the one who did it, but I wouldn’t be surprised that, as you said, they both thought it was a good idea independetely, they got together and ran with it. And even if Marvin was the originator, Nakomis helped properly execute it, and was smart to not dismiss it.

      2. Karen was awesome. Her and Brent together is a great move. The April appearance on Thursday was weird. I was not expecting so much Ivette dissing. Speaking of RHAP, I will be at the NY show on Thursday because apparently I’m a liar when I said I was going to stop going to all these events.

        1. I actually really liked April’s appearance, but I was also weirdly fond of her when watching BB6 in a way I wasn’t with the rest of the friendship. She doesn’t hold much back, which is always fun, but she’s obviously not the best game analyst. I’m kind of dreading Ronnie being on Wednesday’s recap, because he’s one of my least favorite contestants.

          1. Can’t stand Ronnie. I liked April’s appearance, it was just not what I was expecting. I do think there is some revisionist history on her role within the friendship. She was no as “Cappy” crazy but she hated the other side a lot, especially Janelle.

          2. Eh, she was a little back and forth on Janelle. She did like, cry, over the idea that America liked her, but she also had confessionals where she expressed her mixed feelings on her. She seemed to come around on her towards the end – part of the reason her and Ivette got into a fight was because April was blaming Ivette for making her hate the other side of the house.

          3. She did express mixed feelings but it seemed to me that even with that she was more than willing to jump in with the rest of the friendship on their moral high horse.

          4. THAT was a weird fight. Inexplicable from a gameplay perspective, and also you’re an adult! Take some responsibility! It seemed like April realized she looked bad, but mistakenly thought blaming Ivette like that would make her look better.

        2. They must know I just watched BB6! It was really good timing for me. I don’t care much about April either way but I loved the Ivette dissing because my annoyance with her is pretty fresh.

    2. It’s been up and down for me lately. I really liked the drama over the past few weeks, but gameplay has been really put on hold, mainly due to Paul, who will have power for at least next few weeks. But it has still a lot of room for improvement, and this season isn’t lost, but things Have to change, to make it better.

      My ranking of a person I would most like to see win to least:
      2.Alex (who I still like, and think plays a good game, but who I really want to turn against Paul)
      8.Matthew (I put him only this high, cause if he makes the jury, I could see him being more than a doormat)
      11.Cody (I like him more than people at 7-10,12, but he came back sooo..)
      12.Paul (his win would feel really cheap IMO, due to twists, and him being the only vet in the house).

      1. My list
        1. Kevin
        2. Christmas
        3. Elena
        4. Jason
        5. Jessica
        6. Matt
        7. Mark
        8. Alex
        9. Raven
        10. Josh
        11. Cody
        12. Insert random person off the street
        13. Paul

          1. Matt and Raven…horrible. At least Alex has been an HOH and can compete. But I do understand your overall annoyance.

      2. Why’s Raven so low? I ask as someone who hasn’t kept up with the feeds much.

        I’m warming up to Cody a little because of the way his robot eyes light up when Jessica does something impressive.

        1. On second thought, I think I’ll put her above Josh, maybe even Matthew. This low rating is mostly due to hearing about her from others, about how has to be a center of attention, has fake accent ala Ace from Gabon, and is at the bottom of the joker’s rankings from QUITE some time (even though I don’t necessarily base my opinions on that). But I don’t watch the feeds, and she didn’t do anything wrong on the TV show so far, and plays at least a bit well, so her winning wouldn’t be unsatisfiying in terms of gameplay, but rather see a lot more people to win than her.

    3. This last week has been sooo frustrating. What a wasted HOH.

      Everyone I was kind of fond of in the beginning has disappointed me, from Dominique to Ramses to Elena. The best we got out of Dom or Ramses was the reverse-Reynolds situation where everyone sounded like they were talking about Ramsey Bolton.

      How is Paul manipulating all these people with such sloppy gameplay? And I’m not even finding him kind of attractive like I did last year. Was he always so tattooed? It’s like my brain doesn’t even interpret him as shirtless when he’s shirtless. Was I just confused last year by his proximity to Paulie and Victor?

      I agree so much about Josh. When someone’s that annoying I start thinking about what it would be like to live with them and I stop having fun.

    4. Why exactly not using the Halting Hex would be a bad decision, if Cody goes home? I do see a lot of upside, but I can be covinced that it can be a bad move, cause of some things.

      I do feel really conflicted about where Alex is at this game right now. From the one side, I’m super annoyed about her being so tight with Paul, cause I just want to see him go, and Alex will not be the one to push it. But from the OTHER hand, I do think that her being allied with Paul is a good move for her, she is from what I’ve seen in the top 2 of Paul’s closest allies, and it opened her the doors to Raven and Matt., plus I genuinely want her to succeed down the road. So in short, I don’t like the way she chose to get to the end, but it seems as a good way from the looks of it. I just hope that this road will branch out from Paul later, and will go to some other people.

      1. If Jess doesn’t use the hex then she goes home. She told Paul she had to use the hex before the votes. After that, Paul realizes that they can get rid of the her and the power if she doesn’t use it.

        With Alex, it’s not the aligning with Paul that annoys me as much as the attitude she has about it. She is convinced that Paul is the best and will never turn on her. Integrating with the main alliance was good for her but from what I seen she has no plans of ever flipping on Paul. She constantly shuts down Jason when he talks about the long term future of turning on Paul. I don’t think it’s just words she is saying for now. I believe she really wants to stick with Paul and she trusts him completely. Also, she is blinded by hate of Jessica too much to see a bigger picture.

        1. Oh, I didn’t know about that plan. I didn’t check the feed updates, so I missed it, bu yeah, she has to use that power.

          It’s really too bad that Alex really trusts Paul that much right now. She has to see him planning to stab her in the back down the road, or planning something without her to turn on him, but Paul doesn’t seem to plan anything of the sorts right now, so I doubt it will happen. One of the only things that I hope will happen is that Jessica or Cody vote Paul out, and she will then realign with someone else. Come on Alex, you’re better than that!

          1. Getting rid of Paul would cause a huge shift to a lot of people’s games. Unfortunately, I’m not sure who you put up against Paul to take him out. I used to think it was Raven but people are starting to sour on her. That being said, getting him in a situation where he has to reveal his cards could be beneficial.

          2. On RHAP they gave a solid argument that the person who should be put next to him is Alex. If next week Jessica or Cody win HOH, there would be nine votes available. Whoever didn’t won from two of them votes for Paul. Kevin and Jason would’ve most likely keep Alex. Mark is also pretty anti Paul from the looks of it, so they would’ve only needed one vote, and I think they can convince Elena to do it. I think the main reason why she didn’t target Paul at this point is probably because he felt so high up, so it felt that it was impossible to vote him out, but if she was the only vote missing to do it, she would vote out a bigger threat- in other words Paul.
            But I think Jessica or Cody should first put Alex and Raven on the block to backdoor Paul, and maybe he would slip up, by trying to appease both of them, that Raven and Matt would also vote him out (this one is also a RHAP idea).

    5. After what I learned happened yesterday in the house, I’m not sure there is anyone left to like. It was a revolting display of the very worse of humanity or lack thereof. Ick!

      1. What happened? I tried to look on twitter but got scared when I started to get deep into #BB19

        1. Paul convinced everyone in the house to try to make Cody lose his cool so that either he would become violent and get thrown out or self-eliminate. They went after Jessica and his military career. It was A LOT and disgusting and production only stopped it after a fan got on a bullhorn saying America loved Jessica and Paul was a bully (accounts vary). It was all very ugly and I, for one, think production is egging this on as much if not more than Paul. Whatever the case, their behavior was scary bad.

    6. I quit. Straight up. If Paul gets booted soon I might be convinced to come back but after Jess fucked up her HOH – which she was always going to because the sheep all follow Paul, I was out

      1. I think Jessica could’ve absolutely prevented her HOH to not be absolutely wasted if she just replaced Ramses with Alex, so that Josh would’ve gone home, and even if Alex went, it wouldn’t be that much loss for her, cause she is much less likely to work with her than Ramses.

  6. A post that includes both Survivor AND Harry Potter. Like, why even TRY writing something better than this.

    Wentworth is great, and in my opinion is the best part of Cambodia, and I hope she will be on a 3rd season.

    And MINOR problem I have, is that one of the most important Slytherin traits is not only cunningness and craftiness, but even more importantly being ambitious, in that they have a certain gole, that they try to achieve by using that cunningness and craftiness.

    And do you know which Harry Potter also represents all four houses? Hermione Granger.


    1. So, like, are we about to cast a Survivor season using Harry Potter characters? Because it seems like that’s where we are going and i’m ready…

      1. I feel like this depends on if they get to use magic or not. Because Dumbledore could be way OP or he could be Bob Crowley without the challenge prowess.

        1. Well that is the exciting part, WE GET TO CHOOSE!

          Yeah, magic-less would be tricky, but full magic would just be a free-for-all. Maybe they can use magic, but it’s like their luxury item and they can only chose one type of magic. So like, Professor Sprout could choose to bring some magic plants, but she can’t do spells.

          Maybe it would just be better that specific spells and types of magic are off limits…

      2. Harry Potter
        Hermione Granger
        Albus Dumbledore
        Luna Lovegood
        Remus Lupin
        Dolores Umbridge
        Ron Weasley
        Minerva McGonagall
        Sirius Black
        Ginny Weasley
        Draco Malfoy
        Molly Weasley
        Fred Weasley
        Bellatrix Lestrange
        Petunia Dursley
        Severus Snape
        Sybill Trelawney
        Neville Longbottom
        Narcissa Black

        Percy Weasley
        Rita Skeeter
        Rubeus Hagrid
        Fleur Delacour
        Horace Slughorn
        Parvati Patil
        Cornelius Fudge
        Nimphadora Tonks
        Arthur Weasley
        Cho Chang

        If it isn’t the best season ever, then I don’t know what.

        1. why is everyone weirdly grouped? Is this a format carry-over from another app?

          Anyway, this seems pretty spot on. I’d make a few changes, like i’d 100% make sure Hagrid is in the main cast, maybe replaced Narcissa. And Madeye, maybe put him in a boot Ginny, cause Ginny. Petunia is a great choice though, she’d be at such a huge disadvantage, no one would ever consider her a threat.

          And i’m not sure I can support Fred without George, but i’m not sure who i’d rather put in.

          This would be really easy to do a BvW season for, since, like, they are all from a novel, and thus relationships are essential. Some ideas would be:
          Ron Weasley & Molly Weasley (Mother/Son)
          Fred Weasley & George Weasley (Twins)
          Draco Malfoy & Lucius Malfoy (Father/Son)
          Albus Dumbledore & Minerva McGonagall (Obvious Besties)
          Bellatrix Lestrange & Narcissa Black (Sisters)
          Harry Potter & Sirius Black (Godson/Godfather)
          Remus Lupin & Nimphadora Tonks (Husband/Wife)
          Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger (LOVERS)
          *this is where I realized I could go on for another 20+ lines, and I need to actually get work done today…

          1. I really like Ginny, so that would be hard for me to cut her (well, a book Ginny at least). But I would put Hagrid, and Moody is another great choice.

          2. Yeah, there are just so many options. But, you would have to balance the ‘favorites’ everyone expects with some unexpected choices (which is why I think Umbridge and Petunia are great options). Cause otherwise, we know how everything *should* work out. Gotta get some fresh, new, and weird interactions between characters who never did.

            But yeah, Hagrid has got to be in there. I mean, he’s probably the closest thing we’ve got to a real Survivor player in the books, right?

          3. Why I haven’t made Rupert/Hagrid comparison until now? And I genuinely love Hagrid, so he has to be in, and I don’t know why I didn’t put him in.

            And Dolores Umbridge is probably the best in my opinion Harry Potter villain, AND the best female villain period IMO.

            Like, I could understood the argument that Voldemort, a person who killed thousands of people, is misunderstood, and isn’t as bad as everyone says he is, I don’t agree with it, but I could understand. But the thought alone that anyone would say that Umbridge isn’t a truly despicable human being, just makes my insides boil, and makes me want to punch a wall, THAT’S how terrible she is.

          4. Yeah, Umbridge was by far the more frustrating to read and thus the most satisfying to watch be vanquished. I mean, I’d still put Voledmore above her, because, like, he pushed the entire narrative in the first place. But Umbridge would be close behind, because I think she was the best written to be absolutely infuriating.

          5. Umbridge was one of the few characters that literally made me cringe. And the depiction in the movie by Imelda Staunton was almost EXACTLY how I imagined it.

        2. Can’t believe Hagrid wasn’t cast here. You’ve watched a Rupert season, right?

      1. Yeah, exactly. I just thought that it should be also mentioned, cause it’s such a imprtant thing to define Slytherin.

      1. Hufflepuff is a house of peopl whose main trait is being loyal to his/her friends and family, and being compassionate. She never wavered in being loyal to Harry and all her friends, and fought for the rights of house elves (how she did it wasn’t that great, but her heart was at the right place). But I can concede that from these four houses, she’s least Hufflepuff.

        1. That’s sort of the thing. Superficially, Hermione makes sense as a Hufflepuff because she’s all about rights and equality, but Hufflepuff really isn’t about those kinds of structured frameworks, it’s about just kind of being chill and treating everyone as equals. And Hermione has precisely zero chill.

          1. I get that. I just want to take every oppurtunity to say that Hermione’s awesome.

          2. Is this where we start talking about the “Hermione should be the main character” argument?

          3. Bias aside, I liked Harry as a protagonist. But without her, he wouldn’t be able to do half the things he’s done. So putting my bias back on, HERMIONE SHOULD BE THE MAIN CHARACTER. QUEEN. SLAY. SLAY QUEEN. I’M SHOOK. SPILL ALL THAT TEA MOMMY-ok, that’s enough for the day.

          4. Hermione is definitely a FAR more interesting character than Harry. So much of what shapes Harry is what happens TO him, not what he DOES. I mean, even his role as the “boy who lived” was essentially chance, given that there were 2 possible July babies in the prophesy.

            Hermione was the opposite. Girl was smart as hell and got shit DONE.

        2. This just reminded me that I originally had a bit about loyalty that I wanted in the piece. It would have been about Wentworth being a Mariners fan and go something like The Mariners are the Steve Buscemi or the SEGA of baseball; cool if you’re a fan, but have they excited you at all in the last 20 years? It takes true loyalty to be a part of that following. But then I googled it and she doesn’t follow baseball.

          1. Are we specifically talking Lookout Landing, or are there groups tucked away in Baseball Twitter? I do imagine either would be great, as (like I say above) there not much reason for bandwagoners to be jumping on.

          2. I suppose I was mostly thinking of Lookout Landing, even if I think it’s declined a bit. And USS Mariner is still valuable. Maybe I just miss having Dave Cameron and Jeff Sullivan write about the Mariners regularly.

          3. Jeff Sullivan did a guest post for McCovey Chronicles when Grant Brisbee was on paternity leave where he just recounted the history of the Giants from the top of his head and it was fantastic.

          4. Oftentimes trash would blow around on the field, and Marvin Benard would try to eat it, which Dusty Baker encouraged because the overeager pursuit was the only thing keeping Benard in what we can even identify as a shape.

            We were so spoiled.

          5. My personal favorite was “Anyway, in 2000, the Giants changed stadiums, to a nicer place named after a telephone company. Soon, though, it would be re-named after a telephone company, and then it would be re-named again, this time after a telephone company.”

            We continue to be spoiled, though now Grant is doing a TV thing and I’m afraid we’ll lose him. But his 2012 World Series prediction will live on forever.

          6. I often regret the choices I’ve made in my baseball media diet, as I find that I am severely lacking in Brisbee content. Years of prime Brisbee, I’ve missed out on.

        3. I thought Hufflepuff were the mediocre people who don’t qualify for the other houses.

          1. JK waffles on that point bc Helga Hufflepuff lists loyalty, work ethic, etc. as important qualities to her house, and yet the Sorting Hat quotes her as taking “the rest.” That Hufflepuff accepts anyone may be a reflection of Hufflepuff values. You could go either way. But then again, Ron Weasley is aggressively mediocre, and he made it into Gryffindor. So there might be qualifications for Hufflepuff just like the other houses.

          2. JK, from what I’ve heard, feels like she needs to do something for Hufflepuff because they got such the short end of the stick in the series.

  7. Excellent post! And I share in the Wentworth love. The thing that keeps her from being higher on my own personal list of greatest players ever is that she peaked so hard without winning that I think she’s ruined her chances of being able to come back and do better a third time around, which essentially means that at this point I don’t think she’ll ever pull off a win.
    She’s definitely not alone in that, but wins per times played is something I personally factor in (but not the only thing, obviously)

      1. I just have a premonition that everyone would develop an obsession with not letting her get to the finale. Then again, that’s how everyone felt about Parvati in HvV and look where that got them… 🙂

        1. That may be the case but she can at least say if you get rid of me, you are potentially getting rid of your best all around female athlete and you will be seeing tribal over and over again.

          1. Or she could offer herself up as a shield. Have someone carry her close enough to the end game to go on a late challenge run and force her way into FTC.

        2. To be fair to those people, they should have taken out Parvati, but Tyson was an idiot.

    1. You might have well thought the same about Boston Rob. Then again, he needed that season set up for him in order to win (and @purplerockandy:disqus, you can quote me for your Boston Rob post).

      1. Perhaps that part of my post was intended as subtle shade against BRob. I guess we’ll never know… 😀

        1. The best would be him starting on a Boston Rob post and slowly rambling his way into a Danni post.

  8. I didn’t know you could do non-winners. You guys missed out on a doozie of a Fan Friction – Susie Smith post.

      1. It would just be about how Susie outsmarted Corinne so she’s an all time great. Because fuck Corinne.

        1. I’m a person who actually really likes majority of people in Gabon…..Corinne wasn’t one of them.

        1. You’re signing up for more work? This is the PRP, we don’t do that sort of thing around here.

          1. Kemper is in the elite 3-member club of people who voluntarily commit to covering long episodes of non-American Surivor.

          2. Nah, I was confused when I said that. It’s me and Assistant Dragon Slayer.

            But if, for any reason, we need a pinch hitter, are you willing to step in?

          3. That is, I believe, the same period of time ASD will be abroad without wifi, so I’ve already made sure I can cover those.

          4. Wow, awesome. I thought about asking you to pitch in, but I just assumed you were still traumatized by Survivor NZ.

          5. I am, oh brother am I but Australian Survivor is so much better. It’s beautifully staged and shot and this is a cast of gamers. Which could be amazing or could be a total shitshow but a fun one.

        2. Maybe? We’ve got a lot on the queue (including mine, once I finally get around to writing it), but if there’s still time before the new season starts I’d consider it.

  9. Ya know, Gryffindor vs Slytherin vs Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff would be a much better season theme than whatever they’re doing now.

    1. Ugh, a season where it was all people that identify as each house? That is exactly the kind of cross-promotional magic that I don’t think could ever happen, but would be incredible.

          1. Oh, I meant in my personal life. Ambitious types with sneaky ways are rather prevalent in highly competitive fields (like I used to work in).

      1. True story: At one point I was interning for a youth activist group, and for their summer meetup, the organizer had them do an icebreaker where they all took a modified version of the Meyers-Briggs test that was designed to sort them into their Hogwarts houses, and then each house had 30 minutes and a pile of craft supplies to build their own version of Hogwarts.

          1. I mean, there were several of them. As opposed to the Slytherins, who would have had two members on their team if one girl didn’t exist her test results were wrong and that’s the house she should be in.

          2. When I was in NYC for my bday this year, we went to see Puffs! and it was hilarious. It went through each year from their point of view. The Cedric year was, of course, particularly meaningful.

  10. I still remember Rob and Stephen saying after the first Cambodia episode “We got more Kelley Wentworth in this one episode than we did in her 5 episodes of San Juan del Sur!”. She instantly went from someone that some viewers may have been wondering “Her?” to someone we all were happy was on that season.

    I love that clip of her first idol play in Cambodia. So many shocked faces, as if the last person any of them would suspect to (a) have an idol, and (b) know when to play it, would be Kelley. By the time we get to the 7th or 8th “Wentworth” vote you can’t help but laugh (if you’re not laughing already). And Jeremy’s shocked face when she first pulls out the idol makes me laugh every time. That clip alone should be enough to put her on this list (or series, whatever this is).

    In her second idol play, it’s sad to see her reaction when Jeremy plays his idol – if he had been voted out here, it’s likely Spencer and Tasha would have been next to go, leaving a final three of Kelley, Kimmi and Keith (“KKK? That’s not good!”), and despite what Stephen said on RHAP, I really doubt that this jury would have voted for Kimmi just because she was a single mother – I really think Kelley wins it easily. But back to Kelley’s sad face – just before the votes are read Jeremy smiles and playfully pushes Kelley, and she smiles back, understanding the absurdity of what’s about to happen, and just enjoying the ride.

    As someone who never got aboard the Jay-train, I think Kelley is a much more strategic player than Jay. At the red carpet after the MvGx finale, Rob was interviewing Jay and asking him about how he decided who to vote for in a couple of specific votes, and Jay said something like “When I voted I didn’t have any idea who to vote for; when it was time to vote I just stared off into space at some lights, and a name just appeared in front of me.” You can see Rob say “Oh … ok.” and turn to talk to another player, hoping for some actual strategic talk.

    In conclusion, Kelley is a player of contrast. Wait, no she isn’t. She’s awesome.

    1. Kelley’s idol play should be required yearly viewing for every Survivor fan because it is that damn good.
      By the way, it would have been Rob and Josh because Stephen couldn’t podcast about Cambodia.

    2. Kelley is a better strategic player, but Jay is probably up there on the Mount Rushmore of social players with Kim and Parvati. He has a natural charisma you can’t fake.

      1. I wonder how Jay does on a season of returnees though. With people who dislike anyone who could get screen time.

        1. Probably fine. Nobody’s first objective in a returnee season is “ax the guy who was incredibly likeable but whose strategy resembled spin-art.”

      2. I think the argument that can be made against Jay’s social game, is that it makes people like you, but it doesn’t make people follow you if you’re on the outs.

        Of course, that maybe it was the case that season, cause it was filled with mostly smart people, and he may greatly improve next time. But I would absolutely love to see Jay again.

      3. Maybe, but I don’t want a great social player that doesn’t have any strategic skills, just like I don’t want a great strategic player that doesn’t have any social skills. As a wise man once said, Meet Me In The Middle.

    3. I gotta say, the Wentworth-Idol-Savage-Blindside is one of the most satisfying of blindsides, and a big part of why I rank Cambodia so high. Few other blindsides that i’ve seen thus far seem as truly amazing and dramatic. Because absolutely no one, except Kelley-Abi-Ciera, had even considered that their plan could fail. Like, we don’t have the ‘if everything goes smoothly’ and the ‘oh, you never know, this is Survivor’ edits. We just have all these people who hadn’t even considered an idol, shocked into silence by the idol, and then nervous as hell waiting through all the votes to find out who they picked. I think it’s one of the best payoffs the show has, and they milk it perfectly.

      1. After that episode there was a lot of “Why in the world didn’t they split the votes?” talk and in his exit interview Savage said that splitting the votes always required hours of discussion and planning, and this day he wasn’t feeling well and he didn’t want to go through that aggravation so he made the decision to skip splitting the votes. Oops.

        I love all the various reactions when she plays the idol – shock, annoyance, glee. Spencer seems very happy even though he’s in the majority alliance and for all he knows it could be him going out. It’s all great.

        1. Spencer basically has a Survivor erection. Abi and Ciera are so gleeful, Kimmi is obviously annoyed, Tasha just seems so shocked in a very concerned way, like she thought it would probably be her. It’s just great.

        2. I feel like Spencer was pretty sure he was safe. Frankly, if you aren’t a target in the majority alliance, sometimes that idol play can be the best thing to happen to you

          1. But it was pretty well known that it was the majority alliance against Kelley/Abi/Ciera. Once Kelley played her idol, the majority knew that whomever those 3 voted for would be gone. It would make sense for them to vote out an alpha male, but in that moment, I’m pretty sure every member of that majority alliance was thinking “Oh shit, I’m getting idoled out of the game.”

  11. My memories of Harry Potter seem to be disappearing exponentially faster each year. All I can remember now is that Neville Longbottom went from dorky to hot.

      1. I meant the film, not the book. Besides Hermoine magically losing her buck teeth, I don’t remember any of the kids transforming from plain in book 1 to gorgeous in book 7

        (and Polyjuice Potion doesn’t count)

        1. Yeah. Well, generally, we don’t get a lot of character descriptions further down the line, because we already know and have formed ideas of how they look. The only time we get renewed descriptions is to mark a change, such as Dumbledor’s blackened hand, but JK obviously didn’t feel the need to tell us Neville got crazy hot (which was a mistake on her part…)

          1. Does anyone remember what happened with Hermoine’s buck teeth? I remember it being part of her description in the first couple of books, and then suddenly they were gone. I don’t think they were gotten rid of naturally, I think it was magical. Was it the Polyjuice Potion she used in the second (?) book?

            I specifically remember hearing that part of her description being when they were preparing to make the first film, and if they should use prosthetics on whatever young actress they hired, but then decided not to include it.

          2. In the Goblet of Fire, Harry and Malfoy got together into a fight, cause Malfoy and other Slytherin’s were making fun of him over the things Rita Skeeter wrote about him, like that he always cries when he thinks about his parents (which was obviously something she made up). They both threw spells at each other, but they both missed, and Malfoy’s hex hit Hermione, which caused that her teeth grew more and more, and looked almost like a beaver. She went then to Miss Pomfrey to fix them, but she didn’t tell her to stop shrinking when her teeth were exactly the same as before, cause she wanted to have normal, straight teeth, but her parents wanted her to straighten them by using braces. And that’s basically the whole story.

          3. It should also potentially be noted that Goblet of Fire was the last book to come out before any of the movies, and was being written likely just before or around the time of the first film’s production. So, there is a potential that she wrote the bit about Hermoine’s teeth shrinking, and thus didn’t mention her teeth further in the books, because she knew production’s hesitation regarding the buck teeth or that they would end up not including them in the films.

          4. Thanks, I knew it was some dumb collateral damage type of magic. I don’t remember what you’re describing but I can totally believe it happening.

            I seem to recall that Rowling wrote that into the 4th book because the 1st film was about to come out, and they had already decided that Hermoine in the film would not have buck teeth. But I can’t remember if that was an actual statement from Rowling or just gossip.

            ETA: And I see that @BadPlayer91 has already commented on this theory while I was still typing.

          5. I could believe that Rowling had always planned from the first book that Hermione’s teeth would eventually be magically fixed. But once they decided to make movies, they probably said “Do we really want to make a pre-teen actress wear these fake teeth for 4 movies?”

            Reminds me of Warren Beatty making Dick Tracey and saying that they tested some prosthetics to make his profile similar to Tracey’s from the comics, then decided it was too distracting and just ignored it.

          6. So i did a small bit of poking about, and they did try prosthetics for her teeth in the first film, but Watson couldn’t speak properly with them, and thus production decided to scrap them. Apparently there are some takes with the prosthetics that were used in the final scenes of the first film.

  12. The other day I finally posted the top ten of my 33 best episodes of Survivor list. At the request of Barbara Anderson, here is the whole list. Four of these episodes feature the great Wentworth.

    33. Survivor: One World episode 8 “Just Annihilate Them”
    32. Survivor: Tocantins episode 9 “The Biggest Fraud in the Game”
    31. Survivor: Philippines episode 1 “Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops”
    30. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains episode 7 “I’m Not a Good Villain”
    29. Survivor China: episode 11 “Ready to Bite the Apple”
    28. Survivor: Palau episode 13 “It Could All Backfire Here”
    27. Survivor: Redemption Island episode 8 “This Game Respects Big Moves”
    26. Survivor: Cambodia episode 8 “You Call, We’ll Haul”
    25. Survivor: Samoa episode 8 “All Hell Breaks Loose”
    24. Survivor: Caramoan episode 10 “Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
    23. Survivor: South Pacific episode 8 “Double Agent”
    22. Survivor: Cambodia episode 1 “Second Chance”
    21. Survivor: San Juan del Sur episode 4 “We’re a Hot Mess”
    20. Survivor: Palau episode 9 “I Will Not Give Up”
    19. Survivor: The Amazon episode 12 “Sour Grapes”
    18. Survivor: Vanuatu episode 11 “Surprise and… Surprise Again!”
    17. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains episode 1 “Slay Everyone, Trust No One”
    16. Survivor: Palau episode 12 “We’ll Make You Pay.”
    15. Survivor: Cambodia episode 11 “My Wheels Are Spinning”
    14. Survivor: Micronesia episode 10 “I Promise…”
    13. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode 6 “Banana Etiquette”
    12. Survivor: Cook Islands episode 9 “Mutiny”
    11a. Survivor: Borneo episode 13 “The Final Four”
    11b. Survivor: Cagayan episode 1 “Hot Girl with a Grudge”
    10. Survivor: Australian Outback episode 6 “Trial by Fire”
    9. Survivor: Pearl Islands episode 1 “Beg, Barter, Steal”
    8. Survivor: Cagayan episode 6 “Head of the Snake ”
    7. Survivor: Blood vs Water episode 12 “Rustle Feathers”
    6. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains episode 10 “Going Down in Flames”
    5. Survivor: Philippines episode 8 “Dead Man Walking ”
    4. Survivor: Palau episode 14 “The Ultimate Shock”
    3. Survivor: Fiji episode 10 “It’s a Turtle?!”
    2. Survivor: Pearl Islands episode 11 “The Great Lie”
    1. Sirvivor: Micronesia episode 13 “If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese “

    1. For interested, and people who don’t know which episodes these are exactly, I’ll give short summaries (all these summaries have spoilers, so be warned):
      33.Michael’s boot in OW. Kim being a goddess.
      32.Coach’s Amazon story. Brendan blindsided.
      31.The premier of Philuppines. Zane succesfuly voting himself out.
      30.Rob eliminated. Parvati and Russell gain control.
      29.James not playing either of his two idols. Courtney exists.
      28.Katie and Ian’s fight. Caryn voted out.
      27.Matt getting back from RI. Matt coming back to RI.
      26.Wentworth’s badass idol play. At least Andrew got to the jury.
      25.Galu with 8-4 advantage. They srew it up by voting out Erik.
      24.Three Amigos. Screenhog Phillip voted out.
      23.Cochran being a double agent for Savaii. Cochran aka Hercules flips to Upolu.
      22.Cambodia’s premiere. Yoga flirting gone wrong.
      21.Drew voted out. Basically he was a badass.
      20.Last one standing r.obbed g.oddess Stephenie. Coby voted out.
      19.Christy has all the power. Rob doesn’t know about that.
      18.Chris gets saved. Ice queen Ami’s no.1 ally voted out.
      17.Epic HvV premiere. Sugar’s double flips to Heroes for voting her out.
      16.Plan to overthrow Tom. The plan doesn’t go well for Gregg.
      15.Stephen wants to blindside Joe. He was blindsided instead.
      14.The beginning of Black Widow Brigade. The first victim:Ozzy.
      13.Tyson’s dumb move. James doesn’t know banana etiquette.
      12.Jonathan and Candice mutiny. Aitu 4 prevails.
      11a.Richard throws FIC. Snake ate the rat as Mother Nature intended it to be.
      11b.J’tia a rice fairy. Tony orgasms.
      10.redacted falling into the fire. Unfulfilled promises of avenging him.
      9.Hagrid stealing shoes. Morgan behind.
      8.Sarah elected the president. But Kass decides to have zero percent of winning the next election by assassinating her.
      7.Ciera’s ACTUAL biggest move of BvW-rock draw, act 2. And some rustling of feathers.
      6.Parvati badass double idol play. JT idoled out by his own idol.
      5.Penner saves himself by winning Immunity. Crazy aftermath of people trying to win money, which Obama will take.
      4.Friction between Ian and Katie with Tom. Ian choosing frindship over million dollars.
      3.Edardo blindsided. That gif tho.
      2.She died, dude. Haha, gotcha.
      1.The best moment in Survivor history- Erik giving up his Immunity necklace.# BWB4LIFE

      1. Thanks for that. Here are a couple of stats:
        Heroes vs Villains and Palau are the seasons tied for the most appearances with 4.
        Amanda Kimmel and Parvati Shallow are the players tied for the most appearances as active players with 7.
        Out of the 32 seasons that aired when I made the list, ten seasons make zero appearances. Those seasons are Africa, Marquesas, Thailand, All Stars, Guatemala, Panama, Gabon, Nicaragua, Worlds Apart and Kaoh Rong.

  13. I don’t know why Kelley doesn’t click for me as much as she does for most of you. Hopefully not misogyny, but who knows?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think she played really well and gave us lots of good stuff in Cambodia and I’d be happy to see her back any time. Her particular brand of charming just doesn’t charm me. Like I look at her and go, “Yeah, good player, good casting, can contribute good things to a season,” but I don’t loooove her or get super psyched for her RHAP appearances or anything. De gustibus…

    1. I actually feel similarly but considered it enough to count myself as a fan, lol. But I agree – her RHAP appearances and even some of her confessionals are a little meh for me but I love what she brings to a season. I think maybe something about her voice when she’s “on” is just a little annoying?

      1. Oh good, I’m not crazy. Yeah her jokes just don’t quite land with me, but hey, a lot of people seem to be enjoying them, and I still love watching her shake up the game, so I’m a fan too.

      2. I did like that during her Miss Survivor run Kelley knew a lot about RHAP and wore an actual RHAP shirt during the debate. Natalie missed out on a lot of Survivor and RHAP references.

        Not that knowledge of RHAP and every Survivor season is required for Miss Survivor. But it’s nice.

        1. Dale and Kelley did a recap on RHAP during Worlds Apart and one of the listener questions was about the origin of his Twitter handle (Kelley was, understandably, uncomfortable with the question being asked to her father). He said it was not what you think and that he is a farmer and 69 refers to the year … he won some sort of race? (can’t remember for sure)

  14. This was a fabulous read. Excellent use of supporting videos and I bow down to your Potter parallels.

    1. Potter Parallels. Can we start a feature called Potter Parallels, where we methodically identify all possible relations between Survivor and Harry Potter? Episode 1 can just be a detailed account of how Hagrid IS Rupert…

  15. So far none of these have been controversial to me, but I also pretty much only frequent this place for my Survivor fix. If stepping out of the PRP involves stepping into a world where people shit on the achievements of Natalie, Denise, and Wentworth then count me out.

    1. The only other place I occasionally check out is Reddit. They were shitting all over Kelley before Cambodia, then popular opinion suddenly shifted after she did well and made them look like idiots.

      But I agree with you- none of these have been controversial amongst this crowd. There are 3-4 in the queue that are much more divisive, though. And I’m very excited for those.

      1. To be fair, this was pitched to me as just writing about your favorite player. I finished writing this before the name “Fan Friction” was chosen. I could’ve done Agent Phillip if y’all wanted controversial.

          1. I’m trying to write one, but am still stuck in the starting blocks. Rewatching Caramoan and RI for inspo and data/quotations. However, my Stealth R Us name is The Procrastinator, may never see the light of day.

            Mr Sheppard has recently published a novel about a time-travelling scientist, so apparently is still up to kooky shenanigans and hijinks.
            ““Time travel used to be thought of as just science fiction, but Einstein’s general theory of relativity allows for the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that you could go off in a rocket and return before you set out.”” ― from “The Legend of Things Past

        1. I’m not faulting you at all. I think even I misunderstood the original intent of the series, and I was in the discussions. Your interpretation is correct- it’s just writing about your favorite players. My personal preference would be that people choose players more in need of defending, though.

          1. Basically, John was barely listening when I pitched the idea for the series, started listening once I discussed the “defend them against attacks”, then stopped listening again.

            V shocking that the only thing that piqued his interest was the trolling opportunity.

          2. I started with a character that needed defending and talked myself into them being one of my favorite, but eh, i got there.

  16. Regarding “Sneaky sneaky!”, I just listened to the RHAP Worlds Apart voicemails episode with Colin Stone (the one right after where Will verbally assaults Shirin). When playing the Rupert Tweets game, one of the fake tweets is “Sneaky sneaky! #Survivor”.

    Was Kelley listening to RHAP and remembered it in Cambodia???

  17. @Taa@Taako_From_Teevhii:disqus I know it’s two fucking hours (!) but let me know when you’re ready for an Adventure Zone discussion.

    1. This super duper uber sucks, but I might not get a chance to listen in the next few days. I’m on the road rn, and I didn’t want to spoil the ep with my shitty car stereo (I only listen with my nice headphones). So I have to carve out the time to sit down and just listen, and since its a longer ep, idk when that will be. But as soon as I’m done, I’ll comment on the most recent post and tag you.

      1. I”ll give you the overview:

        Do they play a lot of D&D? Weeeeell, at the beginning Travis fights the power bear again, but not much after that.

        Do we have sad goodbyes? Yeah, a bunch.

        Was it fucking awesome? Without question.

        Am I stoked for the finale? Yes.

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